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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Aardvark Books Ltd/BUCKNELL/The Bookery
Aardvark Books Ltd  Open at advertised times
The Bookery  Manor Farm  Brampton Bryan   BUCKNELL   SY7 0DH
tel: 01547 530888   e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00, Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 10.00 -4 .00.
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50,000 titles covering all subjects. Books are a mixture of secondhand, new, remainders and a small section of rare and antiquarian. Particularly strong for art and related areas. Interested in purchasing libraries. Recently moved up the road to a larger building.

Two floors of a converted barn stuffed with many remainders obtained from Llangollen. On arrival presented with a 'route-guide' of the bookshelves which was not really needed. Quite a number of used books but only one very small side piece of shelving which contained the 'rare' (!) section. My wife called the place "sterile" while I found the rushing around of the self important staff quite amusing. Yes, there were a lot of books but bulk does not equal substance. There will not be a return visit.  Chris Harte 17.08.10
Notwithstanding the posted review we continue to thrive (has given much amusement and have posted it up in the shop as the equivalent of the slave who used to whisper in the ear of generals granted triumphs).  Sheridan Swinson Aardvark Books Ltd 26.05.11
I've been there a couple of times and quite like it. The book stock is quite large and varied. There is a little area for drinks and snacks. There is a large parking area just outside. The people are welcoming. The surrounding countryside is beautiful. It is a nice day out.  Paul Mountford 13.03.12
An excellent large barn with cafe and wood stove, and very large stock, moderately priced. Particularly strong on art books, fiction, academic, children's. Pleasant and welcoming.  Mark 16.11.13
As stated previously, sterile. I would have loved to have found the strong 'children's' section. The section I found was very ordinary. Some books were in plastic bags I assume denoting rarity - if only! Trade needn't make a detour.  J Jones 18.07.14
Could not resist calling in following the owner's comments after my last visit. Alas, could not find my review on the wall as stated. I took my time in assessing the stock. Most titles were unpriced and those which were brought the word 'fantasy' to my mind. Looks as if they are expanding into next door's premises. If so, then an experienced buyer to add to the staff would no doubt raise the quality of the holdings. Enough said.  Chris Harte 25.07.15
Amazing. Chris Harte hated the shop so much he came back for a second visit. Sorry review not still up, but it has been 4 years! Will lend him glasses for his 3rd visit as S/H titles are priced however. Six years since his last visit and turnover is approx. 50% higher. May put off getting the 'experienced buyer' for a bit longer therefore.  Sheridan Swinson (owner) 03.06.16

Attingham Park Second Hand Bookshop/SHREWSBURY/Attingham Park (National Trust)
Attingham Park Second Hand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Attingham Park (National Trust)  Atcham   SHREWSBURY   SY4 4TP
e-mail  web 
Open:  Daily - see website for seasonal opening times.
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Located in the historic stables, the Grooms' Rooms Bookshop at Atitngham holds a range of good quality secondhand fiction and non-fiction books. All are reasonably priced with proceeds going towards caring for Attingham Park. Grooms' Rooms Bookshop is run by volunteers, who organise all the donations received from supporters. Standard admission to Attingham Park applies to visit the bookshop.

Barn Books/WHITCHURCH/Pear Tree Farm
Barn Books  Open at advertised times
Pear Tree Farm  Norbury   WHITCHURCH   SY13 4HZ
tel: 01948 663742  e-mail  web 
Open:  Friday 2.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 12.30 & 2.00 - 4.00, Sunday 2.00 - 4.00.
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With three rooms of books - local history, gardening, countryside interest are the main topics - with books on many other subjects as well. The Bookshop is situated in a Barn in the Countryside with ample parking space.It is on the Cheshire/Shropshire Border with a Shropshire address but is just in Cheshire.

Latest hours, as on sign in the window: Friday 2-4; Sat 10-12.30 & 2-4; Sun 2-4  TravellingLibrary 18.05.18

Candle Lane Books/SHREWSBURY/28 Princess Street
Candle Lane Books  Phone before travelling
28 Princess Street   SHREWSBURY   SY1 1LW
tel: 01743 365301 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.00, Thursday 9.30 - 12.30,
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Rare books, first editions, bindings, literature and local topography.

