Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in the UK and Republic of Ireland

Bosorne Books has closed
Newlyn Books has closed
Abbey Bookshop has closed
Oxfam Launceston is no longer a bookshop
Bookends of Fowey has closed
Just Books Truro is now online only
New listing Trelissick NT nr Truro
Shrew Books Fowey now stocks secondhand books
New shop Women in Word (The Hypatia Trust) Penzance

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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Barton Books/PENZANCE/45 Causewayhead
Barton Books  Open at advertised times
45 Causewayhead   PENZANCE   TR18 2SS
tel: 01736 363300  e-mail 
Open:  Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10-3.00.
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A carefully selected range of secondhand books on Art and Literature, chosen to complement the shop's new books which specialise in all things visual and creative. Visit for beautiful new and secondhand books, greeting cards and the occasional print or painting.

Beerwolf Books/FALMOUTH/3 Bells Court
Beerwolf Books  Open at advertised times
3 Bells Court   FALMOUTH   TR11 3AZ
tel: 01326 618474  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 12.00, Sunday 12.00 - 11.00.
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Books from £3, beers and ciders from £2.90.

One large room within the pub. Several browsers present during our visit, but surprisingly few drinkers.  Wessexman 25.08.21

Bonython Bookshop/TRURO/16 Kenwyn Street
Bonython Bookshop  Open at advertised times
16 Kenwyn Street   TRURO   TR1 3BU
tel: 01872 262886  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.30.
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General secondhand stock, Cornish history and topography, art and children's books.  TBG 
An interesting medium-sized shop with a few items worthy of a second glance. Good for the general reader.  Chris Harte 20.04.10
Nice shop, but seemingly with a slow turnover of stock; I visit about three times a year with little visible change. Part of this is because of pricing; everything slightly higher than expected (£6 for non-mint Penguin classic?)  C Pittard 31.10.11
Visited again after about ten years and recognised many of the same books. Nothing for the trade. Overpriced.  J Jones 06.04.13
Interesting general selection with some goodies but very expensive prices for an individual buyer.  Norman Davies 02.07.13
Have to agree with previous comments about prices - they were more than I was prepared to pay (especially given the condition of the two titles I had considered buying). In addition, some books were haphazardly placed where they would be at extra risk of sustaining further damage. Having said that, there were some rather interesting titles for those who do not frequent this shop on a regular basis.  Graeme Rendall 18.09.14
Always looks hopeful but somehow I never find anything worth buying. Prices vary from high to very high, which no doubt accounts for slow turnover.  CC 26.01.15
Can only re-iterate previous comments re very high prices here.  David 29.09.17
When will s/h bookshops wake up. Ridiculously high prices. No sales, stale stock.  Bazza 23.12.17
Very nice Bookshop. Always enjoy visiting. Great selection of stock at a reasonable price. Very satisfied.  MC 15.01.18
Nine years since my last visit and nothing seemed to have changed. Cluttered single room with no access to rear which was stacked. Good on Cornish material but nothing else to get excited about.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
Good selection of quality books especially Cornish interest although the cluttered nature of the shop renders some stock inaccessible!  Ghost of Driff 08.10.21

Book Shop/LISKEARD/2 Barras Street
The Book Shop  Open at advertised times
2 Barras Street   LISKEARD   PL14 6AD
tel: 01579 342112 
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New bookshop, no obvious secondhand stock!  Ghost of Driff 08.10.21

Bookmark/FALMOUTH/34 Arwenack Street
Bookmark   Open at advertised times
34 Arwenack Street    FALMOUTH  TR11 3JB
tel:  01326 211252  e-mail   web   
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Specialising in maritime, Cornish history, art, military history, aviation and transportation. We also have fiction, classics, poetry, plays and some much more quirky and rare titles. Our main speciality is kindness, smiling and the human touch something missing from clicking on a mouse.

