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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Barnstaple Flea Market/BARNSTAPLE/The Pannier Market
Barnstaple Flea Market  Open at advertised times
The Pannier Market  Butchers Row   BARNSTAPLE   EX31 1SY
tel: 01271 379084  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday, Wednesdays Antiques & Collectables.
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A handful of booksellers and other stalls with books.

Three booksellers in the Pannier Market deserve a special mention. Sennash Books specialise in Henry Williamson, Exmoor and aviation, but also have general books on their stall. John Wilkinson, who deals in collectable children's books and toys, and Golden Books who had some high end West Country topography, as well as more general stock.  TBG 31.07.08
Some of the personnel seem to have changed but there are still lots of books, ranging from holiday reading to collectable stuff. Worth a visit.  TBG 17.07.10
I recently visited this long established market town and was surprised to find a thriving and bustling Pannier market with a number of excellent booksellers plying their trade. Some really nice books to be found here!  oko2020 12.12.14
Disappointingly, on a recent trip to the South West I found that all the bookdealers mentioned above seem to have gone. There was one bookstall though, which had quite a decent selection of more unusual titles which made the detour worthwhile for me.  pol365 12.12.14
In fact the large indoor market is open from Monday to Saturday. Currently the book seller Peter Hames has items for sale on Friday and Saturday. Well worth a look, but having already bought 15 books in my 2-week holiday, I was perhaps not quite ready to buy many more ... Peter Hames: Second hand and antiquarian books, including a wide selection of paperbacks. Also second hand CDs (jazz, folk, world music, classical. Speciality: North Devon topography (including Exmoor and Lundy).  Chris K 01.10.15

Book Aid/NADDERWATER/Rebecca Springs
Book Aid  Open at advertised times
Rebecca Springs   NADDERWATER   EX4 2JH
tel: 01392 213002 
Open:  Wednesday and Thursday 10.00 - 6.00. Other times by appointment.
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Charity selling secondhand and some out-of-print and collectable books.

Book Cupboard/PLYMOUTH/18 The Parade
The Book Cupboard  Open at advertised times
18 The Parade  The Barbican   PLYMOUTH   PL1 2JW
tel: 01752 226311 
Open:  7 days 10.30 - 4.00.
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Some 200,000 out-of-print hardback and paperback books covering a wide variety of subjects, spread over three floors.

Superb stock, best I think in the West Country. Huge selection, good proprietor; on the whole decent condition and prices. Well worth a detour.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
Brilliant selection . Excellent prices. NOT OPEN LONG ENOUGH for the number of books!  David 29.12.11
Quite impressed by three floors of a very varied stock. Owner spoke of having a warehouse full of treasures which tempted the question of why not have them out on display. Well worthy of a visit.  Chris Harte 20.03.12
The owner might well be from Scotland and the warehouse was mentioned but not seen, the stock is impressive, some of the railways books were overpriced compared to other good secondhand bookshops, but this shop is certainly worth a visit.  Steve Brissle 06.08.13
I Certainly feel 200k books is an overstatement, unless that includes the books also in the storage unit? Upon entering the shop the broad accented Scottish owner made me leave my bag behind the counter. The small military room on the 3rd floor was impressive, however, I expected more naval stock for 'Plymouth's and Devon's largest 2nd hand bookshop' as it encompassed just 2 and a bit bookcases. Prices were very mixed from outright expensive to a fair touristy price. I found nothing which I would call cheap and I did come away with 1 book so it wasn't a wasted journey. I wish though this elusive storage unit stock would be easily available to browse in the shop or nearby.  Laurence Batchelor 03.01.15
Sadly I have to revise my review above: I hate criticising s/h shops knowing their difficulties but sadly someone has "Abe'd" this shop and every single volume is now at an extremely hopeful price. Still huge selection but seemed to not be moving much and of course still reference to the ubiquitous container somewhere else! However yes I did buy 2 expensive volumes for my collection so I have to say worth a visit still but please could someone hint over the prices?  Norman Davies 15.06.15
Enjoyable visit whilst on holiday from my own shop in Goudhurst. Excellent varied selection. The nice owner and I shared similar secondhand bookshop selling issues but he has good stock, lovely premises position in Plymouth and tells me he buys plenty of books all the time. Worth a look as I suspect his warehouse is too !!  Steve Marshall 17.10.16
A return visit after 3 years and I'm pleased to say this time the Scottish ex-Royal Marine owner took an immediate like to me, perhaps because I had my 4-year old son in tow. He proceeded to offer him a free lollipop which was a nice touch. The shop is still jam-packed with books and was open on the Sunday until 3pm when I visited between Christmas and New Year. On the top floor the quantity of naval books was still the same, but now the quality had improved as there was many more rarer titles on offer. My only gripe was the pricing - just about every Hardback was over £10 and many were £15 when I'd bought the same condition Hardback for only £5 from other nearby Devon bookshops. Condition was also highly variable with many signed, many ex-library and a lot with price-clipped dust-jackets. I also found many naval books mixed into the military and aviation sections so you need to spend time here to browse several sections. A bulk discount was given upon my request and a free heavy duty carrier bag was also offered which was a 2nd nice touch. If visiting Devon you must visit but just take plenty of money to cope with the high prices!  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19
Even with many thousands of books over three floors and the promise of a visit to the legendary warehouse ("When I can get the staff," as I was told) I feel that the shop is disorganised and needs a proper clear out. Too many books clutters the mind as well as the shelves.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
Another visit after 8 months and the stock had been refreshed. 1 £35 purchase made as was a book I've been after for years. The problem with this place generally, though, is the pricing. Just about every hardback is north of £10 with most I examined being £12 to £15. Normally I'd see those at £5-£7 in all the other secondhand shops I visit around the UK. The wife also found the Childrens books expensive. There was progress on the warehouse the owner informed if you call ahead he can arrange for you to be let into the warehouse to browse the many thousands of books there. It is only around 5mins drive from the shop in Plymouth. Normally there are several staff onsite doing all his online listings and order processing. He states nearly all books in storage are priced and then you either pay cash there or return to the shop where pricing and payment can be sorted. I might try that option on my next trip to Devon.  Laurence Batchelor 29.08.19

Book Relief/BIDEFORD/14a Mill Street
Book Relief  Open at advertised times
14a Mill Street   BIDEFORD   EX39 2JT
tel: 01237 470600  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Book Relief UK sell donated books and work with, partner with and support a number of other literacy charities who have similar aims

Charity bookshop selling donated books, a rather more varied selection than the usual charity-shop knitting / cooking / misery-memoir fare.  Kevin Lynch 17.10.16

Book-Cycle/EXETER/7 West Street
Book-Cycle  Open at advertised times
7 West Street   EXETER   EX1 1BB
tel: 01392 420021  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.30 - 5.00.
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Book-Cycle is a 'not-for-profit social organisation' based in Exeter, England. We collect unwanted books from Devon and Somerset and house them in Britain's only "free bookshop." Here you are invited to choose up to three books per person per day and pay whatever you wish!

