Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in the UK and Republic of Ireland

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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Armitt Museum and Library Book Shop/AMBLESIDE/Rydal Road
Armitt Museum and Library Book Shop  Open at advertised times
Rydal Road  (Opposite main carpark)   AMBLESIDE   LA22 9BL
tel: 01539 431212  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Mainly Lake district and related writers/artists but some general titles. About 800 or so secondhand new books in their shop which has free entry.

Great that Ambleside has at least one small shop. Books look as if they've been donated by Armitt friends so possibly some odd and interesting finds, priced OK about a 10min browse.  PaulP 12.02.14
My discription and comments are well out of date. It is now a good general mainly non-fiction shop specialising in Lakeland and mountaineering books. (A lot more than 800 books now, by the way). Some interesting and well chosen books, reasonably priced, WWAD if you are visiting the Lakes. Entrance to the shop is free but the Armitt always has interesting exhibitions to see.'  Paulp 22.07.17

Avril_s books at Farfield/SEDBERGH/Farfield Mill
Avril's books at Farfield  Appointment necessary
Farfield Mill  Garsdale Road   SEDBERGH   LA10 5LW
tel: 07967 638503  e-mail 
Open:  By appointment
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Specialist stock of Craft, Textile, Needlework, Fine & Applied Arts subjects.

Patch and Fettle has now closed. Avril's Books at Farfield Mill (outside town) have some of the stock, especially crafts related.  Andi Chapple 21.08.19
The unit at the mill that housed these books no longer does. The mill itself has a small second-hand book room upstairs of general stock, mostly modern paperbacks.   Mark V 15.03.23

Barry McKay Rare Books  /APPLEBY-IN-WESTMORLAND/Kingstone House  Battlebarrow  
Barry McKay Rare Books    Phone before travelling
Kingstone House  Battlebarrow    APPLEBY-IN-WESTMORLAND  CA16 6XT
tel:  017683 52282 mob: 079767 19188  e-mail   web  
Open:  Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 5.00 or by appointment
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5000 books mainly on the Arts & History of the Book; and a good stock of Antiquarian Books including many Provincial Printings. Saturday Afternoons are a bit iffy and a definite no-no on international rugby afternoons, so please phone first.

This is a fantastic bookshop if you're interested in the above subjects. I've never seen so many 'books about books' . In a private house down hill from W-exit off A66; look for square arch. On the whole reasonably priced, VERY friendly owner. WWAD  PaulP 21.08.15

Beckside Books/PENRITH/31 St Andrews View
Beckside Books     Open at advertised times
31 St Andrews View    PENRITH  CA11 7YF
tel:  01768 895951  e-mail   web  
Open:  Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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Approx 14,000 of general stock over 2 floors overlooking the church grounds. Browsers welcome. Occasional informal events - see Facebook link for more information

Between the rear of the shopping arcade and the church in the centre of the pretty market town of Penrith, Beckside Books has one room downstairs and several upstairs which combine into a bright, well laid out small to medium sized bookshop with a friendly owner. The stairway and the different styles of bookcases, particularly upstairs, lend individuality to the rooms and they have an interesting general selection of titles. Worth stopping off at if you are on the Lake District section of the M6.  Jeremy Briggs 07.07.08
Really good shop, always call in every year. very friendly and good stock.  Mike 22.10.12
A neat and tidy shop on two floors. The upstairs contained a quality section of children's books, many of which took me back to my early days. The owner was a lady experienced in the trade and she found titles for me which I purchased on the spot. Well worthy of a visit.  Chris Harte 30.11.12
This lady wraps your purchase in paper like a little parcel, just like a 'proper bookshop' - fabulous service!  Paperbutterfly 06.03.13
One of the nicest shops I have ever found, well arranged, very reasonable prices, and a very pleasant and knowledgeable owner.  The Wanderer 22.03.14
Lovely shop, full of well chosen books at good prices and a bookshop cafe next door ... What better.  PaulP 01.04.14
After a long but fairly fruitless day, during which I'd almost given up hope of buying anything, I discovered the oasis that is Beckside Books. This delightful shop, which proves that you don't have to be big to be beautiful, contains an interesting, well laid-out and sensibly priced stock on two floors. The proprietor was knowledgeable and extremely helpful, and I came away with quite a haul, which cheered me up no end. If you are visiting Penrith don't miss this little gem, which is tucked away behind the parish church.  Nicholas Pendower 18.07.14
Has it really been six years since I first visited and reviewed Beckside Books? There is always a friendly welcome backed up with very reasonable prices each time that I am in and while my collecting interests have changed over the years this shop still has the breadth of stock to make me detour off the M6.  Jeremy Briggs 27.10.14
Love it! We never leave empty handed, so many interesting books to browse through. Fabulous service, gem of a store.  burzena62 24.11.14
Barely a minute's walk from the memorial in the centre of the town (up the alley at the corner of Barclays), this little gem spread over two floors is just as good (and better) than many more much larger establishments I could name. Prices were extremely reasonable and I could have spent a whole lot more time and cash if available!  Graeme Rendall 10.07.15
Excellent selection in a charming church square. Good range of interesting titles and excellent prices. It is part of a town 'shop trail' of local produce and goods which reminds us just how much we've lost with the growth out-of-town shopping factories. Long may this shop live.  Steven Kelly 26.01.16
New owner,but still an interesting stock.  Tom Lawson 04.03.16
Very well laid out shop. Good stock, good prices, lovely location. WWAD.  David 01.10.18

Book Lounge/KIRKBYLONSDALE/41 Main Street
The Book Lounge   Open at advertised times
41 Main Street    KIRKBY LONSDALE  LA6 2AH
tel:  015242 72319    web   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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The Book Lounge is a secondhand bookshop where you can relax with a coffee or tea and a piece of homemade cake, and take your time choosing your books.

