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Alpha Book Company/ROMFORD/Units 10-12 Romford Shopping Hall 43 Market Place
Alpha Book Company    Open at advertised times
Units 10-12 Romford Shopping Hall 43 Market Place  ROMFORD  RM1 3AB
tel:  07833 748641   
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.30
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Long-established book dealer in Romford town centre, on the ground floor of the shopping hall. Large stock of paperback popular fiction.

Distinctly lowbrow stock, the vast majority second-hand. Almost exclusively mass-market paperback fiction. Specialities include bodice-ripping romances, undemanding "historical" novels featuring swashbuckling blades, and crime fiction of an unashamedly modern and gritty variety (don't expect to find the works of Freeman Wills Crofts here). About two dozen books on the tiny shelves marked "classic fiction", near the till; everything else is decidedly downmarket. Prices are cheap, with most books priced at £2.20 or below; nothing seemed to be above £3. The pleasant but somewhat world-weary proprietor is careful to "get in only what I know will sell". After all these years, she knows her target market - and the readers of TBG are unlikely to feature prominently among it. Certainly NWAD. Her neighbours in the adjoining unit, which sells records and rather unexciting music memorabilia, currently have a few dozen second-hand books about Elvis, for those for whom the King is their thing.   Booker T 03.03.24

Anthony C Hall/TWICKENHAM/30 Staines Road
Anthony C Hall    Open at advertised times
30 Staines Road    TWICKENHAM  TW2 5AH
tel:  020 8898 2638, mobile 07849 929433  e-mail
Open: Friday 10.00 - 12.30 & 1.30 - 5.00 or by appointment
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Russia, Eastern Europe and general stock.

Arrived to be told they were shortly closing for lunch - do these people have any business sense? Stock quite small. Evident activity at rear of shop (assistant also going to lunch.) Very small fiction section. NWAD disappointing.  Jon Morgan 11.09.12
Sign on the door says "Until further notice, shop opening times will be irregular or by appointment". On my last visit the owner said he was thinking of closing down (he said he was over 80...)I hope this is not the beginning of the end - there have been some good purchases here.  Michael Ross 13.08.19
My third visit over the years yesterday, I thought Saturday around 1230 might be a good chance to find the shop open. Sadly not, one day perhaps.

Notice on the door says opening hours are now M/W/F 230-5pm. So very restricted. You are also invited to phone 0208 898 2638 or 07849 929433 outside these hours to arrange an appointment to visit.
  Steve Newman 24.07.22

Book Shop/HAMPTON/Hampton Railway StationAshley Road
The Book Shop   Open at advertised times
Hampton Railway Station  Ashley Road    HAMPTON  TW12 2HU
tel:  8979 2463  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday-Friday 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 12.30
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A fundraising bookshop which has sold donated books in support of local charities, for nearly fifty years.

One of the very first charity bookshops I started visiting about thirty years ago. Lots of friendly helpful staff looking after a stock of reasonably priced books. I usually find at least one book of interest every visit  John Bacon 06.10.08
Virtually nothing but modern paperbacks, with the emphasis on airport fiction.  Muggins 14.11.14
Small friendly shop, but hardly any non-fiction. Mainly paperbacks, not really worth a visit unless you are passing through.  Steve Newman 22.09.19

Falconwood Transport _ Military Bookshop /WELLING/5 Falconwood Parade  The Green  
Falconwood Transport & Military Bookshop   Open at advertised times
5 Falconwood Parade  The Green    WELLING  DA16 2PL
tel:  020 8303 8291  e-mail
Open:  Saturday 9.30 - 5.30, other times by appointment.
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Stock: 6,000 in specialist Transport & Military fields only - no general stock. Main Subjects: Aircraft (Military & Civil); Military (all periods but mostly WWI onwards); Railways; Shipping (Naval & Merchant Navy); Cars; Motorcycles; Lorries; Buses.

