Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in the UK and Republic of Ireland 2021

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Bookshops that have closed and have been removed since June 2021.

Removed 17.05.24 from North West/Cumbria
Bookshop/KIRKBY STEPHEN/22 Market Street
The Bookshop  Open at advertised times
22 Market Street   KIRKBY STEPHEN   CA17 4QT
tel: 017683 71804  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 1.00 & 2.00 - 5.00.
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A small bookshop established in 1980 with an eclectic stock of new, secondhand and antiquarian books, maps and documents. Local maps and guides. Book finding service and mail order.

Nice little shop, couldn't find many second hand or any antiquarian books though.  PaulP 05.11.11
Sign in window said it was open on Mondays 10-1 and 2-4. But not open on Monday 21 March at 11 or 12. As previously noted, looks (from the outside) to be new books only.  Mark V 23.03.16
Very few second-hand books: small case in doorway at £1 each, a shelf or two inside, not full. This is mainly a small independent bookshop selling new stock.   Mark V 02.08.23
Closed. Visited today and it's gone: shop empty and up for sale.   Mark V 17.05.24

Removed 17.05.24 from Central/Herefordshire
We Do Books/ROSS-ON-WYE/Cantilupe Road
We Do Books   Phone before travelling
Cantilupe Road  ROSS-ON-WYE  HR9 7AN
tel:  01989 763388  e-mail   web  
Open: Monday, Wednesday - Friday 10.00 - 3.30
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Charity bookshop with a medium-to-large selection of donated books at a flat price of £1 for hardbacks and 50p for paperbacks.

The bookshop does not open on a Saturday. Current hours according to a card on the door are 10.00 to 3.30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. These same hours had been handwritten against Monday as well so whether that was a one-off for this week or that they also now open on a Monday I don't know.

The shop seems to be a reasonable size from what we could see but cannot add anything more regarding type of stock, condition etc...at present.
  David 28.05.22
This shop closed down some while back and the premises were still empty when I passed by yesterday.  Wessexman 17.05.24

Removed 08.05.24 from North West/Merseyside
Kernaghan Books/LIVERPOOL/The Bluecoat
Kernaghan Books  Open at advertised times
The Bluecoat  School Lane   LIVERPOOL   L1 3BX
tel: 0151 703 9077  e-mail  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.00
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Large general stock of collectible, fine and unusual books with particular interest in Irish, Private Press, Natural history, local history and travel.

Upstairs in the Wayfarers Arcade and it is like walking into a treasure trove. Very knowledgable assistant who knew exactly where to take me for my wants. Spent far too much but am loving my newly purchased books. Excellent quality stock.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
Welcoming staff, clean good stock, and a easily visitable "back room" make this a top notch shop. All on one floor, and well lit. Well worth a visit.  Robert Brown (Bookdealer) 29.06.09
Another excellent shop in Southport (see Broadhursts). A little pricey but extensive quality selection and bookseller make this a worthwhile detour. Note is is upstairs in the Wayfarers Arcade off Lord Street.  Norman Davies 12.07.12
Visited yesterday and was disappointed to find the shop closed, with a sign on the window stating that it is moving to Liverpool.  Stuart T  22.10.12
Top quality bookshop in an excellent setting. Very pleasant, friendly staff and while they had little of what I collect , there were other books to buy.  CB 06.04.13
First class location and premises, quality stock at reasonable prices, helpful and friendly owners.  Howard Walters 08.10.13
Some of the earlier comments have been superseded, the shop has moved from Southport to Liverpool. Forget the Wayfarer's Arcade, it is now in the Bluecoat School, a haven in the overbearing Liverpool One shopping centre. A wide-ranging serious stock, sensibly priced.  James Mackay 19.04.14
Visited them in their delightful new premises within the old Bluecoat School. The standard of holdings has, if anything, increased from their previous existence in Southport. As always, helpful, chatty and very fair pricing. Best bookshop on Merseyside by a long way.  Chris Harte 17.06.14
A great shop with very helpful owners, I came away with some gems.  Richard Ransome 29.05.15
Another of my favourite bookshops, I visit regularly, and always find some great books   Archive61 04.10.21
This place is a gem. Somewhere to browse and a place to talk books, shops and dealers. I had placed in front of me a run of titles I didn't even realise existed. My car did not have enough room for them. The courier will deliver next week. Never leave Liverpool without visiting the superb bookshop.  Chris 13.11.22
Several shelves of books at £1 just inside the entrance to whet your appetite. Lots of folios, orange penguins and vintage classics with a wide range of prices but generally seemed fair. Strong on poetry and military. Everything nicely arranged to make for a very enjoyable browsing experience. The owners are friendly and helpful. Definitely worth a visit.  Jon R 07.10.23
We the owners of Kernaghan Books at the Bluecoat, Liverpool are no longer operating as a shop, but will be involved in occasional book fairs and hopefully online in the future.

The shop is continuing under new ownership and with a new name - Aldous Books - and will be open six days a week.

Bryan & Alwyn Kernaghan
  Kernaghan Books 08.05.24

Removed 05.05.24 from Wales/North Wales
Oxfam Shop/BANGOR/301 High Street
Oxfam Shop  Phone before travelling
301 High Street   BANGOR   LL57 1UL
tel: 01248 354110  web 
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The back half of this Oxfam shop has numerous shelves groaning with well categorised titles. Being a University town the quality of most of the non-fiction is fairly high with numerous bargains on offer. Lots of mid-wars fiction to be found. Worth a look if around the area.  Chris Harte 17.04.13
The town centre is at death's door. So is the Oxfam shop.  Chris Harte 22.09.19

Removed 03.05.24 from Central/Hertfordshire
Oxfam Bookshop/BISHOPS STORTFORD/3-5a North Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
3-5a North Street  BISHOPS STORTFORD  CM23 2LD
tel:  01279 504627  e-mail   web
Open: Monday 9.00 - 5.00, Tuesday 9.00 - 1.00, Thursday 9.00 - 1.00, Friday 9.30 - 1.00, Saturday 9.30 - 5.00
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I have been perplexed for some time that the newly re located Oxfam Shop in Stortford Town centre was larger and lighter but had no books. NONE at all. Today I found out the reason. The old shop is now an Oxfam Bookshop. It is not over-large and has general charity shop stock but is worth a browse. I came out with a book at 99p, a far cry from the oft inflated prices these places often charge.   Jonathan Morgan 18.08.21
I called by yesterday, it was closed. Sign on the door gives new opening times [as amended above].

Oh dear Oxfam, why bother!
  Steve Newman 03.02.22
This shop, like so many small town Oxfam bookshops, believes that any vaguely collectible book is worth a huge amount, either because they get so little of such stock or because they spend too much time looking at ludicrous prices on eBay. A Penguin special, realistic price £2-3 is on sale here at £15.99.

Otherwise a small awkward shop with a moderate and not very exciting stock.
  PeterM 09.07.22
This shop closed on 13 April. From now on, a smaller selection of books will be sold at Oxfam's general shop at 17 South Street.  Booker T 03.05.24

Removed 26.04.24 from South West/Bristol
Bloom and Curll/BRISTOL/74 Colston Street
Bloom and Curll  Phone before travelling
74 Colston Street   BRISTOL   BS1 5BB
tel: 07786 960 941  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 6.30.
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New and used books. Beautiful little shop.

Very attractive well laid out shop with an eclectic choice of books - featuring a great choice of cult books. Also at the Bristol Book Market first Sunday of the month and the Harbourside Market (near the Watershed).  KS 06.10.11
Lovely bookshop. Interesting and varied stock at reasonable prices, and free cake too.  Steve Brissle 01.05.13
Excellent bookshop with a wide range of cult literature. Friendly owner and free cake! Just up from the Harbourside Market bookstalls at weekends so a good day out for the discerning book buyer in central Bristol.  The Drifter 14.08.13
Upper cut. 8/10.  The Boxer 14.09.13
Great shop. One foot in the old fashioned type bookshop, where you are not sure what you'll come across, and the other foot in new fresh looking paperbacks etc. Lovely display and friendly owner. Great!  The Old Curiosity Shopper 17.09.13
The curse of the absent owner ... Do these people really want customers, I arrived at past 11 and returned at 12.30 and it was still shut with no notice as to rational ... looked promising. The other people window shopping also looked frustrated. Luckily within walking distance of the Market (Don't bother) and The Last Bookshop and the Oxfam in Queens Road.  Jon Morgan 21.11.13
What I was expecting to see here, and what I actually saw, were very much apart. It took me longer to find a parking spot than to examine the shelves.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
Dear Chris Harte, ever so glad you'll not be back for a further examination. Yours Sincerely  Jason Beech, Bloom & Curll 03.12.14
Managed to get in this time. An eclectic range of stock with quite a lot of recent fiction some s/h some either new or remaindered. A very pleasant environment with some unusual items across the ranges.  Jonathan Morgan 15.11.16
Not open at just after 4 on the Saturday I tried, so perhaps the opening hours ("to 6.30") have changed.  Lost Club 11.04.17
Their stated opening times are still until 6.30 - I suggest phoning first.  tbg 11.04.17
Shop looks nice but I felt put off by the sign in the window which states that if you want to browse you should go to Waterstones  Marcia 03.08.18
Eccentric shop. One sign in the window was odd and off putting but the stock is good and the prices reasonable.  SteveBrissle 06.12.18
This is essentially a paperback shop, with comparatively few hardback titles, quite unusual really. Even more unusual is the arrangement of the books, very decorative but a bit of an assault course to negotiate. I saw the offending sign (mentioned above) but the apparent owner seemed chatty and friendly. Maybe he means something else by 'browse'?  Steven Kelly 11.11.21
Closed down April 2024, as I discovered a few days ago when I arrived to find the unit cleared out. I loved this little shop!  Laurence 26.04.24

Removed 25.04.24 from Republic of Ireland/Co. Wexford
Zozimus Bookshop/GOREY/The Book Café86 Main Street
Zozimus Bookshop   Open at advertised times
The Book Café  86 Main Street  GOREY 

tel:  086 123 3137  e-mail   web
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30.
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Founded in the autumn of 2011. It is a bookshop of the traditional sort, with a very wide range of hand-picked titles arranged by subject and in alphabetical order.

A lovely bookshop incorporated with a cafe (whose quality home-made food was near perfection). My two hours browsing time was far too short. Had I not had a ferry to catch I would have spent far more time examining the stock in detail. John, the owner, has had years of experience in the book trade, mainly in London. Hence his shelves were groaning with personally selected titles, of which I purchased quite a few. Some subjects were of top quality. Just as an aside, while planning my book-buying trip around Ireland, I sent emails to my selected shops asking about their holdings of books of my interests. John took the effort of using his 'phone to take photos of what he had in stock. Therefore I could let him know which books interested me. That is customer relations of the highest order.  Chris Harte 09.11.15
Just a note to add that the owner, John Wyse-Jackson, is now publishing 'Zoom,' a magazine devoted to Irish literary and bookshop matters.  Chris Harte 14.04.17
Sadly, the shop closed down in February 2021, a year after the sudden death of its owner, John Wyse Jackson. His widow had sought to sell it as a going concern, but no buyer could be found.  Booker T 25.04.24

Removed 21.04.24 from Central/West Midlands
Pop-up Bookshop/WOLVERHAMPTON/Mander Centre
Pop-up Bookshop   Open at advertised times
tel:  07972 462498   
Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 10.00 - 4.00
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Good quality second-hand books for sale to suit all tastes. Open till late April 2024.

My only criticism of this place is that they’re not a permanent fixture! Although they are at least here for three months this time instead of the usual three weeks. They have a good range of titles, all reasonably priced. I picked up a few gems I was really pleased with on the first day they opened this time round. And I’ve bought a few more titles during the next couple of weeks. There’s a table as soon as you enter with a couple of dozen Folio Societies and older titles. Around the outside walls the shelves are divided into various non-fiction subject areas with most topics represented. The centre of the shop is devoted to popular modern fiction, mostly paperbacks. There’s a couple of separate rooms at the back - one contains children’s titles and the other has a table where everything is just £2 (I’ve had a couple of surprisingly good finds here). They also have some vinyl and postcards available. The stock seems to shift well and gets replenished regularly so there are no gaps and plenty of new titles. If you have any specific areas of interest, let the staff know and they’ll check their secret stash and bring some in for the next time you visit. I’ve witnessed people both selling and donating books while I’ve been in there. I hope their three months of trade is a success so they might consider a more permanent presence in the future.   Jon R 05.02.24
After its three months, the Pop-Up Bookshop is now closed.  TBG2 21.04.24

Removed 18.04.24 from North West/Cheshire
St Rocco_s Books _ Media/WARRINGTON/6, Bridgewater Street Lymm
St Rocco's Books & Media  Open at advertised times
6, Bridgewater Street Lymm  WARRINGTON  WA13 0AB
tel:  01925 757 924    web
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00, Sunday 11.00 - 4.00
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Charity bookshop in aid of local hospice, it describes itself as: "St. Rocco's pre-loved books & media shop offers a fantastic range of recycled books and media. Located in the centre of Lymm village, it is a delightful place to visit and browse".

Was thinking of visiting today but website says: "It has been concluded that combining both operations in Lymm into one shop is the best decision. Therefore, St. Rocco’s Books and Media on Bridgewater Street has been closed and will be relocated inside the shop at The Cross in Lymm Village on Thursday 21st March (2024)." Don't think I will bother!  PLF 18.04.24

Removed 18.04.24 from Republic of Ireland/Co. Wicklow
Townhall Bookshop//23 Florence Road
Townhall Bookshop  Phone before travelling
23 Florence Road  BRAY  Co. Wicklow     
tel: 01 276 8574 
Open:  Unknown
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Secondhand bookshop also selling a selection of new books.

I was warned prior to my visit that the shop might, or might not, be open. The reason given is that Henry Cairns who owns the business is occasionally arrested by the Garda for being an active member of the IRA. When I arrived the affable, bearded, Henry took it all as a joke although some of the titles on his shelves suggested that the Irish revolution is a must-read subject. We chatted while I looked over his holdings which included the 'Who's Who of the 1916 Uprising' (in two volumes) which did not quite grab my fancy.  Chris Harte 09.11.15
Regrettably, this shop closed at the start of 2019. The Town Hall Bookshop had been trading since 1978, but attempts to sell the business upon the retirement of the owner proved unsuccessful.  Booker T 18.04.24

Removed 08.04.24 from South West/Somerset
Books by the Yard/FARRINGTON GURNEY/Unit 13 Farrington_s Farm Complex, Main Street
Books by the Yard  Open at advertised times
Unit 13 Farrington's Farm Complex, Main Street  FARRINGTON GURNEY  BS39 6UB
tel:  07927 629785  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00, Sunday 10.00 - 4.00
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Successor to the nearby Bookbarn.

Went last year and seemed to have limited stock apart from a good children’s section. But much more to see this year and particularly interesting for travel, fiction and vintage Penguins. Nearby fish and chip shop specialises in gluten free - and so do I!  Herne 03.09.23

Removed 05.04.24 from Scotland/North East Scotland
Madigan_s Food Emporium/DUNDEE/25 Castle Street
Madigan's Food Emporium  Open at advertised times
25 Castle Street   DUNDEE   DD1 3AA
tel: 01382 699202  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday to Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Tea room in the heart of Dundee city centre, with books.

Round the corner from the sadly deceased Big Bairns Books, Madigans appears to have rescued some of Big Bairns stock. However as the name suggests , this is a café with some bookcases which, typically of all such establishments I have been in, doesnt work as a bookshop. The soup may smell excellent as you enter but most of bookcases are blocked by tables & chairs which if they are vacant only impede the book hunter but if they are in use complete prevent access to the adjacent books, while many of the childrens titles are trapped in the kids play area. OWADIYAH only worth a diversion if you are hungry.  Jeremy Briggs 29.04.14

Removed 05.04.24 from North West/Isle of Man
Jurby Books  /JURBY/Unit 2 , Jurby Industrial Estate 
Jurby Books    Open at advertised times
Unit 2 , Jurby Industrial Estate    JURBY  IM7 3BD
tel:  01624 897815  e-mail
Open:  7 days 11.00 - 4.40.
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17th Century to modern day fiction, thousands of books. Hidden gems, classics leather bound - a book lover's search heaven. Large purchase opportunities

I only found out about this place on my last day in the Island and time did not permit a visit. Apparently the books are scattered about in boxes unsorted but bargains can be had if you have the time to search through them.  Steve Newman. 13.08.14
2 large warehouses - the other had lots of old and new junk. Many thousands of books to search: lots of p/bs in boxes on the floor, with better stuff sorted on shelves and upper layers. Not too many of my interests but bought 2 h/bs - an uncommon S&W French film director's biography and an Andes cities one.  Chris K 19.08.14
Lots and lots of books. If there was any attempt at a logical ordering it was lost under the piles of books seemingly dumped at random. I gave up after about ten minutes, finding the whole place dispiriting. There might be some real gems in there, but it will take a lot of perseverance to find them.  Caroline Mathews 10.07.15

Removed 02.04.24 from Central/Bedfordshire
Mary_s Bookshop/BEDFORD/6 Springfield Centre
Mary's Bookshop  Open at advertised times
6 Springfield Centre  Kempston   BEDFORD   MK42 7PR
tel: 07746512957  web 
Open:  Tuesday 10.00 - 2.00, Thursday & Saturday 11.00 - 2.00.
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Mary's Bookshop sells second hand books, records (compact discs, DVD's and tape). All have been donated and we have a stock which is possibly as large as 20,000 books. Raising funds for the Sue Ryder Care Home, Moggerhanger.

Still exists in a rather bleak and windswept arcade just o/s Bedford - many of other units shut down. Strange opening hours but looks like a large and varied stock thru the window. Free carparking at rear. Maybe WAD - to confirm.  Jon Morgan 20.02.12
There are indeed 20,000 books but mostly pulp fiction pretty much ready for pulping. Hard work to find and hard work to find much to buy but very good value. Slightly weird Samuel Beckett atmosphere that I thoroughly enjoyed.  rickenbacker 06.09.13
Visited Tuesday 8th November. Closed for refurbishment.  June Skelley 15.11.16
Website defunct and the address is now a tattoo parlour so bookshop presumably closed.   Mark V 02.04.24

Removed 01.04.24 from East Anglia/Suffolk
Books and Prints/LOWESTOFT/The Grit, Old Court House, Old Nelson Street
Books and Prints  Open at advertised times
The Grit, Old Court House, Old Nelson Street  LOWESTOFT  NR32 1EQ
tel:  07947406617  e-mail   web
Open: Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 - 2.30, Friday and Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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An independent bookshop with 1000's of secondhand fiction and non fiction In addition you can order your choice from 100's of 1000's of new tiles from Bookshop.org for collection or home delivery. Now open at The Grit, Old Courthouse Buildings, Lowestoft. Drop in for a coffee at the Grit Cafe whilst you browse for a book! Cash and card taken.

Not easy to find, not in the main shopping area but only a short walk away. Quite limited opening hours, closes at 2.30. Pleasant room, coffee bar, fairy lights etc and friendly owner. But only a few hundred books, mostly paperback fiction. 2 shelves of local books (all of it run of the mill) some history, poetry, art. Prices quite high £3.50 for a paperback thriller. Not really worth a special trip but would call in if in Lowestoft   HB  09.10.22
The bookshop has closed. Books and Prints is now focusing on printmaking and community-focused arts projects. According to its website: "In September 2023 we handed the baton [of the shop] to Colette, who has reimagined it as Moral of the Story at a new location in Lowestoft High Street".  Booker T 01.04.24

Removed 31.03.24 from Central/Shropshire
Candle Lane Books/SHREWSBURY/28 Princess Street
Candle Lane Books   Phone before travelling
28 Princess Street    SHREWSBURY  SY1 1LW
tel:  01743 365301 
Open: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 3.00
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Rare books, first editions, bindings, literature and local topography.

An amazing find, tucked away behind The Square in the centre of Shrewsbury, and spread over four floors (though the attic one is quite small). Strong on antiquarian, and of course Shropshire topography and local history, also children's books. A higher proportion of the stock than is usual in bookshops these days seems to be from the first half of the last century (and before) - though hopefully this is not a sign of low turnover! I only made one purchase, but I'm sure if I'd had more time I should have been able to find more.  Henry Middleton 15.10.09
Like the previous reviewer, I have to agree that this shop was a really good find when visiting the town. Very clean and tidy with a good quality stock - many books in original dust jackets. Very strong on county and general topography - probably on all other subjects too. The item I purchased was wrapped in brown paper with the name of the shop (a really nice touch).  The Brummie Bookman 16.07.11
As other reviewers have said, this is a most wonderful shop. Family owned, it shows love and attention throughout all of the rooms. Each area is categorised and for my specialities it was like being a child again in a room full of chocolate. I gorged on the titles and ended up by buying 32 volumes (and they took a cheque without question!).  Chris Harte 18.06.12
What should be a great shop in a great building and well located, was a bit of a disappointment. The stock is mainly pre 1970's but is generally in poor condition, maybe the good stuff has been bought up over the last couple of years. It is in need of an injection of fresh stock. That being said, I bought quite a few obscure fiction titles at very good prices so will return again!  The Travelling Bookdealer 24.08.13
Visited this shop recently having read the glowing comments [admittedly quite old now] I was a little disappointed - the owners may be losing the fight against Oxfam [despite Oxfam's prices customers THINK they are cheaper than proper bookshops.  Mary 17.10.16
The opening times have changed. The shop is now open from 10am-3pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. I can offer no further comment as (you've guessed it) I turned up at 3.30 on a Wednesday.   Laurence Purcell 24.08.22
The place has dust and character. Very much what you envision a bookshop of yore to look like. Unfortunately, the stock is quite as old and sunbleached with little sign of turnover and it does sadly appear that its best days are behind it.

There are two narrow, steep and rickety staircases and the rooms they access upstairs are no longer interlinked, so you you'll need to negotiate both if you want to discover what stock they hold. If you want an old tome on German dentistry, this might be the place for you.
  Stive 17.02.23

Removed 27.03.24 from North East/West Yorkshire
Children_s Bookshop/HUDDERSFIELD/37-39 Lidget Street
Children's Bookshop  Open at advertised times
37-39 Lidget Street   HUDDERSFIELD   HD3 3JF
tel: 01484 658013  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30, Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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A new bookshop with a small stock of secondhand children's books.

The shop is probably the longest surviving independent specialist children's bookshop in the country. They specialise in new children's books but the secondhand section has other subjects as well. The owners Sonia and Barry Benster who are friendly and knowledgeable folk.  Pierce Roche 
I came, I saw, I walked out without buying. It was rubbish, A few scruffy second-hand kids books, some much older and much more expensive non-fiction and that was about it, took me all of 15 minutes to see the whole of their second-hand stock. Not worth the trip from the town centre.  The Wanderer 28.01.09
The Children's Bookshop has moved up the road to 80 Lidget Street and no longer sells any second-hand books. A different second-hand bookshop (Benster Books) is now operating at No. 37-39.  Booker T 27.03.24

Removed 26.03.24 from London/N Postcodes
Black Gull Books/FINCHLEY/121 High Road
Black Gull Books  Open at advertised times
121 High Road  East Finchley   FINCHLEY   N2 8AG
tel: 020 8444 4717 
Open:  7 Days a week 9.30 - 7.00.
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Books bought and sold. Remaindered, secondhand and antiquarian. Art, philosophy, psychology, history, fiction, film. Books of Irish Interest.

Great stock changing regularly with a wide spread.  D Marcus 
Book prices here were so outrageously high it was funny to check them. My usual £8-20 titles started at £180 and progressed higher. However, very good for Jewish historical matters and Yiddish books. If you can stand the owner's continual breast-beating then pop in for a glance.  Chris Harte 27.06.09
We welcome any comment good or bad about our shop but we do take exception to remarks which are neither accurate nor from correspondents who may have an ulterior motive in damaging our good name. To point out the inaccuracies - we do not, alas, stock any Yiddish books, and our 'Jewish historical ' section is perhaps 4 or 5 books strong at any one time. As for the matter of pricing, the clue 'my usual 8-20 pound' range suggests a fellow bookseller attempting to muddy the waters by rather underhanded means. Any fair minded browser in the shop would quickly realize that our stock is overwhelmingly priced to sell at 3- 20 pounds with a strong antiquarian section that reflects prices as noted on the net. I realize that this email may add to my reputation as a 'breast-beater' but I can live with that, misinformation and maliciousness less so.  Chris Overfield, Black Gull Books 04.08.09
Can I add a comment on this bookshop as a regular if infrequent visitor with no vested interest? It is a traditional secondhand bookshop. Large varied stock of books in good condition and just like second hand bookshops used to be but neat and tidy. As the owner says the prices are not especially high (not cheap either but I suppose he has to make a living) and it is also true that there are not a significant number of Jewish books there. I wonder if Chris Harte (who usually seems to make very sensible comments) has mixed this bookshop up with Josephs Bookstore in the Finchley Road near the junction with the A406 which is very close to East Finchley and is mainly a Jewish bookstore and did seem awfully pricey when I went in once. (Come to think, you don't list that ..)  Anthony Davis 07.09.09
(I have remedied this oversight today  TBG 
So appalled at Chris Harte's review that I felt compelled to write a few words myself! I love this bookshop! interesting and fairly priced selection of books find it hard to visit without making a purchase.  George Drew 05.12.09
I think this is one of the best second-hand bookstores I've been to. Its fantastically curated, a great selection interestingly juxtaposed. I think these guys have figured out what a second-hand bookstore is for in the age of Amazon.  India Cicolini 08.12.10
Having not been here for a year or two, been twice recently and found good stock at much better prices than I remembered previously - very much worth a visit.  M&O 14.04.12
"All books are individually priced" it claims; ironic, then, that the very first two I pulled off the shelf had no price in them. So I took them to the shop assistant who, no doubt after perusing ABE, Amazon, etc, came back and said "Oh, you happened to find two expensive books" which he had now priced accordingly. No one likes to be taken for a fool, so I promptly left the shop never to return.  Mandalay Bookshop 12.07.12
Everything a local second-hand bookshop should be and my favourite in London. Incredibly eclectic and regularly changing stock, typically in excellent condition, with collectible books priced very competitively. Particularly strong on Art and Irish. Really excellent.  Neil Goodlad 30.11.12
Having read through the previous comments Black Gull Books would certainly seem to divide opinion. I have been calling in when in the area for a few years now, so about time I added my comments I guess. Yes, no question the stock is wide ranging and good quality and yes, it is rather on the expensive side. Not sure I have ever bought anything here, but I have found good copies of books I would have had at half the price asked! But it does have very long opening hours unlike a certain bookshop a mile or so down the road, and I have always found the staff friendly and helpful. So, as long as you are not looking for a bargain certainly worth giving it a try.  Steve Newman 20.02.15
The high quality of stock makes a visit to Black Gull an uplifting experience. Probably the largest secondhand arts section in London, after Marcus Campbell. Many unusual and attractive titles at prices that might be a little above average. Physical stamina and agility are required to browse some shelves that are tricky to access. Highly recommended - as is the smaller Black Gull shop at Camden Lock.  Nicholas Sack 18.01.20
Cannot think why I have never taken the extra 3 tube stops from Kentish Town (Amnesty and Oxfam) to visit this superb emporium. Friendly owner, large and eclectic selection. I will be back. The charity shops on the Finchley Road are not worth bothering with.  Jon Morgan 06.02.20
A fascinating shop which had much to offer in the way of arts books. Many were American or European which added to the diversity of what was on offer. Alas, my visit was too short: it needed at least an hour more than I could spare.  Christopher Harte 07.10.21
Closed when I visited today. A notice on the door says that it will close for good on 28/3/24. They will relocate to St. Leonards in Sussex. A sad loss for North London.  PeterM 26.03.24
In fact, all the signs are that it has already closed (several closing dates in the past, empty shelves on Instagram posts etc). That source says that (some? all?) of the books have gone to Boom Cat Books in Camden, which was a branch of Black Gull until they sold to friends. We now need to find out if the new St Leonard's Black Gull is a real shop that we can list.  TBG2 26.03.24

Removed 24.03.24 from Wales/Mid Wales
Willis Antiques/MACHYNLLETH/54 Heol Maengwyn
Willis Antiques    Open at advertised times
54 Heol Maengwyn    MACHYNLLETH  SY20 8DT
tel:  01634 700430 
Open: Monday - Saturday, mornings - 5.00
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For what in reality is a junk shop there are a surprising number of books on various shelves. One complete wall was covered and it was fairly easy to check the titles. You could just possibly find that missing elusive book you have been after for years - I did.  Christopher Harte 29.08.21
I appreciate that this looks, on first stepping through the door, as though it is a junk shop like no other. But don't be fooled as there are many books stuck on shelves all over the place. They are not tatty but a good selection for all tastes, especially for railway buffs who were clogging the aisles on my visit.   Chris 02.09.23
Alas, alas. Closed last November. The shop is now empty. An estate agent's sign says 'Sold subject to Purchase.'  Chris 23.03.24

Removed 22.03.24 from North West/Greater Manchester
Sharston Books/MANCHESTER/Unit 15 Wearlee WorksLongley LaneSharston
Sharston Books   Appointment necessary
Unit 15 Wearlee Works  Longley Lane  Sharston    MANCHESTER  M22 4WT
tel:  0161 945 8604  e-mail   web
Open:  CLOSED until further notice
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Extremely comprehensive stock, with a book on almost every subject.

