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Book Cellar at St Richard_s Hospice/EVESHAM/11 High Street
The Book Cellar at St Richard's Hospice  Open at advertised times
11 High Street   EVESHAM   WR11 4DA
tel: 01386 422921  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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We have a vast selection of high quality secondhand books, catering for a wide variety of tastes. We also stock some Folio Society and old collectable books. All funds raised through sales support St Richard's Hospice.

Excellent extensive selection in a largeish basement room. Above average charity shop and I made several purchases. Sadly some older books seem to have been "Oxfam-ed" or "Abe-ed" priced.  Norman Davies 13.03.17
I was rather underwhelmed with this one having travelled over from Stow after visiting Evergreen Livre. Although there is a lot of books in the basement at charity shop prices the quality is low. Only 1 purchase made which the ladies upstairs kept me waiting a long time to pay for. The charity shops in the town were all of a general nature with poor selections of books making Evesham not high on the list of towns to visit for the booklover or collector.  Laurence Batchelor 06.12.18

Books For Amnesty/MALVERN/12 Church Walk
Books For Amnesty      Phone before travelling
12 Church Walk  MALVERN  WR14 2XH
e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Around 10,000 well-categorised and reasonably priced books in a small shop with a swift turnover. Books found on our (separate) internet list, can be bought in the shop at a 10% discount - but please contact us first. Staffed entirely by volunteers so that all our profits go to support the work of Amnesty International.

Sensibly priced and categorised donated books with volunteer assistants who actually like books! To be recommended.  Mary 16.07.11
A well frequented general bookshop and definitely worth visiting if in Malvern.  OWC 13.09.12
Surprised that so few reviews and last in 2012. Far better then majority of charity shops. Is a bookshop in its own right and deserves better support.  Brian Stringer 20.10.14
Always a pleasure to visit this shop, well stocked, well arranged and very friendly and helpful volunteers.  Jenny 20.02.15
Much better than most charity bookshops. It must be a good area as people regularly drop interesting books in. The shop is well stocked and organised. They also sell online, so they keep the rarer titles upstairs.  Dan 24.02.15
Wonderful book shop. I'd never been before this week and stumbled on it by accident - in the middle of Malvern but tucked away down a side street. Fantastic collection of interesting books, both old and nearly new, and incredibly reasonable prices too. I came away with a big bag full!  Anon 22.12.16
Excellent bookshop with a surprisingly good selection at very good prices. Always come away with something.  Norman Davies 13.03.17
This shop is quite superb. I had only taken one pace through the door when I spotted a gem on the facing shelf. My mind said: "Where on earth did they get THAT?" I spent three hours (in a charity shop!) going twice through the excellent stock. Thank goodness my car was parked right outside as I could not have staggered far with the two boxloads I purchased. A visit is a must for anyone in the area.  Chris Harte 25.05.17
I have not been here for several years but always came away with a good number of books. The same was true of this visit, with some interesting military titles. Two bonus points this time: two gentlemen guitarists outside providing quality entertainment and the second; the books were all half price ... WAD again. I did not have time to canvass the other shops in Malvern - next time maybe!  Jonathan Morgan 15.09.18
Jon Morgan seems to have beat me to the best military books, either that or the half-price sale cleared their stock somewhat. This shop is the best charity shop in the town and unlike The Malvern Bookshop they take cards. The books are spread through 3 aisles and bookcases spread around on the walls of 1 large room. Seating for studying ones purchases is provided. Sadly I missed the sale but still came away with 1 bag load. Highly recommended.  Laurence Batchelor 01.10.18
This excellent little shop is currently showing its opening hours as 1.30pm to 5pm on Mondays and 10am to 5pm on Tuesdays to Saturdays.  Wessexman 25.07.21
As splendid as always. Perfectly set out and easy to explore the shelves. What did hit me was the lack of anything pre-1980s. I did, however, purchase quite a number of titles all of which were of quality. There was no dross to be seen.   Chris 13.05.22
As others have noted this shop is always worth visiting. Made a few purchases and all were in good condition and well priced. Will return.  David 29.05.22
My annual visit and luck was with me being able to park outside the shop. Otherwise I would have needed a few trips to fill my car. The absolutely superb filing of books in their correct categories and alphabetically is a joy I wish most bookshops would entertain. My wife raised her eyebrows at my many new treasures.  Chris 18.05.23
Return after 5 years and still the best charity shop in Malvern. Luckily on this sunny Saturday they have a huge sale on with many books only 50p or £1 as they will be moving into larger premises in November. Still everything is well categorized and easy to locate and the staff helpful. 3 hours parking available in the nearby Waitrose. 5 purchases made.  Laurence Batchelor 24.09.23
After their move I found the new shop disappointing with far less stock than in the past. What they had seemed rather dull with paperbacks starting at £3 and hardbacks starting at £3.50. I left empty-handed which would almost never happen in the old shop! Hopefully they will improve as they get re-established.  PLF 01.03.24
Sadly, I have to agree with PLF on this one. The new shop is a shadow of its former self. Very much reduced stock and nothing of interest. I will continue to call in when in Malvern in the hope that things will improve but for now not WAD.  David 01.03.24
The new shop is bright and shiny. As are the books. All the old, interesting and quirky titles have been weeded out and disposed of. Shame.   Stive 14.03.24

