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Beware of The Leopard Books/BRISTOL/77 St Nicholas Market
Beware of The Leopard Books  Phone before travelling
77 St Nicholas Market  St Nicholas Street   BRISTOL   BS1 1LJ
tel: 0117 9257277 
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Don't be put off by the market address- this is not a stall but a proper book shop in two adjoining units in the lovely old market hall. (where you can get an excellent lunch). The stock is of variable quality but there are some good things in there and it's the only second hand book shop in central Bristol (15 mins walk from Temple Meads Station).  George Marshall 23.09.10
Agree the above. Surprisingly large and eclectic collection helpful chatty proprietor. Worth a visit.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
Good selection of interesting books. Proprietor almost on friendly speaking terms with me after more than 10 years as a customer.  Steve Brissle 05.10.12
Take your time searching the various rooms as there are some fairly decent titles hidden in with some ordinary books. Although there are categories marked, the one which really caught my eye were the shelves on publishers and publishing. On reflection I should have purchased more than I did.  Chris Harte 19.01.13
Spread over two units this offers a wide range of reasonably priced books. A friendly knowledgeable owner. Discounting the charity shops, plus the excellent Harbourside weekend market bookstalls, this is only one of three bookshops left in Bristol now. Worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.08.13
Upper Cut 8/10.  The Boxer 10.10.13
When the owner turned up much later than the advertised opening hours ... he seemed friendly to a group of attractive Spanish girls and ignored me ... No surprise there! Stock mixed and much that could be pulped. Some interesting items which did not, ultimately, tempt me at the rather high prices. NWAD.  Jon Morgan 21.11.13
This really is a top rate bookshop. Just under two years since my last visit and it was clear that there had been much movement on the shelves. I picked up numerous books not seen there before and my wife had a field day obtaining titles of her interests at very reasonable prices. WWAD.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
Revisited and support Chris Harte's comments. WWAD and a long browse.  Norman Davies 09.01.15
Highly recommended bookshop in the heart of St Nicholas Market. Wide range of reasonably priced books spread over two units. Expensive parking nearby. Well worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.02.15
Two shops: fiction in one and non-fiction over the path, although some books had drifted across into the wrong section. Excellent selection in both categories and I found some gems at very reasonable prices. WAD.  Steven 05.11.15
My favourite secondhand bookshop in Bristol. It's tidier now and continues to hold a varied and reasonably priced stock. I pop in for a browse regularly and purchase books on railways in particular. St Nicks Market is also worth a visit.  SteveBrissle 07.04.16
No real change although the pulp area did seem tidier. One Terry Pratchett hardback tempted me but its condition - damp, like much of the stock, did not merit the price demanded and the young lady 'had no discretion to negotiate.' The non-pulp area has some quality items.  Jonathan Morgan 15.11.16
Quite a lot to see but much (particularly outside) tatty, and prices often distinctly ambitious.  Lost Club 08.04.17
Seek and ye shall find. Nearly three years since my last visit and I found five books of my speciality not seen before. Also additions on shelves I usually scour. Always worth a visit.  Chris Harte 04.09.17
Chris Harte obviously has more success than me in this place. The fiction area is much tidier and better organised than on my last visit, but still much popular pulp stuff in the annexe. The main shop has some interesting stuff, but nothing tempted me overmuch. The outside stock does not merit much comment. Owner attentive and he must be doing something right as the longevity of the establishment testifies.  Jon Morgan 10.03.18
Books looked familiar on revisit but there were some new goodies hidden amongst the oldies. Still well worth a visit and interesting owner.  Norman Davies 31.05.18

Bloom and Curll/BRISTOL/74 Colston Street
Bloom and Curll  Phone before travelling
74 Colston Street   BRISTOL   BS1 5BB
tel: 07786 960 941  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 6.30.
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New and used books. Beautiful little shop.