This is a very large warehouse on two floors just off the main road. I spent just over two hours there and only managed to look through British topography and architecture. Prices are also very reasonable.  Graham Eastwood 
Situated on an industrial estate just off the M56, most books are mainly to be found in the large building although others are in portakabins sited outside. There can be either hours of searching the thousands of titles or a brisk walk around observing little for the collector. Either way, it's worth a visit.  Chris Harte 15.02.10
This is the best used bookshop in Greater Manchester, but the serious bibliophile or collector should ask to see the `internet section' upstairs. They have there sequestered thousands of quality books (at somewhat higher prices).  Jay Kennedy 11.05.10
Certainly packed with huge numbers of books and agree WAD. There are however problems with book storage and condition, particularly in the walk in shipping containers. Best selection definitely upstairs which can be seen on request.  Norman Davies 01.10.10
Well worth a visit. Massive selection on all subjects (not exactly my thing, but if a shop has a space for a whole shelf labelled "Marilyn Monroe biographies" then you know they have a lot of books). Came away with a £60 stash of books, which would have probably cost us double if bought in most secondhand shops - some real bargains.  M&O 17.08.12
Dusty, cluttered gem of a place. All topics catered for and reasonably priced. Ivy growing through the roof, tight squeeze into SF section but I always find buried treasure here.  Rosie Gamgee 10.11.12
A bizarre piece of Mancunian eccentricity, the likes of which I had thought had long gone (I must make a return trip just to check out that it is real, and that I wasn't dreaming). Yes, its stuffed full of books, but the Internet Section appears to have creamed off anything that is interesting or of value to the real collector, leaving the main shop with a stock that the devil himself would have trouble shifting. The very helpful and quaint staff wouldn't be out of place in an Alan Bennett play (apart from the fact they're on the wrong side of the Pennines) and the shop itself might be described as an overgrown Hobbit hole (I would suggest that overweight customers would do well to go on a diet for a few days before visiting). Im sure, if you're looking for reasonably priced, bog-standard books you'll be in heaven here, but Im afraid I really didn't find anything, apart from its entertainment value, that would make me want to go back.  Nicholas Pendower 12.02.14
Don't make my mistake, their loo is staff only, not for customers. I got an embarrassing telling off for using it.  Rosie Gamgee 12.08.14
It was five years since my last trip. Stock improved a good deal since then. Allow two hours to do a thorough reccy. 5-6,000 on line books which I was able to look through. Good bargains to be had on the ordinary shelves but lots of poor stock as well. Assistant very helpful. Converted warehouse about 6 miles S of Mcr city centre in a light industrial area.  Johanken 26.04.18
Closed on 29 May 2022 according to Nicholas Royle's excellent book-collecting memoir 'Shadow Lines' (Salt, 2024). He was there for the last day.  Mark V 22.03.24

Removed 12.03.24 from South West/Gloucestershire
Top Banana Antiques Centre/TETBURY/1 New Church Street
Top Banana Antiques Centre  Open at advertised times
1 New Church Street   TETBURY   GL8 8DS
tel: 0871 288 1102  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sundays 11.00 - 5.00.
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Two bookrooms of medium-size general stock with an emphasis on military, country pursuits and sport. Also a good selection of antique prints, especially old advertising material.

What a find! If you can make it to the top floor, 2 substantial rooms of decent stock. Variable condition though but prices good. Allow much time to view.  Norman Davies 05.08.13
Multi-dealer antique emporium over a few floors with some books thrown in. A disappointment in terms of stock and prices. Not worth a detour. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 19.04.14
Disagree with the Drifter. A cut above most books in antique centre offerings. Two rooms of books, nicely presented (although not well labeled), with some unusual material. Well worth a good rummage if you are after non-run of the mill stuff.  Paul H 21.08.14
Superb. Having read the above reviews I visited expecting to be pleased - and I was. Two boxloads of books purchased in an hour and a half of searching. I needed double that time, for what were on the shelves were quality titles, some so unknown to me that I will need my bibliography on my next visit which can't come soon enough. WWAD.  Chris Harte 19.05.15
Revisited this week. Splendid selection, I agree with Chris Harte (for once!) this really is WWAD. Drawback is signs of low turnover but such a number to look at may take two trips.  Norman Davies 18.02.16
Agree with previous comments. An interesting mix of stock. You do need to rummage as many titles shelved together under the category heading of "general ". WWAD.  David 15.02.20
As always I was impressed by the quality of the books on show and will try and revisit at least annually. There were some excellent titles on display including quite a few non-European. However, the downside was the attitude of the centre's manager who, on me suggesting that a book marked at £45 was only worth about £15, told me "buy it on the internet if you want a cheap book."  Chris 13.05.22
Additional to the above. I really would have paid £15 to support a dealer. But taking the manager's advice I purchased a perfect copy from the internet at £5.33, which included postage. I don't like doing this - but that's 21st century life.  Chris 20.05.22
All books are half price at the moment  Paul H 24.12.22

Removed 08.03.24 from Central/Leicestershire
Alfred Lenton/LEICESTER/27 St Nicholas Place
Alfred Lenton  Phone before travelling
27 St Nicholas Place   LEICESTER   LE1 4LD
tel: 0116 262 7827 
Open:  n/a
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I chanced on this place on the way to Maynard & Bradley as I noticed it on Google. Hopefully, TBG has now added it.

Upon opening the door a small bell ring and an elderly gentlemen appeared from the shop's nether regions.

He looked like someone out of a Dickens novel - perhaps Fagin in a former life? When asked what sort of 2nd hand books he had for sale he started to immediately moan about how he can't sell books anymore and that he can't even give them away. The shop is extremely chaotic with what looks like a lifetime of hoarding and accompanying dust. Bits of old railway track and old computers everywhere and piles and piles of paperbacks and railway magazines blocked all the shelves. I spotted 1 book on warships in a tatty dust-cover, but nearly fell over when I saw it was priced at £30! It's online price was £5. When I offered this he stuck at £30. No wonder he can't sell anything! I'm sure there may be some treasures in this strange shop but good luck finding them!
  Laurence Batchelor 06.10.18
Laurence Batchelor's comment is well-observed, but the reality was a little more complex than the appearance (as well as perhaps more touching).

At any rate, all that is past. The shop closed finally on 9 February 2024 after some fifty-three years.
  The Bookman 08.03.24

Removed 18.02.24 from South West/Devon
Book Aid/NADDERWATER/Rebecca Springs
Book Aid  Open at advertised times
Rebecca Springs   NADDERWATER   EX4 2JH
tel: 01392 213002 
Open:  Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 - 6.00. Other times by appointment.
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Charity selling secondhand and some out-of-print and collectable books.

User PLF suspects this is long gone and the website confirms it.  TBG2 18.02.24

Removed 09.02.24 from North East/North Yorkshire
Taikoo Books Ltd/YORK/46 Bootham
Taikoo Books Ltd   Status unknown, update requested
46 Bootham    YORK  YO30 7BZ
tel:  01904 641213 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 5.30.
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Fine antiquarian and scholarly out-of-print stock on Africa and the Orient, especially Middle East and Central Asia.

Think this must have closed. No longer listed on the York Booksellers website, Yorkbooksellers.co.uk, and the premises have been redeveloped.   Mark V 22.07.23
Information from SaltaireTom. No. 46 Bootham and its neighbours have been converted into flats, their own numbering in "Bootham House" superseding the old street numbers. Google now has Taikoo in Easingwold, but with an approximate location. The phone number no longer exists and there is no email or online presence.

In short, even if Taikoo Books exists we can find no way to visit or contact them, and unless we learn otherwise we can't therefore list them.
  TBG2 09.02.24

Removed 08.02.24 from Central/Warwickshire
St. Giles Hospice Book Shop/ATHERSTONE/111 Long Street
St. Giles Hospice Book Shop  Open at advertised times
111 Long Street   ATHERSTONE   CV9 1AB
tel: 01827 721613  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Charity bookshop selling donated books.

Visited on a Saturday in 2011 and it seemed this was the only bookshop still open in the town as Throckmorton's on the village square was closed. The staff in the shop were helpful and checked their stock room for any further books which may have been of interest. Overall they had a selection of books on all topics just not a vast quantity or specialisation . I found 1 gem and left pleased but saddened that this 'book town' had died.  Laurence Batchelor 08.01.11
Visited again 3 years later and pleased to see this small shop on the high street is still well stocked with books. The two pleasant and chatty ladies allowed me into the back store room as there had been a recent acquisition of military books. I came away with 2 books as pricing was fair. I feel this shop could do with larger premises as they have almost as much stock out back, which cannot be displayed, as out front. WWAD if passing on the A5. Free parking in the town car-park or the Co-op car park.  Laurence Batchelor 22.03.14
My 3rd visit after a 4 year gap. Nothing much has changed in this sole survivor from the 'book town fiasco'. This time the Manageress and Sales Assistant would not let me view their small stock room as now - "out of bounds; staff only" however they did place books from there of my interest on the counter to peruse. Overall I found the stock of a lower quality than 10 years ago and their pricing seemed a tad high as just about all paperbacks were £1.99 and hardbacks £3.50 when some would warrant only £1 and £2 respectively in other charity bookshops. I would most definitely put the charity bookshops in Coleshill, Coventry and Stratford ahead of this small establishment.  Laurence Batchelor 30.08.18
Pretty sure this closed down years ago. I went to Atherstone and couldn't find it. Then checked the St Giles website, which doesn't list it as a premises.  Stive 08.02.24

Removed 08.02.24 from Scotland/Central Scotland
Mair Wilkes Books/NEWPORT-ON-TAY/3 St Mary_s Lane
Mair Wilkes Books  Open at advertised times
3 St Mary's Lane   NEWPORT-ON-TAY   DD6 8AH
tel: 01382 542260  e-mail 
Open:  Open: Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 12.30 & 2.00 - 4.30, Saturday 10.00 - 4.30.
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20,000 books across all subjects but especially, the history of ideas, philosophy and medicine. Scottish literature and topography. A selection of our stock can be found at The Scottish Antique and Arts Centre, Abernyte.

Easily missed on a side-street, a very large and eminently browsable stock in the upper floor of a large detached house. Somewhat reminiscent of Bookcase in Carlisle albeit on a much smaller scale. Prices reasonable for the most part.  Steven Kelly 02.10.14
Despite Google indicating it's only 'temporary' closed - the shop itself has been shut for a couple of years and has a new owner. Doesn't appear to have re-opened elsewhere.  IgnatiusJReilly 08.02.24

Removed 07.02.24 from Central/West Midlands
Handy Bookshop/WOLVERHAMPTON/Coven Farm
The Handy Bookshop  Appointment necessary
Coven Farm  6 Brewood Road  Coven   WOLVERHAMPTON   WV9 5DE
tel: 01902 791833  e-mail  web 
Open:  Appointment necessary.
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General secondhand and antiquarian books. Also on display - Local artists work and country bygones.

When you can get into the place it's not bad. Recently I've tried twice and it was shut. Even rung the bell - no answer. Last time I resolved it would be my last attempt, but of course it won't. If you have books for sale please open the bloody place.  Book Buyer 26.07.12
Unfortunately it is now open by appointment only.  tikitnet 21.06.14

Removed 24.01.24 from South East/Kent
Broadstairs Bookshop/BROADSTAIRS/7 Albion Street
The Broadstairs Bookshop   Open at advertised times
7 Albion Street    BROADSTAIRS  CT10 1LU
tel:  01843 860824 
Open: Saturday & Sunday 10.00 - 4ish depending on the weather
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Smaller and more low key shop in the same street (as Albion Books) which had a presentable stock - in much the same areas.  Herne 
A most knowledgable owner who was candid enough to state that his good material went virtually as soon as it arrived. He had some interesting bits from between the wars but little else from pre-1960.  Chris Harte 27.06.09
Helpful owner and reasonably priced stock too. Worth a visit but don't expect anything out of the ordinary.  Steve Newman 03.12.14
Many gaps on the shelves. Apart from a section of children's books there was not much order to the rest. Condition not v good. There are a lot of clocks in the shop so maybe the owner is changing direction.  David 14.09.21
A small shop with limited stock and it could do with a bit of a tidying up. But it's better than it looks; persevere and you may be rewarded. There is a cabinet devoted to (mostly hardback) PG Wodehouse and a strong speciality in children's books.  Laurence Purcell 17.09.21
Quite a small shop and as commented above some shelves only half full. However books are reasonably priced in the main, and I did find something to buy too.  Steve Newman 03.09.22
If Miss Havisham had a bookshop it would look like this. But unlike more manicured shops here you have a chance of finding a neglected treasure or a bargain. I did.  PeterM 25.03.23
Yes, a long room filled with shelves, but the shelves are sadly half-full if that. Prices are very reasonable and the stock is much better than you'd expect if it consisted of the unsold remains of a once full shop. Maybe the owner has added some quality items, but the empty shelves suggest no more is to follow.  Adrian 11.09.23
According to a recent article in the Medway Messenger, this shop closed in November 1923 (you were just in time, Adrian!) It was a funny old place but I shall miss it.  Laurence Purcell 24.01.24

Removed 21.01.24 from Scotland/Edinburgh
Duncan and Reid/EDINBURGH/5 Tanfield
Duncan and Reid     Phone before travelling
5 Tanfield    EDINBURGH  EH3 5DA
tel:  0131 556 4591  e-mail  
Open: Wednesday to Saturday 11.00 - 4.00
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Antiques and books.

A shop which is half books and half antiques. The books cover mainly art and antiques related subjects but the shop has a small but interesting selection of old children's books.  Jeremy Briggs 
The highlight of the visit was chatting to a charming, cultured lady who was running the shop. Her literary knowledge was top class and she showed me around many of the quality books adorning the shelves. The arts and antique publications were not my forte but I could well become interested with such a delightful teacher.  Chris Harte 11.06.10
Only open Tuesday to Saturday 11.00 - 17.00. Got here 5 minutes too late.  Chris K 19.04.14
Managed to get back after the April poor timing. Can't remember buying a book here - the stock is not too special.  Chris K 16.08.14
This little shop is part of the cluster of shops near the Botanical Gardens. It is mainly an antique shop but has a few hundred books amongst its stock. I always enjoy a browse here, even when my specialist interests mean there is nothing to buy. As a previous commentator has said, the stock is strongest in collectable children's titles.  TravellingLibrary 08.08.15
The antiques are much better than some rather badly displayed old books.  Chris K 23.02.16
Is a small shop with a small selection of both antiques and books. Worth a look if passing - purchased one goodie, but not worth a large detour.  Norman D 30.10.16
A notice in the window says that this shop will not be open throughout September and October.  Wessexman 22.09.19
After many months of closure due to flooding they have reopened today.  TBG2 10.05.23
It appears that Duncan and Reid has very few books remaining, and also only opens on very occasional Saturdays for a few hours. Regretfully it no longer seems to qualify for inclusion.  TBG2 21.01.24

Removed 19.12.23 from Central/Staffordshire
Fair Reader/LICHFIELD/186 Walsall Road
Fair Reader  Open at advertised times
186 Walsall Road   LICHFIELD   WS13 8AH
tel: 01543 255103 
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I can’t find any reference to this online and google street view just shows a house. Should it be in the list?   Jon R 14.12.23
Closed some years ago on the death of the owner.  TBG2 19.12.23

Removed 18.12.23 from Wales/South Wales
Capital Bookshop/CARDIFF/Jacob_s Antiques MarketWest Canal Wharf
Capital Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Jacob's Antiques Market  West Canal Wharf    CARDIFF  CF10 5DB
tel:  07708 043866    web
Open:  Thursday, Friday & Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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It's a bit of a hidden gem - go to the bottom (southern) end of St. Mary's Street ( train station end rather than Cardiff Castle end). Look across the road to see the restaurant Viva Brazil. Go down the left-hand side of Viva Brazil and under the railway bridge, Jacobs Antiques Market is in an old red brick warehouse and Capital bookshops stand is on the 2nd floor.  julia 12.02.18
I was quite taken aback at the quality of the books found on this second-floor area. The owner, Andrew, who used to have a shop in Morgan's Arcade has kept the high standard he enjoyed for many years. Although the stock is general it is well categorised and easy to check. I spent much longer than anticipated here and, fortunately, had my wheely-bag to take all of my purchases back to the car. WWAD.  Chris Harte 15.08.21
It is with the deepest regret I have to inform you all that Andrew finally closed his superb bookshop some while ago. Some of you might remember his Morgan Arcade shop, which he had to relinquish due to enormous rent increases, and his re-emergence in the old Jacob's warehouse. But, alas, the trade was not there. Another part of Cardiff's book history now gone.  Chris 18.12.23

Removed 08.12.23 from Central/Shropshire
Mogul Diamonds/WOLVERHAMPTON/17 High Street
Mogul Diamonds  Open at advertised times
17 High Street  Albrighton   WOLVERHAMPTON   WV7 3JT
tel: 01902 372288 
Open:  Monday - Wednesday & Friday 9.00 - 5.30, Saturday 9.00 - 1.00. Closed Thursday.
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A bit out of the way on a village High Street. Interesting range packed tightly into two small rooms. Specialist in music - has an organ. Friendly owner. Prices a bit high, but will negotiate. Stock in the window faded by the sun. Might benefit from a bit more vivace.  Book Buyer 18.11.11
Their website says their physical shop (which opened in 1998) has now closed.   Jon R 08.12.23

Removed 05.12.23 from North East/North Yorkshire
Treasure _ Relish/HARROGATE/10 Studley Road
Treasure & Relish  Appointment necessary
10 Studley Road   HARROGATE   HG1 5JU
tel: 01423 531 773  e-mail  web 
Open:  By appointment only.
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New & Secondhand Books - A lot of Arts related. Also, prints & pictures. Order online from our site.

Now "trade exclusively online", according to their website: https://www.artbooksdecor.com/about/  Mark V 04.12.23

Removed 04.12.23 from London/SW Postcodes
Chris Beetles Ltd/ST JAMES_S/8 - 10 Ryder Street
Chris Beetles Ltd  Open at advertised times
8 - 10 Ryder Street   ST JAMES'S   SW1Y 6QB
tel: 020 7839 7551 
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Gallery with small stock of out-of-print art reference books.

This is NOT a bookshop. It's an Art Gallery selling very expensive illustrations. In fact, it doesn't sell books (except for a few remainders on its website) and what paper it does sell are its own brochures. When I rang the bell to be admitted and I asked to view the stock you could see by their looks that it was: "Oh dear. Here's another nutter."   Chris 25.11.23

Removed 15.11.23 from Scotland/Edinburgh
Bookworm/EDINBURGH/210 Dalkeith Road
The Bookworm  Open at advertised times
210 Dalkeith Road   EDINBURGH   EH16 5DT
tel: 0131 662 4357  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5.30, Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Front shop is mostly paperbacks in all subjects of fiction. Upstairs mostly non-fiction, with one of the best selections of military history in Scotland. I have been in business for over twenty years at the same premises.

Bookworm has two rooms, a big bright front room of mainly paperback fiction laid out like a record shop with the books in rows one behind the other, and a smaller back room of non-fiction more normally laid out in bookcases. Near Cameron Toll, this is more remote from the city centre than the rest of the Edinburgh shops, but worth the trip especially for their military history section.  Jeremy Briggs 
Great range of subjects and prices. friendly and helpful shopkeeper will bring up theme-sorted boxes of books on your interests from basement too. well worth the £1.50 bus fare out. I came away with a bagful.  glenk 04.09.15
Have to agree with the description - very good stock of military and naval history in the back room. The very pleasant owner was happy to retrieve items for me from his storeroom, and I came away very happy with my purchases. Definitely worth a trip out to this quiet SE suburb.  Wessexman 04.09.21
Looking on the latest Google street view of this location, the shop has gone.  Jonathan 15.11.23

Removed 11.10.23 from Central/Worcestershire
Grant Books/CUTNALL GREEN/The Coach House
Grant Books  Open at advertised times
The Coach House  New Road   CUTNALL GREEN   WR9 0PQ
tel: 01299 851588 
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Primarily a publisher of books on exclusively golf with a very small selection of books available to purchase online. No mention of a physical storefront and the eponymous Grant retired in 2020. Not sure this should be here.  Stive 11.10.23

Removed 05.10.23 from Central/Lincolnshire
Arboretum Bookshop/LINCOLN/123 Monks Road
The Arboretum Bookshop  Phone before travelling
123 Monks Road   LINCOLN   LN2 5HT
tel: 01522 520901 
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General secondhand books, CD's, DVD's.

A rather haphazard secondhand book shop with some bric-a-brac throw in. It's worth a visit because there's a lot of books to look through, with some gems tucked away behind the paperback fiction. Be prepared for a rummage!  Bridget the Browser 
'Cluttered but wide variety of books, very reasonably priced, friendly owner. Well worth the short walk from main town centre and the park opposite has toilets and a cafe which makes great coffee.'  The Wanderer 30.07.09
Shop shuttered, stock abandoned inside. Chemist next door says the shop has never opened in the three years he has been working there. Possibly another Covid casualty.  Stive 05.10.23

Removed 24.09.23 from London/NW Postcodes
Oxfam Shop/PINNER/19 Bridge Street
Oxfam Shop  Open at advertised times
19 Bridge Street   PINNER   HA5 3HR
tel: 020 8429 0926 
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This high street Oxfam has a dedicated fair sized book room at the back of the shop. Reasonable stock professionally laid out and categorised, with friendly and knowledgeable staff too. At the cheaper end of Oxfam's pricing structure. Across the road at 40 Bridge Street is another Charity Shop, St Lukes Hospice, which also has a section dedicated to Books and Music. Well worth a visit if in the area.  Steve Newman 23.11.18
My interest piques by this entry I trecked out to Pinner to have a butchers. Not far from the station and not quite a dedicated Oxfam Bookshop but much more than the normal stock of books at decent prices. The charity shop across the road has as many if not more books. There are two other charity shops in town in both of which I bought WW1 memoirs.  Jon Morgan 06.12.18
Called back in as was passing through near the area. Still much as before but pricing seems to have taken an unwelcome upward spiral!  Steve Newman 06.05.19
Has been closed quite often recently, because of staff shortages I believe. Stock is good when open.   Andy 01.09.22
This shop is now permanently closed. Signage down and stock removed.  solent 24.09.23

Removed 23.09.23 from South East/East Sussex
Tiny Bookstore/RYE/70 Church Square
The Tiny Bookstore  Open at advertised times
70 Church Square   RYE   TN31 7HF
tel: 07784 942047  web 
Open:  Wednesday & Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 10.30 - 5.30.
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We have an eclectic collection of books in our Tiny space. Ranging from Arts to Zoology. Including Biography, Local Topography, History, Children’s and a good Poetry section. We also have a good selection of penguin books

Gone. I was told in the shop next door that it had closed after the owner died a year or so ago.  Laurence Purcell 23.09.23

Removed 17.09.23 from Wales/North Wales
Colwynbooks/COLWYN BAY/66 Abergele Road
Colwynbooks  Phone before travelling
66 Abergele Road   COLWYN BAY   LL29 7PP
tel: 07799 720062  web 
Open:  Tuesday & Thursday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00
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Second-hand books, maps and postcards, new books of local interest, handmade bookmarks. Website being developed.

Seems to open at the owner's whim according to local information.  Chris Harte 17.08.10
Found them open at long last. Very general stock with many paperbacks.  Chris Harte 09.05.11
Large religious and theology section, together with an almost as large selection of French language books. Mostly paperbacks but some interesting items nonetheless. Pricing reasonable.  Graeme Rendall 15.09.18
Sadly, now closed.  Chris 16.09.23

Removed 12.09.23 from South East/Kent
Margate Bookshop/MARGATE/2 Market Place
The Margate Bookshop   Open at advertised times
2 Market Place    MARGATE  CT9 1ER
tel:  01843 791 932  e-mail   web   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 10.00 - 4.00
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Recently opened (May 2019) with around 2000 new books and 1000 secondhand books

Called in today whilst in the area. All the stock inside the shop were new books, second hand books confined to a few boxes outside. Not sure what happens on a rainy day. However the area around the market place has many antique/collectible shops many of which have interesting stocks of books.  Steve Newman 03.09.22
I couldn't find any secondhand books when I visited the shop today. Presumably the founding thousand have all been sold (or succumbed to the weather!).  Laurence Purcell 19.08.23
A nice independent bookshop with a pleasant owner, who confirmed that the secondhand stock has all gone, pushed out by the need for space for new books.  Adrian 11.09.23

Removed 23.08.23 from East Anglia/Norfolk
Ceres Bookshop/SWAFFHAM/20 London Street
Ceres Bookshop    Open at advertised times
20 London Street    SWAFFHAM  PE37 7DG
tel:  01760 722504  e-mail   web  
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00
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A wide range of new and secondhand books on all subjects and a large selection of maps. Book search facility available. Reductions for special interest groups.

On entering the shop I had no idea what I would find tucked away in corners. Half an hour later my wallet was lighter but I had purchased some splendid books. I left behind many rare rural Broads and sporting titles which, I was amazed to be told, had been on the shelves for ages. If you collect material on regional country pursuits then search these shelves.  Chris Harte 24.02.10
Hardly a wide range of second hand books but a reasonable selection at the rear of a new bookshop, Ideal for those who are vertically challenged, I nevertheless found two gems. Pleasant staff in a very pleasant town - a surfeit of charity shops, worth browsing.  Jon Morgan 17.08.12
This now has an excellent tea room at the rear making for a pleasant quick (limited stock not over exciting s/h stock in mainly new books) browse then leisurely pot of tea.  Norman Davies 01.05.15
Nice little shop with new books at the front and a tearoom at the back. Sandwiched between is a modest selection of secondhand books, reasonably priced and on a general range of subjects.  Steven Kelly 27.02.17
Not very big but well worth visiting. Have found a few gems here. Prices good.  David 09.04.19
This shop has ceased trading  Neil Rennoldson 23.08.23

Removed 13.08.23 from North East/West Yorkshire
Colne Valley Bookshop _ Collectables/SLAITHWAITE/Britannia MillsBritannia Road
Colne Valley Bookshop & Collectables   Open at advertised times
Britannia Mills  Britannia Road    SLAITHWAITE  HD7 5HE
tel:  07873 323679   e-mail
Open:  Friday - Sunday 10.30 - 4.30.
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4000 books in stock, soon to double as extra space becomes available. Also French vintage domestic ware ...

Their stall at the Harrogate Book Fair was strong on vintage fantasy, supernatural and crime fiction.  Mark Valentine 19.03.18
New room now open, twice as many books  Cid Jackson 10.07.18
No longer open on Thursday, according to sign on door: Fri-Sun only.   Mark V 22.03.23

Removed 07.08.23 from Central/Rutland
Staniland Booksellers /UPPINGHAM/39 High Street East  
Staniland Booksellers   Phone before travelling
39 High Street East    UPPINGHAM  LE15 9PY
tel:  01572 821493   e-mail
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00 but please ring to confirm or make an appointment
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Trading since 1972. About 5000 volumes in stock, old and antiquarian but with a good selection of modern books on architecture.

All books in beautiful condition, although not the cheapest. Proprietor very helpful and knowledgeable.  Leo 20.07.11
Strong on Folio Society books. By the way, there is a very good charity bookshop over the road on High Street East.  Steven Whitehead 25.08.12
Wonderful look to the shop, almost like a small academic library. A speciality is complete or part sets of classic late C19/early C20 novels in handsome uniform editions. Folio Society books are also available at very reasonable prices.  Laurence Purcell 12.04.14
Very well presented stock and purchased a book that I had been after for some time and at a reasonable price. The owner formerly had a shop in Stamford.  SteveBrissle 04.08.14
Still has many quality fine binding among the books on offer. The move from Stamford appears to have been worthwhile, according to my chat with the owner.  Chris Harte 13.08.14
One of the classic bookshops, just how they should be. I very nearly parted with £1000 for an absolutely exceptional book. Common sense prevailed, but it shows how an authentic atmosphere can influence a buyer. A very pleasant owner who showed great knowledge of the books I am interested in.  CB 02.04.15
Please note (particularly to book dealers) in the last comment I made there is a minor typo. It should read that I almost parted with £100. I don't want anyone to run away with the idea that I have that kind of money to buy books!  CB 18.04.15
A high class antiquarian stock with prices to match. Friendly owner.  Loyola 05.11.16
Plus one to Loyola's comment from November 2016.  Steven 23.10.17
A top drawer antiquarian shop designed for collectors or people who only want fine bindings and prices to match. This is exactly the type of shop one would expect in such an affluent town. Helpful owner but no purchases made as very little military stock.  Laurence Batchelor 23.10.18
The shop was closed at 16:30 when I passed (2.vii.22). The stated hours of opening remain unchanged.  The Bookman 02.07.22
Closed. Shop empty according to a recent visitor report.   Mark V 06.08.23

Removed 06.08.23 from Central/Leicestershire
A Readers Dream/MELTON MOWBRAY/4 Bowley Court
A Readers Dream  Open at advertised times
4 Bowley Court   MELTON MOWBRAY   LE13 1XY
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Over 10,000 books are currently available at the lowest prices. A true Readers Dream!