Daisychain Benevolent Fund Bookshop/WORCESTER/37-39 St John_s
Daisychain Benevolent Fund Bookshop  Open at advertised times
37-39 St John's   WORCESTER   WR2 5AG
tel: 01905 429397  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30
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Secondhand charity bookshop. High turnover of stock from current fiction titles through non-fiction to collectibles. Well presented stock and pleasant staff. Also stocks CDs, DVDs and vinyl records

Very good bookshop with fair prices and friendly staff - I've found several books I was looking out for there and always try to call in when I am visiting St Johns.  Karin 15.02.20
Two small rooms crammed with books. The high turnover means there isn't much in the way of collectables but might be a good for recent fiction hardbacks and I came away with four at a huge discount. Prices varied. Fiction seemed ok but some of the non-fiction appeared a tad high for what they were. On street parking just outside if you're lucky.   Stive 12.10.23

Greyfriars House Secondhand Bookshop/WORCESTER/Greyfriars House and Garden (National Trust)Friar Street
Greyfriars House Secondhand Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Greyfriars House and Garden (National Trust)  Friar Street    WORCESTER  WR1 2LZ
tel:  01905 23571  e-mail   web
Open:  See website seasonal for opening times.
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At Greyfriars find a collection of captivating reads, from fiction, autobiography and classics. Choose from a collection for kids, inspirational books for those interested in recipes, sport, history and more. Every second-hand book you buy here helps to preserve this special place. Access to the bookshop is free, NT membership or ticket not required.

Smallish stock and not generally that exciting but worth keeping an eye on if you are visiting the area anyway.  Karin 15.02.20

Henry_s Cafe Bookshop and Antiques/UPTONUPONSEVERN/22 High Street
Henry's Cafe Bookshop and Antiques   Open at advertised times
22 High Street    UPTON UPON SEVERN  WR8 0HB
tel:  01684 438300  e-mail
Open:  Tuesday - Sunday 9.00 - 4.00
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Large selection of secondhand books with an emphasis on history and military from ancient times to the twentieth century.

How this café is ever classed with the name "bookshop" is beyond my comprehension. It is a pretentious coffee shop, set over two floors, with five shelves comprising mainly of Napoleonic and Roman titles.  Chris Harte 25.05.17
Doesn't answer the phone. Will go elsewhere.  Seller 23.06.22

Ian K Pugh Books/PERSHORE/40 Bridge Street
Ian K Pugh Books  Phone before travelling
40 Bridge Street   PERSHORE   WR10 1AT
tel: 01386 552681 
Open:  Phone before travelling.
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Established 1974. Opened Pershore 1984. Medium stock with good-quality, interesting sections on art, illustrated, antiquarian, antiques, poetry, natural history, military, children's, topography, horticulture, history. Large reserve stock in two cellars.

