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69A Intandane/LIVERPOOL/75 Renshaw Street
69A Intandane  Open at advertised times
75 Renshaw Street   LIVERPOOL   L1 2SJ
tel: 0151 7088873  e-mail  web 
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What a fabulous place. Antiques, curios, vintage clothes and thousands of books, all on two cluttered floors. This place is a carry over from the Liverpool of the 1960s and the book holdings reflect what was still easily available in those times. I was told they have a warehouse of unsorted books so I left them my list and wait to see what eventuates. Even so, I picked up eight scarce volumes so came away contented.  Chris Harte 28.08.12
Extraordinary antiques/ageing hippy place that took me back to my 60s student days! Worth a look for some decent s/h stock at reasonable prices.  Norman Davies 10.11.12
Indeed, a relic of the past. But the stock must barely have changed since those glory days and, except for quite a good range of fiction, is apparently a bedraggled residue of house clearances.  James Mackay 19.04.14

Broadhursts of Southport Ltd/SOUTHPORT/5-7 Market Street
Broadhursts of Southport Ltd  Open at advertised times
5-7 Market Street   SOUTHPORT   PR8 1HD
tel: 01704 532064  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30.
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New books, and a very large secondhand stock covering a wide range of subjects, including the arts, architecture, children's, literature and fine books.

Large stock on three levels. Look hard enough in every classification for what you are seeking.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
What antiquarian book shops used to be like! Good interesting stock at all price ranges, with some very uncommon titles I was pleased to buy. Well laid out, and organised. Open fires, knowledgable and friendly staff. Excellent!  Robert Brown (Bookdealer) 29.06.09
Still there. Still a superb old fashioned shop with extensive stock and knowledgeable staff. Always worth a visit.  Norman Davies 12.07.12
Absolutely top quality bookshop. A little like stepping back in time and discussing books with a very urbane, pleasant gentleman. I spent £50 on one book, good value and I just couldn't refuse.  CB 06.04.13
My favourite shop! An interesting selection of new books on the ground floor, a very good stock of children's books on the first floor and masses of antiquarian and secondhand books everywhere else. Staff friendly and knowledgeable.  Michael 21.11.13
Friendly, courteous, with old world charm. Offers both collectable higher end books and very reasonably priced general stock. A pleasure to visit.  Mark V 28.05.16
Short walk from Parkinsons also just off Lord Street. The ground floor is a very good new book shop so there is probably less secondhand stock on the other floors than Parkinsons and it is (from my point of view) a bit less diverse but still better than most and prices still reasonable.  John Allen 28.03.18
Still as good as ever. Ground floor new books contain a large holding of local publications. Upper floors are a dream for both general visitors and collectors. I spent well into three figures on titles and am very pleased to have purchased some excellent books. WWAD.  Chris Harte 14.06.18
For the first time I did not have to worry about traffic wardens so took my time. In the fifteen months since my last visit the stock of my interests had been refreshed. Spent nearly four hours minutely examining the stock and found some lovely old titles. This is a quality shop.  Chris Harte 22.09.19
One of my favourite bookshops, I visit every few months and always come away with a pile of excellent books.   Archive61 04.10.21

