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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Book Room/MELROSE/1 Dingleton Road
The Book Room   Open at advertised times
1 Dingleton Road    MELROSE  TD6 9QS
tel:  01896 823337 
Open:  Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday 12.00 - 5.00
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A general stock of secondhand books with a bit of everything.

A nice mixed selection of stock.  Iain Murray 
Very easy to find, just 50 yards from the central square. A small shop, but with an interesting and diverse stock.  Richard 29.07.09
This is a delightful shop. Mainly high quality Scottish stock but a good variety of other things. Very civilised. Not cheap.  PaulP 02.08.11
Another dull visit to this shop in the posh town of Melrose. Over the years, I've managed to buy three small books here. Not this time, alas. Looked at nearly everything , including more neat boxes on the floor.  Chris K 10.01.13
A better visit last Saturday. Found 3 well priced books and had a good chat with the quiet owner. One small room is currently out of action so there are even more medium boxes on the floor. Lots of old post-WW2 titles.  Chris K 31.05.14
Medium sized bookshop, reasonable subject range. Lots of stock in boxes and bags on floor, pricing here not always clear. Found an interesting topography book, sensibly priced.  HB 22.09.19
Closing time will be 4pm from now on. Visted on New Year's Eve, both rooms open but very little caught my eye. Owner is quiet but livens up if you're prepared to engage. Old railway station and platform/shelter across the road is worth five minutes' detour if visiting here.  Graeme Rendall 03.01.20
Agree with most of the more recent comments about this well-stocked and interesting shop, where I had several surprising finds. Opening times have changed and are now 12 noon to 5.00 pm every day except Wednesdays and Sundays.  Wessexman 06.09.21
Quaint and old fashioned. Fairly small - 2 rooms crammed full of stock, mostly but not always well laid out. Prices reasonable enough for me - 2 paperbacks for £4.50 that I wouldn't have known I wanted had I not been here, having a rummage (and isn't that the point of bookshops?!). My wife bought nothing as everything SHE picked up was £10 (this seems to be a gift she has).

Owner pretty quiet but friendly enough; just shy I think. He did mumble to himself quite a bit as he wandered around parts of the shop, which raised an eyebrow but it all adds character! Take a note of the late opening time but certainly worth stopping by if you're in Border country.
  Flip M 26.07.22

Border Reader Bookshop/MELROSE/Old Melrose Furniture Studio
The Border Reader Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Old Melrose Furniture Studio  Ravenswood   MELROSE   TD6 9DF
e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days 11.00 - 5.00
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Small but select range of secondhand books; quality fiction and poetry, academic and general non-fiction, with an emphasis on philosophy, literary/ cultural theory, and history, plus classical CDs. Beautiful off road setting, with cafe, antiques, gifts and furniture showrooms on site.

Upstairs in farm courtyard off the A68. Good interesting stock. (No mass mkt p/backs and celeb. biogs.) Found 2 unusual art history titles. Stock not yet online so well worth a visit.  Chris K 27.07.11
Well worth a detour, this small attic shop is completely devoid of coffee table and mass market clutter, and the focus is on quality titles. Prices very reasonable. At the time of writing, cards are not accepted so you will need to bring some cash. An added bonus is the little coffee shop below.  Steven Kelly 21.11.13
Worth noting they put the book price on a slip of paper at the BACK, confusing at first as some old prices still exist at the front and only a smal notice to explain this. lovely place to visit.  PaulP 01.03.14
Lovely location above a cafe and antique centre. Signposted from main road, not in Melrose Books well displayed (confusingly prices are on postit at back) but mostly very common titles, didn't find anything to purchase.  HB 22.09.19

Damascus Drum/HAWICK/2 Silver Street
Damascus Drum   Open at advertised times
2 Silver Street  HAWICK  TD9 0AD
tel:  07707 856 123  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 3.00
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Café and second-hand bookshop. Also sells Anatolian rugs!

Forest Bookstore/SELKIRK/26 Market Place
The Forest Bookstore  Phone before travelling
26 Market Place   SELKIRK   TD7 4BL
tel: 01750 22763  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 1.30 & 2.30 - 4.30, Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Literature, Art & Environment. Contemporary & Modern . Scottish and International

Principally carrying new titles, the S/H books are on a couple of bookcases at the back. Prices on the high side - although the majority of titles are in very nice condition.  Steven Kelly 10.07.15
Sadly I could not find any second hand books and the owner was in a rush to close as she had to go and see her daughter and closed early at four o'clock. As a bookshop for new books it seemed very good.  CB 27.08.16

Last Century Books/INNERLEITHEN/34 High Street
Last Century Books  Open at advertised times
34 High Street   INNERLEITHEN   EH44 6HF
tel: 01896 831759  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.00
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A few new books, good secondhand modern paperbacks & hard back fiction. Large selection of non-fiction, especially Scottish, sport, military, topography and some antiquarian. Now one of the Borders biggest secondhand, old and out of print bookshops with 19000 titles in stock and many more in store.