A large display of thousands of books, mostly paperbacks but not entirely so, with a generous low set price and multi-save offer throughout. Excitingly, the friendly proprietor says he has many tens of thousands of books in storage and plans to open a new, much larger branch soon, so worth watching!  Shaun Tyas 11.07.19

Removed 02.08.23 from North East/Northumberland
Save the Children Bookshop/HALTWHISTLE/Westgate
Save the Children Bookshop  Phone before travelling
Westgate   HALTWHISTLE   NE49 9AG
tel: 01434 322680  web 
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It was closed on the date of my visit but from the window, it appears to be one large airy room.  Graeme Rendall 29.08.18
Lots of cookbooks, fiction mostly average charity shop fare with a few non-fiction items taking up one wall. Probably only worth a visit if you are in the town. Don't be distracted by the "Newcastle Bookshop" sign on the shop front directly opposite - it's long closed and now part of the adjacent butcher's shop!  Graeme Rendall 30.08.18
Closed in January 2023. Premises now used by the Haltwhistle Community Bookshop.  TBG2 02.08.23

Removed 02.08.23 from Central/Northamptonshire
Harrowden Books/FINEDON/61 High Street
Harrowden Books    Open at advertised times
61 High Street    FINEDON  NN9 5JN
tel:  01933 681522  e-mail   web  
Open:  Tuesday to Friday 9.30 - 5.30, Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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About 10,000 books in stock covering most subjects. We offer a friendly personal service. Browsers welcome.

There are insufficient superlatives in the English language to describe this place. Just when you begin to despair that the type and quality of second hand bookshop which existed in bygone days is in fact a thing of the past, along comes one which restores faith. You are offered a complimentary cup of excellent coffee on entry by a very well dressed owner who is attentive, intelligent and well informed. The stock is extensive, varied in and between subject / genres. Price for HB and PB is excellent £2 upwards for the former and on average £1.50 for the latter. Cafe next door in this very pretty calm and quiet Northants village. AND you can park free right outside - Perfection itself. I urge, advise, exhort an early visit. If only there were more like this.  Jon Morgan 03.03.12
That's a fantastic review Jon, and very much apreciated. Can't think who this "attentive, intelligent and well informed" chap can be though ... does he work here?  Mike Sumner 13.03.12
Absolute agreement with Jon Morgan's comments. WWAD.  Steven Whitehead 25.08.12
It will probably embarrass him but proprietor Mike Sumner is a hugely knowledgeable man who made my visit more interesting than I ever expected. His stock contained so much material I had never previously seen that I felt my final boxload of purchases should have been much, much more. WWAD.  Chris Harte 13.09.12
If only every village had a place like this. A compact, tidy, and well organized general stock with highlights in most areas. I left in a really good mood.  OWC 13.09.12
I would endorse everything good that has been said about this shop - if only there were more like it. Prices are extremely realistic and it contains a stock of quality and variety. Well worth the detour.  Nicholas Pendower 29.10.12
Excellent shop with sensible prices. Well worth a visit and I fully endorse the other reviewers' comments.  Steve Brissle 06.03.13
I very much appreciate everyone's very kind comments. It makes it all the more worthwhile. Many thanks.  Mike Sumner (proprietor) 19.03.13
One of the few bookshops in the UK where the owner makes the effort to present the stock in a clean and orderly manner. None of the complete rubbish that most shops insist on sticking on the shelves " just in case". Sensible prices and a nice environment. Well done.  The Travelling Bookdealer 24.08.13
Although WWAD it is quite a way off my usual routes so I was delighted to get back again. Stock is excellent, prices most agreeable and the coffee first class.  Steven 24.03.14
First impressions count and every one was favourable here. Mike Sumner (Proprietor) immediately offering a coffee; well ordered, clean and quality stock; sensible pricing - all make you feel that the trip is going to be worthwhile. It certainly was for me - History, Civil War (Mike is member of English Civil War Society). However don't expect long shelf runs on any particular specialisation. I dare you however to come away with nothing.  Brian Stringer 07.10.14
Lovely shop, nicely ordered & displayed with sensible prices-some very cheap, not all expensive! Very good varied history section. Friendly welcome too. Definitely revisiting.  Flip M 18.12.15
Why oh why haven't I found this excellent shop before?! It's all been said above so there's nothing for me to add, but I just had to add my own plaudits!  Henry Middleton 31.01.17
Made my annual visit and very pleased to report that all is as it ever was. Readers books competitively priced and much of interest for collectors.  Steven 23.10.17
Possibly the most civilised book buying experience ever! Where on a windswept Tuesday morning in Sept. can one be left to browse ones possible purchases sat at a table and chair, with plenty of daylight through the window, overlooking a quiet village green and be served a complimentary cup of tea in real china on a silver platter. At the delightful Harrowden books in Finedon that's where! Mike Sumner the owner has created a very special shop here and definitely WWAD. I made the 85 mile round trip and wished I had visited earlier. Quality stock all very keenly priced and a most courteous owner. This has to be in the top draw of bookshops in the UK. Free parking outside. Get visiting and get buying is all I can say!  Laurence Batchelor 23.10.18
Glad Laurence found Harrowden Books after his experience at Weedon - I visited again recently after a year and the stock is such good quality, and VERY keenly priced, I have always come away with an armful. Hopefully revisit very soon but will really miss this shop when we move to Scotland soon.  Flip M 02.11.18
Agree with all previous comments. Excellent shop, stock in good condition, prices fair. WWAD.  David 24.12.18
Previous reports all true, (yes I had a coffee). Excellent shop, good, clean stock and very reasonably priced. Everything a good bookshop should be. Many thanks.  Bazza 22.09.19
Mike runs an excellent bookshop, probably the best that I’ve visited over the years. Parking is available outside or close by. The stock is varied, well presented and very reasonably priced. WWAD.   SteveBrissle 18.04.22
Only way to Birmingham from the Cambridge area, I decided to branch off the A 14 to Finedon for a long-overdue (re-) visit to Harrowden Books. Despite the broken window and theft of items in the display, the boarding up had been rendered decorative and the owner, The inestimable Mike Sumner was philosophical.

The shop is still an absolute gem with a varied stock ranging from mass-market paperbacks to very collectable and fine older stock. Mike has created a new website - https://harrowdenbooks.co.uk - and I learned more about his lockdown posts - how to clean books for example.

Time chatting to bookshop owners is never wasted and this is nowhere more true than in Mike's case. Prices here are very reasonable but as we both agreed, this type of bookshop needs the support of bibliophiles if they are to survive and bring joy to future generations of book-buyers.

In the very first review of this place which I wrote many years ago, I urged TBG (1)s users to patronise this shop to see how a secondhand bookshop could and should be run. That advice still stands and is just as relevant for TBG2s users.

It is still the only secondhand bookshop I know where the owner supplies you with a cafetière of great coffee, china cups and a table in the window to sit, reviewing purchases.

In a time when the handcart in which the world is trundling towards hell is picking up speed, this bookshop is an oasis of calm and civilised standards and it deserves our support. Go there NOW!
  Firedrake 22.05.22
Great to see Jon again in the shop recently. We put the (book) world to rights! Thanks for your kind comments (again!), I'm always touched to hear how people appreciate the shop and the things I do. As Jon mentioned, the shop window was smashed recently but I'm still open for business and looking for more interesting stock to keep my lovely customers coming in. Best wishes.  Mike (owner) 25.05.22
How is this hidden gem not better known. Knowledgeable seller, books in excellent condition and reasonably priced. Make the effort to visit its worth it.  Bazza 16.04.23
Closed and now online only, but some stock will be relocated to St Ives, Cambridgeshire.  TBG2 02.08.23
OMG  Chris 02.08.23

Removed 28.07.23 from South West/Gloucestershire
British Heart Foundation Bookshop/CHELTENHAM/25 Winchcombe Street
British Heart Foundation Bookshop  Open at advertised times
25 Winchcombe Street   CHELTENHAM   GL52 2LZ
tel: 01242 222425 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00, Sunday 12.00 - 4.00.
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Donated books, CDs & videos.

Excellent well laid out charity bookshop with reasonably priced stock. Expensive parking nearby. Much better than the nearby Oxfam bookshop. Well worth a detour- recommended.  The Drifter 19.04.14
Continues to eclipse the nearby Oxfam in terms of stock and prices. Well worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.02.15
I did not make it to the Oxfam shop as I had such a good time here instead. Very well presented with above average calibre of books at sensible prices.  Steven 20.11.17
Well laid out shop. Prices seemed good but nothing for us. Worth a look if you are in the area.  David 15.02.20
Small shop, mostly newish stock. Prices mostly reasonable.  PeterM 15.06.22
Had been due to close in September, I think, but closed without warning last week. Site apparently to become an hotel  Cibba 28.07.23

Removed 25.07.23 from North East/North Yorkshire
Grosmont Bookshop/GROSMONT/Co-Op BuildingFront Street
Grosmont Bookshop    Phone before travelling
Co-Op Building  Front Street    GROSMONT  YO22 5QE
tel:  01947895170  e-mail   web
Open:  Saturday 11.00 - 3.00, Sunday 11.00 - 2.00
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Specialising in railway titles, bus and tram books, local maps, guides and local history, nationwide walking guides, military books, plus general fiction, history, biographies, childrens, etc etc. Open whenever the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is running trains, plus other days, see website for opening times and book lists.

Visited a number of times, a huge amount of railway/transport books, and a good selection of other books too. Very friendly owners make this well worth a visit, particularly if the railway is running.  Jakob Pieterson 17.05.12
Awesome selection of railway titles, but some general stock for the non-railway enthusiast. But this is a railway bookshop to all intents and purposes. Friendly, knowledgeable owner. Prices very keen and a good selection of books for £1 when I visited! Great for foreign railway books too - I cleaned up on US rail-road books! Highly recommended.  Lionel Wall 29.07.13
It mostly sells railway books, some new and most second-hand. It is a good place to have a rummage and the prices are very reasonable. It's a shop that I would return to.  SteveBrissle 04.08.14
George the genial proprietor will either land me in penury or the divorce court. Great selection, prices very reasonable. For industrial or transport history, well worth a visit. Also good prices paid when he is buying.  Anthony 05.02.15
Right opposite the North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway station and its car park, this medium sized, upstairs shop inevitably is heavily into railway books. While I’m not heavily into railway books there was more than enough other stock to keep me interested and I came away with a nice, old, cheap book which made the stopover at Grosmont station and its café as part of a trip on the steam railway worthwhile.  Jeremy Briggs 19.06.17
My first visit this week to this shop. Was mightily impressed by the huge range of transport titles, all categorised sensibly. I could easily have spent much more than I did, but our time was limited by the 30 minute car parking (right outside the door). Pleasant and helpful owner too.  Wessexman 04.10.21
Went there last week, but shop was closed. Now only open on Saturday (11-3) and Sunday (11-2); sign in the window: 'half-price sale'  Cibba 24.04.23

Removed 24.07.23 from Wales/Mid Wales
Greenways Corner Bookshop/HAY-ON-WYE/Backfold
Greenways Corner Bookshop  Phone before travelling
Backfold  Oxford Road   HAY-ON-WYE   HR3 5AJ
tel: 01497 820443  e-mail 
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Small friendly and good prices - it makes a nice first stop in the alley from the carpark to the main drag and then the "Shop without a Name" two doors down.  George Marshall 03.11.09
I always enjoy chatting with an owner who can tell a decent tale. Added to which his shop contained a number of titles which interested me. This is a place where both a reader and a collector can find books of interest. There is no real speciality in a wide range of available subjects.  Chris Harte 18.08.10
Always worth a look as limited stock but good quality. Also has for once a genuinely friendly owner!  Norman Davies 16.03.11
What a great little shop. Science fiction and Fantasy, a large sellection. Always find some great bargains. Customer friendly.  George the bookman 30.11.12
This is a nice little shop with well-chosen and interesting stock run by a very helpful proprietor.  Nicholas Pendower 12.04.14
Excellent wide ranging sensibly priced stock. Bought several books - between 60-70% cheaper than the nearby Addyman's. Friendly knowledgeable owner. Parking nearby. Well worth a detour.  The Drifter 19.04.14
The owner was most friendly and could not do enough to point me in the direction of his military/naval tomes. The shop itself isn't huge as it covers just 2 small rooms, but he does hold a few thousand books for the reader and collector. I spotted in the main room paperback fiction, crime, sci-fi, fantasy, thrillers, horror, romance, children's, classics. In the side room was where there was transport, magazines, comics, non-fiction, sport, travel, topography, gardening, art etc. I came away with 2 books at a discount and everything I viewed was priced to sell.  Laurence Batchelor 19.07.14
A nice little shop but a limited range of stock, No purchases this time and especially not one of the large china shire horses complete with harnesses ... (WHY?).  Jon Morgan 16.09.14
I'm certain, Jon, you've mixed me up with someone else. I don't sell china horses or any kind of ceramic animals.  George Greenway. 23.09.14
Closed. According to the Life in Hay blog, the owner retired in 2018.   Mark V 24.07.23

Removed 10.07.23 from North East/West Yorkshire
Border Bookshop/TODMORDEN/61a Halifax Road
The Border Bookshop     Status unknown, update requested
61a Halifax Road    TODMORDEN  OL14 5BB
tel:  01706 814721  e-mail   web   
Currently CLOSED
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Closed for the past year or so. Unclear if it will reopen or go online only.

A sizeable, well-organised shop with a good secondhand stock spread over two floors.  Bridget the Browser 
A fair-sized shop, some new but an extensive second-hand stock including the biggest collection of Bunter books I have ever seen as well as other childrens books and annuals, plus an incredible room literally floor-to-ceiling with comics, all well organised and categorised. This as well as the general paperback and hardback fiction and non-fiction. The sports section alone takes up a full room and spreads to shelves downstairs, and there is another room leading off the main downstairs room. Prices are very reasonable and owner is friendly.  The Wanderer 15.01.09
A wonderful place to go. Other than Victor's eccentricity of closing for lunch the stock is one of the best especially if you are after Victoriana or sport.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
This has now definitely closed as a shop and is online only.   Mark V 10.07.23

Removed 19.06.23 from North West/Lancashire
International Aid Trust/MORECAMBE/Book and Record Shop
International Aid Trust  Open at advertised times
Book and Record Shop  15 Albert Road   MORECAMBE   LA4 4HD
tel: 01524 413345 
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One of the best charity bookshops in the north-west, with books neatly displayed floor to ceiling in catagories, mainly in author order, with steps readily available. Prices range from low to fair, with many bargains and hard-to-find gems. Friendly and welcoming.  The Wanderer 29.07.08
At the south-western end of Morecambe in a street with a remarkable number of charity shops mainly to do with this same local charity, this is a medium sized shop with a remarkably diverse stock. The floor was a bit chaotic with a lot of excess stock in boxes and piles when I was there but the shelves were well laid out, the staff were friendly and, in comparison to the better located Old Pier Bookshop, the shop was surprisingly busy with people. Well worth the 10 minute walk from the centre of town.  Jeremy Briggs 14.08.08

Removed 19.06.23 from Southern/Dorset
Winton Bookshop/BOURNEMOUTH/1062 Christchurch Road
Winton Bookshop   Open at advertised times
1062 Christchurch Road    BOURNEMOUTH  BH7 6DS
tel:  01202 531186, mobile 07719 936009  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 4.30. Early closing Wednesday & Saturday at 2.00.
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A small shop with a big and varied, interesting stock, carefully selected. Books, vintage magazines & comics, postcards, posters, vintage photos, prints, ephemera, vinyl records etc. Established in the book trade for nearly 40 years. Winton Bookshop Ltd.

Removed 18.06.23 from South East/East Sussex
Lewes Book Centre/LEWES/38 Cliffe High Street
Lewes Book Centre  Phone before travelling
38 Cliffe High Street   LEWES   BN7 2AN
tel: 01273 487053  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.30 - 3.30, closed Wednesday, Saturday 10.30 - 5.00.
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General secondhand books and specialist military and aviation stock.

Good military bookshop, but typically wacky owners who argue among themselves. Makes me imagine Hitler and Stalin retiring to Sussex and starting a military bookshop together.  Christnye 09.06.12
lots of books great military stock and mostly fairly decent prices, The owners (Hitler and Stalin analogy accurate) were too busy eating to be able to assist. Difficult to access some stock because of the sheer volume. Mainly remainders and quite steep prices in places.  Jon Morgan 14.08.12
Muddled and chaotic but with patience there are many good books to be found. Lots of military and war titles. All round prices were good.  Chris Harte 17.06.14
In what can be quite an expensive book town it is refreshing to find a decent shop with a wide stock of reasonably priced books.  Steve Newman 14.02.15
Called in today (18 March 2017). Large collection but so difficult to get to many on lower shelves because of the multiple piles of books on the floor. Sadly I left without buying any which is a shame because I am sure there are some real gems waiting to be discovered.  Sam Sondercraft 25.03.17
Sign on door yesterday (Fri 31 Mar 17) now shows later opening, either 1000 or 1030 (can't remember which). However despite waiting until lunchtime, with other potential customers, it didn't open!  Stuart T 08.04.17
Mainly military. Afraid I couldn't get at my (non military) interest due to piles of books and boxes obstructing the shelves around the shop. Back by then not up to heavy lifting...  Norman Davies 31.05.18
Visited 2 years ago and the shop was closed. Visited this week and again closed. Sign explained that hours are erratic due to health issues but it looks like shop has not opened for some time, windows filthy. Interesting book section in antique centre further up the road, however.  HB 15.02.20
There is still no indication that this shop has been open recently.  Wessexman 06.08.21
Not quite the Marie Celeste it appears from the outside but not much better; I was told next door that the shop opens only very occasionally for a couple of hours.   Laurence Purcell 08.10.21
This is one of the very best military history bookshops in the country. The shame is that the elderly proprietors do not enjoy good health and can’t now open regularly. I met one of the owners the other day and he would encourage customers to phone him before a visit or to enquire about a specific book. His knowledge of the military history is extensive and well worth picking his brains. He has helped me on several occasions whilst I was researching my grandfather who was in WW1. His prices are very reasonable.  PeterD 15.10.22
Unfortunately, not open on the Friday of my visit. However, the books section of Oxfam, just across the road, is worth a shufty.  Nicholas Sack 24.10.22
Sadly this once great book shop appears to have closed now. The carpet shop next door takes in their mail, so I enquired in there. I was told he had not seen the owner for 3 months now. Prior to that the owner would call by roughly once a month to pick up any mail etc. The owner had health issues apparently, so sadly it looks like Lewes has now lost three good bookshops in recent times. Cummings & Fifteenth Century being the others.  Steve Newman 18.06.23

Removed 15.06.23 from London/W Postcodes
Vintage Magazine Shop/SOHO/39-43 Brewer Street
Vintage Magazine Shop  Open at advertised times
39-43 Brewer Street   SOHO   W1F 9UD
tel: 020 7439 8525 
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Magazines, comics & annuals. Claims to have the biggest magazine stock in Europe.

I walked past twice before realising that this semi-porn shop actually had magazines, which I eventually found in the basement. What was there were grossly overpriced and a waste of my time checking for anything of quality. Still, the other shop items opened the eyes of an innocent.  Chris Harte 06.01.10
Embarrassingly I discover this seems to have closed in 2017 and is now online only.  TBG2 15.06.23

Removed 22.05.23 from Central/Herefordshire
Courtyard Books/LEDBURY/Unit 10 The Homend Shopping Mall
Courtyard Books  Open at advertised times
Unit 10 The Homend Shopping Mall  32 The Homend   LEDBURY   HR8 1BT
tel: 01242 674335  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.
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We have a wide selection of new and second-hand books. We also offer a new and second-hand book ordering service. See our Facebook page for latest news and updates.

Single unit in a mall. Small but varied stock at reasonable prices. You could browse through the entire stock in 5-10 minutes.  PeterM 08.09.22
Shop now closed, and online only, according to its website, www.courtyardbooks.co.uk.   Mark V 22.05.23

Removed 12.05.23 from East Anglia/Norfolk
Em’s Emporium/DERSINGHAM/7 Jubilee Court (behind Boots) Hunstanton Road
Em’s Emporium  Open at advertised times
7 Jubilee Court (behind Boots) Hunstanton Road  DERSINGHAM  PE31 6HH
tel:  01485 522013 mob: 07810430497  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Friday 09.30 - 4.30, Saturday 09.30 - 2.00
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A bookroom in a new and nearly new toy, clothes and gift shop. Over 2000 general mainly modern books. Donation scheme supports charities.

A room of general books, many double-banked. Strong on fiction, particularly crime and thrillers and though some may be donations it has a better variety than that might suggest. A number of British Library classic crime books at a very reasonable £1.50 each.  Adrian 17.09.21
Closed in December 2022  Adrian 12.05.23

Removed 10.05.23 from Scotland/Edinburgh
Peter Bell/EDINBURGH/68 West Port
Peter Bell   Open at advertised times
68 West Port    EDINBURGH  EH1 2LD
tel:  0131 556 2198  e-mail   web
Open:  currently CLOSED, normally Tuesday - Saturday 2.00 - 5.00.
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Five thousand very carefully chosen, high quality books with a strong scholarly emphasis; especially history, philosophy, Scottish, art exhibition catalogues. Strong internet presence. Now includes a selection of Andrew Pringle's stock.

I do not like being snubbed when I enter a bookshop. It took a lot of effort for the owner to break himself away from his sandwiches and post to even look at me. There might have been good antiquarian titles around the shelves but such an attitude problem left me completely unwilling to purchase anything.  Chris Harte 11.06.10
I scarcely recognise Chris Hart's description here - it must have been an off day. The shop's own summary of itself I find accurate - especially in regard to philosophy. It's a small shop, and it's nice to be able to come and go without having to be drawn into chat with the owner, especially on a day when one doesn't find anything of special interest - as can happen.  ECD 25.11.11
Great bookshop with an attentive owner. Bought several books on ancient history when we were there a few years ago. My wife needed to call our daughter in San Francisco and couldn't make a connection on the mobile phone, so Mr Bell insisted she use his phone, at no charge. A nice man running a very well stocked store.  Bill McCarthy 21.08.14
I have been in this shop many times over the years and Peter Bell continues to maintain his high standards. The stock is excellent, both in quality and condition. Prices are high, but that is what it takes to provide such consistent quality. Yes, Mr. Bell is not very sociable, but then he is there to sell us excellent books, not entertain us!  TravellingLibrary 08.08.15
This was a seriously enjoyable browse; owner realised I was concentrating on his wonderful stock, not needing to be shepherded or earwigged; and when I engaged him in business, he was a very fair negotiator.  glenk 04.09.15
Accordingly to a notice on the door this shop is closed indefinitely as the owner is Covid vulnerable and too many browsers were failing to wear masks. The business is still trading online.  Gary 31.12.21
The notice on the door pane (7 May 23) says that the shop as such is closed, and there are no plans to open due to the owner's vulnerability. The same notice emphasizes the business has an online presence.   The Bookman 09.05.23

Removed 06.05.23 from Wales/Mid Wales
Fleur De Lys/HAY-ON-WYE/5 St. John_s Place
Fleur De Lys  Open at advertised times
5 St. John's Place  (next to Kilvert's Inn)   HAY-ON-WYE   HR3 5BN
tel: 07792 545675  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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35 years a full-time specialist in railways & transport. Selected good quality books, ephemera, models, railwayana, and small collectibles. A spotter's paradise! Similar always wanted - can travel worldwide. Also some antiques.

Visited today. This is an antique/bric a brac shop. No railwayana and no books. Not a bookshop!  Ghost of Driff 05.05.23

Removed 02.05.23 from Wales/Mid Wales
Pen_rallt Gallery Bookshop/MACHYNLLETH/3 Glasfryn, Heol Penrallt,
Pen'rallt Gallery Bookshop   Open at advertised times
3 Glasfryn, Heol Penrallt,    MACHYNLLETH  SY20 8AJ
tel:  01654 700559  e-mail   web
Open:  Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10.00 - 12.30, 1.30 - 4.00
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Mostly non-fiction, 25% new, specialising in photography, with the arts, environment, topography, natural history, illustrated and children's books. We order new books and search for used for customers. We also exhibit photography and book illustration work. We organise book related events for each first Thursday of the month. We do not sell on the internet.

Pleasant visit, nice selection of quality titles - no scruffy pot-boilers in here! With the various other book attractions in the town, worth a visit.  Anthony 14.08.13
Do not make the mistake of walking in and thinking this is just an Art Gallery. It is much more. There is a quality second-hand bookshop at the rear with some really good titles on the shelves. The rooms are light and airy which adds to the ambience. The stock is general but with an emphasis on art and artists.  Christopher Harte 29.08.21
Alas, no longer a bookshop. Just selling a small amount of items as the shop for the next door museum.  Chris Harte 02.05.23

Removed 01.05.23 from South East/West Sussex
Badgers Books/WORTHING/8-10 Gratwicke Road
Badgers Books   Phone before travelling
8-10 Gratwicke Road    WORTHING  BN11 4BH
tel:  01903 211816 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Large general secondhand stock.

A well organised shop with a very helpful proprietor and a stock of excellent quality that is always worth a visit.  Nicholas Pendower 03.01.09
A lovely old-fashioned shop run by people who knew their subject. Very helpful with all queries. Stock on railway and local material took ages to examine. Low pricing which made me buy more than I probably should have done. Recommended.  Chris Harte 12.08.09
Excellent shop with pleasant and welcoming proprieters. Always a good selection, and reasonably priced.Excellent shop with pleasant and welcoming proprieters. Always a good selection, and reasonably priced.  Gibbonstrangler 17.08.12
My idea of the perfect traditional secondhand bookshop. Always a lovely relaxing browsing experience with decent material at reasonable prices that makes it a pleasure to hand over the money to the friendly and helpful yet unobtrusive proprietors.  DavidC 13.09.12
SUPERB SERVICE!! I placed an internet order on Sunday, it was despatched on Monday, and the expertly packaged book was delivered on Tuesday. In addition Meriel was kind enough to include a note with the parcel. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!  Kate Morton 07.03.14
Impressive in size and stock. Good topography and military sections. Attractive pricing.  Herne 01.04.14
I live in Derbyshire; buy online. Love to be able to visit - Meriel is lovely on the 'phone. Excellent prices, solid packaging, a little note from Meriel - good stuff!  Andrew Bradley 03.07.14
Can only agree with everyone. Lovely owners, relaxed atmosphere, good selection of paperback fiction and hardbacks - lots of lit crit - has a nice ever changing selection of Virginia Woolf and other Bloomsbury group books. Been coming here on and off must be twenty years, and always visit when I'm in the area. Very fair prices means I always come away with a selection to keep me going in this irksome world.  Yossarian 24.04.15
Still as welcoming as ever. Good stock although more in quality than quantity. I found some interesting titles while my wife purchased more than I did, a most unusual occurrence.  Chris Harte 08.04.16
I can only echo the previous comments. This is the sort of shop you think has vanished and then are overjoyed to find that it still exists. it is well laid out and although at first glance the hardback fiction seems expensive, it is usually a) first edition, b) in superb condition and c) signed. There is something for everyone here and it is WWAD. NB Oxfam shop round the corner is NWAD.  Jon Morgan 24.09.16
A very nice, well stocked, traditional secondhand bookshop. Especially strong on nonfiction, on display are also some rarities; ephemera in the form of old magazines and pamphlets etc. Friendly staff as well. Thank god this shop still exists after the demise of Kims Bookshop in Worthing. A quaint and charming place.  taylor 01.02.18
Always a joy to visit. Lots of lovely literature, (auto)biographies, lit crit, poetry; the owners are lovely too. As simple as that! Go!  TheWavesBroke 12.07.19
A great little shop, well set out and reasonably priced. Lady owner always very pleasant.  Wessexman 06.08.21
Well stocked, well organised and pleasingly laid out, this shop is a shining light in the awful shoreline "subtopia" which stretches between Brighton and Bognor. For some reason I rarely seem to find anything I want but that's just my bad luck: there's plenty there. Highly recommended.  Laurence Purcell 19.05.22
According to information on Twitter, it looks like this lovely bookshop has now closed.   NickC 21.04.23
I am sorry to confirm that this wonderful place, the very last surviving secondhand bookshop in Worthing, has closed down.  Richard 30.07.23

Removed 29.04.23 from North West/Lancashire
Barnardo_s/LANCASTER/4-6 Cheapside
Barnardo's  Open at advertised times
4-6 Cheapside   LANCASTER   LA1 1XF
tel: 01524 62429 
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Ironically Lancaster's two charity bookshops live opposite each other in Penny Street in the pedestrianised town centre. Barnardos is the larger of the two and due to the shape of the shop is better laid out, giving the impression of a new bookshop.  Jeremy Briggs 07.07.08
Recently moved to Cheapside, next to the MacDonalds.  The Wanderer 02.03.10
Good selections and well laid out. This, and the local Oxfam chairty shop (Oxfam Books) made the trip to Lancaster worthwhile.  Iain Baille 22.11.10
General charity shop with a few shelves of typical remaindered books. Told that 'the bookshop' had closed some time ago and before the staff had worked there.  Doc 29.08.15
Saltaire Tom advises us that this has long gone.  TBG2 29.04.23

Removed 20.04.23 from South West/Devon
Grubstreet Books/COLYTON/The Vintage Shed
Grubstreet Books  Open at advertised times
The Vintage Shed  Station Yard  Station Road   COLYTON   EX24 6HA
tel: 01297 599121  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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Bookstall in an indoor vintage market.

The Vintage shed is no more and, presumably, neither is Grub Street books.   David 19.04.23

Removed 06.04.23 from South East/Kent
Bookmark/RAINHAM/15c Rainham Shopping Centre
The Bookmark  Open at advertised times
15c Rainham Shopping Centre   RAINHAM   ME8 7HW
tel: 01634 365987 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30. Sunday 10.00 - 4.00
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Over 40,000 reasonably priced books at your fingertips. Wide range of both fiction and non-fiction. Very Good History, Travel, Biography, Childrens & study sections. Book searches undertaken. Range of large print & audio books. Great jazz while you browse.

