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Alton Second Hand Books/ALTON/43-45 Normandy Street
Alton Second Hand Books  Open at advertised times
43-45 Normandy Street   ALTON   GU34 1DQ
tel: 01420 89352  web 
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Medium sized stock of general secondhand books

Fantastic shop! Lovely general stock and friendly, knowledgeable staff. Really good children's section, too.  lovemelovemybooks 31.10.11
Good wide ranging stock in which some inte.resting finds are possible.  Herne 25.11.11
My favourite bookshop. Well organised and diverse range, with a continual flow of new stock. Friendly and helpful staff. A browser's delight.  Sputnikchaser 03.03.12
I had a very enlightening chat with the owner who completely understands the spirit of secondhand bookshops. This one has an extensive stock on most subjects and comes highly recommended.  OWC 22.09.12
Really plesant bookshop and decent stock in all areas: ruined by the bonkers decision not to take card payments. I had to leave a large pile of books behind as it was a long walk back into town to a cash point. I know it costs a little bit but this is 2013 and it must be loosing them business.  RX 10.07.13
Enjoyed my visit here, and came away with some nice paperbacks - the literature and science fiction stock wasn't huge, but then it wasn't stuffed with dross. Good range of other books. Prices were at times a tad on expensive side though.  Yossarian 10.05.14
Friendly welcome from owner/staff member. Good size bookshop. Well worth a visit. Map on the wall telling you where all subjects are is a little out of date so may need to ask or just have a wonder round. Hardback and paperback. Fiction and nonfiction. Lots of different price points. Something for all budgets. Came away with a big bag of books. Will visit again next time we are in the area.   Jayne 22.03.22

Bookends/EMSWORTH/7 High Street
Bookends  Open at advertised times
7 High Street   EMSWORTH   PO10 7AQ
tel: 01243 372154 
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Disappointing. Nearly all modern stuff, decent selection, well organised, but in my view NWAD.  Norman Davies 08.04.17
Visited 12/08/21: open and welcoming. A small shop, but tidy and organised. Stock was a mix of hb and pb, seemed reasonable to me given the size of the premises. Not much in my area of interest (F&SF).  James Doyle 12.08.21

Hedge End Bookshop see Tanti Books below

Holybourne Rare Books/ALTON/7 Market Street
Holybourne Rare Books  Open at advertised times
7 Market Street   ALTON   GU34 1HA
tel: 01420 82808  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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Modern first editions, antiquarian books and fine bindings.

Nicely laid-out shop on two floors in the centre of Alton. Heavyweight stock (lots and lots of Jane Austen): prices to match.  Richard 30.04.09
Good selection in Ancient History / Archaeology: books I haven't seen in shops for years, and at very reasonable prices.  Richard Bridgland 26.04.11
Some bargains to be found in what is mainly an antiquarian/first edition stock.  Herne 25.11.11
Packed with wonders and if it had been my birthday I would have splashed out on all sorts of fascinating treats but as I had a bag full from elsewhere I resisted temptation. Website under construction...  OWC 22.09.12
Closing time daily is 4.00 pm, not 5.00 pm, as I discovered, arriving at 4.30 pm!  Francis Marsden 19.03.13

Jade Mountain/SOUTHSEA/17 - 19 Highland Road
Jade Mountain  Open at advertised times
17 - 19 Highland Road   SOUTHSEA   PO4 9AH
tel: 023 9273 2951  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday, Wednesday , Friday & Saturday 9.30 - 5.30.
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We have been in business since 1997, and we pride ourselves on providing customers with the best-quality products and personal service. You can order from us using our online catalogue, order over the phone, or visit one of the retail locations that carry our products.

Medium general stock. [Note: Highland Road is the eastward continuation of Albert Road.] - Richard.