Easily found and also easy to park at, while it does have a small selection of antiques don't let that part of its name put you off. This is a medium sized shop with a good selection of books in a village in the Scottish Borders between Peebles and Galashiels. It has one main room with two smaller ones at the back and while perhaps a little cramped when there are a lot of browsers, it is worth going out of your way to visit.  Jeremy Briggs 
Shop attracts repeat customers with varied large stock, covering most genres. Best titles in a glass case or behind sales desk are online. Chatty, helpful knowledgable owners. WAD.  Chris K 27.07.11
Another good bookshop.  TommyG 09.12.11
Last Century Books vies with The Border Reader as best secondhand bookshop in the borders. Excellent prices, very wide stock, strong on Scottish titles, outdoor pursuits and classic fiction. Lots of classic children's books as well. Don't miss the Tardis-like cubbyhole in the middle of the shop which contains another room full of books. Well worth a detour.  Steven Kelly 10.07.15
A traditional bookshop with wide variety of stock and friendly owner. Strong on Scottish interest. Some sections a little jumbled (eg history) but fun to browse. Prices reasonable.  HB 22.09.19
A lovely traditional shop whose large interior belies the smallish facade. A very pleasant and helpful owner and a most productive visit.  Wessexman 06.09.21
Nice old fashioned shop to browse and rummage through. Deceptively spacious and crammed with books. Pretty well organised. Run by a very pleasant fella with a very dry sense of humour. Most categories covered and prices very reasonable indeed.

Take note - opens at 11am. Don't worry too much if he's a bit late. Innerleithen is a lovely laid back place that seems to go at it's own pace a bit. He came along to open up about 10 minutes later, to be met by 3 of us waiting outside his shop. He offered us a 2.5% discount on all purchases as an apology - as long as we spent over £100. Told you he had a dry sense of humour... Recommended!
  Flip M 27.07.22

Pennyfarthing/NORTH BERWICK/23 Quality Street
The Pennyfarthing  Open at advertised times
23 Quality Street   NORTH BERWICK   EH39 4HR
tel: 01620 89 0114 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 (ish) - 5.00, Sunday 2.00 - 5.00.
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Priorsford Books/PEEBLES/11 Northgate
Priorsford Books   Phone before travelling
11 Northgate    PEEBLES  EH45 8RX
tel:  07522 934770  e-mail   web   
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.30 - 4.30, Sunday 10.30 - 4.00 but check Facebook or Twitter
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Strong on children's collectables, also general Scottish interest, women's fiction, crime, Greyladies, Folio, social history, magazine, prints and literary gifts.

Small shop, beautifully laid out, some new books, also prints, magazines and book related gifts. Strong on children's, folio, John and Anna Buchan, women's fiction, orange penguins, Persephone etc Some Scottish interest. Not open every day.  HB 22.09.19
Priorsford Books is changing ownership  TBG2 07.07.21
Now advertising opening times of 10.30 am to 4.30 pm on Wednesdays to Saturdays, and 10.30 am to 4.00 pm on Sundays, subject to changes notified on Facebook and Twitter.  Wessexman 06.09.21
Small but well laid out with stock generally in very good condition. Strong on Scottish interest, literary biogs, history and fiction, when I called in. Easy to browse - it is really just 2 small rooms. Sadly nothing in my interests (general and old TV/film biogs, military history and football) today. But if you're calling in to the shop in Innerleithen (and you should), this is only a few miles away so well worth the trip.

Peebles is very busy and touristy. Traffic is rather busy too. Park in the east car park near Sainsburys. Walk through Sainsburys and exit the opposite door - you're in Northgate 50 yards or so from the shop. Saves you a long walk.
  Flip M 27.07.22

Scottish Ornithologists_ Club Bookshop /ABERLADY/Waterston House  
Scottish Ornithologists' Club Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Waterston House    ABERLADY  EH32 0PY
tel:  01875 871330  e-mail   web
Open: Thursday - Sunday 10.00 - 5.00 or by appointment
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Secondhand books covering a broad range of (world-wide) ornithology and natural history subjects. Collections include New Naturalist and Bannerman titles. The SOC is a registered Scottish charity (SC 009859)