Henry Bohn Books/LIVERPOOL/12 London Rd
Henry Bohn Books  Open at advertised times
12 London Rd   LIVERPOOL   L3 5NF
tel: 0151 709 4501   web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 6.00.
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In the process of reopening the shop at the side of Lime Street Station. Unfortunately they were just putting the stock out, but I couldn't get in!  Robert Brown 02.04.09
Huge improvement on old Lime Street, shop-stock is better and easy to navigate. It has the ambience of Cecil Court. Not much for the collector but always find something. Reasonable prices.  Loyola 24.04.10
Good atmosphere, vast selection, well worth visiting.  jduester 30.09.10
Wonderful, great selection, first floor is open and also packed floor to ceiling, prices are really fair.  The Wanderer 16.03.11
Superb place. Slightly shambolic, reminder of an old fashioned floor to ceiling bookshop. Condition varies, but some excellent bargains to be found. Dont miss the first floor. Also splendid classical CD s/h collections.  Norman Davies 30.07.11
Like the other reviewers I found this a fascinating place to search. You don't find many shops like this nowadays nor do you find customers being given a quiz question to answer while browsing the quality holdings. Very much a place to visit with car parking very easy. (My question was : 'When were shoelaces first used? Answer : 1790. I was nowhere near being correct).  Chris Harte 28.08.12
Finally made it inside! Large, interesting stock, generally really sensibly priced. Friendly staff. Came away with a bag of books, so regard this visit as a success. Will be back. (Trade)  Robert Brown 29.09.12
Thoroughly good, from the premises, solid as befits a former jeweller's shop, to the stock, very extensive and a bit towards the academic, at reasonable prices.  James Mackay 19.04.14
A packed shop full of surprises and bargains of which I got a few.  Richard Ransome 29.05.15
A fascinating place with books on shelves and on the floor. Very close to Lime Street station.  Steve 19.01.17
This is my favourite bookshop in Liverpool, and I am never disappointed by what I find in here. Indeed, my bookshelves have a fair smattering of what I have bought in Henry Bohn over two decades. Packed almost floor to ceiling with books over two floors with a fair number of Folio editions, the shop also sells a large number of good quality classical CDs. I have spent happy hours perfusing the shelves, often coming away with absolute gems of books (and CDs) for a fair price.

The owner is a pleasant and knowledgable fellow. An article in a local newspaper gives a nice bit of history behind the origins of this bookshop

May the place long thrive!
  Chekman 02.02.22
Dear old Michael. Still doing crosswords with his friends to pass the time between selling books from his huge stock. It's just a wonderful bookshop.  Chris 13.11.22

Kernaghan Books/LIVERPOOL/The Bluecoat
Kernaghan Books  Open at advertised times
The Bluecoat  School Lane   LIVERPOOL   L1 3BX
tel: 0151 703 9077  e-mail  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.00
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Large general stock of collectible, fine and unusual books with particular interest in Irish, Private Press, Natural history, local history and travel.

Upstairs in the Wayfarers Arcade and it is like walking into a treasure trove. Very knowledgable assistant who knew exactly where to take me for my wants. Spent far too much but am loving my newly purchased books. Excellent quality stock.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
Welcoming staff, clean good stock, and a easily visitable "back room" make this a top notch shop. All on one floor, and well lit. Well worth a visit.  Robert Brown (Bookdealer) 29.06.09
Another excellent shop in Southport (see Broadhursts). A little pricey but extensive quality selection and bookseller make this a worthwhile detour. Note is is upstairs in the Wayfarers Arcade off Lord Street.  Norman Davies 12.07.12
Visited yesterday and was disappointed to find the shop closed, with a sign on the window stating that it is moving to Liverpool.  Stuart T 22.10.12
Top quality bookshop in an excellent setting. Very pleasant, friendly staff and while they had little of what I collect , there were other books to buy.  CB 06.04.13
First class location and premises, quality stock at reasonable prices, helpful and friendly owners.  Howard Walters 08.10.13
Some of the earlier comments have been superseded, the shop has moved from Southport to Liverpool. Forget the Wayfarer's Arcade, it is now in the Bluecoat School, a haven in the overbearing Liverpool One shopping centre. A wide-ranging serious stock, sensibly priced.  James Mackay 19.04.14
Visited them in their delightful new premises within the old Bluecoat School. The standard of holdings has, if anything, increased from their previous existence in Southport. As always, helpful, chatty and very fair pricing. Best bookshop on Merseyside by a long way.  Chris Harte 17.06.14
A great shop with very helpful owners, I came away with some gems.  Richard Ransome 29.05.15
Another of my favourite bookshops, I visit regularly, and always find some great books   Archive61 04.10.21
This place is a gem. Somewhere to browse and a place to talk books, shops and dealers. I had placed in front of me a run of titles I didn't even realise existed. My car did not have enough room for them. The courier will deliver next week. Never leave Liverpool without visiting the superb bookshop.  Chris 13.11.22

Liscard Book Exchange/WALLASEY/226 Liscard Road
The Liscard Book Exchange  Open at advertised times
226 Liscard Road  WALLASEY  CH44 5TN
Open: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00, Saturday 9.30 - 4.00
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We are a small book shop in Wallasey, Wirral. We have a mixture of all-sorts of books and game-books in many varied conditions, some common/uncommon and rare, some new and some old and very old!

