Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in the UK and Republic of Ireland

newly listed, the Book Rest

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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Bailey Hill Bookshop/CASTLE CARY/Fore Street
Bailey Hill Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Fore Street   CASTLE CARY   BA7 7BG
tel: 01963 350917  e-mail  web 
Open:  9.30 - 5.30.
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We stock a combination of new, secondhand and some antiquarian books. We also sell cards and prints. We can post books to you the same day if we have them in stock, and can have books that are not in stock by the next working day.

A find. Lovely small town, excellent mixed new/second hand books. Limited but classy stock.  Norman Davies 09.06.12
Selection of secondhand books on some shelves on the first floor but not properly arranged. The railway titles could be found in various places and the books overall were generally sensibly priced. Not really worth a detour if you are in search of secondhand books.  SteveBrissle 20.11.17
Mainly an independent bookshop for new books with a quite sparse, miscellaneous, secondhand stock upstairs.  Mark V 21.08.19

Bath Old Books/BATH/9c Margaret_s Buildings
Bath Old Books  Open at advertised times
9c Margaret's Buildings  Brock Street   BATH   BA1 2LP
tel: 01225 422244  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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A varied and constantly changing stock including: art, architecture, Bath and Jane Austen, children's, illustrated, literature and many others. A co-operative of five friendly dealers. Featured window displays and twice yearly sales.

As their blurb says, 'very friendly.' A nice neat shop spread over two floors with no real specialisation. Some nice stock on all subjects especially local history.  Chris Harte 18.08.09
An excellent shop, stock sensibly priced with friendly and helpful staff  Mark Barrett 11.05.10
A very good find, large numbers of books in a traditional setting. Varied prices but some good quality books. Note shop is at the north end of a shopping lane off Brock Street.  Norman Davies 20.02.12
Revisited this week. Same comments apply. Really is WAD, an excellent good old s/h bookshop.  Norman Davies 18.02.16
Long-established and one of the few surviving secondhand bookshops in Bath. It's worth a detour although the prices of my two recent purchases were rather high, even after the 25% sale reductions (but easier than purchasing from an online 'warehouse').  SteveBrissle 07.04.16
An old-school shop with some real heft. Upstairs: Antiquarian books, fine bindings, art, children's books. Downstairs (reached by a spiral staircase lined with old prints): fiction, biography, local history etc. They're particularly strong on modern first editions. Has to be worth a small detour on your way from The Circus to the Royal Crescent.  Paul O 06.09.18

Book Barn/ILMINSTER/Barrington Court ( National Trust)
The Book Barn  Open at advertised times
Barrington Court ( National Trust)  Barrington   ILMINSTER   TA19 0NQ
Open:  7 days 10.30 - 5.00.
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Large paperback fiction section. Moderate sections on most subjects. Large Barn, many standard paperbacks - £1 each. Other sections feature very variable stock, cheap but unlikely to find a treasure. Payment for books is by honesty box.

Book Rest/ILMINSTER/4 West Street
The Book Rest  Open at advertised times
4 West Street  ILMINSTER  TA19 9AA
tel:  01460 52516  e-mail   web
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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Three rooms of secondhand books of every type. Plenty of chairs and sofas, tea coffee and usually cakes on offer. The intention of The Book Rest is to make one feel comfortable and relaxed whilst indulging your thirst for knowledge and love of reading.

A small number of books, apparently part of the shop stock, are listed on the website at huge prices. If these are typical of the whole stock it would put off most people from buying.  Adrian 20.07.21

BookBarn International/TEMPLE CLOUD/White Cross
BookBarn International  Open at advertised times
White Cross   TEMPLE CLOUD   BS39 6EX
tel: 01761 451777  e-mail  web 
Open:  Mondays - Saturdays 10.00 - 600, Sundays & Bank Holiday's 11.00 - 5.00.
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One of the largest used bookshops in England. We house hundreds of thousands of books of all shapes and sizes, topics and age.

