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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Antiques on High Ltd/OXFORD/85 High Street
Antiques on High Ltd  Open at advertised times
85 High Street   OXFORD   OX1 4BG
tel: 01865 251075 
Open:  Monday -Saturday 10.00 - 5.00, Sunday 11.00 - 5.00.
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Antiques center with two bookrooms. Tony Sloggett has a general stock but specialises in 20th Century firsts, art and children's. Austin Sherlaw-Johnson specialises in music books and scores.

(Includes) ... a genuine secondhand bookshop with a large music stock.  Roger Allen 

Mostly rather old and tired stock.
  George Marshall 06.02.09
Limited collection, with condition highly variable. Very much an antique shop not a bookshop, this disappointing backroom felt untended and unloved.  Neil Goodlad 06.12.12
Disagree, there is a good bookshop in the rear of this antiques centre from which I extracted some goodies. Mainly good for music-related books and scores. Also has splendid vintage postcard stall.  Norman Davies 07.04.16
Very few books to be found here. Definitely an antiques centre rather than a bookshop. Disappointing.  David 04.01.19
I think one of the booksellers must have called it a day since my last visit. Still very strong on music but, as David indicates above, not a lot else now. There's a reasonable collection of children's books in another room.  Laurence Purcell 28.10.19
Little change since my visit in 2019. Conspicuously unwelcoming staff.  Laurence Purcell 31.03.22

Arcadia Booksellers/OXFORD/4 St. Michael_s Street
Arcadia Booksellers  Open at advertised times
4 St. Michael's Street   OXFORD   OX1 2DU
tel: 01865 241757 
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One small backroom with a few bookcases of literature. Not browser-friendly in the least due to various boxes and random paraphernalia clogging the room. Reasonable prices.  Nick Campsall 04.11.08
This place has potential (as did the exquisite young lady at the till - sorry its late and oxford was rather frustrating) more books than at first appear if you could see them behind the boxes and piles of books. Curiously all the books were shrink wrapped in cellophane even those at the lower end of quality /price. It must actually have cost more than some of the books are on sale for. The books need more space and the nick-nacks, less. Nice music, medieval church music, pity about the book storage.  Jon Morgan 25.08.12
Arcadia's specialism is affordable retro Penguins and Pelicans: out-of-print titles or earlier printings of classics, from forties editions on economy paper through to sixties pop-art covers or seventies minimalism. The cellophane wrap just makes them more tempting.  Paul O 11.09.12
Back to my alma mater town and as usual lots of changes. But this shop is reassuringly much the same. Plenty of tempting old Penguin and related imprints in cellophane covers and more being prepared during my visit. Also some interesting art books. Good remainder shop round the corner in the main road.  Herne 18.01.20
Glad to see this bijou bookseller reopen. It's worth keeping an eye on its shopfront displays to pick up mid-century sci-fi (Aldiss, Bradbury, Simak), orange Penguin fiction, and Penguin classic crime (dark green covers). There's also a selection of history, art, and lit crit inside, along with vintage posters and seductive stationery.   Paul O 28.07.21
A tweetie-pie little shop mostly selling knick-knacks but which also has a selection of paperback fiction, held to be rare but reasonably priced and done up in cellophane wrappings. There is also a small and rather random collection of weathered hardbacks, uncategorised. I was charmed to find among them a copy of "Old Pybus" by Warwick Deeping, at one time a staple of every secondhand bookshop in the land, though I hadn't laid eyes upon one since the old king died (or thereabouts). NWAD unless you're a paperback person.   Laurence Purcell 01.04.22
Basically a gift shop with a few books on display outside. Really not with a special trip for collectors   Archive61 02.07.22
An assistant confirmed today that the secondhand section for us reg'lar folks no longer exists, though (she said) secondhand books are to be found mixed in with the new books. I hadn't the patience to try and check this unsatisfactory-sounding arrangement. The high-end and ruinous survive in their opulent reservation on the top floor.   Laurence Purcell 06.12.23

Bennett _ Kerr Books /ABINGDON/Millhill Warehouse  Church Lane  Steventon  
Bennett & Kerr Books   Phone before travelling
Millhill Warehouse  Church Lane  Steventon    ABINGDON  OX13 6SW
tel:  01235 820604  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Friday c. 10.00 - 5.00, Saturday less regularly. Closed for lunch. Ring or e-mail to confirm
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c.10,000 books on the shelves. Rare & scholarly books on the history, art, architecture, literature, philosophy and religion of the Middle Ages and Renascence, including: Byzantine, Anglo-Saxon, Viking & Islamic worlds. Warehouse in a farmyard at the far end of this picturesque medieval village. Please ring for directions and availability.

Blackwell_s Rare Books/OXFORD/48-51 Broad Street
Blackwell's Rare Books  Open at advertised times
48-51 Broad Street   OXFORD   OX1 3BQ
tel: 01865 333555  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday & Wednesday - Saturday 9.00 - 6.00, Tuesday 9.30 - 6.00.
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Blackwell's Rare Books buys and sells rare and collectable books in all fields, especially modern first editions, private press and antiquarian books on subjects from literature and philosophy to medicine and topography, including early printing and fine bindings.

