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The Book Station, Aberdare - recently added.
Bijou Bookshop, Cowbridge - recently added.
Browning Books, Blaenavon - closed.

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Blaenafon - The Booktown Experiment Fails. 17.03.06.

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Bear Island
Stalls 178-180
Central Market 
CARDIFF  CF10 1AU   map
tel: 02920 388631
Open: Monday - Saturday - 8.00 - 5.30.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsVery good range of stock, pretty good layout, reasonable prices. Found this by accident wandering round market, was one of the best bookshops in the city, well worth a visit. - The Wanderer 30.10.09.
    Has possibly changed since the above review. Now all paperbacks with piles of SF and Commando magazines. NWAD. - Chris Harte 19.11.12.
    Have visited for the last 7 years. A fair selection considering its size but doesn't have a lot of new stock or newer books. doesn't accept hardbacks. - Candy 19.01.13.
    Chris Harte's review is accurate. I first visited this charming, quirky little bookstall in Cardiff Market back in 2005. I can confirm it has always sold just paperbacks, comics, romance and SF etc. Worth a visit, dependent on the visitor's interest. - Richard 06.08.14.

Bijou Bookshop
Happy Days Vintage Homestore
Church Street 
tel: 07877 109128  e-mail  web
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 4.00.
Bijou Books specialise in antique and vintage books that cover from classics to history to general interest. We have a range of Folio Society books from the 1950s to the modern day, as well as rare books that date to the early 1800s. We are bookworms and want to share our passion with the world. We are small (and bijou) but we have hopefully a lot to offer too.

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Broadleaf Books
16 Monk Street
ABERGAVENNY  Monmouthshire  NP7 5NP   map
tel: 01873 857127  e-mail  web
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
Good selection of local history, natural history and just plain history. Photography, architecture and art along with cooking and gardening as well as much more. Always welcome to visit in this historic market town. Books are bought as well as sold.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsBroadleaf traded for over five years in Blaenafon and has now moved to Abergavenny. - TBG 23.06.09.
    I was completely surprised today in Abergavenny to find a fantastic cookery section filled with classics, ethnographic cookbooks, food histories, natural and wild food, foraging - basically, so many gorgeous, interesting and well-priced books I had never seen. I could not resist buying three books, and wanted many more. I also left with a title in mind to look up on Amazon, and I told the proprietor this, and she so kindly found the best on-line price for me and matched it, so I bought a fourth one. AND she was really nice to my children who were embarrassingly misbehaved. - Annie Levy 17.08.10.
    Finally found it. Superb shop with good quality books, extensive collections including for me Wales, Art and Biography. Great proprietor. Well worth a detour. - Norman Davies 08.05.12.
    A bookshop as bookshops should be (with that classic book scent that can't be found anywhere else). One to lose yourself in and stumble upon something unexpected but wonderful, as has happened to me many times. Covering fact and fiction, new and old, and always a pleasure to venture into. - Linus Harrison 18.07.12.
    A particularly good bookshop. Excellent stock at reasonable prices and attractively laid out. Parking nearby. Well worth a detour. - The Drifter 14.08.13.
    As stated above, a charming lady owner who was only too willing to help me find books of my interests. A good local and regional section behind the front door otherwise a nice place for just browsing and finding the odd treasure. - Chris Harte 28.08.13.
    What a knockout. 9/10. - The Boxer 26.09.13.
    Over five years since my last report and I really enjoyed my time in the shop. Plenty of chatter but also space to check the holdings which were perfectly categorised. - Chris Harte 23.11.18.

Capital Bookshop
Jacob's Antiques Market
West Canal Wharf 
CARDIFF  CF10 5DB   map
tel: 07708 043866  web
Open: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsIt's a bit of a hidden gem - go to the bottom (southern) end of St. Mary's Street ( train station end rather than Cardiff Castle end). Look across the road to see the restaurant Viva Brazil. Go down the left-hand side of Viva Brazil and under the railway bridge, Jacobs Antiques Market is in an old red brick warehouse and Capital bookshops stand is on the 2nd floor. - julia 12.02.18.