Small - about fifteen bookcases - and mostly modern paperbacks or children's. Also book-related gifts eg jigsaws. Settee area for cakes and hot drinks.  Mark V 18.07.19

Bookcase/CARLISLE/17-19 Castle Street
Bookcase  Open at advertised times
17-19 Castle Street   CARLISLE   CA3 8SY
tel: 01228 544560  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Large general stock and specifically books on Cumbria, literature and natural history. Probably the largest bookstore in the north, with over 30 rooms, 4 floors and 300,000 books in store.

A big shop spread throughout a large old building a few minutes walk from Carlisle city centre, towards the castle. From the science fiction & fantasy on the second floor to the children's section in the basement, this Victorian(?) building displays so much of its character that there are times when you actually forget about the books as you walk around, marvelling at their various staircases or stepping into the strong room in the depths of the basement. Yet don't let the building distract you from the book selection which is no let down either as it has very good coverage of most subjects.  Jeremy Briggs 
Finding this bookshop alone made the journey from East Anglia worthwhile. Fair prices with a quantity discount offered. A colossal, well organised stock. The hours just slipped past in this treasure trove of a bookshop.  Stuart Tucker 02.12.08
When I was young I was told that if I was good I would go to heaven. Now I'm old if I promise to try to be good can I go to Bookcase? This shop is the ultimate of its kind. How many books? 100,000? More? Certainly not less. All categories and tastes are catered for here. Young but knowledgable, understanding, polite and helpful staff. It is heaven. I know it is.  Chris Harte 15.02.10
Fantastic shop to browse in but weird prices make it hard to buy from.  PaulP 10.06.10
Chris Harte is right: this is Heaven. When money and time allows, I often make the trip from Edinburgh to Carlisle just to visit this shop. It's a fantatsic place to wander around with the books neatly displayed and easy to find. Also a good range of CDs. You will need a good few hours to do it justice. Only complaint is that it's a little pricey. Also check out a shop selling new books just along the street. Its owned by the same people and has many tempting remainders.  Ken Bogle 23.06.11
Spent many a happy half day here sheltering from the rain! Fantastic place to browse, well organised and although my wallet tells me they are a little on the pricey side I always come away with a box full.  Norman Davies 30.07.11
You need at least half a day to do this shop justice. Paradoxically I found little that I didn't already have. The staff are friendly, knowledgable and found things very quickly. There is a room for rarer, more valuable books. It is good to see a bookshop that is expanding when so many are closing.  CB 10.08.13
This is one of the best secondhand bookshops I have ever visited in this country and I have visited a great many over the years. It has an enormous stock and I came away with plenty in my field of history, politics, etc, but there's much else besides. I gathered from the owner that he intends to open a café in the building, which will make things even better. If you love books and you are anywhere in the north-west, go visit it.  Geoffrey Warner 21.11.13
Can only agree it is a paradise of books... But I'm conflicted - i really want to recommend it but prices range from ok-ish expensive (such as paperback novels) to ludicrous - common books two sometimes three times what I have paid elsewhere. But if there is something you really really want there is a good chance they'll have it.  Yossarian 04.12.13
It is easy to see why some buyers would love this outwardly impressive shop, as there are lots and lots of books spread throughout a large number of rooms, and I'm sure, going by previous reviews, that it is ticking the right boxes for many of its customers. However, the specific topics in which I'm interested were represented by a fairly bland, boring and over-priced selection (the sort of stuff that in many places appears on the bargain shelves), giving every indication that the interesting items had either long gone or were being hived off elsewhere (an all too frequent occurrence in these days of internet selling). Of course, this may not be the case with every subject, but despite the sheer volume of material I left without opening my wallet.
For those who collect CDs it is worth noting that there is an enormous selection here, but my children tell me that everyone wants vinyl these days.
  Nicholas Pendower 18.07.14
Revisited. Still one of the biggest and best: I found stock in general had changed so WWAD. Bought pile of politics/general. Note expanding in May to include the new/remainder Bookcase shop from up the road + new cafe.  Norman Davies 29.04.16
Enjoyed a flying visit with two friends recently. Shop is certainly large enough to lose yourself in with four floors & over 100k books. I felt my SF specialism was equally underwhelming & overpriced but I still diligently made four purchases & the new rear café is rather nice.  Darania 27.08.16
Back at Carlisle after nearly 5 years. Found the large shop not quite as good as it used to be. Poor small room, on the 1st floor, for British travel items - very messy. Did buy another good Middleton Press railway item from the Transport room; for £10.  Chris K 25.05.17
This shop has a very extensive stock, ranging from its basement full of sheet music to its top floor full of theology, and in between most other subjects you could wish to find. The prices for items about Cumbria and related areas are exactly what any experienced browser would anticipate: you don't go to Carlisle in order to buy books about the Lake District unless you have a very friendly bank manager. The prices elsewhere tend to be high, as others before me have observed - increasingly of late. The point to make, perhaps, is that if this system works it makes available an excellent range and variety of books. But one does recognize a fair number of old friends on the shelves (last there 2013), so one does wonder about whether a lower average price might not do the trick more effectively. Of one thing there can be no doubt, however, and that's the quality of the tea room. First rate!  The Bookman 06.07.17
The cafe is wonderful - accessed down an alleyway at the side of the building or through the bookshop itself. If the weather is good then sit in the garden and contemplate your purchases - it would be hard not to come away with anything from here. Lots of time needed to peruse the four floors of books - plus a memory good enough to remember which rooms you've already looked through and a sat nav to find the exit! Prices are fair but not excessive. Room of new books next to the cafe. Plenty of fellow customers on a summer Saturday, those I spoke to had similar glowing comments about Bookcase. Came out with a small stack and could have bought more. A return visit is planned soon!  Graeme Rendall 09.08.18
Visited again yesterday after several years and it is definitely on the up with a smart basement cafe and incorporating new books in an attached shop. I have some sympathy with price criticisms (i.e. two vg copies of a h/b at £10 each, and then found another at £14) but it's the "luck of the draw". Recommended.  S+S 09.08.18
Why haven't I been to Carlisle and found this shop years ago - Chris Harte is quite right! The only problem is that one spends a lot of one's first visit working out what's where! Some prices a bit on the high side, perhaps. The cafe looked good but was standing room only when we visited. Certainly WAD!  Henry Middleton 15.10.18