There are two major second hand sections in the main flagship Blackwell's store. The antiquarian section on the first floor which is very much the specialist and high end antiquarian market, and the second hand section on the third floor. Prices are high, but because it offers decent prices to sellers it has an excellent range and quality, especially of recent academic books.  George Marshall 06.02.09
The secondhand section on 3rd floor has been permanently reduced to about half the area it previously occupied. It now feels very claustrophobic.  David Loach 16.03.11
I was once a regular shopper in Oxford until the council declared war on motorists. This was therefore my first visit to Blackwells for quite some time. Still the best new bookshop in Oxford and now also the best general secondhand shop - not because it has improved but because all my old favourites (e.g., Waterfiields) are no longer there. So Blackwells must be doing something right!  Steven Whitehead 18.07.12
Excellent stock whether it be specialist or general fiction, The real rub are the prices. Even Oxfam could not match these. £5.50 for a second hand paperback is excessive.  Jon Morgan 25.08.12
The top floor is all hush and creaking floorboards, but doesn't quite measure up to the ambiance. Very good selections of modern fiction and Penguin Classics (but expensive). Practically nothing in foreign languages. Loads of dusty, expired literary criticism.  Paul O 14.09.12
The upstairs general secondhand has shrinking stock and space. Two things don't change, however: the prices remain very high and if you want to sell books don't expect to get a reply to an email.  Andrew 30.11.12
The second-hand section has moved down to the second floor and feels more accessible. There's a better selection of foreign literature and also some early Penguins at low prices. Definitely more to tempt me.  Paul O 03.07.13
The general secondhand and antiquarian departments now rub shoulders with one another on the second floor - you're in no doubt where the antiquarian section starts but new books seem to be encroaching on the secondhand area. A handsome array of expensive New Naturalists greets you as you get to the top of the stairs. Prices otherwise aren't too steep but one feels they are very assiduously market-checked. Don't expect any bargains.  Steven Kelly 26.01.16
As above latest comment. No bargains but some decent prices for a large variety of recently deleted history and politics and the like.  Norman Davies 07.04.16
First visit here in years. Considerable shrinkage and overpriced. We have more on our own shelves. Disappointing.  David 04.01.19
The top floor housed a very depleted collection of secondhand books and in my area military history this was a meagre half a shelf. The antiquarian room looked promising but the 4 staff members at their desks tried to look busy and all of which ignored me. Their are signs there to pick up a catalogue but I could not see one on military history. Overall my impressions from my 1st ever visit is only bother trying this place if you want to buy new books at full RRP.  Laurence Batchelor 24.07.19
I always try to visit Blackwells when in Oxford but mainly to look at new books. If in the building the s/h section is worth a look but certainly NWAD. I agree with Laurence Batchelor above regarding the Antiquarian section: very up market and no one seemed particularly pleased to see me.  Steven 10.10.19
Pre-pandemic they had a half-decent selection of second-hand fiction and remainders. Now it's turning into a graveyard for the unsaleable. Rare books section? Closed for the day. Their main business seemed to be taking orders for personalised ordnance survey maps.   Paul O 19.08.21
Why do they bother? A few cabinets of hardbacks (one nearly empty) scattered about confusingly among other categories on the second floor. The adjacent ANTIQUARIAN AND RARE BOOKS section has a look of being about to strike camp at any moment. The secondhand bookshop scene in Oxford is now dire; Blackwell's seems to symbolise this.  Laurence Purcell 31.03.22
I was pleasantly surprised with the stock, but the eye watering prices meant that I bought very little. Worth a browse if you are in Oxford and have deep pockets  Archive61 02.07.22
Visited today. The rare books section is still there but the general secondhand stock in the rooms adjacent has completely gone. No longer worth the climb up two flights of stairs for me!  PaulH 04.11.22
The cabinets in the rare book section house plenty of genuine collectables at eye-watering prices. The top half of the cabinets contain catalogued books and all are listed on Blackwell's website to save you a trip once you see the asking price. For the well-heeled, the bottom halves of the cabinets contain almost an equal number of books awaiting cataloguing, so you can steal a march on the internet shopper if you can stomach the bill. The staff were friendly, very helpful and not annoyed by my presence even though I left empty-handed.  Stive 07.03.24

Blewbury Antiques/BLEWBURY/London Road
Blewbury Antiques  Open at advertised times
London Road   BLEWBURY   OX11 9NX
tel: 01235 850366 
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Charlbury Community Bookshop/CHARLBURY/The Corner House Market Street
Charlbury Community Bookshop  Open at advertised times
The Corner House Market Street  CHARLBURY  OX7 3PN
tel:  07826 056496    web
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 1.00
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"Good quality non-fiction books downstairs from £1". Adult fiction and non-fiction and children's books in the Cornerstone community larder and Give & Take facility. More books upstairs.

Curio Books and Culture/OXFORD/Basement, Common Ground, 37-38 Little Clarendon St
Curio Books and Culture    Open at advertised times
Basement, Common Ground, 37-38 Little Clarendon St  OXFORD  OX1 2HU
Open: Wednesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Small bookshop and cultural space in the basement vault of Common Ground, Oxford.

Gulp Fiction/OXFORD/Units 28 and 29, The Covered Market
Gulp Fiction   Open at advertised times
Units 28 and 29, The Covered Market  OXFORD  OX1 3DU
tel:  01865 365545  e-mail   
Open: Tuesday - Sunday 10.30 - 5.30
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Second-hand bookshop combined with a coffee shop and bar. Mostly paperback literary fiction, some history, social sciences etc. All titles £4.50.

More of a coffee shop with a few books down one side really. Several customers were taking refreshment, so I assume they make a good latte anyway.  Wessexman 08.03.22
Purely for paperback people, God bless them.   Laurence Purcell 31.03.22
Pleasantly surprised to find that this pop-up micropub isn't just a hipster hangout but has a decent, if small, selection of books. The second-hand stuff seems to have been phased out after their first few months, and now it's mostly remainders, I think -- but it has lots of translated fiction, which is welcome.   Paul O 05.07.22

Jonkers Rare Books/HENLEY-ON-THAMES/27 Hart Street
Jonkers Rare Books  Open at advertised times
27 Hart Street   HENLEY-ON-THAMES   RG9 2AR
tel: 01491 576427  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30
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First editions, Rare books, original illustrations and signed books.