Very attractive well laid out shop with an eclectic choice of books - featuring a great choice of cult books. Also at the Bristol Book Market first Sunday of the month and the Harbourside Market (near the Watershed).  KS 06.10.11
Lovely bookshop. Interesting and varied stock at reasonable prices, and free cake too.  Steve Brissle 01.05.13
Excellent bookshop with a wide range of cult literature. Friendly owner and free cake! Just up from the Harbourside Market bookstalls at weekends so a good day out for the discerning book buyer in central Bristol.  The Drifter 14.08.13
Upper cut. 8/10.  The Boxer 14.09.13
Great shop. One foot in the old fashioned type bookshop, where you are not sure what you'll come across, and the other foot in new fresh looking paperbacks etc. Lovely display and friendly owner. Great!  The Old Curiosity Shopper 17.09.13
The curse of the absent owner ... Do these people really want customers, I arrived at past 11 and returned at 12.30 and it was still shut with no notice as to rational ... looked promising. The other people window shopping also looked frustrated. Luckily within walking distance of the Market (Don't bother) and The Last Bookshop and the Oxfam in Queens Road.  Jon Morgan 21.11.13
What I was expecting to see here, and what I actually saw, were very much apart. It took me longer to find a parking spot than to examine the shelves.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
Dear Chris Harte, ever so glad you'll not be back for a further examination. Yours Sincerely  Jason Beech, Bloom & Curll 03.12.14
Managed to get in this time. An eclectic range of stock with quite a lot of recent fiction some s/h some either new or remaindered. A very pleasant environment with some unusual items across the ranges.  Jonathan Morgan 15.11.16
Not open at just after 4 on the Saturday I tried, so perhaps the opening hours ("to 6.30") have changed.  Lost Club 11.04.17
Their stated opening times are still until 6.30 - I suggest phoning first.  tbg 11.04.17
Shop looks nice but I felt put off by the sign in the window which states that if you want to browse you should go to Waterstones  Marcia 03.08.18
Eccentric shop. One sign in the window was odd and off putting but the stock is good and the prices reasonable.  SteveBrissle 06.12.18

Book Stalls/BRISTOL/Harbourside Market
Book Stalls  Open at advertised times
Harbourside Market  Bordeaux Quay   BRISTOL   BS1 5UH
Open:  Saturday & Sunday 11.00 - 4.00.
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I came across 2 fantastic book stalls at the Harbourside Market. One directly opposite the no.1 Harbourside restaurant is one of the best stalls I've ever seen. full of cult fiction, beat lit, classics, sci-fi, etc. The other stall featured an unusual very eclectic range covering many quirky subjects. I'm amazed that this market was not publicised but will certainly get my regular attention now.  Brautigan 03.07.13
What a knockout. 9/10.  The Boxer 17.09.13
This is what Keda Breeze wrote about my bookstall on the Bristol Culture website: "Theres a book stall that is always at the harbourside market. He sells wonderful books and I love taking trips there. Even better he seems to have lots of old ones that have the nice old vintage covers, which are great for slightly pretentious people like me to have on display at home!"  Keith Simmonds 01.02.14
Great to see that the book stalls are going strong - friendly atmosphere and wide range of interesting and unusual books - modern and vintage. Good value and quality. Well worth a visit.  Mo H 19.11.14
Couldn't see any sign of these on a recent Saturday. Still going?  Lost Club 08.04.17
Still says 'books' on their website.  tbg 08.04.17
With regard to the comment by "Lost Club" as to there not being bookstalls at the Harbourside Market they were, as their sobriquet suggests, clearly "lost". I imagine they visited the Flea Market in Corn Street (which has no bookstalls) instead of The Harbourside Market, half a mile away, which features at least three good sized bookstalls every Saturday and Sunday. There is a bookstall either end of the market on Bordeaux Quay and my one, Harbourside Books (formerly Bristol Books), directly opposite No 1 Harbourside Restaurant/bar. Had they actually visited the Harbourside Market they would have been hard pressed to miss the bookstalls!  Keith Simmonds 18.04.17

Books For Amnesty/BRISTOL/103 Gloucester Road
Books For Amnesty  Open at advertised times
103 Gloucester Road   BRISTOL   BS7 8AT
tel: 01179 422969  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.30.
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A wide range of secondhand and remaindered books at very competitive prices. Stock includes many academic titles as well as modern fiction and classics.