An amazing find, tucked away behind The Square in the centre of Shrewsbury, and spread over four floors (though the attic one is quite small). Strong on antiquarian, and of course Shropshire topography and local history, also children's books. A higher proportion of the stock than is usual in bookshops these days seems to be from the first half of the last century (and before) - though hopefully this is not a sign of low turnover! I only made one purchase, but I'm sure if I'd had more time I should have been able to find more.  Henry Middleton 15.10.09
Like the previous reviewer, I have to agree that this shop was a really good find when visiting the town. Very clean and tidy with a good quality stock - many books in original dust jackets. Very strong on county and general topography - probably on all other subjects too. The item I purchased was wrapped in brown paper with the name of the shop (a really nice touch).  The Brummie Bookman 16.07.11
As other reviewers have said, this is a most wonderful shop. Family owned, it shows love and attention throughout all of the rooms. Each area is categorised and for my specialities it was like being a child again in a room full of chocolate. I gorged on the titles and ended up by buying 32 volumes (and they took a cheque without question!).  Chris Harte 18.06.12
What should be a great shop in a great building and well located, was a bit of a disappointment. The stock is mainly pre 1970's but is generally in poor condition, maybe the good stuff has been bought up over the last couple of years. It is in need of an injection of fresh stock. That being said, I bought quite a few obscure fiction titles at very good prices so will return again!  The Travelling Bookdealer 24.08.13
Visited this shop recently having read the glowing comments [admittedly quite old now] I was a little disappointed - the owners may be losing the fight against Oxfam [despite Oxfam's prices customers THINK they are cheaper than proper bookshops.  Mary 17.10.16

Charity Bookshop/CRAVENARMS/Unit 2Drovers HouseThe Auction Yard
The Charity Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Unit 2  Drovers House  The Auction Yard    CRAVEN ARMS  SY7 9BZ
tel:  01588 673902 
Open: Tuesday - Friday 9.30 - 4.00, Saturday 9.30 - 1.00
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A good honest charity bookshop, books are turned over every two months all in good condition and cheap. Add some friendly, helpful staff, what more do you want.   Bazza 07.10.21
Thanks to Bazza's comments we realised that this shop has now re-opened after about 18 months. Visited yesterday and bought half a dozen or so. Strongest in paperback fiction but repays a good look round as we found a couple of gems.   David 15.10.21

Ironbridge Book Shop/IRONBRIDGE/5 The Square
The Ironbridge Book Shop  Open at advertised times
5 The Square   IRONBRIDGE   TF8 7AQ
tel: 01952 432273  e-mail 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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Thousands of books in stock, new and old. Plenty to inspire the mind! Specialist in Penguin Books. In the heart of Shropshire, opposite the famous Ironbridge

Strong on popular paperback fiction. Also a good selection of original Penguins. Condition average and above. Prices seemed fair. Our main bugbear here was the way in which books had been shelved horizontally.  David 09.10.21

Much More Books Ltd  /MUCH WENLOCK/6 High Street  
Much More Books Ltd    Open at advertised times
6 High Street    MUCH WENLOCK  TF13 6AA
tel:  01952 727992  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Bank Holiday Mondays 11.00 - 4.00
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A friendly and fun family business trading since 2003. With over 40000 great secondhand books in stock alongside 5000 quality CDs and 2000 vinyls and 1000 DVDs, thus providing a wide variety of choice! Check out www.muchmorebooks.co.uk or www.muchmoremusic.co.uk or just come along and say hi! Mail order also available and we ship worldwide!

