Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in the UK and Republic of Ireland 2021

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Bookshops that have closed and have been removed since June 2021.

Removed 30.07.21 from London/N Postcodes
Mind Charity Shop/HIGHGATE/329 Archway Road
Mind Charity Shop  Open at advertised times
329 Archway Road   HIGHGATE   N6 5AA
tel: 0208 3411188 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 10.00 - 4.00.
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80% books plus the usual CD/DVD/Vinyl.

A new manager has taken over here and the shop has reverted to being one unit charity shop, and one unit 80% books, plus the usual CD/DVD/Vinyl.  Steve Newman 14.11.15
The books have steadily decreased under the new manager, now not much more than a standard charity shop. 3 minutes would cover looking at the stock. NWAD. Probably should not be on this site.  Peter M 04.06.19
No longer a dedicated book shop. Should not be on this site as no more books than your average charity shop.   Steve Newman 30.07.21

Removed 30.07.21 from South East/Kent
Red Cross charity bookshop/NEW ROMNEY/42 High Street
Red Cross charity bookshop  Phone before travelling
42 High Street   NEW ROMNEY   TN28 8BZ
tel: 01797 367021 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.
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Sadly this once fine book shop has been in steady decline for a while now. On this visit there was only one wall of books left, all fiction, with about 50 at best non-fiction books scattered about elsewhere. General Bric-a-Brac from the adjoining shop has taken up the empty space. They cite lack of donations, though the Palmers Green shop has a vast amount of stock they can't display. Suspect the truth is the staff have changed and there is no interest in running it as a book shop these days.  Steve Newman 22.07.17
Should no longer be included in this guide. On a visit 6/21 the staff on duty did not even know it had ever been a book shop! Now just an ordinary charity shop with just a handful of books on offer. I suspect the original manager moved on and his/her replacement had no interest in continuing running it as a dedicated book shop.   Steve Newman 30.07.21

Rickaro Books /WAKEFIELD/17 High Street  Horbury  
Rickaro Books   Open at advertised times
17 High Street  Horbury    WAKEFIELD  WF4 5AB
tel:  01924 278811  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 8.30 - 5.30.
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Our stock reflects the diversity of interests in the town of Horbury where we are situated, with the best of new and collectable titles always on display. Whilst we have a good general stock and cater for children of all ages, we specialise in local history of the West Yorkshire area and always have a range of interesting titles available.

Lots of books, hundreds, on T.E. Lawrence and a lot on Yorkshire as well. But a pretty limited stock otherwise. Not much for Penguin collectors like me.  Sam Price 20.02.14
now online only  TBG2 31.07.21

Removed 29.07.21 from Wales/Mid Wales
Rose_s Books/HAY-ON-WYE/14 Broad Street
Rose's Books  Open at advertised times
14 Broad Street   HAY-ON-WYE   HR3 5DB
tel: 01497 820013  e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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Good stock, well laid out but the prices - Wow, just DONT expect any bargains.  The Wanderer 27.11.09
Very good wide ranging children's books but high prices. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 22.08.13
This one was pleasantly open on a Sunday, which was good as many of Hay's other shops were closed. They are clearly a children's specialist bookshop spread over 3 rooms, but I found their pricing very high considering many of the books condition. No purchases made, despite us on the look out for several Children's books.  Laurence Batchelor 19.07.14
Rose's Books has closed at these premises, now partnered with Stella Books of Hay as Stella & Rose's Books.  Stella Books 29.07.21

Removed 29.07.21 from Scotland/South West Scotland
By The Book/Castle Douglas/201 King Street
By The Book  Open at advertised times
201 King Street   Castle Douglas   DG7 1DT
tel: 01556 503338  e-mail 
Open:  Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 5.00.
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General stock, small but friendly.

Not that small, Two fair sized rooms at top of High Street opposite the tower. Very nice shop in a wonderful High Street, also very friendly and helpful.  PaulP 18.06.13
Postcode should be DG7 1DT. Otherwise you end up several miles away on a country lane by Haugh of Urr!  Francis Marsden 02.07.14
Thank you, changed now.  TGB 02.07.14
Interesting shop, almost two shops in one. The front two rooms are well laid out with clean and attractive general stock, while the rear room allows one to indulge one's desire to rummage for a bargain. There appears to be no classification and there are gems to be found, but sadly these books are just as expensive as those in the front rooms. Exceptionally so for the area. Avoided going away empty-handed by buying a slim paperback on dovecotes of the mid-Pyrenees, my most exotic purchase for quite a while.  TravellingLibrary 27.06.15
Three small rooms of fairly standard stock with anything approaching collectable priced optimistically and seemingly without regard to condition.  Mark V 08.08.15
Now closed !  borderlandxxx  29.07.21

Removed 28.07.21 from Central/Leicestershire
Christine_s Book Cabin/MARKET HARBOROUGH/9 Coventry Road
Christine's Book Cabin  Open at advertised times
9 Coventry Road   MARKET HARBOROUGH   LE16 9BX
tel: 01858 433233  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00, closed Wednesday.
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Booksellers since 1992; shopkeepers since 1997. 2,500 books with specialist sections on Leics and Northants, history, maritime fiction, children's collectable fiction and crime fiction. Website has searchable database of books not shown in the shop.

Very small, One room, but with some quality stuff. Good Biggles and CS Forester stock at equally high prices mind. Very little very modern stuff and some good green Penguins in the bargain books outside. Just around the corner from Loros Charity Shop which has the modern low price stuff to complement it.  jon Morgan 06.03.13
The C.S Forester collection has now all sold but there was still plenty of Biggles left. This place is just 1 room, a desk a sink and the owner. Some of the books on the lower shelves looked like they could do with a clean as very dusty. Military well represented with even some original WW1 soldiers diaries and what looked like a Royal Naval bases' visitors book available to purchase. The stock had many unusual books which I'd not seen before but the pricing was mid to high. There were some bargain books also in boxes outside which I didn't examine. I came away with 2 aviation purchases as nothing naval I didn't already own. Loros around the corner has stopped being a dedicated bookshop. Parking nearby in Co-op and just 2 other nearby charity shops in this historic town selling 2nd-hand books: Oxfam and Age UK.  Laurence Batchelor 25.09.18
Something for everyone here, a wide variety of subjects and a broad range of prices in a tiny space that will comfortably accommodate two browsers (3 at a nudge) plus the interesting owner in his nest - the perfect host who will chat profoundly if prompted and knows when to fall silent when you are lost in his stock. Having just come away empty-handed from the local pbfa fair, I left here with a bagfull of bargains.  Glen Kinch 06.05.19

Removed 28.07.21 from South West/Devon
St.Luke_s Little Bookshop/MODBURY/1b Broad Street
St.Luke's Little Bookshop  Open at advertised times
1b Broad Street   MODBURY   PL21 0PS
tel: 01548 831483 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.00.
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St Luke's Hospice charity bookshop selling donated book.

Well organised, good quality, mostly reasonably priced p/b fiction.  TBG 26.07.17
Can't argue with TBG's assessment but won't revisit.  Chris Harte 12.10.17

Removed 27.07.21 from South West/Cornwall
Abbey Bookshop/LAUNCESTON/2 White Hart Arcade
Abbey Bookshop  Open at advertised times
2 White Hart Arcade   LAUNCESTON   PL15 8AA
tel: 01566 779113  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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Gen.stock 15K books. Contemporary lit. mass market, art, photography, history, cookery, craft, biogs. Psychology, philosophy, cinema, travel/topo. Specialist: Irish. Relocated from Camden Lock London to Cornwall in 2002.

