Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in the UK and Republic of Ireland

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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Bas Books/BRACKNELL/First Floor
Bas Books  Open at advertised times
First Floor  Princess Square Shopping Centre   BRACKNELL   RG12 1LS
tel: 01344 305042  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Donated books sold for Sebastian's Action Trust.

Eton Antique Bookshop/ETON/88 High Street
Eton Antique Bookshop  Open at advertised times
88 High Street   ETON   SL4 6AF
tel: 01753 855534 
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Having made a special lengthy journey to the shop after two telephone conversations with the owner, who had assured me that he "had loads" of the titles I was seeking, I arrived to find that I had been seriously misled. I did see some quality books on the shelves but my annoyance was such that I spent little time having a detailed look.  Chris Harte 09.02.10
A Samuel Beckett Special which will make me have nightmares. There are a few interesting books but 99% of the stock is dross. Eton deserves better.  OWC 22.09.12
Not worth a detour but certainly worth a look if you are in Eton or Windsor. "99% of the stock is dross" is OTT IMHO.  Steven 21.06.14
Plenty of non-book antiques (i.e., maps and prints) and plenty of books that are not antiques and indeed the shop is a bit of a mess (see what I did there?) However the owner is ETGOW and knows what he has got and where to find it and while NWAD it is certainly worth a look. However I did much better over the river in in the Windsor Oxfam book room in the cellar at Queen Anne's Court.  Steven 03.01.20

Hungerford Arcade/HUNGERFORD/26 High Street
Hungerford Arcade  Open at advertised times
26 High Street   HUNGERFORD   RG17 0NF
tel: 01488 683701  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.15 - 5.30, Saturday 9.15am - 6:00 and Sunday 11.00 - 5.00.
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Invicta Books and Martin Smith have stalls in the arcade.

Now has Elmo Books (01730 716351) selling high class sports books, mainly football and motor racing but also boxing and rugby.  John Bacon 28.01.09
Other than being a splendid place to find trinkets and the like the upstairs bookshop part is excellent. It is many a while since I spent time in going twice around the shelves of a dealer's offerings. There was a very varied stock with some antiquarian gems in places you would not expect to find them. Well worth calling in if you are passing. As noted above the ground floor sports section is also first rate.  Chris Harte 31.08.10
Agreed above. There are goodies if you are prepared to confront the rather hectic filing system. Also has excellent postcard unit and decent cafe.  Norman Davies 14.08.12
Hungerford has lots to offer and is worth visiting, which I do regularly, particularly for the Arcade which has plenty of good books on a variety of subjects.  OWC 22.09.12
Three and a half years since my last visit and I still enjoyed rummaging through the piles of books on the first floor. Prices were very acceptable and I came away with bagfuls of titles concerning my various interests. The downside were the boorish day-trippers who loudly gave of their ignorant opinions.  Chris Harte 04.03.14
Elmo Books now moved out.  John Bacon 13.02.16
I was in the Hungerford Arcade today in the large book store - piled high in places. He has a £2 sale on at the moment. There are some good sections with the local books occupying a number of shelves.  Chris Harte 14.11.17
NJ Bridger now has space on the first floor here (he used to have an area in a shop in Marlborough) and has a good stock of reasonably priced railway books and miscellaneous railway items. A visit from time to time usually results in at least one book being purchased.  SteveBrissle 18.01.20

Hungerford Bookshop/HUNGERFORD/24 High Street
The Hungerford Bookshop  Open at advertised times
24 High Street   HUNGERFORD   RG17 0NF
tel: 01488 683480  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.00, 5.30 on Saturday.
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Hundreds of good quality secondhand books downstairs, including a wide range of history, art and biography. Paperback fiction to pick up also. Old and new titles available. Run by a friendly husband and wife team with 20 years bookselling experience between them.

The ground floor is new books, with second-hand in the basement. Stock a little limited.  Clive Cheeseman 15.08.07
New upstairs, second hand in musty basement. Don't agree above - fairly extensive collection if a little pricey. Well worth a visit taking in Hungerford Arcade nearly next door.  Norman Davies 14.08.12
The new books upstairs are ever so tempting unlike the dull and dreary small selection of secondhand books downstairs.  OWC 22.09.12
A basement full of some interesting titles. What was on offer varied between the dull and the surprising. The children's section was strong as were shelves of military and historical books. Found a rare volume which was most reasonably priced.  Chris Harte 04.03.14

Oxfam Bookshop/READING/105 Crockhamwell Road
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
105 Crockhamwell Road  Woodley   READING   RG5 3JP
tel: 0118 944 2724  web 
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Very good quality books but the prices appear totally unrealistic. Quite a difference compared with a similar shop in nearby Henley, wont be going back.  JF Bacon 18.07.12

Oxfam Bookshop/READING/8 High Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
8 High Street   READING   RG1 2EA
tel: 0118 939 3868  web 
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A good example of an Oxfam bookshop. Within walking distance is an excellent Oxfam Music shop which is WAD for books of music and books about music as well as CDs, etc.  Steven Whitehead 22.03.12
I like this shop. There is always an interesting (and often quirky) range of books for both readers and collectors and I have never found the prices too expensive.  Steven Whitehead 10.05.14
Still the best bookshop in Reading. Greatly impressed by the customer service. While I was there a bag lady came in off the street looking for a book and the courtesy shown to her was exemplary. The chap at the till had to call the manager to find the book and between them they found it. If only all charity shops were as charitable.  Steven 03.06.16
Really impressed with the range and quality of the books in this shop. It is now closed for a couple of weeks due to refurbishment.  John Bacon 25.03.17
A large well stocked shop with reasonable prices on the railway books I looked at and purchased.  John Edwards 12.10.17
Still the best of the charity shops in Reading by a country mile. I only get there once a year or so and always find something I wasn't looking for and, more often than not, at the right price.  Steven 06.12.18

R J Caffrey Books/KINTBURY/The Square
R J Caffrey Books  Open at advertised times
The Square   KINTBURY   RG17 9UP
tel: 01488 658 788  e-mail  web 
Open:  Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 6.00 or by appointment.
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Good general stock, Modern European and Military History, the Ancient World (Greek and Latin texts and translations always available), Art History, Photography, Architecture, Topography, Catholicism, Plays, Poetry and Irish interest (Literature, History and Culture).