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News: Paper and Cup is no longer a bookshop

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Burley Fisher Books /HAGGERSTON/400 Kingsland Road
Burley Fisher Books   Open at advertised times
400 Kingsland Road  HAGGERSTON  E8 4AA
tel:  020 7249 2263    web  
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 12.00 - 6.00
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Shop with predominantly new stock, now with several cases of secondhand art, fashion and photography transferred from the recently closed shop at Old Street roundabout.

Visited today and found a rather disappointing second hand section at the back of the shop and in the basement. Hardly organised, some books just lying in boxes and cases on the basement floor. The few books I looked at were rather pricy too, but such is the chaos there might be gems here worth saving. Finding them amongst the chaos would be the problem.   Steve Newman 23.02.22

Jambala Secondhand Bookshop/TOWER HAMLETS/247 Globe Road
Jambala Secondhand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
247 Globe Road  Bethnal Green   TOWER HAMLETS   E2 0JD
tel: 0208 981 1225  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00.
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All types of secondhand books, records and music. We are an ethical Buddhist business dependant on donations. All proceeds go to support the London Buddhist Centre.

Small shop with interesting mixed stock, well laid out and reasonably priced.  Steve Newman 03.03.14
Just a short walk from Bethnal Green LT station and around the corner from the Museum of Childhood. Less for children than for adults all cooing 'I remember that !" but well worth a visit. The bookshop is small but organised well , difficult to navigate if you are above average build but some real modern fiction gems. Not a huge stock and probably NWAD but if in the area and there is not a lot in terms of bookshop activity in East London ... worth supporting!  Jon Morgan 09.05.15
As befits a Buddhist charity bookshop, there is good karma in this small room of interesting and varied stock. Prices are generally modest; photographer Robert Doisneau's 672-page retrospective for a fiver was a steal! Recommended.  Nicholas Sack 13.02.19
Pleased to report that this shop has survived the pandemic unscathed. Edifying stock in pleasant surroundings; I bought Joan Didion and Georges Simenon. Cheerful and knowledgeable staff.  Nicholas Sack 18.10.21

Oxfam Books and Music/WANSTEAD/1 Clock House Parade
Oxfam Books and Music  Open at advertised times
1 Clock House Parade  High Street   WANSTEAD   E11 2AG
tel: 0208 530 3413 
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Usual Oxfam format, helpful staff and although I did not buy anything books seemed reasonably priced.  Steve Newman 17.08.12
Shop small but too much space given to gifts and cards. Pricing often VERY high - internet influenced valuation seemingly taking no account of condition or edition.  Peter M 28.03.18
This used to be one of the better Oxfam's in London. Sadly that is no longer the case. On entry today I thought I had gone into a Xmas gift shop, not an Oxfam Bookshop! With 50% of shelf space given over to Xmas stock there was not a lot left for books. Come on Oxfam, you can do far better than this.

One of the book series I collect are Observer Books. I have had around 2500 over the last 10 years so do know something about them. Whilst pleased to see around half a dozen for sale, I was shocked at the prices asked. £9.99 & £14.99 for bog standard books with torn DJ's and faded spines. Worth £1 to £2 only in that condition.

I felt that I could not leave without mentioning how ridiculous the prices were, and found a long serving member of staff. I showed her the books asking who was pricing them these days. To be fair she immediately withdrew them from sale, and thanked me for drawing the matter to her attention.

I have in the past found good quality books at reasonable prices here, but it just goes to show with Oxfam, it does all depend on having good management in place. The present incumbent appears to think that selling Xmas stock takes priority, and that says it all really.
  Steve Newman 18.12.21
A small shop which is even smaller since 2020. Despite that a very large percentage of the small space left is taken up by cards, ethnic gifts, hand woven dog biscuits etc. Possibly the worst Oxfam bookshop in London. NWAD  PeterM 18.03.22

Pages of Hackney /HACKNEY/70 Lower Clapton Road  
Pages of Hackney   Open at advertised times
70 Lower Clapton Road    HACKNEY  E5 0RN
tel:  020 8525 1452  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Friday 11.00 - 6.00, Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 11.00 - 6.00.
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An independent bookshop on the Lower Clapton Road, stocking an eclectic selection of contemporary and classic fiction, children's books, politics, environment, art, cookery and much more. We now have a new and improved secondhand section in our basement. Sign up to our newsletter to hear about new books, literary events https://pagesofhackney.co.uk/newsletter/

A small independent bookshop that has apparently been open for seven years but undiscovered. A mix of new and second hand. The basement contains a fair selection of reasonably priced books including three shelves full of Penguin and Pelican books and quite a few Ladybird series too.  Steve Newman 30.11.15
The attractively furnished basement contains a modest range of secondhand stock, mostly good quality. Early Penguins are five pounds. There is a case of books for a quid, and another of new stock heavily discounted. Sadly, the arts section is very thin, yet this little shop along with Jambala in Bethnal Green is a rare oasis in the literary desert of East London.  Nicholas Sack 27.02.19
Visited yesterday, cant add much to the comments above really. Not a vast stock, just along one wall plus another bookcase or two. Nice cosy basement though, and the stock they had did look in good condition and not expensively priced.  Steve Newman 23.01.22