Dylans Mobile Bookstore
See web link for details 
SWANSEA  West Glamorgan 
tel: 01792 655655 / 07850 759199  web
Open: See web link for details
Dylans Mobile Bookstore will feed your need to read. We travel to festivals, markets & cultural events with our wonderful Words on Wheels experience. We sell books on Art, Poetry, Literature, History & Travel. Specialising in Wales & Dylan Thomas.

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Flea Market
Abergavenny Market
Cross Street 
ABERGAVENNY  Monmouthshire  NP7 5HD   map
Open: Wednesday 8.00 - 5.00.
Stalls have a variable number of Secondhand books.

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Jeff Towns
Dylans Bookstore (The Newton Bookroom)
5 Summerland Lane  Newton 
SWANSEA  West Glamorgan  SA3 4UJ   map
tel: 01792 655255 / 07850 759199  e-mail  web
Open: By appointment only
We sell books on Art, Poetry, Literature, History & Travel. Specialising in Wales & Dylan Thomas.

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Oxfam Bookshop
36 St Mary Street
CARDIFF  CF10 1AD   map
tel: 029 20 222275  web

 Add a comment  Hide commentsGeneral stock which must have been supplied from a central depot as all categories were uniform and just fitted into the right shelves. Nothing of value. - Chris Harte 03.09.09.
    Regarding your reviewer's comments - I volunteer here and our books are not centrally sourced. We collect direct from donors' homes in Cardiff and only sell good quality books. - marg.wat 04.09.09.
    I was surprised at the wide range of books and once you get away from the general paperbacks, prices were very reasonable. I actually liked the shop and even found the staff friendly. (now there is a novelty for me, praise for an Oxfam shop) - The Wanderer 30.10.09.
    Suffers from Oxfam overpricing of good books but this is definitely a better than usual Oxfam with a much better selection of non-fiction than most. - Norman Davies 08.05.12.
    Very overpriced and with little of interest. Not worth a detour. - The Drifter 14.08.13.
    Gatekeeper. 1/10. - The Boxer 17.09.13.
    Although I stick to my view of ten years ago about the books coming from a central depot what was on the shelves were well worthy of perusal. The books were well categorised and easy to reach. Prices were somewhat above the norm but this is a good Oxfam bookshop. - Chris Harte 29.04.19.

Oxfam Shop
34 Castle Street
SWANSEA  West Glamorgan  SA1 1HZ   map
tel: 01792 654710  web

 Add a comment  Hide commentsThis was a surprise. Not only has it got a large section on local and regional interests but the antiquarian section, although not large, had a few decent publications on the shelves. I purchased two bags worth of nineteenth century books, a rarity for me from a charity outlet. - Chris Harte 19.09.12.
    A good example of an Oxfam bookshop. Busy on the day I visited but one of the members of staff was still going the extra mile to help a customer find an obscure title. I do not have a complaint against the shop but it is a sad reflection that this is now the best secondhand bookshop in Swansea. - Steven Whitehead 10.01.13.
    Two and a half years since my last visit and little has changed. Overpricing of stock is an understatement. Fortunately I could turn off my hearing-aid as the volume of the music (sic) being played was extremely high. Good Welsh stock, as should be expected, with the occasional little gem being noticed. I would have purchased a number of titles but why pay £9.95 for books available at 60p plus £1.80 postage on abebooks? - Chris Harte 07.04.15.

4 St Mary's Street
CHEPSTOW  Monmouthshire  NP16 5EU   map
tel: 01291 622367 or 07846 498483
A secondhand, pre-loved and vintage shop with lots of books. 100s added every week, with prices as little as 20p each, or 6 for a 1.00.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsFrom the front you would not realise that there were hundreds of books at the rear. Quite a number of shelves of run-of-the-mill titles, however there were a few railways gems noticed. - Chris Harte 16.08.11.
    As with St.Mary's Collectables across the road, it is not worth driving any distance to visit this shop. There a few interesting titles but I only found a very small handful of useful books. - Nicholas Pendower 05.04.14.
    Revisited after a few years, appears same tired stock. Worth a quick peek if in Chepstow, otherwise definitely not WAD. - Norman Davies 08.04.17.