Literally A Bookshop/NEW BRIGHTON/6 Atherton Street
Literally A Bookshop  Open at advertised times
6 Atherton Street   NEW BRIGHTON   CH45 2NY
tel: 07914 737887  web 
Open:  Monday - Sunday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Varied stock, organised enough so you can find things, chaotic enough to make in interesting. Opened by Ken Dodd, who declares himself a Patron of the shop, readings by owner Cathy as well as guests, regular book launches and book signings, even though it is almost exclusively second hand books.

Opposite New Brighton Railway station, this is a delightful little shop, wonderful owners, who understand the current needs of a good second hand bookshop. Great condition stock, very reasonable prices, I love it.  The Wanderer 21.09.13
Went to this shop for a reading of A Christmas Carol, by Ken Dodd. It was a great night, good fun and the shop owners made the evening with such generous hospitality. Thank you Cathy and Peter.  lynn mc 19.12.13
Very friendly and generous with their time. I managed to pick up some interesting hypnosis materials at a good price.  Bryan 03.06.17

Oxfam Original/LIVERPOOL/35-37 Bold Street
Oxfam Original  Phone before travelling
35-37 Bold Street   LIVERPOOL   L1 4DN
tel: 0151 709 6739  web 
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This being Liverpool it is pleasantly chaotic compared with Oxfam's usual tedious corporate branding - they seem to have given up actually organising the books and just shove them on to shelves marked "new arrivals". There is a high percentage of decent books with large sections on academic topics and history.  George Marshall 15.12.09
Definitely the most disorganised Oxfam book shop I have ever seen, books just stuffed on "new stock" or "new arrivals" shelves with no attempt at putting into categories. No time to sort them out but they still found time to overprice them I notice. Nice to see what they consider the priorities.  The Wanderer 15.03.11
Still little organised, but a big stock worth scanning through.  James Mackay 19.04.14

Oxton Village Books /BIRKENHEAD/The Williamson Art Gallery  Slatey Road  Oxton  
Oxton Village Books   Open at advertised times
The Williamson Art Gallery  Slatey Road  Oxton    BIRKENHEAD  CH43 4UE
tel:  0151 652 0202  e-mail
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 12.00 - 4.30
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We moved to our new premises in the Williamson Art Gallery early in 2014. Some of our books are on display in the foyer with many more round the corner in the "book room". At the moment we have over 10,000 new and used books in stock here or in our storage area.

What a surprising find. Village post office with s/h bookshop. Decent cheap modern p/backs but the older hardbacks upstairs well worth a peruse. I came away with a bagful at decent prices.  Norman Davies 04.07.13

Parkinsons/SOUTHPORT/Parkinsons Ginnel359-363 Lord Street
Parkinsons    Phone before travelling
Parkinsons Ginnel  359-363 Lord Street    SOUTHPORT  PR8 1NH
tel:  01704 547016  e-mail
Open: Thursday - Saturday, ring first
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Large general book stock on three floors in a characterful building, with leaning towards the academic -- along with tropical shells, minerals, fossils, crystals, coins and prehistoric, ancient & mediaeval antiquities etc. etc. Curious? If so, see the "Virtual tour of our shop" link on our website.