General secondhand books on two floors.  TBG 
Probably the second best bookshop in Cornwall. Well worth a hours' search if you can find somewhere to park. Most helpful assistant for whom nothing was too much bother. Strong on nautical matters.  Chris Harte 20.04.10
Bit of a Driff Special. We used the Park and Ride.  Steven 05.11.11
Splendid selection for the transport/nautical enthusiast and worth a visit. Variable condition of some books though. Take the train to ease the strain ...  Norman Davies 02.07.13
Not nearly as impressive as it was a few years ago, when there were three floors; stock now seems stagnant and overpriced (sometimes laughably so). Owner seems visibly annoyed when I leave without buying anything...  CP 08.01.14
Quite a lot packed into this smallish shop on two/three floors on the main shopping street. We did not have enough time to do it justice, so a return trip is needed.  Wessexman 25.08.21
A proper old fashioned secondhand bookshop on 2 floors, some books on floor and a little untidy. Strong on maritime and local books. Other sections, cookery, biography, etc charity shop level at best, dated and in some cases in poor condition. Odd signs about not taking photos of books to then buy online (surely signs like that won’t stop those who will do it anyway but make genuine browsers feel uneasy) Pricing slightly erratic, eg modern paperback thrillers £2.50 but tatty (and therefore not collectible) Agatha Christie paperbacks £5. Falmouth has 2 secondhand bookshops so worth a visit but I only came away with purchases from a charity shop   HB  08.06.22

Bookspace/HELSTON/4 Coinage Ope
The Bookspace  Open at advertised times
4 Coinage Ope   HELSTON   TR13 8EB
tel: 01326 564459  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday & Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10.00 - 4.00, Wednesday 10.00 - 12.30 & Saturday 10.00 - 3.00
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Vintage paperbacks, pop-ups and pulp

Opened in Helston late 2010. Small shop run by enthusiastic, helpful and knowledgeable staff. Good selection of vintage books displayed well, majority stored in bags. Well worth a visit.  Duncan 27.04.12
The staff are very friendly and eager to help. Love the vintage covers in special bags to keep them safe. Worth going to Helston to look in.  KitKatt 18.12.13
The staff are very friendly and eager to help. Love the vintage covers in special bags to keep them safe .Worth going to Helston to look in.  KitKatt 20.02.14

Bosco Books /EAST LOOE/The Old Hall Bookshop  Chapel Court  Shutta Road  
Bosco Books   Open at advertised times
The Old Hall Bookshop  Chapel Court  Shutta Road    EAST LOOE  PL13 1BJ
tel:  01503 263700    web
Open:  Monday Tuesday Friday & Saturday 12.30 - 4.30
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Large general stock and local, military, natural and nautical history. Also prints, maps and original paintings.

Good general stock and fair prices.  Pondcott 30.03.11
Worth a detour and, while in Looe, check out the TocH secondhand room near the main car-park: a true Driff Special of charity shops.  Steven 05.11.11
Well worth a visit. Great stock & prices. Friendly & helpful owner.  Dick Leaper 30.08.18
Not open on a Thursday morning visit after a hike up a steep narrow hill.  Chris Harte 26.04.19
The owners have appointed a manager who now does regular hours throughout the year. This is a gem of a bookshop - well worth visiting. It's not easy to find - as another reviewer says, it's up a steep hill behind the main shopping street.  PLF 27.07.21
Unfortunately not worth the steep climb - substantial stock but nothing to tempt the serious buyer or browser. NWAD like many bookshops around here unfortunately.  Ghost of Driff 06.10.21
Excellent bookshop open as advertised in early July. Good general stock, well laid out, with a good local history section. Easy to find - go along Fore St towards the sea, I'd advise not taking the narrow steep steps up to Shutta rd by the pharmacy but go a little further on and walk up Shutta St itself. Probably not WAD, but definitely worth a visit if in the area.  Paul H 10.08.22

Churchill Books and Antiques/TRURO/The Coinage Hall
Churchill Books and Antiques  Open at advertised times
The Coinage Hall  Boscawen Street   TRURO   TR1 2QU
tel: 01872 273799 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.30.
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A room mostly devoted to secondhand books across the hall from Clifford Gibbs Golf Collectables.