The favourite bookshop of most literate Bristolians; even the bibliophiles admit to popping in regularly. Extremely good prices, always with a half-price offer on a section that changes every month. It's on the famous Gloucester Road, so if you're accompanied by fans of clothes, knick-knacks, CDs, electronics, alcohol or fine food (incl. street-grilled meat on Saturdays), they'll be chuffed too.  Laurence 28.09.09
Large stock of donated books with plenty of volunteer staff. However all books over £10 in value are unavailable as they are upstairs and on-line. This is unfair to the customers and loses money for Amnesty.  Mary C 23.08.11
What a letdown. Agree with Mary C - this is a poor collection of cheap books, some odd goodies but told "anything worthwhile taken upsatiars for internet only".  Norman Davies 22.09.11
In answer to the comments above, Books for Amnesty Brsitol has now got an 'interesting books section' which we are trying to stock with first editions, signed books and the like. Unfortunately space in the shop is limited, so unfortunately we can't have all the books out at one time. We do sell more valuble books on abebooks.co.uk and anyone local is welcome to get in touch to arrange looking at or buying any of the books listed online.  Tamara, Books for Amnesty 12.01.12
Recently all books were £1. This included the Internet books. There were at least 6 shelves of them! While I understand about space and abebooks, why can't all customers go upstairs to look at them?  Mary C 26.07.12
Dear Mary C and other concerned book lovers - I'm afraid it just isn't practical to allow all customers upstairs. We have over 4000 books listed online and unfortunately not enough space to display them or enough volunteers to staff the space. Upstairs, is where we sort through the books as well as store them. Many of the books are in boxes and those that are on shelves usually have piles have boxes in front of them. There are now 2 permanent shelves of collectables above the religion section downstairs as well as some collectable children's books above children's classics. If you are looking for anything specific do get in touch.

Ignore the moans as above. This is a quality charity shop with some pretty good offerings. No wonder it was full on my visit
  Chris Harte 19.01.13
Sadly not the shop it used to be.the prices are steadily rising and the quality decreasing.Could this be to do with certain favoured customers who leave with bags of goodies put aside for them?  Brautigan 03.07.13
Thoroughly agree with Brautigan's comments. Prices rising whilst quality markedly down. A noble charity but one whose Secretary-General is on £200,000 pa and senior directors £107,000. A total of £800,000 severance pay was paid to two executives 2 years ago. No wonder prices are rising.  The Drifter 10.08.13
Punch drunk. 1/10. - The Boxer  12.09.13 12.09.13
I still have no idea what the Boxer is talking about ! I got here unfortunately quite late but there were plenty of people browsing and it i true to say that this shop has a wider range of extent of stock than most of the other Bristol shops. It closed whilst I was there but will definitely be back, The area has a multitude of other charity shops, too late to visit however. - Worth a detour.  Jonathan Morgan 15.11.16
Four and a half years since my last visit and, if anything, the stock has improved no end. Between my wife and myself we purchased 22 titles and really should have got more. This shop is WWAD.  Chris Harte 04.09.17
Finally returned in good time not to be ejected by store closing. The alterations mentioned include new shelves and a well organised stock, which was extensive. Not a great deal for me on this trip, as the fiction section resembled my own shelves. Nearby charity shops rather a disappointment in book terms. Probably one of the best s/h bookshops in the city tho!  Jon Morgan 10.03.18
Revisit today. Problem solved by shop extending into back rooms. Decent stock at excellent prices although some subjects inevitably better than others;worth a visit.  Norman Davies 31.05.18
Still as well stocked as ever, with volunteers busy replenishing the shelves during my visit. Plenty of bargains to be had in the boxes outside the window.  Wessexman 24.09.21

