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The Bookshelf (Scarborough) is now called Gallery 6
Mansergh's Secondhand Bookshop has closed
The Old Library Bookshop closed before May 2021

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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Books For All/HARROGATE/23a Commercial Street
Books For All  Open at advertised times
23a Commercial Street   HARROGATE   HG1 1UB
tel: 01423 561982 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.00.
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General stock and children's and illustrated, history and transport.

On the outskirts of the main shopping area, from the street and even on entering this appears to be a tiny shop albeit stocked to the ceiling with bookcases. However away from the Police Box like ground floor, up the steep narrow stairs and you enter a virtual Tardis of books stretching over two rooms, including quite a selection of Doctor Who titles. Mainly books with some LPs at the far end, their selection of children's books is impressive, but should not distract from the sheer number of books on most subjects.  Jeremy Briggs. 05.11.07
Excellent - good stock, sensible prices.  Geoff Hatherick 22.07.08
A fantastic shop, great selection of children books and very reasonable prices. Horror selection is good and reasonble prices as well.  Sara Pannel 09.10.08
A good old-fashioned shop! Extensive stocks, floor to ceiling (ladder provided for those hard-to-reach items) and reasonably priced.  Daedalus 29.07.09
Good bookshop. Plenty of stock. Usually come out with something! Good sections particularly on art and children's books. Also the shop is open when it's supposed to be!!  J.S. 15.02.10
Excellent shop, some gems to be found at reasonable prices.  Ernest LeClerc 24.02.10
A very well stocked and reasonably priced shop with a good regular turnover, so well worth the occasional return visit.  Nicholas Pendower 27.04.10
Now the only proper shop left in Harrogate - always bargains to be found, brilliant biog section, great turnover - sign of a great shop.  Paul P 11.05.10
First visit. Quality stock, very pleasant owner and amazingly reasonable prices. Came away with two large bags of goodies and a generous discount. I'd started to think this kind of shop now only existed in books.  Book Buyer 16.09.14
Can only reiterate what others have said. Excellent shop with good prices and good stock. Well worth a visit. Bought two bagfuls.  David 25.05.17
Can only but agree with all of the previous comments. A lovely bookshop; a most pleasant owner and prices so low one can only wonder how she makes a profit. The shelves were crammed with good interesting titles, many being unusual. Most certainly worth a visit.  Chris Harte 03.09.19
A lovely traditional shop, with a tiny ground floor but two sizeable rooms upstairs. Also sells vinyl and CDs.  Wessexman 05.10.21

Books for Amnesty/YORK/42 Goodramgate
Books for Amnesty  Open at advertised times
42 Goodramgate   YORK   YO1 7LF
tel: 01904 541117  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 11.30 - 4.30.
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Opened in May 2012 the latest Amnesty bookshop is based within the city walls, a stones throw from York Minster. The shop stocks good quality second-hand books covering a large range of subjects including fiction, poetry, philosophy and children's books.

Well lit with a noisy wall heater above the door. Lots of dull stock - even more upstairs for a pound each which I avoided. Given the number of proper s/h bookshops and the 2 Oxfam ones, Amnesty may struggle to get good stock here.  Chris K 30.01.12
Hot day visit on Sunday 7th July - an excellent large desk fan helped. Managed to find one cheap book to purchase. Shop is managed by the woman also in charge of their Newcastle branch.  Chris K 13.07.13
Two small rooms, well sorted so easy to do if you haven't much time. The pound a book first floor is as large as the ground and a better selection with a number of books that shouldn't have been in that category.  John Allen 22.03.14
An above comment says: "Dull Stock." I cannot disagree.  Chris Harte 23.03.15
The first floor has now closed. The ground floor stock, which was rather good on average at first, seems to have gone down in quality whilst the prices have moved a long way in the other direction. It is not clear that this is a recipe for success. One wishes Books for Amnesty well.  The Bookman 16.07.16
A reasonable-sized shop by Amnesty standards, with a good range of fiction, and non fiction. Some interesting titles and some I had not seen elsewhere. Probably the best general charity second hand bookshop in York in terms of variety if not actual numbers of books.  Jon Morgan 13.05.17
Back again at York this year. Did manage to buy a £3 item.  Chris K 29.09.17
One of the more reasonably priced bookshops in York. Stock well laid out, but not substantial. Helpful staff too.   Steve Newman 08.09.21
Stock seems to have diminished slightly with the decommissioning of the back room, but this pleasant shop is still worth a visit.  Wessexman 02.10.21

Clewlow Books of Whitby/WHITBY/The Brunswick Rooms
Clewlow Books of Whitby  Phone before travelling
The Brunswick Rooms  Brunswick Street   WHITBY   YO21 3AJ
tel: 0781 010 6952  e-mail 
Open:  Saturday 11.00 - 4.30.
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Substantial stock of antiquarian, collectable & better secondhand books. Also printed collectables, vintage magazines etc. The trade usually find me a worthwhile call. Housed in superb grade 2* listed arts & crafts building.