Interesting to visit and is an alternative to the charity bookshop. Pick up your free seeds on the top floor.  BGP 05.05.11
A really good shop but frustrating that you are only allowed to buy three books! I saw more books of interest here than all the charity shops in and around Fore Street put together.  The Drifter 14.08.13
Another visit on the 22nd March. Managed to find only 2 decent, desirable non-fiction books and paid for them with all my loose change.  Chris K 29.03.14
Now has a branch further up the High Street and much the same formula.  Herne 26.07.14
What a splendid little shop. Picked up my quota of three free books but was not allowed to pay for others I would have liked to have taken home. Very good general sections with, so I was told, a high turnover of stock. Will visit again.  Chris Harte 09.04.19

Castle Books (was Collards Bookshop)/TOTNES/4 Castle Street
Castle Books (was Collards Bookshop)  Open at advertised times
4 Castle Street   TOTNES   TQ9 5NU
tel: 07530 936396  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.00.
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Now a Community Bookshop with a small, well selected stock of general secondhand books.

A small general bookshop which usually repays a visit.  TBG 
Nice small shop with a varied collection, sensible prices.  Norman Davies 23.10.10
Nice bookshop with helpful and friendly staff.  BGP 05.05.11
And they wonder why so many bookshops close. I emailed this shop a couple of weeks ago and I've still had no response!  Doug 15.09.14
Same bookshop but now run by a collective "Belle Book and Castle" who are establishing a community bookstore here. My comments from 2010 remain - nice, friendly, limited stock but worth a perusal if in the area.  Norman Davies 08.05.14
Very limited stock although they are in a prime position opposite the ramp up to Totnes castle. Military/Naval subject matter was poorly served and I would say most of the stock was children's or low quality paperback fiction. Disappointing.  Laurence Batchelor 03.09.15
A small shop containing a varied selection of books at sensible prices and well organised. It's not worth a detour but certainly worth a visit if you're in Totnes (plus a good haircut nearby).  SteveBrissle 13.06.19
What a difference 4 years makes! This place has been able to acquire a few local collections and it shows. I had to hunt all over this small shop run by volunteers for military and naval books as that was one of the few categories not with it's own labelled section. Gone is a shop which was desolate of decent stock to one which is worth visiting. Areas of strength appeared history transport, fiction and collectable. Many ununusual titles noticed but the pricing was all over the place with some books I'd say as cheap whereas others I looked at were more than double the price they should be. 3 purchases made and a small discount accepted as I didn't quite have enough. Shop is cash only and worth visiting if you happen to be in this strange 'Narnia' town.  Laurence Batchelor 29.08.19

Chandos Books/COLYTON/London House
Chandos Books  Open at advertised times
London House  Market Place   COLYTON   EX24 6JS
tel: 01297 553344 
Open:  Tuesday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 1.00.
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Secondhand and antiquarian bookshop specialising in travel and transport. In-house bookbinding and repairs. Easy on-street parking in front of the shop

A small 1 room general 2nd hand bookshop with a delightful and experienced owner. The stock is highly priced so 1 star removed but the owner is willing to discount. All subjects seemed covered but nothing in any great depth e.g. 1 small shelf of aviation 1 shelf of military etc. The owner was originally operating out of Bristol but moved and set up in this pretty village 16 years ago. Free parking in the streets nearby but a bit tricky to get to as my sat.nav took me down many twisty 1 car width lanes.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19

Compass Books/DARTMOUTH/24 Lower Street
Compass Books  Open at advertised times
24 Lower Street   DARTMOUTH   TQ6 9AN
tel: 01803 835915  e-mail 
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A fairly small stock of general secondhand books, with a few more unusual titles. Unpredictable opening times.  TBG 
It is small and the prices are good. They have a good espionage section, although I notice that the stock doesn't turn over too much, and military too.  Andy Overton 
The selection of nautical books were interesting as were the early twentieth-century fiction titles. Enjoyed visiting if only for the gossip with the owners' father.  Chris Harte 20.03.12
Visited today and was very disappointed they didn't have more naval books especially when Dartmouth has the naval college perched on the hill overlooking the harbour. The Nautical section was quite substantial but sadly no books on warships worth buying so I left empty handed.  Laurence Batchelor 03.09.15
Have visited three times during 2018 and bought books on each occasion, including a half-price recently published railway book in very good condition. Friendly owner and interesting, mostly reasonably priced stock.  SteveBrissle 06.12.18
We are both suckers for a good bookshop, and this has to be right up there. A great selection of old/used books and the more unusual modern title. Quite rightly for Dartmouth, lots of Nautical books, but a great selection of other topics as well. Really friendly staff. will be back again soon ...  David Patrick 04.01.19
Visited in Aug. 2020 during the summer gap in lockdowns. This shop along with the book cupboard in Plymouth are the best 2nd hand bookshops in this part of Devon. This bookshop is small and near to Baynard's Cove so some wonderful benches to sit and read ones purchases overlooking the Dart estuary. The shop is small but crammed with books and magazines/ephemera all catagorized. I came away with 12 purchases with the owner knocking off a tenner. Her card machine kept failing so I paid cash. In the summer months there was several tables of 2nd books being sold in the nearby Pannier outdoor market in Dartmouth.  Laurence Batchelor 08.08.21

Cornerstone Books/PLYMOUTH/Antiques Centre
Cornerstone Books  Phone before travelling
Antiques Centre  27 New Street  The Barbican   PLYMOUTH   PL1 2NB
tel: 07471943032 
Open:  Probably a zombie bookshop - see latest review.
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Over 40,000 good quality, mainly hardback books covering almost every subject.