British Heart Foundation Books and Music Shop/BRISTOL/148 Whiteladies Road
British Heart Foundation Books and Music Shop  Open at advertised times
148 Whiteladies Road  Clifton   BRISTOL   BS8 2RS
tel: 01179 739274  web 
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The best impulse-buy bookshop in the Clifton area. The shop window reliably has 2 or 3 must-have books, the 50p racks outside contain decent literature, and it's well organized inside. All at prices that mean one always leaves with more than one came in for.  Laurence 28.09.09
An excellent charity shop. For once a good range of the more collectible items. Well worth a look if in Bristol.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
Simply the best charity bookshop in Bristol by a country mile. Always carries a wide range of excellent books including interesting collectables. The shop makes good use of its double fronted window display and there are inevitably several books that hook you in every time. Parking is relatively easy. George, the manager,and his colleagues are unfailingly friendly and knowledgeable. Prices are sensible and realistic and,unlike certain charity shops,encourage one to return again and again! They also sell CD's,records,DVD's and videos. The shop has quite a rapid turnover of stock and therefore regular visits pay dividends.  KS 06.10.11
This charity bookshop was a revelation when first stumbled upon. Lovely layout and easy access to all their books.A wide and varied array of subjects. All in great condition and very reasonably priced.Went back a couple of days later and found a lot of new stock so they obviously have a good turn around (perhaps due to reasonable prices?)Also a very good worthwhile charity.Spoke to the charming and knowledgable George, the manager who was very friendly. A+ shop  SC 21.10.11
This fantastic bookshop was recommended by a friend and what a great pointer he gave me. Not just a wonderful eclectic stock but knowledgable and friendly staff too. Special thanks to George the manager, a real gent for whom nothing is too much trouble. Highly recommended to all.  SP 08.11.11
One of the best charity bookshops in the city. Virtually impossible to leave without a couple of well-priced paperbacks under your arm. Rapid turnover means regular visits are advisable. George is a brilliant manager with a great team of book-loving volunteers. PS. The bargain bin outside always contains the odd gem.  RB 10.11.11
Easily THE best charity bookshop in Bristol and its environs. Superb constantly changing stock with realistic and reasonable prices. The books are well displayed and its practically impossible not to buy items in the double frontage window! There are real bargains to be had in the baskets outside the shop and also a great selection of DVDs, CDs and albums. George and his colleagues are very friendly and knowledgeable. A wonderful shop-strongly recommended.  Keith 31.05.13
The best charity bookshop in Bristol.Full of reasonably priced goodies. Found several obscure titles that were on my wants list.A very friendly manager with a helpful member of staff. Would recommend this shop to anyone visiting Bristol in search of books!  Stuart 15.06.13
What a first-rate charity bookshop. Friendly knowledgeable staff and sensible pricing structure with attention to detail and condition that ensures frequent repeat custom. In addition a great stock of DVD's, CD's and albums. This is how to run a successful charity bookshop. Oxfam and Amnesty should take note.  The Drifter 10.08.13
Heavyweight champion. 10/10. - The Boxer  12.09.13 12.09.13
Love it!! Great range of stock, inexpensive and friendly atmosphere. Always donate my read books to them as I feel they will be treated well and found a good home to go too. Highly recommended.  The Old Curiosity Shopper 17.09.13
A general charity shop with average holdings. Only the glass-fronted cupboard with mid-wars books proved to be of interest.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
Still the best charity bookshop in Bristol - by far. Very popular and stock constantly updated so perhaps you need to be a regular to see the most interesting books. Well worth a visit.  Mo H 19.11.14
Revisited still by a long way the best charity bookshop for miles. Key is turnover and some really decent books.  Norman Davies 09.01.15
All the above comments are borne out by my experience. It is quite a long slog from central Bristol, on foot, (My aged Morris Minor was having some TLC in Charles Ware's expert hands) and all uphill, still it was a lovely Spring day! Good, well laid out stock and the staff were knowledgeable, helpful and (George?) printed off a map showing how to walk to the Amnesty shop. Worth the walk (The staff deserve recognition by the senior management of this charity!)  Jon Morgan 10.03.18
This shop remains up its usual high standard. A wide range of well-categorised stock and some interesting titles in the 'Collectibles' section.  Wessexman 23.09.21

Dreadnought Books  /BRISTOL/125 St Georges Road,  Hotwells  
Dreadnought Books    Phone before travelling
125 St Georges Road,  Hotwells    BRISTOL  BS1 5UW
tel:  01173 293176  e-mail   web  
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 12.00 - 6.00 but check Facebook
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Independent second-hand bookshop in Bristol with about 5000 books. We like: Pinko lefty, psych-soc-babble, Artsy fartsy, counter-culture, occult weirdness, Bristle, bombs 'n epistles, Histories, herstories and anyone elses. Please get in touch if you have anything you think we might be interested in.

