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Bookworms of Shoreham has closed
Fireside Books has moved to Stroud in Gloucestershire
New shop Lions Club Bookshop East Grinstead
Heygates Bookshop has moved
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Oxfam shop Worthing no longer a bookshop

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Badgers Books/WORTHING/8-10 Gratwicke Road
Badgers Books  Open at advertised times
8-10 Gratwicke Road   WORTHING   BN11 4BH
tel: 01903 211816 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Large general secondhand stock.

A well organised shop with a very helpful proprietor and a stock of excellent quality that is always worth a visit.  Nicholas Pendower 03.01.09
A lovely old-fashioned shop run by people who knew their subject. Very helpful with all queries. Stock on railway and local material took ages to examine. Low pricing which made me buy more than I probably should have done. Recommended.  Chris Harte 12.08.09
Excellent shop with pleasant and welcoming proprieters. Always a good selection, and reasonably priced.Excellent shop with pleasant and welcoming proprieters. Always a good selection, and reasonably priced.  Gibbonstrangler 17.08.12
My idea of the perfect traditional secondhand bookshop. Always a lovely relaxing browsing experience with decent material at reasonable prices that makes it a pleasure to hand over the money to the friendly and helpful yet unobtrusive proprietors.  DavidC 13.09.12
SUPERB SERVICE!! I placed an internet order on Sunday, it was despatched on Monday, and the expertly packaged book was delivered on Tuesday. In addition Meriel was kind enough to include a note with the parcel. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!  Kate Morton 07.03.14
Impressive in size and stock. Good topography and military sections. Attractive pricing.  Herne 01.04.14
I live in Derbyshire; buy online. Love to be able to visit - Meriel is lovely on the 'phone. Excellent prices, solid packaging, a little note from Meriel - good stuff!  Andrew Bradley 03.07.14
Can only agree with everyone. Lovely owners, relaxed atmosphere, good selection of paperback fiction and hardbacks - lots of lit crit - has a nice ever changing selection of Virginia Woolf and other Bloomsbury group books. Been coming here on and off must be twenty years, and always visit when I'm in the area. Very fair prices means I always come away with a selection to keep me going in this irksome world.  Yossarian 24.04.15
Still as welcoming as ever. Good stock although more in quality than quantity. I found some interesting titles while my wife purchased more than I did, a most unusual occurrence.  Chris Harte 08.04.16
I can only echo the previous comments. This is the sort of shop you think has vanished and then are overjoyed to find that it still exists. it is well laid out and although at first glance the hardback fiction seems expensive, it is usually a) first edition, b) in superb condition and c) signed. There is something for everyone here and it is WWAD. NB Oxfam shop round the corner is NWAD.  Jon Morgan 24.09.16
A very nice, well stocked, traditional secondhand bookshop. Especially strong on nonfiction, on display are also some rarities; ephemera in the form of old magazines and pamphlets etc. Friendly staff as well. Thank god this shop still exists after the demise of Kims Bookshop in Worthing. A quaint and charming place.  taylor 01.02.18
Always a joy to visit. Lots of lovely literature, (auto)biographies, lit crit, poetry; the owners are lovely too. As simple as that! Go!  TheWavesBroke 12.07.19
A great little shop, well set out and reasonably priced. Lady owner always very pleasant.  Wessexman 06.08.21
Well stocked, well organised and pleasingly laid out, this shop is a shining light in the awful shoreline "subtopia" which stretches between Brighton and Bognor. For some reason I rarely seem to find anything I want but that's just my bad luck: there's plenty there. Highly recommended.  Laurence Purcell 19.05.22

Barnardo_s/EAST GRINSTEAD/10 London Road
Barnardo's  Open at advertised times
10 London Road   EAST GRINSTEAD   RH19 1AG
tel: 01342 315303 
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Donated books.

Now have a dedicated bookshop on the first floor of their 'normal' charity shop. Good general selection. There appears to be a healthy trend developing of the other 'main stream' charity shops playing 'catch up' with Oxfam. About time they had some competition in this sector, might even drive Oxfam's prices down, one can live in hope!  Steve Newman 16.08.11
Upper floor of books permanently closed. Now has just a couple of shelves of paperbacks on the ground floor.  Nicholas Sack 03.07.14