Excellent well laid out stock with books on all subjects at reasonable prices I would suggest that it is a fairly large bookshop and not medium sized.
  John Bacon. 24.03.09
A favourite bookshop. A Very reasonably priced stock. Always worth repeat visits. Nothing exceptionally rare or valuable but all subjects covered pretty well for the size of the shop with the possible exception of Childrens books which could be considered a little thin.  RS 11.06.10
I'd agree that this is probably the best all round of the four shops on the street, with decent stock at fair prices.  Ian 22.03.11
I am a frequent visitor. Friendly helpful owner with a good selection of ever changing books. I especially like the large selection of Penguins and Classics all very reasonably priced.  Mr C. 09.04.11
Excellent well laid out shop with reasonable prices. Parking nearby. Worth a detour.  The Drifter 22.08.13
Still excellent well laid out stock, with books on all subjects at reasonable prices.  John Bacon 13.02.16

Laurence Oxley Bookshop and Gallery/ALRESFORD/17 Broad Street 
Laurence Oxley Bookshop and Gallery  Open at advertised times
17 Broad Street   ALRESFORD   SO24 9AW
tel: 01962 732998  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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More of a Shop selling new books and carrying out Picture Framing - never seem to get any new second hand stock.  John Bacon 30.08.07
Nothing seems to have changed since the last review - especially the stock !  Gavin 28.01.09
Have now visited three times this year and on each occasion have left with a small box full of books. Pricing all over the place and had to decline one wanted title due to high cost. However, still picked up a couple of bargains. Will visit again.  Chris Harte 11.08.09
Definitely worth a visit but time needed as books double rowed in places. Prices seemed fair.  David 13.02.19
Double rowing mentioned in the last comment no longer in evidence. Moderate stock interspersed with with art/gifts. Prices reasonable. Easy to miss the art section in a small semi-basement. Very pleasant lady in charge of the shop.  PeterM 14.04.22

New to You Books/PORTSMOUTH/56b High Street
New to You Books  Open at advertised times
56b High Street  Cosham   PORTSMOUTH   PO6 3AG
tel: 023 9232 1089 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.00.
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New, remaindered and secondhand books. General stock, but particularly military and naval, as well as paperbacks galore.

A Fair number of secondhand books at reasonable prices plus numerous remainders in a large shop  John Bacon. 24.03.09
Misspells on bookshop ads, not good. Navel is to do with the belly button. Naval with things maritime!  Richard 14.12.12
After locating the bookshop found a very good selection of second handbooks out the back.  John Bacon 13.02.16
I was in Portsmouth and thought I'd visit - a modest diversion. Shop hours now show closing every day at 4pm.  Iznik 15.09.17
Visited 12/08/21: open and welcoming. Good sized stock, well organised and fair prices. My area of interest (F&SF) reasonably well represented, my wife's (crime) very well represented.  James Doyle 12.08.21
Good size shop. Fiction and nonfiction. Hardback and paperback. Genres are grouped together but not in alphabetical order. Good prices. Friendly staff. Accept cash and card. My son got some rare books at very good prices.   Jayne  11.09.22

Oxfam Books _ Music/PETERSFIELD/32 The Square
Oxfam Books & Music  Phone before travelling
32 The Square   PETERSFIELD   GU32 3HH
tel: 01730 260142  web 
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This Oxfam has now become a bookshop only - quite to the annoyance of several locals who tried unsuccessfully to leave clothes like they had been doing for many years.  John Bacon 31.03.09
I really like this shop. It has a large selection of sensibly priced modern books in excellent condition and a section for old and interesting books. There are some amazing finds to be had.  arhicks56. 26.01.11
Assuming this was the same shop, it wasn't just books? Standard Oxfam.  Norman Davies 08.04.17

Oxfam Books _ Music /FAREHAM/182 West Street  
Oxfam Books & Music   Phone before travelling
182 West Street    FAREHAM  PO16 0EQ
tel:  01329 286531  e-mail   web
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Oxfam Books and Music/SOUTHAMPTON/6 The High Street
Oxfam Books and Music  Open at advertised times
6 The High Street  Hythe   SOUTHAMPTON   SO45 6AH
tel: 023 80 849501  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00, Sunday (seasonal): 11.00 - 3.00.
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Specialist sections; railways & transport, sailing, London, local interest and antiquarian/collectable.