Fossgate Books/YORK/36 Fossgate
Fossgate Books  Open at advertised times
36 Fossgate   YORK   YO1 9TF
tel: 01904 641389 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Two floors of secondhand and antiquarian books covering most subjects: academic, scholarly and popular; the Folio Society a speciality.

Endearingly dingy, the prices are good and the owner is very helpful and interested.  George Marshall 04.02.10
Friendly, helpful, well stocked. Many less ordinary books. Got the feeling that this is the kind of shop where occasional treasure may be found - although not on this occasion. Well worth a visit!  Sam 09.04.10
Your review of Fossgate books does not do it justice. Upstairs it has hundreds of Folio society books at good prices and has done for some years. No mention of this specialism in your review! I visited today and have visited many times over the years.  Ken R Smith 26.01.11
Interesting with a wide range. Strong on politics and film, and yes I did find a tresure for me!  Norman Davies 09.02.11
A lovely old fashioned shop with a good mix of books and a really friendly owner. Just be careful on the rather uneven stairs upstairs (but the journey upstairs is worth it)  Jakob Pieterson 05.07.11
He does need to spend some £££s updating the fixtures and fittings. Stairs can only get more treacherous and the lighting and heating on the first floor are poor. Some good books on offer; mostly medium priced.  Chris K 19.01.13
Called in this weekend as I always do when visiting York - this is what I call a proper secondhand bookshop. Selection of Folio editions gets better and better. Recommend!  Bridget Scurfield 16.02.13
Visited in the Spring of 2013. A good selection of WWII books upstairs and prices were fair. I did, however, leave empty-handed.  Laurence Batchelor 08.01.14
Absolute gem of a shop, was in York for 3 days and went there twice it was that good!  Cameron Kelly 02.10.14
Sometimes, just sometimes, you walk into a bookshop to be greeted by a warm smile, a pleasant greeting and a charming person. Not only was this lovely Polish girl helpful but she also kept directing me to the right shelves. Everything here well categorised and I came away with two bags of good quality titles.  Chris Harte 23.03.15
I specifically called in here during a day trip to York & found both the shop & owner relatively pleasant. I have always loved & collected books, but am not a specialist, so can't comment on the quality of the stock, although there was evidently a pleasing variety of books on display. Despite finding the books slightly overpriced for my budget & the steep stairs vaguely treacherous I still managed to find & purchase an SF book I wanted & presently left the shop in sanguine spirits.  zeitgeist45 15.08.15
In common with others I found the stairs a killer! That said a fine selection of books both downstairs, where modern fiction was relatively limited and upstairs where the military stock was superb Sorely tempted by a book on RAF Tempisford but I could not justify the £45 price tag. Otherwise, the biggest stock of Folio Society Books I have ever seen (I have never understood the attraction of these books, let alone their prices!) This is the most traditional of York's secondhand bookshops and well worth a browse. In common with others however, I left empty handed and with sore knees.  Jon Morgan 13.05.17
Nice old shop. Browsers heaven but not a buyers heaven, unfortunately. Left empty-handed. - David  25.05.17 25.05.17
Went back there after a good while. Quite a number of items on the floor. Did find a nice version of £6.  Chris K 19.04.18
A very good shop, particularly for older fiction. Up those terrifying stairs is a whole wall of Folio Society books, enough to stock a chain of libraries!   Laurence Purcell 27.08.21
One of the better bookshops in York. Good stock but at York prices. Did not find anything this time, but would call again if in the area.  Steve Newman 08.09.21
Agree with the last comment. No bargains to be had here but stock varied and well displayed. Always included in my annual tour of York's bookshops.  Wessexman 01.10.21

Gallery 6/SCARBOROUGH/6 Victoria Road  
Gallery 6  Phone before travelling
6 Victoria Road    SCARBOROUGH  YO11 1SD
tel:  01723 381677  e-mail  
Open:  Wednesday Fiday and Saturday 11.00 - 4.00 but check Facebook to confirm
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Was called The Bookshelf. Art gallery with small stock of books on the arts, mainly fine art, local history, poetry and some fiction. Payment by cash only.

