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Any Amount of Books/CHARINGCROSS/56 Charing Cross Road
Any Amount of Books    Open at advertised times
56 Charing Cross Road    CHARING CROSS  WC2H 0QA
tel:  020 7836 3697  e-mail   web  
Open: 7 days 11.30 - 9.30
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Rare books, first editions, modern literature, art, poetry, scholarly/academic books, antiquarian, leather bound sets, general stock. We buy large collections of books anywhere in the known world.

Excellent shop, with very friendly staff, always worth a close look. Bargains possible.  James Salmon 21.08.09
Always worth a visit and prices reasonable (for London). The really good stuff, however, is on the net and not held in the shop.  Loyola 24.04.10
Two floors of varied topics. The locked up cases of antiquarian titles contained a few rarities and took a bit of time to check. Basement stock general but worth searching.  Chris Harte 28.06.10
Nothing like as good as it was, most of the gems to be found downstairs seem a thing of the past, but one can still find the occasional bargain.  Mandalay Emporium 09.04.11
Great to find a secondhand shop open late. Good stock and fair prices. WAD.  Steven Whitehead 13.09.11
This place always seems to be our most successful book shopping on Charing Cross Road - we usually leave with around a dozen books on each visit and the variety and quantity are excellent. Prices mostly very good too and even some very interesting items to be found in their bargain shelves/boxes outside and downstairs - lots to rummage through, but we often find a few worth buying.  M&O 14.04.12
Worth having a look. More for reader than collector. Very chaotic, but friendly. Large Antiquarian stock and some worthy firsts behind chatty till, but not proper dealers - more like an episode of Friends with books involved.  Sam Glen 28.05.13
I love this place, chaotic and fascinating as well as crammed with review and proof copies, I have saved a fortune, even compared with Amazon prices over the years. I always manage to knock a few off the wish list on every visit.  Jon Morgan 31.05.14
NB worth following this place on Twitter (Yes, even I have succumbed and now have an account) as they give notice of basement sales where all books are half marked price for a limited period. Once again I knocked a couple of the wish list. The stock is replenished daily during this period and it is fair to say the shelves get stripped.  Jon Morgan 07.10.14
A swift volte face as I received a message by twitter that the sale continues (it does) and that the basement had been restocked. (it has not!). Rather disappointing as I had travelled into town to browse.  Jon Morgan 09.10.14
Disappointment continues, Lured by tweets of a restocked basement I trolleyed into town and found it stocked with unsellable dross. large gaps on the shelves. The review copies, usually a good source of bargains had dwindled to nothing.  Jon Morgan 01.11.14
Impressive service. Identified book in stock on Monday and following prompt replies by email I purchased the book on Thursday when I was in London. Have been looking for this book for some time and a reasonable price was paid.  SteveBrissle 07.03.15
Again lured by a tweet on a basement sale. More choice in terms of the review copies and the reduced price recent hardbacks yielded some gems, saved me some dosh and crossed a few of the Amazon wish list. The majority in the basement though is still dross.  Jon Morgan 06.06.15
Despite the disappointing basement noted above, the rather cramped ground floor has strong sections on art, architecture, travel and topography; check the window display for attractive oddities. Turnover is swift, the stock refreshed by recent review copies, and prices are pleasingly modest for the West End. I found a hefty monograph by the American photographer Todd Webb - rarely seen in the UK - for a knock-down price of £12. Cheerful staff, too.  Nicholas Sack 15.01.16
Another year another basement sale. Except that the basement is half empty. Even the review / proof copies are poor. Lots of boxes of books which need putting out. Perhaps this could be done BEFORE they tweet that it has been done!  Jon Morgan 15.01.16
Listed as one of the best used book shops in the country recently in some online article - bizarre choice by a lazy writer or friend of the owner, I guess. Poorly laid out - upstairs, it gets crowded easily. Downstairs ... well I've only once found anything worth buying and with 4 or 5 people down there (as today) its impossible to do anything other than queue behind people to wait and look at a shelf. Plenty of cheap "4 for 5 quid" stuff there and outside but nothing that looked worth buying.  Flip M 07.04.16
Flip M's comments seem undeservedly harsh. This is an excellent, traditional bookshop. Sometimes it is crowded but this is a good thing. AAoB's outstanding features are its reasonable prices and the high turnover of stock. I have visited it weekly for many years and come away with scores of bargains in my time.  Laurence Purcell 18.04.16
Now restocked with some good quality review copies of recent hb fiction and proof copies in the basement . My negative reviews of basement sales in terms of both quality and restocking as advertised have touched a nerve as they have blocked me on Twitter. Rather puerile really - if they can't take valid criticism ...  Jon Morgan 27.09.16
Great shop, love the basement sales especially after the restock. Have also found some seriously reasonable rarities upstairs and round the back. Probably the best old books shop in town.  Benj B 02.03.17
Luck of the draw here again. large gaps in shelves upstairs and in the basement, with the latter in need of a good clear out again. When your luck is in , this place is a treasure house of new review copies at low prices , proof copies and interesting basement stock. When it is not, it is frustrating...  Jon Morgan 20.11.17
For such a high profile shop the stock rarely seems to change, or maybe they simply rotate books from downstairs to upstairs and vice versa. Certainly not the shop it once was.  Mandalay Bookshop 15.12.19
Mandalay (above) is rather harsh. There is a case of new acquisitions near the counter, and the turnover in arts and topography on the ground floor is quite healthy. Recently I found a superb American photographer's monograph before the official UK publication date - possibly a review copy - at a generous discount.  Nicholas Sack 22.12.19
I have commented in the past on this shop and the new owner Jill has really spruced it up over the last year or so. It remains my 'go-to' secondhand book shop in central London but its shelves, in common with many other central bookshops are looking sparse. I know books fly off the shelves here but it does appear that central London secondhand shops (Notting Hill, Oxfam etc) are having problems with stock with may shelves empty and books face-on to fill space... Could be the time of year, except that I have noticed it for some time now. Possibly that internet sellers are cornering the market? Still worth a visit as there is good turnover and at least some new stock comes in. It does not seem to have affected Skoob, where despite the always interesting prices, the shelves are full, even if there is little apparent change in stock from visit to visit.  Jon Morgan 06.02.20
The stock is much like it has always been but the shelves have a few gaps now. No more boxes of new stock lying in the basement as there used to be.  Adrian 01.07.21
I haven't observed any falling off in the quality or quantity of stock in this shop which I still regard as perhaps the best in central London. There's good turnover, the prices are low and there are bargains to be had.  Laurence Purcell 09.09.21
I have started to lengthen the gaps between my visits to this shop as there are continuing gaps in shelves and little evidence of stock rotation. It is a pity, as, at its best, this is / was a goldmine.  Firedrake 30.09.21
I've no wish to start a silly running battle here but I would urge readers to visit this excellent shop and make up their own minds. There has been a substantial arrival of new stock in the last couple of weeks (as there is regularly) and when I was in the shop last weekend there were no empty shelves. There were however some boxes of new stock on the floor if that is what you like.  Laurence Purcell 14.10.21
Called in yesterday and found the shop much as it always was. No empty shelves or books face on now. Bargains to be had if you search the basement, a lot easier now that some organisation has taken place there. If you are in Central London don't miss this gem of a bookshop.  Steve Newman 29.11.21
Sorry to disagree with Steve Newman et al. but on visiting yesterday I found quite a few empty shelves and the dreaded books turned outwards to make the shelves look fuller. (I have photos of both) The review copies both hardback on the ground floor and paperback proof copies in the basement, are almost non-existent and both used to be a really good source of new books.

