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1b Books/NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE/1a _ 1b Bolingbroke Street, Heaton
1b Books  Open at advertised times
1a & 1b Bolingbroke Street, Heaton  NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE  NE6 5PH
tel:  0191 230 3038 
Open: Tuesday - Saturday, 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 4.00
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Independent bookshop, opened in December 2023. New and second-hand books.

Supposedly has a fairly extensive second-hand section. Rather surprisingly, especially as it is an area of the city that is home to many students, the shop does not yet seem to have any presence whatsoever on social media.  Booker T 31.03.24

A Little Bookshop/WASHINGTON/23-24 Inshops
A Little Bookshop  Open at advertised times
23-24 Inshops  The Galleries   WASHINGTON   NE38 7RT
tel: 07539 949862  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30.
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A range of new and used fiction and a small selection of non-fiction. We offer a book ordering and finding service.

A shop that is a bit grubby looking and over priced, staff very surly and miserable.  M Mouse 08.05.12

Books For Amnesty/NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE/92 Westgate Road
Books For Amnesty  Open at advertised times
92 Westgate Road   NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE   NE1 4AE
tel: 0191 2220920  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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A small to medium sized shop close to the mainline railway station, very tidy and well laid out. Probably leaning more to non-fiction books than fiction, it also has a small children's section which, when I was there at least, was a true elephants' graveyard of Blue Peter titles - annuals, paperbacks and small hardbacks. I have never seen so many Blue Peter books in one shop before.  Jeremy Briggs 
Good varied stock, prices seem to be creeping up so turnover doesn't seem as good as when first opened.  PaulP 02.08.11
"Large stock of donated books with plenty of volunteer staff. However all books over £10 in value are unavailable as they are upstairs and on-line. This is unfair to the customers and loses money for Amnesty.  Mary C 23.08.11
See review from their Bristol shop. Here too the best books must be downstairs, as there's now little of interest to browse. Lots of more expensive academic titles are now online with both Abe and Amazon, I think. Last time I visited in October I managed to spend a whole £2. Won't go into the current unhappiness of UK Amnesty staff over their re-organisation.  Chris K 30.11.12
Back again on 28 January. Couldn't find anything to buy. There are currently 7,495 items on Amazon (a few may be dvds and cds) and only 823 on Abe Books. Been on Abe since 2011; has a mere 2/5 rating.  Chris K 30.01.16
Donated some more older p/back fiction items from my deceased brother's collection. Managed to find a good ex-Northumberland Council Library item about 'Fife - The Buildings of Scotland' for just £4.  Chris K 09.09.16
Nice little bookshop, close to the railway station and well worth a look! Lots of older literature and non fiction, including collectibles; not many modern academic titles. Had one or two gems here.  Meg 08.04.17
Back on Monday the 17th PM. Bought a good £4 item about Paris.  Chris K 22.07.17
On first glance, it is a tiny shop however it is home to a surprising amount and range of non-fiction. Some gems to be found although after a few visits I realised that the stock didn't appear to change too much. Only a few minutes walk from the Central Station and the nearby Settle Down Cafe is definitely worth a visit!  Graeme Rendall 11.11.18
Not a bad little shop, but little of interest for me. Well organised and some quality stock in a nice accessible area. Prices average for the chain.  Jonathan Morgan 31.07.19

Bransdown Books/TYNEMOUTH/Tynemouth Market
Bransdown Books  Open at advertised times
Tynemouth Market  Platform 2   TYNEMOUTH   NE30 4RE
tel: 07956 608599  e-mail  web 
Open:  Saturday & Sunday 9.30 - 3.30.
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Specialists in collectable 20th century children's books, but with a reasonable general stock alongside, both fiction and non-fiction. Also have private premises open by appointment only.

Better general stock though and the owner Jennifer Copping's father was in charge on Saturday 12 July. Managed to find a good value book about the architecture of London's railway stations. I'll certainly try and visit there more often. One of the wall's now has a large attractive Penguin painting  Chris K 18.07.14
Moved from Green Ginger Shopping Arcade to Tynemouth Market.  TBG 18.12.14

Gosforth Book Shop/NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE/(St Oswald_s Hospice)
Gosforth Book Shop  Open at advertised times
(St Oswald's Hospice)  161-163 High Street  Gosforth   NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE   NE3 1HE
tel: 0191 284 7298  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00.
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Charity bookshop selling donated books.