Billingshurst Lions Bookshop/BILLINGSHURST/Unit 4 Laura House
Billingshurst Lions Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Unit 4 Laura House  Jengers Mead (off High Street)   BILLINGSHURST   RH14 9NZ
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00.
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Stock mainly hardback and paperback fiction in decent condition and reasonable prices. Also a small selection of excellent home-made fruit cakes (date and walnut, Dundee etc.)!  Martin Stallion 
Don't sell cakes any more, but have a few jigsaws. Reasonably priced doesnt do justice - these books are really quite cheap - around 60p for a good quality paperback novel!  Paul 18.06.12
I used to live in this village in the mid seventies and superficially (and quite spookily) little has changed. This shop in in a seventies' parade where about a third of the shops are charity shops. At first i was disheartened by the albeit superbly organised pulp fiction / chick lit /romance but spotted some really decent paperback modern fiction. In the back room there are modern hardback fiction in really good condition priced for a pound or less. I came away with a bag load. Worth a visit if in the area. Ample, cheap pay and display parking.  Jon Morgan 24.09.16
Have visited 3 times, once left empty handed but twice with a bag full, obviously depends on what they've had donated recently. Well laid out, lots of fiction, cookery, gardening, children's but some interesting topography and military. Very reasonable prices, new h/b fiction £1.50, p/b 80p. Beware the car park attendant waiting by the car checking his watch!  H B 28.11.19

Book Den/BURGESS HILL/Church Walk
The Book Den  Open at advertised times
Church Walk   BURGESS HILL   RH15 9AS
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday 9.00 - 4.30.
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Donated secondhand books & records. Run by the Burgess Hill District Lions Club.

Some interesting finds here and realistically priced. Worth a detour. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 22.08.13

Book Shop/EAST GRINSTEAD/22 High Street
The Book Shop  Open at advertised times
22 High Street   EAST GRINSTEAD   RH19 3AS
tel: 01342 322669 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30.
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A new bookshop with a growing stock of general secondhand books on the first floor.

An expanding secondhand stock on the rambling upper floor. Worth a look for transport and topography.  Nicholas Sack 03.07.14
Four years on from my previous visit, the stock has been consolidated in three rather cramped rooms. Worth a shufty for military history and transport. Prices are a tad high and occasionally absurd: 30 quid for a local history book listed online at eight. The place is tired and dusty: desperately needs a tidy-up.  Nicholas Sack 09.08.18

Fisher Nautical/HASSOCKS/Huntswood House
Fisher Nautical  Appointment necessary
Huntswood House  St Helena Lane  Streat   HASSOCKS   BN6 8SD
tel: 01273 890273  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00. Appointment necessary.
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Established 1963 and extensive and long lasting wants list kept. Catalogue published about every month. Phone, fax, e-mail or write for printed catalogue AND send us your wants list. Postal business, visitors by appointment only, regret browsing not possible. Most parcels dispatched next day."Books about the Sea" When all else fails try us or save time and & try us first!

I've bought maritime and naval books from Fisher's for 10 years online or from their printed catalogues. A wonderful family business to deal with and in my opinion package their books in the best wrapping I've received from a book dealer.  Laurence Batchelor 25.02.14

Heygates Bookshop /BOGNOR REGIS/Bognor Regis Railway Station, Station Road
Heygates Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Bognor Regis Railway Station, Station Road  BOGNOR REGIS  PO21 1BP
tel:  07879408527  e-mail
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Large selection of pre-loved, new, out of print and collectors' books, as well as modern first editions. We also stock vintage annuals, comics and maps.

Predominantly paperbacks but there are outcrops of hardbacks which increase towards the rear of the shop. Worth visiting if you are in the town but NWAD unless you are a paperback person.  Laurence Purcell 16.02.17
Moved to new larger premises, see article  TBG2 13.07.21
The new site for Heygates Bookshop is a lot better and well worth a visit. Very friendly welcome from the owner. Bright and clean. Easy to find what you're looking for. Hardback and paperback. Fiction and nonfiction. Some bookshelves are high and some shelves have books behind books. So be prepared for some climbing and moving of books (all part of the fun of being a secondhand book buyer). I'm sure the friendly owner would be willing to help. Books are priced for all different budgets. Some great bargains to be had. Some books are individually priced and the rest are number coded with a price list on the wall. Came away with a big bag of books. Was a bit disappointed when we got home and took the price code labels off the front of the books. It damaged the the books. I would suggest low stick labels and put it on the back of the book.   Jayne  22.03.22
Spacious new premises but nearly all paperbacks and vast numbers of them. There are some shelves of rather mixed and mostly very elderly hardbacks cowering in one corner. If it's paperbacks you're after, hasten to Heygate's!  Laurence Purcell 10.04.22

Island Books /THAKEHAM/White House  Storrington Road  
Island Books   Appointment necessary
White House  Storrington Road    THAKEHAM  RH20 3EQ
tel:  01798 812 223  e-mail   web  
Open:  By Appointment.
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25,000 fine, rare and academic titles with emphasis on condition. Binding and restoration. Showroom open by appointment, all books listed on website.

