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Bookwise Newark/NEWARK/2 Queen_s Head Court
Bookwise Newark  Open at advertised times
2 Queen's Head Court   NEWARK   NG24 1EL
tel: 0115 958 9312  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Why not order any 'in print' book from 'Bookwise' and help support Music for Everyone? Bookwise sells sheet music, CD's, new books on music, music themed cards and gifts as well as a good selection of donated second hand books and all donated items are in support of Music for Everyone. Bookwise will accept donations but does not purchase books.

Very attractive charity bookshop in a sunny little courtyard behind the Queen's Head. Decent stock, emphasis on older hardbacks. Best of the three Bookwise shops.  Tallis 03.09.19
Lovely bookshop. Friendly welcome. Fiction and nonfiction. Hardback and paperback. Reasonable prices. Some bargains. Take cash and card. Didn't buy anything on this visit.   Jayne  03.05.22
A good bookshop and well worth a visit. It is super well organised and easy to browse and quickly find if they have anything you might be looking for. Prices are very reasonable and the staff knowledgeable and amenable. I bought a couple of bargains at £1 each. Decent sections on history, art and other non-fiction subjects. It also has a good choice of fiction.  PeterD 02.06.23
A nicely laid-out charity shop with a solid stock. Unusually well organised, and pricing very reasonable. Extensive stock of books on music, but history, military, religion, fiction are all well represented too. An unexpectedly good selection of poetry and plays, at least on my latest visit. In its previous (inferior) premises, the painted boards denoting the subject-matter for each of the shelving units included one that read, somewhat bizarrely, “Sport & pets”, which never failed to make me laugh. Now, however, either the sports books have increased in number or the incongruity of the coupling has been deemed unacceptably risible and so “& pets” has, regrettably, been painted out. Probably better, I would say, than this outfit’s Southwell branch, although the latter is a pretty decent shop too; I have not visited the Nottingham one. Perhaps not quite WAD, at least not a lengthy one, but certainly worth a visit if in Newark.  Booker T 21.09.23

Bookwise Nottingham City Centre/NOTTINGHAM/10 Goose Gate
Bookwise Nottingham City Centre  Open at advertised times
10 Goose Gate   NOTTINGHAM   NG1 1FF
tel: 0115 958 9312  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30.
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Why not order any 'in print' book from 'Bookwise' and help support Music for Everyone? Bookwise sells sheet music, CD's, new books on music, music themed cards and gifts as well as a good selection of donated second hand books and all donated items are in support of Music for Everyone. Bookwise will accept donations but does not purchase books.

Above average charity bookshop, worth a visit in the now cultural book desert that is Nottingham apart from the excellent Jermy & Waterton. Sadly no longer has a specialist CD shop attached.  Norman Davies 13.11.17
When I was there a woman was animatedly pricing referring to a book comparison site and commenting on all the 'valuable' books they had on sale. Oh dear. No good can come of this, I fear. My concerns are more than borne out by the adventurous prices some of the volumes now carry.  Steven Kelly 18.01.20

Bookwise/SOUTHWELL/2 Queen Street
Bookwise  Open at advertised times
2 Queen Street   SOUTHWELL   NG25 0AA
tel: 07922 78540  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.
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Why not order any 'in print' book from 'Bookwise' and help support Music for Everyone? Bookwise sells sheet music, CD's, new books on music, music themed cards and gifts as well as a good selection of donated second hand books and all donated items are in support of Music for Everyone. Bookwise will accept donations but does not purchase books

Lovely bookshop. Friendly customer service. Wide range of fiction and non-fiction on two floors. Car park near by. 1st 2 hours free (remember to get a ticket).  Sunflower 21.01.19
This is a small shop and paperback fiction seems to be their speciality, though other categories are represented in hardback and there are some shelves of hardback modern fiction upstairs. Also up there are a few shelves of the elderly and exhausted veterans which Oxfam shops sometimes hopefully call OLD AND INTERESTING. Worth visiting if you're in town to see the glorious Minster but in my view NWAD.   Laurence Purcell 16.06.23
Very much agree with Laurence Purcell’s recent review. This is a nice shop, with a diverse but not exceptional stock. Generally reasonable pricing. Books on music, as might be expected, are a particular strength. Plenty of fiction too, also history, topography, travel. Turnover seems reasonably rapid, although a few shelves of hard-to-sell old tomes languish upstairs, among with hardback fiction, sport, maps etc. The volunteers here are a nice bunch and it is perhaps worth a short detour. Southwell is a visibly affluent town (unlike some others in this part of Nottinghamshire), has a pleasant feel to it, and is an agreeable place to visit.   Booker T 21.09.23

Dawn Book Supply/NOTTINGHAM/5 Station Road
The Dawn Book Supply  Open at advertised times
5 Station Road  Carlton   NOTTINGHAM   NG4 3AT
tel: 01159 612624  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday & Friday 10.00 - 4.00, other days by appointment.
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We have over 1000 non-fiction general books including maps, railways, history and much more. We also sell new & second hand Christian and religious books.