A fairly large shop mainly books. Excellent selection of titles on London plus a bookcase of first editions. Helpful staff. Much on WW1 and local publications.  Chris Harte 11.08.09
Small selection of books, even for an Oxfam bookshop, and nothing of note in the specialist sections they list here. Disappointing.  Paul H 06.10.11
Smallish stock but varied. I found a few oddities at reasonable prices. Seems to have improved a little over the last few years.  PeterM 26.11.21

Oxfam Books and Music/WINCHESTER/74 Parchment Street
Oxfam Books and Music  Phone before travelling
74 Parchment Street   WINCHESTER   SO23 8AT
tel: 01962 841627  web 
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Of the numerous Oxfam Bookshops I visit this one seems to have the most uninteresting or over priced books . Unlike the one at nearby Farnham which always seems to have interesting and reasonably priced books.  John Bacon 07.05.09
Certainly a contender for most expensive charity bookshop but loses out to the Bristol Queens Road, Oxfam. Dull overpriced stock. Not worth a detour.  The Drifter 22.08.13
I didn't find this quite as barren and expensive as I expected. The manager was willing to negotiate on one map that I though was overpriced.  CB 17.05.14
Probably one of the best stocked and organised Oxfam Bookshops I have seen outside London. That said some of their prices for children's books (Arthur Ransome, and not even 1st editions) and French DVD were just silly and I left empty handed. The other charity shops are rather a desert which is surprising given the nature of the City , its client base and general prosperity. Worth a look but not a detour unless you visit the Cathedral Inner Close Book cabins at the same time (Recommended).  Jon Morgan 04.08.14
Stock overpriced and dull with little choice. Not worth a detour.  David 13.02.19
Nice shop, large stock. Good welcome from staff. Prices often optimistic but sometimes reasonable. I suspect it's well combed regularly by local collectors as on my occasional visits I have hardly ever seen a rarity in my fields.  PeterM 26.11.21

Oxfam Bookshop/LYMINGTON/73 High Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
73 High Street   LYMINGTON   SO41 9AL
tel: 01590 671580  e-mail 
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Oxfam Bookshop/NEW MILTON/112 Station Road
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
112 Station Road   NEW MILTON   BH25 6LR
tel: 01425 613736  web 
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Oxfam Bookshop/ROMSEY/5 Cornmarket,
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
5 Cornmarket,   ROMSEY   SO51 8GB
tel: 01794 517855  e-mail 
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Small to medium sized shop. Pleasant staff (as usual in Romsey) and sensible pricing. Some interesting stock.  PeterM 06.04.22

Petersfield Bookshop/PETERSFIELD/16A Chapel Street
The Petersfield Bookshop  Open at advertised times
16A Chapel Street   PETERSFIELD   GU32 3DS
tel: 01730 263438  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30.
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The Petersfield Bookshop specialises in buying and selling antiquarian and second-hand books, but also sells antique maps and prints, new books, Ordnance Survey maps, artists' materials and has an on-site picture framing workshop.