Nicely laid out, great selection of books. My only problem was prices, way over what I expect to pay, and indeed do pay elsewhere. I doubt I will bother returning.  The Wanderer 21.12.09
Fantastic, friendly service. Relaxing atmosphere to browse wide range of books and music. Good value. Definitely recommend! A real treasure.  Bilbo 18.11.11
Gone all neat and tidy. Stock well organised if a bit dreary and low key. However, always has something better in the window. Prices often very optimistic. Don't they know about turnover?  Book Buyer 18.11.11
Visited this shop on a two-day break. Wonderful choice of books. I regretted not buying a particular book. In spite of not having the correct title, author or colour. They found it and sent it, superb service. Recommend highly.  Hazel Wood 09.06.12
Excellent selection most categories, well organised. WWAD. Prices OK except for anything "first edition" where they can be optimistic to say the least.  Norman Davies 24.08.13
This place has a fairly good stock of interesting books, but the prices are neither fun nor friendly. It is yet another shop that appears to be predominantly geared up for internet sales, and while there is nothing wrong with that in itself, it will undoubtedly put off the majority of passing trade. Needless to say, I quickly realised that it had nothing to offer me and I made a swift exit.  Nicholas Pendower 12.04.14
This shop is a treasure trove! Such a huge range of books, dvds, cds and vinyl that it's difficult to leave without something, that's the only problem! The prices are fair and often flexible, give it a visit!  Boudica 16.09.14
Much More Books is a lovely small town bookshop, with a wide range of reading materials at a fair price and there is always a deal to be done! The owner is always helpful and will go out of her way to find a particular title! I have personally sold books through the shop and been happy with the service and remuneration! Worth a visit!  Uncle Buck 07.10.14
A very helpful young woman guided me around to the sections I wished to view. Books well set out in various categories. Purchased a few and had no problems with the prices.  Chris Harte 25.07.15
These comments apply equally to Wenlock Books. It is possibly two years or more since I last visited these two bookshops. I was pleased to find that both shops have enlarged their stock and I found a large number of maps at Much More Books. I thought that the pricing for some of the maps was eccentric and the owner agreed and we were able to negotiate on the maps I selected. Both owners/managers were very pleasant and offered information willingly. A pleasure to find a town in the Midlands that has two good bookshops that are fairly adjacent. Wenlock Books also has new books which pleased my wife.  CB 15.11.16
I agree with the very first comment from 2009. Some of the books here are way overpriced and the staff will not budge on price. I won’t bother returning in a hurry  Archive61 01.10.21

Oxfam Bookshop/LUDLOW/45 The Bullring
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
45 The Bullring   LUDLOW   SY8 1AB
tel: 01584 876951  web 
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Thin stock and overpriced. Curious in such a well heeled place AND no other s/h bookshops left in the town. Good s/h bookstall at the Sunday Antiques Market.  Book Buyer 18.11.11
As bad as the Oxfam branch in Hereford, and that is saying something. Vast quantities of books are donated and yet almost none ever seem to reach the shelves. Last week the stock in Literature and History was virtually unchanged from what it had been three months earlier. Say no more.  The Dikler 09.12.11
Hurrah! The stock has been refreshed. Some 20 books in the collectable Oxford English Novels series have appeared on the shelves at £19.99 a pop, roughly what they might fetch at a very upmarket shop in Cecil Court, WC2. But in Cecil Court their condition would be FINE (these vary from VERY GOOD to GOOD). And they wouldn't have unsightly Gift Aid stickers stuck irremovably to the first blank page.  The Dikler 01.05.13
I still cannot understand why this shop is so dreary. It's got the location, the footfall and presumably good intentions. Prices are, for an Oxfam shop, quite reasonable. So why can I rarely find anything to buy? I travel hopefully.  BookBuyer 02.11.13
Standard Oxfam Bookshop. Reasonable selection, particularly modern fiction, but the one goodie I would have bought had an over priced tag on that genuinely made me laugh out loud.  Norman Davies 13.05.17
Oh dear. Gone a bit mad again. Had got more interesting stock with reasonable prices. Last visit found someone had been "valuing" items from the net. The result... some unrealistic prices. One couple looking at a CD couldn't believe the asking price. The assistant told them it had been "valued" properly. Item returned to the shelf! Purpose of a shop: money in the till?  Book Buyer 02.11.18