Kim_s Bookshop/ARUNDEL/10 High Street
Kim's Bookshop  Open at advertised times
10 High Street   ARUNDEL   BN18 9AB
tel: 01903 882680  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00 & Sunday from 10.30.
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Three floors of secondhand books with a large children's section, and a paperback room.

Looked good from the outside but not too much of substance on the shelves. Full of passing holidaymakers who were browsing without seemingly knowing what they wanted. Counter staff more intent on composing an email "to Alice" than bothering to look for requested generic titles.  Chris Harte 12.08.09
This is a wonderful oldie worldy shop. They stock thousands from leathers to topography to humour to history. I LOVE the childrens room.  D. White 11.12.09
Totally disagree with Chris Harte. Delightful shop, excellent stock. Staff helpful and was impressed with efforts to try to find the requested titles. A great range of books, well organised.  tiffjolie 11.12.09
Lovely secondhand bookshop. Found some real gems. They even do penguin mugs! Wide range of books to choose from including art, local history, military, cookery, poetry, transport and c hildren's. Staff very helpful. Will definately be back.  Marcus True 21.12.09
I'm afraid that this shop has become opportunistic, with prices consistently just that bit too high. I used to buy a lot of good stuff here, but a recent visit resulted in a fairly swift exit after inspecting the rather optimistic pricing. A great shame.  Pendowern 24.03.11
I enjoyed browsing but found the prices on the high side of reasonable. Nothing that quite took my breath away but, personally, I did much better at the (many) charity shops in Bognor.  Steven 16.04.13
Can see this is a popular one and I understand why! Walk inside and it's like stepping back in time. Lovely nostalgic selection, good prices - me and my family always make a special trip here!  Charlie Kane 17.09.13
Plenty to interest here and particularly good for topography and transport.  Herne 16.11.13
Fantastic bookstore. Massive amount of stock on so many subjects. Everything clearly labelled, which always helps. They have a huge children's section filled with modern as well as all the classics. Great fiction section at the top of the shop. Best point was that they accept card payments which allowed me to buy more than I originally planned! :D  Cathy 08.07.14
A real old fashioned s/h bookshop- I loved it. Excellent coverage with a good stock, prices slightly high but not particularly so. Delightful and worthwhile.  Norman Davies 08.04.17
An attractive and well laid-out shop in the heart of the town, and which seems to attract many of the town's visitors. Opening hours now advertised as 1030 to 1600 Mondays to Sundays, but whether the Sunday opening applies out of the holiday season I do not know.   Wessexman 06.08.21
Lovely bookshop. Friendly staff. Fiction and nonfiction. Came home with a bag full of books.   Jayne  16.11.21
Always a well stocked, well laid out bookshop. Prices going up (where aren’t they?) but still reasonable. Excellent teashops nearby too!   HB  20.03.22
May find car parking difficult if there is an event going off or its a lovely day. We tried on a Saturday but couldn't get a parking space so went back early the following day. Friendly welcome from owner/staff. A helpful list of subjects on the wall telling you what floor and room to find books easily. A bit pricey for me. My husband and son came away with a bag full of rare finds at good prices. Well worth a visit.   Jayne 22.03.22
Lovely old-fashioned shop. Strong in all categories but especially transport and children's fiction. There is much good hardback fiction but alas this is made to slum it with the even more numerous paperbacks. It would occupy no more space and save time for old fogeys like me if the two were separated.  Laurence Purcell 10.04.22

Kim_s Bookshop/CHICHESTER/28 South Street
Kim's Bookshop  Open at advertised times
28 South Street   CHICHESTER   PO19 1EL
tel: 01243 778477  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30.
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Four rooms of general stock, art and topography and a paperback room.