Really one for those with a heavy wallet but some very high quality stock including childrens' books.  Herne 24.02.10
100% ABA housed in a grade II listed Tudor building in which every item is hand picked. The holy grail of such shops and therefore deserves a visit if on the Oxfordshire trail.  OWC 27.09.12
Splendid stock and justifiably expensive. I bet Driff would label this as KUTI.  Steven 21.06.14
My three visits in recent times have all turned up trumps in my search for original source material. Definitely worth a visit. I found quality good & prices quite acceptable.  Zim 29.05.15
Some incredibly rare and desirable books at astronomical prices; but also some quite reasonably priced items. I fully expected just to visit and gawp, in fact I bought a bag full of items for less than £100…  Archive61 02.07.22

Kellow Books/CHIPPINGNORTON/21 High Street
Kellow Books    Phone before travelling
21 High Street    CHIPPING NORTON  OX7 5AD
tel:  01608 644 293, mob: 079188 82185  e-mail
Open:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10.00 - 3.30
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General Bookshop.Topography Military, Fine Bindings Children's etc, about 10000 books. We Have moved to the ground floor of 21 high street Behind the Pie Shop (More Room).

One of the best I have encountered, good stock, very well laid out and well worth a visit.  Jan 
Lovely little shop - a treat.  George Marshall 06.02.09
Situated in new first-floor premises the stock is scattered over a number of rooms. My initial search made me feel as if the quality of the books had risen markedly since my last visit to the former shop over the road. I was very impressed with the wide range of holdings and picked up three sought-after titles. Well worth a visit (and the Chelsea buns from the nearby bakery are top quality).  Chris Harte 31.12.09
Definitely worth a visit and, if not successful (I certainly was - 7 books bought), there's a nice country town to browse around.  Zim 18.07.14
Excellent first-floor shop with a wide range. Abe prices only as this is for the serious collector, but usually manage to find some of my missing titles here.  Norman Davies 24.11.15
I was staying in the Cotswolds last week and visited this shop on Thursday, only to find it was closed for the day. This had been added as an afterthought to the opening hours on the door and was contrary to the days and hours of opening given on this website and in local bookshop leaflets. I was very disappointed and annoyed.  Paul Mountford 26.07.16
I take Mr Mountford's point, as I have long wished to visit Kellow Books but never seemed to be in Chipping Norton when it was open! However, I did get to visit it recently and found it well worth it, not least in my sphere of interest, viz. history and military. I suggest, therefore, that anyone who contemplates going out of their way to visit the shop telephones in advance.  Geoffrey Warner 08.04.17
I heeded Mr Warner's advice and telephoned before driving the 50+ miles on a Sept Monday. There is plenty of free parking in this beautiful town and the shop is easily found. I would say that the shop is of a small to medium size and the stock is well presented and sorted but the pricing was quite high, I suspect for all the tourists and Oxford types which frequent this 'Gateway to the Cotswolds. Bulk discount was offered and military well-represented inc. many regimental histories. Very much a well run 2nd-hand bookshop where the owner knows his trade.  Laurence Batchelor 15.09.18
Well worth seeking out down a rather unassuming alleyway off the 'main drag'. An impressive selection of topography and not bad on transport either.  wessexman 28.11.19
Reassuringly traditional bookshop in a quiet courtyard off the main street. There's a copious stock of travel, local history, and specialisms like collectable children's books. Fiction isn't as strong, although there are modern firsts (along with slightly bizarre stock like the entire oeuvre of Dennis Wheatley). I came away with a couple of early editions of mid-century writers, so it's worth a look.  Paul O 05.07.22
These new premises are well worth a visit. Extensive, well presented stock and a very knowledgeable owner. Large topography stock but many other subjects well represented. Prices seemed to me very fair and reasonable.   CGB 04.03.23

Last Bookshop/OXFORD/25 Walton Street
The Last Bookshop  Open at advertised times
25 Walton Street   OXFORD   OX1 2HQ
e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 6.00, Saturday 10.00 - 6.00, Sunday 11.00 - 5.00.
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Good quality remainders including art, biography, children's books, fiction, history, and literature.