Scruffy stock in a scruffy shop  Bookworm 13.04.10
Very helpful proprietor, who was most apologetic about the general state of the bookshops in Scarborough, but sadly the stock reflected the disappointing nature of all the bookshops in the town. I'm afraid I won't be making a special trip to that part of Yorkshire again in a hurry - very sad!  Nicholas Pendower 27.04.10
Small stock but excellent for art/design, literature and history. Not in the slightest a scruffy shop.  Frogstopper 02.08.10

Grimoire Bookshop/YORK/7 High Petergate
The Grimoire Bookshop  Phone before travelling
7 High Petergate   YORK   YO1 7EN
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00
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Spotted this new secondhand bookshop in York recently. Two rooms of general stock, well laid out and lit, nicely selected. The owner told me she plans to expand upstairs when time permits. Can't quite recall the opening hours, but I think 10-5 seven days a week. Haven't found any web presence or phone number though.  Mark V 07.03.15
Popped in today after Mark V's notes. Very pleasant owner and nice atmosphere. Opening hours are indeed as you say, she isn't on the web yet and neither is there a phone number for the shop yet, but it will come.  Anthony 17.03.15
This new shop made my visit to York worthwhile. I casually asked if a certain subject was available and, while I browsed the shelves, the lady owner was searching all over the place. When I had finished looking at her stock (soon to be doubled in size as she settles in) came the announcement that a title had been found. It was so rare I nearly bit her hand off to claim it. I will most certainly return.  Chris Harte 23.03.15
Dropped in today to find the shop has extended and has an upstairs room now too. Doubled my browsing time - some excellent titles and keen prices too, well worth seeking out.  Anthony 15.03.16
Tried to visit twice last week just before noon, but each time found the shop closed. Why are secondhand booksellers such unreliable timekeepers?  Steve Higgins 12.02.18
Fascinating selection of books, could have spent hours in here! There are also some lovely pictures & prints. Good prices too.  Ollie 26.04.19
CLOSED said a notice on the door when I called at 12.30pm on a Thursday. PLEASE CALL AGAIN it continued without giving any indication of when the shop might be open. I didn't.  Laurence Purcell 22.09.19
Called at 11am, closed until 1230 today said the notice on the door. I had better things to do in York than wait around until 1230 so left. Seems to be a reoccurring theme with this shop.  Steve Newman 08.09.21

Grosmont Bookshop/GROSMONT/Co-Op Building
Grosmont Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Co-Op Building  Front Street   GROSMONT   YO22 5QE
tel: 01947895170  e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days April to October 10 - 5.30, see website for November - March
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Specialising in railway titles, bus and tram books, local maps, guides and local history, nationwaide walking guides, military books, plus general fiction, history, biographies, childrens, etc etc. Open whenever the North Yorkshire Moors Railway is running trains, plus other days, see website for opening times and book lists.

Visited a number of times, a huge amount of railway/transport books, and a good selection of other books too. Very friendly owners make this well worth a visit, particularly if the railway is running.  Jakob Pieterson 17.05.12
Awesome selection of railway titles, but some general stock for the non-railway enthusiast. But this is a railway bookshop to all intents and purposes. Friendly, knowledgeable owner. Prices very keen and a good selection of books for £1 when I visited! Great for foreign railway books too - I cleaned up on US rail-road books! Highly recommended.  Lionel Wall 29.07.13
It mostly sells railway books, some new and most second-hand. It is a good place to have a rummage and the prices are very reasonable. It's a shop that I would return to.  SteveBrissle 04.08.14
George the genial proprietor will either land me in penury or the divorce court. Great selection, prices very reasonable. For industrial or transport history, well worth a visit. Also good prices paid when he is buying.  Anthony 05.02.15
Right opposite the North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway station and its car park, this medium sized, upstairs shop inevitably is heavily into railway books. While I’m not heavily into railway books there was more than enough other stock to keep me interested and I came away with a nice, old, cheap book which made the stopover at Grosmont station and its café as part of a trip on the steam railway worthwhile.  Jeremy Briggs 19.06.17
My first visit this week to this shop. Was mightily impressed by the huge range of transport titles, all categorised sensibly. I could easily have spent much more than I did, but our time was limited by the 30 minute car parking (right outside the door). Pleasant and helpful owner too.  Wessexman 04.10.21

Grove Rare Books/SKIPTON/The Old Post Office
Grove Rare Books  Open at advertised times
The Old Post Office  Bolton Abbey   SKIPTON   BD23 6EX
tel: 01756 710717  e-mail  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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A country bookshop in an 18th Century building the on Duke of Devonshire's Yorkshire estate, within the Yorkshire Dales National Park. A wide range of books, but particularly, Yorkshire topography, angling and field sports, art and architecture, British topography, and natural history. Also antiquarian maps and prints.

