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Shudehill Book Centre is no longer a bookshop
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New listing St Ann's Hospice Stockport
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Greenhouse Books has moved from Cheadle to Stockport
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Alexandria Library/MANCHESTER/247 Wilmslow Road
Alexandria Library    Open at advertised times
247 Wilmslow Road    MANCHESTER  M14 5LW
e-mail   web  
Open: Monday - Saturday 12.00 - 8.00
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We have about 5000 new and used books covering a range of genres (both fiction and non-fiction). We have a focus on foreign language books and cultural books (especially Asian and African), and Christian books. We are an independent charity bookshop celebrating the cultural richness of the famous Curry Mile.

Anywhere Out The World/MANCHESTER/70 Tib Street, First Floor
Anywhere Out The World   Open at advertised times
70 Tib Street, First Floor  MANCHESTER  M4 1LG
e-mail   web
Wednesday - Sunday 11.00 - 6.00
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An odd mix of classic literature and eastern philosophy/mysticism. Small selection of books covering shelving on one wall only. Cards accepted.

Book Exchange/STOCKPORT/Unit 20, Stockport Market, Market Place
The Book Exchange  Open at advertised times
Unit 20, Stockport Market, Market Place  STOCKPORT  SK1 1EU
tel:  07973 786683    web
Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday 9.00 - 4.30
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Medium large stall in the market hall in Stockport, probably about the size of a small shop, generally romance and thrillers. New and as-new for half price or less. Also jigsaws. Card and cash accepted.

Children_s Society Bookshop/STOCKPORT/212 Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Moor
The Children's Society Bookshop  Open at advertised times
212 Heaton Moor Road, Heaton Moor  STOCKPORT  SK4 4DU
tel:  0161 432 0595    web
Open: Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 500
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Books and Music shop selling donated items for The Children's Society, a national charity.

Didsbury Village Bookshop/MANCHESTER/(Adjoining Art of Tea Cafe)
Didsbury Village Bookshop  Open at advertised times
(Adjoining Art of Tea Cafe)  47 Barlow Moor Road  Didsbury   MANCHESTER   M20 6TW
tel: 0845 521 3879  e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00. - 10.00.
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Best, quality used-bookshop in Manchester. Surprisingly large, adjoining relaxed cafe. Best in history, fiction, philosophy, art, children's, poetry, languages, music, mysteries. Run by retired poly sci lecturer who loves good talk. Fair prices, few rare books, no junk.

Veni, vidi, nil vendi. I came, I saw, no sale. Sorry but while I liked the shop and the chaos, I was not impressed with the prices. £3.00 for an average paperback is excessive, when most other secondhand bookshops and almost all charity shops sell them for around half that or less. I hope they can survive with the present pricing but sadly I doubt it.  The Wanderer 26.07.13
I disagree with the last comment, I found the prices to be fair and bought 3 books at what was a good price, the owner is very helpful and the carrot cake is super!  Geoff Martin 14.06.14
I agree with the first comment re pricing but must point out this is well worth a visit for the superb cafe and the range and number of books even if you don't come away with a boxfull.  Norman Davies 05.02.15
On the one hand, lots here, from pulp sci-fi to Folios and First Editions. On the other, cluttered and messy, with books strewn on the floor, paperbacks often grubby and over-priced, sometimes twice the price in an average charity shop. Worth a visit, definitely, but those prices may put you off.  Archy 14.07.16
Friendly owner, relaxed atmosphere but I agree that books prices are steep: eg, books worth £8 are £10-12. Came away with one book.  Johanken 26.04.18
Prices are at least double what they should be. Payment is via the cafe so if the owner isn't in, no negotiation possible either.   Stive 05.06.22
Much tidier and more organised than it used to be, with a great selection of secondhand books, though you need to check several sections for Fiction - there are lots of old 'orange' Penguins together, hardbacks together, very old classic fiction in another section near the crime and a rather disappointing SF section. Plus mainstream literary fiction separate too. In all, an old fashioned bookshop where you hunt around and often find a surprise. The prices are a little high though, £4 sometimes for novels that often crop up in charity shops for less. But don't let this put you off; this is a shop we'll worth a visit!   Archy 10.06.22
Another thing to note about this bookshop is that it was owned by a bookseller who died and left it to his children. My understanding is that unless things have changed they were not really interested in running it and would sell off the stock until it had gone, replenishing gaps in the shelves from time to time with whatever books still lay in storage. Visited yesterday and didn't notice any fresh stock since my last visit so there may be little to tempt a repeat visit. The fact that payments are still being taken by the cafe in the front and reports of recent tidiness with piles of books vanishing from the floor tends to suggest that what is you see is all you will get from now on. Prices are still aspirational rather than realistic, so this shop may yet linger for a little while yet.   Stive 04.09.22