There is now a second Book Barn on the site, but this one is modern, bright, with a better grade of stock, and no sign of ex-library. There is even a snack bar and some comfortable seating.  CNB 
Drif used to maintain that Hay-on-Wye was were books went to die, but now there's no reason for them to cross the Severn, as they can be given the last rights here.  TBG 12.08.08
I arrived well prepared. Took no dismissals from the counter staff and after standing my ground in the light of "we have nothing about which you ask," eventually got the ear of the valuer, who knew his stuff. He summonsed a lacky and twenty minutes later a huge box on a palate came in, on the front of a fork-lift. Three hours later. after close examination and lots of free coffee, I had purchased the majority of what had "been found by chance in a back barn."  Chris Harte 14.04.09
Amazing place. The size was breathtaking; split on two floors, the barn itself is the size of a normal B&Q. Books on all possible subjects are kept here and a regular book sale with ALL books £1 each makes this place an Aladdin's cave. Toilets and cafe are on site and plenty of parking available. Well worth the detour off the M5 and you can drive through Cheddar Gorge to come here too. Everything downstairs is all sorted by subject. Upstairs is a bit more of a clutter, but when I was there last there were signs that vast quantities of stock were being sorted properly. They also offer an on-line service, where books are kept in a second barn (which members of the public are not allowed to enter), but you can use their computer terminals and a staff member will dig the books out for you in a couple of minutes. An Amazing place. BIG!!! Biggest in UK by miles.  Iain Baille 22.11.10
The time was when Bookbarn was a good place to look for a bargain: some books were often substantially underpriced, often through ignorance. Now the pendulum has swung and books in poor condition are substantially overpriced (even by a factor of 10), mainly through ignorance.  Ben Elford 30.03.11
I went in to BookBarn and received incredibly rude behaviour from the woman supervising the female staff. I asked to see nine titles they had on the internet (which I had pre-ordered to see by phone the previous day). Regrettably, I was told, six of them "had been sold." This seems unlikely as they were disbound volumes of magazines and only good for gutting. Two of the remaining three were also in this condition and have been, and still are, misrepresented on the internet. When I politely pointed this out I was treated in such an offhand manner that I walked out.  R.S.Cavendish 20.03.12
The original bookbarn building is now closed down and only the new one remains. Every book on display is priced at £1 which reflects the quality, although for the general reader there are bargains. There are computers to check their on-line stock, but the things I was looking for were all hugely over-priced. I asked to see one which appeared very quickly, but was in a very poor condition. The cafe is comfortable and reasonably priced. I found all the staff friendly, but their pricing policy is weird.  Eve Magee 10.05.12
Went there 10AM weekday. Huge barn closed up. Lady opening said not open yet don't know when opening. Went away.  Norman Davies 09.06.12
New owner having impact - now one barn only.still well worth a visit. Lots of interesting books at £1.00 can be found - diligent trawling required! Staff helpful - and nice cake in cafe.  Cibba 12.07.12
This has gone downhill in recent years and I no longer visit. Briefly after opening the second barn it was terrific but now it has mediocre to poor books for £1. You can browse via their computers and get some reasonable books from the other barn (not open to public any more). The coffee shops is not great and debris on the floor never seems to get hoovered up - that's how it looks to me. Can no longer recommend and no longer visit myself.  FlaviaJane 27.09.12
Forget how it was, it is now a pound shop for books. You can spend all day browsing and find some worthwhile books in amongst the dross or you can use the computer to find just what you want but you pay for the convenience. Still a great place to spend a wet day. If you haven't been yet, give it a try - and the cake's delicious.  Rosie Gamgee 10.11.12
Wonderful place. A must for all book lovers, get lost in the shelves upon shelves of books. Everything is a £1 (unless internet stock which you can search for when there) which seemed pretty good value to us. If anything you should go for the cake in the cafe. YUM!  BookWormie 30.11.12
A large £1 barn of books. Odd range of prices for books stored in the other barn. I used to visit regularly but not now. Size certainly isn't everything.  Steve Brissle 24.08.13
Pound for Pound ranking 1/10.  The Boxer 26.09.13