Everything appeared normal except he has shortened his opening hours - typically 11.00 start and earlier finishes. However, yesterday he was still not open at 11.15.  Greg Howell 27.07.09
Whenever I have tried to visit this bookshop in the past two or three years, it has always been closed, no matter what time of day. If is therefore difficult to comment on the contents, although the window display looks interesting. If you are travelling any distance, you should definitely ring in advance.  Geoffrey Warner 07.07.11
Rather tired stock and owner. A 'Sale 50% off' sign in the window looked as if it had been there for months. Disappointing.  Mary 16.07.11
To avoid frustration phone the day before you arrive. I liked the stock, the owner, and the dog. There are very big piles of recently bought books to wade through on the floor.  OWC 18.09.12
After many years of visiting when the shop was closed, I finally claimed success. I found the owner's company very much to my liking and enjoyed the banter. The quality of the books could not be faulted although they were at the top end of the market.  Chris Harte 16.11.13
The shop was closed when I visited but there was a notice stating that the owner was over the road in a hotel. He happily came over and opened up. Some of the best books are at home for internet dealing and he did list those that would interest me. I hadn't visited for over a year but a lot of the stock hadn't changed. The owner is very affable and was not aware of the Book Guide and the comments made.  CB 22.03.14
Large but variable quality stock. High floor stacks obscure lower shelves so be prepared to rummage. Ian was to be found in Brandy Cask Pub (very nice riverside garden and brews its own beer) over the road but quickly opened the shop and was interesting to talk to.  Brian Stringer 02.10.14
Phoned twice (late morning and afternoon) on a regular Sept. Monday before driving to Pershore for the 1st time. Both times his phone just rang and rang. No divert to mobile and no answering machine. Luckily I visited Sedgeberrow and spent my pennies there - clearly, this business has lost its prime reason for being = Be Open so customers can buy some books!  Laurence Batchelor 06.09.18
We're advised that this is now rarely if ever open. Ring before travelling!  TBG2 27.06.21
Another one who does not answer the phone. Waste of time.  Seller 23.06.22

Lion Books/KIDDERMINSTER/Unit 38, Meadow Mills Industrial Estate
Lion Books  Appointment necessary
Unit 38, Meadow Mills Industrial Estate  Dixon Street   KIDDERMINSTER   DY10 1HH
tel: 01562 745060  e-mail  web 
Open:  By appointment only.
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Specialist sporting stock with particular emphasis on Association Football and Motorsport. A good general stock of 15,000 books in spacious warehouse open to the public. Free parking in town centre location.

Recently moved to new premises.  Andy Lockett 21.08.15
After a few minutes conversation the owner reminded me that it was 17 years since we had last met. In that time he had moved premises three times. Currently on a trading estate on the edge of the town centre the space allowed for the stock to be easily categorised on the shelves. I had plenty of time to look at the holdings which were dominated by his specialities of football and motor-racing. However, there are books for the general browser and I picked up some fairly rare offerings.  Chris Harte 25.05.17
Wonderfully comprenhensive selection of titles - highly recommended if you love browsing old football books. Proprietor Colin is very friendly and helpful.

The premises are on a small industrial estate around a 10 minute walk from the railway station.
  Andy Lockett 01.09.21

Malvern Bookshop/MALVERN/7 Abbey Road
The Malvern Bookshop      Phone before travelling
7 Abbey Road    MALVERN  WR14 3ES
e-mail   web
Open:  Sunday - Thursday 10.00 - 3.00, Friday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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A big and long established (60 years +) bookshop with stock in all the subjects and has a music room. Quality books bought and sold. By the Priory steps near the Post Office. Rebecca took over the shop in January 2015, and wants it to stay the way she has always loved it - but realises you have to change with the times.