E J Morton/MANCHESTER/6 Warburton Street
E J Morton  Open at advertised times
6 Warburton Street   MANCHESTER   M20 6WA
tel: 0161 445 7629 
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This isn't really a second-hand bookshop, there is a table of second-hand books outside and some more on a table in the back room but in the main the books are new. Having said that it is worth a visit there is a good range of new fiction & non-fiction plus a children's book room, Many of the new books were signed by the author and there were some limited editions, the staff could have been more helpful however. Recommended but not for second hand books.  Geoff Martin 14.06.14
Have visited this book shop on numerous occasions. While it sells lots of new books they have an excellent selection of rare and unusual 2nd hand books hidden away upstairs (if you ask nicely they are available to view). Definitely worth a visit.  Yogibookbear 17.04.15
A very helpful assistant is on hand. Mainly new books with a few popular bargains downstairs and an uptairs room full of older books - lots of travel; ferocious prices. Bought nothing.  Johanken 26.04.18
Basically an independent selling new books, though there are usually some secondhand books on the table outside (weather permitting) that are cheap but often not in great condition, and some more inside, plus a selection of Folios at £5 and some classic old paperback crime novels. Some new hardbacks that are signed. Plenty of new books, though some have been on the shelves a while. Still, an interesting bookshop with a helpful owner that is always worth a visit.  Archy 10.06.22

Emmaus Department Store/ROCHDALE/Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre
Emmaus Department Store  Open at advertised times
Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre  50A Market Way   ROCHDALE   OL16 1ED
tel: 0330 058 4264  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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There is a floor purely of books.

There is a floor purely of books, including lots of fiction and poetry and particularly loads of pulp horror and SF. A load of it is trash but it might be worth some people exploring if heading to the Todmorden and Littleborough shops .  Chris Browning 07.05.19

Empire Exchange/MANCHESTER/1 Newton Street
Empire Exchange  Open at advertised times
1 Newton Street   MANCHESTER   M1 1HW
tel: 0161 236 4445 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30, Sunday 1.00 - 4.30.
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Secondhand vinyl and CDs plus books, magazines and memorabilia.

Not really a book shop, but just about the only premises in Central Manchester selling books on weekdays.

A fascinating Emporium, full of various collectible items, with one section dedicated to books. I found nothing there of interest for me, but well worth popping in if in the area.
  Steve Newman 24.01.22
You descend below ground to a surprisingly large area, about a third of which is devoted to books. I can’t say the quality was particularly high though - I think most would have been rejected by your average charity shop. So not worth a visit for any serious book collectors. There’s also a large quantity of magazines on various subjects including many of the, ahem, top-shelf variety.   Jon R 01.11.23

Greenhouse Books/STOCKPORT/13 Great Underbank
Greenhouse Books    Appointment necessary
13 Great Underbank  STOCKPORT  SK1 1LF
tel:  07586 777275  e-mail   web   
Open: Wednesday 12 - 5.30, Thursday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.30, Sunday 11.00 - 2.30
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Artisanal coffee and cake, curated second-hand books

Manchester Bookbuyers (was 2nd Hand _ Rare Books)/MANCHESTER/Church Street Market
Manchester Bookbuyers (was 2nd Hand & Rare Books)  Open at advertised times
Church Street Market   MANCHESTER   M4 1PN
tel: 0161 834 5964 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 12.00 - 4.00.
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General secondhand stock but particularly topography and natural history.

Essentially a market stall.  Gerald Baker 
This is a market stall, but when I went there I went there on a Wednesday afternoon (7 Oct) the shutters were down and it looked as if it were closed.  jduster 15.10.09
Fun to rummage and spotted some good review copies. Books have no prices so you have to ask. When I offered a fiver, the ownwer said he would give me five! Enough said.  Ken Bogle 30.09.10
Seems to be more often closed than open, but I managed to find it open on Wednesday afternoon (was closed on 28.9. but open 29.9. around the same time). Not well sorted, but good bargains - mainly a one pound per book shop.  Joachim Duester 05.10.10
Open - and busy - at lunchtime on Friday 19th January 2018. Bit of a Driff Special but the owner knew what he had and where to find it. Condition variable but prices are fair with bargains to be found.  Steven 01.02.18
His business hours seem to be 12-4 so ring ahead first. His better stock is shelved (unmarked - you have to ask the price). On the tables books all mixed, higgledy-piggledy and all cheap. Through being constantly handled they get a bit beat up. Worth a call.  Johanken 26.04.18
Owner was quite rude, implied I could not afford the book I was looking at and I would have to pay for it if I dropped it! As I have never managed to drop any of the first editions that I have I wasn't overly worried. Having said that I won't be going back.  Tracey Gilbertson 03.08.18
Not open at around 12.45 this Monday. Seem to recall this being one of the better book premises in Manchester a few years ago. Just need to be there when it is open.  Steve Newman 24.01.22
Was open this jubilee Saturday. Stock is mostly unsorted on the tables with some vague attempt at categorisation on the shelves. Books on the tables are battered by being thrown haphazardly into boxes and then handled roughly. Not really the place for pristine first editions. Came away with a niche interest academic book at a tiny fraction of the price online, so quite happy. Best for people with a bit of time on their hands to root through the boxes and crates.  Stive 05.06.22
Arrived at 1pm on Wednesday but sadly the shutters were down.   Jon R 01.11.23