This bookshop just oozes class and quality. It is one of the finest of its genre and MUST be visited by any serious collector. Both the owner and his son were knowledgable and very pleasant men. The Yorkshire holdings were top of the range as were the field sports section. There were other groupings none of which were anything but worthy of perusal.  Chris Harte 26.10.09
A superb bookshop, but not the place to buy a cheap paperback! Quality second hand books on a wide range of topics. On entering the shop you are instantly made welcome, and under no pressure to buy ... and what a beautiful building and setting.  Nigel Baker 10.06.17

Janette Ray /YORK/8 Bootham  
Janette Ray   Phone before travelling
8 Bootham    YORK  YO30 7BL
tel:  01904 623088, mob 07803941307  e-mail   web
Open:  We are open by chance, appointment or for special events.
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Specialist in high quality books on architecture, gardens, art and design subjects, also photography. Catalogues issued.

An Impressive range of architecture books - particularly strong on postwar modern. The prices are at the high end, as one would expect of a specialist, but the quality is consistently high.  George Marshall 04.02.10
A superb selection of architectural titles. It is an education to browse these shelves. Charming proprietor.  Simon Jarvis 01.10.10
Don't go here unless you can afford to - you will buy, you can't resist. Excellent selection.  Neil McAllister 10.08.13
JR is the publicity person for the York Book Fair.  Chris K 08.10.13
Back again at York. Had a good look round in the shop and bought a nice older item about Kent, for £25.  Chris K 29.09.17
Changed opening hours. Sign on door reads: "We are open by chance, appointment or for special events," but adds, "We are often here."  Mark V 21.01.19

John Atkinson Fine _ Rare Books/HARROGATE/5 Montpellier Mews
John Atkinson Fine & Rare Books  Open at advertised times
5 Montpellier Mews   HARROGATE   HG1 2TQ
tel: 07540 279897  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday & Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10.00 - 4.30.
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100 Rare Books spanning modern fiction, crime, sport and art.

This is nothing like a traditional secondhand bookshop. A very small stock of high quality items, beautifully laid out. Mainly modern 1st editions, many signed. Prices are high, but not unduly so for the quality and condition of the available titles. However,the sports titles did seem excessive. Cricket titles,for example, were significantly higher than the two leading dealers. Although I bought nothing, it was a real pleasure to visit and will return. The owner was very pleasant and helpful.  CGB 07.09.21

Ken Spelman Books Ltd /YORK/70 Micklegate  
Ken Spelman Books Ltd   Open at advertised times
70 Micklegate    YORK  YO1 6LF
tel:  01904 624414. mob 07960 350909  e-mail   web  
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00
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Books on the fine arts, architecture, garden design, literature, history, science & technology, philosophy & very many other areas. In addition to our rare and antiquarian books, we also have a rapidly changing stock of over 40,000 scholarly and interesting books on all subjects. We also hold regular art exhibitions and have a permanent gallery space.

Freezing day and a coal fire burning downstairs, a browser's paradise!  Andy Overton 
The best bookshop I?ve visited in York ? excellent stock, accurately priced  Geoff Hatherick 22.07.08
Generally good stock (although not as good as several years ago). Prices ok. If you want to sell books forget it - you are likely to get a supercilious reaction 'oh we're not interested' even when you have rung before and been told they will buy!  John Williamson 04.03.09
A significantly higher quality of stock than when I visited a few years ago, and the arrival of new material has certainly increased with lots to look at. Prices are very competitive, and checking up on a few items on-line on my return home I found them to be consistently lower than for poorer copies listed elsewhere. The chatty staff were very helpful - this shop deserves to survive and I look forward to my next trip up Micklegate.  Harry Peterson 30.09.10
Agree last comment much improved stock and (importantly) more sensible prices than a few years back. Definitely the best shop in York now with good proprietor and some fine biographies and politics books for me.  Norman Davies 09.02.11
Visited in the spring of 2012 and this is a lovely book shop with clean and well organised stock, however, I could not find a single military/WWII/Royal Navy book to purchase so left empty-handed. Shame as pricing was reasonable.  Laurence Batchelor 08.01.14
Not been since I lived in York in 1997-98. Some of the stock still the same from then, but pleased to find some affordable rarities, even a signed first edition for a fiver and very helpful staff.  Anthony 10.03.14
Went back today, warm welcome and three good purchases. Flying visit of 10 minutes but will return again soon.  Anthony 05.02.15
Excellent shop, physically interesting with very good stock at reasonable prices. Had quite a lot of remainders particularly on Art which are very easy to buy and which you might not see elsewhere.  popsikov 02.04.15
Owned for many years by Messrs. Fothergill and Miller, the latter having now retired. The interesting rack of cheap books outside retired with him, which is a shame. Within, all is unchanged for the most part. That is to say, a very good range of stock in history, modern literature and philosophy, plus some remaindered stock at the front. Idiosyncratic features, such as the open fire in the Winter, and the incomparable Suzi at all seasons, are unchanged too. Something of a price revolution recently (compare Minster Gates), with a not-dissimilar effect in certain parts of the shop.  The Bookman 16.07.16
Hadn't been here for years but shop still very good. Good selection and prices reasonable.  David 25.05.17
Back there after a while. Managed to buy 3 items - cost me £31.49.  Chris K 19.04.18
As good as ever, though the gallery seems to have been abandoned for the time being at least. There are always good things to be found in this agreeably old-fashioned shop.  Laurence Purcell 27.08.21
Good stock and at more reasonable prices than bookshops in other, more touristy, areas of York. Helpful staff too. Recommended.  Steve Newman 08.09.21
Always a pleasure browsing the interesting stock at this shop. Some rearrangement of the shelves has taken place since my last visit. This has resulted from the closure of the upstairs area as a result of Covid restrictions, which may only be a temporary arrangement.  Wessexman 01.10.21