A mountainous stock of mostly hardback books covering almost every subject. Don't forget to take your crampons.  TBG 
Impressive muddle. Nothing of too much value but the odd treasure to be found. If you are scared of climbing too high then stick to the lower shelves.  Chris Harte 20.03.12
Piles of books, few of real interest but worth a visit all the same.  SteveBrissle 06.08.13
orth a cricked neck if you are interested in politics books - this is an excellent place.  Norman Davies 26.09.13
The owner was doing his crossword upon entering and was immediately helpful. The naval stock was just 1 small bookcase, but many of the other subjects were stacked with huge piles up to the ceiling. Pricing seemed reasonable and I expect this is the type of place, where if one was local and visited every month, occasionally gems would be unearthed, but I came away empty handed.  Laurence Batchelor 03.01.15
Certainly lots of books at pretty reasonable prices. Situated in an interesting Centre.  Steve Marshall 17.10.16
Not open at 10-50 on Saturday 9th March 2019. A shame as it was a pleasant spring morning with lots of potential customers passing by.  Steven 24.03.19
Closed on a Wednesday morning. Found a phone number for the new owner who said that she has no idea about when, or if, the stall will reopen due to "family problems."  Chris Harte 26.04.19
Closed on the Wed in August I arrived. Girl in the cafe at the entrance said this place had not been open since November 2018! All the books are there but sadly no chance to view or know when it will be open again.  Laurence Batchelor 29.08.19

Devon Air Ambulance Charity Shop/TOPSHAM/40 Fore Street
Devon Air Ambulance Charity Shop  Open at advertised times
40 Fore Street   TOPSHAM   EX3 0HU
tel: 01392 879232  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Book room at the rear of the shop.

I wandered into the second DAA shop in the town and found at the rear a quite excellent selection of books in a good-sized self-contained room. Although the offerings were varied the quality was good and I spotted a number of hard to find titles. The prices, unlike those elsewhere in Fore Street, were most reasonable.  Chris Harte 16.04.18
The number of books these guys have now is tiny compared to the past.   PLF 28.07.21

End Bookshop/SEATON/54 Queen Street
The End Bookshop  Open at advertised times
54 Queen Street   SEATON   EX12 2RB
tel: 01297 20808 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 -4.00.
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Secondhand hardback and paperback books covering most subjects.

Small but an excellent stock, all nearly new and in excellent condition. Very good for military, history and modern fiction.  JL 15.03.11

Exeter Antiques Centre on the Quay/EXETER/The Quay
Exeter Antiques Centre on the Quay  Open at advertised times
The Quay   EXETER   EX2 4AN
tel: 01392 493501 
Open:  7 days, 10.00 - 5.00.
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Several booksellers with general secondhand stock covering a wide range of subjects.  TBG 
A lovely location and a pleasant place for a cup of something but the books were typical antique centre stock, if you know what I mean.  Pondcott 30.03.11
Not a great selection of books but a superb large well ordered postcard collection; and as above good tea and cakes.  Norman Davies 02.07.13
Quite an interesting selection and certainly better than the charity shops at the top of Fire Street. Worth a detour - some bargains to be had.  The Drifter 14.08.13
Had to work hard to find something of interest but did in the end. Nice setting on the quay.  Bookhead 08.02.14
Back again after 15 months and could only find 5 cheap North Northumberland postcards that appealed. Still worth a visit and has a good cafe too.  Chris K 29.03.14
Reasonable stock at reasonable prices but not worth a major detour. The surrounding Quay area does make for an interesting visit.  SteveBrissle 07.04.16
Bit of a lucky dip as the books were not particularly well sorted and many were on the floor. Pleasant location for a rummage around but I found nothing on my wanted list.  Steven 30.10.17

Graham York Rare Books/HONITON/225 High Street
Graham York Rare Books  Open at advertised times
225 High Street   HONITON   EX14 1AH
tel: 01404 41727  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00.
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Established in 1982, we are the leading specialists in books on the Gypsies and George Borrow, and carry a large stock of books on Spain and South Africa.

Large general stock of secondhand and remaindered titles and particularly, North Devon and the countryside.  TBG 
It takes no more than five minutes to view the second-hand holdings.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
Large holding of works related to Spain, otherwise it takes less than 5 minutes to view the books.  BGP 05.05.11
Extensive stock, reasonably priced. Plenty of travel, art, history. Not so strong on specialist subjects (I'm always looking for science), but well worth visiting, not least for the antiques and curios.  BSJ 15.01.18
Definately worth a visit as several rooms across 2 floors with most topics covered. Prices medium and the owner helpful just don't expect anything too rare here.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19

Grubstreet Books/COLYTON/The Vintage Shed
Grubstreet Books  Open at advertised times
The Vintage Shed  Station Yard  Station Road   COLYTON   EX24 6HA
tel: 01297 599121  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00.
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Bookstall in an indoor vintage market.

Heartland Old Books/TIVERTON/12-14 Newport Street
Heartland Old Books  Open at advertised times
12-14 Newport Street   TIVERTON   EX16 6NL
tel: 01884 254488  e-mail 
Open:  Monday & Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Medium sized stock of rare and interesting books.

Great range of books, reasonably priced, and friendly/knowledgeable proprietor.  Tim Hall 23.12.11
Driving through Devon I thought that I would make the short detour to Tiverton with the sole purpose of visiting this shop, and Im so glad that I did. However, be warned if you cross the road from the car park the first impression is that its closed - it consists of what were probably three old cottages and the door is further down the road. Once inside you will find an interesting, medium sized stock of considerable variety, with very fair and realistic pricing. Its also worth digging around in the piles of books on the floor, as youre never quite sure what you may find there. The owner is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable and the greyhound on the sofa in the back room is a charmer. The shop does not take cards but there is a Halifax cash machine just around the corner. I shall certainly be returning in the future and would recommend this shop to those who like a good rummage.  Nicholas Pendower 13.10.12
For the individual non-trade browser this is a wonderful shop with piles and shelves of decently priced material on all major subjects; particularly good on Devon and railways. Well worth a detour.  Norman Davies 02.07.13
A great looking shop inside of which is a large muddle. Owner was a joy to talk with and he knew the market perfectly. Very heavy on country matters which were generally top rate titles. The greyhound ignored me! I wish the owner well with his soon to be published book.  Chris Harte 07.10.14
Wonderful old-style second hand bookshop - well worth a visit. Pricing very sensible.  PLF 28.07.21
A lovely traditional shop spread over three slightly chaotic rooms, with an annexe devoted to bric-a-brac, and located within a few minutes walk from the main shopping street. Luckily the owner had recently restocked his shelves with my favourite subject, and I left with half a dozen titles with an unsolicited discount. I shall definitely be returning!  Wessexman 29.07.21
Sadly closed today (unforeseen circumstances according to the sign in the window). Will try and call again soon   HB 25.09.21
Proper old style bookshop - slightly disorganised but some excellent stock and sensible prices. Also at Barnstaple Market on Wednesdays. Note - cash and cheque only, no cards! My favourite West Country shop and definitely WAD.  Ghost of Driff 09.10.21