This shop is now under new ownership so most of the previous comments are invalid. Now only the airy, light ground floor of the barn is for books (upstairs sells rugs) and the £1 books are well sorted and labelled.Some are in poor condition but there are SHED LOADS of bargains to be had. The computer stock is sometimes pricey but when the books arrive, they are usually in the condition described (which is not always the case on internet bought books). We visit regularly and have found the current owners/staff to be helpful and always busy maintaining computer records. They still have cake and free Wifi (so you can check on Abe for comparison, if you wish). Always worth a visit and it's the sort of shop that offers shoppers a basket to collect their purchases!  Rosie Gamgee 16.11.13
Really torn here! I nearly went blind looking at all the 'unsorted' shelves ... why put them on the shelves without sorting? Even when sorted the fiction was not sorted within each alphabetical division. The place was freezing cold and in places poorly lit. Catering was sporadic and tables left uncleared. I would have tried the on line book search but the computers appeared not to be working. That said, even in November there were a steady stream of people coming and going (altho not staying long in the chilly environment) and I did unearth 4 gems at £1.00 each. It has potential but none of the charm, organisation or stock range of the Book Barn in Astley in W Midlands.  Jon Morgan 21.11.13
This place has completely lost it. A few years ago, I used to find some excellent bargains in the SF section. Now the stock can only be described as tired. I last visited a year or so ago, but I found today all the same old titles hanging around, and nothing new. I swear most of these books were on the shelves when i first visted ten or so years ago. As for the unsorted books, that left me without the will to live. I certainly did not have the time! I can only assume that anything new and interesting goes straight on the internet, and is priced accordingly. There is nothing for the dealer or collector here, at least as far as SF and fantasy are concerned.  Justin Moss 13.08.14
Arrived with a list taken from the internet which showed title, stock number and price. When the books were presented to me all of them had prices more than those shown on the internet. In one case it would have been cheaper to buy from the net, which included postage cost. When this was pointed out to the front desk staff they all grinned inanely. No purchases.  Chris Harte 07.10.14
I'm starting to warm to this place now it has yet another new owner. In the sections I look at, the number and standard of the £1 books has risen quite dramatically. The titles I find which are on the net are nearly all priced at £2 over the counter. For this visit my wife and I left with 53 books between us. Also, the people on the desk are far more customer friendly than has been the case previously.  Chris Harte 08.04.16
Distinct improvement on arrival. bright warm and welcoming. That said, the heating did not reach beyond the letter C in the fiction section. Better organised but G still seems to come before F and within each letter there was little organisation. Many shelves of unsorted stock and this needs addressing. Food area much better and computers now working. It also has `wifi'. All stock is £1.00 and I came way with a box load. NB coffee was awful.  Jonathan Morgan 15.11.16
A warm welcome on my arrival at an improved bookshop. The unsorted sections were too large but there were some interesting possibilities amongst the £1 books. The computer search produced four books at reasonable prices which were paid for using Bristol Pounds.  SteveBrissle 07.12.17
My regular six-monthly visit left me a bit worried. Yes, I had a list of internet wants (all 17 of them) which were duly provided and at least 20% less than web prices. However, the stock on the general shelves looked worn, somewhat tatty and old. Whereas all shelves used to be brimmingly full now there were huge gaps. My interests had seen nothing new and the spaces left from my purchases last time were obvious to see.  Chris Harte 11.10.18
Annual visit only to find the 'unsorted shelves' had gone with the space now taken by the ever expanding internet sales section. However, the pricing left me bewildered but lucky. How can books priced on abe at £50 and £29 be on the £1 shelves? I grabbed them but there were others I didn't need left behind.  Chris Harte 26.06.19
This has had a major re-vamp following a change in ownership (I think). Although still very large, they have got rid of masses of tatty stock and library books so what is on sale is much less but in better condition. Sadly the prices have gone up too but there are bulk purchase discounts. Personally I preferred the older format but many will like the latest, better-organised arrangement. Parking is good, there is a cafe/restaurant and the staff, as ever, are really helpful.  PLF 28.07.21

