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Abbey Books /PAISLEY/21 Wellmeadow Street
Abbey Books   Open at advertised times
21 Wellmeadow Street  PAISLEY  PA1 2EF
tel:  0141 887 7303  e-mail   web
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.15 - 5.15.
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Abbey Books has about 40,000 books on a wide range of topics. Recently moved just round the corner from our old shop - work in progress.

Good atmosphere, big war section, big on Scotland as well. They do a mean coffee too. Very friendly staff.  Mrs Mick 26.10.09
Owner George Bell has discovered that above 'Mrs Mick' is a member of staff, and asked for the review to be removed, as he considers it unethical. I don't remove reviews but have added this note.  TBG 03.12.09
Very friendly well run tidy bookshop.Books reasonably priced. Large military and Scottish .Plenty of factual interest as near University. Free parking down the street or quiet Pay and Display in Castle Street.  Richard Fuller 26.01.11
One of the better bookshops in Scotland.  TommyG 09.12.11
This shop is typical of the genre where an initial search of the shelves drew a blank and the second search found treasures. This was my first visit to the new shop and I found the layout and categories easy to follow. Good children's section and some lovely juvenile Scottish titles. This appears to be a shop the dealers have missed trawling through as I came away with some good volumes.  Chris Harte 30.11.12
Well laid out friendly bookshop near the University within walking distance of Gilmore St rail station (15 mins) along the High St. Cheap street or car parking nearby. Very reasonable prices and an oasis given the lack of bookshops nearby. Good mix of old and more recent books and local.   Richard Fuller  17.02.22
Paisley is not the most car friendly town in Scotland but Cross St car park 5 mins walk away is pretty cheap (£1.20 for 4 hours) and empty when we visited today.

Pleasant owner greeted us when we walked in. The shop is 3 ground floor rooms with lots of shelves and bookcases. Most subjects well represented although not so much military history - any books were in with the history section and not ID'ed separately. Unusually there was a good choice of football which is not something I've seen much of in the Scottish shops I've been in. Prices very reasonable - I picked up fairly recent VGC 2 hardbacks from the football and music sections for £5.50 altogether.

There isn't a lot in Paisley to be honest - Victorian and Georgian architecture currently (mid 2023) being spoiled by lots of building works all over the town centre but the Abbey at the other end of the high street is well worth a visit and Baileys Antiques in between is worth popping in too. Will certainly visit Abbey Books again though next time we're in the area.
  Flip M 29.06.23

Book Nook @ The Hub /HELENSBURGH/Helensburgh Community Hub, 116 East Princes Street
Book Nook @ The Hub   Open at advertised times
Helensburgh Community Hub, 116 East Princes Street  HELENSBURGH  G84 7DQ
tel:  01436 678088  e-mail   web  
Open: Monday 2.00 - 5.00, Tuesday 10.00 - 2.00, Wednesday 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 1.00
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Second-hand bookshop run by volunteers. Large general stock, affordably priced. Proceeds go towards maintaining the premises as a base for voluntary organisations and a hub where people can socialise and participate in activities that promote the health and well-being of the local community.

Seems to have quite an extensive stock, with children’s books a particular strength. Prices are notably low. The community hub’s website states: “We sell the books at very accessible prices (none are more than £1)”. Helensburgh is an attractive and affluent town on the Firth of Clyde and well worth a visit.  Booker T 27.02.24

Book and Art Shop/GATEHOUSE OF FLEET/15 High Street
Book and Art Shop  Phone before travelling
15 High Street   GATEHOUSE OF FLEET   DG7 2HR
tel: 01557 814506  e-mail 
Open:  Monday & Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.30.
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Small stock of well chosen books in very good condition and at reasonable prices. 1920's and 30's watercolours and prints also sold. Dealing in books since 1975 and open in Gatehouse for 10 years. Please phone if coming from distance as may be away buying.

Along with Anwoth Books, this shop good reason to visit Gatehouse - its small stock focuses on the humanities and some classic fiction. Very select and prices are reasonable.  Steven Kelly 22.12.14
One small room, discerning selection. Worth trying if visiting the larger bookshop at the mill.  Mark V 08.08.15
Popped in today - a very small room. Art prints for sale on the wall and a few bookcases which seemed today to hold mainly fiction, which isn't really my thing. Wifey didn't find anything in her historical fiction genre either; we were in and out in a minute or so unfortunately.   Flip M 09.09.22
Four shelves of fiction the rest of the shop contains Art, Hunting Shooting, Fishing, Natural History,Topography, Travel and History and good selection of Childrens books.  Georgina Purse 16.09.22
Good selection of interesting books, well worth a visit.  derekbluesman 17.09.22
Love this little bookshop. Always find something I want to buy! Has some lovely watercolours as well.  Hellene p 04.10.22

Bookshop /WEMYSS BAY/Wemyss Bay Station  
The Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Wemyss Bay Station    WEMYSS BAY  PA18 6AR
tel:  01475 520535  e-mail   web  
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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2-5000 books over three rooms. Good general selection on all subjects, very reasonably priced. Situated in the attractive Wemyss Bay Station and run in aid of the "Friends of Wemyss Bay Station" charity.