Lucius Books/YORK/144 Micklegate
Lucius Books  Open at advertised times
144 Micklegate   YORK   YO1 6JX
tel: 01904 640111  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 11.00 - 4.00.
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Rare and collectable; modern first editions, particularly crime and detective fiction; children's and illustrated books. Original art including illustrations; rock and pop memorabilia. Prices from £10. Members of the Antiquarian Booksellers' Association, International League of Antiquarian Booksellers and Provincial Book Fairs Association.

Has now moved to 144 Micklegate, York, 5 mins from railway station.  Mark V 21.01.19
Very upmarket, too much so for a simple chap like me.  Laurence Purcell 27.08.21
Agree with the last comment. Staff polite but the shop does what it says on the tin. £10+ so at least you are warned before you venture inside!  Steve Newman 08.09.21
Yes, very expensive, but the books are often really rare and in beautiful condition. It's a shop for collectors who want to treat themselves.  Sue Sims 20.09.21

Market Vaults/SCARBOROUGH/St Helen_s Square
Market Vaults  Open at advertised times
St Helen's Square   SCARBOROUGH   YO11 1EU
Open:  Monday -Saturday 8.00 - 5.00.
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At no.15, are Ramrod Antiques who have several shelves of books related to shooting, gaming, and fishing. Many of the other vendors there carry some books or ephemera as well.  John Eggeling 
Ramrod Antiques have moved out but might still be worth checking out.  TBG 26.11.17

Minster Gate Bookshop/YORK/8 Minster Gates
Minster Gate Bookshop  Open at advertised times
8 Minster Gates   YORK   YO1 7HL
tel: 01904 621812  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30, Sunday 11.00 -12.30 & 1.30 -5.00.
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Books on art and architecture, philosophy, theology, music, travel, history, local guidebooks, from leather binding to paperback. Old prints, maps and engravings are also stocked.