Stronger on non-fiction and WWAD for golfing books. Also worth a look for sports books in general, particularly sailing.  Steven Whitehead 04.08.12
Interesting selection. Prices varied but worth a look as some quite well priced.  David 29.09.17
Plus one (or should that be plus fours?) to both comments above.  Steven 30.10.17
Good clean stock, prices vary, very helpful owner. Great golf selection.  Bazza 23.12.17
Excellent for golf in one room. Main area heavy on Folio Society but the impression was that much was for the well-heeled tourists.  Chris Harte 09.04.19

Cornish Bookworm/HAYLE/Foundry Shopping Village (formerly Pratt_s Market)
Cornish Bookworm  Phone before travelling
Foundry Shopping Village (formerly Pratt's Market)  Chapel Terrace  Foundry Square   HAYLE   TR27 4AB
tel: 07729 759 315  e-mail 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 11.00 - 4.00.
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Wide range of Cornish Books including family history, archaeology, mining, marine, antiquity, literature and local history. Leather books and fine bindings bought and sought. Please note times may vary. Please feel free to telephone to check opening times especially if travelling.

Deja-Vu Antiques and Books/LOSTWITHIEL/31 Fore Street
Deja-Vu Antiques and Books  Open at advertised times
31 Fore Street   LOSTWITHIEL   PL22 0BN
tel: 01208 873912 
Open:  Monday - Saturday: 10.30ish - 5.00-ish.
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An antiques shop with a carefully selected stock of some 2,000 books. Subjects include: local history and Cornish topography, art, antiques, cookery, and some fiction.

Not a bad selection of books at all and if one added together all the books in all the antique shops in town it is worth a visit - and the main car park is free.  Steven Whitehead 04.08.12
Just 600 or so books and nothing to excite the serious buyer. NWAD.  Ghost of Driff 06.10.21
I was in Lostwithiel last month and did most of the antique shops in town, but did not come across this one. Did I miss it or has it gone? None of the other antique shops here have many books.  PaulH 12.05.23
I was in Lostwithiel last month and did most of the antique shops in town, but did not come across this one. Did I miss it or has it gone? None of the other antique shops here have many books.  PaulH 12.05.23
Now seems to be a gift shop.  TBG2 12.05.23

Dunamis/LISKEARD/22 Fore Street
Dunamis  Open at advertised times
22 Fore Street   LISKEARD   PL14 3JB
tel: 07453 351710  e-mail 
Open:  Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 10.00 - 3.00.
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Modern first editions, annuals and comics on the ground floor. A small stock of general secondhand books on the first floor.

A small stock of modern first editions and general secondhand books over two floors. In combination with Jack Ryder’s bookshop makes a visit to Liskeard worthwhile for a book hunter.  Simon 19.08.19
Saturday 2nd Oct - shop closed at 1300hrs no clues why. Sign on doors shows Tue, Thur, Sat 10 to 2.30. Waste of a trip!  Ghost of Driff 02.10.21
Open as advertised in early July. Along with an extensive stock of devotional/religious texts a reasonable selection of second-hand titles over two floors, worth at least a quick look if in town.  Paul H 10.08.22

Greenbank Books/FALMOUTH/9 Old High Street
Greenbank Books  Open at advertised times
9 Old High Street   FALMOUTH   TR11 2AB
tel: 07876 454357  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.30 - 5.00.
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General stock with special interest in Maritime, Motoring, Railways, Art, Architecture, Design & Crafts, Children's Books and Cornish History.

Good general selection contained within a single room: I was particularly impressed by the extensive railway selection. Prices were in line with other establishments visited in the county.  Graeme Rendall 18.09.14
Worth the short walk up the hill from the main shopping area, this is a well stocked and neatly laid out shop.   Wessexman 25.08.21

Hurley Books/MEVAGISSEY/3 Jetty Street
Hurley Books  Open at advertised times
3 Jetty Street   MEVAGISSEY   PL26 6UH
tel: 01726 842200  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday -Saturday 10.00 - 5.00 (9.00 - 6.00 in summer).
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A good range of secondhand titles - particularly children's, railways and Cornish interest, and some new books.

Idler/REDRUTH/74 Fore Street
The Idler   Open at advertised times
74 Fore Street  REDRUTH  TR15 2AT
tel:  07934 204 820  e-mail  
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.30
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Antiquarian and mostly pre 1960 books. American comics from 1940's. Large selection of theological books from 1650 to present day. A good selection of signed by the author books. 3 minute walk from Redruth rail station.