Attractively laid out shop in two rooms of this historic station (formerly a waiting room) with a gallery next door. Small but broad-ranging non-fiction stock, larger fiction section.  Steven Kelly 02.10.14
A charming shop in an architecturally splendid 1903 Caledonian Railway station. The shop is run by the Friends of the Station and occupies a couple of bright and airy rooms. We found some interesting (and surprising) titles, modestly priced. Railway prints and postcards of the building can be bought, and a purchase entitles you to a handsome free bookmark. A very deserving cause.  TravellingLibrary 27.06.15

Culzean Secondhand Bookshop/MAYBOLE/Culzean Castle
Culzean Secondhand Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Culzean Castle   MAYBOLE   KA19 8LE
tel: 0844 493 2149  web 
Open:  7 days 11.00 - 3.00.
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Fundraising bookshop selling donated books.

It is a very large, well stocked, well priced bookshop covering all subjects, with comfortable seating and tea & coffee provision next to the estates visitors centre. It's open every day 11am to 3pm and run by volunteers.  PaulP 05.09.12
And can I add that its the best charity bookshop I know, everything is priced to sell so turnover is swift and profits are huge, very little is priced over £4. People turn up with bags full to donate and go off with bags full bought, exactly how a charity bookshop should work.  PaulP 11.09.12
A lovely shop, bright and attractive with comfy sofas and friendly teddy bears (but you cannot buy these and take them home). It is housed in one of the Culzean estate buildings, which has been very nicely restored. Good quality general stock, well priced (compendious biography of Edward Carpenter, hb in dw, for £2). An oddity - in many years of bookshop visiting, this is the first time I have seen fiction classified by author's gender.  TravellingLibrary 27.06.15
As a footnote to TL's comments above, I have seen fiction classed by gender of author once before - in a charity shop, of all places.  Nicholas Sack 03.07.15
Spacious room within the grounds on the way towards the castle. Obviously relies on donations so the stock can vary. A lot of fiction - but well ordered, as detailed in other comments. Prices good, staff friendly. I picked up an as new 1960s PB military non-fiction for £2.50, took it to the till and was told that seemed too much and I could have it for a pound! Putting that aside, it was still one of the better organised NT bookshops.  Flip M 03.08.18
An update for 2021 - prices went up a it - most things start at £2. A well categorised and sorted general "charity shop" selection, depending on donations. Their "collectable books" cabinet really only consists of old hardbacks usually without DJs, but that aside, I often come away with something from the biog or military section. Still same layout as 3 years ago when I reviewed. Shop is within the grounds so you need to be a NT member or pay the entry fee. But Culzean Castle and ground is well worth the price of admission anyway.  Flip M 29.07.21
Most books still priced at £2. Stock seems to change quite often - it's local for me so I'm there once a month or so and often pick up different things each time. History, biogs, military, travel Scottish interest, large amount of male and female fiction etc. The "Collectable" books cabinet is mostly quite old hardbacks without DJs at varying prices - some a wee bit optimistic. Also a "classics" section. Everything well sorted and there's usually a friendly welcome from volunteers working there.

As per before though, you need to be a NT member (England or Scotland), or pay admission to gain access to the grounds.
  Flip M 21.01.23

Dalbeattie Books/DALBEATTIE/65 High Street
Dalbeattie Books  Open at advertised times
65 High Street  DALBEATTIE  DG5 4HA
tel:  01556 610228  e-mail   web
Open: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10.00 - 12.45 & 2.00 -4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 1.00 & 2.00 - 5.30
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Family-run bookshop, established in 2004. Stocks new and second-hand books.

I visited here a few years ago, in the days when I was sadly oblivious to TBG’s existence. Quite an old-fashioned sort of shop, albeit in rather a good way. It adheres to the irksome habit of closing for lunch, though! At that time, the second-hand stock was fairly limited in extent, but the quality was good and the prices were on the low side. Hopefully, these latter two characteristics remain the case today.  Booker T 27.02.24

Garvellan Books (was Anwoth Books)/GATEHOUSEOFFLEET/Mill on the Fleet, High Street
Garvellan Books (was Anwoth Books)     Open at advertised times
Mill on the Fleet, High Street  GATEHOUSE OF FLEET  DG7 2HS
tel:  07808 171337 or 07761 460049  e-mail
Open: March to October, 7 days 10.30 - 5.00
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Roughly 20,000 books, most subjects. Strong on Art, Poetry, Childrens, Scottish. I tend to tweet any info/updates etc onto the shop's website. Cafe downstairs, riverside location, lots of books.