Lovely and friendly shop - two floors, five rooms and good range of stock (much of it, frustratingly, not shelved by topic yet). Prices were generally good, though the newer items seemed a tad overpriced.  George Marshall 25.02.10
A long established book shop in a good position. Pleasant owners and some good stock although some is quite ordinary.  Mary 16.07.11
This is a spacious shop of curiosities which requires every shelf and table to be carefully picked over. I left with a bag of gems and a most amusing overheard conversation between customer and owner.  OWC 13.09.12
Very good bookshop, but - and perhaps we have just been unlucky - they do seem to close for a couple of weeks at the wrong times! So - recommend ringing first if you are travelling to visit them.  BT & ET 02.11.13
A really lovely shop. Excellent selection on the upstairs shelves. Prices were more than acceptable. Overall it was the quality which stood out. WWAD.  Chris Harte 16.11.13
There is something about this shop which makes a visit so very pleasant. The stock is interesting with quite a few little gems dotted around. I really do hope that a buyer will be found: someone who will not change the lovely ambience.  Chris Harte 24.03.14
Just a note to echo Chris Harte's comments. It would be a shame to lose this terrific shop!  Will Tyler 19.07.14
Delightful town - delightful shop - delightful owners. And yes, the book stock was delightful as well. If this shop disappears then a gem will be lost.  Brian Stringer 20.10.14
Popped in a few weeks ago and was glad to see it is still going. It is in a nice position and has recently changed hands - I'm glad to say the new owner has breathed some life into the place, with an arresting window display and some first editions/old books on the first floor.  Dan 24.02.15
Enjoyable visit to this bookshop with a very pleasant owner. Interesting stock of maps and a very good atlas at reasonable prices. The new owner has made tremendous progress and it is very well stocked with a wide range of books. Pleasure to visit.  CB 14.11.15
Really glad to see this shop has been able to carry on. The new owner has done a brilliant job, keeping its previous character yet adding a lot of interesting, reasonably priced stock.  Will Tyler 23.12.15
Visited for first time under newish owners - great that such a lovely old fashioned shop is still going. My specialities seemed to be the same books on the same shelves at same prices as under the old regime but good luck in keeping it going.  Norman Davies 13.03.17
Still as nice as ever. The eclectic stock made a change from usual run of the mill bookshops. The only downside was having to go back up the road to get cash as they don't take plastic.  Chris Harte 25.05.17
The shop is very much bigger upstairs than it appears from the outside. It accommodates a large, wide-ranging, sensibly-priced stock. There are specialisations in sheet music, travel and topography, some antiquarian, a good number of 1950s and 1960s Penguins. My spirits were lifted by overhearing one holidaying schoolchild say to another, ‘This is the Natural History section, it’s brilliant’. Civilised shop, civilised customers.  James Mackay 29.07.17
A top class bookshop with very reasonable prices and a bulk discount offered on a bag load of purchases. Don't be deceived by this shops small frontage as once you enter and climb the stairs there are books on the landing and 3 large rooms floor to ceiling and all catagorised. For me what shone through with this shop was I found many rare military books which I've not seen before and the Gentlemen who smoked a pipe was most helpful and courteous. Lastly through conversation with this man I found out that the lady owner is thinking of selling this shop along with the flat above. If this bookshop closes it will be a tragedy. Sale details emailed to Mike so hopefully he will post as a news story for all.  Laurence Batchelor 01.10.18
Rather disappointing as, although this is a pleasant shop with quite a varied stock, there seemed very little of any quality (at least in the non-fiction holdings). Although quite civil towards us, the owner (Rebecca) was surprisingly terse and rude to her other customers.  Booker T 18.07.19
A beacon of sanity amidst the lunacy. No insistence on mask wearing here. And we also bought several books which were all in good condition and at good prices in our areas of literary biography and history. Some items were mis-shelved so it's worth having a good look round. She is currently open on Thursday, Friday and Saturday but is planning to open the rest of the week eventually.   David Gee 15.08.21
My first visit here for several years and the 5 rooms of books still cover a huge variety of subjects, so there is surely something for everyone. As hinted above, opening hours have expanded considerably. The shop is now open 10 am to 4 pm on Mondays to Saturdays, and 10 am to 3 pm on Sundays.  Wessexman 11.04.22
I found the latest owner of this shop to be a most pleasant young lady who could not do enough to assist me with my queries. There is quite a bit of a muddle in the classifications but at least the shop is now up and running again. I purchased what I needed and will certainly return.   Chris 13.05.22
Always enjoy looking round this shop. Wide selection of subject matter and I found a couple of rarities which were very reasonably priced.Together with the Amnesty bookshop and St Richards book store it makes Malvern well worth visiting as well as being in a beautiful part of the country.  David 29.05.22
The annual visit coincided with the decorators plastering the wall of the room I most needed to search. Never mind; I picked up bits and pieces elsewhere in the shop. Prices were a bit scattergun.  Chris 18.05.23
Return after 5 years, on lovely sunny Saturday. Owner ETGOW and this shop is still WWAD as has a superb atmosphere and comprehensive holdings. On my military holdings it is weaker now with many shelves almost empty. I agree with pricing was a big hit n miss with some overpriced which I left. Still 8 purchases made for my son and I with the owner also giving bulk discount. Dogs welcome and I also like shops which have chairs to sit and check I don't already own before buying.  Laurence Batchelor 24.09.23