Ever-enticing remainders shop, now back in Oxford's boho/boutique village. With books displayed outside on a sunny day, and coffee on sale, it's a Saturday-morning destination.  Paul O 10.09.14
Lots of good remaindered/overstocked new items with some s-h books, especially downstairs. Paid £5 for 2 new French travel items worth £29.98 ...  Chris K. 26.09.15
Not just remainders any more. It's evolved into a full-on secondhand shop on two floors. There are now two basement rooms open, one with loads of twentieth-century fiction (where I pounced on several titles by neglected authors). It's odd to think that this shop used to be a video rentals place -- the digital age wiped out video, but books seem to be making a comeback.  Paul O 10.06.16
This was easily the best of the bookshops which we visited in Oxford. Prices reasonable, mix of second hand and remainders.  David 04.01.19
I have to agree this is the best 2nd hand bookshop in Oxford. For a city so full of academia and tourists it is surprising that you really do have to hunt the city centre streets to find a good secondhand bookshop. This one is small but spread over 2 floors and is a mixture of remainders and secondhand. Secondhand pricing was reasonable and new books were 2 for £5. I came away with 4 purchases for £13 with finally my military tastes catered for.  Laurence Batchelor 24.07.19
A "proper" bookshop, with crates outside, two floors of books, shelves along the staircase, books on the landing. The remainders at the front are always tempting. I bagged some Faber and Faber "90s" (little reprints of short fiction) and a contemporary novel. Second-hand in the basement has a slower turnover, but usually yields something. I picked up hardback translations of Gide and Proust and a private press printing of a Balzac story. Worth repeat visits.  Paul O 05.08.21
I agree with the comments above - this is a pleasant traditional little shop. Most stock was on shelves by category, but I found one unlikely and very reasonably priced book in a miscellaneous box in the basement.  Wessexman 08.03.22
I'm afraid that I must sound a note of dissent to the chorus of praise above. Strong on art and architecture but otherwise a rather meagre secondhand hardback stock, some of it rather the worse for wear in the fiction section where there were some giddily high prices. Weird and annoying background music while I was there but that may not happen every day of course.  Laurence Purcell 31.03.22
After a further visit, I've decided that my previous comments were too harsh. Perhaps it was the music (not in evidence today) which jaundiced me). There's a lot of good stock in the basement, though it's a bit higgledy-piggeldy down there. Certainly worth visiting in a city which is now largely stricken in respect of secondhand bookshops.  Laurence Purcell 06.12.23
People should notice the name: sadly it is the last (second-hand) bookshop in Oxford other than the numerous Oxfams. A really good place with some remainders too (they have a separate remainder bookshop nearer the centre). Yes it's a bit chaotic but that's a positive in my opinion.  PLF 28.02.24

Oxfam Books _ Music/WALLINGFORD/54 St Mary_s Street
Oxfam Books & Music  Phone before travelling
54 St Mary's Street   WALLINGFORD   OX10 0EL
tel: 01491 20835831  e-mail  web 
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Very little stock and some eye-watering prices do not make this shop worth a detour!  PaulH 24.12.22

Oxfam Bookshop/CHIPPING NORTON/6 Market Place
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
6 Market Place   CHIPPING NORTON   OX7 5NA
tel: 01608 644850  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00.
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A good selection of general stock with quite an interesting range of antiquarian titles. One of the better Oxfam bookshops I have visited.  Chris Harte 13.09.12
This one even surpassed the Oxfam in Knowle. Low prices and a terrific stock. They get so many donations they have a basement full of vinyl and a stock room and a shed overflowing with books. When I was there bags and bags of books were being deposited in the shop and the shelves were already full. The staff clearly have their hands' full pricing so many intakes. This is the 1st Oxfam I've visited which actually had a dedicated aviation and royal navy section I was informed this was because they had recently had a collection donated. This shop along with Kellows makes a trip into Chipping Camden a must!  Laurence Batchelor 15.09.18
Inviting, well-curated bookshop that tempts with period orange Penguins, a decent modern languages shelf, a vinyl corner, and a quietly busy, upbeat feel at the weekend. I came away with a couple of French novels and -- to my surprise -- a recent small-press reprint of a previously unfindable 1930s novel. That kind of find is distilled Saturday-morning serendipity.  Paul O 05.07.22
Not as impressed as previous visitors. It seemed like an average small branch to me though having the first and signed editions shelved separately and prominently near the front was a welcome touch. The modern languages section comprised a few dull French paperbacks and one Latin primer. On the positive side, this branch at least understands that Gift Aid stickers and prices belong on Post-it notes inside of books.

Maybe it was just a bad day to be there but definitely NWAD for me.
  Stive 22.11.23

Oxfam Bookshop/HENLEY-ON-THAMES/14 Duke Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
14 Duke Street   HENLEY-ON-THAMES   RG9 1UP
tel: 01491 577410 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30, Sunday 12.00 - 4.00.
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Duke Street has POCS and while you may strike it lucky in any of them I would advise starting at Oxfam. The shop is well laid out with room to move and the prices, even on "collectibles", are sensible. Add Jonkers and Way's, both within walking distance along with an independent bookshop for new titles Henley is collectively WAD.  Steven 02.11.18
A well stocked and well above average Oxfam, almost the equal of their Canterbury shop. The books in the ANTIQUARIAN section (many highly obscure) bear little flyers outlining their contents and virtues. I've not seen this anywhere else.  Laurence Purcell 13.11.21
What a pleasant surprise this was. A well laid out and competitively priced shop, far superior to many of the same breed. The helpful volunteers were happy to check their stock room for me, and I came away with far more items than I normally find at Oxfam. This shop and Way's down the road were the highlights of my day trip to south Oxfordshire.  Wessexman 08.03.22

