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The Old Bakery is no longer principally a bookshop
Cardigan Antiques Centre's book dealer has gone
Carmarthen Antique Centre has too few books to list
Nyth y Robin is no longer a secondhand bookshop
Pembroke Antiques Centre has closed
Pembroke Market Emporium has closed
Bookends of Cardigan is no longer a bookshop
St David's Bookshop has reopened at a new location
The Discovery Bookshop has closed.
new shop The Bookshop by the Sea Aberystwyth

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We do our best to make sure these details are correct and up-to-date. However we recommend that you contact bookshops before making a special journey.

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Books Plus /ABERYSTWYTH/7 Northgate Street  
Books Plus   Status unknown, update requested
7 Northgate Street    ABERYSTWYTH  SY23 2JS
tel:  01974 272613 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.00.
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A small second hand bookshop which also sells antiques and collectables.

A two minute walk eastwards from the Oxfam Bookshop finds this recently-opened second-hand bookshop, which has taken up residence in a former bric-a-brac/gift shop (and has inherited many of the old establishment's more random items as well). The stock is fairly small although reasonably wide-ranging and well laid out, with very affordable prices. The owner may have previously had a bookstall in the indoor market on the other side of town.  Graeme Rendall 22.10.15

Bookshop by the Sea/ABERYSTWYTH/7 Market Street
The Bookshop by the Sea  Open at advertised times
7 Market Street  ABERYSTWYTH  SY23 1DL
tel:  07756 358507  e-mail   web   
Open: Tuesday - Friday 11.00 - 5.00, Saturday 10.00 - 5.30, Sunday 12.00 - 4.00
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A wide range of new and second-hand books; the latter account for about half of the stock.

This shop, opened in 2021, has quickly carved out an enviable reputation for itself and was shortlisted in the independent bookshop of the year category at the 2024 British Book Awards. The owner, Freya Blyth, is evangelical about books and also about sustainability and recycling, hence the significant proportion of second-hand stock here.   Booker T 06.05.24

Carmarthen Community Bookshop/CARMARTHEN/16a Wood_s Row
Carmarthen Community Bookshop  Open at advertised times
16a Wood's Row   CARMARTHEN   SA31 1BX
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 2.00.
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A recent move from a local industrial estate has seen this charity bookshop open in new premises in the centre of Carmarthen. There are books on both floors of the building which are all well classified. Parking outside is a bit of a problem but the walk from a nearby car-park is well worth the effort.  Chris Harte 03.01.18
Still the place to go in the town if you want to see thousands of donated books. I gave them 500 railway titles a few days ago which came from a neighbour clearing her mother's house. This is the place for either good books or a load of low quality fiction. The separate children's section on the ground floor is highly recommended.  Chris Harte 15.08.21
An update on the above. Volunteers have been dedicated enough to create new shelving for the first floor and to superbly classify books by subject, and then even by sub-subject. A terrific example of what can be done in a charity shop. The quality of the titles has improved no end. The only problem is parking.   Chris 05.06.23
This shop cannot be praised too much. They are donating literally hundreds of children's books to local schools, many in Welsh for learning purposes. The support from the town is high. On the first floor are books for adults and, alas, it is clear that some sections have been denuded of their quality titles; art in particular. Fiction is naturally strong so are the usual offerings on cooking and gardening. Sport, transport and autobiographies are weak on quality but good on waffle. The politics section reminded me of here-today, gone-tomorrow politicians whose stories are not worthwhile bothering about. The downstairs children's section is quite superb.   Chris 04.03.24

Carmarthenshire Rare Books/CARMARTHEN/Milford House
Carmarthenshire Rare Books  Open at advertised times
Milford House  87 Lammas Street   CARMARTHEN   SA31 3AY
tel: 01267 223343  e-mail 
Open:  Monday, Wednesday, Friday 9.00 - 3.15.
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General secondhand and some antiquarian books, Welsh interest.