Small but well chosen stock. Most erratic pricing I've ever seen; £1-2 bargains and eyewatering mark-ups (£20 for not especially rare p/back) in equal measure. Recommended, but you're at the mercy of the pricing wheel of fortune.  CP 03.03.14
An excellent well laid out shop with realistically priced books. Wide ranging regularly changing stock. Knowledgeable friendly owner. Free parking nearby. Well worth a detour. Strongly recommended.  The Drifter 19.04.14
Small shop but well stocked with good quality books at reasonable prices. Recommended.  SteveBrissle 17.10.14
I drifted around this very neat and tidy bookshop trying really hard to find books of my interests. The general nature of the holdings really brought home to me how difficult it must be for bookdealers to find anything special anymore.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
Attractive and well laid out shop. Excellent for history and politics and some interesting general stock. Friendly approachable owner. Pricing can be erratic but makes life more interesting and possible bargains ! Well worth a visit.  Mo H 19.11.14
Excellent wide-ranging selection of books. Highly recommended shop. Parking nearby. Well worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.02.15
Excellent social history and politics selection as well as reasonably priced topography. Well worth a look when in Bristol.  Norman Davies 15.06.15
Revisited and now believe if interested in politics, modern history, art, decent topography, this is the best s/h shop in Bristol.  Norman Davies 31.05.18
Made two visits recently and was not disappointed. The stock continues to be well chosen and displayed, and the prices are good enough to encourage purchases to be made. Recommended.  SteveBrissle 06.12.18
About 10 minutes walk from College Green or by buses heading along the Portishead and Clevedon roads, this shop is almost within view of the SS Great Britain across the Harbour. I was impressed by the clean, neat and well-categorised shelves, the reasonable prices and the pleasant owner, although the sleeping cat had bagged the best seat on the sofa. Nowhere near as eccentric as I had expected from the description above!  Wessexman 24.09.21

Focus on the Past Antique Centre/BRISTOL/25 Waterloo Street
Focus on the Past Antique Centre  Open at advertised times
25 Waterloo Street  Clifton   BRISTOL   BS8 4BT
tel: 0117 973 8080 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30, Sunday 11.00 - 5.00.
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From 30th September 2016 I will be moving out of Focus on the Past as I am moving to Cornwall. Another dealer will carry on with the selection of Bristol books. I would like to say thank you to all my lovely regular customers. I have enjoyed meeting you and will be sad to leave. I am now looking for outlets in the Penzance/St Ives area. Best wishes from Margaret Anglim.

Always worth a good rummage. Some good books can be found and approachable owner.  SteveBrissle 03.03.14
A good number of reasonably priced books both on the ground floor and down the stairs. Particularly strong on local history. Aisle's quite tight which makes browsing difficult when busy. Recommended- well worth a detour. Just across the road from the books at Rainbow Cafe. Free parking nearby.  The Drifter 19.04.14
There is a fairly good selection of books in the basement of this antiques centre. However, if they were stacked properly and the view of the shelves not obstructed by clutter then some decent titles can be found. Recommend taking a torch as lighting is poor.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
buy books here on a regular basis and the main stock is in a section on the ground floor not the basement! Great for local history and 1930s to 50s illustrated if you are into vintage. Rarer books in a cabinet. This is an antique centre not a general book store but books in good condition and not over-priced. Well worth a visit.  Mo H 19.11.14
Always worth a visit. Small quantity but some good quality books at very reasonable prices. Recommended.  SteveBrissle 22.12.14
This is an odd one, a crammed antique centre. Upstairs a small selection but I always seem to buy something so worth a look if in Bristol. Downstairs I have twice given up trying to shift boxes, prints and piles of books to get at what may be some decent stuff on the shelves. As the Boxer would say, I need to be fitter to do book removals!  Norman Davies 09.01.15
Highly recommended selection of collectable and realistically priced books on the ground floor of the Antiques Centre. I visit regularly and have picked up some real bargains over the years. There are further books in the basement. Just across the road are books at the Rainbow Cafe. Well worth a detour. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 14.02.15
My last two visits have resulted in some good purchases being made at reasonable prices. Lots of local books, mostly in good condition. One of the more interesting established shops in Clifton Village.  SteveBrissle 07.04.16
Very cramped and not much stock re books. Plenty of rugs though.  David 29.09.17
Sadly now no books upstairs except a few antique centre type ones. Downstairs can now get at the books but they appear the same as were there on the last visit some time ago. No longer worth it for a book buyer or lover.  Norman Davies 31.05.18

Last Bookshop/BRISTOL/73 Park Street
The Last Bookshop  Open at advertised times
73 Park Street   BRISTOL   BS1 5PG
e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 7.00, Saturday & Sunday 10.00 - 7.00.
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Good quality remainders including art, biography, children's books, fiction, history, and literature.