Well worth a visit with an extensive and wide-ranging stock of beautifully presented books.  Andy Overton 
Not as good (as Spelman) but plenty to look through and worth a visit.  Geoff Hatherick 22.07.08
One of the most picturesque and elegant bookshops in Britain in a tall townhouse overshadowed by York Minster. A wide range of subjects (reasonable prices including good quality remainders) in tiny rooms off a winding stair.  George Marshall 04.02.10
Well worth a visit, the shop itself a superb house. Remainders and s/h but decent quality and prices.  Norman Davies 09.02.11
Steep stairs to the basement remainders and the 2 storeys above, but well carpeted and with a good handrail. (Unlike another shop in York.) Treated myself to 3 large art and architecture items. Could have bought more - these were fairly priced heavyweights.  Chris K 18.06.12
Visited in the spring of 2012 this is a lovely bookshop in a lovely setting. The sales assistant was very helpful and looked after my wet umbrella downstairs whilst I browsed upstairs. A good selection of military WWII books and reasonable prices. I left with 2 or 3. Like with most of York's second-hand book shops you'll need to park elsewhere and walk to this little gem.  Laurence Batchelor 08.01.14
Super bookshop, makes York worth a detour.  PaulP 08.07.14
Not been in for years, pleased to see a decent selection and good prices. Fell up the stairs though!  Anthony 30.08.14
It was more the quality of the 'remainders' than anything else which caught my eye. The general stock was reasonable enough but it was the newer material which got purchased.  Chris Harte 23.03.15
A very well-stocked shop, very clean and tidy. Usually superintended by one of three charming assistants. The basement has remainders, but is ever so-slightly damp. The ground floor features smart paperbacks, which have always at fancy prices, uncommon hardbacks, which are well-worth a careful kook, and an interesting range of drawings in the back room. The first floor features natural science, philosophy, politics and theology (is the common factor the right use of imagination?), and the top floor has Lit and History (even more imagination, and rather less imagination?), plus some Latin and Greek distributed about the staircases. There has been a marked increase in pricing levels, and I have noticed that the stock has tended to 'stick' much longer than it used to do Caveat emptor (et vendor).  The Bookman 16.07.16
Had a good look round in all the rooms and only found a nice Yorkshire item for £3.99. Hope to be back next year.  Chris K 29.09.17
Three floors and well worth extensive browsing. Some beautifully presented collector books downstairs. Nicely laid out throughout. I thought the prices were very decent. Came away with two volumes and happy with an hour spent very agreeably.  Ian Ellis 13.11.17
Mix of solid roast beef of above average calibre, condition, and prices along with plenty of remainders - priced for tourists. Well categorised and worth a look but do not expect bargains.  Steven 18.05.18
As good a shop as Ken Spelman's and the remainders do not seem to get in the way. It's easy to miss things with all those stairs so be alert!  Laurence Purcell 27.08.21
One of the more expensive York bookshops, plus the place is full of expensive remaindered books too. You may find a gem but rest assured it will not come cheaply!  Steve Newman 08.09.21
A bit pricey yes, but as well stocked as ever. This shop in the very centre of the tourist area of the city consists of multiple small rooms connected by narrow corridors and stairs, and can be a bit of a squeeze at busy times such as this morning. Currently mask-wearing is a prerequisite of entry.  Wessexman 01.10.21

Mrs Lofthouse_s Secondhand Book Emporium/SCARBOROUGH/2 Queen Street
Mrs Lofthouse's Secondhand Book Emporium  Open at advertised times
2 Queen Street   SCARBOROUGH   YO11 1SH
tel: 01723 506057 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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Large general secondhand stock.

A big shop near the main pedestrian shopping area and close to Doodles. The back is a bit of a warren of shelves and alcoves with books everywhere, but it gives the impression that what you are after will probably be just round the next corner.  Jeremy Briggs 
What can one say of a bookshop owner who tells a teenage customer that she's never heard of Ann Radcliffe but have a look in horror?? -  Geoff Hatherick 22.07.08
If I was looking for Ann Radcliffe's Gothic fiction, Horror is one of the places I'd look!  Gareth James 12.09.08
Not really that big and what I was after definitely was not around the next corner.  Nicholas Pendower 27.04.10
A really nice shop with a nice maze of bookshelves and lots of stock. The owner is incredibly friendly and welcoming.  Jakob Pieterson 07.07.11
I visited this shop yesterday and was impressed. The stock was in the right sections, good condition and fair prices. 50p discount on a £2.50 book can't be bad.Also try the bookstall in the Market, books from only 25p each. All sales go to the Air Ambulance Service.  Malcolm Dallison 23.03.15
An "old fashioned" shop with shelving in all directions off into the back of the shop. Books were in categories but not sorted within that, so its down to the customer to rummage through, really. Unfortunately the biogs were near the front with a lot of bags of unsorted books on the floor in front, so getting to some shelves was impossible without moving a lot. Chap behind desk to be fair looked like he didn't quite have the energy to get those bags sorted ... but was friendly and pleasant. Nothing for me this time but my wife found a couple of things and all books I had a look at were quite cheap while still in good condition.  Flip M 04.07.17

Oxfam Books and Music/SKIPTON/20 High Street
Oxfam Books and Music  Open at advertised times
20 High Street   SKIPTON   BD23 1JZ
tel: 07519 787529  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00, Sunday 11.30 - 4.30.
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A bountiful selection of fiction and non-fiction titles to whet the appetite of all readers. Find us across the road from Skipton's Town Hall on the High Street.