This is actually quite a good bookshop. Although somewhat cluttered the owner did move piles of books to extract titles of my interest. He does not take plastic so a visit to a nearby cash machine was needed. Stock was general but with many surprises tucked away. Worth a visit.  Chris Harte 12.10.17
Abbey Bookshop closed recently  PLF 27.07.21

Removed 27.07.21 from North East/North Yorkshire
Mansergh_s Secondhand Bookshop/SETTLE/Corner of High Street and Cheapside
Mansergh's Secondhand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Corner of High Street and Cheapside   SETTLE   BD24 9EX
tel: 01729 823502  
Open:  Tuesday & Thursday - Saturday, 10.00 - 12.00 & 1.00 - 5.00.
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General stock, including some interesting theology books and second-hand sheet music.

Tiny, but crammed with stock, very friendly and reasonably priced.  Mark 03.03.12
AWESOME bookshop. No shortage of good reading material here and all reasonably priced. Tiny jewel is hidden in a fellwalker's paradise.  Cel 31.05.18
Check before travelling - has been closed due to illness for some months now.  Kaye 24.03.19
Not just reasonably priced but absurdly so in some cases. Definitely tiny - three's a crowd (and almost bursting at the seams). Still definitely worth a look though. Just behind the market place with a fading sign above the door.  Graeme Rendall 13.06.19
Owner now restored to health and open as advertised.  Mark V 13.06.19
Sadly now closed, owing to the retirement of the owner, as lamented in Alan Bennett's diary for 2020!  Mark V 27.07.21

Removed 24.07.21 from South East/Surrey
Secondhand Bookshop/OXTED/27 Station Road West
The Secondhand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
27 Station Road West   OXTED   RH8 9EE
tel: 01883 715755 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, closed Wednesday.
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Very good general stock 50p to £1500 no specialities. I now only have one shop + cpbooks in Old Oxted as an internet business. I still love to buy book collections.

I was really surprised to find such an airy shop in a lovely town. The good quality stock was well classified; it was easy to browse, and the manager was most pleasant. Very good Surrey and Kent holdings. A visit is recommended.  Chris Harte 29.06.09
Very rude service when I (ever so politely) suggested a notice in the shop was misleading to customers: ''I understand it and as it's my bookshop that's all that matters''. Poor manners and totally uncalled for lack of civility ...  Nigel 12.07.12
David is one of the best booksellers I know and he is never anything but helpful and charming. His shop always has lots of interesting things and he oversees it with rigour, ensuring that it has a good turn over and never becomes stagnant. I always find loads to buy and it is most unfortunate that the previous reviewer has not focused on the quality of the business. Good book shops can certainly do without touchy customers like this!  Nicholas Pendower 14.09.12
Found this shop by chance last autumn, a well stocked shop, in particular a good selection of old Penguins which I collect. All fairly priced, and shop owner was an extremely pleasant man. Will certainly visit again when in the area.  Rebecca 16.02.13
At first I thought I'd made a wasted journey but the unprepossesing exterior conceals a rather good shop. Large/Medium size general stock but some gems and reasonable prices. OOS (out of station, TBG) and shop is directly opposite.  Son of Drif 09.07.13
This was the first time I had visited the shop and I wished I had visited before. A well situated shop right next to the station with a nice window display. Light and airy inside and well laid out with all subject areas of interest. Very helpful assistant who contacted the owner to let him know I was here. A half hour journey from Victoria on the East Grinstead line. Will visit again.  oko2020 20.02.15
Yet again a delightful visit to this splendid shop. I cannot speak too highly about the quality of stock; the pleasant manner in which all my queries were answered and the good fortune to meet a regular contributor to The Book Guide (who, alas, would not give me his name). The shelves were easy to check and my interests were well serviced. WWAD.  Chris Harte 06.06.15
I heartily endorse Chris Harte's praise for this excellent shop. A good range of topography and transport, and Ordnance Survey maps at £1 a pop. The warmly sociable proprietor gave me a discount on an already bargain-priced scarce volume of Eric de Mare's architectural photos, because a previous buyer had inscribed the flyleaf. Stock is not listed on the internet, so a visit is essential; half an hour by train from London and bang opposite the station.  Nicholas Sack 15.06.15
My second visit to this shop but the first in some time. It is an excellent shop in all respects. Quality stock, well laid out with contributions from most areas of interest. A good set of original Hardback Arthur Ransome. great History and military section. Good fiction. Signed first edition at only £10.00 WWAD.  Jon Morgan 06.07.17
Return visits to this excellent shop are always a pleasure. The extensive stock of local history and topography, especially Surrey and London, includes many unusual small press titles. I bought an attractive Ian Allan album for a fiver, and a clutch of recent Landranger and Pathfinder OS maps at a pound each. Highly recommended.  Nicholas Sack 15.12.18
I have been asked to view the stock Book n Bits Horley as the owner has died. Possible shop closure.  David 17.06.19

Removed 20.07.21 from South West/Gloucestershire
Quayside Books/GLOUCESTER/7-9 Commercial Road
Quayside Books  Open at advertised times
7-9 Commercial Road   GLOUCESTER   GL1 2DY
tel: 01452 - 300422 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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General secondhand bookshop with storeroom at the rear. Particularly interested in military, maritime and transport books.

Nice small bookshop with friendly and helpful owner. Worth the short walk from the centre.  George Marshall 06.02.09
Tried to visit this shop yesterday (a Saturday) @ 11.00 - closed. Tried again at 2.00 - still closed. Suggest you ring before making a detour.  Daedalus 25.06.09
A wonderful Aladdin's cave of books very competitively priced with a charming and friendly owner.  Toby 01.11.11
Great bookshop with a good selection of books run by a friendly and helpful owner. Very reasonable prices meaning that customers are more likely to buy some books. Worth a visit.  SteveBrissle 16.10.13
First sight did not justify for me the hidden treasures scattered around the shop. One front of it is now a framing business but behind are the shelves. It was only after a careful look did I find a number of decent titles. This shop is one which could turn up unexpected surprises.  Chris Harte 24.05.16
First visit today. Not obviously a bookshop as the front shop is framing but once inside a very decent selection at acceptable prices. Interesting proprietor too.  Norman Davies 31.05.18
First visit here. Interesting selection, some hidden gems, prices good. WWAD.  David 15.02.20
closed, but doesn't seem to want to stay closed :)  Mike G 20.07.21

Removed 20.07.21 from South West/Gloucestershire
Evergreen Livres/STOW-ON-THE-WOLD/2 Talbot Court
Evergreen Livres  Open at advertised times
2 Talbot Court  The Square   STOW-ON-THE-WOLD   GL54 1BQ
tel: 01451 832253  e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days 10.30 - 5.00.
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6000 (was 3,500) books in stock, Son of Drif can't count or estimate. All subjects especially Batsford Books. All major cards accepted.