This is the place to go for really rare titles. Obviously very strong on Welsh material. Last two visits have seen me depart with a full box.  Chris Harte 14.04.09
At the moment the shop is specialising in academic titles and books in Welsh. Otherwise there is a good general stock with emphasis given to locally published works. The current owner's father had a bookstall in the old market sixty years ago so it is really nice to note continuity.  Chris Harte 15.08.21
Still worth a visit even though it's now open only three days a week. Shelves nicely sorted into various categories. I noted a good emphasis on military, biographies and Welsh subjects - in both languages. Good quality antiquarian titles on the top shelves.  Chris 18.07.23

Carningli Centre/NEWPORT/East Street
Carningli Centre   Open at advertised times
East Street    NEWPORT  SA42 0SY
tel:  01239 820724  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Tuesday, Thursday - Saturday 10.30 - at least 4.00
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About 10,000 books on many subjects including Wales/Cymraeg, natural history, railways, art and crafts, cookery, Penguins, science, poetry, plays etc, etc. On the main A487 (between Cardigan & Fishguard) in the centre of Newport. Free car park in Long St.

Frontage on main road gives no indication of what is quite a treasure-trove reaching down through rooms full to the brim of interesting titles. Muddled, musty and somewhat eccentric but worth a stop if you are passing. Junk room a must for railway buffs.  Chris Harte 03.09.09
This is an antique centre dominated by old railway signs so inevitably it is good for railway enthusiasts with a good collection of well priced books on railways. Not sure the rest of the stock is very interesting but some good local books.  Norman Davies 30.07.11
Revisited and same comments - paradise for a railway enthusiast, also worth a look for other s/h books, extensive local and fiction collection.  Norman Davies 27.01.15
A highly enjoyable shop with more than just railway memorabilia - a lot of interesting things to see plus a wide selection of books. Well worth a visit.  Nick Harris 05.12.15
Over ten years since my last review and as stated by Norman Davies very good for railway buffs. Otherwise, the stock is dull but there might be the odd treasure hidden away. Closing time is now 5pm: "On the dot," as I was gruffly informed.  Chris Harte 06.02.20

Cofion Books and Post Cards/TENBY/Bridge Street
Cofion Books and Post Cards    Phone before travelling
Bridge Street    TENBY  SA70 7BU
tel:  01834 845741  e-mail
Open:  Monday - Sunday from 2.00, but check first
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20,000 books, at first glance looks like a muddle but is in subjects. Childrens to adult, out of print to a few antiquarian. Postcards, especially Welsh.

A tiny shop jammed with huge piles of books, in a small lane off the harbour, and close to the National Trust Tudor Merchant's House. Not easy for persons of rather a large girth like me - very little room to move or breathe!  Richard 28.08.12
Tiny shop with books stacked high. Great collection of postcards. Afraid to move many books in case it caused a landslide. Thought I saw the remains of one customer beneath a pile of Welsh mythology books. Worth a visit.  SteveBrissle 06.09.13
Under the thousands of books crammed into a small shop I'm sure I saw the remains of a well-known Hay-on-Wye bookdealer's ego. If only the friendly owner could show his wares properly he would be able the sell the half hidden quality titles quite rapidly.  Chris Harte 17.09.13
Sorry, I think there is a point at which we move beyond quirky to unpleasant. Aroma of mouldering books plus collapsed piles blocking aisle make this a no no for me.  Mr Grumpy 16.09.14
Half shop now blocked by new book slides and I see what Grumpy means. But persistence and strong arms paid off for me with pile of purchases. Fantastic Welsh postcard selection, found by starting another large slide which revealed interesting other books but sadly no bodies!  Norman Davies 03.07.15
The postcards mentioned by Mr Davies above were the easiest things to find during my visit. This shop is a must-visit, but for all the wrong reasons. I arrived to find the proprietor in conversation with a couple out on the street, and two potential customers standing at the doorway contemplating whether they would enter without a hard hat. Once inside, my wife immediately felt claustrophobic and had to leave. The tottering walls of worn titles reminded me of one of those indoor climbing walls, but with the danger of imminent avalanches should I be foolhardy enough to try to extract a book I wanted to look at. One fearless customer was rifling through the postcards and therefore blocked any hopes of seeing what was on the other side of the shop. There was however a large unruly pile of books where I presume the till was lurking. Needless to say I left empty-handed, as I suspect most people do ...  Graeme Rendall 22.10.15
The shop phone number does not work.  Mrs Jones 26.04.19

College Street Books/AMMANFORD/15 College Street
College Street Books  Open at advertised times
15 College Street   AMMANFORD   SA18 3AB
tel: 01269 592140  e-mail 
Open:  Monday & Saturday 9.30 - 1.00, Tuesday - Friday 9.30 - 5.00.
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New and secondhand books, about 50/50. Particularly Welsh interest, maps and walking, history, warfare, art, mythology, poetry, literature, and children's books in Welsh & English.