BookLovers of Bath/PEASEDOWN ST JOHN/Fact or Fable
BookLovers of Bath  Open at advertised times
Fact or Fable  12 Bath Road   PEASEDOWN ST JOHN   BA2 8DH
tel: 01761 437866  e-mail  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Friday 2.00 - 5.00, Saturday 9.30 - 1.00.
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The bookshop houses around 3,000 carefully selected books: Transport; Military; History; Cookery; Arts; Modern Firsts. The internet stock is held separately but may be brought out for inspection with a little notice. Books always sought.

Brendon Books/TAUNTON/Old Brewery Buildings
Brendon Books  Open at advertised times
Old Brewery Buildings  Bath Place   TAUNTON   TA1 4ER
tel: 01823 337742  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30
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After over 20 years as a retailer of new titles, secondhand books are now being added to the range. Selected good quality hardbacks bought and sold. Centrally located within Taunton.

Second hand books are worked in among the newer titles- it?s an odd arrangement and a little confusing, but not a bad idea for a small retailer to keep in business. The second hand stock is limited and variable in quality but better than the Taunton Oxfam. Bath Place is worth heading for anyway as a very lovely old corner of a rather messed up town.  George Marshall 23.09.10
Difficult to find - behind Boots. Large stock mixed new/secondhand. Not bad, agree worth a visit, average prices.  Norman Davies 09.06.12
A large downstairs stock, strong in modern fiction and biography, with an even larger upstairs room. Worth finding.  James Mackay 03.03.14

Clevedon Community Bookshop/CLEVEDON/27-29 Copse Road
Clevedon Community Bookshop  Open at advertised times
27-29 Copse Road   CLEVEDON   BS21 7QN
tel: 01275 218318  e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 5.00 Summer, 10.00 - 4.00 Winter.
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Secondhand books, a general stock of 8,000 books in the shop plus another 10,000 in our book store. We also sell online through AbeBooks, Amazon and Biblio.

What a joy to deal with the lovely volunteers who run this shop. All pre-visit queries were answered by phone and email which meant the titles I was wanting were ready for inspection (and purchase) on arrival. Four ground floor rooms over two shops, beautifully kept; properly categorised and the taunting news that another 10,000 titles were in store waiting to fill holes in the shelves. Hot drinks supplied gratis and conversation of the highest order. Do please put this shop on your visiting list.  Chris Harte 19.01.13
Good stock, helpful staff and reasonable prices. Worth a visit.  Steve Brissle 01.05.13
Agree well organised good selection. Worth a look, just a little ABE-ish prices on older books. Note: park by pier and walk up signposted footpath.  Norman Davies 28.02.15
Excellent little shop. Came away with a bagful one of which was reduced by the staff when we expressed interest in it but thought it too expensive. Will definitely visit again.  David 29.09.17
I made the financial mistake of introducing my wife to this excellent shop. She was thrilled with what she found and obtained nearly two dozen titles. My purchases only just reached double figures. However, a revisit here is scheduled for six weeks time. WWAD.  Chris 23.10.17
I'm more than happy to second the praise of other customers of this shop after visiting it recently. The range of books for sale is considerable: everything from academic texts to children's books, via poetry, biographies, novels (classical and modern) - all clearly displayed and reasonably priced. I even noticed a shelf full of Pelican books, many of which are out of print.  Geoffrey Warner 13.11.17
Forced to return by my wife who came away with two boxes of kiddies books for the grandchildren. I only managed seven titles but didn't complain as I got change from a £20 note.  Chris Harte 09.04.19
Excellent: well-organised, well-stocked, reasonably-priced, in a pleasant and charming seaside town.  Mark V 21.08.19

Courtyard Books/GLASTONBURY/2-4 High Street
Courtyard Books  Open at advertised times
2-4 High Street   GLASTONBURY   BA6 9DU
tel: 01458 835050  e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days 9.30 - 5.30.
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We specialise in mind, body and spirit titles, books by Glastonbury authors and books about Glastonbury. We also have a good general range of titles. We buy collections large and small, providing they are within our subject area.