Went back there while in the town. Sorry but my both times not very good. Don't think I'll bother there again.  Chris K 28.11.17
A charity bookshop but a cut above the norm with a good general stock, not huge and with the usual donated mass market fiction. Parking on street nearby and other charity shops in the area.  Jonathan Morgan 31.07.19

Keel Row Books/WHITLEY BAY/93-97 Park View
Keel Row Books      Open at advertised times
93-97 Park View   WHITLEY BAY  NE26 3RJ
tel:  0191 296 0664  e-mail   web   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Rare & second-hand books, maps, ephemera & photographs bought & sold. Established 1981. Tyneside's longest running rare & secondhand bookshop. Member of the ABA, ILAB and PBFA. Beautiful new premises in Whitley Bay crammed with 40,000 books on every conceivable subject. Parking easy

I counted six rooms but they also use the hallways and parts of the stairs, but no matter what the room count is the shop is big, relatively easy to park at, friendly (being more than happy to pull books from the window display for me to look at) and well worth the visit. The upstairs hall was being used for piles of books and boxes of comics and magazines when I was there but the shop is tidy and well laid out.  Jeremy Briggs 
Taken over by a new owner but the standard of books is still as good as always. Never leave Newcastle without a visit.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
Good range of stock, very helpful staff.  Paul Simpson 28.07.09
They now have a really splendid selection of Australian town and regional histories some of which are difficult to get even in Australia.  Chris Harte 12.09.09
Like other big book shops in area (Alnwick & Carlisle) prices are generally too high, this one is not easy to get to or park by, there are some quality books here but if only there were the odd bargain it would be worth a visit.  PaulP 02.08.11
The owner is very unpleasant indeed and I will not be recommending him to anyone and shall tell people of his impoliteness.  E 19.04.12
The owner is very pleasant indeed and I will be recommending him to anyone and will always tell people of his politeness. He does have a low tolerance for pillocks, mind.  Steve Liddle 23.04.13
Still the best s/h bookshop between Alnwick and York, I think. Went there on a fairly sunny PM. Plenty of stock to browse but some areas are too dark. Needs better lighting installed in the rooms with no windows. Bought 3 good books though.  Chris K 16.10.13
Excellemt bookshop well worth a visit. Fair/reasonable prices.  Dickl 05.11.15
Enjoyed a recent impromptu visit here with friends. Proprietor seemed pleasant & we were all pleased to find a decent selection of cheap but quality used stock & in my preferred area of science fiction. Made several purchases & would gladly visit to browse again.  Darania45 24.09.16
What a great shop. Broad range of stock, most subjects covered. The place has real character with helpful staff. The general readers stock is fairly priced and the collectible books don't seem unreasonable.  Andy 20.11.17
Completely transformed from the 1990s era shop that I still fondly remember. No tottering piles of paperbacks threatening to engulf you last you foolishly try to extract one to look at. Keel Row is a clean, tidy and welcoming establishment with room after room of neatly stacked, well organised titles, most if not all in very good condition. Prices are very reasonable and there are even bargains to be had if one looks hard enough. Parking is a problem, however, there is a free car park about five minutes walk away towards the town centre. Definitely worth a visit if you are in the area.  Graeme Rendall 11.11.18
Probably one of the best bookshops I have ever been in. Better than any in London or Hay or Cambridge with a welcoming genre of staff who was most helpful. I fell instantly in love with this shop and want to have its babies. light. bright, clean and organised in a characterful end of terrace house. Room after room of books, the shelves are floor to ceiling and the ceilings are very high indeed. stop ladders are liberally scattered throughout I picked up two Terry Pratchett HB 1st Edns I have been seeking as well as other books. All at reasonable prices. There are controlled parking zones all around,. but there is parking available on the forecourt and outside the shop. It is such a pity this is so far from Cambridge but I will visit as often as I am able. A model for other bookshops to follow.  Jonathan Morgan 31.07.19
This excellent shop seems to have survived the late panics and terrors in good shape though heaven knows how it prospers in a town like North Shields. You'll need to spend a bit of time here; there's a lot of stock and some of the categories (particularly fiction) seem to be arranged in rather an inscrutable way. There's a very big crime fiction section though (alas!) most of its occupants are paperbacks; many of the hardbacks are (alas and eheu!) mixed up with these. Though it looks out of the way on a map, the shop is only about five minutes' walk away from the North Shields Metro station.  Laurence Purcell 10.12.21
Just visited Keel Row in their new premises in Whitley Bay and it’s a huge improvement on their old North Shields site. It is much roomier and everything is easier to find (you are not tripping up over piles of books on the floor any more). They are also still maintaining their excellent quality of stock and at very reasonable prices too. This is undoubtably the best bookshop in the north-east and I would put it in my top-ten for the country. Well worth the effort of making a special trip to visit. If you do go, remember that they have a second floor - the stairs to it are not immediately obvious.   Neil Rennoldson 19.08.23