Oxfam Bookshop/OXFORD/15 Turl Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
15 Turl Street   OXFORD   OX1 3DQ
tel: 01865 248310  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.30.
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Two floors with a good range, although smaller and sometimes lower quality than the venerable St Giles shop.  George Marshall 06.02.09
Not sure why this is open when there are other oxfam shops in the city. The stock is very limited and there is a very strange smell in the place.  Jon Morgan 25.08.12
Window displays focus on academic, collectable or antiquarian books, giving an old-school ambiance. Inside, all subjects are covered, but there's particular depth in literary classics. I sometimes chance upon neglected works here.  Paul O 11.09.12
My definition of a good bookshop: one that has books I want at prices I can afford. I did much better here than at St Giles.  Steven 10.07.13
Not as good stock as the other central Oxfam bookshop. In fact parts of it needed some hoovering!  Chris K. 26.09.15
Open again. This even for Oxfam was an all time UK prize winner. I took a couple of history books to the counter and asked if the £2 x price were an error by sticking the £2 in front, ie should be £5 not £25 each. I was told these are Abe books prices and they were UNDER priced at which point I thanked them and left.  Norman Davies 07.04.16
See my comment on the Oxfam shop in St Giles Street above.  Geoffrey Warner 25.03.17
See comments on St Giles. Same applies here.  David 04.01.19
Not as good as the St Giles shop as they get many more donations. No purchases made. The staff seemed asleep and unengaging. Best sections catered for were fiction and biography.  Laurence Batchelor 24.07.19
Window displays are super niche -- typically something like accounts of a college wine-cellar 1740-1760 in the left-hand window, books on non-Euclidean geometry in the right. Inside, it's more accessible.There's a decent display of literary classics. Modern fiction is average but throws up surprises, sci-fi disappointing. Downstairs, art and design, travel and local history are well served. The modern languages section looks thin -- but I've stumbled on French authors there that I would otherwise have missed out on. Overall, a bit musty and sedimentary -- but still worth checking out.  Paul O 01.11.21
I find it hard to comment on this shop as the small ground floor was rather overwhelmed by crates crammed full of what I assumed to be recent donations. It was impossible to see much of the shelves behind these. In the basement the stock seemed pretty average, but I noticed that the adjacent stock room was also piled up with full crates. Perhaps this is one of those shops where timing your visit is all important. In my case it may have been better if I'd waited a week or two.  Wessexman 08.03.22
Slightly above average, like the St Giles shop. That one at least is bright and cheerful. Perhaps because of its location, a distinct air of gloom always seems to characterise this branch.  Laurence Purcell 31.03.22

Oxfam Bookshop/OXFORD/56 St Giles Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
56 St Giles Street   OXFORD   OX1 3LU
tel: 01865 310145  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 5.30, Sunday 11.00 - 4.30.
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Excellent Oxfam shop - one of the best in Britain. Two floors covering all topics with the quality one would expect of Oxford and the high turnover that rewards frequent visitors.  George Marshall 06.02.09
Sadly it's become a lot more expensive of late - I fear that they are looking on the internet for some of their sillier prices.  George Marshall 23.09.10
Like a lot of Oxfam shops prices can be silly for what they (usually erroneously) regard as "collectable" and I have tended to walk past as a result. But it's my impression from a recent visit that the prices (at least in the basement among the politics, economics etc.) have moderated. This may mean they have at last got some pricers who actually buy second hand books. Perhaps the academic/student market is going over to Kindle.  John Allen 05.07.11
Good stock on three floors - exceptional French / Modern languages section as well as modern fiction. Nice premises, friendly staff.  Jon Morgan 25.08.12
Enthusiastic staff, cornucopean stock and intriguing window displays. Particularly good for classic fiction, foreign languages (well concealed downstairs), travel, children's books. Anything unusual or antiquarian is still optimistically priced, but standard stuff is now often cheaper than buying online.  Paul O 14.09.12
On Monday the 7th September, the street was filled with huge numbers of rides as it was a very large 2-day fair. So not too many folk in the shop. I did find 2 items (local history and art exhibition) which were well priced. A much better shop than the Turl St one.  Chris K. 26.09.15
A good place for more recent now deleted books with connections to academic type subjects.  Norman Davies 07.04.16
I'm in Oxford a lot and visit this shop, together with the one in Turl Street, regularly. Both have excellent and ever changing contents, ranging from the popular to the academic. I used to think that this one was a bit cheaper than the other, but I'm less sure now. In any event, if you are on a brief visit, you should try and inspect both shops.  Geoffrey Warner 25.03.17
Don't know what has happened here. This used to be a good shop but on a recent visit it looked as though it was being run down. Little stock and what there was tended to not be in good condition.  David 04.01.19
The best charity bookshop in Oxford with wide ranging stock all categorized over 2 floors. Donations seemed to be flowing in on the hot summers weekday I visited. 1 purchase made and it's not far from where the park and ride buses can drop you off. WWAD.  Laurence Batchelor 24.07.19
The first charity bookshop and still the best. Window displays suggest an academic bias (First edition of A.J. Ayers' "Language, Truth, and Logic", yours for £50), but they also have well-stocked shelves for fiction, biography, children's books, travel and more. Prices are affordable too. A particular attraction for me is the languages section. This time I came away with several contemporary French novels.  Paul O 28.07.21
I would say this is a slightly above average Oxfam branch and is not overwhelmed by academic titles as I had expected. A lady customer asked for a particular thesaurus which the assistant happily looked for, but sadly she and I both left empty handed.The shop was strangely quiet, even though the visitors seem to be returning, judging by the sightseeing tour in Broad Street.  Wessexman 08.03.22
Slightly above average, as Wessexman says. One expects better in Oxford but perhaps canny academics conduct daily raids and snap up the best titles as they arrive.  Laurence Purcell 31.03.22

Oxfam Bookshop/THAME/9b Cornmarket
Oxfam Bookshop  Open at advertised times
9b Cornmarket   THAME   OX9 3DX
tel: 01844 214645  web 
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A good example of an Oxfam bookshop in a charming town (with a splendid new bookshop further down the road). Good range of stock but not always priced to sell.  Steven Whitehead 05.10.12
Return visit. Much less music than last time and thus more books. Good range of fiction and non-fiction and strong on children's. The Bookhouse on the High Street is still going strong.  Steven W 17.01.15
The music (including vinyl) and DVD sections have expanded but still plenty of interesting books. Bargains known.  Steven 29.08.15
On this latest buying trip I visited fifteen bookshops; some charity and others as we know them to be. It was here that I made the most purchases as the standard of the books was exemplary. Everything from a Chicago Art Gallery title to a recent British Library publication. The organisation was perfect for me. Military history had numerous titles as did books on the town and county. There was a little fiction but the general layout was welcoming and easy to browse. Recommended.  Chris 12.03.24