As previously posted I used to visit this place weekly and invariably came out with a bagful. It is now three visits since I have bought anything. Basement stock is largely unchanged and little new - in my interest areas at least - seems to have been added. It is still high on my list of 'must visit' in London, but is not alone in its lack of new stock.

Come on Jill, This place is one of the stars in the firmament of second hand bookshops.
  Firedrake 04.12.21
Well I too visited last week and didn't have anything to add. However, the shelves are definitely fuller than they were a few months ago, and there were even some crates of new stock at the bottom of the stairs as there used to be. At a time when new stock seems plentiful (charity shops at least are refusing donations) I trust this is a temporary logistical/staffing problem.

I do have to agree that there was little obviously new or interesting.
  Adrian 04.12.21
They don't open till 11.30 now. Stock seems more sparse than pre-covid. The £1 rack near the doorway has gone (for obvious reasons) and there were fewer £1 boxes outside last visit.   PeterM 19.04.22
The curse of the empty shelf continues to afflict AAOB as well as some other central London shops. It is quite depressing to see. Prices have risen here but not quite as sharply as some outlets. What really surprised me was the increase in pricing of the proof / review copies. The former are of no great value as cover and pagination are often different from the final issue but many (and there weren't that many proofs on the shelf) were priced at around the £5 mark. The review copies which used to be a real draw in this shop are barely evident. A pity as I used to cancel my pre-order on Amazon when I found them here. The shop is tidier and better organised with many new fiction paperbacks. It would be a pity to let it turn into a remainder shop!  Firedrake 12.05.22
Pre-Covid there used to be 4 trolleys full of £1 books outside as well as the crammed shelves of £1 books by the door. I would find gems here every week. Now there is only one trolley outside and it is almost empty. Inside the bargain shelves are a pale shadow of the past. There is still much stock otherwise, and the prices are reasonable. Despite no longer being the fount of treasures it used to be let us keep visiting to keep it afloat, the last proper second hand bookshop left in Charing Cross Road.  PeterM 11.10.22
This place is a shadow, nay, a ghost, of its former self. Both ground floor and basement have high gaps on the shelves. It is not a temporary blip but a permanent situation.

Many new staff instead of the old familiar, knowledgeable and friendly faces with whom it was possible to chat.

I never used to leave here without a bagful, now it is rare that I can find anything to buy and some of what little stock there is is there week after week.

As Peter M said, only one truckle outside.

It appears to be dying on its feet as a physical bookshop.
  Firedrake 1942 17.10.22
Clearly customers & guide reviewers care a lot about this shop. It has more reviews than any other shop. Its longevity and iconic street name make Any Amount of Books a barometer for the trade. It seems to me to be the Everyman of the routine bricks & mortar second-hand book market in London. So many other books shops on Charing Cross Road having been lost over time. (Number 84 bearing its blue plaque is a MacDonald's). It's a workaday shop catering for collectors & tourists alike and has an open house, pop-in, pop-out feel to it. A fine window display. I've always found fair prices here. Upstairs is the collectable, current & interesting.
Downstairs in the basement is the rummage and the good value where surprises can be found. The basement stock was fuller than I remember,(sorry, no way round the steps down). The shop was buzzing with visitors coming & going. Footfall figures here must be very good.
The wall shelves upstairs can be tall and kickstools only help so far. With less than perfect eyes I really needed a stepladder but none found. The staff are helpful. I ask to view the locked glass cabinet and the venerable key on a string is pointed out. Ask politely at the small pay counter and the backroom stock can be viewed.
An enjoyable visit, missing only one vital ingredient. Some nice music. On leaving I suggested that Van Morrison soothes the soul. So stepping out lightly, just like a ballerina, I met my bank manager outside and we wandered together hand in hand for support up to Henry Pordes.
  SaltaireTom 11.05.23
Loved the basement. I found so many titles in the '4 for £5' section that my big bag was full on leaving. They may have been unsaleable books at normal prices but to me they were quality titles.  Chris 24.05.23
Wide range of books to satisfy most interests. They have a small selection of Folio Society books. Bargains to be had downstairs including a 4 for £5 section although nothing there took my fancy. There were plenty of customers in while I was there so they seem to do a brisk trade. Two trollies outside of budget books. Currently scaffolding all along this section of Charing Cross Road which both obscures the top of the shop and increases the density of people on the pavement.   Jon R 24.08.23
This Charing Cross Road institution may have declined slightly in recent years, but it is still well worth visiting, even though the turnover seems rather slower these days. Prices have crept up but are still, on the whole, fairly reasonable. Extensive stock of literary criticism, poetry, drama, biography, history and - in particular - art. The famous basement is usually less cluttered these days, but bargains can still be found, even if some of the shelves down there (fiction in particular) are rather thinly stocked. The history section downstairs is distinctly unexciting, in contrast to the rather good selection upstairs. The “£1.50 or four for £5” shelves seem to contain a higher proportion of near-unsaleable dross (even at those prices) than formerly. But these are minor cavils; this is an interesting shop and WAD from time to time.  Booker T 14.10.23

Arthur Probsthain/BLOOMSBURY/41 Great Russell Street
Arthur Probsthain  Open at advertised times
41 Great Russell Street   BLOOMSBURY   WC1B 3PE
tel: 020 7636 1096  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5.30 Saturday 12.00 - 4.00.
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We stock a selection of great classics and also new books which have just been published. Each country or subject is separated which makes it an enjoyable browse. At our main branch we focus on art, (painting, architecture, ceramics, etc) music, film, religion, languages, literature and culture from China, Japan, South-east Asia, The Middle East, Africa, India and South Asia.

Everything as it says in the above blurb. Nothing for the ordinary collector but heaps for those with bottomless pockets.  Chris Harte 19.06.13
Now shares space with a tearoom. Presumably this reduces the amount of stock on display.  Adrian 01.07.21

Atlantis Bookshop /BLOOMSBURY/49a Museum Street  
Atlantis Bookshop   Open at advertised times
49a Museum Street    BLOOMSBURY  WC1A 1LY
tel:  020 7405 2120  e-mail   web  
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 6.00.
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Occult, mind, body & spirit.

A good fast moving stock of all western esoteric and occult traditions. The ladies who run it are both knowledgable and well-connected. Just go in and eavesdrop! (Buy stuff as well.)  Putney 17.09.13

Bernard Quaritch Ltd /HOLBORN/36 Bedford Row  
Bernard Quaritch Ltd   Open at advertised times
36 Bedford Row    HOLBORN  WC1R 4JH
tel:  020 7297 4888  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Friday 09.00 - 6.00
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Founded in 1847, we deal in rare books, manuscripts and photographs. Our specialist fields include English literature, travel, science, travel, human science, art, architecture and Islamica.

