Secondhand and Antiquarian Bookshops in the UK and Republic of Ireland

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The original site closed at the start of the first lockdown. Since the launch of the new site in June 2021, changes since lockdown have been recorded and the listings brought up to date. That said, we still occasionally discover shops that are unaccountably missing, and it is an unending task to discover and record shop closures and new shops. The main changes we see are to shops' opening hours. Many, perhaps most shops have reduced their hours or the days they open, and therefore we strongly recommend contacting any shops in advance if you are making a special journey.

Book fairs are now recorded on our associated Facebook page, maintained by Jon Morgan, including any local community fairs we hear of, and the Sheppard's Confidential site also lists the next few months' dealer book fairs.

Sheppard's Confidential also maintains a calendar of book auctions.

Our Facebook page also posts a monthly rundown of the latest reviews with shop photos.

Our updates are mainly the work of a dedicated core group, some of whom cover much of the country on book-buying trips. To keep up with the latest changes we ask you all, bookshop visitors and bookshop owners, to please let us know of all changes to shop details - opening hours, contact details, temporary or permanent closure etc. Details of how to do this are on our guidelines page.

Visitors and shop owners have pointed out that many comments are very old and unlikely to represent a shop's current state, especially when a shop has been taken over and restocked. For this reason, comments made before 2018 are now hidden by default. The Show older comments link near the top of each listings page displays them.

Map links: the marker position is that of the shop's postcode, and is therefore not exact, but usually within a few buildings.

Lastly, sad though it is, we like to record the passing of bookshops. From June 2021 all bookshops removed from the listings are moved to the Graveyard page with all comments.

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