St. Mary's Collectables
23 St. Mary's Street
CHEPSTOW  Monmouthshire  NP16 5EU   map
tel: 01291 622299 or 07799 646630  e-mail
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsAlthough this shop has much in the way of "collectables" it actually has a fairly large offering of books, many of which are of a surprisingly good quality. The shelves behind the entrance are floor to ceiling with local/regional history and culture books with another block of shelving displaying titles circa 1890-1920. It's worth a visit, as is the coffee shop next door. - Chris Harte 04.08.10.
    It very much depends on what you call a large offering. I found a few interesting titles but it isn't worth making the long drive for a couple of bookshelves and a small handful of purchases. - Nicholas Pendower 05.04.14.
    To me a standard antiques centre with nothing that jumped out at me. But good vintage postcard sellers. - Norman Davies 08.04.17.

Stella Books
Monmouth Road
TINTERN  Monmouthshire  NP16 6SE   map
tel: 01291 689755  fax: 01291 689998  e-mail  web
Open: 7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
A large stock of 30,000 books on all subjects, specialising in children's and illustrated, UK topography, railways and natural history. Stock available on web site.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsA lovely bookshop in a superb setting. Quality titles all over the place and a visit is highly recommended. There is nothing to criticise regarding the shop itself although I do have considerable reservations about their on-line selling and the carelessness in book descriptions. Attention to detail is paramount and needs consideration. - Chris Harte 19.04.11.
    Lovely location with distracting view of Tintern Abbey. Interesting stock sorted by budget. Books may all be on-line but browsing adds new interests. - Simon Procter 14.05.11.
    If you are daft enough to pay these sort of prices then this is the place for you. The shop appears to act as a storage facility for their internet book selling business, which means that prices are well in excess of those you would expect to pay in any provincial bookshop (even the most expensive ones). This is not a place for the passing trade, and if you are thinking of making a special trip make sure that you've organised a bank loan before you go. After seeing their advertising I arrived in optimistic mood but left feeling annoyed that I had been hoodwinked into such a costly and time consuming drive. - Nicholas Pendower 05.04.14.

The Book Station
14 Duke Street
ABERDARE  CF44 7ED   map
tel: ?

 Add a comment  Hide commentsUnfortunately, I went on a Wednesday, the day it is closed! Looks to be a fair amount of books inside, and alongside the Bus Station so very easy to find too. - Steve Newman 12.08.19.

Newport Market
High Street 
NEWPORT  Gwent  NP20 1LR   map
tel: 01637 216208
Open: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 4.00.
Paperbck fiction and some hardback non-fiction.

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Troutmark Books
39-43 Castle Arcade
CARDIFF  CF10 1BW   map
tel: 029 203 82814
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.

 Add a comment  Hide commentsTucked just inside an arcade opposite Cardiff Castle, this is the largest (and I think the cosiest) second hand bookshop in Cardiff. Three floors offer a good coverage of all topics. Books are in good condition, well presented and include a good proportion of recent publications, Troutmark is especially strong on modern literature and dedicates its top floor to science fiction/ pulp magazines/ephemera and comics. - George Marshall 26.02.09.
    Many books over three floors. Huge number of paperbacks; lots of science-fiction; boxes of magazines but very little material pre-1960. Good for the general reader. - Chris Harte 03.09.09.
    Lovely shop, very well laid out and large stock. Sadly though I found them to be rather overpriced with very few affordable collectables. Should have listened to Chris Harte. - The Wanderer 30.10.09.
    Great shop, with a top floor devoted to Sci-fi and comics. Reasonable prices. - Iain Baille 22.11.10.
    I like this, it is a good old fashioned s/h bookshop with books crammed in but ordered. I found prices sensible. - Norman Davies 08.05.12.
    A very large selection of books, well laid out and probably the largest second hand book shop in Cardiff. I looked everywhere for a copy of 'one flew over the cuckoos nest' and this was the only place I found a copy in stock and it was pretty much brand new. - Candy 19.01.13.
    One of the best secondhand bookshops I have ever visited. A varied, neatly organised selection of books across three floors. Decent SF section (paperbacks and hardbacks) upstairs; many comics also. In my opinion this is the finest bookshop in Cardiff, by a mile! - Richard 06.08.14.

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