Bookshop/KIRKBY STEPHEN/22 Market Street
The Bookshop  Open at advertised times
22 Market Street   KIRKBY STEPHEN   CA17 4QT
tel: 017683 71804  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 1.00 & 2.00 - 5.00.
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A small bookshop established in 1980 with an eclectic stock of new, secondhand and antiquarian books, maps and documents. Local maps and guides. Book finding service and mail order.

Nice little shop, couldn't find many second hand or any antiquarian books though.  PaulP 05.11.11
Sign in window said it was open on Mondays 10-1 and 2-4. But not open on Monday 21 March at 11 or 12. As previously noted, looks (from the outside) to be new books only.  Mark V 23.03.16
Very few second-hand books: small case in doorway at £1 each, a shelf or two inside, not full. This is mainly a small independent bookshop selling new stock.   Mark V 02.08.23

Clutterbooks/SEDBERGH/77 Main Street
Clutterbooks  Open at advertised times
77 Main Street   SEDBERGH   LA10 5AB
tel: 015396 21730 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Community Charity Shop selling donated books, music, games, puzzles and collectables.

Charity community bookshop in what used to be The Bookshop. One room of general stock, and a separate children's corner. Across the road Clutter also has a small stock of books.  Mark V 24.03.16
Mostly paperbacks. Not much for collector here.  Stive 08.04.24

Daisyroots Books Ltd /GRANGE-OVER-SANDS/Main Street  
Daisyroots Books Ltd   Open at advertised times
Main Street    GRANGE-OVER-SANDS  LA11 6DP
tel:  015395 38817  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.
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Extensive stock of collectable and contemporary titles in sought-after subjects. Over 20,000 books on two floors. Famous for fiction. Friendly, independent family business established in 1994. Book searches undertaken. Free roadside parking opposite. Town centre car park within 5 minutes walk. UK Enterprise Award for the Best Secondhand Bookshop in NW England.

Prices to make the eyes water.  Gareth James 03.07.13
I have to agree with the previous reviewer, within a couple of minutes it was obvious that the " good" stuff was way pricey. A brief look at the modern firsts clarified this and common titles in questionable condition were top-end fine/fine internet prices.  The Travelling Bookdealer 24.08.13
I visited this shop last about 15 years ago, I think. I don't recall prices being particularly high then, but in my specialist area at least (SF and fantasy), I can now only describe them as astonishing: though there were some lower priced paperbacks, many were twice or even three times typical eBay prices (disclosure: I've sold many of them online, regularly) for books that are still relatively common. NWAD, in my opinion. I have seen much lower prices even in London, just last month.

One positive note: they have very recently moved to new premises next door to the old shop (which still has the old signage). Much more spacious, with plenty of natural light.
  Justin M 20.08.23
The new premises seems to hold four times as much stock as the old one and there is plenty of light and space to browse. Prices are very much hit and miss but for the books I was interested in were not outrageous. Visited with a friend whose haul ran unto three figures and was much chagrined that the one book I selected was thrown in for free. I love it when that happens.   Stive 08.04.24

Dave_s Books/KENDAL/Sleddall Hall Antiques Centre
Dave's Books  Open at advertised times
Sleddall Hall Antiques Centre  Wildman Street   KENDAL   LA9 6EN
tel: 07831151848  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00.
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1000's of books at discount prices, many at just £1. New & antiquarian, all subjects covered.

Down the hill from the main shopping streets and across the river, Sledall Hall Antiques Centre is a grand name for an slightly tatty old building with an eclectic and seemingly disorganised assortment of antiques, collectables and bric-a-brac packed into it. However one of the upstairs rooms is Dave's Books with a decent selection of mainly older fiction and non-fiction titles, the vast majority of which are priced at £1. Some are worth less than £1 but the challenge is to find ones the that are worth more that you would want to buy.  Jeremy Briggs 07.07.08
Badly flooded recently, just hope owners can keep going. Books upstairs so mainly ok but of course boxes etc from downstairs floods blocking many bookcases. Jumble of books, but I found 3 surprising decent priced items so worth a look if passing.  Norman Davies 29.04.16
Sleddall Hall Antiques Centre is a Antique shop with a number of crowded rooms, up the narrow stairway at the rear of the shop is a book room with books displayed on shelves and in box's. Found a number of O/S maps, but nothing of interest in the books.  Booksellerbull 14.10.22

Eden Valley Hospice Bookshop/BRAMPTON/2 Market Place
Eden Valley Hospice Bookshop  Open at advertised times
2 Market Place   BRAMPTON   CA8 1NW
tel: 016977 42022 
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Small, neatly arranged, mainly paperbacks, reasonably priced.  Paulp 02.11.13
This little offshoot of its big brother in Carlisle is well worth a call if you're passing by Brampton on the A69 (although be warned it's a devil of a place to park). Stock is exchanged regularly with the Carlisle shop, and there's always something interested at a sensible price. Eden Valley Hospice is an excellent model of how things should be run, and we drop in most months on our way from Galloway to Northumberland.  Brian Cox 18.03.15