I often go into bookshops and wonder why they bother. Shelves full of Oxfam material and all my queries were answered by: "You'll find that in our Arundel shop."  Chris Harte 12.08.09
Great shop. Staff very helpful in assisting me, they did not have what I wanted secondhand but were able to locate it brand new. Great art selection.  Marcus Jones 11.12.09
I managed to find a lovely range of unusal books here. Also one from their Arundel shop was brought over for me. Staff was very helpful. Fab selection of motoring for Goodwood days including rare. One of my favourite shops.  tiffjolie 11.12.09
Great shop. Not as big as Arundel but still loads to choose from.  Marcus True 21.12.09
Seems to be under new management but still keeping up a good standard. Well worth visiting for topography and transport.  Herne 24.02.10
Topography is a strong suit as is the performing arts. A well laid out shop.  Herne 30.03.11
Back again after an interval. There is now a third floor for fiction. Topography remains the strong suit but music well represented.  Herne 03.06.16
Like the Arundel one, I loved this shop - most areas, very good extensive stock, came away with many transport and topo titles.  Norman Davies 08.04.17
Lovely bookshop. Friendly staff. Fiction and nonfiction.   Jayne  16.11.21
I've visited this bookshop a few times now. Friendly welcome from owner/staff. A helpful list of subjects on the wall telling you what floor and room to find books. Hardback and paperback. Fiction and nonfiction. A bit pricey for me. My son bought some rare finds at good prices and was very happy. Well worth a visit.  Jayne  22.03.22

Lions Book Shop/EAST GRINSTEAD/Martell_s (second floor), London Road
Lions Book Shop  Open at advertised times
Martell's (second floor), London Road  EAST GRINSTEAD  RH19 1AP
tel:  0345 833 9506  e-mail   web  Add a comment

Run by East Grinstead and District Lions Club in aid of local charities and community projects. Small stock of donated books inside Martell's department store.

Oxfam Books _ Music/CHICHESTER/36 East Street
Oxfam Books & Music  Status unknown, update requested
36 East Street  CHICHESTER  PO19 1HS
tel:  01243 532349  Add a comment

Great bookshop. Friendly staff. Fiction and nonfiction. Came home with some bargains.   Jayne  16.11.21
I've visited this lovely bookshop a few times now. Well presented bookshop. Hardback and paperback. Fiction and nonfiction. Lots of bargains to be had. Well worth a visit and as usual came away with a big bag of books.   Jayne  22.03.22

Oxfam Shop/HORSHAM/23 Carfax
Oxfam Shop  Phone before travelling
23 Carfax   HORSHAM   RH12 1EB
tel: 01403 252012  web 
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Small shop with high prices.  John Bacon 29.06.09
Little of interest, overpriced and not worth a detour. Parking nearby -where other shops offer better and more realistically priced fare.  The Drifter 22.08.13
Small, low ceilinged and a challenge if over 5'10". Linked to normal Oxfam next door. Pretty market town with some non chain stores and a huge Waterstones. The shop itself has limited stock and silly prices. Two interesting books on the SOE would have been bought if realistically priced (i.e. not what they had seen on Amazon or ABE) and will probably be on the shelves if I were to return in 12 months time. At least one of the volunteers could have benefited from a shower (or two). NWAD. Some other charity shops in town nearby but none of any great interest.  Jon Morgan 24.09.16
Two small rooms dedicated to books. Unlike previous visitors, I found the prices lower than average for Oxfam. A shelf of local history included some unusual titles: I came away with four for less than a tenner. Worth a shufty, but not a special detour.   Nicholas Sack  24.08.21

Potters Books/HASSOCKS/6 London Road
Potters Books  Appointment necessary
6 London Road   HASSOCKS   BN6 9NT
tel: 01273 844648  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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Secondhand and ex-display books. Book search and ordering service for new, secondhand and out-of-print books. Large stock of secondhand and ex-display books available to buy.

Wheeler_s Bookshop /MIDHURST/Red Lion Street  
Wheeler's Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Red Lion Street    MIDHURST  GU29 9PB
tel:  01730 817666  e-mail   web
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 12.00 - 5.00.
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From secondhand and antiquarian to the latest in-print titles... Old and new books over two floors of our historic shop premises, located in the heart of the West Sussex town of Midhurst. Please do call in if you are in the area. Find us in Red Lion Street, the centre of the old town.

Two floors of fairly average books. Nothing antiquarian but various selections with the occasional gem. Pricing was all over the place.  Chris Harte 13.10.09
A wonderful place to escape. A fascinating mix of books, well laid out in an attractive and friendly shop. Reviewed in detail here  bookshopblogger 18.12.13
Have put this on my list of regular calls - good selection, elegantly displayed. Not bargain prices, but proprietor kindly offered me a small discount, which I always appreciate. 2 hours' free parking at leisure centre btw!  George Hale 12.08.14