Initially everyone would find this shop fascinating, but it doesn't bear repeated visits. Prices are somewhat optimistic, stock doesn't shift very quickly and there is a dearth of new things going onto the shelves.  Nicholas Pendower 03.01.09
I agree with this review - in addition they have taken out selling space to incorporate a book binding room and crammed the books into two other rooms where browsing because of restricted space is difficult . I sometimes feel that owners forget that it costs money to visit their shops and should do everything to ensure that items can be viewed comfortably.  Gavin Richardson. 27.01.09
I would have to agree with the comments above that, whilst the place is large enough to interest any first time visitor, there does seem to be a significant problem getting new books on the shelves and a second visit often isn't really worth the trouble for quite some time after the first. The books that are there are somewhat ambitiously priced although oddly this is not always true of the more 'expensive' books behind glass. The staff are helpful but can be somewhat eccentric. Don't hope to make an appointment with the owner who seems more interested in football than in books. Great to have both picture framing and bookbinding on site but overall a little shabby and has the feel of shop in slow, gentle decline.  RS 11.06.10
Alas, all of the above comments were rolled into one for my visit. There are some very good runs on the shelves and the shop has many good books all over the place. It was the lack of compromise which threw me. I presented 42 (yes, forty-two) titles and suggested that as some of them were damaged then possibly a job-lot price might come into the equation. I was firmly put in my place and informed that "each item has been priced as such for a reason. " I returned them all to the shelves and will no doubt see them again in years to come.  Chris Harte 26.01.11
I visit this shop every 2 years .. I love it. Proper old fashioned bookshop, often hilarious prices but bargains definately known.  PaulP 02.08.11
I used to value this shop but have grown increasingly frustrated. Four years ago I enquired about a pile of Victorian periodicals and was told they were waiting to be sorted. I have returned annually and every time they are still there unpriced and unsorted. What is the point? Why not give them away if youre not going to sell them.  Andy 10.05.12
I have read the comments from our customers and take onboard what they have written and have to agree myself with some of the comments. We will endeavour to rectify the matters that have come to light because customer service is of the upmost importance.  John Westwood, The Petersfield Bookshop 15.05.12
So when Mr Westwood has taken the appropriate action would he please post it here so that we can revisit his shop without the fear of being rebuffed by his staff.  Chris Harte 17.05.12
Like Andy I have been asking for the price on the pile of Victorian journals here, on and off for several years. You would think that with at least two (and who knows how many more) potential customers keen to purchase, that someone would actually buckle down to some pricing. But no -- nothing happens. It's maddening!  Richard 18.05.12
Dear Customers, with regard to your queries and problems, we are in the process of extensive change to the shop and the price structure of the cheaper books. Also, for some reason the pile of periodicals and the details of who wanted them have been lost. We appreciate your comments and would like to put things right for you our valued customers, so please can you call me on 01730 263438 so that I can speak to you in person and resolve or answer these matters, or any other matters or queries you may have.  John Westwood, The Petersfield Bookshop 31.05.12
I am sure there are some good books here but can you find them? - No because empty bookcases are stacked in front of full bookcases - a total mess!  Pauline 12.07.12
The whole place is full of unfulfilled potential and needs a dressing down and a make over from the likes of the hotel inspector. BTW bookshops are no longer about running away with bargains or bargaining. They are businesses and need to be run as such otherwise all we will be left with is Oxfams.  OWC 22.09.12
My usual annual visit found even fewer books than last time and a mightily confused pricing structure. Were the books this price, that price, any price? Nobody seemed to know. What they certainly didn't seem to be was the price listed, either in the book or on the many notices hung around this, sadly, ever shrinking bookshop.  Andy 15.06.13
I visit here about once every six months and have to say there do seem to be signs of change for the better. The shop is now smaller but still large by 2ndhand bookshop standards and the reduction seems to have concentrated the mind of whomever puts books on the shelves. There is new stock in lots of sections and less dross. Shop looks tidier and much easier to move around. I have to disagree with the previous comment and say I found the price structure for the general 2nd hand books very simple and straightforward, not rocket science. It's taken a lot of time and there's lots still to do but it seems this shop might just be getting its act together again. Worth visiting.  RS 10.07.13
An excellent shop, well laid out, with something for most people and prices well within reason. Recommended.  Paul Dear 19.07.14
What a change between visits. There has been a massive sort out of books; new shelving in place; some parts of the building leased out to other businesses and the formerly open frontage now enclosed. The quality of books on offer was good and I had no hesitation in making a few purchases. Prices somewhat high for the top-end range titles but that is a minor quibble.  Chris Harte 08.04.16
I loved this shop having not visited it before. Large selection of all genres, I liked talking to the parrot, and it seemed well shelved and organised. Came away with several items after man on till made significant discount for some specialist titles.  Norman Davies 08.04.17

Richard Martin Gallery/GOSPORT/19-23 Stoke Road
Richard Martin Gallery  Open at advertised times
19-23 Stoke Road   GOSPORT   PO12 1LS
tel: 023 9252 0642  web 
Open:  Tuesday, Thursday & Friday 10.30 - 1.00 & 2.15 - 5.00. Saturday 10.30 - 1.00.
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19th & early 20th century watercolours, oil paintings, etchings and engravings. Antiquarian, rare and out of print books. Albums, autograph letters, manuscript diaries, journals and logs.