An excellent remainder shop with constantly changing stock. All books priced at £2. Expensive parking nearby. Worth a detour.  The Drifter 22.08.13
Whiskers. 9/10.  The Boxer 17.09.13
A good, if slightly limited range of books. the space in the shop was not put to best use and many interesting titles were actually on the floor under the tables. lots of customers, Not far from Bloom and Curll ... if you ever find it open, and the Oxfam up the road is worth popping in to ...  Jon Morgan 21.11.13
Has now moved just down the road - books now £3 each or £10 for four. Not as good a selection as previously and more expensive. A pity.  The Drifter 22.10.14
Address details updated today  TBG 22.10.14
As remainder shops go this is not too bad. Lots of unsalable nonsense at the rear but some decent stuff on the tables at the front.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
Disagree with many above. This is one of the better remainder shops with some pretty good modern fiction and nonfiction at £5 for 2. Worth a look if in Bristol.  Norman Davies 09.01.15
Excellent variety and superb prices (or price as everything is the same: £3 per book or two for £5.) Only drawback is the steepness of the hill but no doubt the walk did me good.  Steven 05.11.15
Better organised than in the previous location with many remainder titles I had paid full price for over the years (frustratingly). Some good quality stock. and at £3 each many bargains to be had.  Jonathan Morgan 15.11.16
Very good remainder shop. Books at £5.00 for 2 or £3.00 each some of which we saw in other shops at far higher prices. WWAD.  David 29.09.17
The best shop for recent remainders for many miles. WWAD indeed.  Norman Davies 31.05.18

Oxfam Books _ Music/WESTBURY ON TRYM/1 Canford Lane
Oxfam Books & Music  Phone before travelling
1 Canford Lane   WESTBURY ON TRYM   BS9 3DB
tel: 0117 950 2146  web 
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Typically overpriced Oxfam and, as is so often the case, eclipsed by nearby competition. Picked up five books nearby 60-75% cheaper than Oxfam were asking for the same ones and in better condition. Not worth a detour. Parking nearby for the other more realistically priced shops.  The Drifter 06.09.13
Out for the count. 1/10. - The Boxer  12.09.13 12.09.13
The pricing policy here was bemusing. Why put high figures on virtually worthless fiction?  Chris Harte 15.11.14

Oxfam Bookshop/BRISTOL/1 Queen_s Road
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
1 Queen's Road   BRISTOL   BS8 1QE
tel: 0117 9294890  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 1.00 - 5.00.
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Have found a more expensive Oxfam than the Cotham Hill branch with this one.Ludicrous prices for run off the mill books, Book Club editions over £10!! Who does the pricing? Are they on medication?  Brautigan 04.07.13
Certainly the most expensive charity bookshop I have ever been in. Little regard to condition, or actual value of books. But then with a CEO' s salary of £119,560 to meet, plus those of others, perhaps these factors are reflected in their price structure.  The Drifter 10.08.13
Punching above their weight. 1/10.  The Boxer 12.09.13
What the dickens! Do they not realise a recession is on and old tatty paperbacks that fall apart in your hands are not going to sell for £6.99? Too pricey and no atmosphere ... like a hospital waiting room.  The Old Curiosity Shopper 17.09.13
Looks like they may have taken the hint as I found staff friendly, a decent stock with a couple of gems, over 2 floors and the prices were better than The market and no dearer than most other Oxfam shops ...  Jon Morgan 21.11.13
Poor stock; usual piles of fiction; stupidly high prices.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
A first! An Oxfam shop "sale" which reduced many prices to only just above what they should be in the first place, but apparently sale will not last. Despite the prices must point out this one does have a decent selection and turnover due to being in middle of Bristol Uni.  Norman Davies 09.01.15
Continues to be THE Oxfam Bristol flagship for unrealistic prices and often poor condition stock. Expensive parking nearby. Not worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.02.15
Still good stop, extensive modern fiction on the first floor now and standard Oxfam prices. Many 'collectibles' - who defines this ??? - at absolutely eye-watering levels  Jonathan Morgan 15.11.16
Revisited, still the best Bristol Oxfam in terms of stock but of course very limited older books. Saw a staff member religiously checking Abe for prices on anything looking vaguely old which could explain J.Morgan's and mine reaction to their hilarious over pricing?  Norman Davies 31.05.18
Well placed nearly opposite the Art Gallery. Above average for Oxfam and some interesting finds in Collectibles.  Herne 13.08.19