This shop was the surprise package during my West Country trip. The owner (who used to have a shop in London) is building up an excellent stock. He showed me recent auction purchases which were real collectors' items. Prices were so reasonable that I left with a bagload gleaned from the very well classified shelves. Well worth a visit, more especially after next month's extra shelving has been erected.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
Passing through and chanced a stop. Glad I did met by a happy Hammer and found a couple of bargains. Sadly Redruth is a little neglected so shops like this need all the support we can give. Will return on my next trip.   Bazza  18.09.23

Jack Ryder Books/LISKEARD/10 Pike Street
Jack Ryder Books  Open at advertised times
10 Pike Street   LISKEARD   PL14 3JE
tel: 07889 865882  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00 (summer 5.00)
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Books bought and sold. Specialist subjects Cornish interest, military history, natural history, art books, trains and transport, general antiquarian, collectible children's books.

I believe that Jack also runs Mainly Books which is situated on the edge of the town's market site.  Phil 21.08.15
Most enjoyable chance visit today 1 August 2016. Owner knows his stock and immediately able to identify that he had what I was after.  Brian Shacklady 05.08.16
Good general secondhand bookshop. Wide range of fiction and non-fiction titles. Owner is ETGOW.  Simon Procter 21.08.19

Loe Books /LAUNCESTON/Landreyne Manor,  Coads Green  
Loe Books   Appointment necessary
Landreyne Manor,  Coads Green    LAUNCESTON  PL15 7LZ
tel:  01566 782528, mob: 07407 708310  e-mail   web  
Open:  7 days 9.00 - 5.00 by appointment.
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Natural History, general antiquarian, specialising in the New Naturalist Series. Stock (over 6000 books) is held in a converted barn and several rooms, well organised.

Oxfam Bookshop/TRURO/9 New Bridge Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
9 New Bridge Street   TRURO   TR1 2AA
tel: 01872 264765  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00
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No longer a specialist bookshop! Not even the usual charity book shelves.  Martin Roberts 09.04.19

Shrew Books/FOWEY/4 South Street
Shrew Books  Open at advertised times
4 South Street  FOWEY  PL23 1AR
tel:  01726 833361  e-mail   web   
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.30- 5.00
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Mainly new books, but also a second-hand section.

Shrew Books - which in 2020 took over the premises from Bookends (formerly featured in TBG) - now sells second-hand books as well as new ones.   Booker T 02.05.24

Trelissick National Trust/TRURO/Feock
Trelissick National Trust  Phone before travelling
Feock  TRURO  TR3 6QL
tel:  01872 862090  e-mail   web   
Open: 10.00 - 16.30 but check website
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About 4 miles South of Truro. Large range of books across 3 rooms. The biggest NT bookshop in Devon and Cornwall. Parking charge or NT membership needed to visit the bookshop.

Wadebridge Book Shop/WADEBRIDGE/43 Molesworth Street
Wadebridge Book Shop  Open at advertised times
43 Molesworth Street   WADEBRIDGE   PL27 7DR
tel: 01208 812489  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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A New bookshop with a whole room full of secondhand books.

Small book room with only a few hundred books. Nothing of interest, better available in local charity shops! NWAD.  Ghost of Driff 06.10.21
Small back room with books crammed in. Stock a little tired and priced rather optimistically. BAT (bring a torch). There are also a couple of charity shops in Wadebridge with a better-than-average book offering, but alas nothing really to make the town a book destination.  Paul H 10.08.22

Willow Books/REDRUTH/Unit 2A
Willow Books  Open at advertised times
Unit 2A  United Downs Industrial Estate  St Day   REDRUTH   TR16 5HY
tel: 01209 822011  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.00.
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Cornish bookshop including mining, geological, art, industrial heritage,language cooking, cycling, maps, guides and anything else relating to Cornwall. We are primarily an internet book shop but are always delighted for customers to come to our warehouse. Please telephone for details.

Women in Word (The Hypatia Trust)/PENZANCE/Lower Ground Floor, The Regent, 54 Chapel Street
Women in Word (The Hypatia Trust)  Open at advertised times
Lower Ground Floor, The Regent, 54 Chapel Street  PENZANCE  TR18 4AE
e-mail   web   
Open: Wednesday - Friday 11.00 - 3.00, Saturday 12.00 - 3.00
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Second-hand and new books, all by female authors, including novels, poetry and social history. The entrance to the premises is on Custom House Lane.

The Hypatia Trust is a charity that celebrates the achievements of women in literature, art and science. In 2022 it opened this bookshop to promote the works of female authors, past and present.   Booker T 03.05.24