A couple of walls of books, with strong emphasis on maritime.  Richard 
I visited about 4 years ago. Owner was half-hour late opening after lunch, was distinctly unwelcoming, AWYW [Drif's code for Asks what you want] and to top it all nothing was priced. I left emptyhanded wondering how he hoped to sell anything.  Martin Stallion 10.10.08
I feel I must respond to the negative entry - I guess everybody has 'off days' but on the many occasions we have visited the bookshop we have always been met with unfailing courtesy - they have now moved to delightful premises within the old Clarence Dockyard and is now primarily an art gallery with a small though important selection of books with a maritime flavour - excellent parking - marvellous location and coffee and pastries etc can be had within a few footsteps - just the place to go on a sunny day!  Gavin Richardson. 18.11.08

Secret Bookshop/HAVANT/The Elms
The Secret Bookshop  Open at advertised times
The Elms  2 Lower Road   HAVANT   PO9 3LH
tel: 07793 805 157  e-mail 
Open:  The second Tuesday of each month 10.00 - 12.00
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This is a small charity bookshop inside the library of a beautiful strawberry gothic, listed building. The book shop stocks general secondhand books with some antiquarian and collectable stock. Free parking at nearby Bidbury Mead Recreation Ground. Follow PO9 3JG

Tanti Books/HEDGE END/Upstairs at Hedge End Post Office, St Johns Centre, Upper Northam Rd, Hedge End
Tanti Books and Hedge End Bookshop  Open at advertised times
Upstairs at Hedge End Post Office, St Johns Centre, Upper Northam Rd, Hedge End  SOUTHAMPTON  SO30 4QU
tel:  01489 790349 mob: 07747151114 or 07907758352  e-mail   web   
Open: Monday - Friday 8.30 - 3.00
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Father and son run separate buinesses within the same bookshop premises. With over 15 years experience, they mainly stock non-fiction, particularly Local History, Military, and Transport books. About 5000 books. Easy parking to rear of building.

Completely different from the Adelphi. Excellent, well laid out stock with books on all subjects at reasonable prices, and helpful owner.  John Bacon. 24.03.09
Called them to buy my dads naval books and postcards , very pleased with price and service.  Carol Rodrigues 16.07.11
Always stop off here when in the area. Helpful owner and good, general, mainly non-fiction stock with the emphasis on shipping and local history. Prices reasonable and we always come away with something.  Melita 04.09.15

Twenty5books/SOUTHSEA/205 Albert Road
Twenty5books   Phone before travelling
205 Albert Road    SOUTHSEA  PO4 0JP
tel:  07756 303435  e-mail   web
Open: Thursday - Saturday 12.00 - 6.30
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Was called Book Bonanza. Bargain price books from 50p to £2.

Another 'cheap and cheerful' bookshop, books from 50p to £2. Bargains to be had, I had just missed a bunch of Observer Books at 1 each. Almost 'car boot' prices!  Steve Newman 28.06.11
Owned by same garrulous lady who owns no. 123 in the same road. Large paperback shop but has some hardbacks too. Nearly all modern but if you are in the area ...  Norman Davies 08.04.17
Visited 12/08/21: not open. Their website - twenty5books.com - said they would be open, but I suspect this is automatically generated based on the site opening hours. They haven't been open on any of my visits going back to before the first lockdown, and they were erratic before that. Having said that, I emailed via the website contact form and got a reply from Willem (see below) within twenty minutes: he apologised and said they were having some work done on the store, and would be open again as soon as possible. I have asked him to post something on the website when they are.  James Doyle 12.08.21
Darn, forgot to add the comment about Willem and ownership. Pace the older comment from someone about the same lady owning both this and 123, the lady in 123 told me last summer that 205 was run by her daughter and son-in-law (or possibly daughter-in-law and son...). The email I got from the website was signed Willem and Ann.  James Doyle 12.08.21
Hi... we found this listing for our shop. The mobile number is correct, but the telephone number does not belong to us. Please, can you amend this. Thank you Anne & Wim  Twenty5books 28.02.22

Winchester Bookshop/WINCHESTER/10a St Georges Street
The Winchester Bookshop  Open at advertised times
10a St Georges Street   WINCHESTER   SO23 8BG
tel: 01962 855630 
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General books, archaeology, local and British topography.