A very helpful owner who showed me around a neatly set out shop. General stock but little antiquarian.  Chris Harte 31.12.09
Needs more stock! I didn't count them but there's never 3,500 books in here. How anyone can sell enough books to make a living from a stock this small is beyond me. Small readers/collectors stock.  Son of Drif 19.05.10
Actually we do make a living perhaps due to our engaging personalities, knowledge and pricing policy.  Evergreen Livres 24.08.10
An excellent bookshop; an extremely pleasant lady owner; books sensibly priced. A positively charming experience whilst I was waiting to go to the races.  Ray Quested 22.11.10
I was very impressed by the carefully thought out selection, reasonable prices, and charm of the owners. Another 'favourite' to put on my list.  Jane Jones 31.05.11
Now have over 7500 books. Great selection, reasonable prices, friendly helpful owners.  Ocker 23.08.11
A lovely shop with a wonderful collection of books and charming owners. A good thing there was no armchair to curl up in or I would be there still! A must-visit for all booklovers.  Posy 05.11.11
Hi Posy, there are now chairs on both floors for browsers, take as much time as you wish!  Nick and Stella, Evergreen Livres 03.03.12
And you get a free pen if you spend over a tennner!  Paulp 02.11.13
Lovely shop with helpful, friendly owner who gives my puppy biscuits. My partner found several good fishing titles here. We will be back.  Critter 16.11.13
I was a bit underwhelmed. Shop is quite small and most stock I saw was a bit tatty with prices not really reflecting their condition. Chap behind the desk was friendly enough. Upstairs quite a few children's books including annuals - but prices of those again were a bit much - in double figures for some 1970s ones in ok condition, for example.  Flip M 06.02.17
A small shop with general selection of books spread over 2 rooms. A nice old book musty smell when I entered or it may have just been the heating? I would agree with others that the pricing is high but its not surprising when you consider the property prices and tourists and walkers who frequent Stow. It would seem he stocks a little bit of everything but no real specialisms. 3 books purchased a 'bulk' discount offered without me asking and for the first time in a 2nd hand bookshop I was offered a free pen and bookmark which was a nice touch.  Laurence Batchelor 06.12.18
I've been told it's closed, phone dead, website gone.  Mike G 20.07.21

Removed 20.07.21 from South West/Gloucestershire
Dive-In  Open at advertised times
Lecture Hall  The Village   WESTBURY-ON-SEVERN   GL14 1PA
tel: 01452 760124 
Open:  Monday - Friday, but please ring first to check.
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General secondhand stock with a good travel section.

Gone, phone dead.  Mike G 20.07.21

Removed 19.07.21 from Central/Lincolnshire
Tim Smith Books/HORNCASTLE/14 East Street
Tim Smith Books  Open at advertised times
14 East Street   HORNCASTLE   LN9 6AZ
tel: 07876 496352 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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20,000+ books, all subjects, wide range of prices, general stock. Advice and assistance given freely without commitment.

Total and utter chaos! Piles and piles of books prevent buyers from retrieving anything worthwhile, and where there is space the hoover is stuck in the way. I spotted a few things I would have liked to have looked at, but was afraid of excavating for fear of setting off an avalanche and ending my days under a pile of books! I'm sure that there are some good things in this shop but nobody has a hope in hell of finding them while it's in this state.  Nicholas Pendower 27.07.10
Yes it's mad, with books piled everywhere, but it's my favourite bookshop! I always come out with lots of books. The owner can always find the books you're looking for even if they're at the bottom of the pile!  The Jumping Frog 02.09.10
Oh My ... Chaos is a understatement ... this guy needs to have a clear out ... some really great books but most ruined by the 20-100 books piled on top. I'd love to have to look to find a corker but to mountaineer through piles and pile and piles is not really great!!!  TT 29.07.13
Never seen any shop like it - very cluttered (I caused one avalanche!) but exceedingly charming and owner knows exactly where every book is and clearly a lifetime of dedication has gone into this curious but wonderfully eccentric shop.  John H 29.08.13
An H&S nightmare - piles of books (much of it modern paperback fiction) 5-6 feet high and in places 3-4 deep obscure the interesting titles on the shelves behind. I fled in despair after 5-10 minutes.  Henry Middleton 21.06.14
Planning a visit this summer. One of my very favourite shops - and that's based on just a couple of visits. Not twee, not self-conscious - like the bookshops of my youth ...  Andrew Bradley 03.07.14
Every time I visit Horncastle, which is usually once a month, I consider visiting this bookshop, and even occasionally venture inside in the hope that I just might be able to spend some money, but sadly it remains virtually unexplorable. The vast array of paperback tat piled up inside the door is, before you even consider looking elsewhere, enough to put off the serious buyer and requires serious weeding out. If you are not one of nature's sylphs, it is almost impossible to negotiate the rest of the stock; I'd dearly love to see what this shop really has to offer, but life is too short for these sort of excavations.  Nicholas Pendower 26.07.14
Can I move in here? Chaos abounds, but still a bloody good shop, filled with goodies. Lot of stuff half price, including a rare Edgar Rice Burroughs.  Andrew Bradley 14.08.14
Although I had said in my previous review (02.09.10) that it was my favourite bookshop, it had got too much even for me, but what a shock to return to Tim Smith books today and find that, it's no longer complete and utter chaos, but has been tided up and under the piles and piles of books there is a really great bookshop. Yes it's still packed with books but you can see (most) of them and it's still cramped and more than a bit mad, but not too much and anyway a secondhand bookshop needs to be at least a bit mad to be worthwhile.  The Jumping Frog 03.12.14
Earlier comments are now out-of-date as Tim's domestic problems have been resolved and, with the help of excellent friends, this shop packs a large, comprehensive and well-organised stock into a very modest space. Don't miss it!  Tony Laverick 24.04.15
Most impressed with the tidy up, turns what was trial by ordeal into pleasant browsing. I certainly got a few out of the blue bargains on my last visit. and will certainly be heading there again.  Paul Dean 27.06.15
Now closed due to the illness of the owner.  TBG2 19.07.21

Removed 14.07.21 from Wales/South Wales
Dylans Mobile Bookstore//Everywhere
Dylans Mobile Bookstore  Phone before travelling
Everywhere  See web link for details  SWANSEA  West Glamorgan     
tel: 01792 655655   web 
Open:  See web link for details
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Dylans Mobile Bookstore will feed your need to read. We travel to festivals, markets & cultural events with our wonderful Words on Wheels experience. We sell books on Art, Poetry, Literature, History & Travel. Specialising in Wales & Dylan Thomas.

'Sadly Dylan’s Book Bus has now been retired off the road' - 09/07/21 from Jeff's FB page.  Mike G 14.07.21

Removed 12.07.21 from South West/Cornwall
Bosorne Books/ST. JUST/The Cook Book
Bosorne Books  Open at advertised times
The Cook Book  4 Cape Cornwall Street   ST. JUST   TR19 7JZ
tel: 01736 787266  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00 (winter 10.00 - 4.00).
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Much better than most cafe-bookshops with interesting, competitively priced books in the rooms above, and fiction in the cafe itself.  TBG 
The genuine oasis-in-the-wilderness. Best bookshop in Cornwall by a long way. Upstairs from the cafe (the coffee was superb) were rooms of rare treasures. Owner refuses to put his titles on the internet hence the presence of such quality. Prices varied but that is of little concern. Visit recommended.  Chris Harte 20.04.10
I'm writing this review really just to add a counter to the words above. There's nothing wrong with this bookshop at all, it's a very pleasant one with lots of nice books but 'best bookshop in Cornwall' is probably to be taken with the same pinch of salt as some of the same reviewers more acerbic comments on other shops. The stock is not large, although it is varied and interesting, some areas are a little thin but that is, of course, true of any shop. I just wouldn't want anyone else to make a special trip into the wilds of Cornwall, beautiful though they are, on the basis of that last review, as I did. If you are in the area then this is a pleasant shop which is well worth a visit. I can't comment on the cafe but it smelt very nice!  RS 11.06.10
I thought the shop's offerings quite wide in scope and particularly good on War. RS - - the coffee and cakes are great!  Herne 29.07.13
The separate bookshop business upstairs has closed.  TBG2 12.07.21

Removed 12.07.21 from South West/Cornwall
Newlyn Books/PENZANCE/Captain Cutters House
Newlyn Books  Open at advertised times
Captain Cutters House  52 Chapel Street   PENZANCE   TR18 4AJ
tel: 07951 601 851 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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A general secondhand bookshop but concentrating on local books, art & design, illustrated books & fine bindings. Shop now shared with daughter Holly who sells paper goods & bound journals etc. under the name "Endpaper".