Bookmarks/BLOOMSBURY/1 Bloomsbury Street
Bookmarks     Open at advertised times
1 Bloomsbury Street    BLOOMSBURY  WC1B 3QE
tel:  020 7637 1848  e-mail   web  
Open:  Monday 11.30 - 6.00, Tuesday - Saturday 10.30 - 6.00
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Our range of books covers politics, economics, trade unionism, labour history, the environment, black struggle, women, culture, fiction, radical kid's books and much more. New and secondhand.

I have walked past for years and occasionally browsed the £1.00 baskets outside but never been in. Today I bought something and found a fair few shelves of secondhand stock inside. Much was left wing / radical / political / historical stuff, but also general stock, not huge, but interesting nevertheless.  Jon Morgan 15.05.17
A surprisingly interesting shop. A very varied selection of books both new and secondhand. I saw titles I knew nothing about regarding culture, poverty, trade unions and biographies of left-thinking people. This is not a shop for Tory voters.  Chris Harte 03.06.17
They seem to have recovered from their vile attack / assault by the UKIP / Tory / Hooray Henry / Brownshirts and the second hand section is still good for a browse for those interested in British Social History.  Jonathan Morgan 15.09.18
Some good-quality stock here, at generally competitive prices. A veritable trove for those whose interests are the labour movement, left-wing politics, women's rights, social history etc. Also some fiction and literary criticism of a radical bent. As always, there are some uncommon titles here, including hard-to-obtain foreign-published works, perhaps a consequence of the shop's tendency to acquire the book collections of elderly or deceased Marxists. The trays of £1 books outside are, refreshingly, not always packed with unsaleable tat and therefore can yield up bargains, although the staff seem to be strangely cavalier about leaving these offerings out in the rain.  Booker T 29.03.24

Bryars and Bryars/CHARING CROSS/7 Cecil Court
Bryars and Bryars  Open at advertised times
7 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4EZ
tel: 020 7836 1910  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday-Saturday 11.00 - 6.00.
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Rare and antiquarian books, maps and prints. Specialising in early printing, classical texts and translations, atlases and books with maps, early maps of all regions, illustrated travels, and antique topographical and natural history prints.

Comparatively small stock, distinctly high end, but there are good things to be found here at fair (not necessarily bargain) prices. It's therefore always worth visiting, especially as the staff are welcoming and friendly, not something to stake your life on when visiting a secondhand bookshop in any part of the country.   Laurence Purcell 20.11.21
Recent visits suggest that this shop may now be concentrating on antiquarian stock which of course is fine if that is your interest.  Laurence Purcell 04.07.22

Collinge and Clark/BLOOMSBURY/13 Leigh Street
Collinge and Clark  Open at advertised times
13 Leigh Street   BLOOMSBURY   WC1H 9EW
tel: 020 7387 7105  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 11.00 - 6.30.
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Private press, typography, British history.

I work nearby and regularly pop along to browse the boxes outside the shop. Never browsed inside, but the boxes outside are an eclectic mix, have bought some real gems. Some of this stock is heavily reduced (having previously been on the shelves inside) and more often than not I pick up a book or two.  M&O 14.04.12

Gay_s the Word/BLOOMSBURY/66 Marchmont Street
Gay's the Word  Open at advertised times
66 Marchmont Street  BLOOMSBURY  WC1N 1AB
tel:  020 7278 7654  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 6.00, Sunday 1.00 - 6.00
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Pioneering independent LGBT+ bookshop, established in 1979. Mainly new books, but a few hundred second-hand fiction and non-fiction books by LGBT+ authors or with an LGBT+ theme.

The oldest LGBT+ bookshop in the UK, and for some years the only one. It has endured difficult times, especially in its early days, with raids on its stock by Customs & Excise and legal action (eventually dropped) against its directors on charges of conspiracy to import indecent material. Even in more recent years, the shop has been the target of homophobic attacks. But its status as a proud and unbowed survivor from darker days seems ever more assured now that LGBT+ issues have entered the mainstream. I spent some time chatting to two of the wonderful staff, who view it as a privilege to work here. The shop (a few doors down from Judd Books) is a very busy one. The second-hand stock is fairly small - just a few hundred books - but good quality. Most of it is lesbian and gay fiction, but there are also biographies/memoirs, literary criticism, LGBT+ history, self-help/lifestyle etc, with US-published books featuring strongly. Every book in the shop is either by an LGBT+ author or has an LGBT+ theme. Prices are reasonable.  Booker T 22.03.24

Goldsboro Books/CHARING CROSS/23-27 Cecil Court
Goldsboro Books  Open at advertised times
23-27 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4EZ
tel: 020 7497 9230  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00.
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Goldsboro Books are the UK's leading specialist in first edition, signed books in all areas of fiction.

Great window display but closed due to a "private engagement" on the Saturday I tried to visit. Yes, I know I should have phoned first but to close to the public on a Saturday seems strange to me.  Steven 16.04.13

Henry Pordes Books Ltd /CHARING CROSS/72 Charing Cross Road  
Henry Pordes Books Ltd   Open at advertised times
72 Charing Cross Road    CHARING CROSS  WC2H 0BB
tel:  020 7836 9031  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 7.00.
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The arts, cinema, music and theatre.

Not the best prices - remaindered books can usually be found cheaper elsewhere.  George Marshall 06.02.09
Wide selection but anything uncommon is priced accordingly.  Loyola 24.04.10
General stock in the shop, but for the first time in forty years I was allowed into the back rooms. What treasures: any decent collector would want to see what was on those shelves. Also good to note was that the pricing was very fair on these special items.  Chris Harte 28.06.10
Nicely laid out and ordered stock, impressive Cinema and Music collection. Pricing is London but overall worth a good browse.  Norman Davies 16.03.11
The owners are always to be spotted at the Royal National monthly book fair purchasing stock and marking it up heavily. I can't recall the last time I discovered anything half decent here - or, at least, anything that couldn't be purchased much cheaper elsewhere.  Mandalay Emporium 09.04.11
Handsome stock - solicitous and friendly and took an interest in discussing what I was after. Gave me a free bag as the recycled 99p shop bag containing £200 worth of books from another shop was about to split.  Sam Glen 28.05.13
Particularly strong on secondhand and remaindered art and photography titles. Prices are fair, with the occasional bargain: photographer William Gedney's out-of-print monograph at £15 was a steal. The small transport section in the back room is worth a squint, especially since the closure of Motor Books.  Nicholas Sack 01.08.15
Not a comment on the secondhand stock but rather on the remaindered items in the adjacent front section - good selection of quality titles (particularly transport). Many at half the price of the titles still adorning Foyles' shelves across the road.  Anon 10.08.15
Don't usually find much in here but there were some gems in the basement fiction area. Many remainders here and generally the modern fiction stock is not huge. It is however of good quality.  Jon Morgan 15.01.16
Certainly not one of the capital's most competitive s/h bookshops. But the stock is uniformly good. Worth a look for those not constrained by budget.  The Bookman 16.07.16
Remaindered and secondhand arts stock here always entices. A slightly bumped and heavily discounted large-format collection of photos by William Eggleston was an absolute steal at only a tenner.  Nicholas Sack 26.07.16
After my visit to the good art exhibition nearby, did go up there. Bought a very nice item for £15.00.  Chris K 20.04.18
No great reason to revise my view of 2016, except than one senses that the prices are rising somewhat, Maybe buy here with the credit card of an indulgent relative.  The Bookman 06.05.19
Second visit after 5 or more years. The military selection in the back room pales into comparison to what it was back then. I recall coming out with several bag loads of recently published remaindered copies, now not a single purchase made as nothing but rubbish. I gave it a second chance by trying the rare and antiquarian sections by the till but drew my 2nd blank there. Definitely needs to up their stock quality.  Laurence Batchelor 27.06.19
Henry Pordes have closed their old premises long at 58-60 Charing Cross Road. As of May 2020 they have moved into Quinto's old premises. However, the ground floor stock is still recognisably Quinto's, and the basement which used to hold cheaper stock is currently closed, though expected to reopen. There's no trace of Pordes' old shop's stock, or of Pordes' old staff.  TBG2 26.06.21
There are now bookcases of modern firsts, art, photography and fashion, which look like the best of the non-remainder stock from Pordes' old shop, possibly with more good quality books. The basement is still closed.  Adrian 01.07.21
There's been a policy change since the move (or perhaps since the new owners took over) and there's now a more up-market approach with (alas) much higher prices. I don't know that I regret the closure of the basement. It was a happy hunting ground of mine for many years but there was frequently a shocking smell of drains down there!   Laurence Purcell 09.09.21
August 2022 visit after the shop premises move. A box of delights if you have the money. Priced for the London trade & wealthy tourists. Stock is high quality. Staff knowledgeable.   SaltaireTom 18.10.22
Good selection of titles very much at London prices. Lots of finely bound classics, some penguins and a scattering of Folio Societies. My browsing experience was made all the more pleasurable by listening in on a conversation about Wagner between a very knowledgable member of staff and a customer from Germany. Currently scaffolding all along this section of Charing Cross Road which both obscures the top of the shop and increases the density of people on the pavement.   Jon R 24.08.23

Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers/BLOOMSBURY/46 Great Russell Street
Jarndyce Antiquarian Booksellers  Open at advertised times
46 Great Russell Street   BLOOMSBURY   WC1B 3PA
tel: 020 7631 4220  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.30 - 5.30.
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Dickens first editions, the Romantics & theatre.

Atmospheric surroundings. Large varied stock of predominantly 19th century titles.  Loyola 24.04.10
The owners are charming and the lovely bookshop has wooden bookshelves all round with some interesting antiquarian stock which is not overpriced. Unfortunately they keep their best stuff upstairs and don't let people view it (not really the same having it brought down). Not to be missed in Central London.  Anthony Davis 27.07.10
A decent antiquarian bookshop with varied classifications. However, I love their section called "Bizarre Titles" which is one of the most amusing things I have seen in any shop for a long while. Most pleasant and helpful people.  Chris Harte 17.06.14
A small, quaint and appealing little antiquarian bookshop specialising in English literature & fine bindings. It strains to co-exist on Great Russell Street directly opposite the behemoth of The British Museums front entrance. The resulting inquisitive masses are deterred by the bell & electric front door system. Once inside it's a haven of tranquillity. Polite and other-worldly. An excellent selection of early & fine bindings on the English classics with Dickens headlining. While I was there a Victorian costumed actor & his photographer ask to take a few shots inside - no problem. A true bibliophiles venue. I don't recall seeing a paperback anywhere. ABA, PBFA, Does fairs and produces catalogues.   SaltaireTom 21.08.23
I got there about 10 minutes before they were due to close so didn’t have time for an extensive browse but it’s a great shop with a beautiful range of books. Lots of finely bound collections of Dickens and other classics as soon as you walk in and then a range of interesting twentieth century hardbacks throughout the rest of the shop which you browse to the soothing sound of a gently ticking clock. I don’t think I saw anything under about £20 in my brief time there. Don’t be put off by having to press the buzzer to be let in. The staff are lovely.   Jon R 16.10.23
Principally antiquarian, though there are modern editions, principally fiction. These are generally expensive but not scandalously so. Splendid atmosphere with a fire blazing, a most welcome sight on a cold day!   Laurence Purcell 14.02.24

Judd Books/BLOOMSBURY/82 Marchmont Street
Judd Books   Open at advertised times
82 Marchmont Street    BLOOMSBURY  WC1N 1AG
tel:  020 7387 5333  e-mail   web   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 7.00, Sunday 12.00 - 6.00.
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We have a very large stock of used, remaindered and academic books especially in architecture, history and philosophy.