Oxfam Bookshop/MANCHESTER/605 Wilbraham Road
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
605 Wilbraham Road  Chorlton Cum Hardy   MANCHESTER   M21 9AN
tel: 0161 8817808  web 
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Very good example of its type - for once a good varied selection well worth a look. Avoid the "special collectors items" which are as usual overpriced.  Norman Davies 01.10.10
I do not visit this shop often, I'm from out of town. Well kept, interesting stock; ordinary non-fic History and biogs reasonable at 3.99. But anything a bit special - watch out:an Oxford Historical monograph I wanted (ex library, stamped and stickered) was £25!  Johanken 26.04.18

Paramount Books/MANCHESTER/25-27 Shudehill
Paramount Books  Phone before travelling
25-27 Shudehill   MANCHESTER   M4 2AF
tel: 0161 834 9509 
Open:  FRiday - Sunday
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Shutters down and 'Open Thursday Friday Saturday' painted on the wall (I went on a Wednesday).  Gerald Baker 
A fun and quirky little shop with potted plants and a big sofa. Strong on sci-fi, comics, and ephemera, with a more limited stock covering most topics including history and novels. A bit pricey, but there really is nothing else in central Manchester.  George Marshall 26.10.09
Only saw it from the outside on Wednesday - what I read said "open Friday and Saturday"  Joachim Duester 05.10.10
Closed when I passed on a Tuesday. Sign outside saying Open Fri-Sat-Sun.  Johanken 26.04.18
Closed today (Monday). Sign now says open Saturday and Sunday, Record cellar now open, Euro's accepted! Unlikely to be in Manchester on a weekend, so I guess I'll never discover the secrets hidden within!   Steve Newman 24.01.22

St Ann_s Hospice/STOCKPORT/33 Great Underbank
St Ann's Hospice  Phone before travelling
33 Great Underbank   STOCKPORT  SK1 1NE
tel:  0161 222 0576  e-mail   web   
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 9:30 – 4:30
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Charity shop with a dedicated book room upstairs containing a decent amount of books. A glass cabinet holds old and collectable books. Probably nothing for the serious collector but worth popping in if you happen to be in the area.

The shop is downsizing the book department upstairs and bringing it downstairs. Currently, all books are 50p each. I managed to find a couple, one marked at £25! Not much in the glass cabinets, unfortunately.  Stive 04.03.24

Talisman Books  /STOCKPORT/Unit 4 Business Court  Rear 32 Buxton Rd  High Lane  
Talisman Books    Phone before travelling
Unit 4 Business Court  Rear 32 Buxton Rd  High Lane    STOCKPORT  SK6 8BH
tel:  07523 236850  e-mail
Open: most days 11.30 - 4.00, ring or e-mail first
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Mixed stock of around 2000 books, 50p to £50 generally. Lots of ordnance survey maps. Cookery, Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, collectables. Modern 1st editions. Books wanted, please ring or email. Lots of stock on abebooks under Talisman Books. Most of this in the unit.

Small shop but well laid out with very varied stock. Prices are fair and owner is friendly. Well worth a visit.  The Wanderer 09.01.09
Lovely little two-storey shop, in very picturesque setting. Prices are good - and stock is suitably eclectic. Very friendly owner - can recommend highly.  Steve 10.05.12
Charming, friendly little shop with stock over two floors - mainly non-fiction upstairs. Strong on local history and topography with lots of maps. Worth a visit.  Steven Kelly 30.01.16
Change of address! The Marple Bridge shop is closed.  Flip M 29.07.17

Urmston Bookshop/MANCHESTER/72 Flixton Road Urmston
Urmston Bookshop  Open at advertised times
72 Flixton Road Urmston  MANCHESTER  M41 5AB
tel:  0161 747 7442  e-mail   web   
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 11.00 - 4.00
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Independent bookshop, opened in 2010. Mainly new books, but also a second-hand section.

Urmston is a leafy and increasingly sought-after area, with a growing number of young professionals and families moving in. Exactly the sort of place, you would think, that should be able to support a bookshop of this type, with lots of events and author visits. Let's hope so, anyway, because the shop was put up for sale in late 2023. I am not sure how extensive the second-hand stock is, but maybe a TBG user in the Manchester area could check it out?  Booker T 22.03.24