Great bookshop. Large stock, reasonable prices and excellent range of subjects. Also a decent selection of Penguins downstairs, we picked up some great Penguin Specials. Also gave us a good discount on our pile of books, without us asking.  M&O 09.06.12
Well worth a (short) detour on the way to Penlee House Art gallery. Equally worthwhile, especially the well stocked basement.  Herne 26.07.12
Good shop, decent stock for the individual buyer. If you are in Penzance area worth a visit.  Norman Davies 02.07.13
Now in new surroundings and has an eclectic selection of books next to an art gallery. Good for literature and vintage Penguins, amongst others.  Herne 24.09.16

Removed 08.07.21 from East Anglia/Suffolk
Ann Green Secondhand Books/HALESWORTH/Almshouses
Ann Green Secondhand Books  Open at advertised times
Almshouses  2 Steeple End   HALESWORTH   IP19 8AH
tel: 01986 874447  e-mail 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00, early closing Thursday.
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Something for everybody, from paperbacks to antiquarian books.

Thanks for "Romany Jib".Excellent service.  Charles Francis 10.05.14
Very helpful owner and well set out shop. A pleasure to visit. Quality rather than quantity. Large cheap car park at the back of the pub.  Richard Fuller 08.08.15
Moved in 2018 to smaller premises at Almshouses.  Chris M 24.03.19
Closed just before lockdown  TBG2 08.07.21

Removed 07.07.21 from East Anglia/Essex
Missing Books/FINCHINGFIELD/Finchingfield Antique Centre
Missing Books  Open at advertised times
Finchingfield Antique Centre  The Green   FINCHINGFIELD   CM7 4JX
tel: 01245 361609  e-mail 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.30
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A balanced selection of stock, that will usually include at least one shelf each of aviation, military, gardening, biography and fiction. Plus 2 or 3 shelves of local history/topography.

Missing Books now sells only online and at bookfairs  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 07.07.21 from Southern/Oxfordshire
Toby English/WALLINGFORD/6 St. Marys Street
Toby English  Appointment necessary
6 St. Marys Street   WALLINGFORD   OX10 0EL
tel: 01491 836389  e-mail  web 
Open:  By appointment only.
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Visitors are welcome by appointment, please phone in advance. There are in stock thousands of second-hand, rare and scholarly books on many subjects but especially Art, Architecture, Children's and Illustrated Books, Travel, Literature and History.

Certainly worth a visit. Jam-packed with books - piles on the floor, which creates a pleasingly bibliomaniacal atmosphere, but doesn't make it easy to look around. Especially strong on art. Good condition, not cheap but fairly priced; friendly owner. Also immediately opposite the Oxfam bookshop.  David Gouldstone 30.10.09
Stacked with irresistible quality and run by someone who knows what books are about.  OWC 18.09.12
Moved to this address in 2015.  TBG 24.11.15
Toby English is now online only  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 07.07.21 from South East/East Sussex
Scarlet Pimpernel/ST LEONARDS-ON-SEA/25 London Road
The Scarlet Pimpernel  Open at advertised times
25 London Road   ST LEONARDS-ON-SEA   TN37 6AJ
tel: 01424 445335 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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General stock and the ancient Middle East, the Far East, banking and esoteric.

Most of the stock is in huge piles on the floor, each volume with a slip of paper giving its internet stock number. I enquired about older fiction and was told that it was not possible for me to browse or find anything, as the books are "arranged" by stock number. Distinctly a brush-off, and I wondered why the shop is actually open to the public.  Richard 
The owner, John Philipps replies that as passing trade is about nil, most of their business is on the internet, and this is the reason the books are piled in numeric order, as they have been entered on the internet. However, he stresses that whilst it's not possible to "browse", as such, customers can be directed to particular sections, although they don't currently have one for "older fiction". Whilst he admits that the shop is too small for the number of books and that it's a "bit of a mad house", they are happy to see personal callers.  TBG 
Like the above posting from Richard I too was given a brush-off. There looked to be titles of interest but I was hardly allowed past the front door. If this shop is just used as an internet book storeroom then why not put the blinds down at the front?  Chris Harte 04.02.10
I was made to feel welcome as a passing customer. I told the owner I was interested in books on Finland and he spent fifteen minutes or so tracking down everything that might be relevant. While he did so I browsed the immense but unruly stock.  Richard Powell 13.09.12
In contrast to the brush-offs recounted above, the voluble French proprietor engaged me in a lengthy discourse on the tribulations of internet selling. Tens of thousands of books are stacked high on two floors; browsing is therefore difficult. The owner's personal specialism is coins, banknotes and bonds.  Nicholas Sack 18.04.16

Removed 07.07.21 from South East/West Sussex
Bookworms of Shoreham/SHOREHAM-BY-SEA/4 High Street
Bookworms of Shoreham  Open at advertised times
4 High Street   SHOREHAM-BY-SEA   BN43 5DA
tel: 01273 453856 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Large stock and particularly, general, maritime and military history, and local topography.

A fairly ordinary bookshop with many cheap paperbacks. However, one locked case contained a wonderfully broad selection of regimental histories. If this is your interest it is worth a visit.  Chris Harte 19.08.10
Bookworms of Shoreham closed in 2020  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 07.07.21 from South East/East Sussex
Old Saddlery Bookshop/ROBERTSBRIDGE/56 High Street
Old Saddlery Bookshop  Open at advertised times
56 High Street   ROBERTSBRIDGE   TN32 5AP
tel: 01580 880631   e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 1.00 and 2.15 - 5.00. Closed Wednesday.
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Secondhand books covering most subjects as well as some printed ephemera.

Charming little bookshop with a pretty eclectic stock, and very reasonably priced, too. Good Kipling selection and more besides. Welcoming owners.  Peter Ebrey 27.09.14
Possibly the most attractive bookshop I've ever visited, set in a picture book village. Rather more importantly, the stock is comprehensive and excellent, the prices are most reasonable and the lady in charge was knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. Worth a special trip.  Laurence Purcell 23.03.16
Despite being just two small rooms, has a good selection of literature, biographies, travel, naval, nature, and so on. I've visited about once every three months or so, for several years now, and never have any trouble in finding at least a couple of interesting titles, at reasonable prices. Owners couldn't be more charming, and I invariably leave feeling more cheerful than when I arrived. Decent cafe just a few minutes down the road too, for coffee and cake.  TheWavesBroke 24.07.19

Removed 07.07.21 from Southern/Dorset
Books Beyond Words/DORCHESTER/(Julian Nangle - Bookseller)
Books Beyond Words  Open at advertised times
(Julian Nangle - Bookseller)  25 High East Street   DORCHESTER   DT1 1EZ
tel: 01305 261186   e-mail 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.30.
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Full of first editions, children’s books, some rare maps, illustrated books, an extensive collection of art books and some fine press books.

Books Beyond Words closed this summer  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 07.07.21 from South East/East Sussex
A and Y Cumming Ltd/LEWES/84 High Street
A and Y Cumming Ltd  Open at advertised times
84 High Street   LEWES   BN7 1XN
tel: 01273 472319 
Open:  Thursday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Very large stock including travel, fine bindings, art & illustrated, literature, natural history and topography.