Although the name suggests otherwise the entrance to this pleasant shop is from an arcade which runs parallel to the main window. Strong on Welsh subjects and a very good selection of books on mining. Although there are new books as well it is worth a visit if you are passing.  Chris Harte 11.07.13
Over five years since my last report and the shop is still very strong on new and second-hand Welsh titles. Also the shelves held many books on mining; poetry; military and show-business. Still worth looking in.  Chris Harte 24.03.19
I've always written highly about this bookshop. It is a true oasis in the wilderness of the Amman Valley. Welsh books abound with some of the mining histories being top quality. There is also a varied general stock. A visit is recommended if you are in the area.  Chris Harte 15.08.21

Goldstone Bookshop/CARMARTHEN/10 Hall Street
Goldstone Bookshop  Open at advertised times
10 Hall Street   CARMARTHEN   SA31 1PH
tel: 01267 237236  e-mail  web 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.00 - 5.30.
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We are pleased to announce our very first bookshop in the beautiful town of Carmarthen has now opened! We will be stocking a range of new and pre-owned books so please call in and say hello.

This shop is situated at the side of the Guildhall building in a pedestrianised part of central Carmarthen. On first glance, it looked like there were only new titles available but I was told by the manager that 'about 20% of the stock is pre-owned.' Looking around, but going from experience, my feeling was that these were either unwanted review copies, remainders (many of which bore British Library Imprints) or quality books from charity shops' donations. However, on the plus side, there were many shelves containing new local books to which my latest effort will be added shortly.  Chris Harte 28.06.19
There has been a marked change to this shop. As the manager explained to me, the second-hand books are now in the ascendancy while new books are taking up fairly little shelf space. With a never ending supply from the warehouse (which is an on-line concern) this is now a shop I shall visit more often.   Chris 04.03.24

Gwisgo Bookworm /ABERAERON/8 Alban Square  
Gwisgo Bookworm   Open at advertised times
8 Alban Square    ABERAERON  SA46 0AD
tel:  01545 238282   e-mail   web   
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.00. July - December also Sunday 11.30 - 4.00
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Selling new, secondhand and collectable books (around 15,000), vinyl records, etc.

A general bookshop with a substantial holding of fiction and non-fiction. Worth noting were Welsh and Folio Society titles. What did catch my eye was a large selection of unused American postcards which depicted every front page of each issue of Vanity Fair.  Chris Harte 25.11.11
An excellent selection of used paperbacks on historical fiction. Well worth a visit if you're looking for this genre.  John 12.04.14
Called in at Bookworm today. She has sold the shop and the new people are going to keep things as they are currently. However, during the changeover there might be the odd days when the shop is not open for business.  Chris Harte 19.01.15
Still open! Not a huge shop, but worth popping in if you're in the neighbourhood. I found a nice hardcover with DJ of The Complete Nonsense of Edward Lear (1975) only £4.00.  Martin R 00.06.19
Always worth a visit but remember it does not open until 11am. General stock; neat and tidy; easy to search.  Chris Harte 05.12.21

Leafed Through/CARDIGAN/Community (charity) Book Shop
Leafed Through  Open at advertised times
Community (charity) Book Shop  21 Pendre   CARDIGAN   SA43 1JT
tel: 01239 621092  e-mail 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00.
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A small but well laid-out bookshop, with a wide range of subjects covered.

