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Bookends Secondhand Bookshop/BANGOR/Railway Terrace
Bookends Secondhand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Railway Terrace  Dufferin Avenue   BANGOR   BT20 3AB
tel: 02891 229783  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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General secondhand stock with some antiquarian and collectable books.

On the hill down from the railway station, this medium sized bookshop is clean, bright and well laid out with an interesting selection of general books. Along with Stacks and Green's, it is one of the best bookshops in Northern Ireland and could teach many of the central Belfast shops a thing or two about layout, presentation and what is suitable for a family audience.  Jeremy Briggs 
A pleasant bookshop with a varied general stock. Very strong on Northern Irish local history. Most titles categorised which made browsing easy. Free street parking which always helps.  Chris Harte 19.10.16
Very large one room bookshop racked out in aisles with shelving reaching to the stratosphere. Lots of modestly priced Folio Society. Plenty of academic history and local and Irish books. I suspect if my interests had been different, I would have been raving about those sections instead. All one could want from a bookshop. Literally under the railway station.  Gary 02.08.22

Bridge Books/DROMORE/3 Bridge Street
Bridge Books  Open at advertised times
3 Bridge Street  DROMORE  BT25 1AN
tel:  028 9269 9899  e-mail   web   
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Independent bookshop, established in 1995, selling new and second-hand books.

A small shop, but one that punches above its weight and has been nominated for various awards over the years, most recently as an island of Ireland "independent bookshop of the year" finalist in the 2024 British Book Awards. This is a testament to the energy and discernment of the owner, Lesley, who seems to have created a wonderful shop. She is also rather amusing on social media: "Lesley is on hand with expertise and a smile*. (*Smile may not apply if she's had her hair coloured that day and isn't happy with the result)." "I've had no breakfast... and I'm dressed like a 90s kids TV presenter... [amply borne out by the accompanying photo]... It is not a good Friday." The shop mainly sells new books but also has quite a sizeable second-hand section, primarily fiction, but some non-fiction also. Other attractions in Dromore include a rare set of stocks in the market place and a well-preserved Norman motte and bailey. What's not to like?!  Booker T 24.03.24

Mount Stewart House, Garden and Temple of the Winds/NEWTOWNARDS/Portaferry Road
Mount Stewart House, Garden and Temple of the Winds  Open at advertised times
Portaferry Road   NEWTOWNARDS   BT22 2AD
tel: 028 42788387  e-mail  web 
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Secondhand charity bookshop located in the retail area of reception. All proceeds from this shop go directly to the property. Stock includes religion, biographies, art, travel, geography, paperback novels and children's books. Requests for specific books will be given attention by the staff of volunteers.

Saintfield Antiques and Fine Books/BALLYGOWAN/Vestry Hall
Saintfield Antiques and Fine Books  Open at advertised times
Vestry Hall  Vestry Road   BALLYGOWAN   BT23 6HQ
tel: 028 9752 8428  web 
Open:  Thursday - Saturday 11.30 - 5.00.
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Small stock including Ireland, travel, exploration, literature and illustrated books.

Stacks Secondhand Bookshop/DUNDONALD/67 Comber Road
Stacks Secondhand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
67 Comber Road   DUNDONALD   BT16 2AE
tel: 028 9048 6880 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00.
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Very large general secondhand stock including academic and scholarly books.

Jim Tollerton really knows his extensive stock and if he does not have it in stock he will look out for a desired item and keep it by for you when it turns up. He is dedicated to shifting stock and prices accordingly. If something is not moving the price will come down. Good bargains to be had. Special offers and a table outside, in good weather, laden with very cheap and sometimes very spectacular bargains.  Aidan O'loan 
Near the Ulster Hospital, Stacks is a bright, busy, medium sized bookshop with some second hand CDs, videos and DVDs. A friendly shop with a good general selection and an interesting military section, it is worth taking the children along to let them have a rummage through the boxes of cheap kids books.  Jeremy Briggs 
A better bookshop than given by first impressions. Search and ye shall find. Every title I purchased was on a top shelf which had to be accessed by a ladder. Even so, my wife found three books of her interests which she considers to be extremely scarce. Parking available outside the shop.  Chris Harte 19.10.16
This is a bookshop in the Belfast suburbs just beyond Stormont. The first impression is of lots of paperback fiction stacked horizontally. On closer examination there is a lot of paperback non-fiction including academic books and local studies and a very good, mostly Protestant, modern theology section. However, this was the one NI bookshop we visited where we bought nothing.  Gary 02.08.22