A medium sized general stock and a bit cramped in some sections with books piled up on the floor in front of the shelves. Average prices.  Allan Campbell 
Gatehouse of Fleet is a village just off the main A75 road from Dumfries to Stranraer and this shop has a medium sized selection of books in the loft area of a renovated mill a short walk from the village's public car park. The loft area is very open with large areas with little in them but the area with the book is cramped, with the bookcases too close together for two people to pass and all too often have books piled on the floor in front of them up to three shelves high. This leaves you with the impression that something could be there but you would never be able to find it.  Jeremy Briggs 
I can only agree with the comments already on the guide. I managed to find one book to buy but gave up looking for more when I realised that, not only were there large piles on the floor but those on the shevles were often double-banked. A pity because the (apparent) owner was friendly.  Martin Stallion 10.06.08
There are some interesting books at the bottom of those piles, but strong knees (or better cushions to kneel on) are needed, plus patience and plenty of time.  Richard 29.07.09
Contrary to previous reviews, I found my visit a fruitful experience - emerging with 5 books after only an hour. The bookshop is far better than any of those at the famed Wigton book town.  Ronald G Young 08.06.12
Thank heavens for this bookshop, and well done Matthew for taking it on when the previous owner retired. It's a delightful old-fashioned bookshop and every time you visit you can be sure to find something interesting at a reasonable price. It can indeed be a bit of a rummage - but all the more fun for it, and certainly better than the disappointments of Wigtown!  Brian Cox 09.03.15
Excellent. Large stock with plenty of browsing, and ranging from vintage yarns to modern Scottish poetry. Very reasonably priced indeed. Such a pleasure that I went back twice.  Mark V 08.08.15
Now under new ownership (April 2018) the shop has been spruced up and is open daily from 10 to 5 March to October. The new owners seem very keen: it's well worth a visit, please support them!  Brian Cox 26.04.18
The web link doesn't exist - but the shop does. Not sure of the name but if you go into the Mill, it's on the first floor via the stairs on the right near the entrance.

A worthwhile visit with most areas covered - although no sport or military history that I could see. A large Scottish interest section was of note; also poetry. Books are in many bookcases over quite a large area but some areas are quite narrow. Prices seemed reasonable. A lot of old looking books - whether that means much of the stock has been there a while or not, I don't know. Rather incongruously it looks like an old traditional bookshop that's been transplanted into a large open plan area. Worth visiting if in the area. About 40 minutes or so from Wigtown.
  Flip M 09.09.22
Have visited this several times in the past while on trips to Wigtown, Scotland's second-hand book town. Excellent, very reasonably priced stock.  Mark V 05.04.24

Lockerbie Antiques Centre/LOCKERBIE/142 High Street
Lockerbie Antiques Centre  Phone before travelling
142 High Street  LOCKERBIE  DG11 2BX
tel:  07501 196939  e-mail   web  
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 12.00 - 5.00
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Currently one bookseller unit with a small stock.

Lockerbie Antiques Centre/LOCKERBIE/142 High Street
Lockerbie Antiques Centre  Phone before travelling
142 High Street  LOCKERBIE  DG11 2 BX
tel: 07501 196939  e-mail   web  
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 12.00 - 5.00
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Currently one bookseller unit with a small stock.

Moffat Bookshop/MOFFAT/5 Well Street
Moffat Bookshop   Open at advertised times
5 Well Street    MOFFAT  DG10 9DP
tel:  01683 220059  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 4.30
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New, second-hand and collectable books, with an emphasis on Scottish and local material, including Burns, Buchan and Bertram (Smith). Right beside Moffat's bustling High Street. A must for tourists and book-collectors

Right in the centre of Moffat, this shop has a lot to offer in a small space. A paperback section at the front for Moffat's many tourists, then a good non-fiction section with Scottish, warfare, poetry, British history.etc. Friendly owner, who also advises on walking and where to have lunch.  Jane Slater 20.01.10
An interesting little shop with quite a substantial stock of old Scottish Lowland town and country histories. Plenty of paperback fiction but well worth a visit.  Chris Harte 18.06.12
Now known as The Moffat Bookshop, this is a gem that survives on non-specialist stock (per new owner: "We found people wanted a choice of everything"). Good prices and range, and cheerfully succeeding. Recommended.  S+S 09.08.18
Friendly owner, a interesting selection of titles both new and secondhand. Stock was easy to find as the shelves were labled and well organised. Very good selection of local history books.  booksellerbull 11.11.19
Finally been able to visit. A fairly small but well stocked shop. A little bit of everything, and prices were reasonable - we came away with 13 books for £45 but there are higher priced volumes to be had, of course.