Always helpful and interested; worth return visits. Not so much archaeology now that John Barton has retired as a partner.  Richard 02.04.09
Things seem to be going well at this shop - nice new sign over the entrance and one of the partners saying trade was good. The first floor seems to have been renovated and the whole shop gives a good impression.  John Bacon 07.05.09
I always enjoy visiting (4 or 5 times a year) this bookshop, and never come away empty handed. Good turnover of stock. Prices intelligently set according to book condition. Right now (recession), the owners are very choosy/cautious as to what they will buy-in. Stock on three floors. - Sub nomine.A highly regarded shop holding a splendid collection of rare and secondhand sensibly priced books which guarantees repeat visits. There is a good Oxfam across the road as well.  OWC 22.09.12
Visited on a February Monday morning. A helpful lady chatted - surprisingly busy - to a procession of customers, the books are a fascinating mix and include some unusual older items as well as modern editions in two bright and sunny upstairs rooms. Prices OK. A good experience and worth the trip from London.  ACRD 06.03.13
An excellent shop with good, well laid out stock at reasonable prices. Worth a detour.  The Drifter 22.08.13
Excellent book shop with a pleasant, knowledgeable owner who was very willing to talk about books and bookshops. Possibly into my, currently non existent, top ten.  CB 17.05.14
This shop is tucked down an alley just down the road from the Oxfam Bookshop. At first sight its stock of French novels outside seemed promising; However the ground floor is purely antiquarian and the other two floors are mainly older hardback stock of little interest to me. It is a generally pleasant shop and its presence is to be applauded, but as in Oxfam, I left empty handed.  Jon Morgan 04.08.14
Always worth a detour. A good selection of books on various subjects, reasonably priced and an interesting rummage. A prime example of a secondhand bookshop.  SteveBrissle 03.01.20
Nice shop but I found the prices high. Some stock has clearly been on the shelf for a very long time.  PeterM 06.04.22
Good stocks in a variety of areas. I found some useful and fairly priced volumes in transport.  Herne 15.06.22

Winchester Cathedral Bookshop/WINCHESTER/The Close
Winchester Cathedral Bookshop  Open at advertised times
The Close  Winchester Cathedral   WINCHESTER   SO23 9LS
tel: 01962 857 200 
Open:  7 days 9.30 - 5.00.
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Fund-raising bookshop selling donated books on a wide range of subjects.

Located in the Close, in the Deanery. Good stock of donated books, hbk, sbk, all subjects early C20th onwards. Prices very affordable, but additional monetary donation encouraged. All monies raised fund choral scholarships.  Sub nomine 12.05.11
Alas it has closed. A helpful resident said that there had been an arson attack. Probably not the first time books have been burnt in Winchester Cathedral precincts, but how sad.  Anthony Davis 06.03.13
The shop is open again. Good variety.  Bev 07.05.13
This shop has reopened! Hooray!! It has a large secondhand stock. Very bright and pleasant the day I went, and pleasant people working there. Definitely a cut above Oxfam shops both for the variety of the stock, the size, the pleasant setting and the interest of the staff.  Anthony Davis 15.05.13
Do not buy any history books here - you will deprive me of my bi-monthly 'fix'. I have considered moving to Winchester just to be closer to The Close!  Hoarder 25.01.14
This is actually in the Inner Close, away from the mad throngs of tourists and consist of two sheds or log cabins with, on fine days, books outside on trestle tables. My visit, albeit that I shifted and sorted thru a load of banana boxes filled with books, in relatively logical order meant that I missed pulling many more boxes out. The second cabin is well organised with some really good stock and as mentioned by a previous reviewer the history section is outstanding, I hope my interests and his do not coincide and that I have not deprived him of a fix.
This is a lovely city and if going by train you can walk past one of the best libraries I have seen in modern times, combiing all media with an excellent cafe and meeting rooms - An example to others!. It had a good library sale as well!
  Jon Morgan 04.08.14
Large numbers of not very old paperbacks, a few collectibles. Large hardback sections which may contain just about anything. Prices sometimes in the book, sometimes gauged by the person taking money just outside. Worth a look if you're in the area, easier when it's sunny as the boxes of paperbacks are then outside and not piled high inside.   PeterM 03.12.21