Excellent bookshop with a strong leaning towards Glastonbury history, alchemy, occult, mythology, spiritualism etc. Reasonable prices. Parking nearby. Well worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.02.15
A very well set out shop and easy to peruse. Alas, no subjects of my interests.  Chris Harte 12.09.15

Dorothy House Charity Shop/BATH/37 Broad Street
Dorothy House Charity Shop  Open at advertised times
37 Broad Street   BATH   BA1 5LP
tel: 01225 471664 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30, Sunday 10.30 - 4.30.
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Large, well-curated charity bookshop. There's a whole bookcase of older, more collectable fiction and there are real finds to be had (not the Authors Time Forgot that you usually expect). Then there's a large section of twentieth-century paperback fiction and some shelves of "orange" Penguins at a tempting £1.50 each. Modern languages get a look in too -- they even had Samuel Beckett in the original French in the window. Most non-fiction areas are well-represented as well. And there's a music section with some seriously collectable vinyl on display.  Paul Oldfield 06.09.18
Attractive, very un-charity-looking shop with a broad range of very fairly priced titles. I picked up a brand new, just out, copy of Patrick Leigh-Fermor's letters for a fiver. Can't say fairer than that.  Steven Kelly 11.11.19

Double-B-Books/TEMPLE CLOUD/Gillards Warehouse Trident Works
Double-B-Books  Appointment necessary
Gillards Warehouse Trident Works  Marsh Lane   TEMPLE CLOUD   BS39 5AZ
tel: 01761 451365  e-mail  web 
Open:  Appointment only Monday - Friday 8.00 - 4.00.
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Antiquarian, art, Folio Society, history, private press. For an idea of the sort of stock we carry why not visit our website.

Website is dead  juniorbonner 28.07.21

Frome Bookshop/FROME/18 King Street
The Frome Bookshop  Open at advertised times
18 King Street   FROME   BA11 1BH
tel: 01373 473964  e-mail  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00 and first Sunday of the month.
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Hand picked books on subjects including ornithology and British wildlife, children's illustrated books, fine bindings, literature, art and first editions. Books bought & sold.

One room stuffed with good and well chosen stock. Clearly curated by a knowleable booksellers. WAD.  Hugo Boylan 26.04.19
A great little bookshop and I fully endorse Hugo's comments.  SteveBrissle 03.01.20

George Bayntun/BATH/23 Manvers Street
George Bayntun   Open at advertised times
23 Manvers Street    BATH  BA1 1JW
tel:  01225 466000  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Friday 9.00 - 1.00, 2.00 - 5.00
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The bookshop specialises in fine leather bindings, mostly English literature, illustrated books and poetry, in first or fine editions. In the bindery, craftsmen and women bind and restore books from all over the world. It is advisable to contact us to book an appointment before bringing in books for valuation, rebinding or restoration.

An interesting shop, where you need to be 'buzzed' in (not sure why), large general stock downstairs and small antiquarian stock upstairs (some the same books as down stairs).  Mark Barrett 11.05.10
Why the security front door is needed I have no idea. Although the stock is pleasant it is by no means worthy of such protection nor, for that matter, to be patrolled by so many staff. As stated above, the general books in the basement are somewhat duplicated in the first-floor antiquarian section. In fact there were not that many books at all considering the large premises. The occasional gem is on the shelves. However, the shop did not have a welcoming atmosphere and browsers seemed to be tip-toeing around as if in a church.  Chris Harte 19.08.10
Some real finds here if you persist but prices somewhat on the high side in some cases.  Herne 26.07.12
Doorbell entry system, glazed bookcases and a hushed atmosphere for the high end stock on the ground floor but the basement more mid-range, some prices quite moderate, and the stock interesting. Well worth a forage here, and the courtly staff helpful.  Mark V 21.08.19

Jonathan Potter Ltd/BATH/5 Margaret_s Buildings
Jonathan Potter Ltd  Appointment necessary
5 Margaret's Buildings   BATH   BA1 2LP
tel: 07866 801897  e-mail  web 
Open:  Appointment necessary
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Specialist dealers in antique maps, charts, atlases and books on the history of cartography and travel.