Eden Valley Hospice Shop/CARLISLE/79 Lowther Street
Eden Valley Hospice Shop  Open at advertised times
79 Lowther Street   CARLISLE   CA3 8EF
tel: 01228 595881  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Found in a rush, between a 45 minute train connection, so no time to note further details I'm afraid. However, a good selection of books reasonably priced. I picked up a couple of Observer books for a fraction of the price that 'The Bookcase' just up the road were charging.  Steve Newman 16.08.11
Spread over two floors this is one of the largest charity shops I have seen. Fiction downstairs with non-fiction on the first floor. Good holdings of Biggles books for some reason. Little in the way of old titles. Worth a visit.  Chris Harte 18.06.12
Very reasonable prices, some bargains! I don't expect to get a mint First Edition New Naturalist for £1 every time I go, but I will definitely be back!  Steven Kelly 02.07.14
Since the last time I was in Carlisle this has moved from the two storey shop at one entrance to the Lanes Shopping Centre to a big bright single storey shop at the next entrance along. It had a very reasonably priced selection of general books with friendly staff when I was there and was still bigger than the Oxfam Bookshop around the corner.  Jeremy Briggs 27.10.14
Alas this is now a standard charity shop with one room of books, mostly fiction certainly not worth a detour.  John Collins 29.05.15
Sadly agree last post - charity shop standard selection now in one room bookshop. Not worth a special trip but call in after visiting the superb Bookcase!  Norman Davies 29.04.16
Still worth a quick look in after visiting the nearby Bookcase. One large room and friendly volunteers, plenty of customers when I visited. I still managed to find a title which was beyond the usual charity shop fare here so was happy.  Graeme Rendall 09.08.18

Eden Valley Hospice/PENRITH/15 Devonshire Street
Eden Valley Hospice  Open at advertised times
15 Devonshire Street   PENRITH   CA11 7SR
tel: 01768 428713  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Similar stock to shops in Carlisle and Brampton and on a similar scale. Large book room on the upper floor of Penrith charity shop.

Greenlane Archaeology/ULVERSTON/Lower Brook Street
Greenlane Archaeology  Phone before travelling
Lower Brook Street  ULVERSTON  LA12 7EE
tel:  01229 588500  e-mail   web  
Open: Thursday 10.00 - 4.00
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Archaeology and history second-hand bookshop; open Thursdays only.

Greenlane provides professional archaeological and historical research services, and the bookshop is a side project, hence the one-day-a-week opening. On my only visit, a few years ago, I was impressed by the range available in the shop's two core subjects (there's next to nothing on anything other than these), with perhaps 4,000 second-hand books for sale. Prices are very competitive. It sells a handful of new books, for example publications by local history groups. The shop was extended and reorganised in 2023; it now also sells architectural salvage and antiques. It is advisable to ring first before visiting as the team is small and Thursday opening depends on the availability of staff.  Booker T 25.03.24

Hidden Treasures/APPLEBY-IN-WESTMORLAND/21 Boroughgate (HSBC Bank Yard)
Hidden Treasures  Phone before travelling
21 Boroughgate (HSBC Bank Yard)   APPLEBY-IN-WESTMORLAND   CA16 6XF
tel: 07958 183 901 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00 (summer).
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Collectables and books on most subjects.

Pretty low key but has more books in it than some small bookshops.  PaulP 04.04.14
The clue is in the name. Treasures very well hidden as couldn't find any. Just a few shelves of roast beef.  David 01.10.18

Kendal and District Lions Club Bookshop/KENDAL/No 18, Top Floor, Westmorland Shopping Centre, Stricklandgate
Kendal and District Lions Club Bookshop  Open at advertised times
No 18, Top Floor, Westmorland Shopping Centre, Stricklandgate  KENDAL  LA9 4LR
tel:  0345 833 9536  e-mail  
Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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Charity bookshop in spacious room in shopping centre, with wide variety of donated stock.

Kerr and Son Booksellers/GRANGE-OVER-SANDS/Gatehouse Book Shop
Kerr and Son Booksellers  Open at advertised times
Gatehouse Book Shop  The Square  Cartmel   GRANGE-OVER-SANDS   LA11 6PX
tel: 015395 36247  e-mail 
Open:  Friday & Saturday 1.30 - 4.30, Winter Saturday only. (The Priory Barn in Priest Lane is also open but by prior appointment only).
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A wide ranging general stock of some 10,000 volumes with specialisms in transport & engineering, railways, maritime, Lake District, and rare and collectable books on most subjects. Booksearch and valuations undertaken.

Keswick Bookshop/KESWICK/4 Station Street
Keswick Bookshop     Phone before travelling
4 Station Street    KESWICK  CA12 5HT
tel:  017687 75535  e-mail
Open:  Easter till the end of October, Monday - Saturday 12.30 - 5.00, closed Wednesday. Winter open Saturdays only.
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General stock and mountaineering.