Rambling old shop on several floors. Friendly helpful proprietor. Some good antiquarian stock, and a lot of interesting Victorian stock.  Robert Brown (Bookdealer) 29.06.09
Situated on three floors there are some very interesting titles scattered about. Books are fairly well categorised but you can find the odd surprise anywhere. My visit was only half an hour which was not long enough.  Chris Harte 01.08.09
Marmite shop - love or dislike. I love the somewhat untidy nature and various rambling rooms and book piles with the odd genuine surprise. The shells are worth a visit on their own.  Norman Davies 12.07.12
Echo the previous comments. Characterful, with large stock in numerous rooms,and a few good finds possible.  Mark V 28.05.16
Hadn't been to Southport for years so was glad to see this Alladin's cave, at the end of an inconspicuous alleyway off Lord Street, still trading. Broad cross section of real books on all three floors (How many have any maths and science these days?). Owner very friendly and helpful with reasonable prices. This and Broadhursts makes Southport WAD (not a lot else does).  John Allen 28.03.18
Still a joy to visit. Owner chatty and helpful. Three floors of books and I endorse John Allen's comments about maths and science. Some of the runs of ex-library bound volumes are brilliant.  Chris Harte 14.06.18
The whole upstairs floors have been tidied. Everything well marked. Wonderful stock of old bound volumes purchased from City of Liverpool libraries. As always cheerful owners and willing to assist.  Chris Harte 22.09.19
Opening has been sporadic for some years since the death of one of the owners, and it has not been open since lockdowns ended.  Martin R 29.07.21
Have heard that this is now open Thu-Sat per owner of Broadhursts.   Stive 30.05.22

Passionate About Books/WALLASEY/140 Seaview Road
Passionate About Books  Open at advertised times
140 Seaview Road   WALLASEY   CH45 4PE
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Situated a short distance from the centre of Liscard, up near ASDA, a well-arranged second hand bookshop.

Nicely organised, good stock, reasonable prices. Worth a visit.  The Wanderer 21.09.13
Shop is now extended into back room which has the title the temple of peace. Extensive theology section, 19th and 20th century English and american classics as well as lots of reasonably priced folios.  booklover 18.12.13
Great selection of fantasy and Sci-Fi. The Owner is more than happy to point out good authors. I'm quite sure he left the shop open late because I was still shopping!  Steve 13.01.17
I've intended to visit this shop for years & finally did yesterday. Well worth the visit, interesting books, low priced & a very nice owner. He's interesting too, knows about the authors & his stock. Very helpful & pleasant to talk to.  Gen 10.03.17

Reid of Liverpool/LIVERPOOL/105 Mount Pleasant
Reid of Liverpool  Open at advertised times
105 Mount Pleasant   LIVERPOOL   L3 5TB
tel: 0151 709 2312 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.30.
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Very large general stock that leans towards the unusual.

Still worth visiting. Lots of paperbacks, but a nice clean tidy shop, with some very interesting stock at the back.  Robert Brown 02.04.09
Fairly priced general stock. Not much of interest to collectors but great if you just want to find a good read at the right price.  Loyola 24.04.10
Absolutely delightful and tidy bookshop, moderate prices. Great selection of books on espionage  jduester 30.09.10
Friendly shop. Mr Reid always give you a good deal, a few quid off when you buy a handful of books.  Funklein 25.08.12
First appearances did not hold out much hope for me until I started my second tour of the shelves. Then I started to find quite a number of interesting titles. Look carefully when visiting and you could be surprised.  Chris Harte 28.08.12
Agree with all the above comments. Have visited twice in the last six months and will be back. Unusual if I don't find something to buy.  Robert Brown 29.09.12
Agree above. Excellent shop for a lengthy browse and a chat, I usually find something worthwhile. Note of caution, may only be open after noon Saturdays.  Norman Davies 10.11.12
Easy parking and a knowledgeable assistant in the shop to guide me to my interests. Everything well stacked and categorised. Nothing too ancient but plenty to see and pick over. Worth a visit.  Chris 15.11.22

Still Out of Print/LIVERPOOL/282 Smithdown Road
Still Out of Print  Open at advertised times
282 Smithdown Road  LIVERPOOL  L15 5AJ
tel:  07440501099  e-mail
Open: Monday - Friday 12.00 - 6.00, Saturday 11.00 - 6.00, Sunday 2.00 - 5.00
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