On entry started muttering to myself about wasting 50p in car park charging. Within a few minutes realised that there was good stock so long as you had your eyes looking upwards on to the top shelves. Eventually came away with two carrier bags full but be aware; the manager's spoken English is not very good.  Chris Harte 27.06.09
Fantastic range of well priced books in an incredibly well oragnised and clean shop. Really helpful, well spoken and knowledgeable staff.  J 27.04.12
One of my favorite bookshops. Very good stock of books and the owners will look out for books for you. Prices are very reasonable.  Dave 24.05.12
A tremendous range of high-quality stock, all neatly ordered and shelved. The voluble owner might entertain you with his opinions on the practices of Amazon. I found a signed hardback copy of Fay Godwin's photos of Romney Marsh, with text by Richard Ingrams, for a gleefully low price.  Nicholas Sack 08.07.14
It depends on your interests I suppose and this was one of the best laid out and best organised bookshops in Kent. A pleasure to browse in if you are interested in local or military subjects. The practice of piling two rows of books on a shelf is really annoying and off-putting after shifting them for half an hour one is inclined to give up. Many of the lower shelves in this otherwise well devised shop are utterly obscured by piles and boxes. Many remainders and multiple copies, get rid of the 6 plus copies of Kate Mosse's Labyrinth and there may be room for some more quality stock. Plenty of charity shops close by, otherwise quite a depressing little shopping centre in a depressing county.  Jon Morgan 07.08.14
Good for modern books - quick moving stock. Good prices.  loracs 10.07.18
Combined with a visit to Sunburst this makes Rainham worth a visit. Stock here pretty good although prices a little high. Very well selected and shelves easy to check.  Chris Harte 28.11.19
Prices a little on the high side. A lot of paperback fiction and lots of war related stock  David 18.09.21
The only change since my last visit has been the removal of a number of high shelves. Otherwise the stock is still pretty good with military and fiction to the fore. Always worth calling in when passing.  Chris 24.06.22
Sadly, this bookshop ceased trading in March 2023.  Jezreel's Tower 05.04.23

Removed 23.03.23 from Republic of Ireland/Co. Dublin
Carraig Books Ltd//73 Main Street
Carraig Books Ltd  Open at advertised times
73 Main Street  BLACKROCK  Co. Dublin     
tel: 01 288 2575  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5.00, Saturday 10.00 - 3.30. Closed for lunch 1.00 - 2.00.
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Over 70,000 old, out-of-print, rare and antiquarian volumes in stock. Irish books, catholic and general titles.

A lovely shop. Crowded shelves with quality titles. So old-fashioned it was hard to leave. I must confess to have chatted with the owner, Sean Day, for over an hour on my first visit as he looked over the shelves for books of my interests. Made a second visit two days later and found even more books of choice. Highly recommended. WWAD.  Chris Harte 09.11.15
I think Chris Harte must have visited a different shop or else it has changed. As avid but not wealthy book readers we found it very pricey.  David 18.08.16
Carraig Books closed in August 2018  TBG2 18.10.22

Removed 17.03.23 from London/N Postcodes
Kindness Offensive Bookshop/HOLLOWAY/273 Camden Road
The Kindness Offensive Bookshop  Open at advertised times
273 Camden Road   HOLLOWAY   N7 0JN
tel: 020 7607 6592  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 1.00 - 5.00, Saturday 12.00 - 6.00.
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Most of the books not ordered or categorised. All books in the shop are free of charge to take away.

This shop closed years ago. The 'stock' was the dregs de la dregs, stuff everyone else had chucked out. I imagine no-one ever went more than once, which may explain why no-one mentioned its closure, in fact the site has been razed and re-developed.  PeterM 16.03.23

Removed 18.02.23 from Central/Lincolnshire
Louth and District Hospice Bookshop/LOUTH/53 Ashwell Street
Louth and District Hospice Bookshop    Status unknown, update requested
53 Ashwell Street    LOUTH  LN11 9HW
tel:  01507 601119  e-mail   web  
Open:  CLOSED and looking for new premises
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We stock thousands of secondhand books. Dependent on donations but we have large stocks of crime, history, cookery, gardening. We also offer a Book Club in conjunction with a local café and a book search service

We are regular visitors to this bookshop. Friendly staff, great bookshop and very well priced. We always come home with a bag full of books.  Jayne 29.08.21
Since my last visit this bookshop has had a tidy up and a move around. Looking great! Friendly welcome from staff. Fiction and nonfiction. Hardback and paperback. Very good prices. Bargains everywhere. Even the stockroom at the back of the shop is open to the public. We brought as usual a big pile of books. A must visit if you're in the area.   Jayne  10.04.22
We have had information that this shop has closed. Their Facebook page gives a complex story, but it seems that the shop was closed without notice but its volunteers are hoping to reopen in new premises. We'll leave the shop details here but ask our users for any updates they may hear of.  TBG2 19.10.22

Removed 14.02.23 from South East/Kent
Plantagenet King/CANTERBURY/13 Burgate
The Plantagenet King  Open at advertised times
13 Burgate  CANTERBURY  CT1 2HG
tel:  01227 941543  e-mail   web  
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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The Plantagenet King buys and sells high-quality rare books. We specialise in particular in modern first editions. We also have an interest in children's books, 19th century literature and landmark non fiction titles.

Perhaps my favourite bookshop in the U.K, an amazing selection of first editions and signed first editions, all in brilliant condition. Some real rarities but also a lot of stock at much more accessible prices. A knowledgeable owner who makes every visit a pleasure.  Archive61 04.09.22
CLOSED at this address but still apparently dealing online.  TBG2 14.02.23

Removed 13.02.23 from South West/Cornwall
Just Books/TRURO/1 Pydar Mews
Just Books  Open at advertised times
1 Pydar Mews   TRURO   TR1 2UX
tel: 01872 242532 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00 in Winter, Tuesday 10.00 - 5.00 from Easter - January.
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Secondhand and some antiquarian books, particularly Cornish history and topography. Pydar Mews is situated on the left going up Pydar Street from the Cathedral, opposite Boots the chemist.

Gorgeous little shop. No rubbish at all, just a fantastic selection of books for casual shoppers and serious collectors alike. Small and crammed full of books, but also well laid out. A treasure trove.  fastandbulbous 
Hidden away in a mews with the owner somewhat startled by a request for anything pre-war or Victorian. Nice reading material but nothing collectable.  Chris Harte 20.04.10
Shop has moved from the middle to the end of the mews since my last visit. The stock is interesting and fairly priced (for readers and collectors rather than dealers) and the owner ETGOW.  Steven Whitehead 19.04.12
The selection of books on offer was worth the effort in seeking this establishment out and the prices were reasonable. However, on arrival, there was nobody "minding the store", but two men were having a rather frequently innuendo-laden discussion just outside the doorway which could be heard by both passers-by and my wife, who felt that this was extremely inappropriate, especially when one invited the other in for a coffee and the conversation continued in a similar vein in the downstairs part of the shop. On selecting a few titles, I went downstairs to pay for them, and found what appeared to be the shopkeeper having a different conversation with another passer-by in the alleyway outside (the first having seemingly vanished). My presence near the till was noted but ignored - this continued for several minutes until I was almost on the point of leaving the books behind and walking out. The shopkeeper made some apology about "having to talk to people and finish our conversation" although I would have expected him to ask to be excused whilst he dealt with me - rather than keep me waiting. A second customer had also appeared in the meantime and was similarly unimpressed - and also having a business card half-thrown at him when he asked whether he could sell some books. Not impressed!  Graeme Rendall 18.09.14
Great shop. Always satisfied even when I haven't bought anything. Slightly cramped but that's mainly because it's packed with stock, which changes regularly enough for me (I visit once a year or so). The division over two floors works wonderfully: ground floor feels more selected, upper floor feels more like a lucky dip. Always spot something interesting in the books displayed cover-out too. Strong on local history, natural history, art, classic fiction, but at least a few things in every area.  BSJ 06.10.16
Plus one to BSJ's comment above.  Steven 30.10.17
Now closed on Tuesdays, so the town's other dealers told me, after I had been on a worthless visit.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
Open Tues to Sat in summer, good selection, especially Books on Cornwall.  Guido 13.08.19
Some decent Cornish material and plenty of good mp/b fiction but most other sections of lowish quality.  Ghost of Driff 08.10.21
This bookshop has sadly closed down. As of Saturday 11th February 2023 there was free books being given away outside the shop, and the seller is in the process of shifting the business online.   Martin R 13.02.23

Removed 04.01.23 from Wales/West Wales
Discovery Bookshop/GARNANT/52 Cwmamman Road
Discovery Bookshop     Open at advertised times
52 Cwmamman Road    GARNANT  SA18 1NF
tel:  01269 823839  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Friday 11.00 - 4.00
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Shop is closing in a few months' time. Closing sale now on (Aug 2021). Sign now says "Open every day for closing down sale"
Secondhand Non-Fiction, Reference, Technical Books and Fiction. A large and varied stock of Vinyl Records - a broad range including many hard-to-find items and good stocks of CDs. Call and see us in our newly refurbished shop, now including extra book stocks with new items added regularly.

A shop which will take some time to browse. All subjects as stated on its website. A charming lady owner who had bookshops in her native Queensland before moving to Wales. The CD section is a distraction as it contains quality discs. This shop is very community orientated as noted by the locals whose purchases, I was told, make up over 95% of the sales.  Chris Harte 28.08.13
Re Mr. Harte's comments from his previous visit - we have recently refurbished the shop completely, changed our stock displays and increased our book stocks and as we now advertise widely, our customer base has changed considerably to include people from wider areas and now does not just consist of local trade.  Kate Stent, Discovery Bookshop 20.02.15
Reluctantly closing permanently on 4th April 2022 due to a bereavement and health issues. I thank our many customers and friends over the past 21 years and wish everyone in the book business all the very best for the future - and keep selling books!   K 11.03.22
This bookshop has been closed for over nine months. Stock has been taken by dealers, charities and even the local library.  Chris 04.01.23

Removed 01.01.23 from London/W Postcodes
Al Saqi Books/NOTTING HILL/26 Westbourne Grove
Al Saqi Books  Open at advertised times
26 Westbourne Grove   NOTTING HILL   W2 5RH
tel: 020 7229 8543 
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New & some secondhand books on the Islamic world.

Removed 01.01.23 from North East/North Yorkshire
Fossgate Books/YORK/36 Fossgate
Fossgate Books   Open at advertised times
36 Fossgate    YORK  YO1 9TF
tel:  01904 641389  e-mail  
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Two floors of secondhand and antiquarian books covering most subjects: academic, scholarly and popular; the Folio Society a speciality.

Endearingly dingy, the prices are good and the owner is very helpful and interested.  George Marshall 04.02.10
Friendly, helpful, well stocked. Many less ordinary books. Got the feeling that this is the kind of shop where occasional treasure may be found - although not on this occasion. Well worth a visit!  Sam 09.04.10
Your review of Fossgate books does not do it justice. Upstairs it has hundreds of Folio society books at good prices and has done for some years. No mention of this specialism in your review! I visited today and have visited many times over the years.  Ken R Smith 26.01.11
Interesting with a wide range. Strong on politics and film, and yes I did find a tresure for me!  Norman Davies 09.02.11
A lovely old fashioned shop with a good mix of books and a really friendly owner. Just be careful on the rather uneven stairs upstairs (but the journey upstairs is worth it)  Jakob Pieterson 05.07.11
He does need to spend some £££s updating the fixtures and fittings. Stairs can only get more treacherous and the lighting and heating on the first floor are poor. Some good books on offer; mostly medium priced.  Chris K 19.01.13
Called in this weekend as I always do when visiting York - this is what I call a proper secondhand bookshop. Selection of Folio editions gets better and better. Recommend!  Bridget Scurfield 16.02.13
Visited in the Spring of 2013. A good selection of WWII books upstairs and prices were fair. I did, however, leave empty-handed.  Laurence Batchelor 08.01.14
Absolute gem of a shop, was in York for 3 days and went there twice it was that good!  Cameron Kelly 02.10.14
Sometimes, just sometimes, you walk into a bookshop to be greeted by a warm smile, a pleasant greeting and a charming person. Not only was this lovely Polish girl helpful but she also kept directing me to the right shelves. Everything here well categorised and I came away with two bags of good quality titles.  Chris Harte 23.03.15
I specifically called in here during a day trip to York & found both the shop & owner relatively pleasant. I have always loved & collected books, but am not a specialist, so can't comment on the quality of the stock, although there was evidently a pleasing variety of books on display. Despite finding the books slightly overpriced for my budget & the steep stairs vaguely treacherous I still managed to find & purchase an SF book I wanted & presently left the shop in sanguine spirits.  zeitgeist45 15.08.15
In common with others I found the stairs a killer! That said a fine selection of books both downstairs, where modern fiction was relatively limited and upstairs where the military stock was superb Sorely tempted by a book on RAF Tempisford but I could not justify the £45 price tag. Otherwise, the biggest stock of Folio Society Books I have ever seen (I have never understood the attraction of these books, let alone their prices!) This is the most traditional of York's secondhand bookshops and well worth a browse. In common with others however, I left empty handed and with sore knees.  Jon Morgan 13.05.17
Nice old shop. Browsers heaven but not a buyers heaven, unfortunately. Left empty-handed. - David  25.05.17 25.05.17
Went back there after a good while. Quite a number of items on the floor. Did find a nice version of £6.  Chris K 19.04.18
A very good shop, particularly for older fiction. Up those terrifying stairs is a whole wall of Folio Society books, enough to stock a chain of libraries!   Laurence Purcell 27.08.21
One of the better bookshops in York. Good stock but at York prices. Did not find anything this time, but would call again if in the area.  Steve Newman 08.09.21
Agree with the last comment. No bargains to be had here but stock varied and well displayed. Always included in my annual tour of York's bookshops.  Wessexman 01.10.21
Very strong on Folio Society books with some unusual items (or at least ones I had not seen before). Also good for poetry and history and the owner is etgow and knows his stuff. WAD for Folio books and worth a visit when in York for other categories.  Steven 23.04.22
Alas, alas. The shop is to close next month when the owner retires.  Chris 25.11.22
Shop closing - yes, end of December 2022. But Alex tells me he will be moving to selling online instead. I can honestly say now that I survived those infernal stairs, For many years I thought I might not.   SaltaireTom 04.12.22
Pleasant final visit today, good chat with Alex. No bargains but some worthwhile purchases nonetheless. As with Spelmans, will be sadly missed after 30 years in York.  Anthony 12.12.22
Alex Helstip has said that he will continue selling but via his newly created Facebook page  Chris 16.12.22

Removed 27.12.22 from London/NW Postcodes
Offside Books/KILBURN/92 Willesden Lane
Offside Books        Open at advertised times
92 Willesden Lane    KILBURN  NW6 7TA
tel:  020 7624 9340  e-mail   web   
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Offside Books is permanently closed

We now sell a mixture of new, secondhand and bargain books, and we can order books. Genres include history, fiction, psychology, philosophy, art and smart thinking. We also stock a good range of budget childrens' and classic titles. We offer what we believe is the most generous loyalty card scheme in London bookshops (six stamps earns you £10 credit in store, purchase over ten pounds to gain a stamp)

A small place about 200 yds from the JW Kilburn High Road. and only 20 mins cycle from central London. Nearest Station Kilburn High Road or Brondesbury. Very friendly with customer seating - an old church pew. Slightly haphazard title/author/genre organisation but pleasingly quirky with some interesting modern (20th century) posters. One very nice Spanish Civil war one. The owner hopes to begin selling these in the future. The stock was varied albeit not extensive with some interesting titles. ordinarily, following Driff, I would class as pop in if in area but NWAD but I think it behoves us all to support new shops like this as much as we can. NB they are having an official launch party on 14.03.15 5.00 - 9.00 WITH refreshment!  Jon Morgan 12.03.15
There`s been a dearth of good bookshops here for ages. Hopefully this will fill the void.  Brian 18.04.15
The church pew appears to have morphed into a sofa! Rather interesting to see such a large piece of furniture in a small shop! Little room for a wide variety but a pleasant selection all the same, plus an owner who is prepared to have a decent chat about what you have purchased. Took me about 10 mins to walk there from Brondesbury Station.  Graeme Rendall 22.09.19
Mid-range stock in a pleasant room with a charming proprietor. At just four pounds, 'Leaves of Grass' illustrated by Edward Weston's photographs is a long way below internet prices. The lease has recently been extended - good to see a bookshop surviving in this overlooked neighbourhood.  Nicholas Sack 18.01.20
Sofa, tea and coffee have sadly gone. The good news is there are a few more shelves in the space.  Adrian 01.08.21

Removed 23.12.22 from Central/West Midlands
Big Comfy Bookshop/COVENTRY/Fargo VillageFar Gosford Street
The Big Comfy Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Fargo Village  Far Gosford Street    COVENTRY  CV1 5ED
tel:  07710 400 428  e-mail   web
CLOSING by Christmas, for now Open:  Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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General secondhand bookstore. Large SF fantasy and Crime thriller section. Cafe serving cake, tea, coffee and alcohol.

I'm happy to provide this shops 1st review on TheBookGuide. It's a large charity shop spread through 1 room and based to the East of the city centre, 10 mins walk along Far Gosford street from Gosford books. There is several large car parks nearby just off the A444. Its part of a larger and whacky development Fargo village developed from EU funding containing many eccentric shops and eateries. The stock was all well categorized with pricing in the £2-£3 range for the military hardbacks I purchased. The shop has a cafe and encourages reading before buying. It also has 50p bargain boxes outside and new donations were by the till. There were also several shelves to the left of old, rare and antiquarian. An excellent addition to the city's 2 other bookshops and like all charity shops there's always a chance to get lucky.  Laurence Batchelor 30.08.18
A return visit after a few months. They now close at 4pm on Fridays as they use the venue for singing. The chair is now moved blocking the antiquarian books making them easier to browse. Pricing on my military non-fiction still reasonable. WWAD.  Laurence Batchelor 06.10.18
This was a nice find in Coventry. Not a charity shop as a previous reviewer mentioned. A good selection of books; I came away with an armful of paperbacks to read. A welcoming cafe environment, with tea and cake and it looks like they have some good music nights in the shop, though I'm sadly not local enough to sample one of these.  MPW 30.01.19
I incorrectly tagged this one a charity shop, what I should have written is they sell a lot of donated books. A return visit on a Sunday after walking the length of the city centre hoping their stocks had been replenished after their recent floods but alas nothing to buy in Childrens, Military History, rare and collectable or cookery so I came away empty handed. Many books in the military history shelves were there 2-3 years ago. Stock in need of pruning and updating. I also visited Greens Home Interiors where they deposit some of their older books amongst the antiques and there too I found nothing worth buying.  Laurence Batchelor 28.11.19
I believe this shop is now closed as the owner was selling off all the bookcases on facebook.  Laurence Batchelor 23.12.22

Removed 06.12.22 from London/W Postcodes
La librairie/HAMMERSMITH/377 King Street
La librairie  Open at advertised times
377 King Street   HAMMERSMITH   W6 9NJ
tel: 020 8741 9484  e-mail  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 11.00 - 5.00.
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We offer secondhand books in French, for anyone who needs or wants to read in French. We have a wide selection, in all kind of sectors: children’s, comics, graphic novels and manga for all ages, crime/thrillers, classic and contemporary fiction, non-fiction, cookery, collectables and so on. We are are also happy to buy books

The shop closed in October 2022 and is now online only.  Nicholas Sack 06.12.22

Removed 13.11.22 from North West/Merseyside
Bluecoat Books _ Arts/LIVERPOOL/Gostins Building
Bluecoat Books & Arts  Open at advertised times
Gostins Building  32 Hanover Street   LIVERPOOL   L1 4LN
tel: 0151 709 5449  web 
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Remaindered books and promotional titles.

Bright bookshop, centrally located and combined with an arts shop. Nothing much in the field of older books, but nice general stock and good reading material.  jduester 30.09.10
NOT secondhand books, it is the same as the Chester shop, nothing but new books at discounted prices.  The Wanderer 15.03.11
Superb little shop. Entirely stocked with quality remaindered books at very affordable prices.  Bookworm 30.11.12
This may not be a secondhand bookshop - it does not profess to be - but nevertheless, it has many interesting titles and should not be dismissed as 'only remainders' etc. The stock has obviously been selected with care - not the equivalent to The Works et al.  j2.Owch 02.01.14
Pricing is simple - half the publisher's price, or one-third if its in US dollars. That tells us that the stock, if not remaindered, is certainly new books which are for whatever reason, going cheap. But the stock is sufficient to make it worth going first here, before Waterstone's, if you are seeking any fairly recent edition.  James Mackay 19.04.14
Visited this shop yesterday but the building is being renovated and it looks like the shop is closed at the present time.  Geoff 24.12.18
The building is just rubble inside. It has been empty over two years. A sign at the front says it is to become a Jurys Inn.  Chris 13.11.22

Removed 08.11.22 from London/W Postcodes
Royal Trinity Hospice Shop/Notting Hill/20a Notting Hill Gate
Royal Trinity Hospice Shop  Open at advertised times
20a Notting Hill Gate   NOTTING HILL   W11 3JE
tel: 020 7792 2582  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 11.00 - 5.00.
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There is an extensive collection of books in our Notting Hill shop; you will find a great selection of antique books, art books and a wide variety of fiction.

One small room, stock not that exciting. Back room of a normal charity shop, moved here from Kensington Church St I believe, Now that was a decent shop.  Steve Newman 15.01.18
Further to Mr Newman above, only two sides of the small back room are given over to books. Middlebrow stock; NWAD.  Nicholas Sack 01.10.18
This is no longer a bookshop of any sort. It is still a charity shop but exclusively sells high end secondhand fashion clothes. I dread, but expect that many more charity bookshops will go this way as the profit margin on clothes is presumably higher. I have glimpsed the future and it seems that Fahrenheit 451 was maybe not far from what will happen!!!  PeterD 08.11.22

Removed 03.11.22 from Central/Shropshire
Aardvark Books Ltd/BUCKNELL/The Bookery
Aardvark Books Ltd  Open at advertised times
The Bookery  Manor Farm  Brampton Bryan   BUCKNELL   SY7 0DH
tel: 01547 530888   e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00, Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 10.00 -4 .00.
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50,000 titles covering all subjects. Books are a mixture of secondhand, new, remainders and a small section of rare and antiquarian. Particularly strong for art and related areas. Interested in purchasing libraries. Recently moved up the road to a larger building.

Two floors of a converted barn stuffed with many remainders obtained from Llangollen. On arrival presented with a 'route-guide' of the bookshelves which was not really needed. Quite a number of used books but only one very small side piece of shelving which contained the 'rare' (!) section. My wife called the place "sterile" while I found the rushing around of the self important staff quite amusing. Yes, there were a lot of books but bulk does not equal substance. There will not be a return visit.  Chris Harte 17.08.10
Notwithstanding the posted review we continue to thrive (has given much amusement and have posted it up in the shop as the equivalent of the slave who used to whisper in the ear of generals granted triumphs).  Sheridan Swinson Aardvark Books Ltd 26.05.11
I've been there a couple of times and quite like it. The book stock is quite large and varied. There is a little area for drinks and snacks. There is a large parking area just outside. The people are welcoming. The surrounding countryside is beautiful. It is a nice day out.  Paul Mountford 13.03.12
An excellent large barn with cafe and wood stove, and very large stock, moderately priced. Particularly strong on art books, fiction, academic, children's. Pleasant and welcoming.  Mark 16.11.13
As stated previously, sterile. I would have loved to have found the strong 'children's' section. The section I found was very ordinary. Some books were in plastic bags I assume denoting rarity - if only! Trade needn't make a detour.  J Jones 18.07.14
Could not resist calling in following the owner's comments after my last visit. Alas, could not find my review on the wall as stated. I took my time in assessing the stock. Most titles were unpriced and those which were brought the word 'fantasy' to my mind. Looks as if they are expanding into next door's premises. If so, then an experienced buyer to add to the staff would no doubt raise the quality of the holdings. Enough said.  Chris Harte 25.07.15
Amazing. Chris Harte hated the shop so much he came back for a second visit. Sorry review not still up, but it has been 4 years! Will lend him glasses for his 3rd visit as S/H titles are priced however. Six years since his last visit and turnover is approx. 50% higher. May put off getting the 'experienced buyer' for a bit longer therefore.  Sheridan Swinson (owner) 03.06.16
Reviewer PaulH has pointed out that Bucknell is not in Shropshire but in Herefordshire where this shop already has its own entry.  TGB2 03.11.22

Removed 29.10.22 from North West/Merseyside
Richards Collectables and Books/LIVERPOOL/Carlisle Building
Richards Collectables and Books  Open at advertised times
Carlisle Building  69-71 Victoria Street   LIVERPOOL   L1 6ED
tel: 78079 14842  e-mail 
Open:  Monday & Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00.
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Rare, secondhand and vintage Books, out of print and first editions. A unique space filled with books, art from local artists, antiques and collectables.
Appears to be gone. Building shut. Facebook page last updated in 2019. eBay storefront inactive.   Stive 29.10.22
Yes, closed in January 2021 after 40 years due to the ill health of the owner.  TBG2 29.10.22

Removed 22.10.22 from Southern/Berkshire
R J Caffrey Books/KINTBURY/The Square
R J Caffrey Books  Open at advertised times
The Square   KINTBURY   RG17 9UP
tel: 01488 658 788    web 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00 or by appointment.
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Good general stock, Modern European and Military History, the Ancient World (Greek and Latin texts and translations always available), Art History, Photography, Architecture, Topography, Catholicism, Plays, Poetry and Irish interest (Literature, History and Culture).

Removed 16.10.22 from Central/Lincolnshire
Pegasus Children_s Books/LINCOLN/3 Central Market
Pegasus Children's Books  Open at advertised times
3 Central Market  Sincil Street   LINCOLN   LN5 7ET
tel: 07739 249228    web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00.
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For all Children's Books - New and Old (secondhand but not chewed by the child!) reading, colouring, activity and educational. Also children's puzzles, games, jigsaws, stationary and other fun things. We also stock a range of adult puzzle magazines, jigsaws and games. Pegasus Children's Books - where children's imaginations are given wings and take flight! Discounts available for schools and clubs.

Now joined with Browse Awhile. Overpriced and every book comes with a sticker on the back cover obscuring the bottom third of the cover and which, according to the owner when asked, "is not designed to be removed". No way to get it off without damaging the book severely.  The Wanderer 30.07.09
Shop closed as the Central Market is being redeveloped.  Gary 16.10.22

Removed 13.10.22 from North West/Lancashire
Halewood and Sons/PRESTON/37 Friargate
Halewood and Sons  Phone before travelling
37 Friargate   PRESTON   PR1 2AT
tel: 01772 252603 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.15.
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Very large stock, specifically African, American and Australian interest.

Some really wonderful stuff in a very crowded shop. Prices at the top end but you must expect that for quality. The stock of Victoriana is excellent. I regret not being able to visit more frequently in the past: will now be much more regular.  Chris Harte 27.07.09
It can be pricey but worth visiting for the glorious historic shop alone - polished mahogany, ticking clocks, gasolier and floor to ceiling shelves of high quality books. Not what you expect in Preston.  George Marshall 25.02.10
Not open at stated times, very unhelpfull and unfriendly when approached. What a shame as im an avid collector of books with a large customer base and was looking for new contact.  Sean 22.03.13
I echo the comment on 22/03/13: the shop was not open at the advertised time and when I went back found an unfriendly shopkeeper who turfed me out after 5 minutes because he was closing the shop at about 04:00 on a Saturday afternoon. The shop does look lovely, though. Their second shop is staffed by the more friendly brother, I think.  Michael 21.11.13
I made the journey by bus from Burnley. I had a shirt and tie on, I am 57 years of age, the lights were on, I knocked on the locked door, the owner pulled aside a poster, looked @ me and shook his head. Not open he ''mouthed'' to me,how odd, it was 3pm.???  Stephen Riley 07.03.15
The owner was standing in the doorway, would not let us enter as he said he was closed and did not know when he would be open again. Had no interest in selling anything. Don’t even bother visiting   Archive61 04.10.21

Removed 13.10.22 from Southern/Buckinghamshire
Chapter Two/CHESHAM/10 High St
Chapter Two  Open at advertised times
10 High St  CHESHAM 
tel: 01494 791260    web
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00, Sunday 10.00 - 4.00
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A community bookshop in the heart of Chesham selling pre-loved books and more. Proceeds to the Hospice of St Francis

Removed 13.10.22 from Southern/Buckinghamshire
Nooks and Crannys/CHESHAM/9 Market Square
Nooks and Crannys  Open at advertised times
9 Market Square   CHESHAM   HP5 1HG
tel: 01494 778855 
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Describes itself outside as an an antique shop and only has a small area of books at the rear of the shop. Stop if you're passing but don't make a special trip.  Nicholas Pendower 05.02.09

Removed 13.10.22 from Republic of Ireland/Co. Cork
Uneeda Bookshop/CORK/71 Oliver Plunkett Street
Uneeda Bookshop   Phone before travelling
71 Oliver Plunkett Street   CORK 

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+353 (0)21 4270899 Secondhand books and vinyl.

Unfortunately this shop closed by in 2020 - See new article here https://www.irishexaminer.com/lifestyle/artsandculture/arid-40058045.html  jack 13.10.22

Removed 01.10.22 from Southern/Isle of Wight
Cameron House Books/FRESHWATER/Dimbola Lodge
Cameron House Books  Open at advertised times
Dimbola Lodge  Terrace Lane   FRESHWATER   PO40 9QE
tel: 01983 754960 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Shop within an historic building which was once the home of Julia Margaret Cameron. Stock of fine and rare illustrated books and first editions.