Housed in what used to be a dog's charity shop, this is a small but well laid-out bookshop, with a wide range of subjects covered. A smaller number of books on show than in the one at the end of the arcade, but my wife and I still managed to come away with several titles for a very modest outlay.  Graeme Rendall 22.10.15
Hidden away at the end of the High Street this community bookshop had some interesting titles on their numerous shelves. Fiction took about a third of the space with other subjects rather roughly categorised. However, there were some good quality books to be had. The only questionable point is their pricing: everything is marked at being £3!  Chris Harte 24.10.15
Profits given to local charities. Prices are usually set at £1.50 paperbacks, £2 fiction hardbacks, £3 hardbacks. Open 10-4.  Janet Barber 15.01.18
Nice small bookshop, heavy in fiction like others posted. Wife and I picked up a couple titles but nothing extraordinary here.  Sean Nodland 22.12.19
Still a very good charity shop. I always visit when in the town. Most hardbacks are at £3 which means bargains can be had. Some very knowledgeable and artistic retired people looking after the place.  Chris Harte 15.08.21

Llandelio Bookshop (British Red Cross)/LLANDEILO/101 Rhosmaen Street
Llandelio Bookshop (British Red Cross)  Open at advertised times
101 Rhosmaen Street   LLANDEILO   SA19 6HA
tel: 01558 823256 
Open:  Monday - Saturday 9.30 - 4.30.
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Charity bookshop selling donated books.

Although a British Red Cross charity bookshop the shelves had some quite interesting titles. One wall is solid paperback fiction but other shelves are categorised and easy to check. The travel section was especially strong.  Chris Harte 25.10.14
It is always worth visiting this charity shop for sometimes they have some very interesting books on show. Unsurprisingly, cookery books dominate followed by trash 'celebrity' ghosted autobiographies and modern paperback fiction.  Chris Harte 15.08.21
A huge amount of new stock has arrived with much of it now on the shelves. More local history than usual and seemingly a good selection of fashion books. Country sports section larger but still rows of autobiographies by television "personalities" (sic) none of whose names mean anything to me.  Chris Harte 24.09.22
Some knowledgeable person has come and revamped this charity shop. Unsellable dross has disappeared and the books now on the excellently marked shelves were easy to see and to browse. In among the usual paperback fiction were some decent hardback titles. If you add this shop to your visiting list might I recommend the bakery opposite: the cottage pies are magnificent.  Chris 04.09.23

Oxfam Bookshop/ABERYSTWYTH/North Parade
Oxfam Bookshop  Phone before travelling
North Parade   ABERYSTWYTH   SY23 2JN
tel: 01970 625890  web 
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A well set out series of shelves carrying nondescript titles. A few tired mid-wars books but nothing to stir the emotions.  Chris Harte 05.05.11
"The World ain't all sunshine and rainbows". 1/10.  The Boxer 26.09.13
Oh dear. I used to buy the odd Welsh interest book here. Now silly ABE+ prices, ridiculous. Good Welsh s/h selection in shop over the road.  Norman Davies 22.11.14
Nice, light and well laid out shop. Excellent Welsh section, some really hard to find titles in there.  Anthony 06.08.23

Oxfam Shop/HAVERFORDWEST/45a High Street
Oxfam Shop  Open at advertised times
45a High Street   HAVERFORDWEST   SA61 2BN
tel: 01437 760739  web 
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The whole of the large first-floor is devoted to a wide selection of books. Everything is shelved by category. The collectables section had some interesting titles but the pricing was all over the place. There were bargains here for the taking.  Chris Harte 12.01.12
Very disappointing. Sadly Chris, no longer anything but standard Oxfam fare, odd goodies at silly prices.  Norman Davies 03.07.15
Sadly, Norman's comments of three years ago still apply. Quality has plummeted while prices have soared upwards. There were books in the £12 to £14 range which were barely worth a couple of quid. I await a new manageress and sensible pricing.  Chris 03.08.18
With a new manager in place the first-floor bookshop area is now split between books and vinyl. The books are, however, well categorised with military to the fore. There were quite a few collectable items, some of which were very keenly priced.  Christopher Harte 04.09.21
Pricing is now very reasonable. The Fiction section has grown larger. Military still good especially in the Welsh section. However, vinyl is taking up more space in the upstairs area. A few pre-1970 books of which I purchased four for under a fiver.  Chris 31.12.22
Like many of the charity shops in run down Haverfordwest the problem of getting volunteers is now becoming a problem. Today Oxfam opened at noon and I waited, with others, for the doors to open. I'm glad I did for the first-floor book area offerings were of a good quality, slightly over-priced but not to be criticised. The book floor manager knew his subject and was able to categorise for easy viewing. I purchased some good titles so can't complain.   Chris 10.02.24

Pendleburys Bookshop/LLANWRDA/Garreg FawrPorthyrhyd
Pendleburys Bookshop   Open at advertised times
Garreg Fawr  Porthyrhyd    LLANWRDA  SA19 8NY
tel:  01550 728 276  e-mail   web
Open:  Tuesday - Saturday 10.00 - 5.00 .
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Booksellers for many decades with a large general stock & specialisms of 20,000 theology, 3,500 botanical & gardening books. Outside advertised hours please telephone before visiting. A remote hillside bookshop housed in converted barns in the foothills of the Cambrians within a three acre garden project.