Owner friendly, shelves well labeled and everything was pretty much where it should be, and mostly in very good condition. Will definitely return, and Moffat is a very nice town. Someone even has a (replica) Spitfire in their front garden a few minutes walk away from the bookshop...
  Flip M 25.07.22

North Ayrshire Cancer Care Bookshop/LARGS/105 Main Street
North Ayrshire Cancer Care Bookshop  Open at advertised times
105 Main Street   LARGS   KA30 8JJ
tel: 07947 334323 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30.
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Just round the corner from the Oxfam shop. Bigger stock than Oxfam but equally excellent prices - makes you want to add a little extra by way of donation.  Steven Kelly 
Curses! We saw no Oxfam shop! This one, however, is a little gem, well-priced general stock with a quirky charm. We found excellent railway material. This is priced by "somebody who comes in" for the purpose but a bulk buy was treated in a most friendly manner. I think we made the chap's day!  TravellingLibrary 27.06.15

North Ayrshire Cancer Care Bookshop/WEST KILBRIDE/118 Main Street
North Ayrshire Cancer Care Bookshop  Open at advertised times
118 Main Street   WEST KILBRIDE   KA23 9AR
tel: 01294 823773 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30.
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Oxfam Books and Music/TROON/9b Church Street
Oxfam Books and Music  Open at advertised times
9b Church Street   TROON   KA10 6AU
tel: 01292 312450  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Good general range as was stocked at Largs (from where it recently moved).  Steven Kelly 15.11.10
Bright and appealing shop with very attractive prices. The stock is quite small but well presented. TravellingMan had a lucky find of several brand new Osprey gaming books and was well chuffed.  TravellingLibrary 27.06.15
A small but well organised and laid out shop. Prices were a mix of good and optimistic but not the most expensive Oxfam I've been in. Grabbed a couple of things and will return. Car park nearby (behind) but there is on street parking in nearby roads too.  Flip M 21.01.19
Just an update really - shop still there and still similar. Not a big oxfam shop but is 80% books and the rest a few music and video items. Stock seems to change regularly - mostly general stock but quality obviously depends on donations. Older books seem to inhabit 1 particular small bookcase but prices still reasonable compared to most oxfam shops I've been to. Free car park around the back or free parking on street nearby.  Flip M 21.01.23

Oxfam Shop/DUMFRIES/121 Queensberry Street
Oxfam Shop  Open at advertised times
121 Queensberry Street   DUMFRIES   DG1 1BH
tel: 01387 252484 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 3.00.
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It doesn't have the "bookshop" name in its title but doesn't sell much else but books in one large room.  Graeme Rendall 29.08.18
This is unquestionably a books and music outlet, no clothes or bric-a-brac. Excellent prices and good (if small) selection.  Steven Kelly 06.02.20

Timberbooks/WEST KILBRIDE/Overton, 50 Ritchie St
Timberbooks  Open at advertised times
Overton, 50 Ritchie St  WEST KILBRIDE  KA23 9HF
tel:  07710 150794  e-mail   web  
Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday & Sunday 1.00 - 5.00
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New, second-hand and antiquarian books and book-related items.

Wee Bookshop /GOUROCK/66 Kempock Street
The Wee Bookshop    Open at advertised times
66 Kempock Street  GOUROCK  PA19 1ND
Open: Monday 11.00 - 4.00, Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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Charity bookshop, opened in October 2023, selling mainly second-hand books and some new. Run by volunteers to raise money for Ardgowan Hospice, based in nearby Greenock and serving the whole of Inverclyde.

This little shop has undergone a sea change in the last few months and now sells mainly second-hand books. When it opened last October, 90% of the books were new, donated by Amazon upon the closure of its warehouse in the town (causing substantial job losses) as it centralised its entire Scottish distribution operations at Dunfermline. Those have now largely sold and it is now reliant on donations of second-hand books from the public. The stock is therefore largely standard charity-shop fare. Modern popular fiction is its mainstay, some of which is priced at only £1, with lots of crime novels. There is a small stock of classic literature and also some science fiction. The non-fiction consists largely of biographies, history, music and Scottish interest. Prices are generally low, but erratic pricing was in evidence for some of the older books and, strangely, some of the wholly unexceptional modern cookbooks. A reasonable selection of children's books, but rather variable pricing here too. The central part of the shop floor is given over to rather expensive records. Ardgowan Hospice has five other charity shops in the area, but this is its only bookshop. Only a couple of minutes' walk from the railway station and the ferry terminal, and worth a look if you are in town.  Booker T 29.05.24