Interesting, well presented, a civilised bolt hole for the book enthusiast in the tourist trap of Keswick. Helpful, knowledgeable person in charge; superb local collection, variable prices. Appears to be owned by same as excellent Carlisle shop.  Norman Davies 30.07.11
Must ring before visiting if travelling a long distance as very often closed.  Karen 23.08.11
Pleasant upstairs room, high holiday maker prices make it difficult to buy from, odd opening times, Collectibles Antiques round the corner has good selection of books and there is a good Oxfam at the bottom of the main street.  PaulP 30.03.12
A book haven amongst the tourist shops! A varied stock including prints and ephemera with a very helpful person in charge when I visited. Not to be missed if you are in Keswick.  Henry Middleton 05.10.12
Visited a couple of times in the last year, most recently yesterday. Pleasant general selection and very good prices in my area of interest. A haven indeed as Henry says.  Anthony 10.08.15
Keen on local interest books and maps but enough general stock to keep the general reader interested.  Steven 26.01.16
Revisited - still very well worth a visit, civilised and decent stock. Some eye watering prices though so more for the real collector although some cheaper general titles.  Norman Davies 29.04.16
In agreement with much of what has been said before. Stock is of above average calibre and condition and prices variable although bargains are to be found. I would head to the Oxfam shop for my general holiday reading books.  Steven 01.02.18
A very pleasant visit today, first for a couple of years. Good selection and decent prices even for collectables in my areas of interest. Good to hear they have had a good season, one to seek out and support!  Anthony 30.08.19
I turned up on the doorstep at a time advertised as open online. Shut! In the window is a venerable plaque. A painted wooden mechanical thingy with a sliding multi-option table of opening hours adjustable to suit the owners whim. Only visible for those who - er! turn up on doorstep. Having travelled a long way I left to spend money in Oxfam books. Yes, Yes I hear you cry, try the telling bone. Previous visits suggest this shop, first of all, er, MAY be open, and secondly may have some good stuff.   SaltaireTom 29.04.23

Keswick Collectables/KESWICK/18 St Johns Street
Keswick Collectables  Open at advertised times
18 St Johns Street   KESWICK   CA12 5AS
tel: 01768 774928 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 12.00 -5.00.
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Antiques and Collectables. Records, Books, Stamps, Etc

Reasonable sized stock on range of subjects, fiction and non-fiction, hardback and paperback, within an antiques shop. Visited occasionally over past few years, always come away with a few nice books.  Don't Know 19.03.13
An annual visit for me, some excellent bargains amongst the general stock and very genial proprietors. Combined with other sellers in the town, a good way to while away a morning whilst the family go walking!  Anthony 29.08.14
Perhaps the stored stock of books is thinning, but not as much as on last year's visit and I came away empty handed. Still worth a look though!  Anthony 10.08.15
Must have changed contents - couldn't find any other than a few antiques centre type books. A haven for LP record collectors though.  Norman Davies 29.04.16
I would not class this as bookshop, it's really just a cross between an antique and record shop.  MartinR 24.03.19
Visited for first time in a few years, must agree with Norman and Martin now, NWAD  Anthony 30.08.19

Kirkland Books/KENDAL/The Antiques Emporium
Kirkland Books  Open at advertised times
The Antiques Emporium  Unit 8  Dockray Hall Mill   KENDAL   LA9 4RU
tel: 0800 8806248  e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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Specialising in the history and topography of Cumberland and Westmorland, Alfred Wainwright, Arthur Ransome, mountaineering and railways, plus a general stock. Collectable books over 3 floors with nearby parking. Fine condition collectable books bought for excellent prices, especially within our specialisms.

A small shop, but exceptionally well presented and all collectable high quality stock, with perhaps and even better website.  Mike Baum 30.10.10
No sign of books over three floors. One room, and I did ask about reserve stock,but good quality and a good web site.  Corso 22.03.14
Entry moved to this address in 2015.  TBG 18.11.15
Visited new shop - actually a small Unit within an antique centre in an industrial area with extremely difficult parking! Outstanding for Wainwright, Ransome, Lake District, top end excellent collectables with prices to match. Worth a look in those subjects but beware mad white van drivers in the area!  Norman Davies 29.04.16

Lakes Crafts and Antiques Gallery/GRASMERE/3 Oakbank
The Lakes Crafts and Antiques Gallery  Open at advertised times
3 Oakbank   GRASMERE   LA22 9TA
tel: 015394 35057 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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About a thousand books on Cumbria, mountaineering, transport, plus a good general selection.

At the North end of Grasmere ... It's small but perfectly formed, good selection, good condition,good prices. The bookshop on the corner further up the road has one shelf of secondhands! And Dove Cottage shop has a small s/h selection.  PaulP 05.04.12
Only recently found this. An absolute must for collectors of good quality if a little pricey railway and Lake District books. Limited other stock.  Norman Davies 12.07.12
This very creditable selection of second hand books is very easy to miss in the Grasmere Tourist circuit. Its well camouflaged at the back of The Lakes & Crafts Antiques Gallery - confusingly one of several similar sounding businesses in the village. Take your navigation point from the CO-OP and you'll find it next door. The bookshelves are at the very back of the otherwise standard touristy stuff. A very good selection of mostly Lakeland history, travel, natural history, climbing, walking & mountain interest. Some polar too. A small general section, and not much of the paperback fiction at all. Keenly priced for the tourist trade but I like a challenge!   SaltaireTom 29.04.23

Michael Moon_s Bookshop/WHITEHAVEN/19 Lowther Street
Michael Moon's Bookshop   Open at advertised times
19 Lowther Street    WHITEHAVEN  CA28 7AL
tel:  01946599010  e-mail   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30, closed Wednesdays out of season (Jan to Easter).
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Very large stock 25000+ volumes price range £1-£1000. Antiquarian and secondhand books on many subjects, specialists + publishers of Cumbrian topography. Finding new homes for old books since 1970. Books purchased for cash almost every day.