In same building (but separate from) fascinating JMC museum. Good selection but I found the prices eye-watering for "ordinary" titles. Did not look into the antiquarian titles.  Norman Davies 31.05.18
We visited in September 2022 and found "We are now on Abebooks" with the shop closed. (The Museum was interesting and worth a visit)  Normanghast 26.09.22

Removed 01.10.22 from North East/North Yorkshire
Grimoire Bookshop/YORK/7 High Petergate
The Grimoire Bookshop   Phone before travelling
7 High Petergate    YORK  YO1 7EN
tel:  01904 864244  
Open:  7 days 11.00 - 5.00
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Spotted this new secondhand bookshop in York recently. Two rooms of general stock, well laid out and lit, nicely selected. The owner told me she plans to expand upstairs when time permits. Can't quite recall the opening hours, but I think 10-5 seven days a week. Haven't found any web presence or phone number though.  Mark V 07.03.15
Popped in today after Mark V's notes. Very pleasant owner and nice atmosphere. Opening hours are indeed as you say, she isn't on the web yet and neither is there a phone number for the shop yet, but it will come.  Anthony 17.03.15
This new shop made my visit to York worthwhile. I casually asked if a certain subject was available and, while I browsed the shelves, the lady owner was searching all over the place. When I had finished looking at her stock (soon to be doubled in size as she settles in) came the announcement that a title had been found. It was so rare I nearly bit her hand off to claim it. I will most certainly return.  Chris Harte 23.03.15
Dropped in today to find the shop has extended and has an upstairs room now too. Doubled my browsing time - some excellent titles and keen prices too, well worth seeking out.  Anthony 15.03.16
Tried to visit twice last week just before noon, but each time found the shop closed. Why are secondhand booksellers such unreliable timekeepers?  Steve Higgins 12.02.18
Fascinating selection of books, could have spent hours in here! There are also some lovely pictures & prints. Good prices too.  Ollie 26.04.19
CLOSED said a notice on the door when I called at 12.30pm on a Thursday. PLEASE CALL AGAIN it continued without giving any indication of when the shop might be open. I didn't.  Laurence Purcell 22.09.19
Called at 11am, closed until 1230 today said the notice on the door. I had better things to do in York than wait around until 1230 so left. Seems to be a reoccurring theme with this shop.  Steve Newman 08.09.21
Feeling rather like a successful burglar, I at last got inside this shop today when it opened at 12.30 (!). Limited, unexceptional stock on display with a depressingly high proportion of paperbacks. The prices of the hardbacks seemed high to me.  Laurence Purcell 07.09.22
Bookshop has now closed. Shop empty.   Mark V 29.09.22
Shop emptied overnight. Shop now repossessed by landlord.  Chris 29.09.22
Saw something on a newsfeed last Thursday/Friday that without notice the shop had been cleared & all the stock gone. Sorry - I can't trace the link. Might be worth checking out  Cibba 26.09.22

Removed 14.09.22 from East Anglia/Norfolk
Old and New Books/WELLS-NEXT-THE-SEA/20 Staithe Street
Old and New Books  Open at advertised times
20 Staithe Street   WELLS-NEXT-THE-SEA   NR23 1AF
Open:  Unkown
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Chaotic. Ecleetic. Large range of modern children's and Ladybirds as well as modern pulp type fiction, non fiction etc; DVD's CD's etc. worth a browse but NWAD.  John Morgan 17.08.12
Mainly a fairly substantial stock of secondhand books but in rather poor condition. The Observer books, at least, were grossly overpriced but they did have 185 to choose from thus putting them in the No1 spot for quantity in shops I have visited this year! Suspect at those prices though they will still be there next year if I visit.  Steve Newman 17.08.12
We visited on a Thursday and it was closed with no indication of opening times.  Nicholas Pendower 09.02.14
How difficult to review. Crammed floor to ceiling, elderly proprietor with dog, sadly much good material rooted out proved to be damp. Good range but beware condition. Did buy some old postcards. "Character" perhaps. Open on an April Sunday.  Norman Davies 01.05.15
Small cabin with crowded stock mainly modern light fiction paperbacks, large illustrated books etc. Was told they usually open around 11.00 am.  Mark V 09.05.15
This is no longer a bookshop.  PeterD 14.09.22

Removed 05.09.22 from South West/Somerset
BookBarn International/TEMPLECLOUD/White Cross
BookBarn International   Open at advertised times
White Cross    TEMPLE CLOUD  BS39 6EX
tel:  01761 451777    web
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One of the largest used bookshops in England. We house hundreds of thousands of books of all shapes and sizes, topics and age.

There is now a second Book Barn on the site, but this one is modern, bright, with a better grade of stock, and no sign of ex-library. There is even a snack bar and some comfortable seating.  CNB 
Drif used to maintain that Hay-on-Wye was were books went to die, but now there's no reason for them to cross the Severn, as they can be given the last rights here.  TBG 12.08.08
I arrived well prepared. Took no dismissals from the counter staff and after standing my ground in the light of "we have nothing about which you ask," eventually got the ear of the valuer, who knew his stuff. He summonsed a lacky and twenty minutes later a huge box on a palate came in, on the front of a fork-lift. Three hours later. after close examination and lots of free coffee, I had purchased the majority of what had "been found by chance in a back barn."  Chris Harte 14.04.09
Amazing place. The size was breathtaking; split on two floors, the barn itself is the size of a normal B&Q. Books on all possible subjects are kept here and a regular book sale with ALL books £1 each makes this place an Aladdin's cave. Toilets and cafe are on site and plenty of parking available. Well worth the detour off the M5 and you can drive through Cheddar Gorge to come here too. Everything downstairs is all sorted by subject. Upstairs is a bit more of a clutter, but when I was there last there were signs that vast quantities of stock were being sorted properly. They also offer an on-line service, where books are kept in a second barn (which members of the public are not allowed to enter), but you can use their computer terminals and a staff member will dig the books out for you in a couple of minutes. An Amazing place. BIG!!! Biggest in UK by miles.  Iain Baille 22.11.10
The time was when Bookbarn was a good place to look for a bargain: some books were often substantially underpriced, often through ignorance. Now the pendulum has swung and books in poor condition are substantially overpriced (even by a factor of 10), mainly through ignorance.  Ben Elford 30.03.11
I went in to BookBarn and received incredibly rude behaviour from the woman supervising the female staff. I asked to see nine titles they had on the internet (which I had pre-ordered to see by phone the previous day). Regrettably, I was told, six of them "had been sold." This seems unlikely as they were disbound volumes of magazines and only good for gutting. Two of the remaining three were also in this condition and have been, and still are, misrepresented on the internet. When I politely pointed this out I was treated in such an offhand manner that I walked out.  R.S.Cavendish 20.03.12
The original bookbarn building is now closed down and only the new one remains. Every book on display is priced at £1 which reflects the quality, although for the general reader there are bargains. There are computers to check their on-line stock, but the things I was looking for were all hugely over-priced. I asked to see one which appeared very quickly, but was in a very poor condition. The cafe is comfortable and reasonably priced. I found all the staff friendly, but their pricing policy is weird.  Eve Magee 10.05.12
Went there 10AM weekday. Huge barn closed up. Lady opening said not open yet don't know when opening. Went away.  Norman Davies 09.06.12
New owner having impact - now one barn only.still well worth a visit. Lots of interesting books at £1.00 can be found - diligent trawling required! Staff helpful - and nice cake in cafe.  Cibba 12.07.12
This has gone downhill in recent years and I no longer visit. Briefly after opening the second barn it was terrific but now it has mediocre to poor books for £1. You can browse via their computers and get some reasonable books from the other barn (not open to public any more). The coffee shops is not great and debris on the floor never seems to get hoovered up - that's how it looks to me. Can no longer recommend and no longer visit myself.  FlaviaJane 27.09.12
Forget how it was, it is now a pound shop for books. You can spend all day browsing and find some worthwhile books in amongst the dross or you can use the computer to find just what you want but you pay for the convenience. Still a great place to spend a wet day. If you haven't been yet, give it a try - and the cake's delicious.  Rosie Gamgee 10.11.12
Wonderful place. A must for all book lovers, get lost in the shelves upon shelves of books. Everything is a £1 (unless internet stock which you can search for when there) which seemed pretty good value to us. If anything you should go for the cake in the cafe. YUM!  BookWormie 30.11.12
A large £1 barn of books. Odd range of prices for books stored in the other barn. I used to visit regularly but not now. Size certainly isn't everything.  Steve Brissle 24.08.13
Pound for Pound ranking 1/10.  The Boxer 26.09.13
This shop is now under new ownership so most of the previous comments are invalid. Now only the airy, light ground floor of the barn is for books (upstairs sells rugs) and the £1 books are well sorted and labelled.Some are in poor condition but there are SHED LOADS of bargains to be had. The computer stock is sometimes pricey but when the books arrive, they are usually in the condition described (which is not always the case on internet bought books). We visit regularly and have found the current owners/staff to be helpful and always busy maintaining computer records. They still have cake and free Wifi (so you can check on Abe for comparison, if you wish). Always worth a visit and it's the sort of shop that offers shoppers a basket to collect their purchases!  Rosie Gamgee 16.11.13
Really torn here! I nearly went blind looking at all the 'unsorted' shelves ... why put them on the shelves without sorting? Even when sorted the fiction was not sorted within each alphabetical division. The place was freezing cold and in places poorly lit. Catering was sporadic and tables left uncleared. I would have tried the on line book search but the computers appeared not to be working. That said, even in November there were a steady stream of people coming and going (altho not staying long in the chilly environment) and I did unearth 4 gems at £1.00 each. It has potential but none of the charm, organisation or stock range of the Book Barn in Astley in W Midlands.  Jon Morgan 21.11.13
This place has completely lost it. A few years ago, I used to find some excellent bargains in the SF section. Now the stock can only be described as tired. I last visited a year or so ago, but I found today all the same old titles hanging around, and nothing new. I swear most of these books were on the shelves when i first visted ten or so years ago. As for the unsorted books, that left me without the will to live. I certainly did not have the time! I can only assume that anything new and interesting goes straight on the internet, and is priced accordingly. There is nothing for the dealer or collector here, at least as far as SF and fantasy are concerned.  Justin Moss 13.08.14
Arrived with a list taken from the internet which showed title, stock number and price. When the books were presented to me all of them had prices more than those shown on the internet. In one case it would have been cheaper to buy from the net, which included postage cost. When this was pointed out to the front desk staff they all grinned inanely. No purchases.  Chris Harte 07.10.14
I'm starting to warm to this place now it has yet another new owner. In the sections I look at, the number and standard of the £1 books has risen quite dramatically. The titles I find which are on the net are nearly all priced at £2 over the counter. For this visit my wife and I left with 53 books between us. Also, the people on the desk are far more customer friendly than has been the case previously.  Chris Harte 08.04.16
Distinct improvement on arrival. bright warm and welcoming. That said, the heating did not reach beyond the letter C in the fiction section. Better organised but G still seems to come before F and within each letter there was little organisation. Many shelves of unsorted stock and this needs addressing. Food area much better and computers now working. It also has `wifi'. All stock is £1.00 and I came way with a box load. NB coffee was awful.  Jonathan Morgan 15.11.16
A warm welcome on my arrival at an improved bookshop. The unsorted sections were too large but there were some interesting possibilities amongst the £1 books. The computer search produced four books at reasonable prices which were paid for using Bristol Pounds.  SteveBrissle 07.12.17
My regular six-monthly visit left me a bit worried. Yes, I had a list of internet wants (all 17 of them) which were duly provided and at least 20% less than web prices. However, the stock on the general shelves looked worn, somewhat tatty and old. Whereas all shelves used to be brimmingly full now there were huge gaps. My interests had seen nothing new and the spaces left from my purchases last time were obvious to see.  Chris Harte 11.10.18
Annual visit only to find the 'unsorted shelves' had gone with the space now taken by the ever expanding internet sales section. However, the pricing left me bewildered but lucky. How can books priced on abe at £50 and £29 be on the £1 shelves? I grabbed them but there were others I didn't need left behind.  Chris Harte 26.06.19
This has had a major re-vamp following a change in ownership (I think). Although still very large, they have got rid of masses of tatty stock and library books so what is on sale is much less but in better condition. Sadly the prices have gone up too but there are bulk purchase discounts. Personally I preferred the older format but many will like the latest, better-organised arrangement. Parking is good, there is a cafe/restaurant and the staff, as ever, are really helpful.  PLF 28.07.21
You need to manage your expectations upon seeing the sign proudly claiming Bookbarn to be the largest bookshop in England. The public area is a tiny fraction of the premises and most books are not on the salesfloor. If you have an ISBN, staff will haul it out if in stock and if they can find it. This obviously doesn't work for older books you may want.

A simple pricing menu is on display Books £2, Vintage Books £4, Children's books £1 etc. which saved a lot of squinting at pencilled scribbles inside book covers. Plenty of library books still left on the shelves and not every book was in its designated section. I still managed to fill a bag and got change out of £25.

What was frustrating was that the vast majority of books were off limits - in the staff-only section in very long racks of shelving on two floors. What we could make out on the shelves nearest the saloon doors separating them from the sales floor seemed a lot more interesting than what was put out for the public but them's the rules. It was slightly more palatable than the sight of staff hot glueing a huge pile of saleable books into a stylised Xmas tree, while the one member of staff on the till abandoned it and the waiting queue for quite some time to hunt in the stockroom for a book requested by a customer.
  Stive 06.11.21
If you want a coffee and an idle browse, this might be the place for you. But if you are after something specific, I'd forget it. Books are only very roughly arranged in subject order, but lots of wayward titles scattered here and there. Older books without dustjackets are arranged by colour, which rings all sorts of alarm bells for style over substance. The 'rare book' room seemed a bit of a joke (are old tatty one inch OS maps from the 1960s really 'rare'??) plus a bit of a faff to get a price on these: fill in a slip and someone gets back to you with a figure. I'll pass, thanks...  Steven Kelly 11.11.21
Bookbarn closed on 31st July, having "engaged an insolvency practitioner" & running a very brief closing-down sale. World of Books are taking a lot of the stock, & BB will be opening 'Books by the Yard' & 'The Rare Book Dealer' (surely not the dire stuff in the Darwin Rare Book Room!) at the Farrington Farm Shop in mid-August.  Cibba 01.08.22
We have confirmed Cibba's evidently inside knowledge and will keep this on the page for a while before moving it to the Graveyard. More information  TBG2 01.08.22

Removed 05.09.22 from North East/East Yorkshire
Eastgate Bookshop/BEVERLEY/11 Eastgate
Eastgate Bookshop  Open at advertised times
11 Eastgate   BEVERLEY   HU17 0DR
tel: 01482 868579 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00 or by appointment.
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General stock, local history and the Far East.

We visited last month and he is closing down , retiring. Hardly any stock left now.  Astrid Mackellar 17.05.12
Closed on the Saturday AM ,16th June when the town had a PBFA fair in addition to a weekend folk festival.  Chris K 18.06.12

Removed 03.09.22 from North East/North Yorkshire
Clewlow Books of Whitby/WHITBY/The Brunswick Rooms
Clewlow Books of Whitby  Phone before travelling
The Brunswick Rooms  Brunswick Street   WHITBY   YO21 3AJ
tel: 0781 010 6952   
Open:  Saturday 11.00 - 4.30.
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Substantial stock of antiquarian, collectable & better secondhand books. Also printed collectables, vintage magazines etc. The trade usually find me a worthwhile call. Housed in superb grade 2* listed arts & crafts building.

Just made a special trip to this place today. It no longer exists. The owner has put all his books in storage and is no longer trading. Also his new shop is an antique shop not selling books and not at this address.  PeterD 03.09.22

Removed 26.08.22 from North East/East Yorkshire
Lodge Books/BRIDLINGTON/25 South Back Lane
Lodge Books      Open at advertised times
25 South Back Lane    BRIDLINGTON  YO16 4EY
tel:  07449 887118    web
Open:  Thursday & Friday 10.30 - 3.00, Saturday 10.30 - 2.00
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Closing at end of summer - half price or less sale.
About 4000 titles in popular fiction, classics, biographies, non-fiction and children's, with a selection of collectibles. Prices from 10p. Find us close to the Old Town of Bridlington, the Priory and the Bayle Museum. Payment by cash only.

Another shop in Bridlington which will gladden the hearts of those seeking paperbacks but there are hardbacks as well.  Laurence Purcell 19.12.13
Good range of everything for such a small space. Some bargains here. Will accept donations of books.  DN 09.04.19
Looks like a lovely bookshop from the outside. We got there just after 3pm and it was closed. Opening sign on the door says it closes at 3pm not 3:30pm. We will try again next time we're in the area.   Jayne  23.05.22
Due to semi-retirement, Lodge Books will be closing at the end of the summer (date TBC). From now until then all second hand stock is half price or less.  Lodge Books 08.07.22
The shop closes on Saturday 27th August 2022 and so this listing can be removed. Thank you.  Lodge Books 25.08.22

Removed 25.08.22 from South West/Devon
Honiton Antique Centre/HONITON/(Jeremy Peters Fine Books)
The Honiton Antique Centre  Open at advertised times
(Jeremy Peters Fine Books)  Abingdon House  136 High Street   HONITON   EX14 1JP
tel: 01404 42108 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.00.
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ABA-member Jeremy Peters Fine Books (07554 862862) now has a unit (one fairly large room) within the Honiton Antiques Centre, a few doors up the High Street from High Street Books. It is on the first floor of the Centre (which is quite large and rambling), at the front of the building looking out onto the High Street. Well worth a visit if you haven’t already loaded yourself down with purchases from the excellent High Street Books (or even if you have!). You never know what book finds you can chance across in an antique centre!  Henry Middleton 07.12.17
Worth visiting, if only to complete the trio of Honiton bookshops. Books themselves not really to my taste (mainly military, naval, some political hisotry), but the Antiques Centre has an interesting and varied collection of things, some lovely furniture in particular.  Anon 15.01.18
Agree with previous reviews both book areas are upstairs. I only went in the military area upstairs at the back. Quantity was small but the quality was high with many titles in near new condition - possibly remainders? I came away very smug with 4 books including a title I've been after for more than 5 years for £14 when online was £40. If military is your bag then don't forget this place when visiting Honiton's other 2 bookshops as the stock type compliments the other 2.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19
About a dozen shelving units in the upstairs front room with a good range of subjects. Much less stock in the rear attic room covering history and the like. For those spending some time in the High Street, a smaller number of books can be found in the Fountain Antique Centre almost next door, and at Hermitage Antiques at the eastern end of the street.  Wessexman 20.08.21

Removed 24.08.22 from Central/Derbyshire
Barrister_s Book Chamber/MATLOCK/The Courtyard, 2 Dale Rd
The Barrister's Book Chamber    Phone before travelling
The Courtyard, 2 Dale Rd  MATLOCK  DE4 3LT
tel:  01777 711441    web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Antique, vintage, secondhand books from all genres. A book shop with a difference offering not just a book buying opportunity but a unique experience to step back in time, browse for a book and relax amongst the many volumes.

A very interesting bookshop, with a varied stock well ordered, it has its own tearoom and interesting barrister related displays. Staff are friendly and helpful. parking is easy and near. Well worth a visit  John Pyatt 12.02.18
Moved here from Retford in 2019  TBG2 08.07.21
Gone. Apparently moved back to Retford. Now a magic shop.  Stive 24.08.22

Removed 21.08.22 from Central/Bedfordshire
Word/BEDFORD/167 Castle Road
The Word  Open at advertised times
167 Castle Road   BEDFORD   MK40 3RU
tel: 01234 343353    web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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We sell a wide range of Bibles and Christian books, both new and second hand. Specialist stock of children's Christian books. We also stock Christian CDs, DVDs, gifts and cards. We opened in September 2011 and are at the corner of Denmark Street. The Number 4 bus stops nearby.

Removed 10.08.22 from Central/Nottinghamshire
Books And Pieces/NOTTINGHAM/19 West End Arcade(Opposite the Central Library)Angel Row
Books And Pieces      Open at advertised times
19 West End Arcade  (Opposite the Central Library)  Angel Row    NOTTINGHAM  NG1 6JP
tel:  0115 958 8932 
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In the process of being sold, and closed until then.
Small unit crammed with thousands of books and Marvel / DC and other comics. Added to daily. Check out opening times on its Facebook page or telephone 01159 588932 evenings for an appointment.

Shut since lockdown, never reopened. Confirmed by neighbouring premises. Still full of books, so who knows if it will ever reopen?  Stive 16.03.22
Gone for good. Sign says swimwear shop opening soon.  Stive 10.08.22

Removed 30.07.22 from Southern/Oxfordshire
Church Green Books/WITNEY/46 Market Square
Church Green Books  Open at advertised times
46 Market Square   WITNEY   OX28 6AL
tel: 01993 700822    web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Medium stock ranging from Penguins to rare, especially Oxfordshire, topography. The world's number one bookshop for church bells and bell-ringing. Also a large stock of folk dance, song and balladry. Established in Witney since 1995. Closed in September for annual holiday. Free parking in Witney.

Alas not open on Saturdays. A small browsers paradise packed with interesting, unusual, and reasonably priced books on a broad range of subjects.  OWC 18.09.12
Interesting range of topics and generally affordable.Good range of topography.  Herne 05.11.15
Notice said 'open' but the door was locked. A smaller sign said the shopkeeper was in the cafe across the road. Felt a reluctance to hoik him out on a cold day with no guarantee that he'd sell me anything, so I drifted away.  John King 04.01.19
The website sadly now contains the following message "Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have reluctantly taken the decision to close Church Green Books. Thank you all for your custom and support over the last 27 years. Regards, Margret."  TBG2 30.07.22

Removed 15.07.22 from Scotland/South East Scotland
Linton Books/WEST LINTON/Deanfoot Road
Linton Books  Open at advertised times
Deanfoot Road   WEST LINTON   EH46 7DY
tel: 01968 660339 
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Small stock of new and second hand books. The stock of new children?s books and one or two toys is misleading as the proprietor?s attitude makes it plain that children are definitely NOT welcome in the shop.  Laura 
I would just like to contradict the previous review by Laura. I've been taking my three young children to buy books for them at the bookshop and I have never felt that they were anything other than welcome in the lovely childrens' corner. I've always had friendly and extremely knowledgeable service.  Lewis 01.10.08
Another good bookshop, but not keen on the classical music.  TommyG 09.12.11
A very pleasant book shop with a wide range of stock including boxes of maps which the owner was happy to retrieve from a back room. I cannot imagine anyone being unhappy as the owner was very welcoming.  CB 27.08.16
Permanently closed in the last few years at some point; no longer open.  Flip M 15.07.22

Removed 09.07.22 from Northern Ireland/Belfast
No Alibis Bookstore/BELFAST/83 Botanic Avenue
No Alibis Bookstore   Open at advertised times
83 Botanic Avenue    BELFAST  BT7 1JL
tel:  028 9020 1261    web
Open:  Monday -Friday 10.00 - 5.00
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This is a specialist Bookshop selling, as the name implies, new crime fiction. Small section of collectors' items and books of local interest.  Aidan O'loan 
Although still strong on crime & thrillers, No Alibis has diversified. It now has children's, poetry and books of local interest. Also academic titles for the local University students. Almost all of its stock is New rather than secondhand. It hosts many book-related events.  Paul Harvey 29.07.13

Removed 09.07.22 from Northern Ireland/Belfast
Bookfinders/BELFAST/47 University Road
Bookfinders  Open at advertised times
47 University Road   BELFAST   BT7 1ND
tel: 02890 328269 
Open:  10.00 - 5.00 Monday - Saturday.
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Modern first editions, poetry, literature and history.

As its address suggests, this is close to the campus of Queen's University, Belfast, and is much frequented by students. As well as a small, but interesting, selection of secondhand books, it boasts a cafe which sells much better food than your run-of-the-mill Waterstone's/Border's, etc. and at a much lower cost!  Geoffrey Warner 

Very civilised combination of a bookshop with a coffee shop. Haunt of well fed aesthetes! Good for academic texts and course books. Mary Denvir also keeps a good Irish section and excellent literary books.
  Aidan O'loan 

Removed 02.07.22 from South East/West Sussex
Oxfam Bookshop/WORTHING/96a Montague Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
96a Montague Street   WORTHING   BN11 3HF
tel: 01903 207390  web 
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Normal Oxfam fare, no bargains to be had but reasonably priced books mainly in good condition.  Steve Newman 05.08.09
Little of interest, overpriced and not worth a detour. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 22.08.13
Just around the corner from Badger's Books and it could not be more different. Usual Oxfam fare. Quite steep prices amongst the usual pulp paperback fiction snd so called collectables! On street parking for £1.00 per hour.  Jon Morgan 24.09.16
Prior to the pandemic, this shop always seemed reasonably well stocked by Oxfam standards, but now many of the display units seem to have gone, and frankly there is little to see. Whether this is a temporary glitch due to shortage of donations remains to be seen.   06.08.21
Now a general Oxfam not a bookshop.  TBG2 02.07.22

Removed 27.06.22 from East Anglia/Norfolk
Bookman/NORWICH/Bagleys CourtPottergate
The Bookman   Phone before travelling
Bagleys Court  Pottergate    NORWICH  NR2 1TW
tel:  01603 219950 
Open:  Thursday - Saturday 11.30 - 5.00.
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Secondhand books, comics and annuals. "The biggest little bookshop in town".

Pleasant people who said that they just had a very general stock with not too much in the way of old books. Ideal shop for the general reader.  Chris Harte 24.02.10
I was working on the opening times on TBG and duly turned up, having had some success in the bookshops of Norwich, and had some problems finding the entrance to theses premises, which appeared to be up a small flight of stairs. However it was to the left of the stairs in what appeared to be a postcard shop. The door was locked and the woman, clearly visible behind the counter mouthed 'We're closed' with an apparent degree of disdain and contempt for a potential customer ( you know, those creatures who make it possible for a business to continue) which made me unlikely to return here. NB the opening hours now appear to be Thursday Friday Saturday only.  Jon Morgan 26.09.15
Back again to this interesting shop. Bought a good £2 item of 'Eugene Boudin', the pre-Impressionist man.  Chris K 13.07.17
Came along on 9 October at 4pm to find shoo closed. Nothing on door with opening hours so might be worth people checking in advance.  Tim 09.10.21
A handful of shelves with what seemed mostly like non-fiction. Nothing much for the serious collector. Prices seemed low for Norwich and everything was half price. Run by one man, who popped out but left the premises open. Cash only.   Stive 26.03.22
Called there last week and the shop has closed.  Astrid 27.06.22

Removed 21.06.22 from East Anglia/Suffolk
H G Crisp/SAXMUNDHAM/27 High Street
H G Crisp  Open at advertised times
27 High Street   SAXMUNDHAM   IP17 1AF
tel: 01728 602026 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00, Sunday 9.00 - 11.00.
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A newsagents with 15-20 shelves of secondhand and remaindered titles provided by Claude Cox.

Claude Cox has taken all his books out of this newsagents.   Jayne  21.06.22

Removed 19.06.22 from North East/Cleveland
Saltburn Bookshop/SALTBURN-BY-THE-SEA/3 Amber Street
Saltburn Bookshop  Phone before travelling
3 Amber Street   SALTBURN-BY-THE-SEA   TS12 1DT
tel: 01287 623335   
Open:  Zombie bookshop? The phone rings ...
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Established 1977, in my name since 1989. 11,000 books in most categories: especially NE topography, crime fiction, archaeology, trains.

Large room, plenty of books however stock is charity shopish but the prices are as cheap if not cheaper ... also seems to be reliable hours.  PaulP 02.08.11
When I passed by last Thursday, when the shop is scheduled to be open, not only was it closed but also there were no opening hours posted in the window.  The Bookman 17.04.15
No identifiable change: the shop remains closed, and there are no signs of activity within. Enquiry at the new bookshop in the town suggests that the proprietor died some while ago. If so, there was presumably no will.  The Bookman 12.02.18
Still shut when I was passing a couple of times in the last few months - yellowing titles in the window and no sign of any activity at all.  Graeme Andrew Rendall 06.12.18
I discovered from another Saltburn bookshop proprietor that the shop owner apparently died in 2015 & the shop has sadly remained neglected ever since.  Darania 26.04.19
Confirmed as closed. Clearly should have been removed years ago.  TBG2 19.06.22

Removed 19.06.22 from North East/Cleveland
Book Emporium/MIDDLESBROUGH/89 High Street
The Book Emporium  Open at advertised times
89 High Street  Great Ayton   MIDDLESBROUGH   TS9 6NF
tel: 01642 723223 
Open:  Friday - Sunday 10.00 - 4.00.
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A stock of about 7,000 general secondhand and out-of-print books.

Visited during its stated opening hours, lots of tourists about but shop looked very shut, through the windows the stock looked for 'readers' rather than 'collectors'.  PaulP 13.08.14
Hours are now Friday-Sunday 10:00-16:00  The Bookman 12.02.18
Paul P's commentary seems to be justified - not a shop for collectors. But, then, it is the only s/h bookshop in Cleveland now that Fahrenheit Books has gone.  The Bookman 06.05.19
Visited, 18 June, at 11:00, during the advertised opening hours. The shop was shut, in a deeper sense than being locked. A notice in the glass panel of the front door stated that the 'shop closure' means that mail should be redirected. There are no opening hours anywhere in sight. The dust jackets of the books in the window are somewhat sun-bleached. In short, to use the terminology of Monty Python, this is now a non-shop.  The Bookman 19.06.22

Removed 31.05.22 from North West/Cheshire
Knutsford Antiques (bookroom)/KNUTSFORD/113 King Street
Knutsford Antiques (bookroom)  Open at advertised times
113 King Street   KNUTSFORD   WA16 6EH
tel: 01565 654092  
Open:  Tuesday - Sunday (and Bank Holidays) 10.00 - 5.00.
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Harry Madden's bookroom (01270 841594) has a general stock of older books, including topography.