Oxfam Bookshop/WITNEY/14 High Street
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
14 High Street   WITNEY   OX28 6HB
tel: 01993 776985  e-mail 
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Press on to the back section and find very well stocked literary shelves.  Herne 05.11.15
Having retired to Yorkshire after 30 years in Oxford, we were trying to think what we really missed - surprisingly little, but the Witney Oxfam comes high on the list.  Carl B 04.05.17

Oxfam Shop/OXFORD/133 and 135 Cowley Road
Oxfam Shop  Open at advertised times
133 and 135 Cowley Road   OXFORD   OX4 1HU
tel: 01865 722951 
Open:  Currently closed for refurbishment.
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This appears to be a conventional Oxfam shop, but a high population of book reviewers in east Oxford keeps it remarkably well stocked in new publications, especially fiction, which are usually at far lower prices than the specialist Oxfam bookshops.  George Marshall 06.02.09
Shop currently closed and being completely renovated.  Chris K. 26.09.15

Oxfam Shop/OXFORD/83 London Road
Oxfam Shop  Open at advertised times
83 London Road  Headington   OXFORD   OX3 9AA
tel: 01865 764595  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Friday 9.00 - 5.30, Saturday 9.30 - 5.30
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General stock including fiction, non-fiction, children's books and collectables. Good selection of books at very reasonable prices

Very little there these days. A general charity shop with a desultory selection of books.  John Foxe 13.11.21

Parlour Bookshop/DIDCOT/30 Wantage Road
The Parlour Bookshop  Open at advertised times
30 Wantage Road   DIDCOT   OX11 0BT
tel: 01235 818989  web 
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Penguin Chap /WALLINGFORD/Cholsey  
The Penguin Chap   Appointment necessary
Cholsey    WALLINGFORD  OX10 9NW
tel:  07786 051856  e-mail   web
Open:  7 days by appointment.
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I specialise in vintage Penguin, Puffin, and Pelican books from the 1930s-1960s. I hold a large collection of stock, the vast majority of which are 1st Penguin editions starting from £2. See webpage for current stock holdings and further information.

Regent Furnitureand Books/WANTAGE/Regent Shopping MallNewbury Street
Regent Furniture and Books  Open at advertised times
Regent Shopping Mall  Newbury Street    WANTAGE  OX12 8BU
tel:  01235 766625  e-mail   web  
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00
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A small shopping arcade completely full of over 100,000 books on almost every subject, including masses of old and new fiction.

As the name suggests, originally a furniture shop, but the books have taken over. 3 or 4 rooms of books, plus more in the corridors. Often has a lot of interesting older books, as well as the modern dustwrappered variety. I rarely come away empty handed, and sometimes with a bootful.  Richard 
One of the largest stocks of fiction I've seen, all reasonably priced and easily browsed. The poetry/drama selection is much smaller and haphazardly arranged though.  Nick Campsall 04.11.08
This is still the best kept secret of Oxfordshire. There is little sign of it being a bookshop. They have recently converted the first floor to a night club (it's the town's old cinema) so the large first floor space has gone which has led to even more cramped storage of a lot of books on the ground floor. Wide variety at cheap prices.  John Allen 05.07.11
An absolute gem of a bookshop, with an astonishing range of books on most subjects and very reasonably priced. One word of caution: the owner does not accept cards, so bring your cheque book or cash. There is an ATM a few doors away.  Geoffrey Warner 07.07.11
The kind of place that justifies the word "explore". An immense stock, with plenty of out-of-print Penguin fiction when I was there, and all affordable.  Paul O 14.09.12
This is the benchmark for general shops and luckily for me it is one of my locals. If you walk away empty handed from this large comprehensive stock then you probably cant read.  OWC 18.09.12
A must to visit. Allow plenty of time to explore as is a bit of a warren and not everything is in order. Very cheap prices and exceptional variety.  Brian Stringer 12.07.14
Totally agree with last comment (12.7)  Zim 18.07.14
What a great place to rummage around. A number of rooms with all sorts of specialities which meant a good two hours of searching. Found enough titles to keep me happy. Pleasant owners and prices were most reasonable. Will revisit.  Chris Harte 13.08.14
It is strange that a bookshop of this quality should be housed in a pine furniture shop, albeit that furniture is vastly overwhelmed by the books. From the entrance right through the labyrinth / maze that is these premises, from the tiny and easily missed entrance this is an absolute treasure trove of many different subject areas. The epithet 'something for everyone' was never truer than here. Even my recent jaunts to Felixstowe where there are two superb shops could not prepare one for this place. New books, old tomes, Maps and en plus, the prices are extremely reasonable I bought 10 books including some fairly rare Pan paperbacks for less than £20.00. The owner is a friendly and well informed chap and I bumped into another contributor to TBG. There is a small car park at the rear, although travelling from Cambridge I went by Train. The nearest station is Didcot which is a 35 minute plus bus ride ( the narrow Oxfordshire lanes and a long bus are an interesting combination. Neither the charity shops of Wantage nor those in Didcot are worth visiting - at least not for books.  Jon Morgan 29.08.14
Been collecting for 40 years: how have I missed this before? Superb shop now all on one floor, crammed with thousands of decent books at realistic prices for the general collector, all subjects. Wow. WWAD.  Norman Davies 03.12.14
I have to commend this bookshop as being one of the few really good shops left. Although not perfectly organised this attribute makes it more interesting, you never know what you might find or where. Even antiquarian volumes at affordable prices. Books are always coming in and out, and I never leave without a book, if not a bag full.  uax13 18.04.16
Four years since my last report but I still visit every six months. My latest was no exception as there was new stock on the shelves of my interests and within a few minutes I had a pile ready. Spent four hours (and two large coffees) before I finally concluded examining the shelves. This place is a gem. WWAD.  Chris Harte 11.10.18
Delightful owners and an impressive stock. I felt definitely one of the largest in the Midlands. They have their own car park around the back - turn in at the small opening opposite Waitrose. I was astonished how they seemed to have every topic covered. Definitely WWAD.  Laurence Batchelor 24.12.18
The sort of place where bibliomaniacs like me go missing for half the day. All subjects covered, but standouts are countless orange and green Penguins, a strong selection of Virago classics, lots of older hardback fiction, and local history. Always a surprise or two -- this time it was a hard-to-find novel by cult chronicler of London lowlife Gerald Kersh. I usually depart with a dozen purchases.  Paul O 19.08.21
A truly wonderful bookshop - relatively cheap, packed to the rafters, and with a good turnover of stock.  Simon T 17.09.21
Can only endorse all the previous comments about this wonderful shop. We came out with bagfuls. Will definitely make the journey down here again. Did not realise that they had their own car park so will bear that in mind for next time. However we parked in the Portway car park which gave 2 hours free parking. Very civilised.  David 18.09.21
Terrible furniture shop. I have no idea how they expect to fit wardrobes and desks in there with all those old books taking up most of the room. I did my best to help by hauling off two full bagloads of those and it could easily have been more; but I suppose they will just plug the gaps with all the volumes waiting in boxes and crates on the floor. Prices are more charity shop than specialist dealer. The car park at the back only holds three vehicles, so your chance of getting a bay is minimal. The entrance to the bays is on the High St just before you turn into Market Place; blink and you'll miss it. Everyone else in Abingdon seems to chance it in the streets around on a single yellow line.   Stive 20.10.21
What an amazing discovery! This huge multi-room emporium is crammed full of interesting and reasonably priced stock and is right in the centre of a lively and attractive town. I could only spare 45 minutes there but my bag was well loaded when I left. More stock was arriving even as I browsed.  Wessexman 12.01.22
If I hadn’t been told that this was a bookshop I probably would have walked past it. The name gives little away.