A journey into the middle of nowhere was rewarded by a friendly greeting, hot coffee and lots of chatter. This really is an oasis in the wilderness and the tens of thousands of titles on offer took some hours to browse. The theological stock took the whole of one massive converted barn. Other subjects, with a large gardening section, were a joy to behold. Only a fraction of the books are on the internet at the moment. There are many scarce titles on offer, particularly on field sports and rural pursuits. WWAD.  Chris Harte 05.03.13
These premises should be on every serious collector's list to visit. The driveway up to the books is not easy to find if you are not familiar with the area but once into the converted barns you cannot fail to be anything but amazed. Everything is well set out and time will pass quickly while checking the shelves. The website is worth consulting before visiting.  Chris Harte 02.03.22

St. David_s Bookshop/ST.DAVID_S/2 Tŷ Eurvil, Maes Dyfed
St. David's Bookshop   Open at advertised times
2 Tŷ Eurvil, Maes Dyfed  ST. DAVID'S  SA62 6RD
tel:  01437 720480  e-mail   web
Open:  Monday - Saturday 11.00 - 5.00, Sundays on Bank Holidays and in high season.
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Reopened at new location An idiosyncratic new and secondhand bookshop with a strong Welsh section.

This is now selling second-hand books again at its new shop

About half the stock is second-hand. The owner explained that he had to build this back up again after closing the previous shop. Also sells second-hand CDs and LPs and new books.
  Mark V 03.06.22

Ystwyth Books /ABERYSTWYTH/7 Princess Street  
Ystwyth Books   Open at advertised times
7 Princess Street    ABERYSTWYTH  SY23 1DX
tel:  01970 639479  e-mail
Open: Monday - Saturday 10.00 - 4.00
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80,000 new and secondhand books covering most subjects, but particularly Welsh books and natural history.

Good stock, well laid-out and reasonable prices. Definitely the best bookshop in Aber by far. And conveniently close to the excellent Gannet's Bistro!  Daedalus 25.06.09
A large stock with good turnover including recent publications spread over two floors. My favourite in Aber. - George Marshall  16.09.09 16.09.09
Excellent well worth a visit. Now run by Martin, pleasant and helpful, will even let you browse the reserve stock if you explain your interests. Definitely worth a visit.  Corso 21.09.09
A lovely place. This is how bookshops should be. Well set out over two floors; a very helpful and knowledgable owner; good titles; varied stock and a pleasure to spend a couple of hours browsing the shelves. Recommended.  Chris Harte 05.05.11
A big selection of Welsh language and non-fiction. The hardback fiction section relatively small and overpriced. The owner was keen to help and the shop is well laid out.  The Travelling Bookdealer 24.08.13
Excellent stock over five or more rooms, great range, moderately priced and friendly. Full of interest.  Mark 01.04.14
Made a visit back after spending too much of my student grant here 25 years ago. Now owned by the genial Martin, comfortably familiar but enhanced stock and well worth a deep browse. Do call in!  Anthony 09.08.18
An enjoyable couple of hours to study the shelves which groaned with full capacity. I was surprised at such a large religious content but otherwise the stock was general and well curated. I purchased a number of titles, some of which I was unaware of in my areas of interest. Always worth a visit (but preferably outside the tourist season).  Chris Harte 15.08.21
Back after a few years, reassuringly familiar but excellent opened up back room downstairs. Daughter found some great academic books for her course, although she's studying elsewhere in the Country. Very strong on technology and industrial history and I enjoyed a delve into the mining and quarrying section, coming away with some good and well priced items. Still worth a good hour or so's exploration.  Anthony 06.08.23