Julian House Bookshop/BATH/86 Walcot Street
Julian House Bookshop  Open at advertised times
86 Walcot Street   BATH   BA1 5BD
tel: 01225 331114  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 4.00.
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Charity bookshop. Large general stock, clean, well displayed and with most categories covered.

This is a great find in the lovely city of Bath. Thousands of books on 2 floors, all displayed nicely and categorised. Interesting stock with a good mix of genres. My fave bookshop in Bath!  Sian Jones 20.02.12
This is a real find and one of the best charity bookshops I have seen. Splendid collection at sensible prices - eat your heart out Oxfam! A must for book lovers in Bath.  Norman Davies 20.02.12
Supposedly a 'charity' shop, but the downstairs bookroom is very up-market,with some hefty prices to match the surroundings.  Second Nature 05.04.12
Endorse previous comments save that I felt prices seemed pretty reasonable.  Herne 26.07.12
Thank you for the very kind comments. Our team try very hard to create an interesting, well stocked and well displayed shop for the enjoyment of our customers, with prices that are fair to all.  Lisa, Julian House Shop Manager 25.08.12
A good charity bookshop which has now largely disappeared downstairs and to the casual passer by this would be unapparent as all that is now on show from the street are shabby chic items with no indication of what lies beneath. Some of their prices are rather over the top but some good buys if you look.  The Drifter 10.08.13
I would like to reply to the previous comment - we have a dedicated downstairs bookshop and a whole window given over to books which is clearly visible from the street. We have created a new vintage section within our store so most of the books have moved downstairs where we house thousands of books covering all genres at competitive prices in a cosy peaceful environment. I am rather confused as to why The Drifter would think our books are not visible from the street but happy that he/she managed to find a good buy!  Lisa, Shop Manager 21.11.13
Best charity bookshop in the city. Found a VG paperback by R.W. Brunskill for only £3.50, to add to my collection. Strange that the paper receipt's address was of Dorothy House, 37 Broad Street, Bath ...  Chris K. 26.09.15
Revisited this week. Still an above average charity shop, the basement contains some good books all subjects. Best of its type in Bath.  Norman Davies 18.02.16
Well presented, clean and tidy selection, mostly good prices. Definitely worth a look.  David 29.09.17
Good quality stock and moderate prices, including on this visit some nice Pevsners at just £5 each.  Mark V 21.08.19

Labyrinth Books/GLASTONBURY/Vestry Hall
Labyrinth Books  Open at advertised times
Vestry Hall  High Street   GLASTONBURY   BA6 9DU
tel: 01458 830831  e-mail  web 
Open:  7 days 10.00 - 6.00.
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Secondhand and rare books. Avalonians, sacred landscape, witchcraft and occult. Earth mysteries. Tarot.astrology and Numerology. Celts and Druids. Templars, Magdalene and the Lost Gospels. Proprietor Susan Render is widely acknowledged as the most knowledgable bookseller in her field in the West.