By far the best remaindered bookshop in London with a large academic stock and consistently the best prices. The architecture and design section is particularly impressive. It justifies a major detour.  George Marshall 06.02.09
Interesting and extensive stock of mainly remaindered titles, which have been carefully selected. Recommended.  Loyola 24.04.10
Remainders everywhere. Only second-hand books were tat in boxes outside the shop.  Chris Harte 28.06.10
Excellent mix of old and new , with emphasis on academic, serious, politics, philosophy, literature, with very good bargains to be found among the cheap remainders. Reliable, long-established shop.  conormg 27.01.11
Chris Harte is right that there are lots of remainders and that the boxes outside are generally not worthwhile - but there are also plenty of other secondhand books he has missed (the whole wall of bookcases to the left as you enter the shop). I visit regularly, excellent for the remainders (both non-fiction and some good fiction) and find some good stuff in the secondhand section from time to time, though the majority is relatively modern and general.  M&O 14.04.12
I like this place for both the remainders and the second hand, Yes the stuff outside is tat, but it always is. M& O is right about the secondhand and remaindered fiction and I rarely leave without a few books in my bag. Good for proximity to Skoob in the Brunswick Centre.  Jon morgan 26.03.13
One of the best shops in London for remaindered books on art and architecture, many at massive discounts. Among the secondhand stock I found a hefty and handsome Yale-published survey of the photographs and paintings of Ben Shahn. Twenty quid was very fair. Highly recommended, and close to Skoob, also well worth a shufty.  Nicholas Sack 01.08.15
Excellent non fiction remainders, strong on history and politics. Some secondhand too.  Norman Davies 29.08.15
Some secondhand, but principally remainders. Certainly the best remainder shop in central London. The sources are various, but quite a lot of the stuff comes from the U.S.A. - with a mark-up, of course, above the N.American asking prices. So it may be worth your while to check, and, indeed, the check British remainder websites too. But always a very interesting selection, and there is some remaindered stock not obviously available elsewhere.  The Bookman 16.07.16
Returned on the 13th of April. A while since I was back at this place. Could not find any art books I needed. The shop not as well up-to-date: the floor needs some small rubbish removed and many books should look better sorted.  Chris K 21.04.17
Not a huge shift in stock from the last couple of visits. Still a nice place to browse and there is the occasional find. I love the way that you can leave your bag(s) with the cashier in exchange for a numbered clothes peg. Other shops take note. Not just for anti-theft purposes, but to ensure that no-one takes your bag and there really isn't room for a hist of rucksack wearing browsers. Always worth popping in when at Skoob.  Jonathan Morgan 15.09.18
Return visits to this edifying mixture of literature and non-fiction, remaindered and secondhand, always bear fruit. Found a handsome volume of photos of San Francisco shot by Arthur Tress in 1964 and published in 2012 - hadn't seen that anywhere before. There is an extensive section on London, with some unusual titles. Fair prices and charming staff.  Nicholas Sack 13.08.19
As already mentioned, probably the best remaindered bookshop in the land. Good to see they are still honouring their loyalty card scheme, so my purchase of £23 last week was reduced to £13. A shop I always find hard to leave without four or five books in my haul, which is probably why they continue to thrive, and many secondhand shops fade away.   Mark the Bookseller 07.08.21
The balance between remaindered and secondhand, which can be annihilating in some shops, is very well managed here. Be sure to visit the basement (the entrance is not immediately apparent): there's some terrific stock down there, particularly in history and politics.  Laurence Purcell 09.09.21
"Stupid Boy" was all I could keep muttering to myself as I left loaded with books, many of which I could not afford on abe but could easily purchase here. My own fault for not visiting for years. It is now top of my list when I next visit London.  Chris 05.10.22
Another visit and time on this occasion to really study the stock. I was very impressed at what was on the shelves of those of my interests. I really don't know if they realise the true worth of some of their secondhand American titles. One I got for £5.99 I've only seen before on the net for much, much more. Fortunately my purchases fitted into my shopping trolley: just.  Chris 24.05.23
I've just had two days in London. On day one I filled my big shopping trolley with all the books not seen on previous visits. On day two I filled the trolley again. I am amazed as to where they get their stock as the remaindered titles are not on other websites nor are the subjects anything but quality. I did ask and got a big grin in reply. The Art and Cultural books are excellent. On day two I climbed the shelves and got a quantity of 1980 and 90s books. My long suffering wife took the trolley back to our hotel each day so I could carry on elsewhere.  Chris 25.11.23
Another visit; another full shopping trolley; where do they source such interesting books? Most of the offering were new since my last recent visit. The American literary biographies were top quality so, for me, the prices did not matter in order to get such good material.  Chris 12.03.24
First visit for quite a while, and I found myself irrationally dismayed that the quirky but functional system in which customers were handed a numbered clothes peg in return for leaving their bags behind the till appears to have gone into abeyance. At any rate, there was no sign of its enforcement and the lower floor was jammed with rucksack-toting Americans. The star quality of this shop lies in its remainders, many of which are from the other side of the Atlantic and can be hard to obtain over here, although its second-hand offerings are well above average too. On the ground floor, the stock is nothing short of excellent for art, architecture, photography, literary criticism and biography. Also a good selection of novels, poetry, plays and books on film, theatre and music. Downstairs, the history and politics stock is very extensive indeed. A special shout-out for the section on Jewish history and the Holocaust, which is impressive in both quality and extent. Also a superb choice of (primarily remaindered) books in the Black studies section - only the wonderful New Beacon Books, on Stroud Green Road, London N4 (which no longer sells second-hand books), has a similarly good selection, although New Beacon has more African and Caribbean literature and a smaller non-fiction stock. As for pricing, the remainders here are generally heavily discounted and good value, but the pricing of the second-hand books is rather mixed and not quite as attractive. Outside the shop, boxed up on tables, is a rather forlorn selection, priced at no more than £1.95 each, or three books for £4.50, although there is little there to tempt customers even at those prices. Not many shops boast such a solidly intellectual stock. If buying books in London, this should not be left unvisited!   Booker T 21.03.24

Maggs Bros Ltd/BLOOMSBURY/48 Bedford Square
Maggs Bros Ltd   Appointment necessary
48 Bedford Square    BLOOMSBURY  WC1B 3DR
tel:  020 7493 7160  e-mail   web
Open:  normally Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5.00, currently by appointment
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Situated in a Georgian townhouse on the south side of Bedford Square, our new premises features three showrooms across two floors, exhibiting books and manuscripts from our nine diverse areas of expertise. Customers are invited to browse at both premises but please be aware that appointments are recommended if you wish to view any specific items or meet with any individual member of staff.

Loved the stock,the premises and the helpful and knowledgeable staff. Very good Irish section and some scarce modern firsts. The kind of place where you do not resent paying a 25% premium above internet prices for the reassurance of seeing the condition of an expensive item before you purchase.  Loyola 24.04.10
Finding myself outside the building on an unrelated matter, we were warmly welcomed and invited to look round the new premises. Rather more high-end than I or most users here generally see, but as their website says they are 'serious but not stuffy' about books. Their fine stock is seen in a suitably fine setting here.  Adrian 10.12.21

Maghreb Bookshop/BLOOMSBURY/45 Burton St
The Maghreb Bookshop  Phone before travelling
45 Burton St  BLOOMSBURY  WC1H 9AL
tel:  020 7388 1840   e-mail   web
Open: Monday - Friday 12.30 - 5.00
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New, rare and out-of-print scholarly books on the Maghreb, the Middle East, Islam and Africa. Also a small range of general secondhand books.

The "general and second-hand" books, as mentioned, are top quality and most reasonably priced. Owner a pleasant and chatty fellow. Worth looking at.  Chris 25.05.23

Marchpane/CHARING CROSS/16 Cecil Court
Marchpane  Open at advertised times
16 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4HE
tel: 020 7836 8661  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 6.00.
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Children's and illustrated books. ABA & PBFA member.

Great shop to visit with interesting and varied children's stock but prices are quite high for the average browser.  Sam 05.09.12
We were in the shop today (26/10/13) as customers when a lady came in asking if they wanted to buy an old Rupert annual. The man behind the counter was so dismissive and rude to her that I walked out.  C. Baxter 01.11.13

Marlborough Rare Books Ltd/THECITY/1 St Clement_s Court Clement_s Lane
Marlborough Rare Books Ltd   Open at advertised times
1 St Clement's Court Clement's Lane    THE CITY  EC4N 7HB
tel:  020 7337 2223  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5.30
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Antiquarian, English literature, illustrated and bindings.

