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Carraig Books closed in 2018
Naughton Booksellers is currently closed
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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Chapters Bookstore/DUBLIN/Ivy Exchange Parnell Street
Chapters Bookstore    Open at advertised times
Ivy Exchange Parnell Street  DUBLIN  D01 P8C2

tel:  01 879 2700  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 6.00, Sunday 12.00 - 6.00
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Ireland's largest Independent Bookstore in Dublin's City Centre. Stocking New, Bargain and secondhand books. We Always Want Your Trade In's

Huge and modestly priced. A lot of the stock looks like single copy unsold stock from the new book shop at a heavily discounted price but there is plenty of genuinely secondhand as well. By far the best shop we visited in Dublin.  Gary 30.03.23

Eamonns Bookshop//50 Sandycove Road
Eamonns Bookshop  Phone before travelling
50 Sandycove Road  SANDYCOVE  Co. Dublin     
tel: +353 (0)1 2842144 
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Small general secondhand stock.

Wall-to-wall modern paperback fiction.  Chris Harte 09.11.15

First Editions//7 Pembroke Lane
First Editions  Open at advertised times
7 Pembroke Lane  (off Waterloo Road)  DUBLIN 4  Co. Dublin     
e-mail  web 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 12.00 - 6.00.
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First editions by Irish and international authors, antiquarian books, childrens books, biography, history and poetry.

Market Bookshop//(in Blackrock Market)
The Market Bookshop  Open at advertised times
(in Blackrock Market)  19A Main Street  BLACKROCK  Co. Dublin     
tel: 086 395 0987  web 
Open:  Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays - 11:00 - 5.30.
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About 2,000 books, Irish interest, arts, humanities, literature, rare and collectable. High turnover in stock with 100s of new titles arriving every week.

Don't know whether we chose a bad Sunday for this but just 3 stalls selling overpriced and not very good paperbacks.  David 18.08.16
I'm not sure if the reviewer found our shop (upstairs) in the market. We are choked with obscure and collectible hardcover books, some of our customers go around and put a zero at the end of my prices as that's what they've paid elsewere.  Tim (owner) 13.05.17

Marrowbone Books/DUBLIN/78 the Coombe, Dublin 8
Marrowbone Books  Open at advertised times
78 the Coombe, Dublin 8  DUBLIN 
tel: +353 (0)1 551 0495  e-mail   web   
Open: Wednesday - Sunday 12.00 - 7.00
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"A small second-hand bookshop in Dublin 8. We have a good selection of good books. Mostly fiction. Mostly paperbacks. Mostly pretty cheap."

Naughton Booksellers//8 Marine TerraceDUNLAOGHAIRECo. Dublin
Naughton Booksellers   Status unknown, update requested
8 Marine Terrace  DUN LAOGHAIRE  Co. Dublin     

tel:  +353 (0)1 280 4392  e-mail   web
Open:  Currently CLOSED for renovation
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Naughton Booksellers have bought and sold used, secondhand, antiquarian and rare books since 1978. You can view our stock of 20,000 books, prints and maps online or visit the bookshop.

Looked so promising from photos on their website. I noted, prior to visiting, a number of titles I wanted which were on their ABEbooks listings. On arrival told "all have been sold." A basement shop which was very neatly organised with books properly categorised. Every title marked for internet purchases. However, my visit left me feeling deflated. Had I missed something?  Chris Harte 09.11.15
Very disappointed. Had to ring a bell for entry and then found it to be expensive and impossible to get to many books due to boxes stacked everywhere.  David 18.08.16

Oxfam Books//23 Parliament Street
Oxfam Books  Open at advertised times
23 Parliament Street  DUBLIN 2  Co. Dublin     
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 6.00, Saturday & Sunday 10.30 - 5.30.
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Small and limited stock and you realise that we actually have it quite good, even with Oxfam prices! Books seem pricey outside mainland Britain, even secondhand. That said there were some quality titles and good military stock, which I all but cleared. (Smuggling them onto Ryan Air with their new baggage policy was fun). If you plan your way around the shops in Dublin this is worth a visit, but not worth a detour.  Jonathan Morgan 06.10.18
Small, immaculately laid out but seems to be intended for the carriage trade rather than locals given that a large part of the shop is given over to “Irish” books separately from their respective subjects.  Gary 10.03.23

Oxfam Books/DUBLIN/223 Lower Rathmines Road
Oxfam Books      Phone before travelling
223 Lower Rathmines Road    DUBLIN 

tel:  01 496 4181  e-mail   web
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Now relocated to 232 Lower Rathmines Road. Clothes shop at the front; bookshop to the rear. Smaller than Parliament St branch and nothing special about the stock  Gary 30.03.23

Raven Books//34 Main Street
Raven Books  Open at advertised times
34 Main Street  BLACKROCK  Co. Dublin     
tel: 01 278 9509  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday
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A small independent bookshop, offering a general mix of new and second hand books.

Very nice; very neat; very tidy. Small shop with a mixture of modern new and secondhand titles. Strong on children's matters otherwise fairly general subjects.  Chris Harte 09.11.15

Secret Book _ Record Store/DUBLIN 2/15A Wicklow Street
Secret Book & Record Store  Open at advertised times
15A Wicklow Street   DUBLIN 2  

Open:  Monday - Wednesday 11.00 - 6.30, Thursday 11.00 - 8.00, Friday - Sunday 11.00 - 7.00.
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We buy, sell and exchange books - philosophy, poetry, history, music, film, Irish interest, literature, psychology, art, sci-fi & fantasy, science.