High Street Books/HONITON/150 High Street
High Street Books  Open at advertised times
150 High Street   HONITON   EX14 1JX
tel: 01404 45570  e-mail 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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We have a large stock of 30,000 books on most subjects. On street parking close by.

Large stock which took over two hours to peruse. Hardly any potboilers but good interesting titles.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
I would have lingered in the excellent (and expanded) High Street Books but my cold and the cold sent me back to the relative warmth of Bristol.  Arthur Hook 14.12.10
Best bookshop in Honiton. Varied stock, but seemed rather on the expensive side for the condition of books.  BGP 05.05.11
Agree BGP. Large good selection, well worth a vist, but variable quality compared to price. Howevere I came away with an interesting parcel of varied titles.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
It is well worth pulling off the main road to visit this shop. On the occasions I have done so I have always found things to buy and usually come away with several bags full. This is a serious bookshop where the collector can have an equally serious rummage, and where the owner is helpful and knowledgeable; the stock is always interesting, offering a wide variety, including ephemera and maps, prints and charts. The only criticism I have is that the pricing seemed to be a little on the inconsistent side, with some surprising bargains while other titles were marked somewhat optimistically. However, the fascinating and large stock certainly makes up for this, and if you dont come away with something from this shop then perhaps you shouldn't be bothering with bookshops at all.  Nicholas Pendower 13.10.12
Good shop, good prices, but says closed Monday's and Tuesday's on door.  John Ritchie 07.10.17
An absolute gem: well-selected, extensive (labyrinthine), full of little surprises. Seems particularly good on history, naval, art and architecture. But the overall feeling is of somewhere you could go in order just to browse and find something new. Wonderful!  BSJ 15.01.18
Agree this is the best book shop in Honiton but prices are in need of revision as I could have easily doubled my 8 purchases. My naval military interests where extremely well catered for and I'd go as far as saying they had the best stock of military books I've seen in Devon. They are easy to miss as I found the best holdings were not in the front of the shop but in the back ground room which is strangely reached by firstly going upstairs, then through the history room and then finally back down another flight of stairs to reach a room with a leather chair and bookcases overloaded with military tomes. It took me a long time to go through this stock, so leave plenty of time for a visit. I did over hear they are no longer buying books as one gentlemen tried to offload a box-load. My advice would be to reprice some of the stock to clear space as some books here were £30 when I purchased them for £5 in Lincolnshire some 2 months prior. Despite this still definately WWAD as the selection is mind blowing.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19
Agree with most of the last two comments; this remains an excellent shop post-pandemic. As well as all those books, the upstairs front room contains a good selection of ephemera, prints and maps. Perhaps some might find difficulty appreciating the stock at the back of the downstairs front room because of indifferent lighting, but really this is a minor criticism.  Wessexman 20.08.21

Honiton Antique Centre/HONITON/(Jeremy Peters Fine Books)
The Honiton Antique Centre  Open at advertised times
(Jeremy Peters Fine Books)  Abingdon House  136 High Street   HONITON   EX14 1JP
tel: 01404 42108 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.00.
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ABA-member Jeremy Peters Fine Books (07554 862862) now has a unit (one fairly large room) within the Honiton Antiques Centre, a few doors up the High Street from High Street Books. It is on the first floor of the Centre (which is quite large and rambling), at the front of the building looking out onto the High Street. Well worth a visit if you haven’t already loaded yourself down with purchases from the excellent High Street Books (or even if you have!). You never know what book finds you can chance across in an antique centre!  Henry Middleton 07.12.17
Worth visiting, if only to complete the trio of Honiton bookshops. Books themselves not really to my taste (mainly military, naval, some political hisotry), but the Antiques Centre has an interesting and varied collection of things, some lovely furniture in particular.  Anon 15.01.18
Agree with previous reviews both book areas are upstairs. I only went in the military area upstairs at the back. Quantity was small but the quality was high with many titles in near new condition - possibly remainders? I came away very smug with 4 books including a title I've been after for more than 5 years for £14 when online was £40. If military is your bag then don't forget this place when visiting Honiton's other 2 bookshops as the stock type compliments the other 2.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19
About a dozen shelving units in the upstairs front room with a good range of subjects. Much less stock in the rear attic room covering history and the like. For those spending some time in the High Street, a smaller number of books can be found in the Fountain Antique Centre almost next door, and at Hermitage Antiques at the eastern end of the street.  Wessexman 20.08.21

Hospice Care Books and Music/EXETER/84 South Street
Hospice Care Books and Music  Open at advertised times
84 South Street   EXETER   EX1 1EQ
tel: 01392 435453 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 6.00.
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Well stocked shop, similar to the nearby Oxfam. Whatever you think about charity bookshops, at least they seem to provide reasonably priced books compared to the shops on the Quay (Observers for £2.50-£3 not £15!)  Steve Newman 22.04.10
Impressive selection on my visit. Cheap prices. Compares extremely favourably with nearby Oxfam.  Norman Davies 23.10.10
Great bookshop, which always has a good atmosphere inside. Good prices and selection. Second the comment concerning the Quay and Oxfam.  BGP 05.05.11
Currently overstocked on shelves - 2 rows of books so you need to keep shifting them to see just what may be behind. And the locked glass case stock is also a bit excessive. Need to ask them what some of the titles are. Doleful classical music being played by elderly couple at the counter. I'll look back, someday.  Chris K 13.03.12
A disappointment -prices have risen considerably since my last visit and quality gone downhill. Frustrating having to deal with looking at books hidden behind the front row. Contrary to the first review the prices on the Quay are now more reasonable than this shop.  The Drifter 10.08.13
Lots of stock of great variety, some fairly priced, some bargains, friendly staff.  Bookhead 08.02.14
Still too much stock and couldn't find a book nor dvd that appealed. Better music being played though - Son Volt the alt-country group.  Chris K 29.03.14
I agree with Bookhead from 2014.  Steven 30.10.17
Wow! This must be the best charity bookshop I have had the pleasure of visiting. It was like the book places of yesteryear; good quality titles everywhere and after two hours had to reluctantly leave due to parking problems. There were surprises on every shelf. WWAD.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
This shop seems much less cluttered than previously, but still stocks an interesting range of subjects as well as having a vinyl music section. Well worth a visit.  Wessexman 28.07.21