Oxfam Bookshop/BLOOMSBURY/12 Bloomsbury Street
Oxfam Bookshop   Open at advertised times
12 Bloomsbury Street    BLOOMSBURY  WC1B 3QA
tel:  020 7637 4610    web
Open: Monday - Thursday 10.00 - 6.00, Friday 10.30 - 6.30, Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 12.00 - 5.00
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In the premises of the much missed Unsworths, this has a large stock, though prices seem to be higher than usual for Oxfam bookshops.  George Marshall 06.02.09
I just could not get over what was hiding away on the shelves. Not only was there a run of rare bound volumes of literature but the glass cases had some wonderful items. This in a charity shop !!  Chris Harte 28.06.10
A very broad range of stock and one of Oxfam's flagship branches, but you'll be lucky to unearth a bargain.  Mandalay Emporium 09.04.11
Prices continue to rise at the same time as the quality of the stock goes down.  Mandalay Emporium 29.09.12
Occasional gems but not cheap. The fiction is limited and actually quite difficult to see given its position. I frequently buy a couple of books but the whole point of charity bookshops is taking a chance on unknown authors titles and at these prices it is simply too expensive. Better books in Strutton Ground and Marylebone High street shops.  Jon Morgan 26.03.13
Hectic on the day I visited, so much so that there was no one to help me look at a book from the window display. Eclectic stock. Readers books priced to sell but anything vaguely collectable priced at the top end.  Steven 10.08.13
Definitely my last visit to this awful place. Not only do they never open on time, their prices are outrageous - it's a wonder they ever sell anything.  Mandalay Emporium 10.10.13
Came away empty handed today as their stock is getting ridiculously expensive and is cheaper at Any Amount of Books in CX Road a short walk away.  Jon Morgan 07.10.14
After a BM exhibition visit on Friday PM, I tried out this shop. The books, apart from those in a glass case, not too expensive but couldn't find anything to purchase. If I'm near by again, will probably re-visit.  Chris K 08.08.15
The modern fiction section has diminished to about half what it was. Expansion of video / audio / vinyl. lots of folio society stuff which like most things in this shop was overpriced. The pricing here seems to reflect the tourist trade from the British Museum. However only a short walk to Skoob and Judd Books.  Jon Morgan 23.10.15
This place is a curate's egg; Jon Morgan, above, is spot-on with his comment about the influence of tourists visiting the nearby British Museum. The art and architecture stocks are surprisingly pedestrian, enlivened only by the occasional oddity; the photography section consistently lacks quality. However, I used a wheeled step stool to browse a high shelf of transport books and found an attractive album of old canal photos for a paltry three quid.  Nicholas Sack 05.02.16
Good, wide ranging stock in this upmarket Oxfam branch. Pricing quite hit-and-miss. It's the kind of place you might just snap up a bargain, but equally pay over the odds for a common title.  Steven Kelly 09.05.16
Must have been my lucky day but I had the place to myself. Interesting stock and while I found no bargains neither did I find any prices that made me wince. If it was always this quiet I would say WAD but then I don't suppose it will stay open if I am the only customer.  Steven 16.02.17
I spent about half an hour in this shop and for the whole time the assistant was on the office phone gossiping to her mates. That made me wonder if the high prices for very ordinary books was to bring in extra cash to pay the telephone bill. Since my last review seven years ago the quality of the titles has dropped dramatically. I found better books in the general Oxfam shop in nearby Drury Lane.  Chris Harte 03.06.17
Back again! The curse of the Christmas card has struck, and much stock has not moved in months but occasional gem. Some at good prices others at ridiculous ones. Whole glass cabinet full books infected by 'collectableitis'  Jon Morgan 20.11.17
I am a fairly regular visitor here and the stock is thinning and static as well as very expensive. Books seem to be being driven out by Manga / comics and videos. I frequently find stuff I have just bought in Any Amount of Books in CX Road at several pounds more. Needs a revamp and a reality tablet!  Jonathan Morgan 15.09.18
I have to agree with Jonathan Morgan, above, about the declining quality of stock in several categories. The photography section rarely pleases, and the arts section is liberally padded with auction catalogues. However, I was glad to find a handsome collection of art in Yorkshire for a tenner, less than a quarter of the price asked by internet sellers.  Nicholas Sack 15.12.19
I often visit this shop after a coffee in the Foyles 5th floor cafe. Equally often I find something - this time a History of France by John Julius Norwich which I had contemplated buying in Foyles for about a third of the price. Unfortunately I also came across a rather dishevelled and abusive character who seemed not to have heard of courtesy, personal space (or indeed personal hygiene), social distancing or civilised discourse. On the upside, his Anglo Saxon expletives were quite fluent. The turnover is not great here, but the stock is interesting.   firedrake 25.10.21
Called in yesterday, much the same as it always has been. Yes, prices are on the high side, but the shop is in the heart of London and there does seem to be a decent turnover of stock. Worth looking in if in the area. Steve  Steve Newman 29.11.21
As befits its location, this shop is strong on art and academic books and worth a visit for those. Classic literature is well represented but, alas, modern fiction is predominantly a dispiriting paperback parade. Any book printed before about 1960 is now categorised as ANTIQUARIAN and arranged by subject so that logically but somehow oddly there is a section marked ANTIQUARIAN CHILDRENS.  Laurence Purcell 15.03.22
Art still strong and remains where it was, much of the rest of the shop re-organised, and the size of many sections much diminished. Shelves full of DVDs prominent. Despite three visits over the last two months, I've found nothing worth buying since last year. American tourists near me seemed very excited though.  PeterM 16.03.23
A very disappointing experience from what I'd expect to be a flagship Oxfam bookshop in the very heart of literary London? Maybe the turnover is so exponential I chose a bad day. Tons of shelf fillers of no consequence which would fail to find shelf space in the provincial branches. Mundane items priced as if collectable, condition generally seedy. Old, tired and grubby - but enough about me. I'm sure the tourists drool but I quickly left feeling the real business had moved elsewhere.   SaltaireTom 08.05.23
Very poor for such a good site. Plenty of fiction and the "collectables" section made me snigger. A waste of half an hour  Chris 25.11.23
Unlike some other reviewers, I do not think this shop is too deserving of censure. True, it has declined in recent years and the prices tend to be rather higher than the norm, but in quite a number of sections the stock is still at least reasonably solid. There are occasional good finds to be had among the art and architecture books, and the history, military and politics sections are by no means bad. A half-decent stock of fiction too, and also a sizeable array of foreign-language books. The stock on the "antiquarian" open shelves is rather more extensive than at most branches, although the quality is usually little better than the typical Oxfam level for this category. The rarer antiquarian books, locked away in the glass-fronted cabinets, tend to be pretty good-quality and although some of the prices for these seem quite steep, not all are over-priced.   Booker T 29.03.24

Pickering _ Chatto/THECITY/1 St Clements Court Clement_s Lane
Pickering & Chatto    Appointment necessary
1 St Clements Court Clement's Lane    THE CITY  EC4N 7HB
tel:  020 7337 2225  e-mail   web  
Open:  by appointment
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Around 2000 books, mainly philosophy, social sciences, literature, science and medicine, law, politics, and women’s studies, from the fifteenth century to the first decades of the twentieth century.

SOAS Bookshop (Arthur Probsthain)/BLOOMSBURY/School of Oriental _ African Studies
SOAS Bookshop (Arthur Probsthain)  Open at advertised times
School of Oriental & African Studies  Brunei Gallery  Thornhaugh Street (off Russell Square)   BLOOMSBURY   WC1H 0XG
tel: 020 7898 4470  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.30 - 5.30 (Saturday 12.00 - 4 .00, term time only: October - March)
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Specialising in books on: Africa, anthropology, Central Asia, China, development studies, economics, ethnomusicology, India, Islam, Japan, languages, Middle East, politics, religion, Southeast Asia, SOAS coursepacks & publications.