I was completely taken aback as I entered this shop situated at the end of a long hallway. A very varied selection of fairly modern books and quality jazz coming from the vinyl section. Nothing old but some really interesting titles which caused me to make a number of impulse purchases. This place is worth a visit.  Chris Harte 09.11.15
The owner, Dermot, is not as gruff as he pretends to be. Little for the collector but a good value bookshop. Many interesting remainder titles. Discounts for multiple purchase available.  Loyola 24.11.15
On this occasion we can agree completely with Chris Harte. Interesting shop and worth seeking out.  David 18.08.16

Stokes Books//Market Arcade
Stokes Books  Open at advertised times
Market Arcade  South Great Georges Street  DUBLIN 2  Co. Dublin     
tel: 01 671 3584  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 6.00.
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A stock of over 10,000 volumes, on a huge variety of subjects, priced between 5 and 5,000, the shop offers something for every pocket.

Situated in an arcade with well over half the stock on shelves in the walkway opposite the shop. Very strong on Folio Society. Inside are some antiquarian and hard-to-find titles but all in a fairly cramped space.  Chris Harte 09.11.15
The outside stock has many interesting titles at very reasonable prices. Pricey enough inside but some very good quality, scarce Irish interest stock.  Loyola 24.11.15
Folio society books in good condition but expensive. Overall not worth a detour.  David 18.08.16
Although I walked up and down this place 3 times I could not find the shop. I recall it as being rather good last time I was in Dublin but the Market has gone all trendy with Irish Hipsters selling knitted yoghurt and crocheting their own shoes. The website says it is still active.  Jonathan Morgan 06.10.18

Temple Bar Book Market//Temple Bar Square
Temple Bar Book Market  Open at advertised times
Temple Bar Square  DUBLIN 2  Co. Dublin     
tel: 01 6772255   web 
Open:  Saturday & Sunday 11:00 6:00.
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A small but perfectly haven for book-worms and music fans alike. For a list of traders please visit the website.

A couple of stalls selling mostly paperbacks and tat awaiting their final journey to landfill. Situated in its own discrete circle of Hell where the stag and hen parties mingle with local hipsters.  Loyola 13.04.17

Ulysses Rare Books//10 Duke Street
Ulysses Rare Books  Open at advertised times
10 Duke Street  DUBLIN 2  Co. Dublin     
e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.45.
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Dublin's leading antiquarian bookshop, specialising in books of Irish interest, together with a general stock.

Cathach is now called Ulysses Rare Books. Same management, just a different name.  Padraig O Mealoid 31.05.14
Its blurb says: "Ireland's leading Antiquarian Bookshop," a comment of which I heartily endorse. The rare titles on the shelves were mind-boggling. I found books on my interests which I had thought I would never see. Prices were eye-watering but you pay for quality and most of the books on offer were of this standard. I did purchase and have no regrets in doing so. This shop is a collector's paradise.  Chris Harte 09.11.15
My favourite bookshop on the planet. Every high spot of Irish literature is here. Owned and run by a courteous brother and sister who are knowledgeable . Discounts can be negotiated. A must visit for any serious collector of Irish books.  Loyola 13.04.17
Very traditional-looking antiquarian bookshop. The stock mostly comprises delectable copies of the giants of Irish literature. The Irish history section was small by comparison. The basement was closed (perhaps since the start of the pandemic) with no clue as to what it contained.  Gary 12.03.23

Village Bookshop//101 Terenure Road North
The Village Bookshop  Open at advertised times
101 Terenure Road North  Dublin 6W  Co. Dublin     
tel: 01 551 2291  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 11.00 - 5.00.
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An independent, family-run bookshop stocking an eclectic mix of new, used, rare and out-of-print books. You will also find us at Dublin weekend markets in Marlay Park, Rathfarnham (Sat), Peoples Park Dun Laoghaire (Sun) and Temple Bar (Sat-Sun).

Winding Stair Bookshop//40 Lower Ormond Quay
The Winding Stair Bookshop  Open at advertised times
40 Lower Ormond Quay  DUBLIN 1  Co. Dublin     
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 12.00 - 6.00.
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One of the oldest surviving independent bookshops in Dublin. The front part of the shop holds new books, while the smaller section at the back of the shop holds secondhand books.

"It was a lovely shop twenty years ago," a bookdealer told me. "It was on three floors then and had a wonderful stock." Nowadays, as I found when I called in, it occupies a small street front area and has a fairly poor selection of titles. Only worth a visit if passing.  Chris Harte 09.11.15
We can remember this one from 20 or more years ago when it was very good. A sad shadow of it's former self. Not worth a visit.  David 18.08.16
The reviews above are sadly alll too true. NWAD.  Loyola 13.04.17
Ditto I am afraid, Nice shop but very very limited secondhand stock in a very poorly lit alcove at the back of the premises. NWAD.  Jonathan Morgan 06.10.18
Dead loss. There is now a large freestanding bookcase of new children’s’ books in front of the fitted bookshelves with some elderly secondhand tomes to which access is blocked (clearly deliberately) by a leather armchair.  Gary 10.03.23