Ilfracombe Charity Bookshop/ILFRACOMBE/6A Church Street
Ilfracombe Charity Bookshop  Open at advertised times
6A Church Street   ILFRACOMBE   EX34 8HA
tel: 01271 862020 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 12.00 & 2.00 - 4.00, Saturday 10.00 - 12.00.
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A small, well organised stock of reasonably priced books, which are much better than most charity bookshops.  TBG 
Note this is at the west end of the High Street. Nearly all newish good selection at good prices.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
That two hour lunch break did for me so I could only look through the window. There are some general charity shops elsewhere on the somewhat run down High Street so my visit was not totally wasted.  Steven 06.09.13
Light, airy, and with well chosen books and no dross - quite unlike most charity bookshops.  TBG 08.06.15
Plenty of well priced books to read on the beach but nothing much for collectors.  Steven 05.08.16

Joel Segal Books/TOPSHAM/The Cafe
Joel Segal Books  Open at advertised times
The Cafe  76, Fore Street   TOPSHAM   EX3 0HQ
tel: 01392 875239   e-mail  web 
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Joel Segal has a selection of stock in the Cafe, and at The Dinosaur, Clock tower, Exeter.

The stock was placed in bookcases in various parts of the cafe and it all looked a bit muddled. One bookcase was poorly lit but some of the books might have been of interest to others.  SteveBrissle 07.04.16
Payment for the books was cash only which meant I had to nip over the road to use the free cash machine in the nearby Co-op which was not exactly 21st Century customer friendly. The cafe has just 5 bookcases of 2nd hand books and I had to turn on the light to view the ones in the adjoining doorway. All the stock is muddled making browsing difficult as I suspect cafe users pick up books and put them back anywhere. Pricing was also a bit inconsistent with some titles optimisticly priced given their condition. I didn't feel welcome at all by the cafe staff and the lady who served me struggled to add up the prices of the 3 books purchased.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19

Lee Furneaux/TAVISTOCK/Tavistock Pannier Market
Lee Furneaux   Open at advertised times
Tavistock Pannier Market    TAVISTOCK  PL19 0AU
tel:  01822 853243  e-mail   web  
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00
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Their eclectic bookshop is located in the far corner at the west end of the market. Subjects of special interest include Dartmoor and the Tamar Valley, military history, maritime, art, literature and children's books

They always have interesting and well-priced titles in stock.  Tim Hall 23.12.11
This might just be a stall in a high quality market but, my goodness, what a super selection of hard to obtain titles. A knowledgable and friendly owner saw her busy during both of my visits. Rumour had it that the best of a recently purchased collection will soon see the light of day.  Chris Harte 20.03.12
I'm always pleased to visit when in Tavistock. A good selection of titles with many 'wants' purchased this time. Prices are very reasonable and the owner's knowledge of books excellent.  Chris Harte 12.10.17

Lib-Dem Bookshop /CREDITON/48 High Street  
Lib-Dem Bookshop   Open at advertised times
48 High Street    CREDITON  EX17 3JP
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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An eclectic stock of paperbacks to antiquarian books. We rely on donations so stock varies over time. If traveling always best to ring first.

Not sure if this reflects the organisation running it, but a great selection of politics, history and similar at bargain prices!  Norman Davies 22.09.11
Very good shop with all hardbacks £1 (the occasional exception) and paperbacks 50p. Well worth visiting at the far end of the High Street. I find it better to go in the mornings: they aren't always open in the afternoon.  PLF 28.07.21
Excellent value, paperbacks 50p, hardbacks £1. Good charity shop standard, lots of fiction but also history, biography, travel etc plus the inevitable cookery, gardening etc. Apparently the stock turns over quickly. Came away with a large bagful. Cash only, friendly staff. Would call again if passing through Crediton   HB 09.10.21

Lyn Valley Society Community Bookshop /LYNTON/Town Hall,  Lee Road  
Lyn Valley Society Community Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Town Hall,  Lee Road    LYNTON  EX35 6HT
Open:  Mid-February - November, Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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Fundraising bookshop selling Donated books in aid of the Lyn Valley Society.

It is a well maintained charity shop inside the town hall with plenty of well priced reading books and some pleasant surprises for collectors. I have visited several times in the summer months and always found something but I believe the opening hours, being dependent on volunteers, are less reliable in the off season.  Steven 18.08.16
Very well-stocked shop at the back of the town hall. Definitely worth a visit if in the area.  PLF 28.07.21

Old Bridge Antiques Centre/BIDEFORD/19 Market Place
Old Bridge Antiques Centre  Open at advertised times
19 Market Place   BIDEFORD   EX39 2DR
tel: 01237 420909 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.45 - 5.00.
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Peter Hames is no longer here, and whilst there are still books, they are now much less interesting.  TBG 31.07.08
Standard antique centre fayre not worth a book lover visit. However, excellent bookstall upstairs in Pannier Market opposite on relevant market days and Allhalland Books is still going down the road.  Norman Davies 02.07.13

Once Read/CREDITON/4 High Street
Once Read  Open at advertised times
4 High Street   CREDITON   EX17 3AE
tel: 01363 773365  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Out of print English Literature including a wide range of poetry. Specialist subjects such as soil science, Indian spiritualism and theology. Also a good range of biographies, military, British/European, cultural and social history. We have been open since July 1st 2011 and have had great support from the local community. We offer books at affordable prices. We are happy to take any enquiries or book requests.