A small bookshop on SOAS campus. It mainly serves the needs of its own students in terms of course books. However it does carry a reasonable stock of books, catalogued by country, on the history, politics and development of most developing regions of the world. Interestingly the second hand books are mixed in between the new books on the shelves. I bought a classic (secondhand) text for £5 on the history of Africa but it was sandwiched between two new books of little merit costing over £35!!. So there are some gems but you need to look very carefully. The owner also has an old library trolley full of interesting books for £1. Worth a visit if you are interested in developing countries.  PeterD 08.11.22

SkoobBooks/BLOOMSBURY/66 The Brunswick
Skoob Books      Open at advertised times
66 The Brunswick    BLOOMSBURY  WC1N 1AE
tel:  020 7278 8760  e-mail   web   
Open:  Monday - Saturdday 10.30 - 7.30, Sunday 10.30 - 6.00
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London's broadest selection of secondhand academic books, the UK's widest range in philosophy and large collections of modern literature, art, history, politics, economics, classics, science and technology. Entrance is from Handel St on the outside of the Brunswick Centre. Or from the main concourse, go through Waitrose to the rear exit and turn left.

The description (London's broadest selection of secondhand academic books, the UK's widest range) is theirs and is not justified. It has a good and broad range, but it is not that significant.  George Marshall 06.02.09
Wide variety at very reasonable prices but nothing for the collector.  Loyola 24.04.10
Sadly this shop always disappoints, very drab stock, often overpriced & never anything collectable.  tradng.ava 31.03.11
Little for collectors perhaps, but plenty for readers - which is the main thing. Very wide stock in humanities and social sciences, especially strong in history, classics, literature and art. Highly recommended.  GP 16.07.11
Another regular lunchtime browsing spot for me. Bit surprised by comments that there is little for the collector - extensive Penguin collection, plus many JM Dent and other older series. The most interesting stuff is all around the till area, most of the good stuff pulled out of the general stock shelves. It's a good experience all round with my only complaint being that (especially in the last year or so) prices seem to have risen and many of the books are not very competitively priced. Still always worth a visit.  M&O 14.04.12
Odd comments from the above. Skoob has the largest collection of plays and philosophy in London, and an incredible antiquarian selection if you ask.  ElBib 12.07.12
Very negative experience. Holder of their little stall nearby sent me in the wrong direction (and on a massive wild goose chase) for the shop and chap on till didn't seem interested in this or the fact I was looking for higher-end Penguins. Apparently the rarer stuff goes to book fairs; I will pay top money for rare paperbacks, but this was lost on uninterested till boy.  Sam Glen 23.05.13
Please beware of Mr Sam Glen, and his comment above. He is well known among the second-hand book trade as a customer to give a wide berth to. Poor chap.  ElBib 24.08.13
Re Elbib - to suggest I am well known as a scourge of the second-hand book trade is flattering, but entirely untrue. At least I put my name to reviews and stand by my comments. Strange this seems to be your only comment on the site.  Sam Glen 29.08.13
Still one of the best secondhand shops in London as far as fiction choice and stock is concerned. The prices are still high even by Oxfam standards but worth a visit. At the weekend there is a good non-Skoob stall at ground level in the Brunswick Center itself.  Jon Morgan 10.09.14
Air conditioning in this rather cramped basement is a blessing. There's an extensive stock of artists' and photographers' monographs, my specialism, including some rarities. Recent books in perfect nick are generally half the published price. I found an unusual collection by the American photographer Dan Weiner, 1974, going for a song.  Nicholas Sack 01.08.15
Cramped basement, but at least it is full of decent s/h books. Impressive politics and sociology collection, which I found reasonably priced for London and came away with a couple of wants.  Norman Davies 29.08.15
Sizeable basement with substantial academic stock sections and good general range elsewhere. Small music book section, which makes the presence of an upright piano somewhat incongruous. How did they get it down those stairs? Prices high, but reasonable for London.  Steven Kelly 09.05.16
Prices very high even for London - their policy seems to be to charge half the new price so expect to pay 4 to 5 quid for very ordinary paperback novels whatever the age or condition.  Yossarian 03.06.16
This shop combines very good stock with very high prices. It therefore encourages browsing which should be careful in both senses. Not for the bibliographically incontinent!  The Bookman 16.07.16
Back again on the 13th of April. Fair while since I managed to buy an item there. Not very impressed with the manner of many of the items on the shelves. Think the workers need to make these all look better.  Chris K 21.04.17
The stock has become a little tired of late and little seems to shift but the crime fiction and general fiction sections are extensive (and expensive) and foreign language is not bad either. They must be making money based on what they pay for books brought in for sale and what they subsequently mark them up for. You can hear the disappointment in the vendor's voice as they wonder whether it is worth carting them home / elsewhere. That said, the rent / rates must be eye watering.  Jonathan Morgan 15.09.18
1st visit ever after trekking up from Cecil Court. I had hoped to find a goodly selection of recent military academic titles but alas the WW2/WW1/ Naval/Maritime/Military and Childrens sections were all poor. Nothing purchased and Francis Edward's basement was better.  Laurence Batchelor 27.06.19
The shelved partitions have been removed, presumably in compliance with Covid guidelines; browsing is now easier. A new branch has opened a few yards away at Unit 10 Brunswick Centre: an airy space with much quality stock and an extensive arts section.  Nicholas Sack 14.07.21
Roomier, as Nicholas Sack says, and the traditional specialist sections seem as well stocked as ever (particularly plays). However, for some reason the shop seems to have taken up a new (to me) speciality in paperback fiction; there's yards and yards of the stuff.  Laurence Purcell 09.09.21
There's more space as already mentioned. If shelving went to the pop-up it hasn't returned now it's closed. But still a lot of stock and full shelves. More fiction than before, and less strong on academic subjects than a few years ago. That said, lots of law, drama art and philosophy. Re the last, what I thought at first was a shelf on Hobbies (such as you'd expect to find in any shop this size) on closer inspection turned out to be on Hobbes.  Adrian 26.04.22
The reference to the pop-up shop at the top of the page should be removed: it's gone,alas. I was told that the stock has been incorporated in Skoob's original dismal dungeon but I could see no evidence of that in an admittedly brief visit today.   Laurence Purcell6 03.05.22
The shop window arrangement was brilliant when I visited. The central attraction was a 1952 book with the title: "Why You Should Vote Conservative." It really did make my day.  Chris 05.10.22
Sad to see the pop-up shop has gone, I quite liked browsing there as far more space than the main premises. It closed in April 2022 apparently. So back to the original shop, and what a surprise. Far better organised, and tidier than on previous visits. I suspect a lot of the older stock was sold on, because what remains is generally better quality than I recall from previous visits.

If you are into Penguins there are hundreds to chose from, but the £4-£6 a time asked reflects the current pricing policy. Better stock, but not as cheap as before.
  Steve Newman 27.11.22
I was very impressed on this visit with what I saw on the shelves. There was quality here and if you have to pay extra, then so be it. I thought there had been a rise in substance and it is certainly on my re-visit list.  Chris 24.05.23
Visited on July 30, after the Paperback and Pulp Fair held nearby. Wide range of stock in the SF and Fantasy section at decent prices. Though I didn't buy anything on this occasion, I would definitely take a look again next time I'm in London with time on my hands.  Justin M 20.08.23
I made a bee-line for their bibliographic section and was not disappointed. A quality hour spent checking and deciding what to purchase. Then I moved to Art and found five fairly unusual titles which are now on my shelves. I always visit here when in London.   Chris 25.11.23
First visit post lockdown and I had not left sufficient time to do the shop justice. It is well stocked in most categories with a good range of older and more recent titles. Some prices were higher that I am used to but I do not visit London very often. I will try to return soon and make sure I have allowed myself more time to browse.  Steven 09.01.24
Because my last visit was so recent I found nothing on the shelves which took my fancy. Then I saw the sections marked 'recent purchases' and I had a most enjoyable time piling up what I wished to buy. I never fail at Skoob.  Chris 12.03.24

Spink and Son Ltd/BLOOMSBURY/69 Southampton Row
Spink and Son Ltd  Open at advertised times
69 Southampton Row  Bloomsbury   BLOOMSBURY   WC1B 4ET
tel: 020 7563 4000  web 
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Numismatics, stamps & banknotes.