Oxfam Bookshop/SHREWSBURY/10 Dogpole
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
10 Dogpole   SHREWSBURY   SY1 1EN
tel: 01743 363380  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.
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For a charity shop, I could not believe how expensive this shop was. The staff were very helpful and the shop was well stocked but the price of the books was crazy.  The Brummie Bookman 16.07.11
Some prices seem to have got slightly more reasonable recently - about time too. BUT whoever prices the stock still thinks this is Central London. Do they want cash in the till or books on their shelves? Their stockroom is always full.  Book Buyer 18.11.11
One of the better Oxfams in terms of non-junk stock so worth a look when "doing" Shrewsbury. However ridiculous prices for the goodies: I was told: "every book is priced through Abe Books". No comment.  Norman Davies 19.04.12
All the above reviews are correct. I could hardly believe what I witnessed on my visit to a fairly bog-standard Oxfam shop. The manager was going around the shelves changing marked prices in the books. I stayed and watched, without him realising, and saw mark-ups of sometimes 50% taking place. The comment about using ABE prices is incorrect. The pricing is done at random and is of a stupidly high level for run-of-the-mill tat. A shop to avoid.  Chris Harte 08.01.13
Between Rocky and a hard place. 0/10.  The Boxer 26.09.13
Excellent stock on all subjects, well-ordered, shelves changed out regularly, so keep checking. Helpful, friendly staff. Some rarer items at rare prices but bulk of stock is reasonably priced. Gift-aiding available.  Paul 04.12.13
Just read other comments. Much nonsense. Generally accurate pricing shown by shop's thriving. I've heard customers say prices too low. Sales tables where stock goes for £1. If prices were "stupidly high" the shop would have to close.  Paul 04.12.13
Expensive and over-staffed. Customers are routinely forced to interrupt their browsing so that shelves can be re-stocked by redundant busy-bodies. Why can't they just wait five minutes?  The Dikler 29.04.16
Just bought a £300 book for £2. So scarce it was not on abe and this has happened before. Beware staff with loud voices shouting across shop.  Bembo 16.07.16
What a change since my last report. A new manager has certainly changed things around. The quality of the non-fiction titles has improved and there are some quality books on the shelves. Prices are still a bit high but getting good material should mean few mutterings. The CD section is superbly arranged. At the front of the shop is a 'book bargain' section which a dealer confessed to me is where he buys some of his stock.  Chris Harte 20.02.18
Very ordinary 1890's prize binding £30. Do they ever sell any?  Paddy 29.08.19

Peter J. Hadley Bookseller ABA ILAB/LUDLOW/132 Corve Street
Peter J. Hadley Bookseller ABA ILAB  Open at advertised times
132 Corve Street   LUDLOW   SY8 2PG
tel: 01568 368937  e-mail 
Open:  Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Lots of architecture, art and history as well as other subjects as they come along. A bargain book trolley with all items at £1 will be outside. Despite being the British Isles smallest bookshop, there will always be new items on display.

Welcome return to Ludlow. Tiny shop at bottom of hill. Blink and you,ve missed it. Interesting selection of quality books in good condition. Prices reasonable, and friendly owner will discount - always a bonus.  BookBuyer 13.01.17
Currently open on a friday 10-4. How do you expect to sell books?  Barry Hillier 04.10.21

Raven Bookshop/SHREWSBURY/Second Floor Gallery
The Raven Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Second Floor Gallery  The Market Hall   SHREWSBURY   SY1 1HX
tel: 07939 665583  e-mail 
Open:  Tuesday & Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 9.00 - 4.00, Thursday 9.00 - 1.00.
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A refreshing new bookshop which takes the place of two former outlets on the second floor. A good selection of titles; one room being fiction, the other all major categories. Very strong on Shropshire publications as well as plenty on military and politics. Go round at least twice to pick up the odd gems.  Chris Harte 20.02.18
A great bookshop with very reasonable prices. Each time I visit I buy a pile of books !  Archive61 01.10.21

Renaissance Centre Bookroom/LUDLOW/7 _ 8 Tower Street
The Renaissance Centre Bookroom  Open at advertised times
7 & 8 Tower Street   LUDLOW   SY7 9BZ
tel: 01584 877751  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Charity selling donated books.

Second Chapter Books/SHREWSBURY/27 St. Mary_s Parade
Second Chapter Books  Open at advertised times
27 St. Mary's Parade  St Mary's Place   SHREWSBURY   SY1 1DL
tel: 01743 588372   e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Small secondhand bookshop with a wide range of stock, good selection of History, science fiction and local books. Located in St Mary's Parade.