I was impressed with the range of books and reasonable prices. Worth a detour.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
Excellent and timely service and reasonable prices. You can order and if you don't want you don't have to take. Superb customer service. Highly recommended.  Ray 31.10.11
Unfortunately did not live up expectations. Very poor.  Bookman 07.11.11
Realy very impressed with the range of books particularly given the size of the premises. Very friendly service and always with a smile. Good addition to Crediton High Street.  AnnieB 30.03.12
I endorse the other comments - very good range of books despite the shop being relatively small. Well worth a visit.  Nick 12.12.14
I heartily second the commentators who have remarked upon the merits of this shop and its owner. I was particularly struck by the small, but excellent and reasonably priced selection of books in and on the Latin language.  Geoffrey Warner 15.09.17
An enjoyable visit to this job. Pleasant owner who knows if he stocks your requests. Large selection of titles and you may not expect to find this in such a modest space. Well worth the visit and prices very reasonable.  Albert Lee 12.02.18

Oxfam Books _ Music/TEIGNMOUTH/3 Den Road,
Oxfam Books & Music  Phone before travelling
3 Den Road,   TEIGNMOUTH   TQ14 8AJ
tel: 01626 774922  e-mail  web 
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Usual Oxfam fare with donated books catalogued across the shelves. It took me all of 2 mins to browse their military - 2 shelves - and 'rare/antiquarian' book sections - amounted to just 4 books in a glass cabinet by the till. So very low on quality and quantity and therefore was one of the poorest dedicated Oxfam bookshops I've visited across the UK as zero purchases made.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19
I can only but agree with Laurence. Very ordinary selection.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
Don't agree at all with the above comments. Beautifully arranged paper and hardbacks. Not much antiquarian and collectables, but - breaking news! - some of us buy books in order to read them!  Jane 06.02.20

Oxfam Books _ Music/TOTNES/60 High Street
Oxfam Books & Music  Phone before travelling
60 High Street   TOTNES   TQ9 5SQ
tel: 01803 867062  e-mail  web 
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Knocked out. 1/10.  The Boxer 26.09.13
Out of all 5 book shops I walked into in Totnes this was the one with the best military & naval selection. A recommended charity shop with fair prices.  Laurence Batchelor 29.08.15
Laurence and I must have visited different shops. This is standard Oxfam but with more "hippy" books representing local population. Prices hilariously above standard.  Norman Davies 01.10.15
4 years later and this charity bookshop still had 1 shelf of military history and 2 hardback purchases made @ £1.99 each. Worth the climb up the sloped high-street. Both of the staff in the back room would not let me view any of the extra stock there and proceeded to tell me about all the other oxfam bookshops in the area which I already knew about. The lady on the till was half asleep, perhaps as it was Friday afternoon on a hot summers day and it had been a long week? Worth doing if already visiting the bookshop near the castle.  Laurence Batchelor 29.08.19

Oxfam Bookshop/EXETER/98 South Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
98 South Street   EXETER   EX1 1EN
tel: 01392 49343  e-mail  web 
Open:  Phone for opening times.
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Exeter Oxfam Books has a general stock of some 3500 books, including a selection of collectibles. We will shortly be selling the more valuable books on ABE. The shop is next to the general Oxfam shop in South Street.

Bog standard Oxfam, not an exciting collection and standard over the top Oxfam prices for anything decent.  Norman Davies 23.10.10
A very well stocked and busy Oxfam shop. Shame the neighbouring Oxfam music shop was shut when I visited - on a Saturday, forsooth!  Pondcott 30.03.11
Pleasant, but rather dull.  BGP 05.05.11
Very expensive and very limited amount of anything of interest.  The Drifter 10.08.13
Float like a butterfly, sting like a butterfly. 1/10.  The Boxer 13.09.13
The Hospice shop down the road has better stock. So try that first.  Chris K 29.03.14
I am always slightly disappointed by this shop. It is not large and, given its catchment area, the stock is not particularly exciting. Decent choice for readers but anything remotely collectable is priced above my limits.  Steven 30.10.17
Cannot agree with the above views. I thought the offerings were reasonably good and ended up purchasing eleven titles. Prices were normal; most being £2.99.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
Now combined with the adjacent music shop, which was previously freestanding. There is now more space for customers to browse.   Wessexman 28.07.21

Oxfam Bookshop/KINGSBRIDGE/45 Fore Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
45 Fore Street   KINGSBRIDGE   TQ7 1PG
tel: 01548 857936  web 
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A real attitude problem here, especially when pointed out to them that Punch Bound Volumes were slightly overpriced at £100 !! "We price all of our stock from the internet," I was told. So maybe that was why my wife picked up a rare first-edition for £3.99.  Chris Harte 20.03.12
Glass Jaw. 1/10.  The Boxer 17.09.13
New manager; things have changed.  MollyBlack 08.10.13
Five and a half years since my last visit and little had changed. The so called "collectables" were joke prices and abe pricing screamed out from most books. A proper bookdealer would have their time cut out in bringing sense to this shop.  Chris Harte 12.10.17

Oxfam Bookshop/TAVISTOCK/5 Market Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
5 Market Street   TAVISTOCK   PL19 0DA
tel: 01822 613901  web 
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A general run-of-the-mill charity bookshop with a few mid-wars titles surrounded by modern fiction.  Chris Harte 20.03.12
Flawed. 1/10.  The Boxer 26.09.13
Not a great Oxfam book shop but better than 1/10. I'd give it 4 - spent this number of £s on 2 VG copies of French film titles. (Already own them but mine are well used.)  Chris K 29.03.14
Sorry Chris K but The Boxer's opinion is spot on.  Chris Harte 12.10.17

Plymstock Books (St Luke_s Hospice)/PLYMOUTH/The Broadway
Plymstock Books (St Luke's Hospice)  Open at advertised times
The Broadway  Plymstock   PLYMOUTH   PL9 7AS
tel: 01752 402972 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.30.
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Charity bookshop selling a wide range of used books at prices starting in pence.

Quay Antiques Centre/TOPSHAM/The Quay
The Quay Antiques Centre  Open at advertised times
The Quay   TOPSHAM   EX3 0JB
tel: 01392 874006 
Open:  Every day (except Christmas day) from 10.00 - 5.00.
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Postcards, books, posters, and large selection of advertising material.