Well worth a visit. A large shop with rooms opening out of rooms and a very large general stock, and reasonable prices. Worth spending an hour (or two) to browse right through the stock.  Richard 08.07.08
Huge number of books and fascinating warren of individual book rooms. Mainly general stock. Worth the considerable detour (apologies locals!) if you are interested in any of the excellent specialist collections - in particular Cumbria and transport. Worth it to speak to the interesting proprietor!  Norman Davies 30.07.11
Whitehaven is well worth a visit ... and despite a rather 'dead' stock Mr Moons shop adds to the towns many charms.  PaulP 02.08.11
Quite an unexpected gem on the Cumbrian coast. Many rooms full of rare titles with local and regional books being a speciality. In the far back rooms are piles of bound Journals, some being very substantial runs. Allow probably half a day to do the shop justice.  Chris Harte 18.06.12
I have visited twice and it is one of the rare bookshops from which I have not managed to find a book to buy.  Annie 15.06.13
Revisited. Sadly many books the same, but so many and all subjects I still came away with a large bagful: vast quantities of older books. Key on local interest. However my wife did not buy a single item despite a complete search so both Harte and Annie above may be right.  Norman Davies 29.04.16
Plenty of browsers/purchasers on a cold winter's day. My wife marvelled at the number of rooms upstairs (some in darkness, just turn on the lights as instructed by the signs!). Came away happy as I found a couple of titles I had been looking out for. Allocate plenty of time to do the shop justice.  Graeme Rendall 07.12.17
Six years since my last visit and I ended up by having to find space in the back of my car to accommodate all of my purchases. This shop is a treasure trove and I spent five hours going through the stock systematically. It was worth it. Books on every subject imaginable. I am returning when time allows to purchase items left behind. WWAD.  Chris Harte 14.06.18
This is one of my favourite places to go in Whitehaven. Echoing previous comments, there are books on any subject imaginable. Been in 20+ Times in the past few years, and always come out with lots. You could spend a day in this shop and still not have time to see everything.   L 22.06.22

Old School Room Bookshop/SEDBERGH/The Old School
Old School Room Bookshop  Open at advertised times
The Old School  Joss Lane   SEDBERGH   LA10 5AS
tel: 015396 20169  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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A small selection of miscellaneous books, but mainly manufacturers & suppliers of outdoor clothing.

Side-room in an outdoor clothing shop, mostly paperbacks, fairly ordinary.  Mark V 24.03.16

Oxfam Bookshop/CARLISLE/17 Bank Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
17 Bank Street   CARLISLE   CA3 8HG
tel: 01228 523450  web 
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NWAD. In a street with other charity shops but don't bother. Amateur pricing and description notes and a dull, small stock.  Chris K 09.06.12
A typical Oxfam shop with a varied selection of books. A few old local books but many on regional matters especially regarding Hadrian's Wall.  Chris Harte 18.06.12
Small but well stocked Oxfam bookshop. I go to it each time I'm in Carlisle and my hit rate on purchases is about 50% which is good going for any charity bookshop.  Jeremy Briggs 27.10.14
Somewhat better than average Oxfam. Worth a look after visiting Bookcase.  Norman Davies 29.04.16
I agree with Norman Davies' comment. This is a solid Oxfam.  The Bookman 06.07.17

Oxfam Bookshop/KENDAL/46-48 Highgate
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
46-48 Highgate   KENDAL   LA9 4TF
tel: 01539 729695  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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A bright, small to medium sized and well laid out two room corner shop at the southern end of the town's pedestrian zone. There is only so much you can say about most Oxfam shops but this is one had an interesting and fairly diverse stock when I was there.  Jeremy Briggs 07.07.10
An incredibly busy shop and one of many charity outlets selling books in the town, albeit the largest of them all. Plenty of paperbacks and hardback fiction but little else.  Chris Harte 30.11.12
I hate to say this about an Oxfam Shop, but this is well worth a visit. Interesting and reasonably priced stock with very helpful staff.  Nicholas Pendower 18.07.14
Four years after my last review and I still find that this Oxfam is busy and has an interesting selection of books. I was in it the weekend of the Lakes International Comic Art Festival and they had an impressive and well displayed array of comics, graphic novels and children's annuals for sale along with their more usual stock.  Jeremy Briggs 27.10.14
A decent sized Oxfam bookshop branch with three rooms on two levels. Just three steps up to the back rooms I recall. Its located on the main street right next door to the Oxfam general retail branch. A heavy stock emphasis on all things outdoors, travel & climbing. It's Kendal Mountain Book Festival week. I have never seen so many 2nd hand climbing guide books in my life in one place. Lots of mountaineering magazines and a very strong climbing & travel section. They even have a large selection of donated rucksacks on display. One small back room dedicated to biographies. Vinyl & CD's. The coffee shop of choice has to be Farrer's across the road 100 metres uphill.   SaltaireTom 18.11.23

Oxfam shop/KESWICK/1 Museum Square
Oxfam shop  Open at advertised times
1 Museum Square  KESWICK  CA12 5DZ
tel:  017687 74494   e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 4.00
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One of the largest general Oxfam shops in the country, with a shop-sized book department.

This Oxfam general retail branch has over 2000 square feet of selling space - truly the "Oxford Street" branch in the north. Much larger than most and a good proportion is given over to a book showing which is actively managed. Well worth a visit especially for Lake District, history and outdoor/climbing books though every genre is covered. All on one ground floor. The shops space also allows for furniture & large item selling. Antiques & collectables in glass cabinets, vinyl. Overall I'd say one of Oxfam best shops in the north of England for range & quality of stock and a substantial book presence.   SaltaireTom 17.05.23

Roger J Treglown/MILNTHORPE/3 Crow Wood Heversham
Roger J Treglown   Phone before travelling
3 Crow Wood Heversham  MILNTHORPE  LA7 7ER
tel:  015395 62728, mob: 07778 421510  e-mail   web
Open: Monday - Friday 09.30 - 5.30 - ring first
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Antiquarian and rare books, pamphlets and ephemera available to view in a suite of offices.