Smallish bookroom in antiques centre. Good local and fishing collection otherwise mainly folio society and similar.  Norman Davies 01.10.10
Compact bookroom but the quality was excellent. Big on railways and local interest.  Chris Harte 14.06.18
This whole antique centre has, unfortunately now closed down.  Archive61 31.05.22

Removed 29.05.22 from Southern/Isle of Wight
Reggie_s Retro Bookshop _ Store/VENTNOR/9 Spring Hill
Reggie's Retro Bookshop & Store  Open at advertised times
9 Spring Hill   VENTNOR   PO38 1ST
tel: 07966 303354  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Retro bookshop with a twist! Secondhand and Vintage Books * Retro & Vintage Clothing * Film Posters * Incense * Greetings Cards * Music & Vinyl Records.

On my visit however it was 90% books, and although I found nought of interest others may well do. From what I could see reasonably priced too.  Steve Newman 02.07.19
Has moved round the corner to Pier Street but no longer sells books. 100% Vinyl now.  Steve Newman 29.05.22

Removed 29.05.22 from Southern/Isle of Wight
Book Room/VENTNOR/Niton Country Stores
Book Room  Phone before travelling
Niton Country Stores  High Street  Niton   VENTNOR   PO38 2AT
tel: 01983 730275 
Open:  Monday - Sunday 9.30 - 11.30, closed Wednesday.
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A general stores but with a large room at the rear stocked with good quality mainly non-fiction books. Not cheap (Observer books start at £8!) but well worth a look in if in the area. Apparently, the book part of the store is sourced by a chap called Stephen Wilkinson Fine Books, who lives a few hundred yards away. His phone number is 01983 730759.  Steve Newman 22.07.17
If this is the right shop opening hours are now 0900 to 1300 a few days a week and notice that owner might be in back garden anyway, Weird.  Norman Davies 31.05.18
I called in Friday 6th July just before 1pm and shop was shut. Typical of some Island shop's in the peak holiday season perhaps! Last year the same. No opening hours on the shop front either so best to call before you visit given the shop's remote location to other towns on the Island. Looking through the window the back room still seems to be full of books, not surprising perhaps with such restricted opening hours!  Steve Newman 10.07.18
I have now established the core Store opening hours are basically 930-1130am M-Sun but closed on Wednesdays. May be open outside these periods too, but best call first.  Steve Newman 10.07.18
Sadly this book shop has closed. And has been for some time now.  Steve Newman 29.05.22

Removed 27.05.22 from Central/Herefordshire
Chapters Charity Bookshop/HEREFORD/17 Union Street
Chapters Charity Bookshop   Open at advertised times
17 Union Street    HEREFORD  HR1 2BT
tel:  01432 352149 
Open:  Thursday & Friday 9.30 - 4.30.
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We try to keep books on a variety of subjects to suit every taste. We are the largest secondhand bookshop in Hereford with an extensive range that are fairly priced.

Shop is now only open on Thursday and Fridays between 9.30 and 4.30.  Booksellerbull 03.01.20
A user tells us a notice in the window says the shop has closed down and by the look of it was some time ago  TBG2 27.05.22

Removed 24.05.22 from South West/Somerset
Jonathan Potter Ltd/BATH/5 Margaret_s Buildings
Jonathan Potter Ltd  Appointment necessary
5 Margaret's Buildings   BATH   BA1 2LP
tel: 07866 801897    web 
Open:  Appointment necessary
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Specialist dealers in antique maps, charts, atlases and books on the history of cartography and travel.

Jonathan Potter has closed his Bath shop and runs his business from home.  Laurence Penney 24.05.22

Removed 23.05.22 from Southern/Hampshire
Bookstore/SOUTHSEA/123 Albert Road
Bookstore  Open at advertised times
123 Albert Road   SOUTHSEA   PO5 2SQ
Open:  ?
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Just been taken over by new owner, she was busy sorting out and arranging the piles of books in the shop. Of the 'cheap and cheerful' variety, but I found a 'Source Book' for £1 so bargains to be had.  Steve Newman 28.06.11
Same owner as no. 205. Same comments but this one is smaller, cramped, full of boxes but has a few more interesting titles. Lady spent some time explaining her attempts at organising the books. Have a look if in the area ...  Norman Davies 08.04.17
Visited 12/08/21: not open. Their opening hours were erratic before lockdown, and although they were open on one visit last summer, I haven't found them open since on several (three?) visits. There was a mobile number posted in the window which I texted - got a quick reply, but only to say that the only books available currently were those in the window, and she could pop down the road to sell me any of those! I asked if there were any plans to reopen, but no reply as yet.  James Doyle 12.08.21
Google Street View from March 2022 shows an empty shop and a To Let sign.  TBG2 23.05.22

Removed 17.05.22 from Central/Lincolnshire
Book Stalls/LINCOLN/35-40 Central Market
Book Stalls  Open at advertised times
35-40 Central Market  Sincil Street   LINCOLN   LN5 7ET
tel: 01522 873403  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00.
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Three books stalls, Full Circle Books (paperback fiction), Shane Chapman Books(non-fiction, first editions, bindings and antiquarian) & Unicorn Tree Books (new and secondhand books on a variety of subjects, particularly Christian). See market website above for more details

Full Circle Books - Mainly for readers, particularly those who enjoy Mills & Boone. However I did spot a few interesting vintage paperbacks in the Science Fiction and Westerns sections. Shane Chapman Books - Seemed more of a Book Fairy than a traditional market stall holder. Keen on Folio Society and also Military. Above average calibre and condition, prices to match. Unicorn Tree Books - Lots of books across many categories. Keen on Christianity, of which there were some interesting s/h books on display along with many new ones. I kept thinking I had found a bargain before realizing that it was a new book and still full price.  Steven Whitehead 09.09.17
It seems Lincoln doesn't see bookshops as sufficiently trendy for the latest refurbishment of their market, and they all have had to leave. See the entry for Unicorn Tree below which has new premises. We have no information about the other two shops.  TBG2 17.05.22

Removed 15.05.22 from North East/North Yorkshire
Books for Amnesty/YORK/42 Goodramgate
Books for Amnesty   Open at advertised times
42 Goodramgate    YORK  YO1 7LF
tel:  01904 541117    web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 11.30 - 4.30.
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Opened in May 2012 the latest Amnesty bookshop is based within the city walls, a stones throw from York Minster. The shop stocks good quality second-hand books covering a large range of subjects including fiction, poetry, philosophy and children's books.

Well lit with a noisy wall heater above the door. Lots of dull stock - even more upstairs for a pound each which I avoided. Given the number of proper s/h bookshops and the 2 Oxfam ones, Amnesty may struggle to get good stock here.  Chris K 30.01.12
Hot day visit on Sunday 7th July - an excellent large desk fan helped. Managed to find one cheap book to purchase. Shop is managed by the woman also in charge of their Newcastle branch.  Chris K 13.07.13
Two small rooms, well sorted so easy to do if you haven't much time. The pound a book first floor is as large as the ground and a better selection with a number of books that shouldn't have been in that category.  John Allen 22.03.14
An above comment says: "Dull Stock." I cannot disagree.  Chris Harte 23.03.15
The first floor has now closed. The ground floor stock, which was rather good on average at first, seems to have gone down in quality whilst the prices have moved a long way in the other direction. It is not clear that this is a recipe for success. One wishes Books for Amnesty well.  The Bookman 16.07.16
A reasonable-sized shop by Amnesty standards, with a good range of fiction, and non fiction. Some interesting titles and some I had not seen elsewhere. Probably the best general charity second hand bookshop in York in terms of variety if not actual numbers of books.  Jon Morgan 13.05.17
Back again at York this year. Did manage to buy a £3 item.  Chris K 29.09.17
One of the more reasonably priced bookshops in York. Stock well laid out, but not substantial. Helpful staff too.   Steve Newman 08.09.21
Stock seems to have diminished slightly with the decommissioning of the back room, but this pleasant shop is still worth a visit.  Wessexman 02.10.21
February 2022 this Amnesty shop is on the cusp of closure selling off all stock. Amnesty are planning a replacement for it but nothing firm when I asked.   SaltaireTom 28.03.22

Removed 01.05.22 from London/W Postcodes
Second Shelf/SOHO/14 Smiths Court
The Second Shelf  Open at advertised times
14 Smiths Court   SOHO   W1D 7DW
tel: 020 3490 2800  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Thursday 11.00 - 6.00, Friday & Saturday 11.00 - 7.00.
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We offer customers rare and antiquarian books, modern first editions, ephemera, manuscripts, and rediscovered works by women.

Closed, according to their website, but planning a move in 2022.  TBG2 01.05.22

Removed 21.04.22 from London/WC & EC Postcodes
Skoob Pop-Up/BLOOMSBURY/Unit 10, the Brunswick
Skoob Pop-Up  Open at advertised times
Unit 10, the Brunswick  BLOOMSBURY  WC1N 1AE
tel:  020 7278 8760    web
Open: Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 7.30, Sunday 11.00 - 6.00
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A temporary pop-up in the main Brunswick Centre, opposite Starbucks.

A new branch has opened a few yards away at Unit 10 Brunswick Centre: an airy space with much quality stock and an extensive arts section.   Nicholas Sack 14.07.21
A bight, spacious shop now in it's second year. However the stock seems to be pretty static this year. The eye-watering prices (especially for paperbacks)may be the reason.  Peter M 26.07.21
Much lighter and airier than Skoob's gloomy cavern under Waitrose. The stock seems more appealing as well, particularly the hardback fiction. The books don't seem over-priced to me; in fact I've already had one or two spiffing bargains. I hope this branch stays popped up forever.  Laurence Purcell 09.09.21
Sign in the window says 'Closing 18th April'. The old shop round the corner (behind Waitrose) will still be open.   PeterM 14.04.22
As flagged this 'pop-up' is now gone. The stock does not appear to have materialised on the basement shop shelves and the Crime section in particular is sparser than before.   Firedrake 21.04.22

Removed 19.04.22 from North West/Cheshire
Roger J Treglown/MACCLESFIELD/Sunderland House, Sunderland Street
Roger J Treglown  Phone before travelling
Sunderland House, Sunderland Street  MACCLESFIELD  SK11 6JF
tel:  01625 618978, mob: 07778 421510    web
Open: Monday - Friday 09.30 - 5.30, often later - ring
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Antiquarian and rare books, pamphlets and ephemera available to view in a suite of two conjoined offices.

Removed 17.04.22 from North West/Cumbria
Past _ Present/ARNSIDE/18 The Promenade
Past & Present  Open at advertised times
18 The Promenade   ARNSIDE   LA5 0HD
tel: 01524 761256 
Open:  Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 2.00 - 4.00.
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A mixture of books and collectables in a small two story shop in this picturesque seaside village near Kendal. On the seafront with easy parking, this shop has a mixture of non-fiction books downstairs and general paperback fiction upstairs along with some collectables and general bric-a-brac. There is a reasonable order to the downstairs shelves although the books are unevenly priced and often betray the fact that no one has looked at some of them in a long time. There also tends to be one book too many squeezed into each shelf leading to difficulty in getting an individual book out. That said it is worth a rummage if you are in the area.  Jeremy Briggs 14.08.08
What a total and utter waste of time. We are talking the biggest load of overpriced tat you have ever seen. Books are scruffy and many I examined were damaged, priced through the roof on the few decent editions I found. Took me less than 30 minutes to go through every shelf and that was 30 minutes wasted. Even if you LIVE there, dont waste your time. As for making a special trip, forget it. Trust me, you will regret it.  The Wanderer. 24.03.09
Disagree with the wanderer. Yes some books are overpriced but I always find something to buy when I visit periodically. Upstairs appears to be a different business from downstairs.  Brian 28.05.09
Visited today, Proprietor told me it is now open 2-5pm every day, and it indeed it was open on Sunday, rare for a bookshop in this part of the world. Now only downstairs, upstairs closed a while ago. A real old-fashioned junk/book shop with stuff all over the place. Agree that much is in poor condition/overpriced, but If you are prepared to put the effort in you can come away with some unusual books at a reasonable price. Not WAD, but adds to the attraction of visiting this nice little resort.  PaulH 06.09.18
Went back in September 2019, shop now definitely closed with boxes of books piled up in what was the book room.  Paul H 17.04.22

Removed 11.04.22 from South West/Somerset
Phoenix Books/CREWKERNE/5 The George Precinct
Phoenix Books  Open at advertised times
5 The George Precinct   CREWKERNE   TA18 7LU
tel: 01460 76579 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00.
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Mostly paperback fiction, including French and German sections, Penguins and other collectable series.

A find. Make sure you visit this shop when visiting Gresham Books. Decent stock and decent prices.  Norman Davies 09.06.12
Great little shop. Largely paperback but a good selection. Some quality hardbacks though and most definitely worth a visit. They also offer a "find a book" service and are quite happy to search online for you to see if they can find specific books. Will order them for you for a small commission. Highly recommended, for me much better than Gresham Books.  FlaviaJane 27.09.12
A great little shop with good stock and realistic prices. Recommended.  The Drifter 10.08.13
Corkscrew Punch. 8/10.  The Boxer 16.10.13

Removed 10.04.22 from North East/Northumberland
Antiques Centre Berwick/BERWICK-UPON-TWEED/95 Main Street
Antiques Centre Berwick  Open at advertised times
95 Main Street  Tweedmouth   BERWICK-UPON-TWEED   TD15 2AW
tel: 01289 309911    web 
Open:  7 days 9.00 - 6.00.
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Thousands of books from antiquarian to modern fiction.

Three quite small bookcases full of charity shop throw-outs.  Tom Lawson 23.03.16
Seems to have been closed for some time.  Adrian 10.04.22

Removed 28.03.22 from North West/Cumbria
Over-Sands Books/GRANGE-OVER-SANDS/The Old Waiting RoomThe Station
Over-Sands Books   Phone before travelling
The Old Waiting Room  The Station    GRANGE-OVER-SANDS  LA11 6EH
tel:  015395 36969 
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A word of warning; PHONE FROM THE CAR PARK BEFORE YOU PAY YOUR PARKING FEE, as the opening hours appear to be a work of fiction. Driff said you can have any opening hours you like as long as you stick to them. Will not return.  Corso 22.03.14
Was shut on a Wednesday afternoon - looked so boarded up I'm not sure whether it is still open for business. Lovely location, pity about not sticking to the published hours, or at least leaving a note explaining why. Not sure I'll be enticed back for a second go.  Graeme Rendall 10.07.15
On the basis of Graeme's review I rang the shop today to see if it was still trading. The owner threatened me with legal action for having the wrong (originally supplied by him) opening times displayed. I've removed these from his FREE entry and the advice remains the same - phone before travelling.  TBG 10.07.15
The person responsible for compiling this guide had not been in touch with me for approx. 8 years or more to check on my opening times, and until today, tenth of July, they were listing incorrect opening times. When I complained that they should be more diligent when compiling the guide the compiler laid the blame squarely at my door for not getting in touch with them. I had no idea until a year or so ago of the existence of the guide online, and was so irritated by the negative comment of a prospective customer, given the incorrect hours published by inprint, that I decided to have nothing more to do with the guide due to their unprofessionalism. My position remains unchanged.  S. Tyson (owner) 10.07.15
Mr Tyson's strange assumption that Mike, who runs the TheBookGuide, must regularly check 100s of book shops' opening hours should remind us that as this is an interactive internet guide it's up to the book shop owners and TheBookGuide's readers and contributors to keep the guide up to date with opening times, changes of location, closures, new shops, etc. Also, I think that negative comments sent to the Guide which are not constructive are destructive, we want second hand book shops to flourish not the opposite. To help us choose which shops to visit comments on the shop's atmosphere, its accessibility, the quality and variety of the stock, and the kind of prices charged are always really helpful and the main strength of this guide, useful for the visitor and hopefully useful for the bookshop owner too.  P Paxton 13.07.15
Mike, what fantastic cheek. You provide free publicity and listing and Mr Tyson (Mike ???) blames you. He has known about the guide for a year and yet not updated the opening times which would be to his benefit. His comment, which you take the trouble to publish shows immense Chutzpah.  Jon Morgan 13.07.15
Note: The classic definition of "Chutzpah" is that given by Leo Rosten: "that quality enshrined in a man who, having killed his mother and father, throws himself on the mercy of the court because he is an orphan."  TBG 15.07.15
Can we now lift the tone of this discussion please? I do not know any of you and personally discern no bravery in leaving anonymous comments that are meant to be clever or humorous but could be seen to border on insult (surely this is trolling, and has nothing to do with the business of selling or collecting books?). I have many satisfied customers, and my shop is well thought off. While these forums may purport to encourage businesses they can also do a lot of damage to individuals. I have read the comments about Pier Books and Past and Present, and they are mainly negative. I know both these individuals and they are as both very nice people who work hard at what they do. My details are available on the websites I sell on, Abe, etc, which seems the sensible thing to do given my stock is listed there. If Id wanted them listing here I would have provided them. Since the recent comments about my business went up I have received an anonymous email insulting me (I have kept the email). I do appreciate that collectors and sellers may have different priorities, but as I have tried to stress - my details are available in the places where I wish them to be seen and anyone visiting my shop will always get a warm welcome. Thank you  S. Tyson (owner) 14.07.15
I don't believe it as Victor would say, he gets free advertising. I am very happy to be listed on INPRINT (TheBookGuide) myself, with my shop Corfe Books in Addlestone Surrey. Would never bite the hand that feeds us. What has happened to the old ways of working together, we are all specialists in our fields, we should stick together and take any constructive feedback. Though I did get annoyed once when a fellow bookdealer posted flyers for his shop on my window. That was a few years ago and they are no longer trading. And another trader in Woking claimed he was the last dealer in Surrey with the closure of 2 Guildford shops.  Mark Hayhoe (Corfe Books) 14.07.15
I happened across this charming bookshop in August when I was brassic. I will return to buy a book when I have money. I find the petty comments about the shop regrettable as it is surely a vocation of the owner which we should be grateful for.  Stephen Moore 20.11.17
Visited March 2022. No signs of life. All doors shut & windows barred. Signage was old & tatty. A small repurposed platform waiting room. No information on hours & nothing to suggest trading.   SaltaireTom 28.03.22

Removed 26.03.22 from Central/Shropshire
Renaissance Centre Bookroom/LUDLOW/7 _ 8 Tower Street
The Renaissance Centre Bookroom  Open at advertised times
7 & 8 Tower Street   LUDLOW   SY7 9BZ
tel: 01584 877751  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Charity selling donated books.

The Renaissance bookroom in Ludlow has gone and is now a bicycle shop.  Vicki 26.03.22

Removed 25.03.22 from East Anglia/Norfolk
Movie Shop/NORWICH/11 St. Gregory_s Alley
The Movie Shop  Open at advertised times
11 St. Gregory's Alley   NORWICH   NR2 1ER
tel: 01603 615239 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.30 - 5.30.
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Secondhand books on film and music and some more general stock.

Few bargains - stock includes DVDs and videos, magazines, posters, autographs. Some better reserve stock upstairs so do ask for specific wants. NFOH (Not Fond Of Hoovering).  Chris K 16.07.10
When you walk into this shop don't be put off by the ocean of DVDs and CDs - look under the tables and you'll find boxes full of magazines and comics, with some real gems.  RuthP 03.07.17
Gone. Now a vegan bistro...  Stive 25.03.22

Removed 19.03.22 from South West/Devon
Chandos Books/COLYTON/London House,Market Place
Chandos Books   Open at advertised times
London House, Market Place    COLYTON  EX24 6JS
tel:  01297 553344 
Open:  Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 1.00.
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Secondhand and antiquarian bookshop specialising in travel and transport. In-house bookbinding and repairs. Easy on-street parking in front of the shop

A small 1 room general 2nd hand bookshop with a delightful and experienced owner. The stock is highly priced so 1 star removed but the owner is willing to discount. All subjects seemed covered but nothing in any great depth e.g. 1 small shelf of aviation 1 shelf of military etc. The owner was originally operating out of Bristol but moved and set up in this pretty village 16 years ago. Free parking in the streets nearby but a bit tricky to get to as my sat.nav took me down many twisty 1 car width lanes.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19
This shop has now closed and is being used as a temporary charity shop to raise funds for the church. A few paperbacks, standard charity shop fare   HB 19.03.22

Removed 14.03.22 from North West/Lancashire
St Catherine_s Hospice Bookshop/CHORLEY/54 Chapel Street
St Catherine's Hospice Bookshop  Open at advertised times
54 Chapel Street   CHORLEY   PR7 1BS
tel: 01772 313063    web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Massive collection of donated books on all subjects at fantastic prices. All proceeds to St Catherine's Hospice.

A very nicely laid out shop, good categorising, very reasonable prices and always friendly service. Very rare that I ever leave without something worth more than I paid for it.  The Wanderer 
Above average charity bookshop, mostly moderns but some oldies too. Opposite bus station which unusually has a decent café. Just round corner is "Books and Bygones" a small crammed s/h shop with some decent books, well worth a look.  Norman Davies 06.02.17
Good range of reasonably priced titles, with generally better than average charity shop fare. Probably only worth visiting if you're actually in Chorley for another reason though.  Steven Kelly 19.10.19

Removed 14.03.22 from North West/Lancashire
Book Bargains/LYTHAM ST ANNES/31 St Andrews Road South
Book Bargains  Open at advertised times
31 St Andrews Road South   LYTHAM ST ANNES   FY8 1PZ
tel: 01253 712015   
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30.
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It was closed on the day I was there but looked like a medium-sized second-hand shop.  Bridget the Browser 
A very neatly laid-out shop, medium-sized, books very well arranged and prices fair. Friendly owner.  The Wanderer 08.08.08
This was my secondhand bookshop as I was growing up, so only get to go maybe once a year now, when home visiting parents. Trip last weekend was very fruitful, around 10-15 really good finds. Very extensive general stock, "not for the collector" as they say, but depending on your luck there can be some excellent finds in the classics (broad definition) and non-fiction sections. Definitely worth checking out, we always find at least one or two to take home, often many more like this time.  M&O 17.08.12

Removed 07.03.22 from Wales/North Wales
Berwyn Books and Cheshire Book Centre/BUCKLEY/Units 3 _ 4, Spencer Industrial Estate
Berwyn Books  and Cheshire Book Centre   Appointment necessary
Units 3 & 4, Spencer Industrial Estate  BUCKLEY  CH7 3LY
tel:  01244 541415    web
CLOSED after a major fire
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Several hundred thousand good-quality secondhand books from £1 to £4. We buy new stock, and specialise in large collections and libraries of antiquarian books and other items such as sheet music, postcards and other printed matter.

Situated at the rear of an antiques centre on a not easy to find side road on an industrial estate. Once found, the pleasure of searching the shelves takes over. Here is a shop comprising quality publications; some old and some fairly recent but all worthy of time to check if they could be worthwhile purchases. Everything in marked categories which makes it easy to browse. WWAD.  Chris Harte 07.04.13
Moved to Old Chapel in May.  TBG 16.05.13
A visit, by appointment, to the new premises meant an introduction to the knowledgeable Julie. She seemed to know where most of the internet titles could be located and I left with a box load of surprises. Prices were slightly high but the quality could not be faulted.  Chris Harte 13.06.13
Moved to Buckley in October 2013.  TBG 23.12.13
Visited them in Unit 4, by appointment. The storage area is huge and I would have no idea how many (tens of ??)thousands of books line the narrow wooden shelves. Although mainly an internet organisation the titles I briefly saw were of some substance. Go with your 'Wants List' - as nowhere near the full stock can be listed online - and Julie will hopefully find what you want.  Chris Harte 02.01.14
The people who run this bookshop are both friendly and efficient with a vast knowledge of their stock...we could not fault them and will use them again in the future..FANTASTIC!  Netty 10.03.14
"Berwyn Books, of Spencer Industrial Estate in Buckley, North Wales has suffered a catastrophic fire. Both of their units, which had held tens of thousands of scarce and antiquarian books, have been totally destroyed. The loss to both Steve, Julie and book collectors is beyond sadness. They had been a major part of the internet book scene along with The Cheshire Book Company of which they were owners."

As I write the fire has just been brought under control but the structure is so dangerous it will probably have to be demolished.
  Christopher Harte 17.11.21
Berwyn Books has reopened in a new form and location with the name The Berwyn Bookshop.  TBH2 07.03.22

Removed 27.02.22 from Wales/South Wales
Serendipity/CHEPSTOW/4 St Mary_s Street
Serendipity  Open at advertised times
4 St Mary's Street   CHEPSTOW   NP16 5EU
tel: 01291 622367  
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or 07846 498483 A secondhand, pre-loved and vintage shop with lots of books. 100s added every week, with prices as little as 20p each, or 6 for a 1.00.

From the front you would not realise that there were hundreds of books at the rear. Quite a number of shelves of run-of-the-mill titles, however there were a few railways gems noticed.  Chris Harte 16.08.11
As with St.Mary's Collectables across the road, it is not worth driving any distance to visit this shop. There a few interesting titles but I only found a very small handful of useful books.  Nicholas Pendower 05.04.14
Revisited after a few years, appears same tired stock. Worth a quick peek if in Chepstow, otherwise definitely not WAD.  Norman Davies 08.04.17

Removed 23.02.22 from South West/Devon
Ilfracombe Charity Bookshop/ILFRACOMBE/6A Church Street
Ilfracombe Charity Bookshop  Open at advertised times
6A Church Street   ILFRACOMBE   EX34 8HA
tel: 01271 862020 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 12.00 & 2.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 12.00.
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A small, well organised stock of reasonably priced books, which are much better than most charity bookshops.  TBG 
Note this is at the west end of the High Street. Nearly all newish good selection at good prices.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
That two hour lunch break did for me so I could only look through the window. There are some general charity shops elsewhere on the somewhat run down High Street so my visit was not totally wasted.  Steven 06.09.13
Light, airy, and with well chosen books and no dross - quite unlike most charity bookshops.  TBG 08.06.15
Plenty of well priced books to read on the beach but nothing much for collectors.  Steven 05.08.16
I had not been to these premises for several years and shalln't be going again as the bookshop has gone, apparently following retirement of the leading lights!  Wessexman 23.02.22

Removed 21.02.22 from North East/North Yorkshire
Ken Spelman Books Ltd/YORK/70 Micklegate
Ken Spelman Books Ltd    Open at advertised times
70 Micklegate    YORK  YO1 6LF
tel:  01904 624414. mob 07960 350909    web
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00
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CLOSING as a shop end January 2022
Books on the fine arts, architecture, garden design, literature, history, science & technology, philosophy & very many other areas. In addition to our rare and antiquarian books, we also have a rapidly changing stock of over 40,000 scholarly and interesting books on all subjects. We also hold regular art exhibitions and have a permanent gallery space.

Freezing day and a coal fire burning downstairs, a browser's paradise!  Andy Overton 
The best bookshop I?ve visited in York ? excellent stock, accurately priced  Geoff Hatherick 22.07.08
Generally good stock (although not as good as several years ago). Prices ok. If you want to sell books forget it - you are likely to get a supercilious reaction 'oh we're not interested' even when you have rung before and been told they will buy!  John Williamson 04.03.09
A significantly higher quality of stock than when I visited a few years ago, and the arrival of new material has certainly increased with lots to look at. Prices are very competitive, and checking up on a few items on-line on my return home I found them to be consistently lower than for poorer copies listed elsewhere. The chatty staff were very helpful - this shop deserves to survive and I look forward to my next trip up Micklegate.  Harry Peterson 30.09.10
Agree last comment much improved stock and (importantly) more sensible prices than a few years back. Definitely the best shop in York now with good proprietor and some fine biographies and politics books for me.  Norman Davies 09.02.11
Visited in the spring of 2012 and this is a lovely book shop with clean and well organised stock, however, I could not find a single military/WWII/Royal Navy book to purchase so left empty-handed. Shame as pricing was reasonable.  Laurence Batchelor 08.01.14
Not been since I lived in York in 1997-98. Some of the stock still the same from then, but pleased to find some affordable rarities, even a signed first edition for a fiver and very helpful staff.  Anthony 10.03.14
Went back today, warm welcome and three good purchases. Flying visit of 10 minutes but will return again soon.  Anthony 05.02.15
Excellent shop, physically interesting with very good stock at reasonable prices. Had quite a lot of remainders particularly on Art which are very easy to buy and which you might not see elsewhere.  popsikov 02.04.15
Owned for many years by Messrs. Fothergill and Miller, the latter having now retired. The interesting rack of cheap books outside retired with him, which is a shame. Within, all is unchanged for the most part. That is to say, a very good range of stock in history, modern literature and philosophy, plus some remaindered stock at the front. Idiosyncratic features, such as the open fire in the Winter, and the incomparable Suzi at all seasons, are unchanged too. Something of a price revolution recently (compare Minster Gates), with a not-dissimilar effect in certain parts of the shop.  The Bookman 16.07.16
Hadn't been here for years but shop still very good. Good selection and prices reasonable.  David 25.05.17
Back there after a while. Managed to buy 3 items - cost me £31.49.  Chris K 19.04.18
As good as ever, though the gallery seems to have been abandoned for the time being at least. There are always good things to be found in this agreeably old-fashioned shop.  Laurence Purcell 27.08.21
Good stock and at more reasonable prices than bookshops in other, more touristy, areas of York. Helpful staff too. Recommended.  Steve Newman 08.09.21
Always a pleasure browsing the interesting stock at this shop. Some rearrangement of the shelves has taken place since my last visit. This has resulted from the closure of the upstairs area as a result of Covid restrictions, which may only be a temporary arrangement.  Wessexman 01.10.21
Mike Goodenough reports "At the end of January 2022 the current lease ends, and the shop premises are in the process of being sold. But the name and business, Ken Spelman Books Ltd, continues with the owner, Tony Fothergill, who after 43 years in Micklegate will continue very actively trading in rare and unusual books & manuscripts via catalogues, book-fairs, on-line, and by appointment." Great shop, visit it while you still can.  TBG2 12.11.21
Visited this week, very sad to see the end of a shop that I have enjoyed for over 25 years. Still made some worthwhile purchases whilst commiserating with the lovely lady behind the counter who still wrapped the books up in that beautiful brown paper and will be out of a job next month. An institution passes into history.  Anthony 20.12.21

Removed 20.02.22 from North East/West Yorkshire
Oxfam Shop/OTLEY/1-5 Boroughgate
Oxfam Shop  Phone before travelling
1-5 Boroughgate   OTLEY   LS21 3AG
tel: 01943 467028    web 
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A large new, books and music section.