Oxfam Bookshop/BRISTOL/26 Princess Victoria Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
26 Princess Victoria Street  Clifton   BRISTOL   BS8 4BU
tel: 0117 9467926  web 
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Standard overpriced Oxfam except by chance someone had given them about 1,000 railway books so delight for me!  Norman Davies 22.09.11
Unfortunately overpriced and the one decent book that I would have bought was stated as a first edition but was in fact a later printing. Please do your homework Oxfam ... not a matter of looking a books price up on the internet and adding a few noughts after the price there and stating it is scarce.  Stuart 15.06.13
Little of interest here and very overpriced. The other nearby charity shops and the Rainbow Cafe books in the next road are all more realistically priced and better value.  The Drifter 14.08.13
On the ropes . 1/10.  The Boxer 13.09.13
Even the person behind the till agreed that the prices were a joke. Enough said.  Chris Harte 15.11.14
Don't know whether there has been a change of policy here but we found good books at reasonable prices.  David 29.09.17
Revisited now bog standard Oxfam. Reasonable selection in their terms but even more hilarious prices for "collectable" items.  Norman Davies 31.05.18

Oxfam Bookshop/BRISTOL/56 Cotham Hill
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
56 Cotham Hill   BRISTOL   BS6 6JX
tel: 0117 946 7443  web 
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Better than the other two.  John Eggeling 05.02.09
Which isn't saying much.  Steve Liddle 07.07.11
Rather better than average because it is in heart of University area and has a high turnover of not just academic books but also ones read by students.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
Unrealistic prices with little regard to actual value and certainly not the condition. This particular Oxfam one of the most expensive I have ever come across.  Brautigan 03.07.13
Below the belt. 1/10. - The Boxer  12.09.13 12.09.13
Typically overpriced Oxfam, eclipsed by nearby charity shops.Picked up several books within 200 yards much cheaper than Oxfam were asking for the same ones - in far better condition too. Little regard to condition of their overpriced offerings. Not worth a detour.  The Drifter 16.11.13
Why pay up to three times the price for pulp fiction you can get cheaper only a few doors away?  Chris Harte 15.11.14
Found a few good condition books here at reasonable prices. But definitely a good number of them were over priced.  David 29.09.17

Oxfam Bookshop/BRISTOL/57 High Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
57 High Street  Keynsham   BRISTOL   BS31 1DS
tel: 0117 986 1055  web 
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A fairly ordinary Oxfam shop with little in the way of antiquarian material. However, for some reason they have a splendid selection of Enid Blyton books many of which are wartime printings. For collectors it might be worth popping in if you are passing.  Chris Harte 05.04.11
A particularly dull Oxfam with mediocre overpriced stock. The nearby shops offer far better books at more realistic prices.  The Drifter 14.08.13
Throw in the towel. 1/10.  The Boxer 13.09.13
Price wise, the least offensive of the Oxfam chain ... perhaps overlooked by area managers as it would be too much trouble to travel out to Keynsham. Books tidy but still most pricey of the Keynsham high street charity shops.  The Old Curiosity Shopper 17.09.13

Paperbacks Plus/BRISTOL/Regent Street Shopping Arcade
Paperbacks Plus  Open at advertised times
Regent Street Shopping Arcade  98 Regent Street  Kingswood   BRISTOL   BS15 8HP
tel: 0117 9675777  e-mail  web 
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Have you ever wondered where the books you put out for recycling end up? Well worth a visit for entertainment value.  Brautigan 04.07.13
Technical knockout. 1/10.  The Boxer 13.09.13

Tyntesfield NT Bookshop/BRISTOL/Wraxell
Tyntesfield NT Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Wraxell   BRISTOL   BS48 1NX
tel: 01275 461900  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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A small bookshop in a barn just before the main entrance.