I was rather taken on entering this shop to find every piece of the extensive shelf space completely full. All books were categorised and the quality of the holdings was most impressive. Obviously every collector of these specialised subjects should have visited by now but there could always be something around for the general buyer.  Chris Harte 09.02.10
Military, Naval and Transport of all kinds. With the exception of a small section of general industrial archeology and engineering it "does what it says on the tin" at what seem to me ( not my usual area) to be very reasonable prices.  John Allen 04.07.11
Many years since my last visit, and this extraordinary shop continues to offer the most extensive stock of transport books in the land. Well ordered and neatly shelved. Friendly owner gave me a generous discount for multi purchase. Bus or ten minute walk from Falconwood station. Highly recommended.  Nicholas Sack 14.07.23

Fara Charity Bookshop/TEDDINGTON/34d Broad Street
Fara Charity Bookshop    Open at advertised times
34d Broad Street    TEDDINGTON  TW11 8RF
tel:  020 8977 6475  e-mail   web  
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 6.00
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FARA Books is a must for all bibliophiles, great for gifts and a "fantastic local resource." Our knowledgeable staff will endeavour to help with your every enquiry. Situated just behind FARA Teddington on north Lane, parking is available in the Tesco car park. A free reservation and request service is offered please ask staff for details.Donations always welcome!

Large selection of books on all subjects. Reasonably priced but not cheap  John Bacon 19.04.10
FARA has a reputation for being amongst the most expensive of all the charity outlets and this one is no exception. A large, varied stock but you'll be lucky to spot a bargain.  Mandalay Emporium 09.04.11
I found a good stock esp children's. Prices reasonable and I FOUND TWO BARGAINS - worth a visit if passing. V helpful staff.  Jon Morgan 11.09.12
Very friendly staff, but the stock barely changes. The same books on the shelves months after a previous visit, which is odd as they always attract loads of donations. Either these donations are rubbish or they end up somewhere else.  Mandalay Emporium 16.09.14
Disagree with above. This is an excellent classy charity bookshop well laid out with some good (mainly current but some oldies) stock. For me well worth a visit, cut above most charity shops.  Norman Davies 07.04.16
Quite surprised by how good this shop is! Far above the standard of most charity outlets. A good selection of modern and classic literature, and a particularly large stock of sci-fi and thrillers, although the poetry section seems distinctly anaemic. The children's section is impressive, both in extent and quality. For non-fiction, the range of books on art and design, architecture, fashion and photography is very good. As might be expected, given the shop's location in affluent outer London suburbia, there is a large selection of cookbooks on the shelves here; the same is true for books on crafts. The history section is rather underwhelming, though. Prices for fiction are reasonable: the vast majority of hardbacks are £4 and paperbacks £3, although some of the large array of vintage Penguins are just £2. The children's books are also competitively priced, mostly at £3 for hardbacks and £2 for paperbacks. Prices for some of the non-fiction stock, notably the art books, are slightly on the high side, however. Colour-coded stickers denote how long the books have been on the shelves; each week, those with one colour of sticker are sold at half-price. Trade seems very brisk, at least on a Sunday afternoon. Despite the Broad Street address, the entrance and frontage of the shop are on North Lane, behind the charity's general shop. Opening hours have changed and are now 10am to 6pm, seven days a week.  Booker T 21.04.24

Lloyds of Kew Bookshop/RICHMOND/9 Mortlake TerraceKew
Lloyds of Kew Bookshop    Open at advertised times
9 Mortlake Terrace  Kew    RICHMOND  TW9 3DT
tel:  020 8948 2556  e-mail   web
Open:  Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Everything from general second hand stock to rare and collectable and antiquarian. Literature, classics, London, history, biography and children's plus many more categories. Come and browse, have a coffee and we are happy to help.