Some wonderful stock in the basement. I regret not spending much longer there. Assisted in my searches but never put pressure on me to buy.  Chris Harte 01.04.09
A good selection of books on a wide variety of subjects. The pricing appears to be reasonable. The service was friendly, amusing and slightly eccentric.  h442 28.07.10
Basement? What basement? Some beautiful books, in a lovely but slightly rarefied atmosphere where, for the average and eclectically minded book buyer there was not a lot. Lots of customers tho; and some very interesting WW2 magazines.  Jon Morgan 16.08.12
Five years since my last visit and it is still the stock in the basement which makes me part with too much money. Overall the general holdings seem to have been refreshed as I spotted titles I know were not on show previously. Prices were, if anything, slightly lower than expected.  Chris Harte 17.06.14
Did just visit on the ground floor but nothing special to buy then.  Chris K 15.09.17
Agree with Chris. Some interesting finds in the ephemera section.  Herne 23.10.17
Classy if a bit intimidating. Purchased some welcome missing old railway titles but was not invited to see the back room which appeared bigger than the shop. What basement?  Norman Davies 31.05.18
Amendment to opening hours: no longer open on Wednesdays. Looked interesting, through the window!  Nicholas Sack 13.08.19
Closed following the owner's recent death  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 07.07.21 from Central/Herefordshire
Ross Old Books/ROSS-ON-WYE/51 and 52 High Street
Ross Old Books  Open at advertised times
51 and 52 High Street   ROSS-ON-WYE   HR9 5HH
tel: 01989 567458  e-mail  web 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.30.
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Ross Old Books has re-opened and is now managed by Phil Thredder & Paul Elder. The shop has been entirely re-stocked with good quality second-hand books and a good selection of rare & antiquarian books.

Under new ownership - now run by Chris & Carole Lowndes, late of the Chichester Bookshop.  TBG 01.10.08
The picture perfect old fashioned bookshop for a country market town - the cobbled lane, old oak shop front, the handpainted gilded sign, the bell on the door. And it has good and wide ranging stock with reasonable prices to boot. Well worth a detour  George Marshall 16.09.09
The stock on the shelves was not quite what I had expected to find. This is not a criticism as I found lots of good material but the build-up to my initial visit had been one of anticipation as others had told me of an antiquarian heaven. Having said that, what I did purchase was most acceptable.  Chris Harte 31.12.09
I cannot recommend this shop highly enough - clean and tidy, well organised, clearly labelled shelves, good quality stock at extremely fair prices. Better than anything I've found in Hay.  WHL 06.06.11
The best general stock I've seen anywhere, and all so neatly arranged. Prices below average. They have a fabulous bargain room as well.  Waverley 19.04.12
Agree with all the previous comments. Good quality, reasonable prices, pleasant owner.  Corso 11.09.12
It is always a pleasure to visit this well run and interesting bookshop.  Nicholas Pendower 12.04.14
Always a pleasure. Very good selection. Very reasonable prices (and discount!) Very pleasant owner. Came away with usual armful. And very good tea shop round the corner.  Book Buyer 31.05.14
Ross Old Books will re-open under the previous owner, Phil Tredder, and another Book Dealer in September/October. - book  eader10 12.07.14
A delight. So rare nowadays to find pleasant surroundings, good stock and a knowledgeable owner who understands the necessity for sensible prices. It made my trip to Herefordshire worthwhile.  Jill Jones 09.04.15
Five and a half years since my last visit. The first thing that struck me was the general pricing. It has gone from reasonable to most acceptable. Everything was laid out on the shelves for the ease of customers and browsers. Whatever I wanted was so easy to find. Left with a handful of titles and warm memories of a most helpful female assistant.  Chris Harte 24.04.15
Yes, it is a pleasure to visit this shop despite having nothing of what I collect. Well laid out and fair pricing. I chatted to the owners who are very realistic and experienced. Worth a visit.  CB 29.05.15
Lovely welcoming "old book shop" atmosphere. Well laid out stock. Fairly recent used paperbacks at not much more than Charity shop prices. Much antiquarian at a flat 10pounds each which seemed reasonable with some interesting titles. I bought a collection of Punch Disraeli cartoons from the 1880s I wouldn't have bought otherwise. Friendly staff, and given a good sturdy bag to carry my purchases in. Recommended.  Flip M 18.03.16
Excellent shop with interesting range of stock at reasonable prices. Could have bought more. Will return. WWAD.  David Bob 04.05.17
What a change since my last visit two and a half years ago. The place has been transformed. All books are categorised and then sub-categorised. So many of the titles of my interests I had not seen before. nor heard about. I had a wonderful time especially as the pricing was so reasonable. The owner knew his books so the conversation was perfect. WWAD.  Chris Harte 30.10.17
Central location, well organised bookshop with good lighting, sufficient space, great range of titles and, above all, books at sensible prices. WWAD.  SteveBrissle 13.11.17
Third visit here this year and well worth it. Very good stock, good prices. We never leave empty-handed and will be back again. Excellent shop.  David 20.11.17
Now online only, as Elder Books  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 07.07.21 from London/SW Postcodes
30th Century Comics/PUTNEY/18 Lower Richmond Road
30th Century Comics  Open at advertised times
18 Lower Richmond Road   PUTNEY   SW15 1JP
tel: 020 87882052  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 6.00.
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3,000 Vintage British and American books in the following genres: Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Crime, Spies, Sleaze, TV/Film tie-ins, Children's, Pulps. Mainly paperback, almost exclusively pre 1980s. Also over 100,000 vintage British and American comics, annuals and picture libraries.

Now trading online by mail order only. All our stock is listed on our website at www.30thcenturycomics.co.uk. Please contact us by email only at sales@30thcenturycomics.co.uk  30th Century Comics 07.07.21
30th Century Comics is now online only  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 07.07.21 from Southern/Buckinghamshire
Ken_s Paper Collectables/NEWPORT PAGNELL/29 High Street
Ken's Paper Collectables  Open at advertised times
29 High Street   NEWPORT PAGNELL   MK16 8AR
tel: 01908 210683  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Wednesday & Friday 9.30 - 5.00, Saturday 9.30 - 400, closed Thursday.
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I don't sell books anymore, just printed ephemera and periodicals.

For anyone like me who collects Victorian Periodicals this shop is as perfect as any you will find. The extensive shelves and bookcases are stacked with issues in an easy to find way. There are also many hard-backed annuals as well as maps and quality posters. I had no hesitation in making a large number of purchases as the prices were most acceptable.  Chris Harte 29.06.10
The shop closed in 2019  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 06.07.21 from East Anglia/Suffolk
Besleys Books/BECCLES/4 Blyburgate Town
Besleys Books  Open at advertised times
4 Blyburgate Town   BECCLES   NR34 9TA
tel: 01502 715762  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00, closed Wednesday.
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Traditional secondhand and antiquarian bookshop on two floors and in 5 rooms.

An excellent shop with a wide range of nice stock, including antiquarian. Easy to find in the centre of town.  Richard 
Closed when visited during alleged opening hours.  Chris Harte 24.02.10
I am very sorry Chris Harte found the shop apparently shut. Occasionally events conspire against us, but we try very hard to ensure we stick to our opening hours of 9.30am to 5pm, Monday through to Saturday. Having traded in Beccles for over 25 years we are well aware the the need reliably to be open during our advertised hours!  Besleys Books 11.03.10
Lots of good stuff for this historian. Moreover, the owner helped me find a book I misplaced on my first visit.  Geoffrey Warner 15.12.11
Excellent shop with a good selection of books. Very helpful staff. Reasonably priced.  Gibbonstrangler 14.08.12
Excellent shop. Plenty of good, interesting stock and very fairly priced. Lots of things I hadn't seen before even after 30 years of collecting. Came away with a box full.  RobM 19.05.15
Lovely place. Nice friendly ambience. Books well laid out and a pleasure to browse. Good prices too (even a "bargain antiquarian" section with books that didn't fall apart when you picked them up). Bought a paperback and hard back in non fiction (both from the last 10 years or so) and an old TV series annual from the mid 70s - under a tenner for the lot. Most stock seemed to be very reasonably priced a good mix of suual used book stock and antiquarian. Will certainly call in again if in the area. Car park within a hundred yards. WWAD.  Flip M 30.01.16
Besleys Books are now online only  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 06.07.21 from Southern/Hampshire
Adelphi Bookshop/SOUTHSEA/1 Albert Road
Adelphi Bookshop  Open at advertised times
1 Albert Road   SOUTHSEA   PO5 2SE
tel: 023 9261 8120 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.30 - 5.30, Saturday 9.30 - 5.30.
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Medium general stock, with emphasis on early C20th crime fiction and thrillers.