Sedbergh Information Centre _ Howgills Bookshop/SEDBERGH/72 Main Street  
Sedbergh Information Centre & Howgills Bookshop  Open at advertised times
72 Main Street    SEDBERGH  LA10 5AD
tel:  015396 20125  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturdays 10.00 - 4.00, Sunday 12.00 - 4.00.
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Multi-dealer bookshop renting shelf space to a number of different booksellers. Shares the space with Sedbergh Tourist Information office.

Situated in a lovely stone building, with the tourist information, book related gifts and merchandise in the first room and the books in the two further rooms. With so many book-dealers sharing the premises, it must be worth a visit!  Jude Haslam 
Before the arrival of Westwoods this was the largest bookshop in the village and it is also the tourist information office so it is probably worth making it first stop in any visit to Sedburgh. The shop is really selections of books from various dealers housed under the one roof and as such tends to be a little repetitive as each dealer's books have their own area. This means that there are, for example, children's books stocked in three or four different places. That said it is a nice old building with interesting cubby holes and a pleasant welcome.  Jeremy Briggs 14.08.08
Because of the number of dealers who have stalls the quality varies enormously. Holdings of Cumbrian and regional histories are top of the range whereas other sections are moderate.  Chris Harte 15.02.10
As Chris Harte says variable, but worth a visit as some different and generally cheaper decent books than in the main shops.  Norman Davies 30.07.11
Stock small and somewhat disappointing for a book town. Service was slow as the poor assistant has to write down every purchase longhand in a ledger. Not worth a repeat visit.  Nicholas Pendower 14.08.12
There were a number of empty bays when I visited in late September. I understand that dealers may be closing/relocating. Some good New Naturalist coverage when I visited.  Henry Middleton 05.10.12
Well worth a visit.  Stuart T 27.08.16
Popped in after visiting Westwood books not expecting much but was pleasantly surprised. The staff on the day were volunteers, very enthusiastic but not necessarily well practised in getting hold of the owners of the books. However they perservered happily. Surprised by a couple of unexpected finds although local interest books predominated. A short walk from Westwood books and worth a visit.  Stive 10.10.21

Sleepy Elephant/SEDBERGH/41 Main Street
Sleepy Elephant  Open at advertised times
41 Main Street   SEDBERGH   LA10 5BL
tel: 015396 21770  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 12.00 - 5.00.
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Boots and essential walking gear. Books – specialises in local subjects, Folios, children’s, mountain and walking guides

By far the most fragrant of the Sedburgh bookshops as it sells strongly scented soaps as well as clothes and cards and a small selection of books targeted at a female and family audience.  Jeremy Briggs 14.08.08
Yes certainly one of the few bookshops which definitely does not smell of books! Good selection of childrens books old and recent.  Norman Davies 30.07.11

Summerfield Books/PENRITH/The Old Coach House, Skirsgill Business Park
Summerfield Books   Appointment necessary
The Old Coach House, Skirsgill Business Park  PENRITH  CA11 0DJ
tel:  01768 210793  e-mail
Open: by appointment
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Specialist stock of new and secondhand books on the botanical sciences, forestry and arboriculture, together with some general gardening.

Sutton_s Bookshop/ULVERSTON/48 Market Street
Sutton's Bookshop  Open at advertised times
48 Market Street  ULVERSTON  LA12 7LS
tel:  01229 588858, mob: 07876 626717  e-mail  
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Long-established traditional bookseller, selling new and second-hand books.

An appealingly old-fashioned shop, rather small, but with quite a good second-hand stock. The new books are on the ground floor and the second-hand ones upstairs. The 200-year-old premises are very characterful, with a roaring coal fire in the colder months. It has been a bookshop for as long as I can remember; it was called the "The Bookshop at the Tinners' Rabbit" until Robert Sutton took it over almost 15 years ago. Even in its previous incarnation, it was worth a visit, but he has improved it, with more diverse and higher-quality stock. The shop deserves to be better-known than it is, but the proprietor tends to eschew modern technology (there is no website). Prices are reasonable. Ulverston - on the Furness Peninsula and home to the Laurel & Hardy Museum - is a pleasant little town, but distinctly out-of-the way (unless visiting the even more isolated Barrow-in-Furness, which is currently a book desert).   Booker T 25.03.24

Westwood Books/SEDBERGH/Leisure HouseLong Lane
Westwood Books   Phone before travelling
Leisure House  Long Lane    SEDBERGH  LA10 5AH
tel:  015396 21233  e-mail   web
Open:  7 days 10:30 - 5:30 in Summer. Winter times vary.
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Antiquarian and secondhand books as well as new - over 70,000 books in all, on all subjects on two floors. Parking. coffee machine, sofas, toilet.