Olivers Bookshop/WHITLEY BAY/48a Whitley Road
Olivers Bookshop  Open at advertised times
48a Whitley Road   WHITLEY BAY   NE26 2NF
tel: 0191 2513552 
Open:  Monday & Thursday - Saturday 11.00 - 4.00.
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General secondhand books.

Easy to park at and only a short walk from the main shopping area of Whitley Bay, this bright, friendly, medium sized shop has a remarkable amount of books for it size. Many are in piles rather than on the shelves leaving you wary of removing any but the topmost ones, but it can be worth the risk as it has turned up a few surprises in its time. It has had some comics and magazines in the past and has a good comics related section.  Jeremy Briggs 
This shop really is a treasure trove with an owner who is one of the most helpful and co-operative I have met. There are titles ranging from the very rare to good Victoriana. Allow at least three hours for a detailed browse through the selection on offer.  Chris Harte 12.09.09
In an area which has some massive second hand bookshops this shop shows that smaller is often much better, it's far easier to buy from and far nicer to visit.  PaulP 05.11.11
There are a lot of charity shops in better sites in the centre of this town. However the calibre of their books combined doesn't get anywhere near Olivers' stock. Just a shame that the owner couldn't/wouldn't afford larger premises so that you can easily view everything of interest. Shelves still doubled and high neat piles in front of them. He also attends the Tynemouth fairs but has next to nothing online - not a fan of computers, packing nor posting.  Chris K 13.04.13

Oxfam Bookshop/NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE/57 St George_s Terrace
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
57 St George's Terrace  Jesmond   NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE   NE2 2SX
tel: 0191 2818383  web 
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Opposite Tesco Metro store. Paid my first visit today. More impressive than the Newcastle City Centre Hood Street shop. Larger and better stocked, with good history section. Fair number of coffee table and academic titles too. Expensive hammered metal finish dark brown shelving. [The shop was previously an off-licence.] Nearest Metro train station is West Jesmond  Chris K 19.08.10
Not easy to park by but an elegant and well laid out shop, usual oxfam prices. If only Oxfam would realise that they would make a lot more money for their charity if they charged charity shop prices!  PaulP 02.08.11
Thank you Paul P for the wonderful comments about our shop. We are a relatively new shop and are always keen to hear feedback. Oxfam do feel that we have a duty to our donors to achieve the best price we can for our books whilst also giving good value for money. Everything we make goes a long way - supporting Oxfam's work worldwide to end poverty and inequality.  Katie Liddle, Jesmond Oxfam Bookshop 17.11.11
Went back to check whether I'd been unfair to this shop .. I have, most of the books are priced very reasonably and they have a lot of interesting nearly new books, also nice places for coffee nearby.  PaulP 06.03.13
Popped in there today, fairly large selection of books available, good selection too. Like the fact that that have a classic authors section. Will definitely be going back.  Michael 05.04.14
Back here on a nice sunny day - 7th March. Found an even better hardback version when I already had the p/b. Cost me £19.99 though. Nice chat with the middle-aged lady. Still the best charity bookshop in the Newcastle area.  Chris K. 10.03.17
Not open on Monday the 17th PM. Shame.  Chris K 22.07.17
Back again on Friday the 24th of November. Did give some well sorted s/h non-fiction items to them. And found a nice book for me at just £2.49.  Chris K 28.11.17
Remains the best of the charity book shops on Tyneside. Typical Oxfam prices but decent selection of subjects and titles . Always seem to find something here that I'm prepared to buy. Some of the better newly donated titles appear to be put on a shelf at front of shop before being sorted properly. Always worth a return visit each month.  Graeme Rendall 09.08.18
Bought one book here. Nowhere near as good as the Durham Oxfam with lots of wasted space and not a hugely varied or interesting stock. Bog standard Oxfam bookshop really. Parking is not problem outside.  Jonathan Morgan 31.07.19

Oxfam Shop/NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE/99 Percy Street
Oxfam Shop  Phone before travelling
99 Percy Street   NEWCASTLE-UPON-TYNE   NE1 7RT
tel: 0191 2220358  web 
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We stock a large range of fashionable clothing, accessories and a popular selection of books, DVDs.