A number of stalls have books  Stephen 16.11.09
This is worth visiting there are at least a couple of worthwhile specialist bookstalls, good on Devon and Penguin Specials.  Norman Davies 02.07.13
A disappointment-having had trouble parking there was little to recommend here. Quality poor and so little of it - certainly not worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.08.13
One section had a reasonable selection of books but those in other parts were the product of house clearances and not appealing at all.  SteveBrissle 07.04.16
There are 2 units doing books here. 1st floor full of Penguin paperbacks and a small area at the back with a poor selection of categorized non-fiction. Then on the 2nd floor a mixed non-fiction stock. Nothing rare or of high quality in any of it but discount offered if paying by cash and books hand wrapped in paper bags. Free parking outside but all spaces were taken when I visited at 3 pm on a Friday perhaps taken by all the American tourists and affluent Exeter types which frequented the place.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19

Quayside Bookshop/TEIGNMOUTH/43 Northumberland Place
Quayside Bookshop  Phone before travelling
43 Northumberland Place   TEIGNMOUTH   TQ14 8DE
tel: 01626 775436  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 3.00 in 'Summer'. Otherwise, Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Wide ranging stock in used, out of print and new books. Comprehensive range of Railway, Aviation and Maritime with associated ephemera, and local authors / interest. Close to seafront and famous River Beach with views to Dartmoor. Ample parking nearby and cafe opposite. Also visit our Book stall ' Badger's Books' at Sidwell Street Market , Exeter (weather permitting).

For what it's worth - probably very little - the South Hams are visible from Teignmouth, not Dartmoor.  Muggins 19.06.13
Medium level stock with a fair number of interesting titles. Prices generally fair. Well worth a visit, however owner does not believe in philosophy of 'the customer is always right'. The last time I was told off so many times in a 20-minute period was when I first joined the RAF. In the spirit of Drif: TOSTTAIDTM (the owner seemed to take an instant dislike to me).  JohnN 06.09.13
In reply to JohnN. Unfortunately not all our customers are happy to browse the storeroom WITHOUT their bags! Unfortunately not all our customers agree to our selling and listing our stock on the internet! If we chose to run our business in the modern world there will be some customers who dont like this change! At least for the time being we are still surviving on the High street! Sorry we cannot please you all!  Quayside Bookshop 09.09.13
Never assume that this shop is open on a Sunday even if it's early October and the weather is far from inclement. We made a detour and found the shop was shut. If I visit Teignmouth again it'll be on a Saturday. From the outside looking in, the stock looked interesting and varied.  SteveBrissle 10.10.15
Open on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year but closed on the Friday the day before when I telephoned. My other half limited me to just an hour in this place but I wished I had more time as most of their naval/maritime/aviation and military stock was in the stock room out back, accesible by permission only, and in need of a lot of time to really rummage. You are not allowed to take any bags back there and are observed by CCTV camera's which felt a bit Big Brother-ish. Upon clambering over the many boxes and also moving many of the books - many shelves are double-stacked - I came away with 3 books from the back and 1 from the front room. It is clear they are a transport specialist and have a lot of stock not listed yet on the internet and some quite rare. Many of the best condition 1st editions were protected in carrier bags and there was a few books signed. This shop is a credit to the town and one I would definately recommend to make a special journey for especially if holidaying in Torbay as the Riveria is devoid of any good 2nd-hand bookshops. The owner's were chatty and clearly knew their trade and the only criticism I'd have is some of the books out back were a bit over-priced as they are priced vs ABE etc. where as other shops I've visited, and have reviewed on TBG recently, tend to price lower in shop that the net to encourage trade and stock movement.  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19
Most pleasant visit aided by a helpful lady in charge. Local holdings were good as were those on the military.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
An interesting bookshop with the back room including secondhand books that must be replaced in the same positions. Some prices were very ambitious but I bought one book which was in a very good condition over 40 years old. The stacked boxes of books made checking some books on the shelves more difficult.  SteveBrissle 13.06.19

Rare and Antique Books/EXETER/C_W
Rare and Antique Books  Appointment necessary
C&W  Chichester Place  18 Southernhay East   EXETER   EX1 1QD
tel: 07594 274729  e-mail  web 
Open:  By Appointment Only.
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We are book dealers in rare and collectable first edition modern and children's books, as well as Ian Fleming Bonds. We buy and sell in these categories and can meet if a suitable time can be arranged. Kipling, Carroll, CS Lewis, HG Wells, Fleming, AA Milne, Maclean, Rackham, Babar, Golliwogg, AC Doyle, Upton, Tolkein, Stoker, RL Stevenson.

Refurnish Crediton/CREDITON/Mill Street next to Morrisons
Refurnish Crediton  Open at advertised times
Mill Street next to Morrisons  CREDITON  EX17 1EY
tel:  01363 774577  e-mail   web  
Tuesday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00
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A huge shop with a very large book area on the first floor. Books are 50p or 3 for £1.

Sea Chest Nautical Bookshop/PLYMOUTH/Queen Anne_s Battery Marina
The Sea Chest Nautical Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Queen Anne's Battery Marina  Coxside   PLYMOUTH   PL4 0LP
tel: 01752 222012  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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A comprehensive stock of new and secondhand books and Admiralty charts.

Sidmouth Antiques Center/SIDMOUTH/All Saints Road
Sidmouth Antiques Center  Open at advertised times
All Saints Road   SIDMOUTH   EX10 8ES
tel: 01395 512588 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00 Sundays 2.00 - 6.00.
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The number of books has recently been reduced to half a dozen shelves.  TBG 01.10.08
Don't bother  BGP 05.05.11

SolBooks/BARNSTAPLE/2 Bridge Street Chambers
SolBooks  Open at advertised times
2 Bridge Street Chambers  The Strand   BARNSTAPLE   EX31 1HB
tel: 01271 327319 
Open:  Monday - Friday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Charity bookshop selling donated books.

Worth a look if you're in town.  TBG 17.07.10
Better than average collection for a charity shop; good range of subjects. All books seem to be on the internet but are for sale.  Norman Davies 22.09.11
Revisited today - same comments still apply. Worth a look if in town.  Norman Davies 28.02.15
Opening hours are wrong. They don't open on Saturdays.  PLF 15.02.20

St Luke_s Hospice /TAVISTOCK/2 Duke Street  
St Luke's Hospice   Open at advertised times
2 Duke Street    TAVISTOCK  PL19 0BA
tel:  01822 615591 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.00, Sunday 10.00 - 4.00
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St Luke's had a bookshop at no 14, now moved into their general shop at the address above. Enough stock to remain listed here.