Oxfam/MALVERN/18 Church Street
Oxfam  Phone before travelling
18 Church Street   MALVERN   WR14 2AY
tel: 01684 568468  web 
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Not classified as a 'bookshop' (sic) but well worth a visit just to gawp at the quality of the titles held on the shelves. General holdings but worth a look.  Chris Harte 16.11.13
Standard Oxfam separate bookroom. Yes some decent selections but frankly hilarious pricing of one "antique" book I was interested in. No sale.  Norman Davies 13.03.17
Mid-league for an Oxfam as I walked away with 5 purchases. The books are spread in the room behind the till but the holdings do lack in quality. I feel Amnesty gets the best donations in Malvern.  Laurence Batchelor 01.10.18
Very average run-of-the-mill holdings. Did not purchase anything. As correctly stated, the good books go to Amnesty.  Chris 13.05.22
Still bad this one with all the good books from this town finding their way to Amnesty charity shop instead. Childrens paperback books over priced here at £1.50 where 99p in other charity shops. Left with no purchases.   Laurence Batchelor 30.09.23
I used to walk away with a bagful from here. My last two visits left me empty-handed. Average Oxfam branch these days.  Stive 14.03.24

Read and Ride/WORCESTER/Worcester Shrub Hill Station
Read and Ride  Open at advertised times
Worcester Shrub Hill Station  Shrub Hill   WORCESTER   WR4 9EJ
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.00?
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Charity bookshop selling donated books, staffed by volunteers.

This seems to have been shut whenever I have been through Shrub Hill recently. When I last visited it seemed to have one price (£1.50?) for most of the non-fiction books, which means you can get bargains but others are overpriced.  Karin 15.02.20

Snowdrops Bookshop at St Richards Hospice/WORCESTER/13/14 St Swithins Street
The Snowdrops Bookshop at St Richards Hospice  Open at advertised times
13/14 St Swithins Street   WORCESTER   WR1 2PS
tel: 01905 616353  e-mail 
Open:  Mon - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30, Sunday 10.30 - 4.30.
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The Snowdrops Bookshop, that was located in Reindeer Court Worcester closed in 2014 and has reopened on the first floor of the St Richards Hospice shop. The floor is shared with a coffee shop The first floor can be accessed via a lift. All credit cards are accepted.