Gladstone Books/SOUTHWELL/near the town centre, ring for details
Gladstone Books     Appointment necessary
near the town centre, ring for details  SOUTHWELL  NG25 0AA
tel:  01636 814889, mob: 07787 556139  e-mail   web
Open:  By appointment most days 10.00 - 5.00
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About 2,500 modestly-priced books on display: second hand, antiquarian, rare and some brand new - with many more in stock. Specialisms: history, classical fiction, biographies, essays, poetry, sociology, theology, food, transport, local studies, natural history, arts, crafts, reference. Also substantial collections of academic books on philosophy, biological and physical sciences and medicine. Easy free parking. Cash only; ATM nearby.

A recent find in much loved Southwell. If you are visiting this delightful town and like me love books, do not miss this little gem. The owner is charming, well informed and helpful and there are many treasures waiting to be found. Well stocked and well laid out, I could happily have spent an hour or so just browsing. I will definitely be back. If you don't know Southwell, look for Bull Yard (or ask) as it is hidden away off Queen Street.  Liz Bentley 26.07.15
Incredible well stocked bookshop with an excellent variety of books. Very peaceful and welcoming shop and the books are excellent prices and very good condition etc. Definitely worth a stop to support an independent book shop.  Emily Birch 18.02.16
Great to find this gem of a bookshop, full of books to make you think, across a range of topics. I appreciate the newsletter with its recommendations which are right up my street.  Peter Cansfield 18.02.16
A wonderful shop with a very astute and knowledgable owner. An inviting selection of books to browse and enjoy. A particularly good range of philosophy books. Well worth a visit.  Tony Walker 18.02.16
1. Quiet and comfortable atmosphere where you can browse without interruption. 2. A well selected and wide range of books. But the added pleasure is that the book seller really knows his stock and may introduce items you might otherwise have missed.  Sally Godwin-Austen 27.02.16
Serendipity brought me here as I fondly remember Prof. Mepham's shop in Lincoln. Seek out Bull Yard and browse, you will be well rewarded.  Colin G. Thornton 04.03.16
This is a literary oasis located in a quiet lane close to the Minster. It is small but well organised with a catholic selection of books with something to please almost everyone! The owner is knowledgeable and helpful but also willing to leave browsers alone.  Peter Donaldson 02.04.16
Small shop but every space well filled and no filler. Organised and a pleasure to browse. Excellent stock, mostly non-fiction. Friendly chap running it who will leave you alone or chat depending on your preference. Great prices. WAD.  Ian Ellis 22.07.17
Moved to present location in April.  TBG 06.04.19
Now moved to a bookroom at a private address, viewable by appointment  TBG2 08.07.21
A fantastic collection, clearly carefully curated - a definite example of quality being more important than quantity. It was lovely to meet Ben and to be able to look around the books in our own time. The prices are extremely reasonable and we easily found fantastic books on a number of different topics. The most interesting and thoughtfully stocked bookshop we visited this week. Turnover seems regular enough that a repeat visit in the future would be worthwhile.  ewanjones 10.05.24
A great find - so many beautifully collected works which reflect Ben's love of them. We spent a good two hours browsing the collection and returned home with some great works, beautifully kept and bound. Chatting to Ben was an added bonus in sharing stories.   Kevin 15.05.24
A modest, but by no short measure, rich book shop. Low prices, helpful keeper, a wide and unique range leaving plenty of reason to return to the book room; a real gem for both enthusiast and laymen alike.   Francis Dixon  09.06.24
I went treasure-hunting one day this week in an old-fashioned book-room set up in a garage in Southwell, the new site of Gladstone Books (www.gladstonebooks.co.uk) which you can visit by appointment. Shelves crammed full of a miscellany of books on a variety of subjects, too many to mention but including my favourites of history, classics, art, philosophy, poetry and fairy tales. For over an hour I enjoyed one of the joys in life called browsing books including those which are out-of-print but not out-of-date, new, second hand like new, antiquarian and folio. I only managed to peruse less than half of the books displayed which is the perfect excuse for returning to search the rest. As it was I had already used up the budget I had allowed myself (the prices are really good) on an eclectic mix of Boz’s essays, the poetry of Ogden Nash, an academic study on Medieval Households, Henry IV and a book on Miniatures. It was a delight to delve but another joy was conversing with the very knowledgeable and interesting proprietor, Ben Mepham, over a cup of coffee. It will not be long before I visit again to find new treasures, taking a bibliophile friend along with me. She will love it too.  Jan-Marie Knights 12.07.24

Knightcross Books/NOTTINGHAM/48 Halifax Place
Knightcross Books  Appointment necessary
48 Halifax Place  Lacemarket   NOTTINGHAM   NG1 1QN
tel: 07840 528206  e-mail 
Open:  7 days 9.00 - 9.00.
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Antiquarian, fine bindings, literature, topography, travel. I have about 1,000 items in stock. I am familiar with every Item and can respond to email or phone enquiries at once. Prices range from about £15 to £4,000.