As I said to the owner, the shop could do with a woman's touch, as the bookshop was a mess with books all over the place. Very difficult to find books because of the state of the shop although I did find two. Very friendly and helpful owner.  John Bacon. 24.03.09
Quite often this shop is a complete mess with books that were once in piles having descended into little more than a mulch under foot. A speciality in Crime fiction is obvious but not something this reviewer can speak to. The owner is indeed both friendly and solicitous - to a fault!  RS 11.06.10
The owner is certainly helpful, but his stock is not outstanding and prices significantly higher than the other shops on Albert Street - but still worth a look.  Ian 22.03.11
This shop is always in a pickle BUT it is the only place I have ever found TWO books that I had no idea that I would ever find.  Penny Barge 07.11.11
... following the previous message I visited Adelphi today and found another book I had no idea was available. The owner knows where all his stock is, even if no one else does ...  Penny Barge 10.11.11
Books sprawling everywhere, always a good sign. Interesting selection of proper books. Slanted mostly at old crime fiction and film. Delightful shop, well worth visiting.  Dan 01.05.13
The owners' name is Robert and is the only bookshop owner to offer to kiss me after being the first customer to buy a book that day, it was 3pm.  John F Bacon 07.05.13
Considerable patience is required here due to the messy nature of the shop but the odd bargain can be found. Very chatty owner. Not really worth a detour. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 22.08.13
The place looks muddled but the owner knows his stock and where things are. Sensible prices and the occasional bargain. I have found books I had long been looking for.  Hugh 03.07.15
More like a proper 2nd hand shop than the other 2 in this road. Chatty owner who knows his books and I found a couple of real sensibly priced goodies.  Norman Davies 08.04.17

Removed 06.07.21 from Central/Staffordshire
Book Barge/BARTON UNDER NEEDWOOD/Our usual mooring is:
The Book Barge  Phone before travelling
Our usual mooring is:  The Promenade  Barton Marina   BARTON UNDER NEEDWOOD   DE13 8DZ
tel: 07946 605324  e-mail  web 
Open:  See website for times and locations.
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The Book Barge comprises a mix of new and secondhand fiction that tries to reflect the very best of contemporary, classic and children's literature. Books have been carefully selected to offer a quality alternative to high street bestseller lists including, among others, specialist sections exploring topical issues, titular oddities and travel ephemera.

Now based in Burgundy France  TBG2 06.07.21

Removed 05.07.21 from Central/Shropshire
Hall of Books /OSWESTRY/Hall of Books, Crickheath 
Hall of Books   Open at advertised times
Hall of Books, Crickheath   OSWESTRY  SY10 8BP
tel:  07866 720787  e-mail   web
Open:  Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 9.00 - 3.30.
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We sell secondhand books and sheet music online and from Oswestry Indoor Market. Modern first edition hardbacks and quality paperbacks to the interesting, unusual and rare; the hard to find, collectible and out of print, and a lot more in between! Please email us if you have any specific requirements.

Very friendly shop - large quantity of books in a small space - attractively laid out.  Bookfiend 16.02.13
I have read the above review and wondered if the reviewer had the right place. Tucked away in a corner on the first floor of the Indoor Market the majority of the offerings, which were mainly fiction, were those of a kind that even a charity shop would refuse to stock. There was very little of quality albeit a small selection of music books and sheets. Where were the 'rare' as stated in the blurb above? The answer: In two other stalls in the market which trade under the nomenclature of 'antique.'  Chris Harte 05.03.13
Always enjoy browsing the small but well-chosen spiritual book section. Found a copy of "Cloud-Hidden, Whereabouts Unknown" by Alan Watts, great price too. Helpful, friendly bookseller. Have bought about 4 books. Excellent. Will return.  John C 19.03.13
Hall of Books is a delightful bookshop, with an interesting and varied selection, and very helpful staff. The shop is laid out in a logical way which makes it straightforward to locate titles by theme, and without a doubt there is something for everybody!  gemmipop 19.03.13
What a nasty, unnecessary little review by Chris Harte. If one bothers to have a good look, there are plenty of little gems tucked away in this shop, and the very obliging seller has a huge amount of interesting and rare books online.  Meredith 19.03.13
I visited this corner shop as I wanted to see for myself after reading the above reviews. I must confess to have failed miserably to find the "little gems" as stated above. There were lots of fiction; a bit of travel and little to excite anyone other than a general reader. Like the second reviewer I found more interesting books elsewhere in the market.  R.S.Cavendish 06.04.13
Over 5,000 books and sheet music titles in the shop (I counted) and I discovered access to over 6,000 online plus a book-search facility. It was busy when I visited but the very helpful owner found the time to do an online search for 'Journey's End' recorded by Al Martino, which I ordered and have just received in the post, beautifully packaged. I also bought several books. This shop is clearly much-loved by both locals and visitors like me. I'll be back, as they say.  Graham 17.04.13
This is a kind if real small bookshop inside a market, well laid out in a very small space. Yes I did find a couple of titles at decent prices. Worth a look if around this area.  Norman Davies 13.05.17
Downsized and moved to the ground floor. It seems he is using it to sell off his ordinary books as his website shows quality books which are not on sale in the market.  Chris Harte 22.08.17
Now online only  TBG2 05.07.21

Removed 02.07.21 from South West/Gloucestershire
Keogh_s Books/NAILSWORTH/Market Street
Keogh's Books  Open at advertised times
Market Street   NAILSWORTH   GL6 0BX
tel: 01453 8339221  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Now online only, see website
Book room with interesting secondhand and some antiquarian books.  TBG 
Small shop/room good quality s/h particularly topography and local interest. Friendly owner.  Norman Davies 24.04.10
Small but interesting and varied stock at reasonable prices. Friendly knowledgeable owner. Free parking nearby. Well worth a detour. Highly recommended.  The Drifter 19.04.14
A fairly small shop which had full shelves of most categories of books. Alas, all the good stuff is stored elsewhere which I found a bit frustrating.  Chris Harte 19.05.15
Well laid out shop. Some pricey items but many quite reasonable. We bought a few but the sales assistant had trouble adding up and on checking our purchases later we realised we had been overcharged. Luckily we were still in Nailsworth so returned and obtained a refund.  David 15.02.20

Removed 28.06.21 from Wales/West Wales
Old Bakery/SARNAU/Main Road
The Old Bakery  Open at advertised times
Main Road   SARNAU   SA44 6QS
tel: 01239 654726 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00, closed Wednesday.
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An eclectic mix of books but mostly military and local titles.