The shop was supposedly closed on the day I visited (nothing publicised on-line about this ). I was just about to leave when the owner turned up with a delivery and let us browse for half an hour before leaving for his family wedding. I’m glad he did, because I came away with a bag full of books at very reasonable prices…
  Archive61 02.07.22
Still as superb as ever. In the section of newly arrived titles by the road entrance I picked up a book so rare my heart started thumping. I eventually spent four hours in the heat going through every room and was very impressed with the massive stock. The only downside was my wife purchasing a pile higher than mine and glibly putting the payment on to my credit card.  Chris 24.06.23
Endorse everything above. Seems to go on forever and even when you get to the back there are more side rooms. And no shortage of good quality stock. Enjoyed browsing the hardback fiction and politics. Just as well we had a car!   Herne 20.10.23
Another visit and another couple of bagfuls to take away. The parking spaces around the back of the shop are now reduced to two thanks to an impressive collection of bins. Note that the free parking time at the car park a short walk away is now generously reduced to one hour from two.   Stive 22.11.23
Huge store with some really interesting stuff covering a wide range of subjects. Prices were average to me. Not easy to find: through a narrow passage off Newbury Street but very close to the town centre.  PLF 01.03.24
This visit was somewhat of a disappointment for me. The fiction section seems to have grown while Art is reduced to half a shelf. Biographies/Autobiographies are in a room with very poor lighting and it was difficult to read the titles. My lack of a purchase summed it up.  Chris 12.03.24
Back again on the day after our son's wedding. As before came back heavily laden. Art section seems to have revived a lot since Chris' recent visit and a goodly selection of illustrated books. Something good to be found in each of the many rooms.   Herne 08.04.24

Sanders of Oxford Ltd/OXFORD/104 High Street
Sanders of Oxford Ltd  Open at advertised times
104 High Street   OXFORD   OX1 4BW
tel: 01865 242590 
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This a high end shop selling antique maps and original prints, with a 'no reproductions' policy. However, I did not spot any books.  Wessexman 08.03.22

Save the Children Bookshop/WOODSTOCK/30b High St
Save the Children Bookshop   Open at advertised times
30b High St    WOODSTOCK  OX20 1TG
tel:  01993 812872  e-mail
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.00, Sunday 12.00 - 4.00.
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Good professionally run secondhand bookshop, for all interests. Great selection, collectable gems, and general interest. We are a entirely volunteer run, raising money for Save the Children.

Lovely welcoming bookshop, kitted out with a comfy chair in its reading corner. My partner found several first edition fly fishing books here.  Critter 30.11.12
Inviting bookshop with an old-fashioned lattice window, hand-written shelf labels, and a handy children's alcove with an infant chair. Even with a four-year-old in tow, I managed to browse and came away with a couple of twentieth century literary classics.  Paul O 10.09.14
Inviting, well-curated bookshop that usually turns up something of interest. There's a large and sensible selection of modern fiction in the front, and most non-fiction areas are covered too, but I head for the shelves of older fiction at the back.This time I picked up hard-to-find stories by H. P. Lovecraft and hesitated over the diaries of cult 40s author Denton Welch. The antiquarian stock is mostly authors that time forgot, though. There's currently a good stock of Folio editions -- not something I've ever looked into, but the volunteer in the shop, clearly a true bookman, was happy to chat about them. Always a friendly reception there.  Paul O 01.11.21

Sobell Charity Shop/OXFORD/Dartington House4 Little Clarendon Street
Sobell Charity Shop   Open at advertised times
Dartington House  4 Little Clarendon Street    OXFORD  OX1 2HS
tel:  01865 559927  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 4.30
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Christian literature.