Hard to believe that nobody has reviewed this lovely and long-established shop on TBG before now! Always a pleasure to visit. The current owner, Helen, who took over in 2014, is helpful and knowledgeable, and the stock is high-quality. Books on all aspects of horticulture are a particular strength, in keeping with the shop’s location barely a stone’s throw from Kew Gardens. Also a large selection of vintage children’s books. A very good stock also in fiction, history, art, music, literary biography and literary criticism. There is a notably higher proportion of hardbacks than in most shops. The antiquarian selection is fairly extensive. The only drawback is that prices throughout the shop tend to be rather on the high side, although not excessively so in most cases. The owner makes a real effort with her attractive window displays. A very solid shop, and certainly WAD.  Booker T 27.02.24

Morden Hall Park Bookroom/MORDEN/Morden Hall Road
Morden Hall Park Bookroom  Phone before travelling
Morden Hall Road   MORDEN   SM4 5JD
tel: 020 8545 6850 
Open:  Monday - Friday 11.00 - 3.00, Saturday & Sunday 12.00 - 4.00.
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Bookroom in National Trust property.

Only small, but a nice selection HB and PB on a range of subjects from 10p upwards, with a few videos and vinyls too. Park in the free car park, pass through the arch between the garden centre and the café and turn right.  Andrew Francis 19.10.10
Often closed during stated opening hours. NT say they have problems getting volunteers - but they never put any notice in the window, you're just left wondering. It's been three years since I found it open!  Peter M 28.03.18
Nearly all stock £2 (hardbacks) or £1 (softbacks). Some remarkable bargains! Mainly fairly recent books.  Philip Jones 22.09.19
Now reopened after a long Covid-inspired closure, and operating daily between 10am and 3pm (including Sundays). Still good value - no treasures but a reasonable stock and almost everything still at £2 (hardback) and £1 (paperback). The walk from the nearest tram stop (Phipps Bridge) must rate as one of the nicest approaches to a bookshop in Britain.  Michael Ross 07.08.21
I agree with Mr Ross, above, about the beautiful parkland setting; shop is in a courtyard next to a snuff mill on the swiftly flowing River Wandle. Stock is neatly shelved and categorised, with attractive displays of 'specials' that break the two-pound barrier. Might be fruitful for the general reader, but nothing to excite the collector on my visit.   Nicholas Sack 24.09.21

Old Bookshop/ENFIELD/36 Gordon Road
The Old Bookshop  Open at advertised times
36 Gordon Road   ENFIELD   EN2 0PZ
tel: 020 8366 0722   e-mail  web 
Open:  Open: most weekdays 10.30 - 4.00 but please phone first.
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We specialise in second-hand, out of print and new books on Costume and Fashion-related subjects. The shop contains around 25,000 books and magazines on these subjects, and the online database is continually updated.

Osterley Bookshop/ISLEWORTH/168a Thornbury Road
Osterley Bookshop  Open at advertised times
168a Thornbury Road   ISLEWORTH   TW7 4QE
tel: 020 8560 6206 
Open:  7 days 9.30 - 5.00.
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General secondhand books.