Easily the best of the Worcester charity bookshops, making it (in absence of others) the best of the 2ndhand bookshops. Stock and presentation excellent, prices excitingly reasonable. Not antiquarian, but I found several unfamiliar items in my specialist area + Coffee.  Xanthias 25.08.15
I was pleased to find this open on a Sunday and left with half a dozen well-priced items. Sadly there has been a bit of an outbreak of ABE-linked pricing, such that a thin and not particularly rare paperback was ticketed at £45. If someone were prepared to pay this at a specialist bookfair then that's fine, but I cannot believe it will shift at a smallish charity shop in a provincial city. This, however, will not stop me from visiting next time I am in town, and maybe someone will have a quiet word in the ear of the over-enthusiastic pricing volunteer in the meantime!  Wessexman 10.04.22
One of the smartest charity bookshops around, looking not unlike a small branch of Waterstones, with everything sorted to make browsing easy. Prices were reasonable to downright cheap for the most part. There are a few large ticket items and, as ever, noticed a few hardly rare items curiously priced much higher than their current market value. Also noticed some items had been priced upwards. Came away with a bagful. A decent, yet different counterpart to the the excellent Malvern branch.

A few items were price stickered here, which is never welcome but they tend to avoid doing that on the vintage paperbacks or delicate covers, which have Post It barcodes inside.
  Stive 12.10.23
Everything neatly categorised here. A lot of reasonably priced items but as others have pointed out some that were rather optimistic. Definitely well worth a look. We purchased a bagful and will return.  David 17.05.24

St Richard_s Book _ Media Store/MALVERN/116 Worcester Road
St Richard's Book & Media Store  Open at advertised times
116 Worcester Road   MALVERN   WR14 1SS
tel: 01684 573 480  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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A charity-run bookshop and media store with a wide and interesting stock of around 8,000-10,000 items including books, dvds, cds and vinyl. An extensive range of fiction and children's books is coupled with a wide variety of non-fiction and rare books. An attractive, thoughtfully-laid out shop with a rich variety of stock and particularly good selections of poetry and plays.

A very well presented shop with books categorised on the tidy shelves. A vintage section near to the till but otherwise very general.  Chris 18.05.18
Worth driving to the other side of Malvern for this one as its a bit of a walk from the high street. Everything is nicely categorized but agree the stock is very general. For me the Children's section was the only section 2 purchases were made. Free parking just outside on the main road and also within walking distance from Malvern Link station.  Laurence Batchelor 01.10.18
Naughty, naughty. If you are going to raise the prices of books in the "rare and antiquarian" section (i.e. - those from pre-1970) then don't do it while someone is standing behind you watching what you are doing.  Chris Harte 04.06.19
This remains an attractive, bright and well-organised shop with a varied stock, and is always a pleasure to visit. If I were to express any misgiving, it would be that a few of the prices seem a bit ambitious, but perhaps the more well-heeled of the local clientele are happy to pay up!  Wessexman 26.07.21
Wow! What a change a new manageress has brought to this shop. It is now as perfect a bookshop as you will find anywhere. Everything is perfectly categorised; the prices are most competitive and the friendliness of the volunteers was really appreciated. I purchased in bulk from the Arts section; quite a few from Nostalgia; and even some for my wife. This place is a must-visit. WWAD.  Chris 13.05.22
Always worth a visit and a few purchases made. Very clean and tidy shop with no dross whatsoever. If visiting, the charity's other shop (no books), on the opposite side of the road, contained some quality items.  Chris 18.05.23
Always find something to take away from here and good for pleasant surprises. As others have said, WWAD. Not in the town centre and parking can be an issue close by so best to avoid peak traffic times as it does get very busy.   Stive 22.09.23
A very good charity bookshop. Well organised with reasonable pricing. Stock all in good condition and a few more unusual finds. Wwad.  David 17.05.24