There are three Oxfam shops next door to each other. The Bookshop is number one. The shelves were full of usual Oxfam offerings with prices average. In my twenty minutes in the shop I was the only visitor. They will need more than my £2 to survive in what is an excellent location.  Chris Harte 27.02.17
The quality of the books had gone downhill since my last report. Stale shop with a strange smell. Didn't stay long and would not recommend a visit.  Chris Harte 03.09.19
This is now just a bog-standard Oxfam outlet with a few books. Probably not worth listing on a book guide.  Chris Harte 20.02.22

Removed 18.02.22 from South West/Devon
Old Bridge Antiques Centre/BIDEFORD/The Pill, Kingsley Road
Old Bridge Antiques Centre   Open at advertised times
The Pill, Kingsley Road   BIDEFORD  EX39 2PF
tel:  01237 420 909    web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.45 - 5.00.
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Peter Hames is no longer here, and whilst there are still books, they are now much less interesting.  TBG 31.07.08
Standard antique centre fayre not worth a book lover visit. However, excellent bookstall upstairs in Pannier Market opposite on relevant market days and Allhalland Books is still going down the road.  Norman Davies 02.07.13
This antiques centre seems to have relocated to the Pill, Kingsley Road, just off the quayside, but I could only find a small number of books in a single small bookcase. Perhaps it no longer merits inclusion. There are, on the other hand, at least four bookcases in the Market Hall within the Pannier Market in Grenville Street up the hill, though the hall was almost deserted when I called today.  Wessexman 17.02.22

Removed 13.02.22 from Scotland/Central Scotland
Strathcarron Hospice Book Shop/FALKIRK/Howgate Centre
Strathcarron Hospice Book Shop  Open at advertised times
Howgate Centre   FALKIRK   FK1 1ON
tel: 01324 620959   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Situated in the shopping centre in Falkirk town centre. In addition to books, it also sells CDs including audio books, DVDs and printed ephemera. Shop is neat and tidy, everything is categorised and the shelves labelled. Stock is the usual charity shop fare, but if you’re prepared to dig deep you can find some gems. Pricing is on the low side, paperback fiction at £1, hardback fiction at £2.50. Non fiction appears to be priced at £2.50 to £5.00. Friendly staff behind the counter.  Booksellerbull 12.01.19
Surprisingly-located charity bookshop in centre of shopping mall. Standard charity shop books but a wide enough range and reasonably priced.  Steven Kelly 11.11.19

Removed 04.02.22 from Republic of Ireland/Co. Dublin
Chapters Bookstore/DUBLIN/Parnell Street,Ivy Exchange
Chapters Bookstore    Phone before travelling
Parnell Street, Ivy Exchange  DUBLIN 

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New book shop with secondhand books upstairs.

Mainly newly remaindered books on the extensive ground floor. Modern secondhand upstairs. All expertly categorised. Nothing pre-2000 whatsoever. Prices all over the place. Not worth a visit.  Chris Harte 09.11.15
Once again I think we have visited a different shop to Chris Harte. We found it well stocked and with mostly good prices. And all our purchases were pre 2000 s/hand.  David 18.08.16
In response to the above comments I paid another visit. My initial thoughts stay unchanged.  Chris Harte 14.04.17
This was the last shop I visited on my brief stopover in Dublin and whilst I can see, with his areas of interest, where Chris Harte is coming from, I have to say that this place was almost overwhelming. Yes, there are a huge amount of remainders on the floor, in piles and on the shelves, but they are quality remainders and they are books that in the main, you can understand being published. Unlike many remainder shops where you are left asking the question. 'How in God's name did this get into print?'. I managed a rapid scan of the crime shelves and got only about a quarter of the way through the modern fiction (there is a massive separate Irish Fiction section) before I had to leave. To do it justice this place needs several hours, a break (or two), some coffee and a reserve pair of glasses! Not for the collector or specialist, I agree, but wondrous nevertheless!  Jonathan Morgan 06.10.18
Sadly after 39 years Chapters has closed. Irish Times article  TBG2 04.02.22
I can assure you, it was open on Friday! The very large second-hand department has moved to the rear of the ground floor. The department is larger than any of the exclusively second-hand shops we visited in Dublin. I gain the impression that quite a large proportion of the stock represents unsold new books but not remainders as normally understood. There aren't piles and piles of the same title but one, or at most two, copies that failed to find a buyer. An interesting feature are the several cases of "pick and mix" books; well shelved but entirely random collections of non-fiction books. Prices were reasonable and we bought an armful of books.  Gary 12.03.23

Removed 25.01.22 from North West/Greater Manchester
Shudehill Book Centre/MANCHESTER/34 Shudehill
The Shudehill Book Centre  Open at advertised times
34 Shudehill   MANCHESTER   M4 1EZ
tel: 0161 839 0376 
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General stock of secondhand hardback and paperback books as well as magazines.

It's like a disappointing fair ground ride: huge signs all the way up the front of the building promising 'Manchester's Number One Book Shop' quicken the pulse but inside its just a dark dank ground floor of well thumbed porn mags and a few sad remainders.  George Marshall 26.10.09
As George Marshall wrote a year ago: mostly porn magazines, porn videos and a few paperbacks.  Joachim Duester 05.10.10
No longer selling books, but 'Adult' Magazines, DVD's & VHS tapes! Guess there is more money selling such merchandise in the area than plain books! I am sure there are sites listing such premises, but 'The Bookguide' should not be one of them.   Steve Newman 24.01.22

Removed 14.01.22 from East Anglia/Norfolk
M and AC Thompson/WYMONDHAM/The Bookshop
M and AC Thompson  Open at advertised times
The Bookshop  1 Town Green   WYMONDHAM   NR18 0PN
tel: 01953 602244 
Open:  Wednesday - Friday 10.30 - 4.30, Saturday 10.00 - 4.30.
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General secondhand books including biography, entertainment, fiction and topography.

Useful and busy little shop with neat and well-organised stock. However, the owner does not attend trade auctions and relies solely upon stock brought in by customers or acquired from local charity shops. The best stock is taken home and sold via the internet using a different trading name. For this reason the shop is well-patronised by locals seeking general second-hand books but discerning collectors will find very little of interest. Don't ask for a discount, the owner will become very agitated and upset.  Avid Book Collector 12.09.08
I have just read my details in your list of secondhand bookshops in Norfolk and I am puzzled by a couple of points. Firstly, I do not take the best stock home to sell on the internet, only a small selection of books which have usually already spent some time in the shop. Secondly, I am amazed to read that I become "very agitated and upset" when asked to give discount. This is utter nonsense. As regular customers and other booksellers are well aware, I am usually very generous with my discounts. I feel that these comments are entirely unjustified and I resent the good reputation I have built over 27 years in Wymondham being misrepresented in this way  Allan Thompson, owner 06.11.08
I've always found the owner helpful and pleasant. I wonder if Avid Book Collector's disagreeable experience was as much to do with his own attitude to book buying and asking for discounts.  Stephen 22.05.09
I have nothing but praise for the owner, Alan Thompson. He is always friendly, polite and professional, and runs his business in a way which reflects his personal integrity. I recommend that you go and see for yourself!  Colin 28.07.09
A pleasant visit which saw me come away with a few titles which were priced most generously. I found the owner a decent chap who had time for a general chat while I was searching his shelves. In between the general old books was the occasional treat.  Chris Harte 24.02.10
I agree with all the responses to the original comment. This is a great little shop with an extremely affable patron. There is usually a guitar to pick up as well. The owner has a wealth of musical knowledge. Recommended.  Undercover 20.02.12
An excellent bookshop which I visit whenever I am in the area on business. Great to dig around the history section and fine some real quality items at excellent value. The owner is very polite and knows his customers well. So few bookshops left these days, I do hope this wonderful oasis doesn't dry up any time soon.  Tim 24.04.15
Always a pleasure to visit. Very friendly owner. I felt jealous of missing Dana Gillespie in the shop by a day or two!  Leffe At 49DS 03.07.15
Closed about a year ago we're told, and is now online only.  TBG2 14.01.22
I was due to retire at the end of June, 2020, and had announced that intention in the shop window. Unfortunately, the Pandemic arrived so I closed down without having the benefit of a final sale and was also unable to say goodbye to my customers. I removed all the stock, and, during the year following closure, I donated about 2,500 books to local charities. I was eventually able to find a buyer for the remainder of my stock, amounting to over 4,000 books, and received a very fair price for them. Contrary to someone's post on this site, I do not have an on-line business, although I have disposed of a few items in this way. Thanks to all my customers who supported me during the 39 years I was trading in Wymondham. Bless you all. Best wishes, Allan Thompson.  Allan Thompson (owner) 08.06.22

Removed 02.01.22 from South East/Kent
Roadmaster Books/ROCHESTER/105 High Street
Roadmaster Books  Appointment necessary
105 High Street   ROCHESTER   ME1 1JS
tel: 01634 862843  
Open:  Appointment necessary.
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Perhaps we are the smallest but most packed shop in the County! We are in the centre of the High Street by La Providence the French Protestant Hospital. just over from one of the finest views of the Cathedral. With 4 shops in Rochester (if you count Oxfam?) a visit is well worthwhile.

This is a small but excellent shop, well-stocked and with good turnover. Transport and local history are specialities but there is a full range of subjects with strengths in literature, travel and showbiz.  Laurence Purcell 25.11.13
Two small rooms. The first has the owner and local and transport volumes neatly arranged. He then warns everybody about the piles in the second room where most of the stock is. These dangerously unstable piles are above the level of most of the shelves and mostly with the titles facing in so you can't see what's on the shelves or in the piles without risking a serious collapse. After two of these I gave up. Pity, there might be some good stuff in there.  John Allen 03.07.14
Passed on a Sunday, when it's closed, and there were posters in the window advertising a sale "everything to go". Looks like I'm not the only one that couldn't get to the books.  John Allen 22.10.15
'Back on 1 March' said a notice in the window - but still closed four days later. Posters proclaim 'Clearance Sale'; this shop has been on the brink of extinction for years. Mostly inexpensive Transport and Local History - if you can get in!  Nicholas Sack 24.03.19

Removed 05.12.21 from Central/Worcestershire
Hop Pocket Shopping Village/WORCESTER/The Hop Pocket
The Hop Pocket Shopping Village  Open at advertised times
The Hop Pocket  Bishops Frome   WORCESTER   WR6 5BT
tel: 01531 640 323    web 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30, Sunday 11.00 - 5.00.
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One section has antiques & books.

It's not brilliant and some unrealistic pricing, but I've made a few worthwhile buys.  Michael 28.05.16
The Antiques and Book section closed some time ago  Keith 05.12.21

Removed 05.12.21 from Central/Worcestershire
Read and Ride/MALVERN/Platform 2
Read and Ride  Open at advertised times
Platform 2  Great Malvern Station  Station Approach   MALVERN   WR14 3AL
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.00?
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Charity bookshop selling donated books, staffed by volunteers.

A small bookshop selling mainly fiction but including a section on non-fiction, maps & cards. Reasonably priced and well worth a look if you are in the area.  Steve Newman 03.03.14
Wasted journey, as not open at 10:30 am on a Monday in August. The station cafe owner says the shop usually opens at 11, as the staff are volunteers.  Wisden 21.08.14
After a 10 minute walk from town they were still open at 4pm but it was a wasted journey as a small shop, low on quality and mainly p/b fiction.  Laurence Batchelor 01.10.18
This has been closed for some time  Keith 05.12.21

Removed 01.12.21 from South West/Gloucestershire
St Richard_s Hospice Book _ Media Store/TEWKESBURY/35 High Street
St Richard's Hospice Book & Media Store   Open at advertised times
35 High Street    TEWKESBURY  GL20 5BB
tel:  01684 294679 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00
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If you’re looking for a good read then pop in and browse the 4,500 titles in stock. The shop also features an entertainment section with CDs and DVDs.

This shop opened in late April 2019 and on its first day it sold hundreds of pounds worth of stock to various dealers. I can see why as many of the titles on the shelves are quality. Those behind the locked glass cabinet were superb. Everything arranged by subject and easy to view. Tewkesbury is now a place with some very good bookshops.  Chris Harte 29.05.19
A small shop but packed with good quality stock, well displayed. Prices very competitive.  Booksellerbull 03.01.20

Removed 26.11.21 from Wales/North Wales
Bodorgan Books/BODORGAN/11 High Street
Bodorgan Books  Appointment necessary
11 High Street  Malltraeth   BODORGAN   LL62 5AS
tel: 01407 840522 
Open:  Appointment only until early 2018 due to family illness.
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We stock a wide range of new and secondhand books, including children's books, wildlife and local and general interest. We have a wide range of out of print and rare books at reasonable prices. These include modern first editions, wildlife books,vintage children's books and antiquarian books.

A really nice bookshop which will be expanding into new rooms fairly shortly. Extremely strong on bird books and specialising in C.F.Tunnicliffe. Other titles well categorised. During the winter only open on Saturday and Sunday. However, if visiting at other times ring the doorbell and you will be let in.  Chris Harte 26.10.15
Due to family illness the shop will only be open by appointment until early in the New Year.Information from one of the owners at the recent Menai Bridge Book Fair (14/10/17).  Corso 23.10.17
The owner has confirmed that it will not be reopening and has reverted to being residential.  Christopher Harte 26.11.21

Removed 23.11.21 from Scotland/Central Scotland
McLaren Books/HELENSBURGH/22 John Street
McLaren Books  Open at advertised times
22 John Street   HELENSBURGH   G84 8BA
tel: 01436 676453    web 
Open:  Thursday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, and some other days but best to check first.
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Thirty years of trading has firmly established us as the leading dealers in naval, maritime, and yachting books in Scotland. Also books of Scottish interest. Recently reopened and reliably open on advertised days.

A remarkably well stocked shop, specialising in all things maritime. For anything to to with boats, the sea, maritime history, this is the place.  John Butler 12.08.09
I've never visited in person, but bought books via their website. They often have listed rare maritime/naval books which I've struggled to find elsewhere at reasonable prices. Also been able to get discount when buying a bundle and I find their website easy to navigate and browse. They also respond to emails in a timely fashion. Recommended.  Laurence Batchelor 25.01.14
Smallish shop, crammed with good quality specialist stock in great quantity. Very helpful owner. An enjoyable visit, resulting in a couple of good railway purchases. The maritime remit is interpreted pleasingly broadly!  TravellingLibrary 18.07.15
From McLaren Books' website https://mclarenbooks.com/pages/about-us "Sadly, the shop is no longer open"  Gary 23.11.21
They continue to deal online on their website  TBG2 23.11.21

Removed 17.11.21 from Wales/Mid Wales
Kingshead Books/PRESTEIGNE/45 High Street
Kingshead Books  Open at advertised times
45 High Street   PRESTEIGNE   LD8 2BE
tel: 01547 560100 
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Removed 10.11.21 from East Anglia/Suffolk
Books and Vintage/FELIXSTOWE/228 High Road
Books and Vintage  Open at advertised times
228 High Road  FELIXSTOWE  IP11 9DN
Moday - Saturday 10.00 - 15.00
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We pleased to announce the re-opening of our Books and Vintage shop in Walton (next to the Post Office). Our new staff members, Emily and Jess, look forward to giving you a warm welcome and you can choose from the large quantity of books and intriguing items we have for sale!

A very small shop (one room). Mostly pb fiction and children’s, also standard charity shop non fiction (cookery, gardening, travel etc) Visited a month apart and stock didn’t seem to have changed much. Service friendly and prices v cheap. On street parking can be difficult   HB 25.09.21
I think there must be staffing issues here, closed all last week but nothing in the window to explain why.   HB 30.10.21
The shop has closed permanently due to lack of passing trade and difficulty of parking. The books will be sent to the Basic Charity Shop, Hamilton Rd, Felixstowe   HB 09.11.21
Sad to see that a bookshop that we recorded as new a few months ago has already closed.  TBG2 10.11.21

Removed 30.10.21 from East Anglia/Norfolk
Turret House Books/WYMONDHAM/27 Middleton Street
Turret House Books  Open at advertised times
27 Middleton Street   WYMONDHAM   NR18 0AB
tel: 01953 603462 
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The owner is an amiable retired scientist who specialises in medical and science books with a smattering of local topography and fiction. The stock is old, interesting and reasonably priced. However, the stock is also small, and confined to one front room, even though tantalising boxes of books are to be glimpsed on stairwells and in other rooms. The bookroom is open erratic hours - safest bet is to visit on a Saturday - and you'll need to ring the bell to see if anyone is at home. As it is opposite Thompson's bookshop visitors should be able to visit both shops at the same time. Parking in the street is easy and free.  Avid Book Collector 12.09.08
A most friendly owner and a shop which might possibly be the front corner of his home. Small stock, mainly scientific, but with a few regional holdings. Nothing for me but much for those who collect the specialities.  Chris Harte 24.02.10
I just had a quick look on google streetview and this looks long gone - the shop signs seemed to disappear some time between 2012 and 2016. Looks very much like a private residence since 2016.  Flip M 29.10.21

Removed 27.10.21 from London/SW Postcodes
Classic Library/CHELSEA/1st floor
Classic Library  Open at advertised times
1st floor  533 Kings Road   CHELSEA   SW10 0TZ
tel: 020 7376 7653 
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General secondhand books.

This was a unit within the still-occupied Furniture and Arts Building - but closed "twenty years ago, at least".   Nicholas Sack 26.10.21

Removed 26.10.21 from London/SW Postcodes
Chelsea Gallery and Il Libro/CHELSEA/The Plaza
Chelsea Gallery and Il Libro  Open at advertised times
The Plaza  535 Kings Road   CHELSEA   SW10 0SZ
tel: 020 7823 3248 
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Closed "twenty years ago, when the proprietor died". To the graveyard page, aptly.  Nicholas Sack 26.10.21

Removed 21.10.21 from South East/East Sussex
Vintage etc/EASTBOURNE/30 Pevensy Road
Vintage etc  Open at advertised times
30 Pevensy Road   EASTBOURNE   BN21 3HP
tel: 07702 744866   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 500.
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Dave Berry is at it again, loads of books all @ £2 upstairs at Vintage etc. A small antiquarian section on the ground floor + decorative books by the yard.

This is run by the same bloke who ran Tome a few years back, and has a similar feel, but a fraction of the size - perhaps a quarter of the size - around 30 bookcases, but some sparsely filled. Penguins, pulp crime, and an eclectic selection of art, travel, horses, naval, etc. Not much hardback fiction. At two quid, nothing is really overpriced; so if there's something beyond the paperback fiction that grabs your attention, good chance you'll feel you have a bargain. I wouldn't make a special trip, but if you're visiting Camilla's and having a day out in Eastbourne, then stroll across town could be worth it.  TheWavesBroke 26.04.19
Very nice to see Dave back. Tome was a great shop and was much missed. The shop is a mix of antiques and loads of mainly well-priced paperbacks (lots of Penguins and thrillers). Well worth a visit and a browse.  Mike H 13.06.19
Dave Berry is no longer selling books at this venue. I spoke to him today and he no longer has a retail outlet/shop stock anywhere.  Richard Beaton 21.10.21

Removed 19.10.21 from London/E Postcodes
Paper and Cup/SHOREDITCH/18 Calvert Avenue
Paper and Cup  Open at advertised times
18 Calvert Avenue   SHOREDITCH   E2 7JP
tel: 0207 739 5358  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 8.00 - 6.00, Saturday 9.00 - 6.00, Sunday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Social enterprise coffee shop selling cakes, snacks, second-hand books and local artists' works.

An extensive wall of secondhand stock in a coffee shop, with all paperbacks at one pound and hardbacks two pounds. Bargains may be had, including the handsome 224-page catalogue to the Lowry show at Tate Britain in 2013: a steal at two quid.  Nicholas Sack 15.05.17

Removed 15.10.21 from North East/North Yorkshire
Old Library Bookshop (was Bloomindales)/HAWES/The Old LibraryMarket HallMarket Place
The Old Library Bookshop (was Bloomindales)   Open at advertised times
The Old Library  Market Hall  Market Place    HAWES  DL8 3QN
tel:  01969 666054 
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Bloomindales Bookshop became notorious when owner Steve Bloom introduced a selective policy of charging 50p admission. The story went viral in January 2017 and Steve sold the business in July. Opinions of our reviewers were strongly divided and they are archived here.

NOW UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT, from whom we received a very warm welcome.
  Mike 03.08.17
Visited in October just before the grand opening. Shop looks very tidy and the new owner very helpful. I will visit again and hope the business is a success.  BradfordJohn 23.10.17

Removed 14.10.21 from East Anglia/Suffolk
Poor Richard_s Books/FELIXSTOWE/17 Orwell Road
Poor Richard's Books     Phone before travelling
17 Orwell Road    FELIXSTOWE  IP11 7EP
tel:  01394 283138 
Open:  Monday 9.30 - 2.00 & Tuesday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00, ring for winter opening times.
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CLOSES end September 2021. Half-price sale till then, then stock is going to Elizabeth's Hospice in Ipswich for a book sale in October 50000+ books covering most subjects.

Some good stuff at the front of the shop. Downstairs smells a bit of damp and seems mainly full of what seems to me like junk books; e.g. large selection of ex-school text books for Latin from a local school! Books grimy in some cases. Easily walkable from town centre car park, but in a side-street.  Roger Pearse 27.06.08
Great shop on two floors. Upstairs there is a huge range of 1st editions and paperbacks. Downstairs mainly older & cheaper books.  Bee Clarke 29.07.09
Every time I visit this shop I become more impressed at the strength and depth of their very impressive holdings. Owner was extremely helpful and guided me through the sections which were of interest. Well laid out and easy on the eye. Visit recommended.  Chris Harte 24.02.10
This shop is a real find. 2 floors packed with interesting books and, for once, they are all carefully organised. Helpful owner, well WAD.  Norman Davies 16.07.10
I wholeheartedly second the more recent comments on this bookshop. Whatever your interests, you would find something here. Felixstowe is a Mecca for anyone interested in secondhand books.  Geoffrey Warner 15.12.11
This is a really excellent shop with a good, large stock, a very helpful owner, and books that are sensibly priced. We found some extremely interesting things on the afternoon we visited and received a very generous discount on our purchases. Felixstowe is well worth a visit and, along with other nearby towns, is a must for the collector.  Nicholas Pendower 06.03.13
Topography is the stand-out here but as well organised as the Treasure Chest up the road.  The Herne 26.03.13
This is one of two superb bookshops in Felixstowe and there are a plethora of charity shops including a Charity Bookshop. Poor Richards is a massive shop belied by the small frontage and will take you back to your childhood image of what all good secondhand bookshops should be.(For me it was Beach's Bookshop in Salisbury). I picked up a number of Asterix Books in French and there is a good languages (mostly French) section in the extensive basement area. There really is something for every taste here and the prices reflect the high quality stock whilst remaining reasonable. Really friendly staff. This is the furthest shop from the BR station but is still only a 10 minute walk and is close to the largely unspoiled beach. WWAD for the stock and the other shops.  Jon Morgan 13.08.14
Excellent well stocked shop with friendly staff. Large car park less than 100 yards away with a good fish and chip shop in-between!  Richard Fuller 08.08.15
A welcome return and see that the shop is thriving as on my last visit. Topography a highlight but also poetry well covered.  Herne 26.04.18
Sadly closes at 1400 Mondays so I couldn't reacquaint myself.  Norman Davies 15.08.19
Check before you go. "Winter opening hours" apply and these are not as shown above. They include WEDNESDAY CLOSED and that of course was the day I chose to visit. This seems to happen to me a lot.  Laurence Purcell 30.11.19
The bookshop is now closed and has become a record shop (although books are still on the shelves inside) Still trading on ABE   HB  14.10.21

Removed 05.10.21 from South West/Cornwall
Bookends of Fowey/FOWEY/4 South Street
Bookends of Fowey  Open at advertised times
4 South Street   FOWEY   PL23 1AR
tel: 01726 833361  web 
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Secondhand and antiquarian books, and in particular those by Cornish authors.  TBG 
A sweet little shop in one of the most delightful fishing villages in Cornwall. Very heavily biased towards Cornish topography and Cornish authors with, unsurprisingly, a very large selection of Du Maurier. Literature from elsewhere in the world was a little thin on the ground. Cramped to the point of being difficult to turn around in. Some treasures to be found I'm sure.  RS 11.06.10
Well worth a detour if you are interested in Cornish authors but not worth a special trip for general readers.  Pondcott 30.03.11
There is now a Bookends Too a little further along the street that sells new books and classical CDs.  Steven 05.11.11
Lovely shop with helpful staff and good stock, especially Daphne Du Maurier.  Astrid 12.07.12
Small shop but interesting stock, some older stuff, friendly and welcoming folk.  CC 26.01.15
Bookends of Fowey changed hands last year and is now Shrew Books, selling only new books.  TBG2 05.10.21

Removed 05.10.21 from North East/North Yorkshire
British Heart Foundation Books and Music Shop/HARROGATE/12a Beulah Street
British Heart Foundation Books and Music Shop  Open at advertised times
12a Beulah Street   HARROGATE   HG1 1QQ
tel: 01423 563245 
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Just out the lower door of WH Smith and across the road, this is a medium sized shop covering two floors with a good stock of music and videos on the ground floor along with books and with even more books upstairs.  Jeremy Briggs. 05.11.07
This is an awful shop the people who run are nasty do not go in this shop!  Sara Pannal 17.10.08
Rather disappointing. Lots of "celeb" biogs and TV stuff. Forget WWAD, this is well worth a miss. - David  25.05.17 25.05.17
Very poor stock and a reflection of the downward trend of the town. Absolutely nothing of even a moderate standard to recommend. Sara, eleven years ago, was completely correct.  Chris Harte 03.09.19
This shop has gone, replaced by another business. I was unable to establish if it has merely relocated or closed completely, but I suspect the latter.  Wessexman 05.10.21

Removed 02.10.21 from Central/Staffordshire
Book/NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYME/17 Merrial Street
Book  Open at advertised times
17 Merrial Street   NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LYME   ST5 2AE
tel: 01782 630201   
Open:  7 days 9.30 - 4.30.
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Our stock is mainly second-hand but we do carry a number of new books. We have a good History. Military and Transport sections. All visitors from outside of our immediate area will be given Coffee or Tea.

Worth a visit. Rather an 'old-fashioned' feel to it (same with the stall on Stafford market): plenty of rather scruffy - but quite interesting and even uncommon - titles. Parking nearby.  Andrew Bradley 18.07.14
Certainly wouldn't recommend this shop. Female till operator not very welcoming and in my opinion had a poor attitude and lacked customer care skills. Shall definitely NOT be going back!!!!  J H 18.01.20

Removed 29.09.21 from South West/Cornwall
Oxfam Shop/LAUNCESTON/1 Broad Street
Oxfam Shop  Phone before travelling
1 Broad Street   LAUNCESTON   PL15 8AA
tel: 01566 777874    web 
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Not a bookshop - standard Oxfam shop with a few shelves of very poor quality books. NWAD.  Ghost of Driff 29.09.21

Removed 24.09.21 from East Anglia/Suffolk
Landers Bookshop/LONG MELFORD/Hall Street
Landers Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Hall Street   LONG MELFORD   CO10 9HZ
tel: 01787 378957    web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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Lots of general new titles that are regularly updated. A good, wide selection of secondhand books. We undertake searches for new and hard to find titles as well as general second hand requests.

A very small shop, with mainly new books and two shelves of general secondhand material. Apparently has another 1500 secondhand books in an inaccessible storeroom.  Tom Lawson 20.05.16

Removed 15.09.21 from Wales/Mid Wales
Treehigh Sales//Town Hall
Treehigh Sales  Open at advertised times
Town Hall  Broad Street  MONTGOMERY  Powys  SY15 6PN     
tel: 07939-569095 
Open:  Thursday 9.30 - 4.30.
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General selection of antiquarian, rare and old books. A market stall.

This is a shop within the old market building in the centre of the town. A very strong selection of local and regional titles. Much in the way of religious material which was selling well on my visit. Not too much fiction. Well worthy of a visit, if passing. Free parking outside.  Chris Harte 05.03.13
This bookstall has closed and the owners have opened a shop (Hardy's Bookstore) in Welshpool.  TBG2 15.09.21

Removed 15.09.21 from South East/Kent
Book Palace/CANTERBURY/32 Palace Street
The Book Palace  Open at advertised times
32 Palace Street   CANTERBURY   CT1 2DZ
tel: 01227 470120 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Charity bookshop run entirely by volunteers for benefit of The Scrine Foundation.