Storeys Ltd/CHARING CROSS/1 _ 3 Cecil Court
Storeys Ltd  Open at advertised times
1 & 3 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4EZ
tel: 020 7836 3777 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00.
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Antiquarian engravings, maps and prints.

Tindley and Everett/CHARING CROSS/4 Cecil Court
Tindley and Everett  Open at advertised times
4 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4HE
tel: 020 7240 2161 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.00.
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Twentieth Century first editions and architecture. PBFA member.

Good selection of modern firsts. Elastic pricing - no bargains but fair prices for good condition uncommon books. Owner is colourful character who will offer modest discount if issue is raised delicately.  Loyola 24.04.10
Another Cecil Court high end shop, another one (like Bryars and Bryars across the way) with a friendly proprietor. This is no place to come looking for bargains but be sure to visit the fascinating and extensive basement where all kinds of interesting-looking books are (I assume) awaiting their day of promotion upstairs.  Laurence Purcell 20.11.21
Located in the delightful Cecil Court, this shop has a good selection of classic and modern fiction with many first editions at prices mostly beyond the depths of my pockets. A few Folio Societies lurking on the shelves.   Jon R 24.08.23

Travis and Emery Books on Music/CHARING CROSS/17 Cecil Court
Travis and Emery Books on Music  Open at advertised times
17 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4EZ
tel: 020 7240 2129  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.15 - 6.45, Sunday 12.00 - 6.00.
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New and old books on music, secondhand and antiquarian music, opera programmes, prints and photographs, prints, playbills, libretti. ABA & PBFA member.

I remember one particularly useful service provided by the Drif guide was his exposé of the scandalously low offers members of the public seeking to sell their books could expect from many second hand booksellers. I recall Dillons in Gower Street (now Waterstones) was an exception. Some time last year I emailed Travis & Emery with a list of books I thought they might be interested in. After a long wait I got a reply saying they were interested in buying them, and quoting a figure of around £100 depending on condition. Thinking this was very low I sent the same list to Blackwells in Oxford who offered me £350, which I accepted.  Mark W 24.08.13

Treadwell_s/BLOOMSBURY/33 Store Street
Treadwell's  Open at advertised times
33 Store Street  Bloomsbury   BLOOMSBURY   WC2E 7PS
tel: 0207 419 8507  e-mail  web 
Open:  Week days11.00 - 7.00, Weekends:12.00 - 7.00.
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Treadwell's bookshop is undoubtedly the most magical bookshop in London. It specialises in History, Mythology, Neopaganism, Wicca literature, Anthropology, Comparative Religions and more. In addition to its rare collection of written texts, herbs and incenses, Treadwell's also runs a successful series of events where clusters of academics, poets, artists and practitioners gather together to discuss philosophical matters until the early hours of the morning.

The description fits the shop generally: overblown, full of glamour (in the proper sense), and delusional. The stock is not particularly impressive, and seems highly priced.  Putney 17.09.13

Waterstone_s Booksellers/BLOOMSBURY/82 Gower Street
Waterstone's Booksellers  Open at advertised times
82 Gower Street   BLOOMSBURY   WC1E 6EQ
tel: 020 7636 1577  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 8.30 - 9.00, Sunday 12.00 - 6.00.
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Large remaindered academic stock and a small selection of secondhand titles.

Surprisingly large second hand and remaindered section filling several rooms. Prices are decent with regular additional discounts.  George Marshall 06.02.09
This is one of the best second hand and upmarket remainder shops in London and is too often ignored because I think it is inside (first floor) a Waterstones. Excellent selection particularly history but most subjects. Decent prices too.  Norman Davies 16.03.11
Practically nothing of interest to those who are not into academic titles.  Mandalay Emporium 09.04.11
I agree with the earlier comments: an excellent range of academic titles and, what is more, helpful and enthusiastic staff - at Waterstones! Glory be!  Steven Whitehead 12.10.11
This is just the continuation of the former Dillon's stock. (The range of new books aren't as good as I remember them.) Few bargains likely but plenty to browse.  Chris K 09.06.12
Great for new books but the few remainders on offer are not WAD.  Steven 10.08.13
Second Hand department closed. Antiquarian consigned to gloomy basement. "Normal" secondhand books are now scattered around the shop in a haphazard and totally unhelpful way. In some sections a small number of second hand books are now scattered amongst thousands of new books and pretty much invisible.  Peter 17.10.14
Years since I had been in the basement here and there were a lot of remaindered rather than really second hand books. Heavy focus on Arts , Music etc and rather less on fiction. Large area but fairly sparsely populated. There were about five trolleys of 'sale' books (£5.00 and upward) outside but little of interest.  Jonathan Morgan 17.06.17
Visited yesterday and was very glad to see the Secondhand and Antiquarian departments have now been reinstated in the Basement.

Well organised and a pleasant atmosphere - though prices are rather ambitious, I thought. There is even a Clearance room (£5 and under) in the far corner - replete with some Greek plaster-casts! In addition there is a large room of mainly rather scholarly Remainders. Plus, as a previous commentator mentioned, there are several clearance trolleys outside the main doors - mainly dross, but, as always, the odd gem can occasionally be excavated ...

In common with several other London Waterstone's branches (Piccadilly, High Street Kensington, Hatchards, etc) the New Hardcover Fiction department at Gower Street also has a reasonable selection of Modern First Editions - but at rather intimidating prices. I really wonder how many they sell.
  Steve Archer 13.07.17

Watkins Books Ltd/CHARING CROSS/19 _ 21 Cecil Court
Watkins Books Ltd  Open at advertised times
19 & 21 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4NH
tel: 020 7836 2182 
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Specialists in Mysticism, Eastern Religions, Alternative Medicine, Astrology, Magick, Jungian Psychology, Wicca, Yoga & Contemporary Spirituality.

Now refurbished and re-opened. The same wonderful range of books on the exotic. The secondhand stock is now incorporated with the new stock -look out for the red stickers.  Peter M 07.12.10

Wildy _ Sons Ltd/LINCOLN_S INN/Lincoln_s Inn Archway
Wildy & Sons Ltd  Open at advertised times
Lincoln's Inn Archway  Carey Street   LINCOLN'S INN   WC2A 2JD
tel: 020 7242 5778 
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Lawbooks, criminology, true crime.

Witch Ball/CHARING CROSS/2 Cecil Court
The Witch Ball  Open at advertised times
2 Cecil Court   CHARING CROSS   WC2N 4HE
tel: 020 7836 2922  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 6.30.
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Antiquarian print shop, specialists in the performing arts.