Although mainly an antique shop there are quite a number of bookcases placed along most of the wall space. Strong on military and naval books with smaller holdings on other subjects. My two visits have been very productive. Situated on the main road from Aberaeron to Cardigan.  Chris Harte 29.05.12
No longer principally a bookshop  TBG2 28.06.21

Removed 27.06.21 from Central/Lincolnshire
Long Sutton Antiques and Craft Centre/SPALDING/72-74 London Road
Long Sutton Antiques and Craft Centre  Open at advertised times
72-74 London Road  Long Sutton   SPALDING   PE12 9ED
tel: 01406 362 991 
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One of a growing number of such places I am coming across. Basically a group of dealers get together to rent out a large disused retail area, which is then divided up into smaller areas for rent. A very interesting place to look for all things collectable, but also has a fair number of interesting books at reasonable prices amongst the other paraphernalia. So, not strictly a book shop, but has far more books for sale than some dedicated bookshops I have been to.  Steve Newman 16.08.11
There is a remote possibility that, on the right day, you could pick up something interesting here (there is a unit that stocks a comprehensive selection of railway books and magazines, but otherwise there is a VERY limited offering elsewhere in the centre). Personally I'd not risk a trip unless I was combining this shop with some others in the area.  Nicholas Pendower 26.07.14

Removed 27.06.21 from Northern Ireland/Co. Down
Old Abbey Bookshop/HOLYWOOD/118 High Street
The Old Abbey Bookshop  Open at advertised times
118 High Street   HOLYWOOD   BT18 9HW
tel: 028 9042 5472  web 
Open:  Tuesday & Saturday only 9.30 - 5.30.
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After 20 years of business, The Old Abbey Bookshop is closing down - all books are on sale with at least 50% off, so do not miss this unique opportunity to purchase beautiful antiquarian books for extremely reasonable prices.

A small shop opposite the Police Station and only a minutes walk from the free car park. Only open on a Saturday and looking almost like an antiques shop inside, this is very much a shop for the book collector rather than the casual browser with little in the way of modern paperbacks. This is one of the nicest shops in the greater Belfast area and if you want something less modern it is well worth going out of your way to visit.  Jeremy Briggs. 15.01.08
  This shop actually seems to have closed at the end of August 2017. The building is now part of The Bay Tree Restaurant & Cafe. I will delete this old entry after a month. TBG 02.05.20

Removed 27.06.21 from Central/Northamptonshire
Booksmith/WEEDON BEC/1st Floor
The Booksmith  Open at advertised times
1st Floor  Building 1  The Royal Ordnance Depot,   WEEDON BEC   NN7 4PS
tel: 01327 227 391    web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 10.30 - 4.00.
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New, used & antiquated books.

Visited recently - nice roomy premises and just getting off the ground. Fiction stock mainly at the moment but non-fiction due to be moved from their Sutton Coldfield premises soon - that will then close. Coffee too - all within the very interesting old Weedon barracks site - worth a look just for that.  BT & ET 10.08.17
I've been a few times since they opened last Spring and things are settling down but still much stock to bring in I think (plenty of boxes outside the shop in the lift lobby). Fiction is in the main shop along with the Children's section; the non-fiction is actually in the room marked "art gallery" through a connecting corridor - there is art on display but lots of shelves of used non-fiction here too. Biogs and memoirs of all sorts, along with Military history were well represented I thought but most categories are covered. Some other shelves are still to be sorted out and stocked, however. Condition varies, as does price, but bargains can be had.

Coffee and refreshments are good quality and the building is full of character. The enormously high ceilings do mean, however, that despite bringing in some heaters, the rooms can be rather cold in Winter.

If in the Northants/north Bucks, its definitely worth popping in. Loos and an interesting antiques/collectibles place are downstairs, with enough informal parking space outside the building.
  Flip M 12.02.18
My 1st visit prompted by Flip's comment that military history was well represented, but I came away disappointed. The stock is spread across 2 spacious rooms and an adjoining corridor but more of the floor space is given over to leather sofas, the cafe area and the non-fiction room was filled with a painting and sculpture exhibition. To say I spent more minutes chatting to the helpful lady than browsing their military books gives one an idea just how sparse their shelves were. I'm surprised the owner is taking so long to get the stock out and priced as it's been open nearly 18 months. Many bookcases were empty or depleted and the quality was lacking which is a shame as this place could perhaps aspire to match my nearby Astley book farm if it concentrated on the books. Pricing was also on the high side, which was reflected in my 1 purchase. I'll wait now until 2019 before I visit again to see if that gives them enough time to improve the quality and quantity of non-fiction available.  Laurence Batchelor 15.09.18
Some time since my last review and I have to agree with Laurence. Last time I was in recently, shelves seemed less full and what was there wasn't good quality. Pricing too seems optimistic, more often than not, given the quality. A real shame. Hopefully, things improve over the next few months. But for now, if you're nearby its worth a browse (given the quality coffee and loos downstairs) but I'd wait a few months before traveling any distance.  Flip M 02.11.18
So I gave them 9 months and still nothing had improved when visited on a sunny Sunday. It's the kind of place which has vast amounts of space but doesn't fill it. If their 30k books on display is to be believed they need to increase this to 60-70k as there is still so many empty shelves making a special journey pointless. To give you some idea Military History in WW1 was just half of 1 shelf strong. WW2 History 2 shelves.etc. Of the 3 books which interested me 2 were triple the price to similar condition online. My family commented the cafe was over-priced and had a poor selection. Overall not worth the 40 min drive for me this one and must try harder in all departments.  Laurence Batchelor 18.06.19

Removed 27.06.21 from Central/Worcestershire
Sedgeberrow Books/PERSHORE/25 High Street
Sedgeberrow Books  Open at advertised times
25 High Street   PERSHORE   WR10 1AA
tel: 01386 751830     web 
Open:  Open: Monday - Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Located in a Grade 2* listed building, over 20000 secondhand books on most subjects, specialising in aviation, naval and maritime, military history, British and world history, and transport, over 1000 titles in each section. Extensive local history plus a selection of antiquarian titles. Large literature sections. We also stock local and fine art photographs, picture frames, photo albums and jigsaws.

Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area, whether the other bookshops are open or not! If I say that the military and history sections are very good, that doesn't mean the others aren't; I am merely commenting on my own special interests.  Geoffrey Warner 07.07.11
A pleasant and knowledgeable owner and good stock. Worth going into Pershore for this shop.  Mary 16.07.11
This is a well organized general shop with a cabinet of antiquarian books. For my tastes the stock is light but surprisingly I and others left most contented with our purchases.  OWC 13.09.12
This is a serious bookshop with serious prices. The stock has great variety and includes framed maps and prints, but, given the way the books are tightly stacked in the shelves, one wonders whether there is a very large turnover here. As Ive already implied, pricing is such that you will definitely not come away with a bagful of bargains, but if you are looking for a specific title you will quite possibly find it at what is probably a fair price. There is always a place for shops of this type, but I'm afraid that I came out empty handed, despite the fact that I'm always eager to spend more than a few quid if the spirit moves me - sadly I was not moved in Pershore.  Nicholas Pendower 13.10.12
How ironic to be criticised for keeping our shop well stocked. Gaps don't sell. We manage our stock proactively, shelves are refilled weekly with 8-10 crates of fresh stock, and yes, we do have a very healthy turnover of books, thank you!  Jayne & David, Sedgeberrow Books 18.10.12
I have to agree with the owners of this bookshop, regarding Mr Pendower's comments. This is an excellent bookshop, with a large, wide range of both fiction and non-fiction. Lets be honest, we all wish books were cheaper in reality, prices here are on a par with similar businesses. Why not pop along? You will not be disappointed!  Will Tyler 01.11.12
Quite a delight to visit and browse. Give yourself time though!!  David Stocks 02.11.12
If you're a collector you'll know the feeling... Initial excitement at finding a big, well stocked bookshop ... Followed by disappointment when everything proves to be in uncollectable condition. My interest is fiction so other genres may be better represented.  Neil Goodlad 02.11.12
I cannot believe the negative comments about this shop. This is one of the best bookshops I have visited in terms of quantity and quality of stock, the prices are not unreasonable at all and I have always noticed new stock every time I've been there. Just because there is nothing for you on the day you go does not warrant such criticism. Definitely well worth a visit.  Daniel 10.01.13
Whenever I've visited I have found collectable books, in nice condition and at very reasonable prices.  Biblioshelf 10.07.13
Having read the above reviews I was slightly wary on my visit. Overall my feelings were mixed having examined very neat shelves of books; purchasing nothing, but realising that every community needs a shop like this. Curate's Egg syndrome.  Chris Harte 16.11.13
Revisited last week. In my humble view this is a superb dying breed s/h bookshop. OK prices not cheap but they are sensible and the range is impressive, I came away with a large bundle of various interests. WWAD.  Norman Davies 13.08.14
Airy, smart and well kept premises. Definitely worth visiting. I was short of time and was wishing for the large history section to be better sorted. Military section was extensive. Not a bargain shop but not overpriced either.  Brian Stringer 02.10.14
I visit this shop every six months or so. I find it a shop where there is usually something new in the items I collect. The owner has had a change round and he has found more room for the subjects that are most popular. The railway section has grown for example. Very well presented and easy to use The owner is very pleasant and chats about how he prices the books, he will negotiate. A good bookshop.  CB 06.02.16
Since my last visit it seems that shelves have been better categorised. I found browsing easy and came away with three welcome additions to my collection. Everything still fairly general.  Chris Harte 24.05.16
Superb service. Books were as advertised, nicely packaged and arrived well before they were expected. Hoping to do business again.  John 30.08.16
Quite possibly the best military stock I've found in the Midlands. Not only do the owners categorize down to aviation/naval level but even more precisely than that e.g. fleet air arm/bomber command sections which makes browsing so effortless. The military and railway sections were extensive and the stock of high quality. Plenty of parking in the nearby Asda just off the High Steet. Bulk discount offered and a very pleasant and knowledgeable owner. I had to restrain myself to just 10 purchases - it could have easily been double! This bookshop clearly is WWAD and I shall be visiting as regularly as I can.  Laurence Batchelor 06.09.18
Sedgeberrow Books is now online only  TBG2 07.07.21

Removed 27.06.21 from Central/Lincolnshire
St. Paul_s Street Bookshop/STAMFORD/7 St. Pauls Street
St. Paul's Street Bookshop  Open at advertised times
7 St. Pauls Street   STAMFORD   PE9 2BE
tel: 01780 482748  web 
Open:  6 days 10.00 - 5.00, closed Wednesday.
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Good quality antiquarian and secondhand books bought and sold, especially Lincolnshire and Fenland topography, "BB", John Clare and motoring.

Good selection in small shop on two floors. Most reasonably priced and always worth a visit.  Steve Brissel 22.10.12
Owner very helpful. I left my glasses there by accident. He bought a glasses case & sent them back to me.  Mr Superbus 15.06.13
A very orderly PBFA member shop with stock spread over 2 floors. A good selection of military books upstairs but I found the pricing much higher than St.Mary's bookshop sometimes for the same book in the same condition. Despite a town centre location, turnover must be low, as many of the books were the same on the shelves today as visible online for Google filmed some years ago. In my opinion, books should be priced low in store to encourage footfall and not merely 'abebooks priced'. 1 purchase made but it could have been a lot more if the pricing was more competitive.  Laurence Batchelor 23.10.18

Removed 26.06.21 from London/WC & EC Postcodes
Stephen Poole Fine Books/CHARING CROSS/10 Cecil Court
Stephen Poole Fine Books  Open at advertised times
10 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4EZ
tel: 020 7836 0999 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 6.00, Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Literary first editions of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Nice neat shop with good finds to be had!  John 06.10.11
I always call in here when in the area. Perhaps the best 2nd hand bookshop in London for modern firsts. The stock is well organised and presented, and almost all books are in fine condition.  John Perry 17.08.12

Removed 26.06.21 from London/WC & EC Postcodes
Peter Ellis/CHARING CROSS/18 Cecil Court
Peter Ellis  Open at advertised times
18 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4HE
tel: 020 7836 8880  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.30 - 7.00, Saturday 10.30 - 5.30.
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Modern firsts, literature, illustrated, history. ABA member.

Excellent selection of modern firsts but prices over the top as seems common in Cecil Court. £75 for Smiley's People?  Loyola 24.04.10
Loyola seems to be under a double misapprehension: books in London are in fact cheaper than elsewhere in the country (see his comments on Any Amount of Books); it is not possible to maintain an 'excellent selection' by underselling your stock.  ellisbooks 17.03.11
Visited today - excellent stock in fine condition with fair (and inviting) prices for the quality - this seller knows the true definition of "fine".  Sam Glen 15.05.13
I bought an excellent book, at an excellent price, from a very pleasant and friendly lady. What more could you want?  Peter M 19.10.19
Peter Ellis is now online only.  TBG2 26.06.21

Removed 26.06.21 from London/WC & EC Postcodes
Quinto and Francis Edwards/CHARING CROSS/72 Charing Cross Road
Quinto and Francis Edwards  Open at advertised times
72 Charing Cross Road   CHARING CROSS   WC2H 0BL
tel: 020 7379 7669  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 9.00, Sunday 12.00 - 8.00.
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We stock a wide range of second-hand, antiquarian and rare books on all subjects. Our ground floor is home to Francis Edwards Antiquarian Booksellers, specialists in rare and antiquarian books since 1855.

Total stock change in past couple of months but, alas, what I collect is no longer part of their holdings.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
Still wonderful, although the expansion of the Francis Edwards section means that it has gone up-market. Frequent stock changes, Reasonable prices given the quality of the stock. The staff are very helpful.  James Salmon 21.08.09
Always enjoy browsing here but rarely find anything I want. Bargains in basement. One room of antiquarian books.  Loyola 24.04.10
Nice new premises and so much brighter than the dull old shop. Stock seems to change all the time which is not a bad thing. The basement is lovely and fresh: remember the old one?  Chris Harte 28.06.10
Nicely laid out decent stock. Upstairs more expensive collectibles good general selection. Basement excellent bargains as half price sale on day of my visit!  Norman Davies 16.03.11
Nothing like as good as when in its previous location; only worth visiting when they have their 75% (or so) sale on. The stock upstairs is ludicrously expensive.  Mandalay Emporium 09.04.11
Bit of a hotch-potch. I am sure there is good stuff to be found there but not by me in the time I had available.  Steven 16.04.13
Has never been the same since moving locations a few years ago. Overpriced, tired stock and very rarely anything of interest these days.  Mandalay Bookshop 26.07.13
The fiction section in the basement is sparse to the point of non-existence. Seems a fairly large stock of modern pulp sci-fi down there though. NWAD.  Jon Morgan 15.01.16
Basement has not improved. One of those places where unwanted books go to die. Oh for the Charing Cross Road of my youth.  Jonathan Morgan 17.06.17
2nd visit after 5 or more years and still strong on military due to a strong collection having been purchased. The basement stock was getting a bit thin but I still purchased a basket full of books. The bearded man behind the till informed they have just bought another large military collection and also the basement was to close for re-stocking at the end of June 2019. Pricing was good for a London tourist area.  Laurence Batchelor 27.06.19
Quinto are now online only. Francis Edwards are now based only in Hay. and Henry Pordes have closed their old shop and moved into Quinto's premises (see their entry for details)  TBG2 26.06.21