A reasonably wide ranging selection of non-fiction stock. Some really niche railway items among the coffee table type titles. Usual Oxfam prices but the shop was busy during my visit. Not to be confused with the general Oxfam in the town centre, this is located at the north end of the High Street/market area almost at the top roundabout.  Graeme Rendall 11.07.19

Oxfam Books and Records/HARROGATE/43 Oxford Street
Oxfam Books and Records  Phone before travelling
43 Oxford Street   HARROGATE   HG1 1PW
tel: 01423 506262  web 
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Just down the hill from Betty's Tearooms, from the street and on the ground floor this is a normal Oxfam shop, but go up the stairs and you are into the Oxfam Books and Records shop. Split over two rooms with the smaller room having music, videos, postcards and even some cigarette cards, the main room has a good selection of well laid out books. The book stock is perhaps slightly more upmarket than the Harrogate BHF charity book shop.  Jeremy Briggs. 05.11.07
Just a note to say this has moved a hundred yards from a general Oxfam to a proper bookshop in Oxford Street.  PaulP 08.10.13
This was one of the worst Oxfam Bookshops I have visited. The stock was pure tat. Waste of my shoe leather.  Chris Harte 03.09.19
I would not be quite as critical as Chris above. From my point of view there were a few interesting titles, plus music, ephemera, postcards and stamps. By no means the worst Oxfam Books I have visited.  Wessexman 05.10.21

Oxfam Bookshop/YORK/46 Micklegate
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
46 Micklegate   YORK   YO1 6LF
tel: 01904 652140  web 
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Definitely a superior Oxfam bookshop spread over two adjoining shops and just a few doors down from the venerable Spelman's.  George Marshall 01.04.09
I walked in, I looked at the prices, I walked out.  The Wanderer. 18.08.09
Like all Oxfams seemingly overpriced. However an excellent selection in many areas and I did obtain a couple of decent finds.  Norman Davies 09.02.11
Never know what to expect, some very high priced material, but a couple of bargains which came home with me. Always worth a look in, clean and well organised.  Anthony 10.03.14
Good selection again today, but nothing grabbed me that I don't already own. Always worth a browse though.  Anthony 05.02.15
A hop skip and jump across the Ouse and up a slight hill is this larger than average Oxfam shop which is clean and bright with a really good range of subject areas. Prices were reasonable with the exception of the stock deemed 'collectable' (Why and by whom?). Like Anthony though, nothing grabbed me either. Maybe, as my children frequently accuse, I have 'too many' books! (No not even close!)  Jon Morgan 13.05.17
Back there again - but could not find anything to add. Still worth trying this from time to time.  Chris K 19.04.18
In my experience the better of the two Oxfam Bookshops in York.  Laurence Purcell 27.08.21
More reasonably priced than the Oxfam in Low Petergate, and a good selection of stock, well laid out. Helpful staff too.  Steve Newman 08.09.21
Agree that this is the best of the York Oxfam shops, though it has shrunk slightly in size since my last visit. Found a couple of well-priced maps today.  Wessexman 01.10.21

Oxfam Bookshop/YORK/69 Low Petergate
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
69 Low Petergate   YORK   YO1 7HY
tel: 01904 652749  web 
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Like all Oxfams overpriced but worth a look with a seeming fast changing stock.  Norman Davies 09.02.11
Never found anything here. Staff seem to be general volunteers, pleasant but not particularly knowledgeable about books. If busy, give this a miss in favour of the city's real bookshops.  Mark 08.06.12
Found more to buy here than Spelman's down the road! Left with some volumes on Churchill at very reasonable prices. Staff are volunteers but its worth a visit as there is a good selection of books on pretty much all subjects.  Laurence Batchelor 08.01.14
Bit of a mixed bag, never know what you will find, but three bound half volumes of DK Clark's "The Steam Engine" for £15 - the three just had to come home with me.  Anthony 10.03.14
Once again some gems yesterday - don't forget to look on the recent arrival shelves - all my purchases were made from there!  Anthony 30.08.14
Not too much to make the heart flutter. As mentioned the best section was 'New Acquisitions.'  Chris Harte 23.03.15
Used to be a favourite but in recent months the music has become very loud and unsuitable for book browsing. Ironic that Oxfam Micklegate has a far bigger music section but plays soothing background music.  Monty 22.10.15
Well stocked in most areas with traditional Oxfam fare . Good range and reasonable prices in a fair sized shop. I did not find piped music intrusive, so maybe they have taken the hint! I did not buy anything here but it was not for want of stock!  Jon Morgan 13.05.17
A bit better than the the standard run of Oxfams though I usually do better in the Micklegate branch. I see that some Oxfam shops have begun the comical practice of sorting "antiquarian" books (i.e. ones from before 1960) by the colour of their covers. I expect that this is useful for collectors of (say) light red or dark brown literature.  Laurence Purcell 27.08.21
One of the better Oxfam's but prices at the higher end of the Oxfam range. Slap bang in the middle of the main tourist drag, so not surprising really I guess. The Oxfam in Micklegate, York is far better value.   Steve Newman 08.09.21

Oxfam Shop/RICHMOND/16/18 Finkle Street
Oxfam Shop  Phone before travelling
16/18 Finkle Street   RICHMOND   DL10 4QB
tel: 01748 850 643  web 
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This is a very nice Oxfam shop, the manager has a real flair for shop layout. The pleasant book room at the back always seems to have some good things in it, priced very reasonably with a good turn over. makes this lovely town well worth turning off the A1 for!  PaulP 10.09.14
Really good little bookroom at the back of the shop, nice selection and well presented with prices to like. A great find  Anthony 06.09.21

Pages Book Shop/SETTLE/Bishopdale Court
Pages Book Shop  Phone before travelling
Bishopdale Court   SETTLE   BD24 9EB
tel: 07748 126202 
Open:  Tuesday - Thursday 11.00 - 4.30 and Friday morning.
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Specialises in buying and selling good quality secondhand Books.