Oxfam Books and Music/NOTTINGHAM/19 Market Street
Oxfam Books and Music  Open at advertised times
19 Market Street  NOTTINGHAM  NG1 6HX
tel:  0115 934 3497  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30
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Long-established shop in city centre. Large stock of fiction and non-fiction.

Oxfam Books and Music/NOTTINGHAM/58 High Road
Oxfam Books and Music  Open at advertised times
58 High Road  Beeston   NOTTINGHAM   NG9 2JP
tel: 0115 967 8650  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.45 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 4.00.
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I visited Oxfam Beeston yesterday found it very disappointing, not a lot of books and anything of any interest was very over priced.  Krissie 20.10.11
Disappointing even by Oxfam standards - for a City it is distinctly poor. Lots of academic books from the students.  Norman Davies 13.11.17

Oxfam Bookshop/NEWARK/18 Cartergate
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
18 Cartergate   NEWARK   NG24 1UB
tel: 01636 705851  web 
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This used to be a ramshackle gem a la Coventry Oxfam, but was tidied up last year and about half the stock has gone. Several shelves were empty when I visited. Still a couple of bays of rarer collectibles, but no real bargains now.  Tallis 03.09.19
Fiction and nonfiction. Hardback and paperback. Mixed price points. Some bargains. Take cash and card. All the books I was interested in were a bit pricey. My husband got a couple of bargains.   Jayne  03.05.22
Another Oxfam shop which is pricing it’s books too high. I was interested in a history book priced at £17.99. This is a bit rich for a donated item. I asked the manager if this was the correct price. He said his policy was to price things at 1/3 of the cheapest web price. I explained that the book can be bought for £18 on the web. Needless to say he did not offer to sell it to me at £6!!!

I further suggested that he was missing a sale at such prices as it was an academic volume and he was unlikely to find another potential buyer.

Further discussion revealed that this shop also has a policy of pulping many books if they do not sell in 3 months.

I offered the view that most people who donate books would like to see their donations sold for money for Oxfam’s good causes rather than pulped. My personal view is that most donors would probably be unhappy if they knew Oxfam’s policies.
  PeterD 02.06.23
Not as good as it used to be, this rather small shop underwent a reorganisation a few years ago that resulted in a noticeable reduction in the amount of stock on display. The quality is still fairly good, certainly in the fiction, history and travel sections. What is not so good is the pricing. Quite a lot of the stock is ambitiously marked up, with prices ranging from slightly above average to outrageous. This is a real shame and a distinct departure from the pricing policy of a few years ago. There is a good selection of OS maps for sale and these, at least, are reasonably priced. But in most subject areas, anything resembling a bargain is likely to prove elusive here. NWAD, except possibly for those with deeper pockets.  Booker T 21.09.23

Oxfam Bookshop/WEST BRIDGFORD/12 Central Avenue
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
12 Central Avenue   WEST BRIDGFORD   NG2 5GR
tel: 0115 9826951  web 
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Salvation Army Bookshop/BALDERTON/Brisbane Court
Salvation Army Bookshop    Open at advertised times
Brisbane Court    BALDERTON  NG24 3PS
tel:  01636 676486    web
Open:  Tuesday - Thursday 10.00 - 2.00
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Phenomenal. Thousands of books, the stock is being replenished all the time, friendly, and cheap.  Shaun Tyas 11.07.19
Packed charity bookshop in a little shopping precinct on the south side of Newark. Friendly chap claimed they had 40,000 books, but I'd estimate 6-8,000 on the shelves. Older hardbacks £2, everything else £1. No wildly collectible rarities, but great for cheapies.  Tallis 03.09.19
Visited on a Saturday. Shop was closed. Opening times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 10am to 2pm. It looks like a large bookshop from the outside. Free parking.   Jayne 08.09.21
Large bookshop but not much room between bookshelves. It is difficult to see lower shelves and other customers and staff constantly asking to get past (you need to have the patience of a saint to deal with this). Fiction and nonfiction. Hardback and paperback. Bargains everywhere! Cash only. Free car park in front of the shop.   Jayne  15.04.22
Friendly charity bookshop staffed by a small army of volunteers. The location is not easy to find as it’s in a small shopping centre on the outskirts of Newark several miles away from the city centre. In short you need a car and SatNav to get there. I would say it’s only worth a detour if you are visiting Newark in a car or you are local.

The shop has two rooms of books and much of the stock is cheap fiction paperbacks. I am confident that there are not 40,000 books here as claimed above. It has more like 5,000 -10,000 at the most. The stock of non-fiction is not that high quality.

That being said the prices are very cheap and there are some odd gems to be found. We bought 4 books for £2 - a real bargain.
  PeterD 02.06.23

Wild Ways/NEWARK/First Floor
Wild Ways  Open at advertised times
First Floor  The Buttermarket  Middlegate   NEWARK   NG24 1BF
tel: 07983 869774  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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We are a Book and Games exchange located inside a beautiful Edwardian shopping center. We stock a large range of collectable,second hand and new books, graphic novels, comics, board games, card games, jigsaws and wargaming. We are also a community hub! - Book Club - Discussion Group - Gaming Group - Workshops and Talks.