A proper bookshop in all but name. Situated along a charming alleyway the stock is carefully categorised and easy to browse. Not much to interest a dealer but collectors might find the odd gem.  Chris Harte 20.03.12
it's no longer in Paddon's Row - but at the back of the new St Luke's Hospice shop in Brook Street Tavistock.  Mouchoir pouchoir 02.11.13
Now at 14 Duke Street  Chris Harte 21.09.17

T A S S Charity Shop /TAVISTOCK/24 Market Street  
T A S S Charity Shop   Open at advertised times
24 Market Street    TAVISTOCK  PL19 0DD
tel:  01822 616958    web
Open:  Thursday - Saturday 10.00 - 2.00.
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Bookroom at the back of a general charity shop

At least as interesting as the local Oxfam bookshop.  Malcolm Parker 19.08.17
Slightly better than Oxfam. Picked up a couple of titles and will visit again when in the town.  Chris Harte 12.10.17
Closed since summer 2019 due to water leak. No sign of it opening any time soon  PLF 19.10.19
Told yesterday (in the general TASS charity shop) that the bookshop will be opening in a new location sometime in the New Year.  David Pike 03.01.20
Books are now confined to a back room in a general charity shop at 24 Market Street (do not confuse with the old shop in Barley Market Street which is a different road)  PLF 27.07.21

Tarka Books/BARNSTAPLE/5 Bear Street
Tarka Books  Open at advertised times
5 Bear Street   BARNSTAPLE   EX32 7BU
tel: 01271 374997  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.45 - 5.00.
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General secondhand bookshop with a selection of new titles.

The stock was so dull that I could find nothing to like, let alone buy.  TBG 31.07.08
Is this really a second-hand bookshop?  Chris Harte 14.04.09
As I run Tarka Books, I am of course biased, but in my opinion your comments where rude and unnecessary. We stock a wide range of titles and just because you didn't find anything to your liking on this occasion was no reason to call our stock dull. It is this kind of attitude that is the death of independent bookshops, your comments will be read by many people and as such should be given more thought or the next time you come to North Devon there may be no secondhand shops left and you will be left will just charity shops to satisfy your habit.  F. Broster, Tarka Books 24.04.09
I visited Tarka Books last month and am astonished by the negative remarks of TBG and Chris Harte. Shame on them both! This is a well-stocked, well-organised, clearly-signed shop with a helpful lady presiding on the day I was there. The proprietor is right to be offended. If we all condemned a shop just because we we didn't find anything on the day we visited, there would be next to no secondhand bookshops left.  Laurence Purcell 12.10.09
On frequent visits to N. Devon from W. London, I have visited Tarka regularly over the last 5 years and have purchased books there. I disagree with the comments of TBG and Harte and fully endorse those of Massrs Broster & Purcell.  Ian Haigh 15.03.11
Back again after some years. Shop seems to have more stock, especially s-h fiction and children's. Found a £2 HMSO Long-Distance Footpath Guide, for the Somerset and North Devon Coast Path (1981, to add to my collection.  Chris K 01.10.15

Topsham Bookshop/TOPSHAM/(Was Joel Segal Books)27 Fore Street
The Topsham Bookshop   Open at advertised times
(Was Joel Segal Books)  27 Fore Street    TOPSHAM  EX3 0HD
tel:  01392 877895  e-mail   web  
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.00, closed for lunch 1.00 - 2.00.
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Our stock of 30,000 books covers many areas of interest, including Devon and West Country Topography, British and World Topography, History (especially Social History and Archaeology), The Arts, Transport and English Literature. We have a large stock of fiction titles. Telephone is best way to contact. If out of hours leave answerphone message with contact details.

Love their colour themed window displays, and they always have a good selection of art and cinema titles.  TBG 
Superb find - a real well stocked quality second hand stock. Sensible prices very wide list of subjects, friendly staff. Well worth a detour.  Norman Davies 23.10.10
A proper secondhand shop and worth a detour but I found the prices on the steep side. If they had cost less I would have spent more.  Steven Whitehead 26.04.11
Great bookshop. You could lose yourself for a few hours inside. Prices do vary.  BGP 05.05.11
Due to an amicable termination of partnership, the bookshop at 27 Fore Street is now operating as The Topsham Bookshop and is owned and managed by Lily Neal. Joel Segal will continue to trade as Joel Segal Books (www.segalbooks.com) and will be operating from The Cafe, 76 Fore Street, Topsham.  Chris K 12.03.12
Recommended shop with good, fairly reasonably priced wide ranging stock. Beware they close for lunch! Worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.08.13
Revisited today. Comments remain same - one of the best old fashioned s/h shops in the west with an excellent selection, prices fair.  Norman Davies 28.02.15
Back again on Friday 18 September. Found another good item - the updated Pevsner Buildings of England Yorkshire: York and East Riding. Nearly new and cost almost a third of the full price.  Chris K 01.10.15
A great shop with an interesting and varied stock at mostly reasonable prices. Certainly worth a visit.  SteveBrissle 07.04.16
A most interesting bookshop with a wide selection of subjects. I enjoyed two full hours of browsing the shelves but, alas, the pricing put me off more than a single purchase.  Chris Harte 19.04.18
Made a special visit to Topsham (challenging parking ) due to the reviews on TBG and was a little underwhelmed. Stock is extensive and spread over 4 rooms on 2 floors but I was limited to just 2 purchases and managed to view all their military naval stock in 15 mins. The lady owner Lily was on a day off but the gentlemen was helpful and directed me to all the right shelves. I would advise a visit if fiction or topography and travel are your thing. The most memorable thing about this shop for me was how when opening the front door it appears it's going to strike against the corner of the first bookcase but is made so it just misses it!  Laurence Batchelor 04.01.19
Visited en route to Cornwall. Strong selection across many categories, especially poetry and literature.  Herne 13.08.19
Visited in the morning just after opening (no problem parking nearby). Excellent stock, especially good children's selection (and reasonably priced) and fiction. Pleasant service. Will definitely return for a longer look.  Alex Johnson 14.09.21