This place is a treasure trove in a beautiful half timbered building. There was a charity bookshop almost opposite and this one has either subsumed it or it has migrated across the road. The stock is of very high quality for a charity shop and frankly beats most if not all of the charity AND second hand shops in Canterbury. A very large modern fiction selection with the usual charity shop fare plus. Good other sections viz military, transport etc and prices extremely reasonable. Worth a detour and makes the journey worthwhile in itself.  Jon Morgan 01.10.15
This shop is no longer a bookshop. We spoke to the people at Catching Lives charity bookshop located at no 28 Palace Street and they informed us that it was they who were previously at no 32 and known as Book Palace.   David 14.09.21

Removed 14.09.21 from Wales/West Wales
Bookends/CARDIGAN/7 The Arcade
Bookends  Open at advertised times
7 The Arcade  High Street   CARDIGAN   SA43 1HJ
tel: 01239 614632 
Open:  Monday & Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00. (Thursday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00 in winter.)
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A wide range of books to suit everyone at reasonable prices.

Opened only a few months ago this bookshop is right at the end of an Arcade which runs between numbers 6 & 7 High Street. There are probably around 5,000 books on the shelves of which around half are fiction. There are no specific specialities and nothing pre-war. However, it is just so good to have a secondhand bookshop back in Cardigan which, in itself, is a most pleasant town.  Chris Harte 28.02.15
Hard to find - keep going down the arcade don't give up! Nothing of great interest other than Wales s/h and new which are good. Agree Chris H encourage these new shops.  Norman Davies 03.07.15
Right at the far end of a long arcade running off the main street in Cardigan. A wide and varied stock priced at almost rock-bottom levels.  Graeme Rendall 22.10.15
Closed all of January.  Chris Harte 15.01.18
Much less stock than previously pictured online and described. About 4 full shelving units, mostly sci fi and horror paperbacks, with a couple shelves of children's,miscellanea, and a small stack of records. Was looking forward to more from what I've seen and heard online.  Sean Nodland 22.12.19
No longer a bookshop  Mike G 14.09.21

Removed 07.09.21 from East Anglia/Cambridgeshire
Book Warren and Cafe /CAMBRIDGE/Unit 1D, Highgate, Over Road, Willingham
The Book Warren and Cafe   Open at advertised times
Unit 1D, Highgate, Over Road, Willingham  CAMBRIDGE  CB24 5EU
tel:  01954 260762    web
Open: Tuesday - Friday 09:00-4:00, Saturday 08:30 - 4:00, Sunday 10:30-3:00
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Opened in 2018, under new management since September 2020. There are three rooms within The Book Warren and Café and the largest room is the bookshop. Look for the low industrial buildings to the north of the road, off-street parking.

Books are largely donated but may be a selection, as has more interest and variety than typical charity shop stock. Friendly people running the cafe, good coffee and cake.  Adrian 01.08.21
The Book Warren and Cafe closed on August 28, only a few weeks after we discovered and listed them. The cafe may reopen elsewhere and without the books.  TBG2 07.09.21

Removed 06.09.21 from Scotland/Wigtown
Glaisnock Book Cafe/WIGTOWN/20 South Main Street
Glaisnock Book Cafe  Open at advertised times
20 South Main Street   WIGTOWN   DG8 9EH
tel: 01988 402249    web 
Open:  7 days 9.00 - 5.00.
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Thousands of books displayed in our book cave room. Modern fiction and non-fiction at affordable prices. Our book cave is located at the rear of our book themed cafe

Fairly humdrum selection of 'charity shop' type books - so not really on a par with the other Wigtown shops. However the prices are fine - if you are on the lookout for a coffee table book or an airport-type novel then it will probably be here.  Steven Kelly 16.10.13
The beating heart of Wigtown. The books are a clean and bright selection of largely modern paperback fiction, 50p for a paperback, £1 for a hardback. You can get your holiday novels here, but you don't come to Glaisnock for the books, you come for a warm and friendly welcome, a chat over a superb 'Full Scottish' breakfast and excellent coffee - and to earwig on the community at its ease. My paperback novel came free, courtesy of Glaisnock's very own "Happy Cafe Day". I'm sure a stay in their B&B would be a pleasant one.  TravellingLibrary 27.06.15
Very nice, friendly cafe. The books, in one room at the back and a few other shelves, are pretty much charity shop fare. But you do get a free copy with your cafe order.  Mark V 08.08.15
Glaisnock Book Cafe has closed and is now a private house.  TBG2 06.09.21

Removed 04.09.21 from Wales/West Wales
Pembroke Market Emporium/PEMBROKE/81a Main Street
Pembroke Market Emporium  Open at advertised times
81a Main Street   PEMBROKE   SA71 4DB
tel: 01646 686894 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Antiques centre.

Although mainly a bric-a-brac shop there were still quite a few books around the place. Very strong on old religious titles and children's books circa 1890-1930. The best shelves are at the rear of the premises which contain rows of 1940s teenage fiction.  Chris Harte 10.11.11
A sign on the well locked door says to contact a local estate agent if interested in buying the ramshackle building.  Christopher Harte 04.09.21

Removed 04.09.21 from Wales/West Wales
Pembroke Antiques Centre/PEMBROKE/Wesley Chapel
Pembroke Antiques Centre  Open at advertised times
Wesley Chapel  Main Street   PEMBROKE   SA71 4DE
tel: 01646 687017 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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It is not often that I spend quite some time in a chapel. However, the antiques on sale were top rate as were the numerous bookcases which contained some very scarce publications. I came away with a boxload of both books and magazines some of the latter of which were lengthy runs.  Chris Harte 10.11.11
Disappointing for books, limited number and although better than standard type antique centre fare nothing for me other than some pricey postcards.  Norman Davies 03.07.15
Must have closed with the first lockdown. Site overgrown. A terrible mess.  Christopher Harte 04.09.21

Removed 04.09.21 from South East/East Sussex
Ubu Books/BRIGHTON/Unit 10
Ubu Books  Open at advertised times
Unit 10  The Open Market  Marshalls Row   BRIGHTON   BN1 4JU
tel: 01273 695728  web 
Open:  Thursday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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A fantastic selection of secondhand books from great value reads to rare collectables.

It's about the size of an average secondhand bookshop - that is, perhaps 7-8,000 books. A broad range of general stock, competitively priced. It describes itself as holding "a fantastic selection of secondhand books from great value reads to rare collectables which seems pretty accurate to me. Definitely worth a look.  Richard Powell 22.10.15
Ubu has an irresistible selection of all things countercultural: the Beats, the surrealists, new wave sci-fi of the 60s and 70s, small-press books from the likes of Atlas press, and incendiary manifestoes. There are also plenty of retro-chic pulp paperbacks (Pan and Panther) with lurid covers, as well as a good spread of more mainstream Penguin Classics and Modern Classics, all invitingly laid out. Oh, and the "Open Market" is actually indoors, so the weather can't stop your browsing.  Paul O 15.11.15
Unit 10 is no longer a bookshop and we believe Ubu Books doesn't currently have a permanent premises.  TBG2 04.09.21

Removed 31.08.21 from Scotland/Edinburgh
Barnardo_s Bookshop/EDINBURGH/45 Clerk Street
Barnardo's Bookshop   Open at advertised times
45 Clerk Street    EDINBURGH  EH8 9JQ
tel:  0131 668 3142    web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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A small charity bookshop well laid out with a decent selection of titles. About 5 minutes walk from Oxfam in Nicholson Street and Till's Bookshop in Hope Park Crescent.  Jeremy Briggs 
Very run of the mill charity bookshop with stock of a modern general nature.  Chris Harte 11.06.10
The two shop windows always have different themed displays. Yesterday Scottish titles on the left and keep- fit ones opposite. A better than average charity book shop - I managed to spend £16 on 4 unusual art books. Have found good wildlife titles in the past. All depends on your interests, timing and the generosity of donors.  Chris K 06.01.11
Visit this several times a year. Just bought a cheap, nearly new Edinburgh villages paperback to add to my growing collection.  Chris K 24.02.15
Nice general stock with a few unusual items; prices quite reasonable. Found a book on the planning and planting of the New Town landscaped gardens that I didn't know existed. That's what bookshops are for: serendipity!  TravellingLibrary 08.08.15
Excellently-run charity-bookshop (by far the best in town)with wide range and very good prices. (An outlier of a string of charity-shops down Nicholson Street all worth a quick browse.) constantly-changing window-display kept me re-visiting. Just round the block from Till's.  glenk 04.09.15
Standard charity bookshop but much better than Oxfam nearby and also just a few oldies but goodies. Worth a look if passing.  Norman D 30.10.16
The Barnardo's Clerk Street bookshop is now closed.  Ian 31.08.21

Removed 30.08.21 from South East/Surrey
Books _n_ Bits, Rarities and Collectables/HORLEY/14 Massetts Road
Books 'n' Bits, Rarities and Collectables  Phone before travelling
14 Massetts Road   HORLEY   RH6 7DE
tel: 07487 615276    web 
Open:  Thursday & Friday 10.00 - 5.00, Saturday 9.00 - 4.30.
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Small shop, close to the centre of town (a five-minute walk from the station). General/mixed stock, with sections of vintage paperbacks. A little bit of everything. Could do with some categorisation.  Richard Beaton 14.12.18
Sadly gone. The unit is being used to store kitchen units. 30/8/21  James Doyle 30.08.21

Removed 29.08.21 from Wales/West Wales
Nyth y Robin (was Bashford Books)/LLANDYSUL/Bradford House(off King Street)
Nyth y Robin (was Bashford Books)    Phone before travelling
Bradford House  (off King Street)    LLANDYSUL  SA44 4QN
tel:  07932 325123 
Open:   Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 3.00.
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A small independent family run shop offering an eclectic mix of antiques, retro, vintage items and a huge range of pre-loved, old and Antiquarian books.

Walked in to be confronted by a wide and varied selection of books. Much in the way of mid-wars material and some excellent runs of Victorian novels. Went to purchase a huge pile only to find that the owner had no idea of prices and consulted the internet. £5 titles were priced at £50-70, with others even more ridiculous sums. Ended up purchasing one volume! Utter frustration. Beware.  Chris Harte 03.07.14
Fantastic book shop, full of interesting and wonderful books. Customer service was welcoming and very friendly. Will definitely be buying my books here again.  Laura 22.09.16
Opening hours now reported to be irregular, hence 'phone before travelling'  TBG2 27.06.21
Now Nyth-y-Robin Vintage Tea Room and no longer a secondhand bookshop.  TBG2 29.08.21

Removed 29.08.21 from Wales/South Wales
Flea Market/ABERGAVENNY/Abergavenny Market
Flea Market  Open at advertised times
Abergavenny Market  Cross Street   ABERGAVENNY   NP7 5HD
Open:  Wednesday 8.00 - 5.00.
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Stalls have a variable number of Secondhand books.

The Flea Market no longer has regular stalls as before but is now a rent-when-open and is more like a boot-fair.  Christopher Harte 29.08.21

Removed 27.08.21 from North East/East Yorkshire
Beverley Old Bookshop/BEVERLEY/2 Dyer Lane
The Beverley Old Bookshop  Open at advertised times
2 Dyer Lane   BEVERLEY   HU17 8AE
tel: 01482 880611 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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General stock and children's, illustrated and local history. Also bookbinding and restoration.

An interesting stock on two floors with very fair prices and a good selection. The proprietor is helpful and knows his stock. Well worth a visit.  Nicholas Pendower 27.04.10
Small shop with upstairs stock too. Well organised and some interesting books. Reasonable prices; with a very outgoing lady at the counter. WAD.  Chris K 18.06.12
Lovely little bookshop! They pretty much always have what your looking for. Helpful staff, and easy to find the sections your looking for.  Miss T 22.03.14
Small shop with good stock on the ground and first floors at reasonable prices and run by a friendly, knowledgeable owner. Recommended.  SteveBrissle 03.06.17
This shop has gone and been replaced by (of all things) a poodle parlour of some kind.,  Laurence Purcell 27.08.21

Removed 22.08.21 from Wales/Mid Wales
Strand Bookshop/TALGARTH/Regent Street
The Strand Bookshop  Phone before travelling
Regent Street   TALGARTH   LD3 0DB
tel: 01874 711195 
Open:  Monday & Thursday - Saturday, but phone before travelling.
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Basically a large cafe with 000s of good paperbacks, particularly Penguins on ground floor but a large upstairs crammed full of presumably unsaleable education etc books.  Norman Davies 24.04.10
I cannot agree with the above review as there are far more hardback books than paperbacks on the ground floor. This shop, and The New Strand in Eardisley, Herefordshire are jointly run by two sisters who inherited them from their late father. i have found rare titles in both shops and my recent visit to Talgarth saw me leave with a boxload of titles. However, the pricing is all over the place.  Chris Harte 06.08.13
Very disappointed that after several visits over a year I can still walk in and find signs inviting me to browse the top floor, only to have my way barred by the staff due to rain leaks in roof. Should at least take the signs down if the top floor is closed down indefinitely. Pity as it was the best part.  strowger 05.02.15
Upstairs has been repaired and used for overflow seating from cafe. A gem for genre paperbacks if you're willing to dig.  The Paperback Fanatic 24.07.19
The downstairs stock is small (200-250 books) and has not changed for years. Stock upstairs is not available to view.  Christopher Harte 22.08.21

Removed 21.08.21 from Southern/Oxfordshire
Oxfam Bookshop/BANBURY/43 Market Place
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
43 Market Place   BANBURY   OX16 5NW
tel: 01295 20257908    web 
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Delightful setting, but rather a clone charity bookshop, with a preponderance of Richard-and-Judy or Costa fiction. Some classic literature and plenty of children's books, though. And a plus for me was their vinyl record section, which yielded an unexpected find.  Paul O 04.08.14
Quite a good collection of classics and a very unexpected find in the audio section.  Herne 15.06.15
I was surprised during my 1st visit to Banbury just how many and how big some of the charity shops were. This Oxfam though is the only one which is purely dedicated to books. I found their military section strong in the shop which led to 4 purchases but there was nothing of interest in the antiquarian books by the door and nothing came out of their stock room as the lady kindly checked for me. Like previous reviewers, I spotted some excellent vinyl on show and a bookcase full of comics sort of bunched together as 'bargain packs' of perhaps 10 comics each. As to the rest of the town there are some really big charity shops which are labeled 'superstores' but they were all lacking in quality and quantity of books. The only 2 I found which had any books worth buying was the small British Heart Foundation and the corner shop called Katherine Howard Hospice Trust, the rest were filled with fiction ready for pulping.  Laurence Batchelor 15.09.18
Oxfam bookshop in Banbury is permanently closed.  Paul O 19.08.21

Removed 17.08.21 from London/WC & EC Postcodes
Henry Pordes Pop-Up /CHARING CROSS/56 Charing Cross Road
Henry Pordes Pop-Up   Open at advertised times
56 Charing Cross Road  CHARING CROSS  WC2H 0BB
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Popup selling Henry Pordes' old stock, all books £1 each (min sale £5). Open for another week, i.e. till around August 12th.

Stock is not split in to subjects; fiction and non-fiction intermingle. Allow an hour to browse tall shelves in two rooms and books piled on tables - at a pound each, I defy anyone to leave disappointed.  Nicholas Sack 08.08.21
I assume this has now closed. They had brought up the last of the sale stock from the basement several days ago.  TBG2 17.08.21

Removed 15.08.21 from Wales/Mid Wales
Book Stalls/MACHYNLLETH/Machynlleth Market
Book Stalls  Open at advertised times
Machynlleth Market  Maengwyn Street   MACHYNLLETH   SY20 8AE
Open:  Wednesday
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Three, sometimes four book stalls.

No bookstalls on the three last visits. Good pie stall.  Chris Harte 15.08.21

Removed 15.08.21 from Wales/West Wales
Carmarthen Antique Centre/CARMARTHEN/56 Priory Street
Carmarthen Antique Centre  Open at advertised times
56 Priory Street   CARMARTHEN   SA31 1NU
tel: 01267 222006 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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30 shops under one roof stocking everything from antiques to vintage, kitchenalia to military.

A typical West Wales antiques outlet recently opened. Easy parking outside. Seven large bookshelves and numerous boxes of magazines. Strong on Welsh language, military and railway titles. Nothing special but worth a look.  Chris Harte 04.12.13
Disagree on easy parking and is fair walk out of town but well worth it if in the area. Welsh books in English and Welsh particularly good but also amazing pamphlet-type unit.  Norman Davies 03.07.15
No dedicated booksellers remain  TBG2 15.08.21

Removed 15.08.21 from Wales/West Wales
Cardigan Antiques Centre/CARDIGAN/30 Priory Street
Cardigan Antiques Centre  Open at advertised times
30 Priory Street   CARDIGAN   SA43 1BX
tel: 07974 935712 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30, closed Wednesdays. Sundays during the holiday period.
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I walked in expecting to see a varied quality of goods from the twelve traders who are in the Centre. What I found was one booth of solid books and four others with fairly reasonable holdings. To my amazement I picked up two 1875 volumes and quite a few other decent titles. There is no speciality but it is worth visiting if you are in the town.  Chris Harte 28.11.11
The books section has multiplied in size. I spent three hours examining the shelves and can honestly say that there was a miniscule amount of poor quality. Most was top drawer especially the motor racing and naval sections. Filled the car boot with purchases. Prices were so low I twice queried their correctness. Well worth visiting.  Chris Harte 03.07.14
A real find in the book desert of west Wales. Agree Chris H - small selections but way above antique centre norm. Good prices and discounts.  Norman Davies 27.01.15
Nice place but hardly any books. The original dealer from Doncaster who had the bulk of the first floor has now given up.  Chris Harte 15.08.21

Removed 06.08.21 from South West/Gloucestershire
Inprint   /STROUD/The Folly  Farr_s Lane  
Inprint     Appointment necessary
The Folly  Farr's Lane    STROUD  GL5 2HH
tel:  07595 591852    web
Open:  By appointment only.
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After nearly 40 years our High Street shop has closed but its spirit is alive and kicking on Facebook. In 2019 you can find us at Churchdown Book Fair on the first Sunday in the month and Circa Antique & Collectables Fair on the first Monday in the month. Expect interesting old books, maps, posters and other printed things.

I ate until full, delicious!  The Book Glutton 
The sort of shop a book-fiend would want as a living room.  Adam Horovitz 29.10.08
Excellent sensibly priced quality selection. Agree comments above, friendly knowledgeable owner too. Well worth a detour to Stroud.  Norman Davies 05.08.13
Heavyweight champion. 10/10.  The Boxer 17.09.13
A very good bookshop with a wide range of books, including those I collect. The lady, who I assume is the joint owner is very pleasant and knowledgeable. I am happy to make a diversion to visit.  CB 04.08.14
Great bookshop in a central location, with a good range of books and other items at reasonable prices, with interesting background music too.  SteveBrissle 10.06.17
Our High Street shop closed at the end of April 2018.  Mike Goodenough 28.04.18
Mike was the founder of The Book Guide and it was hosted as part of his Inprint shop's website. He has now decided that his future bookselling will be online or by auction and has asked us to retire this listing.  TBG2 06.08.21

Removed 05.08.21 from South West/Gloucestershire
Peter Lyons Books /CHELTENHAM/11 Imperial Square  
Peter Lyons Books   Open at advertised times
11 Imperial Square    CHELTENHAM  GL50 1QB
tel: 01242 260345   web
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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The Cotswolds newest secondhand bookshop is in the centre of Cheltenham, just off the Promenade and opposite the Town Hall. Specialists in collectable children's books, art books and modern first editions. Good general stock as well as ephemera, magazines, vinyl and postcards.

Very specialist shop for the serious collector only. Excellent selection of children's, art and modern firsts. Many ways the antithesis of Moss in the town, but both worth a visit for different reasons.  Norman Davies 05.08.13
A really terrific collectors' bookshop. Beautiful selection of children's books. Plenty of modern firsts. Sensible prices, many signed. Made my day.  Neil Goodlad 19.04.14
Peter Lyons closed in June.  TBG2 05.08.21

Removed 30.07.21 from London/N Postcodes
Mind Charity Shop/HIGHGATE/329 Archway Road
Mind Charity Shop  Open at advertised times
329 Archway Road   HIGHGATE   N6 5AA
tel: 0208 3411188 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 10.00 - 4.00.
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80% books plus the usual CD/DVD/Vinyl.

A new manager has taken over here and the shop has reverted to being one unit charity shop, and one unit 80% books, plus the usual CD/DVD/Vinyl.  Steve Newman 14.11.15
The books have steadily decreased under the new manager, now not much more than a standard charity shop. 3 minutes would cover looking at the stock. NWAD. Probably should not be on this site.  Peter M 04.06.19
No longer a dedicated book shop. Should not be on this site as no more books than your average charity shop.   Steve Newman 30.07.21

Removed 30.07.21 from South East/Kent
Red Cross charity bookshop/NEW ROMNEY/42 High Street
Red Cross charity bookshop  Phone before travelling
42 High Street   NEW ROMNEY   TN28 8BZ
tel: 01797 367021 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.
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Sadly this once fine book shop has been in steady decline for a while now. On this visit there was only one wall of books left, all fiction, with about 50 at best non-fiction books scattered about elsewhere. General Bric-a-Brac from the adjoining shop has taken up the empty space. They cite lack of donations, though the Palmers Green shop has a vast amount of stock they can't display. Suspect the truth is the staff have changed and there is no interest in running it as a book shop these days.  Steve Newman 22.07.17
Should no longer be included in this guide. On a visit 6/21 the staff on duty did not even know it had ever been a book shop! Now just an ordinary charity shop with just a handful of books on offer. I suspect the original manager moved on and his/her replacement had no interest in continuing running it as a dedicated book shop.   Steve Newman 30.07.21

Rickaro Books /WAKEFIELD/17 High Street  Horbury  
Rickaro Books   Open at advertised times
17 High Street  Horbury    WAKEFIELD  WF4 5AB
tel:  01924 278811    web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 8.30 - 5.30.
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Our stock reflects the diversity of interests in the town of Horbury where we are situated, with the best of new and collectable titles always on display. Whilst we have a good general stock and cater for children of all ages, we specialise in local history of the West Yorkshire area and always have a range of interesting titles available.

Lots of books, hundreds, on T.E. Lawrence and a lot on Yorkshire as well. But a pretty limited stock otherwise. Not much for Penguin collectors like me.  Sam Price 20.02.14
now online only  TBG2 31.07.21

Removed 29.07.21 from Wales/Mid Wales
Rose_s Books/HAY-ON-WYE/14 Broad Street
Rose's Books  Open at advertised times
14 Broad Street   HAY-ON-WYE   HR3 5DB
tel: 01497 820013    web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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Good stock, well laid out but the prices - Wow, just DONT expect any bargains.  The Wanderer 27.11.09
Very good wide ranging children's books but high prices. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 22.08.13
This one was pleasantly open on a Sunday, which was good as many of Hay's other shops were closed. They are clearly a children's specialist bookshop spread over 3 rooms, but I found their pricing very high considering many of the books condition. No purchases made, despite us on the look out for several Children's books.  Laurence Batchelor 19.07.14
Rose's Books has closed at these premises, now partnered with Stella Books of Hay as Stella & Rose's Books.  Stella Books 29.07.21

Removed 29.07.21 from Scotland/South West Scotland
By The Book/Castle Douglas/201 King Street
By The Book  Open at advertised times
201 King Street   Castle Douglas   DG7 1DT
tel: 01556 503338   
Open:  Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 5.00.
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General stock, small but friendly.

Not that small, Two fair sized rooms at top of High Street opposite the tower. Very nice shop in a wonderful High Street, also very friendly and helpful.  PaulP 18.06.13
Postcode should be DG7 1DT. Otherwise you end up several miles away on a country lane by Haugh of Urr!  Francis Marsden 02.07.14
Thank you, changed now.  TGB 02.07.14
Interesting shop, almost two shops in one. The front two rooms are well laid out with clean and attractive general stock, while the rear room allows one to indulge one's desire to rummage for a bargain. There appears to be no classification and there are gems to be found, but sadly these books are just as expensive as those in the front rooms. Exceptionally so for the area. Avoided going away empty-handed by buying a slim paperback on dovecotes of the mid-Pyrenees, my most exotic purchase for quite a while.  TravellingLibrary 27.06.15
Three small rooms of fairly standard stock with anything approaching collectable priced optimistically and seemingly without regard to condition.  Mark V 08.08.15
Now closed !  borderlandxxx  29.07.21

Removed 28.07.21 from Central/Leicestershire
Christine_s Book Cabin/MARKET HARBOROUGH/9 Coventry Road
Christine's Book Cabin  Open at advertised times
9 Coventry Road   MARKET HARBOROUGH   LE16 9BX
tel: 01858 433233    web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00, closed Wednesday.
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Booksellers since 1992; shopkeepers since 1997. 2,500 books with specialist sections on Leics and Northants, history, maritime fiction, children's collectable fiction and crime fiction. Website has searchable database of books not shown in the shop.

Very small, One room, but with some quality stuff. Good Biggles and CS Forester stock at equally high prices mind. Very little very modern stuff and some good green Penguins in the bargain books outside. Just around the corner from Loros Charity Shop which has the modern low price stuff to complement it.  jon Morgan 06.03.13
The C.S Forester collection has now all sold but there was still plenty of Biggles left. This place is just 1 room, a desk a sink and the owner. Some of the books on the lower shelves looked like they could do with a clean as very dusty. Military well represented with even some original WW1 soldiers diaries and what looked like a Royal Naval bases' visitors book available to purchase. The stock had many unusual books which I'd not seen before but the pricing was mid to high. There were some bargain books also in boxes outside which I didn't examine. I came away with 2 aviation purchases as nothing naval I didn't already own. Loros around the corner has stopped being a dedicated bookshop. Parking nearby in Co-op and just 2 other nearby charity shops in this historic town selling 2nd-hand books: Oxfam and Age UK.  Laurence Batchelor 25.09.18
Something for everyone here, a wide variety of subjects and a broad range of prices in a tiny space that will comfortably accommodate two browsers (3 at a nudge) plus the interesting owner in his nest - the perfect host who will chat profoundly if prompted and knows when to fall silent when you are lost in his stock. Having just come away empty-handed from the local pbfa fair, I left here with a bagfull of bargains.  Glen Kinch 06.05.19

Removed 28.07.21 from South West/Devon
St.Luke_s Little Bookshop/MODBURY/1b Broad Street
St.Luke's Little Bookshop  Open at advertised times
1b Broad Street   MODBURY   PL21 0PS
tel: 01548 831483 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.00.
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St Luke's Hospice charity bookshop selling donated book.

Well organised, good quality, mostly reasonably priced p/b fiction.  TBG 26.07.17
Can't argue with TBG's assessment but won't revisit.  Chris Harte 12.10.17

Removed 27.07.21 from South West/Cornwall
Abbey Bookshop/LAUNCESTON/2 White Hart Arcade
Abbey Bookshop  Open at advertised times
2 White Hart Arcade   LAUNCESTON   PL15 8AA
tel: 01566 779113   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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Gen.stock 15K books. Contemporary lit. mass market, art, photography, history, cookery, craft, biogs. Psychology, philosophy, cinema, travel/topo. Specialist: Irish. Relocated from Camden Lock London to Cornwall in 2002.

This is actually quite a good bookshop. Although somewhat cluttered the owner did move piles of books to extract titles of my interest. He does not take plastic so a visit to a nearby cash machine was needed. Stock was general but with many surprises tucked away. Worth a visit.  Chris Harte 12.10.17
Abbey Bookshop closed in June but is still trading on AbeBooks at present.  PLF 27.07.21

Removed 27.07.21 from North East/North Yorkshire
Mansergh_s Secondhand Bookshop/SETTLE/Corner of High Street and Cheapside
Mansergh's Secondhand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Corner of High Street and Cheapside   SETTLE   BD24 9EX
tel: 01729 823502  
Open:  Tuesday & Thursday - Saturday, 10.00 - 12.00 & 1.00 - 5.00.
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General stock, including some interesting theology books and second-hand sheet music.

Tiny, but crammed with stock, very friendly and reasonably priced.  Mark 03.03.12
AWESOME bookshop. No shortage of good reading material here and all reasonably priced. Tiny jewel is hidden in a fellwalker's paradise.  Cel 31.05.18
Check before travelling - has been closed due to illness for some months now.  Kaye 24.03.19
Not just reasonably priced but absurdly so in some cases. Definitely tiny - three's a crowd (and almost bursting at the seams). Still definitely worth a look though. Just behind the market place with a fading sign above the door.  Graeme Rendall 13.06.19
Owner now restored to health and open as advertised.  Mark V 13.06.19
Sadly now closed, owing to the retirement of the owner, as lamented in Alan Bennett's diary for 2020!  Mark V 27.07.21

Removed 24.07.21 from South East/Surrey
Secondhand Bookshop/OXTED/27 Station Road West
The Secondhand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
27 Station Road West   OXTED   RH8 9EE
tel: 01883 715755 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, closed Wednesday.
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Very good general stock 50p to £1500 no specialities. I now only have one shop + cpbooks in Old Oxted as an internet business. I still love to buy book collections.

I was really surprised to find such an airy shop in a lovely town. The good quality stock was well classified; it was easy to browse, and the manager was most pleasant. Very good Surrey and Kent holdings. A visit is recommended.  Chris Harte 29.06.09
Very rude service when I (ever so polit