A relatively recent addition to Sedburgh this is a large two story shop with a bright and airy feel and easily more books than the rest of the booktown shops put together. Westwood's is the real reason for driving the five miles down the steep and twisty country road from Junction 37 of the M6 to get to Sedburgh. They have a large selection of mainly hardback fiction, even more reference books covering most subjects and a good selection of children's books, both old and modern. In addition their selection of book related cards and wrapping paper is impressive. Westwood books is everything you would want in a bookshop and, since you can park on the road right outside it for free, you won't have far to carry your haul back to your car.  Jeremy Briggs 14.08.08
Spotted this on the way through Sedbergh en route to The Dales. Easy on-road parking outside. An excellent shop: two floors, well laid-out and spacious. Good stock at reasonable prices.  Daedalus 29.07.09
Westwood Books makes a trip to Sedbergh worthwhile.  Hans Loef 04.09.09
A huge building with a very large stock. Antiquarian titles are in an area beside the receptionist. However the vast bulk of books are for the reader and not the collector.  Chris Harte 15.02.10
Wonderful bookshop, well designed and laid out, plenty of variety, warm and friendly with huge collection of books on all subjects. Worth the detour from the Motorways to visit as well as the scenery.  E Newman 12.11.10
A disappointing trip to Sedbergh was avoided through visiting this bookshop. This shop was excellent and reminded me of similar mixed genre shops available in Hay on Wye. The rest of the bookshops (those that were open mid-week,come 1pm anyway) were very small and limited in stock ranges and interest. This bookshop has a nice cafe and a bit further down the road is free car parking. I'd have been very annoyed at paying for parking to visit this "book town"!  Iain Baille 22.11.10
We called into Sedbergh on our way back from Wigtown ("Scotland's National Booktown" no less!) and on a Sunday were delighted to discover this shop open. Big shop, big stock. I picked up a rare Wm Golding in Penguin for £1.50 and we were impressed at the Eng Lit and Arthuriana. As stated above, it is a twisty road from the M6 (and there is no cafe) but it's worth the trip. Congrats Westwood.  S+S 16.04.11
I was a bit disappointed after the rave reviews above. yes it is huge, and (good for them) superbly laid out and books on all subjects. but there was not much specialist and the prices were a little on the expensive side, although again better than last trip. Certainly worth a vist for the generalist.  Norman Davies 30.07.11
Agree with Norman Davies after a disappointing visit. Folio books more expensive than I pay online, coffee £1.50 from a machine, and no books at all in my specialist areas. The only staff member on duty was very helpful.  phrag 25.01.12
A good, big general stock, but rather soulless - it doesn't smell or feel like a bookshop, and the staff were a bit detached. Some lower end common titles a little on the expensive side.  Nicholas Pendower 14.08.12
A large and excellent general bookshop, well worth a detour even if all the other bookshops in Sedbergh close. I located a major find from my own specialist area within seconds of entering the shop. The staff were very friendly.  Henry Middleton 05.10.12
Winter opening times: open every day except Christmas Day, but close earlier in the evening than in summer.  F Marsden 10.12.12
I was a bit disappointed after the rave reviews above. yes it is huge, and well laid out and books on all subjects. But there was not much for the specialist and the prices were a little on the high side, Certainly worth a visit for the generalist.  Corso 22.03.14
Compared to the other BIG shops in the north this is actually reasonably priced and very pleasant to visit.  PaulP 01.04.14
Having given this shop a fairly lukewarm review in 2012, I decided, as I was in the area, to pay it a return visit. While I would like to say that prices were now more reasonable, some of the old stock was still a little on the high side, and so stayed on the shelves. However, on this occasion the proprietor was present, and he was very helpful and interesting to talk to. I was delighted to negotiate a very fair deal on the substantial amount I eventually purchased, and I came away with some quite unusual material. This bookshop now appears to have a greater turnover and stock seems to be changing more frequently, which would lead me to think that my last review is now somewhat unfair, and that this shop is certainly worth a regular visit.  Nicholas Pendower 20.10.14
Easily the best bookshop in Sedbergh as of July 2017; without it Sedbergh wouldn't warrant a visit! Well laid out, a fine mixture of paperbacks, classics, hardbacks, all subjects, and some new but remaindered books. Just about saved my visit! Prices seemed okay - I picked up a hardback biography at £4.00 and later saw it at £8.00 in a more prestigous shop in Carlisle.  Archy 04.07.17
An amazing shop, with a huge variety of stock.   Archive61 04.10.21
This place is excellent. I’ve been twice in recent years and come away with a stash of reasonably priced books in my area of interest. They are fairly priced and seem to have an endless supply of interesting second hand materials. Well worth a trip and a browse!   Johntribe  22.12.23
Large selection of books neatly categorised. WWAD. If you ask nicely, they may Mylar a book or two for you at the till.

Room for three or four cars at the back.
  Stive 08.04.24

Withnail Books /PENRITH/The Brunswick Yard  24 Brunswick Road  
Withnail Books   Open at advertised times
The Brunswick Yard  24 Brunswick Road    PENRITH  CA11 7JU
tel:  07977 830 945  e-mail   web  
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Bookroom within The Brunswick Yard antiques centre. 4000+ volumes of general stock, with a good selection of Cinema/TV, comics/graphic novels, some Cumbrian topography and a shelf of T.E. Lawrence. Opposite Booths, a short distance from the town centre. Free parking for customers in Brunswick Yard itself.

Worth a visit, friendly, knowledgeable owner with reasonable prices. I think that he will be seeking to enlarge his stock from what he says.  CB 10.08.13
A hidden Gem. Good selection, especially if you are into graphic novels, fair prices, and an owner who is clearly interested in the books. I enjoyed my visit and came away with a couple of nice items.  The Wanderer 22.03.14
More general stock than the description and comments above suggest, enjoyable browse, plenty of parking on the other side of the road. Along with Beckside Books this makes Penrith WWAD.  PaulP 29.08.14
A small bookshop in an architectural salvage yard beside Morrisons and opposite Booths supermarkets that looks like nothing from the outside and yet proved to be something of a treasure trove when I was there. They certainly have a lot of graphic novels along with a good cinema and TV section and an interesting selection of old and new military books. The owner was friendly, knew about the books that I purchased, and I ended up coming away with rather more than I expected to. An excellent accompaniment to the long-standing Beckside Books in the same town.  Jeremy Briggs 27.10.14
Lots of interesting stuff - and not just books - makes this well worth stopping at. Prices are good and the titles are in the main not run of the mill fare.  Steven Kelly 26.01.16
Interesting. First park at Morrisons - if you park at Booths beware deadly road crossing! A small shop with a limited but decent range - at first I wasn't convinced but a good browse revealed a few good buys. Chatty knowledgeable owner.  Norman Davies 29.04.16
Interesting selection of titles in good condition. Prices reasonable. WWAD. Easily walkable from Beckside books.  David 01.10.18