A very good shop within it's stated specialities. Some other books such as music, cult fiction etc. Well worth a detour. Just up the road from Courtyard Books. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 14.02.15
Pleasant shop and proprietor. Was totally thrown by a complete shelf of books about Angels. You don't find that too often.  Chris Harte 12.09.15

Oxfam Books and Music/WELLS/59 High Street
Oxfam Books and Music  Open at advertised times
59 High Street   WELLS   BA5 2AG
tel: 01749 677562  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.15 - 5.15, Sunday 11.00 - 3.00.
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Small but well laid out shop. Good to see stock in reasonable condition - so often not the case with Oxfam. Usual unrealistic over the top prices - bought several of the same books for a fraction of the price at nearby charity shops. Mind the step in the middle of the shop. Parking nearby.  The Drifter 26.09.13
Punch-out 1/10.  The Boxer 10.10.13
Sadly offerings here remain scant and overpriced. Eclipsed by the other charity shops and the Wednesday/Saturday market. Parking nearby. Not worth a detour.  The Drifter 14.02.15
Low key stock, much of the older stuff well overpriced for condition.  Robert Brown 18.08.16

Oxfam Bookshop/BATH/4 Lower Borough Walls
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
4 Lower Borough Walls   BATH   BA1 1QR
tel: 01225 469776  web 
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A very well stocked example of the genre with several interesting finds.  Jon Morgan 05.02.08
Well laid out shop with good stock and, for Oxfam, fairly reasonable prices - more interesting and cheaper than any of their Bristol counterparts. Expensive parking nearby.  The Drifter 27.08.13
Plenty of fiction and children's titles but non-fiction a bit short. Some needed putting back upright, due to the gaps. Couldn't find anything interesting. Sorry.  Chris K. 26.09.15
Decent selection probably above Oxfam average. Sadly same old same old - a couple of goodies were so overpriced ("we check on ABE you know") as to be funny. Sad really as I would have purchased them if they were half the price.  Norman Davies 18.02.16
Well-stocked sections for classic and modern fiction, some interesting topography/local history, and some recent non-fiction that caught my eye in a good window display. Not bad. But the collectables featured some real lumber at high prices: perhaps people buy it as decor?  Paul O 06.09.18

Oxfam Bookshop/TAUNTON/2 The Bridge
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
2 The Bridge   TAUNTON   TA1 1UG
tel: 01823 270205  web 
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Small particularly uninteresting Oxfam with particularly high prices. Almost on a par with the Bristol Queens Road Oxfam - the benchmark for unrealistic pricing. Parking nearby. Not worth a detour.  The Drifter 26.09.13
Lightweight loser 1/10.  The Boxer 02.11.13

Phoenix Books/CREWKERNE/5 The George Precinct
Phoenix Books  Open at advertised times
5 The George Precinct   CREWKERNE   TA18 7LU
tel: 01460 76579 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00.
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Mostly paperback fiction, including French and German sections, Penguins and other collectable series.

A find. Make sure you visit this shop when visiting Gresham Books. Decent stock and decent prices.  Norman Davies 09.06.12
Great little shop. Largely paperback but a good selection. Some quality hardbacks though and most definitely worth a visit. They also offer a "find a book" service and are quite happy to search online for you to see if they can find specific books. Will order them for you for a small commission. Highly recommended, for me much better than Gresham Books.  FlaviaJane 27.09.12
A great little shop with good stock and realistic prices. Recommended.  The Drifter 10.08.13
Corkscrew Punch. 8/10.  The Boxer 16.10.13

Real Books Shop/PORLOCK/High Street
The Real Books Shop     Open at advertised times
High Street    PORLOCK  TA24 8PS
tel:  01643 863070 outside opening hours  e-mail
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday, summer 10.00 - 5.00, winter 10.00 - 4.00
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About 2000 books. I specialise in Railway books, principally those about pre-Beeching times. The shop also stocks a good selection of fiction and non-fiction titles on other subjects. Also art quality photographs by local photographer Paula Kirby. Payment by cash only.

Rothwell And Dunworth /DULVERTON/2-6 Bridge Street  
Rothwell And Dunworth   Open at advertised times
2-6 Bridge Street    DULVERTON  TA22 9HJ
tel:  01398 323169  e-mail   web   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.30 - 5.15. Summer months: also Sunday 11.00 - 4.00
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Antiquarian Booksellers based in Dulverton, Somerset, specialising in a wide range of rare and second hand books since 1975.