Two rooms of general stock, particularly good on Penguins, crime fiction, literature, and history.  Mark 29.07.14
Now closed Friday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays, with a note on the door apologising for not always being open as advertised. Probably best to ring first if travelling.  Mark V 15.06.15
Small but packed with good titles. A little gem.  Roger G 15.01.18
Definitely don't travel without checking - twice within a year I've tried to visit on a Thursday, only to find the shop locked and a post-it on the door. Can't comment on their merits as a bookshop since I've yet to make it through the door!  Kaye 24.03.19
Definitely a good selection of Penguins and healthy stocks of non-fiction too. Small but interesting stock, was open on a wet Tuesday afternoon. Down an alleyway but visible from the main street.  Graeme Rendall 13.06.19

Pitch 22 /YORK/Records Books Art  22 Fishergate  
Pitch 22   Open at advertised times
Records Books Art  22 Fishergate    YORK  YO10 4AB
tel:  07896 713988  e-mail   web
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 12.00 - 6.00. Currently closed on the second Friday and Saturday of the month.
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A small shop with an ever-changing stock. An eclectic mix of records of all genres, and a wide selection of books, ephemera and art.

Robin Hood_s Bay Bookshop/ROBIN HOOD_S BAY/1 Chapel Street
Robin Hood's Bay Bookshop  Phone before travelling
1 Chapel Street   ROBIN HOOD'S BAY   YO22 4SQ
tel: 07811 455247  e-mail 
Open:  7 days 11.00 - 4.00 from Easter to October, otherwise weekends only.
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We buy and sell good quality second hand books, and particularly those by Leo Walmsley.

There may still be a couple of other places selling secondhand books during the summer - current status unknown.  TBG 26.04.11
This is a nice little shop, a good range of holiday reading, plenty of books on other subjects, good prices, older books a tad expensive. The dinosaur shop further down also sells paperbacks ... Not often you can write THAT in the BSG!  Anon 01.10.15
Closed at 11.20 on an August Wednesday. Wasted visit. Supposedly open at this time of year.  Keith 30.08.18

Taikoo Books Ltd/YORK/46 Bootham
Taikoo Books Ltd  Open at advertised times
46 Bootham   YORK   YO30 7BZ
tel: 01904 641213 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 5.30.
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Fine antiquarian and scholarly out-of-print stock on Africa and the Orient, especially Middle East and Central Asia.

Treasure _ Relish/HARROGATE/10 Studley Road
Treasure & Relish  Appointment necessary
10 Studley Road   HARROGATE   HG1 5JU
tel: 01423 531 773  e-mail  web 
Open:  By appointment only.
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New & Secondhand Books - A lot of Arts related. Also, prints & pictures. Order online from our site.

York Modern Books/STOCKTON-ON-THE-FOREST/The Bull Centre
York Modern Books  Open at advertised times
tel: 01904400331  e-mail 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Modern first editions; illustrated books, private press, 20th British art and history. Book Room open to the public, but ring first to save disappointment.

Yorkshire Quality Paperbacks/PICKERING/1 Park Street
Yorkshire Quality Paperbacks  Open at advertised times
1 Park Street   PICKERING   YO18 7AJ
Open:  7 days a week 10.00 - 5.00.
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Mainly paperback fiction, some children's, some hardback. Reasonable prices.  Tom O'Reilly 27.09.08
Visited in September, 2013 - huge selection of fiction paperbooks, and a brilliant deal on boxes of hardback fiction. Very pleasant, helpful staff.  Pat 02.11.13
Excellent and well ordered fiction. Super shop. Reasonable prices. Very helpful staff. The owner went to his stock upstairs to find titles I was seeking.  Peter Smith 18.09.14
Quite a small place opposite the terminus for East Yorkshire Railway in a pleasant building with much potential, The stock was quite limited with sometimes and occasional hardbacks. With a clearout and judicious use of space available this could be a goldmine. Staff VVV friendly. Prices good.  Jon Morgan 03.07.15