About half of the kind of stock which was at the former Hood Street is now installed in this general charity shop. Has been there for about 2 weeks, I was told. Books, CDs and DVDs. Not a bad selection - bought 2 cheap books and a map today. The building is not that wonderful. A single storey flat-roofed affair, which needs some re-painting. Worth a visit - on the corner of Percy St and St Thomas's St; opposite the main bus station and the west side of Marks & Spencer. Nearer Newcastle University which could boost sales.  Chris K 09.02.14
It has now been repainted outside in a very light grey colour. Moderately good book stock to browse; as usual.  Chris K 14.06.14
Nice selection of books but they need to check DVDs before sale. Both box sets I bought had 2 discs missing! Unacceptable.  Meg 05.11.15
Did manage to find a good art book for only £2.49. The amount of books is somewhat less than it started with, but at least the bookshelves are now better sorted than more recently.  Chris K 09.09.16
Now this area has 53 bits in the large glass cases for more expensive items. So the normal non-fiction ones seem less than they used to have. However, I bought 2 good, fairly cheap books: only cost me £6.48.  Chris K 10.06.17
Back in here on the 16th of February. Bought a nice item for only £0.99. The number of bits of the special items is much less than it used to be. Also, the other non-fiction items are much less too - need to be added. Still a good number of fiction p-b ones though.  Chris K 22.02.18
Not an Oxfam bookshop per se but more like one long shelf of fiction and four much smaller and lower shelves of non-fiction, together with a glass case of "collectables" at the rear of an Oxfam shop. Well sorted out but completely average stock with big gaps on the shelves in places, never seem to find anything worth pulling my wallet out for. The Jesmond Oxfam bookshop is far better and worth the two-stop journey from the nearby Haymarket Metro station.  Graeme Rendall 09.08.18

Renwick_s Reading Room/GATESHEAD/Gibside
Renwick's Reading Room  Open at advertised times
Gibside  Rowlands Gill   GATESHEAD   NE16 6BG
Open:  Daily 11.00 - 4.00.
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Fundraising bookroom selling donated books at National Trust property.

Nice way to end a woodland walk on the estate, in the courtyard of the Stable block along with a small cafe, not bad charity shop stock, suggested donation 50p a book, very nice little room complete with comfy sofa.  PaulP 11.04.16

Salvation Army Charity Shop/WHITLEY BAY/243 Whitley Road
Salvation Army Charity Shop  Open at advertised times
243 Whitley Road   WHITLEY BAY   NE26 2SY
tel: 01912 530849  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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The whole first floor of this charity shop is given over to secondhand books.  Graeme Rendall 13.11.18
Second time in here but both the quality and quantity of books appears to have reduced. Not as good as the St Oswald's Hospice Bookshop in the town and really not worth the effort.  Graeme Rendall 09.04.19

Wayne the Book Guy/NORTH SHIELDS/24 Prudhoe Street
Wayne the Book Guy  Open at advertised times
24 Prudhoe Street   NORTH SHIELDS   NE29 6QX
tel: 07760 251278  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00.
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Second hand, loved books and collectables. Both fiction and non fiction. All genres and tastes. Now moved to the Wilbury Inn Cafe. Enjoy a cuppa with your book!

Whitley Bay Books _ Bridal/WHITLEYBAY/(St Oswald_s Hospice)37-39 Park View
Whitley Bay Books & Bridal  Open at advertised times
(St Oswald's Hospice)  37-39 Park View    WHITLEY BAY  NE26 2TP
tel:  0191 251 3528    web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.30
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Charity Bookshop selling donated books and now also bridal wear.

Small but very reasonably priced collection of charity-shop level books, with equal sized non-fiction and paperback fiction sections. Better than the Salvation Army shop down the road but still probably only worth a look if you're in the vicinity. Only five minutes' walk from Whitley Bay Metro Station.  Graeme Rendall 09.04.19