Traditional secondhand and antiquarian bookshop with a particular interest in sporting books.  TBG 
Truly magnificent. Wonderful stock of books on country matters and high quality children's section. I spent far too much but came away with a full box of newly purchased treasures .  Chris Harte 14.04.09
An absolute treasure house for a wide range of books, excellently organised over two cottage floors in which I have spent hours and hundreds over the years. Set in a lovely village with Lewis's teashop up the road for the lunchtime. Paradise for booklovers.  Patrick Standford 27.10.12
Agree splendid old fashioned well stocked country town shop. Worth a look but a bit pricey for the specialist collector of their main areas.  Norman Davies 28.02.15
A great little bookshop in a charming country town. There is a large downstairs space and a couple of spacious rooms upstairs. As one might expect in the area, strong on country pursuits such as hunting and fishing, but plenty of variety overall. When in the town, it's also worth having a peep at the secondhand shelves in the Exmoor Society shop a few yards up the High Street.  Wessexman 20.08.21

Shepton Community Bookshop /SHEPTON MALLET/15 High Street  
Shepton Community Bookshop   Open at advertised times
15 High Street    SHEPTON MALLET  BA4 5AA
tel:  01749 345 522  e-mail   web
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 3.00 or by e-mail arrangement
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About 3000 fiction and non-fiction, antiquarian vintage and modern, well sorted and reasonably priced. Particularly strong on theology, science fiction and children's books. Also local interest, history, thrillers, classics etc. Reasonable prices, all clearly marked inside the front cover. Very accessible for wheelchairs and run by friendly knowledgeable volunteers in aid of local good causes.

Not huge, but better than your average charity shop selection.  Malcolm Parker 02.07.19
One large, bright room with an interesting selection at moderate prices. It has been open for about 6 weeks and is already well-supported, I was told.  Mark V 17.08.19
Friendly volunteer staff, a good selection of subjects and books, with all profits being distributed to charities (more than £17,000 since opening), and definitely worth supporting.  SteveBrissle 06.02.20

Skoobs Secondhand Paperbacks/BATH/Guildhall Market
Skoobs Secondhand Paperbacks  Open at advertised times
Guildhall Market   BATH   BA2 4AW
tel: 01225 463133 
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Seemed a little disappointing at first with limited pulp fiction stock until I turned a corner and off it stretched. Little organisation into category and most of the stock appeared mass market remaindered paperbacks. Prices a little steep for what they were but some recent quality paperback fiction was unearthed after a prolonged scan.  Jon Morgan 05.02.08
Surprisingly large selection of newish/current paperbacks at cheap prices. If you want a paperback published in say the last 20 years this is the place to come.  Norman Davies 20.02.12
A large permanent market stall in the Guildhall Market near the City Centre/Bath Abbey. Wide-ranging paperback stock at reasonable prices. Worth a detour. Very expensive parking nearby.  The Drifter 29.08.13
Sadly not quite as good as it used to be - quality down, prices up and local parking considerably up. NWAD.  The Drifter 22.10.14
Revisited this week. Disagree with The Drifter (or it has improved again). For a large market stall type there is a good collection including non fiction. As usual came away with a couple. Worth a look if in Bath.  Norman Davies 18.02.16
No-frills, pile-it-high bookselling, with an emphasis on genre fiction -- and it's a formula that works, as people were queuing up to get recommendations from the helpful guy on the till. Look a bit further and there are also some classics, plus Booker-Whitbread-Orange-Prize books and other recent lit fiction, and some non-fiction. Not for collectors, but most people will find something they've been meaning to read.  Paul O 06.09.18

Speaking Tree/GLASTONBURY/5 High Street
The Speaking Tree  Open at advertised times
5 High Street   GLASTONBURY   BA6 9DP
tel: 01458 835 974  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.30, Saturday & Sunday 10.00 - 6.00.
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The best in mind, body & spirit titles, many at seriously reduced prices.

Neat; tidy; compact. Nothing for me but my wife was attracted by some titles, the subjects of which I have absolutely no comprehension.  Chris Harte 12.09.15