A small charity shop with secondhand books and old vinyl downstairs and even though the bookshelves have categories on I found military books mixed in on just about every shelf. Pricing was cheap and a lot seemed to have come from a Lord Carrington library? 1 purchase made but it could have been more as I was in a rush. Possibly a Drif Special.  Laurence Batchelor 24.07.19
Occasional finds to be had here - but quite a bit of lumber too. Recently there seem to be a lot more philosophy, history and art history books on the shelves, all at reasonable prices. I noticed some with the bookplate of Desmond Morris (apparently he's disposed of a lot of books), which might give them added interest.  Paul O 31.07.19
Since my last review, much of the "lumber" has gone. There's plenty of modern fiction, some history, politics, biography. Intriguing items still turn up: I saw books on prime numbers, Lewis Carroll, logic problems. They now also have a few shelves arranged by price -- £10 books, £20 books-- with brisk warnings not to ask for a discount (better hope Drif isn't around). Not sure that'll work -- I search by the subject not by the price.  Paul O 05.08.21

St Philip_s Books/OXFORD/82 St Aldates
St Philip's Books  Open at advertised times
82 St Aldates   OXFORD   OX1 1RA
tel: 01865 202182  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00.
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Specialists in academic, humanities, theology, history, philosophy, literature and art.

A must among Oxford's ever dwindling number of secondhand bookshops. It specialises in Christian books, with an emphasis on Roman Catholicism: not popular paperbacks (although it has a few of these), but serious, scholarly works on bible study, patristics, theology and church history. In addition, it has worthwhile sections on art, literature and secular history.  Professor Geoffrey Warner 
For specialists (and the wealthy) only. If you're looking for bargains or modern literature, don't bother. Great views of Christ Church though.  Nick Campsall 04.11.08
WWAD for its (allbeit) specialist stock and worth a look for the occasional surprise.  Steven Whitehead 09.06.12
A professionally run establishment with an academic based stock so view website prior to visiting. Im a regular and find the prices to be fair. E-mails are answered which seems to be a rarity in the trade.  OWC 27.09.12
A very helpful owner who recommended me to try Jerico as he did not stock military books in a strong way. Agree it's a serious establishment with academic topics well covered.  Laurence Batchelor 24.07.19
More than just a haunt of the pious but a good collection also of general literature, history and philosophy. Prices on the high side of fair and probably no use looking for bargains but I'm not wealthy and I found things I could afford.  Laurence Purcell 28.10.19
Nothing to add to or change in my previous review, other than to say that this is the best (and may now be the only) place to look if you're seeking the semi-ecclesiastical works by Belloc, Chesterton, Dorothy L. Sayers and T. S. Eliot.  Laurence Purcell 31.03.22

Temple Rare Books/OXFORD/Paternoster Farm
Temple Rare Books  Open at advertised times
Paternoster Farm  107 Cassington Road  Yarnton   OXFORD   OX5 1QB
tel: 01865 451940  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Friday 8.00 - 4.30.
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Antiquarian, bindings, children's, illustrated, travel - prices from £50.

Way_s Bookshop/HENLEY-ON-THAMES/54 Friday Street
Way's Bookshop   Phone before travelling
54 Friday Street    HENLEY-ON-THAMES  RG9 1AH
tel:  01491 576663    web  
Open: Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00
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Selected secondhand & antiquarian books at all levels of price. Shop established 1977. Car Park at rear.

A good selection and competitively priced. Especially worth visiting for topography and river related topics  Herne 24.02.10
Only 2 minutes from the main street in Henley and well worth a visit. Stock which isn't on the internet from paperbacks (even these are interesting) to antiquarian and realistically priced.  Eve Magee 14.06.12
Worth seeking out. Some excellent bargains to be had, both general and rarer titles. Strong on boating and military history and ephemera but all sorts of interesting things turn up and the stock-flow is good. The owner is an absolute delight.  Andrew 08.09.12
A pleasant bookman's shop with a moderate size stock which is worth visiting regularly.  OWC 27.09.12
So glad I made the effort to find this shop as it is a little gem. Probably not quite WAD but well worth the walk if you are already in Henley.  Steven 21.06.14
One of my favourite bookshops been going there for over thirty years. Excellent stock on most subjects reasonably priced £1 cabinet with bargains. Really nice owner What more could you want?  John Bacon 24.11.14
My three visits in recent times have all turned up trumps in my search for original source material. Definitely worth a visit. I found quality good & prices quite acceptable.  Zim 29.05.15
Back after a six year interval to find another eclectic and well-chosen selection with some real bargains to be had in a number of categories.  Herne 13.01.17
A hearty "Hear Hear!" to the comments above. An interesting selection of eclectic titles, all well displayed. If books about rowing and the River Thames float your boat it is WAD and is certainly worth a dip for general readers and collectors. Bargains to be found.  Steven 02.11.18
Possibly the best small secondhand bookshop in the country: well stocked in spite of its size, regular turnover of stock, extremely reasonable prices. As a bonus, the elegant,vivacious and knowledgeable Mrs Way is usually in charge to deal with your enquiries.  Laurence Purcell 13.11.21
I was greeted enthusiastically by the charming lady owner and immediately felt at home. The stock is beautifullly laid out and there really is something to suit most tastes here. I could easily have lingered and spent more but time was not on my side. What a great little shop!  Wessexman 08.03.22
A small but well stocked bookshop. Very reasonably priced. They didn’t have much in the way of first edition fiction that’s as older than about 10 years, but that aside a pleasure to visit, with a charming and helpful lady serving.  Archive61 02.07.22