Nothing to get excited about. Routine stock with no antiquarian holdings.  Chris Harte 27.06.09
I visit every 6 months or so and always find something of interest. There's some gold at the rear for you more literate types, but the UK topography and history are good enough for me.  Martin O'London 06.03.13
Like Martin, I visit 2-3 times a year & usually find something useful & at a reasonable price. Especially good for a Sunday 'Must-get-out-of-the-house' browse & possible bonus walk in nearby Osterley Park. A somewhat eccentric bookshop - it always raises a smile when the pigeons start cooing as I look through the nature section or a train whistles by as I'm at the transport section - and there's a bell to 'Ding' when you're done browsing & ready to buy! Definitely worth a visit.  Zim 29.05.15
It is lovely - one of the last London suburban bookshops. On my last visit there was a pile of spectacles for short-sighted browsers to use for free - £4 each if you wanted to buy a pair. There's always something interesting hidden away in the stock.  Michael Ross 17.10.16
...is having a half-price sale until the end of September.  Wee Jimmie 09.09.17
Visited today for the first time, the last Greater London bookshop I had not paid a visit. It has taken 10 years or so but I finally got there! Stock in my subjects (Transport, Observer Books etc) not extensive, the Observer books, in particular, could best be described as 'careworn'. On the expensive side too, perhaps I should have paid a visit during the half price sale.  Steve Newman 20.04.18
A visit to this quirky and delightful shop, situated in a former Tube station (Osterley and Spring Grove), never fails to be an enjoyable experience. With the closure a few years ago of the wonderful Cottage Books at Penn, this establishment now has few, if any, rivals as the most atmospheric and photogenic bookshop in the Home Counties. It has been run by the same couple for 49 years, the female half of whom, Pennie Smith, is veritable royalty in the world of rock music photography. One or two of the previous reviews are slightly ungenerous, I feel. The stock is not perhaps of the very highest quality in most subjects, but nor is it entirely run-of-the-mill. Art, photography, fashion and literature all feature strongly, and there is a reasonable selection in the history, military and sport categories too. The shop is rather cluttered, but that only adds to its charm. Hearteningly, the box full of spectacles for readers who might require them for browsing is still in evidence! Turnover seems reasonably brisk, so I try to visit on an annual basis. In almost a dozen visits, I have never left empty-handed. Prices are a bit on the high side, but in most cases not excessively so, and there is a half-price sale of all stock each year for the entire month of September. This enjoyably idiosyncratic establishment is a fair trek from central London, but only a few minutes’ walk from the resited Osterley station on the Piccadilly Line. Convenient also for the National Trust’s Osterley House and Park (the latter of which is free to visit), although this rather drab suburb on the traffic-choked Great West Road has little else to offer. But this unusual bookshop is the jewel in its crown.   Booker T 23.12.23

Oxfam Bookshop /KINGSTON-UPON-THAMES/Old London Road  
Oxfam Bookshop   Open at advertised times
tel:  020 8 549 3559  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00
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An eclectic mix of good quality stock including antiquarian and collectable books.

Wide selection of secondhand books. Especially good for history, travel, literature and reasonably priced art books I find hard to resist. Open every day.  Sue Griffin 21.04.10
Friendly shop in town centre. Frequent culling ensures there is usually something worth buying. No silverfish here.  Neil Kenyon 27.04.10
Excellent variety of books, helpful knowledgeable staff and very reasonable prices!  Mandy Borwick 15.05.10
Hilarious prices for the few decent books. Standard Oxfam.  Norman Davies 07.04.16
Yes the same overpricing we have come to know and "love" about Oxfam but there was a quite decent and wide-ranging selection of non-fiction titles on offer here that piqued my interest and forced me to pull my wallet out. Seemed to be a smallish shop yet with room enough for the half-dozen browsers who also seemed keen on buying titles. Friendly staff too. Only a couple of minutes' walk from the railway station.  Graeme Rendall 18.07.19
An above-average Oxfam, with good-quality stock and quite a brisk turnover. The shop is long and narrow, with four steps up to the non-fiction books. Pricing is more or less standard for Oxfam. There is at least a half-decent selection in all main subject categories. Fiction is notably strong (there is an unusually large choice of foreign-language literature), as are theology/religion, travel, and art, architecture and design. At present there is quite a large stock of (modern) cookbooks and an enormous number of children’s annuals dating from the late 1930s through to the ‘70s. These annuals have clearly been carefully and individually priced with reference to what is available online, and some of the prices seemed to me to be rather ambitious. A large number of the ‘William’ series by Richmal Crompton too; the paperbacks are very cheap, but the hardbacks are overpriced. Also a long run of 21st-century Private Eye annuals at just £1.99 each. One downside is the “old and vintage” shelves, the contents of which are at present pitifully dull. But even a good shop cannot necessarily tick every box on every visit, and this is certainly one of Oxfam’s better outlets   Booker T 27.02.24