Situated on the lower level of a Grade II listed building, formerly the Royal Salop Infirmary, this shop has a welcoming persona which can instantly attract. What made my visit so pleasant was the easy manner of the owner and his effort to find for me a rare volume on a subject of my interests (instantly purchased). The layout of the shop makes browsing easy and all subjects are well categorised. However, it was local and county titles which really caught my eye. A good quality selection. Worth a visit.  Chris Harte 20.02.18
Still in the same building, but has recently expanded to a much bigger unit and is more than double the size it was previously.. Some interesting stock  Archive61 01.10.21

Welsh Bridge Books _ Collectables/SHREWSBURY/127 Frankwell
Welsh Bridge Books & Collectables  Open at advertised times
127 Frankwell   SHREWSBURY   SY3 8JU
tel: 01743 359995  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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interesting and unusual books, ephemera, photographs, vintage toys, juvenalia, transport collectables, music memorabilia, militaria, sports, antiquarian. We stock an eclectic variety of hard-to-find items, so please feel free to contact us.

Lovely atmosphere and a great selection of not only books, but all manner of interesting things. A real gem.  Bibliopolis 11.11.19
A fantastic shop, spread over three floors. A great turnover of stock and well priced.  Archive61 01.10.21
An interesting shop in a beautiful old building. All manner of items for sale. Books well priced. Definitely WAD.   David 15.10.21

Yarborough House/BISHOP_S CASTLE/The Square
Yarborough House  Open at advertised times
The Square   BISHOP'S CASTLE   SY9 5BN
tel: 01588 638318 
Open:  Tuesday & Thursday - Sunday 10.00 - 5.30.
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We have a large selection of secondhand books covering all topics and we are major specialists in secondhand classical records. Our coffee shop serves tea and coffee throughout the day, and we also have a range of selected gifts and cards.

Well-stocked, pleasant, with refreshments and located in one of Shropshire's more interesting little towns. - Paul Lister.

Very nice indeed with an excellent little cafe and a massive selection of classical CD's & LP's to complement a good selection of general books.
  Steve Archer 17.09.09
I agree with Steve Archer - I didn't have time to sample the cafe but made three excellent book purchases (one a volume I'd even failed to locate on the internet) and was only deterred from making more by the prospect of domestic disharmony!  Henry Middleton 15.10.09
A very pleasant place with decent coffee and lots of room. The CDs were selling very well on my visit although not so the books. All titles were neatly housed in their correct sections although there seemed to be nothing on sale which was pre-1980. Quite a few browsers who appeared attracted to the large Folio Society section. The town had a few tourists ambling around although my nephew, who lives there, said the real activity starts as soon as the pubs close.  Chris Harte 13.06.11
Great location and an excellent selection of CDs and books, well-ordered and looked after and most at very tempting prices.  Brett Sidaway 30.07.11
Interesting stock - reasonable prices. Worth a detour to see the range of s/h CDs and LPs - amazing variety of classical composers/performers. Surrounding countryside worth visiting, summer or winter. Town retains elements of 'knit your own brown rice' population.  Book Buyer 18.11.11
Agreed all above, this has an excellent book selection and the largest classical CD selection methinks outside London. Brilliant. Both recent visits I had to put up with braying green wellie people so take earplugs!  Norman Davies 19.04.12
Fabulous - always something to buy - either CDs or books or both. The way bookshops should be!  Sandy 03.07.13
Always a discerning selection in literature, especially unusual European titles. The large stock of classical CDs and albums is a pleasure to browse. Very civilised, and reliably open on Sunday too.  Mark 16.11.13
This was quite a find and offered a good selection of sensibly priced books, CDs and classical vinyl. The owner was most helpful and the whole atmosphere of the place was relaxed and very civilised. I enjoyed my visit enormously and certainly hope to make a return visit in the not too distant future.  Nicholas Pendower 12.04.14
Fantastic and always has been. Just 2 more like this in the UK and the world would be a better place!  Rich 31.05.14